High Notes, Vol 12 No 38, December 02 2011

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From the Principal

High Talent
Congratulations to Yale Wong (SHS 2011) who was short listed for the prestigious Malcolm Chaikin Foundation Scholarship at UNSW. Well done to Shaun Fletcher (Year 11) who won an award for Japanese Continuers Preliminary at the Open High School. Thank you to Angie Ward and the 15D basketball team for their great act of sportsmanship by deliberately fielding a player short to match the Riverview team numbers in the last quarter of the Saturday match. An injury and a player fouled out left Riverview short. The Riverview coach writes “…the efforts of the High players to provide an excellent opposition who played the game capably and confidently with good confidence and skill at the base of it all, is to be admired and praised…The gesture was appreciated and noted.” Congratulations to our senior chess team who were invited to compete in the National Championships on the strength of their win in the School Senior Chess competition. Dawen Shi, Edward Naoumov, Jonathon Ren, Eric Zhu and Daniel Zhang, will represent High in this most prestigious competition.

House Shield Competition
In 2012 we will be promoting the House Shield Competition. We have a handsome new House Shield to compete for. Our new House captains - Adam Booth (Eedy), David Andrews (Fairland), Jim Koukouras (McKay), Jerry Zhou (Ruby), Jesse Moffat (Saxby) and Scott Renzenbrink (Torrington) – will lead the push for more participation for House competition and build its profile in the school. The competition will comprise points for: swimming, cross country, athletics, basketball, rowing, touch rugby, team cross country / Jaggar Gift, debating, theatre sports and volleyball. Points will be allocated for Year performance or categories (Junior / Senior). The winning House will undoubtedly be made up of the best all-rounders in the school.

All boys in Years 7-9 should have picked up their reports after discussions with the Principal. Due to a moderation computational error, ninety Year 8 reports were adjusted and reprinted. Some boys who collected reports will be contacted to pick up a replacement. Please ask your son for his report or to book a time to collect it.

Vision Statement and Strategic Plan
The revised Vision Statement 2012-14 has been completed and posted on the school website. I am open to comments or suggestions from school community members. The strategic Plan is evolving. An outline of general directions for the school was discussed with staff in Term 3 and some initiatives agreed upon since then. The Executive team have been asked to contribute to strategies and activities to implement our three year goal to enhance personal attainment of gifted boys. Given the freedom of the absence of BoS Year 10 examinations in 2012, teachers and students can experiment much more in stage 5 and design programs to meet individual student needs. Exciting developments in assessment strategies and products are allowing students to show what they know and can do in a greater variety of ways. Teachers are re-writing programs to accommodate this trend.

Student Award Scheme
The Scheme has closed for this year and points will now be allocated finally and totalled to establish who has become entitled to which level of award. Program managers and activities coordinators have sent through details of eligible students to Mr Dowdell. Boys (and parents) have been able to check that information has been entered via the Student (and Parent) Portal.
Dr K A Jaggar

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SRC Report November 2011

The SRC started 2011 with high ambitions and a new perspective on how to tackle school issues, learning from the experiences of 2010. Collectively, the SRC decided that we would aim for realistic goals for the 2011 year, meaning that we were not reaching for extravagant ideas for the school which were out of our budget, unrealistic, etc. The main points which the council centred on this year were ventilation in the school gymnasium (rooms 902 and 903), recycling and bins, and SRC awareness. We also took care of some school events such as Trivia Night and the Talent Quest, as well as handling many ideas and requests suggested by students of this school.

A small committee of SRC members was assigned for each of the three main issues that we targeted in 2011. The ventilation in the change-rooms proved to be a huge success, and there is now an active ventilation system running perfectly in both 902 and 903. The issue with contaminated bins and littering in the school grounds has been minimised through our awareness campaign, as well as the introduction of new bins with improved lids, all of which are now more conveniently and logically positioned around the school. Please use the bins with the yellow lids for all recyclable material (NO FOOD REMAINS!) I also believe that the school is much more aware of the presence of the SRC, and its involvement in school life. We are the student voice elected by the students, hence, please speak to SRC members if you have an issue and want it solved!

In conclusion, I believe 2011 has been a huge success for the SRC. Congratulations to all the members of the council for an outstanding year and the effort produced by everyone. We would all like to thank Mr Cipolla for helping to run everything smoothly, giving us so much advice and making sure everything worked out correctly. Well done on a great year!
By Adilmorad Nadir 8R

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Die Deutsche Frage Im Dezember

So far no one has come up with the right answer. Therefore another clue is obviously de rigueur:
Deutschland: 129 Liter
Australien: 256 Liter
Aber was? Again the answer can be found if you walk around with keen eyes! Viel Glück!
Frau St Leon

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Sport Donations

GPS sports competition is very demanding on people and resources. At High we have ongoing needs for facilities development, equipment and development through expert coaching. If you would like to help through a tax deductible donation for a particular sport, the appropriate form can be posted to you by calling 9361 6910. Alternatively, you can go to our website www.sydneyboyshigh.com click on Sport/Sports Donations to download either Development Donation Form or Equipment and Facility Donation Form.

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Peer Mediation at SBHS

Hey got a problem? Get peer mediated! Peer mediation is a program run by a select group of Year 11 students which seeks to solve conflict between students without getting teachers involved. The program seeks to help the students resolve their issues while under the guidance of the Year 11 students. The program is confidential and stays between the peer mediators (Year 11 students) and the students who have a problem with each other.

How it works

When two students have a disagreement they are to email the following address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it requesting a Peer Mediation session. From this point Ms Barr will receive the request and will appoint two Peer Mediators to accompany the disputers in a closed off room, whereby the two students will eventually resolve their problem and sign an agreement to not create more problems with each other.

Remember. The email address is: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Adam Booth & Thomas Zhang

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From the High Store

All Year 9 Students & Parents
ONLY 2 Weeks Till End Of Year
Come & purchase your Senior Uniform NOW to prevent waiting in long queues
Senior Tie $28.50
Senior Trousers $68
Short Sleeve Shirts 16-22 $28.00, 24-28 $31.00
Long Sleeve Shirts 16-22 $30.00, 24-28 $33.00

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From the Junior Library

Library Blogs

Lots of boys and their teachers have been able to use the post exam period to take the opportunity to read and review a book new to the Junior Library. Thanks to the intrepid English staff for consenting to work along with the New Resource Blog during their wide reading periods. Thanks also to the Values Education teachers who are Blogging as part of their Literacy Circles Unit. Most of all thanks to the boys who have written such lovely Blogs to recommend books to one another.

This Blog is from Kai Matsumoto Year 7 and was written today.

"Max by well-known screen writer and author, James Patterson, is science fiction, intended to entertain a teen audience and explores the problems associated with genetic experimentation

"A gang of teenagers who were genetically altered with avian DNA, combined with strange powers and huge wings, are being hunted down by robots, attackers and kidnappers. It is told from the point of view of Max, their leader. She struggles to balance all her commitments, from her love of her fellow bird-kid boyfriend Fang to the flock's desperation to fit in with other people. Max's mother is kidnapped and hidden away in a secret location, so Max and the flock enlist the help of the US Navy in order to rescue her and find out the truth about her mysterious kidnapper, Mr Chu. Where is Max's mother? What will happen?

"Max is a hilarious character, who is repeatedly in emotional turmoil. The skirmishes between robots and bird children are very exciting, and it also warns the reader how dangerous genetic mutation can be. The heart-warming family sense to the flock and its supporters give this book an emotional touch. The first person narrative gives the reader an intricate insight into how Max thinks, and the way she becomes easily angered or nervous.

This book is very interesting, and definitely kept me hooked, right to the finish. It showed me just how crazy Max's life is, and her sense of humour and refusal to listen to adults gave me a realistic sense that she is a teenager, which is something that I kept forgetting when she was breaking apart robots and attacking kidnappers. I enjoyed this book very much, and I would certainly recommend this book."

Cross-Curricular Initiative

As part of our shelf clean-up at the end of this year our staff has put in new and improved subject added entries (otherwise known as keyword or tags) on every single book we have in the collection. (We hope to finish this by the end of the term)

If students want to see at a glance all the books/or other library resources like DVDs in the Library collection which relate to their subject area they can type in “Geography”, “HSIE” as well as narrower search terms, like “Australiana” or “Coaching” or “Fitness”.

English students, in particular, should feel encouraged to search their Portal – Library Enquiry – for critical works on Poets, Playwrights and Novelists and for Area of Study terms like “Points of view” or “Journey”, “Australian poetry”.

A work in progress also is for Junior library staff to put on the Library system all W drive documentaries so that boys are aware of the thousands of valuable resources, which are extremely useful as cross curriculum resources. (EG many Science resources would suit HSIE and many English documentaries might also suit Indigenous Studies). At present the library staff has entered roughly 60 Science resources and will continue with this project. Additional search terms also have been put into our searchable database to assist staff and students to find the resources we already have. Boys should note that they can watch these W drive documentaries themselves at school on their laptops or Library PCs.

More resources are also being relocated to the Senior Library Collection. Senior boys should also be encouraged to seek out Senior Curriculum Resources on the Senior Library shelves. Seniors should regard the Library database as another database to think about searching for curriculum related sources of information.

Senior and Junior Library resources can be found on ONE LIBRARY ENQUIRY DATABASE. Both Libraries share the same computer system and work in close harmony for overdues and resource sharing. Boys and staff are encouraged to regard the 2 Libraries as a single entity and search Library Enquiry accordingly.
Mrs Crothers
Librarian- Junior Library

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What’s up in the McDonald Senior Library?

Reading and the library

The Senior Library has been promoting reading this year with the assistance of the LibraryVIP program where students receive points each time they borrow and read books and magazines or view DVDs and other resources held by the libraries. This brilliant program was invented by Tim Chan our library prefect in 2011 who has just completed his HSC and will be sorely missed as he moves from school to an exciting future in the world beyond school. We intend to continue this program next year in both libraries.

Next Thursday we will be drawing the reader who has borrowed and read at least 10 books, DVDs or magazines to win a $50 book voucher. This will be the final of two draws for this year.

Reading is vital to success in school and throughout life and a huge body of evidence and research looking at this activity has indicated that those who read for pleasure do better across the school curriculum. Reading develops the mind and the imagination, exposes us to new ideas, inspires creativity and enables us to make decisions after reading alternative viewpoints or information on an issue. Reading is essential to job success and enables a free society.

The benefits of reading a wide variety of literature including fiction, non-fiction and graphic literature is understood by educators, and school libraries see this promotion and encouragement of reading as central to their role in the school. So when you see your son enjoying reading novels and devouring books for pleasure, see this as an essential and important educational activity. The more he reads the more developed his language skills and brain skills will become. Talk to your son about the books he is reading and discuss the ideas he is discovering while exploring the amazing and infinite world of human thought expressed as literature and information in text.

Our collection still represents a minute area of the world’s knowledge and literature however resources are growing and have been specially selected to provide the best and most appropriate for the Senior students progressing through to the HSC. Next year in 2012 the Senior Library will grow again and our collection with it. In both libraries we will be doing our best to create a dynamic and useful space to study, think and read and prepare to succeed in the HSC.

Donation thanks

A big thank you to Eric Ovadia and Fabienne Ovadia, his mum, for a donation of study guides which will be put into the Senior Library collection for the use of other students. We appreciate donations of useful, appropriate and up to date books in the Senior library collection very much so if you have any resources which meet the above criteria please do bring them along for consideration.

New resources

To view our latest additions, which include some of the latest study guides for Years 11 and 12 and general non-fiction please check out the school portal My Library/New Resources/ Senior Library
Ms S Gordon
Teacher Librarian, McDonald Senior Library

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From the Canteen

It’s that time of year again and we hope you will all understand that not all your usual favourites will be available in canteen right through to the end, as we are running down stock in preparation for the long summer break.

In order to avoid disappointment it is suggested that you put in a lunch order. A big thank you to our wonderful volunteers last week. Apologies and thanks to Ming Lee who was omitted from last week’s list.

MON: Anita Bezjak for the last time… Yalin Hua, Lynn Chen, Maria Nguyen

TUES Yan Mei Yin (Rena) May Ip, Hiya Jade Ni, Agnes Leo,

WED: Anna Goh, Jenny Hu, Helen Kon, Tony Dong,

THUR: Charles & Fabienne’s last day after 12 years volunteering. What a milestone! You will both be greatly missed.

FRI: Trang Nguyen, Youfang (Susan) Zhang Thanks
The Canteen Team

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2011 Literacy Circles Resources


This year a number of current series writer’s books were purchased for “Literacy Circles”-a Junior Library and Values Education reading initiative. These books are now on display in time for boys to borrow for the holidays. Now is the chance to borrow a series they like. As the holidays are a great opportunity for the boys to hone their skills as readers both Librarians would like to point out that holiday borrowing is encouraged at High. BOYS CAN ALWAYS BORROW UP TO 10 BOOKS AT A TIME. SO PLEASE TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY TO STOCK UP WITH LOVELY READING MATTER.

Good readers have all the vocabulary, grammar and spelling skills to be good writers – they are HIGHLY LITERATE!
Mrs Crothers
Junior Library

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Music Notes

Marching Band

Marching Band rehearsals have commenced again on Friday mornings from 7:45-9am. ALL members of the Concert Bands, please meet Lachlan Deacon in room 201 for rehearsal.

Music AGM

The Music Annual General Meeting will be held next Tuesday evening 6th December 2011 in the Staff Common room at 6:30pm. We would like to invite all parents with sons in the Music Performance Program to attend, some light refreshments will be provided.

Music Parking

There will be a parking for Music next Thursday (8th December) starting at 4:30pm till approximately 7:30pm. If you are able to help out, please confirm with the Music Staff or George Comninos – parking co-ordinator ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ). Music funds raised help support the Music Performance Program at high and we would really appreciate your help. Award Scheme Points apply.

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Basketball: Shooting Hoops

High VS Riverview

High vs Riverview 2011 Term 1 (Last time)

1st WIN 92-46 C.JURLINA 22
2nd LOSS 60-40 B.MCGLENCHY 8
3rd LOSS 16-56 MAX 7
4th LOSS 18-53 N.OUI 8
5th WIN 33-23 T.CHIN 10
6th WIN 42-21 J.PARK, D.WANG 10
8th LOSS 30-17 D.CHEN 9
16C LOSS 21-30 H.GU 6
16D WIN 24-18 A.PUNEKAR 10
16E WIN 21-16 T.CHUNG 7
16F WIN 50-8 A.ZHOU 18
15A WIN 36-33 M.FLYNN MVP!
15C WIN 34-23 B.TRUONG 16
15D WIN 36-19 H.FENG 10
15E WIN 15-14 D.SHAO, A TAYEH 6
14A LOSS 50-16 J.YANG 7
14B LOSS 40-17 A.NAM,C.LEE 6
14D LOSS 13-32 A.ZHANG 8
14E WIN 22-14 B.FU 6
14F LOSS 29-30 Z.HUNG 6
13C LOSS 6-48 S.DAI 6
13D LOSS 2-38 L.TAO

High vs Riverview 2011 Term 4 (This time)

1st WIN 83-66 C.MOLLER 29
2nd LOSS (OT) 63-58 N.FRANCE 24
3rd LOSS 24-34 R.KO 14
4th LOSS 26-37 I.METCALF 9
16A LOSS 38-25  
16C WIN 30-25 P.GAO 12
16D WIN 31-13 W.LU 11
16E WIN 30-20 E.WANG 10
16F LOSS 16-30 D.SHAO 6
15D WIN 48-8 H.ZHU 10
15E WIN 33-17 N.HAIDAR 10
15F WIN 32-6 T.CHANG 10
14A LOSS 54-27 J.GEK 10
14B LOSS 27-21 G.YUAN 11
14D LOSS 28-19 M.YU 15

Aspire to be a First or Second Grade player! It is within your reach!!

1st Grade Table

FIRSTS Played Won Lost For Against Points
Scots 7 7 0 542 357 14
High 7 6 1 556 390 13
Newington 7 4 3 461 343 11
St. Ignatius' 7 4 3 515 460 11
St. Joseph's 7 3 4 516 515 10
Shore 7 3 4 405 412 10
Grammar 7 1 6 372 477 8
Kings 7 0 7 232 645 7

This Saturday will be the biggest GPS match of the season and decide whether High has a genuine chance to win the premiership. The top of the table clash against Scots is a must win, so we need YOUR support. Please come and watch our first grade side and support them during what will be a high quality game of basketball.

A good effort against a very strong team. A run at the start of the second half got High within 8 before Riverview's L Stenmark (6’4, best U14 player in the state) then turned it on to push the game out of reach. The boys kept working hard and should have their heads high as it was a great improvement on the last time these teams matched up. (Last time as 13As final score was 11-74)

NICK FRANCE: Came out firing this week! Nick played his natural game and dropped 24 points nearly getting the seconds a big win against second on the table Riverview.

National Championships

From December 4 to December 9, High's open team will travel to Bendigo to try and win back to back titles in the Australian Schools Basketball Championship. The top teams from around Australia will compete, making this a very tough competition. To follow High's campaign and view results, fixtures and live scores, go to the site below and look up the "2011 Boys Australian Schools Championship" division Link: http://www.basketball.net.au/index.php?id=415 

~ Go High Basketball!
~ Play Hard, Play Smart and Play Together!
~ Don’t forget to visit the NEW Sydney High Basketball Website!
~ Brought to you by the editor Chris Chiam
~ Thank you to Mr Hayman for all his contributions to basketball and information

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High Family

The Bulletin Board for Sydney Boys High P & C

If you would like to have any parent community news or upcoming events included in High Society, please contact Ian Sweeting P&C President This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Upcoming P&C Parking Events

Please find listed below this week’s P&C parking events. Parents are reminded of the importance of supporting their sons’ co-curricular activities through these valuable fund-raising activities. New parents are particularly welcome and no experience is necessary. Parking is a great opportunity to meet with other parents and keep up to date with school life. This week’s events have a distinctly musical flavour, so footie scarves are out and black t-shirts are in!

Please make sure you check with your group’s parking co-ordinator to confirm the exact start and finish times for particular events.

Friday 2 December 7:00pm – Eminem (Rowing)
Sunday 4 December 7:00pm – Eminem (Cricket)
Thursday 8 December 7:00pm - Foo Fighters (Music)

The Governors’ Centre (GCEE)

This weekend on Sunday December 4, members of the P&C will be speaking to parents in Year 7 about the GCEE project, the building fund, and the monthly giving programme. If you don’t receive a call and would like someone to contact you regarding these important matters, please email Ian Sweeting This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Pam Jepson This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we would be happy to arrange a time to speak to you.

P&C Thank You Party

A reminder that this year’s P&C Thank You Party will be held in the Great Hall on Monday 12 December at 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

If you haven’t already done so, please RSVP your attendance to Cathy Northey by Wednesday 7 December on 9361 6910 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


A reminder also to P&C sub-committees who have yet to lodge their annual reports and season review to please forward these as soon as possible.

Upcoming Meetings & Events

P&C Executive Meeting – 7.00pm, Monday 5th December – Boardroom
Music Supporters’ AGM – 6.30pm, Tuesday 6th December – Staff Common Room
P&C Thank You Party – 5.30pm, Monday 12th December – Great Hall

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SBHS Rowing

St Joseph’s Regatta Results

For the first time, Joey’s hosted their GPS regatta at SIRC rather than the usual Iron Cove. Despite the torrential rain, the early start, the distance to travel and the late finish, all boys turned up to row with their crews. Well done to all rowers for being on time and in such good spirits rigging, rowing and de-rigging ... in the rain, the mud and puddles.

Thank you –

  • to the parents for getting the boys organised for the day.
  • to Adrian Henning for his time and effort towing the boats to Penrith on the Friday, supervising and helping all boys with the boat loading and rigging, and getting all the boats back to the sheds safely after the regatta.
  • to Craig Phillis, and the committee, for setting up tents, food and drinks for the boys.

Crews that performed well, and had encouraging results–

  • Year 9 1st quad – Jesse Nixon, Yi Luo, Louis Huyen, Nick Phillis and (c) Keith Chambers
  • Year 9 2nd quad – James Tinker, Bennette Jiang, Jung Li, Jackson Tan and (c) Louis Ye
  • Year 10 2nd eight – Kohen Lau, Chris Wang, Brendan Guan, Kaiwie Liu, Brendan Kong, Damien Duong, Soloman Saleh, Chris Chen and (c) Terry Fong

Congratulations to our two senior rowers who represented the school in the GPS Sculling trials – Gianmarco De Nigris and Tim Montanaro.

Upcoming Events

  • Friday 2 Dec - Year 8 Quads Rowing Development Camp.
    An opportunity for intensive rowing tuition and to experience camping overnight in the dormitory.
  • Saturday 3 Dec - Riverview Gold Cup at Lane Cove.
    High boys will row from the school sheds to the regatta course, and all parents are invited to St Ignatius College to watch the races.
  • Friday 9 Dec – Year 9 Quads Development Camp.
    An opportunity for intensive rowing tuition and to experience camping overnight in the dormitory.
  • Saturday 10 Dec – SHS Shed Race/Family Regatta Day.
    This is our end of year event at the High Sheds. All crews compete in the handicapped ‘Shed Race’ with the finish line in front of our shed, followed by families and school community having a try at rowing. A delicious barbecue breakfast is served for all rowers and families to enjoy under the marquee by the river.

Contact Details –

If you would like to receive more information about what is happening at Sydney High Rowing please email your details to – This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

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Rowing: Shed Race Family Open Day

The Rowing Committee extends an invitation to the Sydney High Rowing Community to come to the annual

Shed Race and Family Day

Saturday 10th December 2011
from 9am to 11am

SHED RACE - All High crews row in the handicapped ‘shed race’ which gets under way at 8.30am and finishes in front of the High sheds, so come along and watch the crews as they race to the finish, approximately 9am.

FAMILY DAY – Following the shed race, the committee host a relaxed, informal occasion for all families.

  • Enjoy a barbecue breakfast and barista coffee by the water at family friendly prices.
  • Try rowing, or simply sit and watch the action.
  • Explore the sheds and display of High Rowing history.

We hope to see all the current rowing families, as well as the 2010 new intake of students enjoying our open day

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