High Notes, Vol 12 No 39, December 09 2011

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From the Principal

High Talent
Jaan Pallandi (Year 10) was invited to the National Music camp in Canberra to be held in January. Jaan was offered a place in the Australian Youth Orchestra – a prestigious ensemble indeed! Congratulations, Jaan. Joseph Lui’s work was selected for exhibition in ARTEXPRESS. Well done, Joseph! At the Australian Schools Teams Championships Secondary Open Division - Chess, High’s team finished 4th on a count back, behind Scotch College (Melbourne), Brisbane Grammar and Knox College. It was a great result, given the boys were a late call up and went into the matches unprepared. Ryan Woo (SBHS 2011) won a bronze medal at the National Youth Championships for Rifle shooting (17-20), 50m prone small bore. A great result!

Ivor Metcalf placed second in the U18 high jump (big PB 2.05cm.) at the Australian All Schools Athletics meet last weekend. He was 5th in the U18 110m hurdles (14.44). Adam Booth ran a respectable 6th in the 2000m steeplechase in 6m40.55s.Congratulations to both boys. Good news from Bendigo. Our opens basketball team defeated the Chinese National U-17 side playing as an invitational entry in the Australian Schools basketball tournament. The boys won their semi-final against Box Hill and meet the Chinese team in the final. In Melbourne at the Australian Schools Volleyball tournament our first grade volleyball team has had back to back victories against Melbourne High and Toowoomba High. They also beat Loxton (SA) and Upwey (Vic). The U14 boys (Division 1) have had wins against Billanook, Eltham and Monbulk High Schools from Victoria but lost to Heathfield. The U16 team (Division 2) have also had wins against East Murray (SA), Nudgee (Qld.), Wilunga and Bendigo (Vic.).

Thank you to the 96 parent mentors who have so kindly volunteered to contact the parents of incoming students for 2012 to assist them with transition into High in their first few weeks.

Reports Update
Year 10 students should have their reports and School Certificates. If they have met their curriculum requirements then their further attendance this year is not required unless specified for subject accelerants or students completing practical projects. . All boys who have not booked in for an interview with the Principal are required to attend school to complete their obligations. Boys in Years 7-9 and 11 continue to attend classes in the usual manner. I am still holding too many reports for boys in these Years. I trust they will all be collected by Friday, December 16.

Network Infrastructure Modernisation Plan Report
Following some great work by David Isaacs, James Rudd and John Prorellis in 2008-09, our Network Infrastructure Modernisation Blueprint was developed. The blueprint was designed to upgrade the school network infrastructure to restore expandability and extensibility to the network at a cost of $125,000.These funds were required above the peripherals budget for data projectors and sound systems in rooms (funded mainly by the P & C). In 2010, new optic fibre was laid to improve the physical and logical topology of the network. The core distributor and switch was replaced. Fibre was laid to the Junior Library and the distributor and switch located there were replaced. In 2011, fibre was run to the Languages Staffroom and the distributor and switch located there were replaced. The distributor and switch in the administration office were replaced as were the distributor and switch for room 204.

The successful implementation of the plan so far has encouraged the ICT staff to push ahead with the 2012-13 plan and complete the works next year. Your sons will have the benefit of a 10Gbps backbone capability by the end of next year. Your support via the technology levy has really helped to make this modernisation possible.
Dr K A Jaggar

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Amnesty International 2011 Schools Conference

On Friday the 25th of November, nine students from Year 10 went on a very interesting Human Rights Conference and Workshop run by Amnesty International for NSW schools. Throughout the day we participated in various thought provoking and sometimes confronting activities highlighting human rights in regard to refugees and Aboriginal people, issues that have a relevance to our own lives.

The day started off with a speech from the Amnesty Australia Youth Co-ordinator, who introduced us to the superb work conducted by Amnesty throughout the world in their effort to eradicate abuse of human rights. The keynote speech by the NSW Branch President spoke of the increasing roles that young people are taking in the world and the power that each and every one of us has. To quote him: “You are not the future leaders of tomorrow. You are the leaders of TODAY.”

The day proceeded to a series of workshops where we split into various groups to discuss issues regarding Aboriginal people around the world. The word ‘Aborigine’ does not specifically relate to native Australians but native peoples of all countries. We looked at various issues concerning Aborigines everywhere and particularly looked at the land rights movement of Vincent Lingiarri. Through this we looked at the “Declaration of Rights for Aboriginal People” and how despite the work of the UN treaty, Native rights are still being abused. It taught us how rights were being abused and what measures were necessary in order to stop them from recurring.

We then moved on to looking at a particular story about an Afghani child refugee and his confronting and extremely daunting and dangerous journey to Australia whilst fleeing from the Taliban. It showed that despite what we hear from the media about refugees, their journeys are often much more complex than what we have originally perceived. It also demonstrated how the media we see and read all around us exaggerate and often unfairly report and encourage negative views on refugees. These revelations saw some students get increasingly upset about the current state of refugees in Australia.

The workshops led perfectly on to the final part of the day called “creative campaigning”. This is a new style of campaigning designed to use creative mechanisms to spread information about and attract attention to a particular issue. Students broke up into larger groups to discuss various, creative ideas to raise awareness and tackle an issue chosen by them. After agreeing on an issue and an idea, the group nominated a spokesperson to communicate their ideas to the reassembled conference participants. Khushaal Vyas, Agnish Nayak and Jonathan Clements-Lendrum were all selected as speakers and explained their interesting campaigning ideas to a very high standard, impressing teachers, students and members of Amnesty.

We took a lot from the day and it taught us to keep an open mind when discussing delicate issues like refugees and Aboriginal people. It further honed our leadership skills and also encouraged us to become proactive individuals as well as showing us that each individual can make a difference to the seemingly unsolvable issues of our time.
By Khushaal Vyas and Sumen Kumareswaran

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News From Latin


On March 12th 2012, the school will once again be conducting the National Latin Exam, an international examination organized by Mary Washington College, Virginia, USA. Each year, approximately 110 schools enter this competition. The students at Sydney Boys High generally achieve highly, gaining gold and silver medals and scholarship offers for senior students.

The exam in 2012 will involve all students of Latin in Years 9 to 12. The multiple-choice examination runs for 40 minutes and will be held in the School Hall, with an outside invigilator.

Students can find examples of past exam papers by accessing the following website: http://www.nle.org/ It is a good idea to prepare for the March 2012 exam by practising with the past exam papers on this website. Students will be examined on grammatical constructions and knowledge of vocabulary, including English derivatives. There will also be a few questions on geography, history and mythology.
Ms D Matsos

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From the Library

Quite a lot of this term has been spent harvesting literacy circles Book Blogs. Our volunteer team now has enough Blogs to begin uploading them to our Website. If you look really hard you will find Library hidden under “Curriculum” and our student Book Blogs will begin loading there.

Here are two good Blogs written today:

Angel by James Patterson is published by Young Arrow. Angel is a science fiction novel which poses the question of whether genetic mutation is wrong. I really loved this subliminal message that was hidden in the book. It is intended to be aimed at young adults (13-17). Angel is part of an ongoing series called "Maximum Ride" and is preceded by Fang and succeeded by the soon-to-be-released Nevermore. Angel is written in 1st person.

I believe that the author tries to entertain and make the reader feel like the world he or she is reading is real. He does this by using immaculate description, urban slang and things that the younger generation can relate to; such as: relationships and using the word "school" to describe a facility where fiendish things happen. I found this technique very interesting and I was completely hooked.

The plot that the author has conjured up is also very interesting; this also contributes to entertaining the reader. Max, a teenager, who is a genetic mutant, has just been left by the man she loved (Fang) and is the leader of a flock (her siblings that she leads), all the while she is still dejected and distraught. Max has 5 siblings and they all live with their mother, Dr Martinez, and are all mutants.

The plot is further developed when two men walk into Max's house via the front door with news that there will be an apocalypse and Max and her flock will have to save the world. They also say that most of the human population will perish and that to sustain a society, Max will have to find a mate and create a democracy. This news made Max and Dr Martinez completely distraught. After she regathered herself, Dr Martinez stood up for Max and said, "she is too young to think of such things". Something I did not like about this book is how the author starts off the book. He starts off by describing Max escaping from an unknown facility. This is all action-packed for the first couple of pages, until Max wakes up and we realise that the action-packed section was all just a dream. Using a dream to start off a book is very cliché and this shows that the author wanted to quickly catch our attention but did not know how, so he found an easy and common way of doing it.

I also did not understand why the books name was "Angel". Angel is only focused at the end of the book. Max, Fang and Dylan are the main focuses for most of the book. I think that the book should have been named after those characters instead, but the preceding books had those titles.
Eddie Belokopytov

All in all I believe that Angel by James Patterson is an exceptional book, with a few minor flaws.
(Edited by Veronica Crothers - original submission Wednesday, 7 December 2011, 10:36 AM)

Ship of Destiny [Robin Hobb]
Ship of Destiny, written by Robin Hobb, is the third and final book of the Liveship Traders trilogy published by Voyager. This is a book written purely for fantasy, and has a very mature writing style. Unlike your average "Harry Potter" fantasy book, this novel is more directed towards an older audience (Year 8+) and the values and morals reflected within the plot can be a bit too mature for younger audiences.

Following the events of “The Mad Ship”, the dragon Tintaglia is freed from her coffin while Malta attempts to navigate the acid river in a decomposing boat. Athela and Brashen, finally at sea together, sail the Liveship Paragon into Pirate waters to rescue their own ship Vivacia, stolen by the Pirate King. However, mutiny stirs within the crew of the ship, and the mad ship itself is losing control. All the time, the serpents and sea monsters surround the ship and cause all sorts of trouble for Athela and Brashen on their epic quest.

Hobb has once again pulled of a series as successful as her renowned Assassin Trilogy, yet she uses a very different way of portraying his wonderful fantasy world. Morals such as marriage (perhaps too mature for someone in Year 7 or even 8) are dotted through the tightly woven plot, but they are not forced which results in a well-rounded storyline. However, I did find that the core of the story revolved around the narrators' state of depression, and didn’t focus on action and adventure as much as her other books. The action was slower. The third person perspective jumping back and forth from one character to another developed the plot well, as each new character and each new chapter slowly unravelled the storyline. Robin Hobb has used her superior writing skill to entertain the audience, but also to inform about certain issues in our own society such as political and financial power struggles.

A particularly successful part of writing in the book is her portrayal of Tintaglia. She uses very simple language to show how different the beast is from the rest of the characters, and display’s skilfully her wisdom and raw intelligence. The story begins with Tintaglia, released into the wild, as she glides through the water. This was an interesting way to begin the story, and I felt like it grabbed the attention and interest of the reader very well. Even someone who had not read the other books (like myself) would get a good idea of what was going on before the end of the first chapter, and this is an extremely important element in a book which belongs to a series.

Personally, I felt that even though a bit mature and tedious to read at times, this book is yet another masterpiece from Robin Hobb. The well-rounded conclusion to the series really wrapped everything up well, and even though it is not as action-filled as the Assassin series, it is certainly up there in terms of fantastical value. If I were to rate this book, it would be a very solid 8.5/10.
Vishal Karnamadakala
(Edited by Veronica Crothers - original submission Wednesday, 7 December 2011, 10:54 AM)

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Die Letzte Deutsche Frage (in diesem Jahr)

Die Deutschen verbrauchen 129 Liter , die Australier 256 Liter Wasser pro Person pro Tag. The sharp eyes of Kevin Fan (Year 7) spotted the information on one of the calendar pictures in the Languages corridor – have a look at the lowest and highest consumption of water. Interesting isn’t it? And whilst you are at it, let your eyes wander over some of the other posters; is it a flying saucer? Can that contraption actually move? And what is that cannon shooting into the air? –

Now for the last question this year and as Christmas is rapidly approaching – eine Weihnachtsfrage: eine Maus, eine Orgel, zwei Männer und eine Gitarre – eine Legende!
Frau St Leon

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From the Canteen

Only one more week to go, so some items will be in short supply as we run down our stock for the long holiday break. Hope to see all our helpers at the Volunteers Party on Monday night.

Apologies and thanks to Maria Farrell, Jian Ping Lee and Lin Jin who were omitted from last Thursday’s list.

A big thank you to our wonderful volunteers last week.
MON: Usha Arvind, Vicki Chao,
TUES: Betty Chan,
WED: Iris Lau, Sally Allingham, Sally Hunt,
THURS: Vikki Angell, Sachiyo James,
FRI: Ming Lee

Thank You
The Canteen Team

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Sports Donations

GPS sports competition is very demanding on people and resources. At High we have ongoing needs for facilities development, equipment and development through expert coaching. If you would like to help through a tax deductible donation for a particular sport, the appropriate form can be posted to you by calling 9361 6910. Alternatively, you can go to our website www.sydneyboyshigh.com click on Sport / Sports Donations to download either Development Donation Form or Equipment and Facility Donation Form.

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High Family

The Bulletin Board for Sydney Boys High P & C

If you would like to have any parent community news or upcoming events included in High Family, please contact Ian Sweeting P&C President This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Upcoming P&C Parking Events

Please find listed below upcoming P&C parking events. Parking raises a significant amount of funds for the P&C sub-committees and their associated co-curricular activities. These fund-raising activities allow the school to provide the boys with experiences more often associated with private schools (and at a significantly lower cost). Please make sure you check with your group’s parking co-ordinator to confirm the exact start and finish times for particular events.

Friday 16 December 7:30pm – T20 Cricket (Basketball)
Thursday 22 December 7:30pm – Sydney FC (Debating)
Tuesday 27 December 7:30pm – T20 Cricket (Rugby)
Thursday 29 December 7:30pm – Sydney FC (Rifle)

The Governors’ Centre (GCEE)

Last Sunday, a number of our parents on the P&C spent their afternoon calling on parents of Year 7 boys to talk about the GCEE project, the voluntary building fund contributions, and the monthly giving programme.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank these parents for giving up their valuable time to this important initiative. Further, I would like to thank the Year 7 parents, who were overwhelmingly courteous and gracious towards our volunteers, despite the fact it was most likely a rare moment to relax at this hectic time of the year.

This weekend on Sunday December 11, we will be undertaking a similar exercise, speaking to parents in Year 8. Once again, if you don’t receive a call and would like someone to contact you regarding these important matters, please email Ian Sweeting This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Pam Jepson This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we would be happy to arrange a time to speak to you.

P&C Thank You Party

It is a pleasant change for the P&C and school to be able to offer something back to those who, throughout the year, volunteer their time and resources to the school without complaint. This is the driver behind the P&C Thank You Party to be held in the Great Hall on Monday 12 December at 5:30pm to 7:30pm. This event is for all the parents, teachers, support staff and community members who in myriad ways support our boys. Please allow us this chance to say “Thank You”. Remember too, that this will be one of the last chances to farewell parents of 2011 Year 12 boys.

A light supper, courtesy of our indomitable sailing group, refreshments and some excellent jazz will be provided.

You do not require a ticket to attend, however, we would appreciate it if you could RSVP your attendance by Monday to Cathy Northey via email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

2012 New Parents Welcome and Information Evening

One of the first P&C events in the new year will be the New Parents Welcome and Information Evening to be held second day of Term 1 on Tuesday 31 January 2012.

The Welcome Evening is an excellent opportunity for the school to pass on critical information to incoming parents regarding school activities, co-curricular activities, school culture and expectations. Feedback from those who attended the 2011 Welcome Evening has confirmed that the transition to High for new parents and boys was facilitated by this event, and there is evidence that it improves parents’ engagement in the school community.

As the event is held on the second day after returning to school, it is necessary to begin detailed preparation prior to the end of this term. Consequently, the P&C would like to arrange a time to meet with Year Advisers, Co-curricular Support Groups and Catering during the next week to discuss arrangements and ensure a successful event.

Big Night Out

High’s answer to MasterChef is scheduled for Saturday 31 March 2012.

Please put this date in your diary so as not to miss out on this fantastic culinary experience.

Upcoming Meetings & Events

P&C Thank You Party – 5.30pm, Monday 12th December – Great Hall

Ian Sweeting

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High Tide

Sydney Boys High School Sailing

3 December 2011
The last racing Saturday of the year saw the sixth round of the Point Score competition, with the harbour looking sparkling and delivering a fickle wind from the N-NW at 2-5 knots, but then anything was pleasing after last week’s cancellation due to the strong winds.

Marcus James and Thomas Shortridge were again the standout skipper and crew this week, with a win in the first race and a third placing in the second race, to make the highest benchmark of two podium places in two races and really improve his chances of winning the Saturday Point Score.

Other boats and skippers (Darren Tiang, Bart Daniels and Tim Pilien) were able to place in the top ten in both races, aided by the absence of the Cranbrook sailors this week. Race One had a good breeze from the NW to begin, but the wind began to drop and both it and the second race were shortened due to the lack of wind.

Marcus James again sailed well and again turned a poor start in the second race into a reasonable finish, Darren Tiang sailed consistently and gained some impressive placings in both races, but the highlight of the round were the good performances of the less experienced sailors in the program.

Julian Edgtton sailing with Kah-Yang Wong (left) were very impressive in their first race as a crew and although sportingly giving the rest of the fleet a ten minute advantage at the start, they sailed very well in the conditions to a very good tenth position out of about twenty boats.

Kai Matsumoto and Tiger Zhang on 14, shared the helming duties and gained some good mid fleet places. Finally Dexter Gordon stepped up and skippered consistently with places in the mid fleet. He was ably helped by Toby Funston in the bow.

With the lack of experienced skippers this week, it was pleasing to see budding skippers step up and take on the responsibility of the helm. Jamison Tsai, York Wang and Chris Huang crewed in the second race. Ascham entered four crews in this Round and sailed impressively in the first race.

Next week is the Sailing Fun Picnic Day at the DBSC. All Junior and Senior sailors are invited to attend together with their families to enjoy the harbour with a sail and the facilities of DBSC with a BBQ and sausage sizzle. Bring a plate of food, salad or sauce, etc. 8.30-9.00am start.

Round Six sailing results are summarised below. 3 December 2011

Place Sail
Skipper/Crew Race 1
(18 boats)
Race 2 Final Points
1 16 Marcus James /Thomas Shortridge 1st 3rd 4
2 12 Darren Tiang/ Arthur Chao/Chris Huang 5th 4th 9
3 18 Tim Pilien/ Vincent Xu/ Jamison Tsai 9th 5th 14
4 17 Bart Daniels/Calum York 6th 9th 15
5 10 Julian Edgtton/Kah Yang Wong/ Yorke Wang 10th 13th 23
6 11 Dexter Gordon/ Toby Funston 12th 12th 24
6 14 Kai Matsumoto/Tiger Shuyi Zhang 13th 11th 24

Final results next week

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First XIII Cycling

The first eight have recently completed a nine week cycling program which culminated in a punishing 12 kilometre Time Trial.

So called the “race of truth” because of it requires cyclists to ride directly against the clock, riders are asked to reach deep into their unknown stores of courage, honesty and determination.

Rest assured that our members of the first eight showed great depth of character in pushing themselves well beyond their personal limit. The times for the 12km Time Trial are listed below.

Ben Wilcox 19.52 (36.36km per hour)
Tim Montanaro 20.12 (35.64 km per hour)
Andreas Purcal 20.36
Gianmarco De Nigris 20.56 (34 km per hour)
Alexander Pereira 21.19
David Andrews 22.25
Max Jones 22.30 (32 km per hour)

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Sydney Boys High School Cricket


1st XI – High 133 (50) (O. Meroni 49, J. Moffat 34, L. Katupitiya 14) defeated by St Ignatius 5/134 (30) (J. Moffat 2/17 [6)]

2nd XI – St Ignatius 8/195 (50) (A. Kaluve 3/34 [9], D. Guptaa 2/18 [5], S. Sivayogarayan 2/41 [10]) defeated High 8/104 (50) (S. Dhingra 29, S. Thushyanthan 28, V. Avudainayagam 15)

High won the toss and asked Riverview to bat and at 12 overs were 2/27 then a spate of wides and no balls allowed Riverview to gain some momentum which brought Sachin Dhingra 0/31 (10) and Shivaangar Thushyanthan 0/24(7) back into the attack in short spells, to bring back the scoring. Anup Kaluve bowling with good control early, took a wicket in each of his first two overs and Dhruv Guptaa chipped in with wickets through some smart change of pace bowling. Tushaar Garg, Aditya Koneru, Raunak Sura (on debut) all bowled economically in short spells. Once again 24 sundries of 18 wides, 3 no balls and 3 leg byes gifted Riverview 24 runs for little effort, which came back later to bite us. Anup Kaluve (13) opened the batting for the first time with regular opener Aditya Koneru and we lost Aditya in the 8th over.

Shivaangar Thushyanthan continued his form with an entertaining (28) before being caught, and we lost Visakan Thayalan (0) and Jesse Cooper (5) in quick succession. Then the partnership of the day, between Sachin Tendulakar (oops, sorry!! we mean our Sachin Dhingra) (29) who smashed the ball to all parts of the field in partnership with Vishnu Avudainayagam (15),who showed at 14 years of age, the maturity of a very fine top order stroke maker, with great shot selections and a very bright future in cricket at High. Once again we paid the price for wides and no balls gifting the opposition runs and although we are still having problems hitting off the square and finding the gaps, improvement is showing in every outing. Well done, boys, for hanging in there and keeping the opposition on their toes.

4th XI – High 9/34 (J. Yang 13) defeated by Scots 0/36

5th XI – High 58 (20) (L. De La Cour 18) defeated by Scots 0/61 (7)

16A – St Ignatius 8/132 (32) (A. Dao 2/8 [6], G. Farrugia 1/9 [5], M. Yu 1/15 [5] defeated High 64 (28) (L. De Fonseka 16, C. Mao 12*, J. Seroukas 11)

16B – Scots 4/200 (32) (S. Subramanian 1/19 [5], S. Gallagher 1/19 [3], N. Selvakkumar 1/30 [4]) defeated High 74 (20) (E. Yu 21, J. Huang 8, H. Gu 6)

Coming right after camp, a tired but resilient bunch of men played this match. As soon as the match started, wickets were coming fast but High was unable to react swiftly to these chances and thus missed out on some crucial wickets. Nevertheless our bowlers were able to scrape away some dust and end up with a handful of wickets. As High came to the crease, it became obvious that we lacked attention in the field and thus started losing momentum. High batted aggressively and were rewarded with a good total. Shots were played and boundaries were reached and despite a loss with a tired team, it was enjoyable nonetheless. Our batsmen needed to watch the ball more closely to avoid future wickets. A great, sound effort from High.

15A – St Ignatius 5/186 (32) (T. Hossain 1/18 [6], G. Shankar 1/21 [3], J. Chew 1/25 [6]) defeated High 68 (24) (G. Shankar 29, M. Betbeder 11, T. Hossain 6)

15B – Scots 6/206 (30) (J. Lin 3/36 [5], J. Tran 1/2 [1], S. Baranwal 1/10 [2]) defeated High 111 (30) (J. Zhou 31, A. Allingham 29, N. Mostafa 18)

14A – St Ignatius 162 (31.5) (E.Hall 4/37 [6], H.Puvanenthiran 2/14 [6], R.Hossain 2/25 [4]) defeated High 5/107 (32) (K.Subbanna 33, E.Hall 32, P.Yu 14, S.Nampalli 11*)

High elected to bowl on a green and muddy wicket yet for the first 16 overs, couldn’t make use of it, taking only 1 wicket. But in the end the spinners did the job taking 6 wickets between them and we bowled them out. The solid opening partnership between Karthik and Thomas ended when Thomas got a cracker and was caught behind. Eli and Karthik steadied the ship and batted through most of the innings before Eli tried to hit out. A final surge meant that we scored more than 2/3 of our runs in the 2nd half.
Congratulations to this week’s Player of the Week – Eli Hall

14B – High 94 (N. Rahman 30, A. Deep 16, M. Koslowski 11) defeated by Scots 3/95 (20) (M. Koslowski 1/13 [4], H. Ou 1/14 [3])

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Sydney Boys High Tennis

Second Grade Match Report – 3 December 2011

D1 – 1 & 4 D1 – 1 & 2 5-7; 6-7
D2 – 2 & 5 D2 – 3 & 4 6-1; 7-5
D3 – 3 & 6 D3 – 5 & 6 6-4; 6-2
S1 – Dominic Cooper S1 – Adam Smagarinsky 6-7; 3-6
S2 – Christian Della-Cioppa S2 – James Chan 7-5; 6-3
S3 – Kyle Boulden S3 – Yuan Shi 6-2; 6-1
S4 – James Footit S4 – Denny Dien 6-1; 6-1
S5 – Tim Li S5 – Ian Li 6-3; 7-5
S6 – Rohan Badethalav S6 – James Chee 6-3; 4-6; 1-6

TSC def SHS 9-3

This week High played Scots away, looking to post a good performance in the season opener. The day started off positively with the No 1 doubles narrowly taking the first set 7-5. The second set was similar to the first, and after several match points we were able to close out the match. Our No 2 doubles launched a fightback late in the second set but ultimately it was not enough to get them over the line. Down on the scoreboard 2-1 after doubles, we knew we needed to be successful in 4 of our 6 singles matches to win overall. Unfortunately this was not the case and High went down 6 matches to 3. However various positives could be taken away from the performance. Young Adam played a well fought singles match, coming back to win in two tough sets after being down 4-1 in the first. Initially down a set, James Chee showed great determination to clinch the second set and storm home in the third. Although disappointed not to begin the season with a win, many valuable lessons were learned and we eagerly look forward to playing Shore in the first fixture of the New Year.
James Chan – Second Grade Tennis

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PDHPE Sport Skill Assessment

Perfect Scores 2011

Year Basketball Cricket Rugby Soccer
21 sec: Marshall Li
23 sec: Kenneth Ho
24 sec: Braden Angell,
Michael Chang, Kevin Chen, Jackson Lam,
Vithuran Puvanendran, Andrew Wu
25 sec: Max Chao,
Brian Huang, Ian Huang,
Brian Leung, Arjun Punekar
Marco Stojanovik, Shuming Wang
23 sec: William Chang
24 sec: Oliver Meroni,
Yui Tao Wong
20 sec: Jeffery Lu
21 sec: Kenneth Ho,
Maurice Lam, Tony Li,
Terence Pham,
Anirudh Ramesh,
Thilan Subasinghe,
Frank Zhang, Terrence Zhou
23 sec: Dennis Ghezelbash,
Alexander Nguyen,
Marco Stojanovik
24 sec: Oliver Meroni,
Anirudh Ramesh, Safat Sufian
25 sec: Khusheal Vyas,
Arjun Punekar
26 sec: Marcus James,
Jaan Pallandi, Kin Pan
21 sec: Mitchell Flynn,
Eugene Lee, Nathan Sutton
22 sec: Byron Chen
2323 sec: Wenbo Gong, Joshua Leo
24 sec: Steve Comninos,
Michael Fang, Nathan Wang-Ly
25 sec: Ned Anson
24 sec: Michael Hughes,
Sida Wang
19 sec: Eugene Lee,
Anthony Chen
20 sec: Pinyan Gao,
Jackson Huang, William Wu
21 sec: Ned Anson,
Steve Comninos, Philip Lam, Richard Li, Jeremy Ma
25 sec: span> David Evans,
Charlie Shi
26 sec: GeGeorge Farrugia, Jeffrey Zhao
25 sec: Daniel Haslam, Stanley Si
26 sec: Niyazul Bari,
Li Fang Chen, Nguyen Hoang, Tyson Zhang
27 sec: Kevin Liang, Adil Nadir,
Shuxiang Wang
25 sec: Thomas George
26 sec: Shaleen Baranwal
21 sec: Alex Wang
23 sec: Kevin Liang
23 sec: Adhilmorad Nadir
26 sec: Nader Haider,
Richard Hao
28 sec: Keith Chambers
29 sec: Supan Arudselvan
25 sec: Bevan Lin
26 sec: Jacob Katafono,
27 sec: Max Li, Oliver Lethbridge,
Shashank Nampali,
Hoang Khiem Pham
24 sec: Amit Deep,
Aidin Karahasan
25 sec: Nafis Rahman
26 sec: Max Koslowski, Thomas Nimac
23 sec: Adam Smagarinsky
24 sec: Stuart Benjamin
25 sec: Max Li
26 sec: Hoang Khiem Pham, Nafis Rahman
27 sec: Steven Dai
29 sec: Stuart Benjamin

Improved Performers 2011

Year Basketball Cricket Rugby Soccer
Don Bui, Andrew Cha,
Micheal Chang, William Chang, Victor Chew, Timothy Chung,
Bill Deng, Denny Dien,
Sherman Du, Xu Dong Feng,
George Dzero, Brian He,
Kenneth Ho, Ian Huang,
Ken Huang,  Ken Li,
Marshall Li, Brian Leung,
Simon Luong, Jeffery Ni,
Alexander Nguyen,
Anthony Nguyen,  Alan Stoneham, Daniel Tam, Dominic Tran,
Andrew Vu, Austin Wang,
James Wang, Denis Wong,
Wilbert Wu, Jerry Yip,
Anthony Zhou
Darryl Chan,
William Chang,
Timothy Chew, Junee Cho,
Martin Deng, Sherman Du, Tigger Dumonet,
Andrew He, Victor Ho,
Ken Huang,  Robin Ko, Oliver Kirk,
Oliver Meroni,
Marco Stojanovic,
Yui Tao Wong, Bevan Xie, Eric Yu, Lawrence Zhang
Kritman Dhamoon,
Kenneth Ho, Maurice Lam,
Anirudh Ramish,
Thilan Subasinghe,
William Tam, Wilbert Wu,
Jeffery Yang, David Zhang
James Cahn, Andrew Cha, Michael Chang, William Chang, Timothy Chew, Victor Chew, Timothy Chung, Daniel Cordas, Martin Deng,
Xu Dong Feng, Edgar He, Kenneth Ho, Anup Kaluve, 
Jonathon Lee,
Chris Mao, Alexander Nguyen, Yuan Shi, Safat Sufian,
William Tu, Danny Vo,
Eamon Yu
Andrew Bui, Jeremy Chan,
Jesse Cooper, Jonathan Freiberg, John Kwon, Lokgei Lee, Allan Loi, Waylon Lu, Sagar Nagaraj,
Alan Qi, Gorden Qi,
Erwin Riley, Andrew Shi,
Brian Truong, Eric Yu, Daniel Zhang, Wei Li Zhuang
Andrew Cao,
Burton Chen, Toby Chen, Michael Hughes,
Mesbaah Lalee,
Brandon Thai
Andy Bao, Burton Chen, Andrew Cheung, Sunny Cheng, Steven Chung, Tom Du, Jonathon Freiberg,
Samuel Gallagher, Pinyan Gao, Andrew He, Chris Ketkeo, Brendan Kwong, Jason Le, Sagar Nararaj,  Ethan Ou, Solomon Saleh,
Lokesk Sharma, Perry Sim, Bevan Xie, Anthony Yuan,
Glanden Zheng, Wei Li Zhuang
Jeremy Chan, Ricky Chin, Pinyan Gao, Michael Hauser, Hawk Ji,  Chris Ketkeo, 
Jason Le, Kevin Lu, Ethan Ou,
Anthony Tran, Chris Wang,
William Wu, Eric Yu,
Glanden Zheng
Marc Betbeder-Matibet,
Brian Chan, Garry Chen, Li Fang Chen, Kevin Dang, Jacky Deng,
Richard Hao, Tahmeed Hossain, Ibrahim Hussaini, Jing Li,
Kevin Robertson, Shuxiang Wang,
Joshua Tran, Angus Wu,
Jonathon Wu, Angelo Yan,
Carl Yang
Jaiden Chin,
Desmond Chiang,
Evan Han, Alex Hossain,
Tahmeed Hossein, Eric Le, Andrew Lu, Anthony Taing,
Oliver Tse-Tjoa,
Jonathan Wu, Carl Yang, Paul Yu
Vishnu Avudainayagam,
Terry Chang, Ben Dang,
Bohan Deng, Victor Gao,
Chris Huang, Kevin Ni,
Jesse Nixon, Ben Nguyen, Martin Nguyen, Darren Tiang,  Marshall Wang, Alex Wong, Jonathan Wu, Angelo Yan
Anthony Allingham,
Supan Arudselvan,
David Borg, Keith Chambers,
William Chang, Daniel Chen, Yu-Fan Chen, Kevin Dang, Nader Haider, Luke Hoad, Bennette Jiang, Jason Jung,
Alif Khondaker, Mike Liu,
Philip Mai, Kazou Nakamura,
Matthew Ng, Martin Nguyen, Tomiothy Nguyen,
Gautham Shankar, Raunak Sura, James Tinker, Calvin Zhou
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As the year comes to a close I would like to thank all the students who really had a go and tried to improve their skill and fitness levels. Following is a breakdown of the grades awarded in PDHPE this year.

  Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Total
HD 37 (21%) 21 (12%) 51 (25%) 52 (26%) 161 (21%)
D 43 (24%) 59 (33%) 51 (25%) 48 (24%) 201 (26%)
C  40 (22%) 55 (31%) 59 (28%) 40 (20%) 194 (25%)
M  31 (17%) 32 (17%) 27 (13%) 49 (24%) 139 (18%)
P 28 (16%) 13 (7%) 18 (9%) 12 (6%) 71 (9%)

Also attached (above) is the information regarding the Skill Assessment Perfect Scores and Improved Performers. Congratulations to all these students, this information will be displayed in 901 during Term 1 2012.
G Stein

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SBHS Rowing

Riverview Gold Cup Results

The Junior boys were excited about the expedition around to Lane Cove for the Riverview Regatta in front of the school grounds. With some Year 9 crew members injured or sick, the Year 8 1st quad had the opportunity to race as a Year 9 4th quad and did very well beating the Redlands crew to the finish line. Congratulations to Year 8 1st quad - Stuart Benjamin, Jacob Katafono, Oliver Lethbridge, Wesley Zhang and cox, Remi Lim.

Upcoming Events

  • Friday 9 Dec – Year 9 Quads Development Camp.
    An opportunity for intensive rowing tuition and to experience camping overnight in the dormitory.
  • Saturday 10 Dec – SHS Shed Race/Family Regatta Day.
    This is our end of year event at the High Sheds. All crews compete in the handicapped ‘Shed Race’ with the finish line in front of our shed, followed by families and school community having a try at rowing. A delicious barbecue breakfast is served for all rowers and families to enjoy under the marquee by the river.
  • Sunday 11 Dec – NSW Sprint Regatta.
    The senior crews will be competing in this regatta at SIRC, enjoying some sprint work over 500m.
  • Friday 16 to Sunday 18 Dec – Senior/Year 10 Eights Nepean Camp.
    The Senior and Y10 eights will be camping at the sheds on the Friday and Saturday nights, and travelling by school bus to and from the Nepean River each day. This is a wonderful camp where the boys will enjoy rowing on some beautiful water in the gorge with surrounding bushland.

Social Events

  • New Year’s Eve – The Rowing Committee are organising a gathering of families at the sheds to celebrate NYE with harbor fireworks at 9pm and midnight. More information will be following.
  • Boat Naming Cocktail Party – This will be a very special evening on Saturday 4th February 2012 to celebrate the naming of 5 boats. Please mark the date on your calendar and more information will be following.
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Rowing: Shed Race Family Open Day

The Rowing Committee extends an invitation to the Sydney High Rowing Community to come to the annual

Shed Race and Family Day

Saturday 10th December 2011
from 8am to 11am

SHED RACE - All High crews row in the handicapped ‘shed race’ which gets under way at 8.30am and finishes in front of the High sheds, so come along and watch the crews as they race to the finish, approximately 9am.

FAMILY DAY – Following the shed race, the committee host a relaxed, informal occasion for all families.

  • Enjoy a barbecue breakfast and barista coffee by the water at family friendly prices.
  • Try rowing, or simply sit and watch the action.
  • Explore the sheds and display of High Rowing history.

We hope to see all the current rowing families, as well as the 2010 new intake of students enjoying our open day.

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