High Notes, Vol 12 No 37, November 25 2011

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From the Principal

High Talent
Congratulations to our Open High School students who have done so well in their courses. Shimon Danziger – HSC Japanese Continuers (2nd.), Japanese extension (3rd.); Andreas Purcal HSC German continuers (3rd.); Elbert Ly Year 10 Japanese (1st).

Year 7 & 9 Reports
Year 7 boys will be discussing their reports with me next. Clearance Forms have been distributed to Years 7, 8 and 10. Year 9 boys should have already received their reports or booked an appointment time to do so. Appointment times next week will be arranged on various days.

Proud Schools Pilot Project
High is one of 12 secondary schools trialling a pilot project to raise awareness of the injustices done to same sex attracted and gender questioning young people. Whole school policies and strategies to address issues of homophobia, transphobia and heterosexism, including bullying, harassment and violence, need to be developed by the pilot school communities. Extensive longitudinal research conducted in 1998, 2004 and 2010 by Assoc. Prof. Hillier (La Trobe) has confirmed that not only is the incidence of same sex attraction in the youth population relatively stable at 10%, but that the percentage of those young people (14-21 years) reporting verbal abuse, physical and sexual assault since 1998 has risen. Every young person has a right to feel safe at school. No one should be discriminated against because of their race, gender, disability, mental health or sexual orientation. It is clear from the research that young people in the sample surveyed are typically underachieving at school, depressed, socially rejected and more likely to self-harm and develop suicide ideation or attempts.

High’s Vision Statement 2012-14, asserts that our school community endeavours to be responsive, inclusive and proactive in our planning and strategies. If we are indeed an open, welcoming and supportive learning community, we need to examine our attitudes and behaviour towards those who are different to the mainstream and modify our policies and programs to promote genuine inclusivity. We are thinking about some models for cultural change. Careful planning, broad professional development of teachers and Student Leaders and a graduated response targeting Year 7 initially, may be a workable strategy. The Proud Schools Project will be supported by professional expertise and funding from DEC.

Environmental Enhancement Campaign
The context of our school is that it is very open and accessed by people 7 days a week. Our grounds and public areas are also affected by birds scavenging for food scraps. During 2011 Mr Barris has greatly increased the number of bins available in the high use areas on our site. The Junior Quad is much cleaner now. I congratulate Year 7 boys in particular for taking the trouble to walk those few steps to dispose of their rubbish. The canteen area, the amphitheatre and The Flat, remain our biggest challenges. We need to begin to change our culture in respect of rubbish disposal. Carelessness and apathy won’t do. We have a responsibility to the planet but a more important one to ourselves. Let’s work together to make us all proud of our collective environment.

The P & C has offered to inject more money into buying appropriate bins with lids to stop bird access. Recycling is a familiar routine for paper but the yellow bins being set out for Council pick up has only recently become regularised. Year 9 High Resolves have been researching methods to improve environmental awareness among the boys. We are considering holding an ‘environmental forum’ to raise awareness of our environmental responsibilities and to canvass suggestions as to how we might go about improving the environment in which we learn, play and work. The school community will support worthwhile initiatives from anyone. Please email me if you have an idea or suggestion.

As well as a positive approach, we have more traditional, punitive measures. Boys placed on detention are cleaning up Moore Park West along the fence line; the tennis courts garden and hard to access places where shrubbery conceals rubbish. Teachers on playground duty are being sent groups of 5 boys to assist in cleaning up their supervision area. This intervention needs a large supply of boys rotating through the clean-up duty. We are planning to expand the pool by including students who have many unexplained absences or an ongoing punctuality problem.
Dr K A Jaggar

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Major Latin Play Production 2012

Every few years, the Classical LanguagesTeachers’ Association of New South Wales presents a major production that involves students of Latin and Classical Greek throughout the state. Next year’s production is CUPID and PSYCHE. Students have been invited to audition for a role in this play. Auditions will be held in March 2012, and the rehearsals will be on Sunday afternoons and on certain days during the September vacation. The play will be spoken in Latin, but there is a scene to be presented in Classical Greek. For this Greek scene, the producers are looking for a student to portray Charon, the ferryman of the Underworld, and Dionysus, Greek god of wine. In addition, they require students to be part of the Chorus, an important element in ancient Greek drama. The role of the Chorus was to comment on the events presented in the play.

Students of Latin may audition for either a Latin-speaking role or the Greek scene. The invitation to participate is open to students who will be in Years 9, 10 and 11 in 2012.

Students are encouraged to participate, as involvement in such a production, working with teachers and students of Classical languages from all over New South Wales should prove to be a rewarding experience…and fun. Interested students are to register with Ms Matsos at the Languages Staffroom.

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Sydney Boys High School Big Brother Program

What is The Big Brother Program?

The Big Brother Program is a Sydney Boys High School leadership initiative which matches Year 9 student ambassadors with their local primary school for the purpose of beginning our peer support and transition program by:

  • working cooperatively with classroom teachers to introduce Year 6 students to the new world of High School.
  • making contact and interacting with students who will be attending Sydney Boys High in the new school year.
  • engaging in work experience which involves an exchange of information, skills and support between our high school and our associated primary schools.

Students will visit their assigned school for two days

Day one: (Introduction)

  • to observe classroom routines, assist and support classroom teachers and interact with students during class and break times.

Day two: (Presentation)

  • to make a prepared presentation to students which introduces life at High School (including question and answer time)
  • to make a cultural or academic contribution to the class in one or more of the following ways (to be negotiated with classroom teacher)
    • playing a musical instrument
    • mentoring students in Maths, English, Science or Computing skills
    • reading stories or listening/assisting with student reading
    • teaching new language skills (eg. French, German, Chinese)
    • conducting an art or craft activity o organising a sport or games
    • assisting with class research or project work

At the end of the two day program the classroom teacher will verify these activities have been completed to a satisfactory standard. The Big Brother Ambassador will then be able to gain SBHS Award Scheme points within the leadership category and record their contribution on their NSW Premier’s Volunteering Award Scheme.

Big Brother Program Report from Kingsgrove Public School

The Big Brother program was a wonderful experience for both of us, Lokgei Lee and Alex Kuang, as it gave us an opportunity to return to our old primary school to see the remarkable changes and trends. More importantly we were able to demonstrate and practise our leadership skills by assisting Year 6 students with their transition to high school.

The day embarked when both of us were greeted by eager and confused students and our former Principal, Mr Bird, who was very enthusiastic about our visit. We were given information about the changes of the school, such as the retirement of our old teachers and the students going to Sydney Boys High School. We were pleased to hear that some of our favourite teachers were still here and that there were 3 students that were going to start their high school life in our school next year.

Afterwards, we ventured to the composite class of 5/6K where our advising teacher, as well as my former Year 5 teacher, Ms Kanellis was teaching her kids spelling, when we surprised her with our grown up faces at the door. The introduction went smoothly and we were quickly accepted by the students. The three boys going to SBHS were Jeramy Chin, Leighton Vuong and Jack Zhou all of whom are bright and enthusiastic students, well suited for SBHS. We initiated our contribution by giving a detailed lecture on SBHS, giving vital information about subjects, timetables, sport and general school life at Sydney Boys. Other students in the class were also keen to learn about high school so we gathered them around to give basic information about the high schools they were going to (given to us by our former classmates in Year 6). The Year 5s were jealous of all the attention received by the graduating Year 6s so we taught them our strategies to succeed in the Selective School Exams.

During recess, a mass of students crowded and stared at us, positively, and they swarmed us with questions, ranging from “What are you doing here?” to “Are you from Sydney Tech.?” to finally “What’s high school like?”. We awkwardly wandered around our old school seeing the vast changes as well as faces of our past classmates on their siblings. After recess, we followed Jeramy to Chinese where we were able to demonstrate our skill in the language. When languages finished we hurried back to the air-conditioned classroom along with the students where we helped them finish their work as well as giving them an outline of what the workload of high school is like. Lunch shortly arrived and we dawdled in the room due to the excessive heat outside and we discovered a box of iPads which made the teacher laugh saying that we should not have left that early.

After lunch we decided to organise a game of King Ball where the winners were given lollies, supplied by us. Despite the searing temperature, the students were still eager to play the game they cherished. When the class disbanded we encountered a group of youth basketballers challenging us to a game of two-on-two hoping to say that they once beat high-schoolers. Unfortunately the teachers did not allow sport after school due to the heat and they looked forward to tomorrow where the challenge would take place at lunch.

Day 2 of the Big Brother Program dawned upon us and the pleasant day added to our high spirits. The Principal of the school wanted to share our assistance between other teachers so our first lesson of the day was a maths lessons with Year 5 students, taught by Lokgei’s old teacher Ms Pitcher. Our dexterity in this subject provided assistance to the teacher and overlooked mistakes were spotted by our team of two. Year 5s, amazed by our skills, started to test our limits and challenged us to trick questions but these were all completed with ease.

After maths, we came back to 5/6K, our main focus, and we displayed our presentation to the students. They were intuitive and asked questions on every aspect of school life. Contributions to the discussion were motivated by the idea of receiving a lolly, proving to be an excellent catalyst. As the class was composite, we held a poll of their preferences in their selective school test and to our joy all the boys chose SBHS as first preference. Our Year, where 7 boys made it into SBHS, must have made an impact on the choices today. Recess soon came and many students befriended us and more came to ask questions.

As 5/6K had languages again, our wanderlust carried us away to the composite class of 2/3R where Alex’s former Year 3 teacher, Mr Rudd, was. We were asked to help the Year 2s in their spelling and reading and we were given Mr Rudd’s secret box, full of stickers and stamps, as a motivation to the completion of work. Though at first they were intimidated, they soon approached us and discovered that we were able to actually help them. When we saw the students of 5/6K walk out of the Chinese class we tagged along back to the room. The Year 6s were doing a project on Antarctica and due to past experiences we could provide information about the topic. They were surprised to see the amount of information we could give as all they asked for was the basic information.

Lunchtime. Challenge accepted. The basketballers waiting for our arrival on the court and so we could not disappoint. Unfortunately they soon discovered loss was imminent. They decided that we could just play along with them as well as showcasing our skills. The enjoyable lunchtime would soon be over and we headed off to the advanced maths class. Though the class was filled with bright Year 6 students, we were still able to boggle their mind with simple high school maths. They were learning algebra and we discovered that some of our questions were too hard and modifications were constant in the lesson. Despite this, the class was a success with more of them finally being able to understand the division and multiplication of algebra.

Overall, the Big Brother Program provided us with an invaluable experience, giving us an opportunity to visit our primary school and helping us enhance our leadership skills. The program also helped the students we worked with as we were able to provide information that could not be received by simply going on Google or Wikipedia. We are sure that this has been as enjoyable for us as for the students and teachers involved. We would like to thank Mr Walker for providing this program for Year 9 students and all others who were involved in the success of the program.
Alex Kuang & Lokgei Lee (Year 9)

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From the High Store

All Year 9 Students & Parents

ONLY 3 Weeks Till End Of Year
Come & purchase your Senior Uniform NOW to prevent waiting in long queues

Senior Tie $28.50
Senior Trousers $68
Short Sleeve Shirts 16-22 $28.00, 24-28 $31.00
Long Sleeve Shirts 16-22 $30.00, 24-28 $33.00

Special thanks to Cindy Tseu, Agnes Leo, Kate Price & two special mums from previous years Jenni Rajendram (2010) Christina Chow (2009) for their personalised service and professional advice on Orientation Day.

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Die Deutschen Fragen (plural!)

Ms R Davis and Mr M Silva are to be congratulated! As no student came up with a correct answer for the question regarding the painter with the three first names (the last one being his surname, of course) or with the two Germans with eight legs for whom November 1 was a significant day, the challenge went to the staff and bingo, within a very short space of time the answers came flooding in: Ms Davis (who clearly remembers the day the nation stops for a horserace) had Illo and Lucas Cranach as the two Germans with eight legs, and with another hint, Caspar David Friedrich as the painter. Mr Silva had suggested Johann Joseph Christian (a German sculptor) and he got a consolation prize. Inspector Rex and Rin Tin Tin, both German shepherds, did not get a Guernsey. (Sorry, Mr Dolan)

Nun die neue deutsche Frage: Deutschland 129 l, Australien 256 l.

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From the Canteen

It’s that time of year again and we hope you will all understand that not all your usual favourites will be available in canteen right through to the end, as we are running down stock in preparation for the long summer break. In order to avoid disappointment it is suggested that you put in a lunch order. We would like to give a special mention to James Goh of Year 7 who did a great job bringing his team of 2012 boys to see the canteen on orientation day, explaining to them how to make a lunch order before school. A big thank you to our wonderful volunteers over the last two weeks.

MON: Pam Jepson, Usha Arvind,
TUES: Elsa Li, Mehrnoosh Johnstone
WEDS: Jim O'Sullivan, Sladjana Petrovic,
THURS: Nancy Andrew, Kamala Selvakkumar,
FRI: Frances Salmon, Nina & Illina Liu, Soogie Sim, Sue Rynsaardt, big thanks again to lovely Nina’s mum Ilina, who always comes in to help.

MON: Lynn Chen, Jie (Jane) Lin, Usha Arvind, thanks again Usha for backing up two weeks in a row much appreciated.
TUES: Jenny Dong, Cia Koukouras,
WEDS: Hiroko Kaitajima, Mary Chan, Doris Fong, Khoa Bui,
THURS: Stam Farrugia, Yun Lan Liang (Alana)
FRI: Linda Perris did a magnificent job on her lonesome

The Canteen Team

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Music Notes

Jazz Concert in the Courtyard

The Jazz Concert last Sunday was held in the hall due to wet weather, but this didn’t impact on the enthusiasm of both the students and audience. The day started off with a 2 hour workshop directed by Michael Walder and Dave Panichi. The concert started at 4pm with special guest performers Victor Wei (OB 2006) and his band; Room 6, and James Mackay (OB 2007) playing a Jazz duo with Muhamed Mehmedbasic (OB 2008), they were also joined by a couple of current students; Steve Comninos, Ennes Mehmedbasic and Year 12 student Jordan Saito-Patch. Thank you to the parents who brought a lovely spread of food which was shared by all, especially the hungry boys!

Music Awards Assembly

The Annual Music Awards Assembly held on Tuesday the 22nd November 2011 acknowledged all the hard work and dedication of all our music students. We had the honour of guest speaker, Justice George Palmer who addressed the boys and was highly impressed by the standard of our young performers.

Spring Music Festival

The year has ended on a high with our Spring Music Festival Tuesday evening following the Music Awards Assembly. All ensembles performed a variety of repertoire which was enjoyed by family and friends. The concert opened with the a powerful performance by the Intermediate Concert Band playing River of the Ancients followed by the Guitar Ensemble rocking away with three numbers. The Woodwind quintet performed two Easy Dances by Agay followed by the Junior Strings and Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Ms Ann Worthington. We were delighted with a special performance by Year 7 students; Kai Matsumoto and Star Qui playing a cello duet having only begun lessons on their instruments earlier this year and who “stole the show”. The Choir sang Pemulway accompanied on the piano by Year 10 student; Tin Wu. The Senior String Ensemble were stunning in their performance of the Prelude Act 1 from La Traviata and The Holberg Suite (1st movement) thanks to the commitment and dedication of their conductor Ms Rebecca Irwin. The evening concluded with the Symphony Orchestra performing The Ascension (from The Divine Comedy) with special thanks to Year 12 students; Jesse Chen, Marcell Rozsa and Jordan Saito-Patch who returned to play with the Orchestra one final time.

This has been a busy year for the Music Performance Program and we thank all the students and parents for their continued commitment, it wouldn’t be the success it is without your sustained support. Thank you and we wish you all the best for holidays and look forward to another exciting new year of music in 2012.

Suzanna, Rita and Michael.

Marching Band

Marching Band rehearsals will commence again next Friday (2nd December 2011) from 7:45-9am. Please meet Lachlan Deacon in room 201.

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High Family

The Bulletin Board for Sydney Boys High P & C

If you would like to have any parent community news or upcoming events included in High Society, please contact Ian Sweeting P&C President This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Thank You

The incoming P&C executive would like to extend their thanks to the outgoing executive, and in particular, those retiring members who have given selflessly of their time and energy over many years. They leave the P&C in a very healthy state, both financially and structurally, and the school and school community have benefited enormously from their efforts. Thank you also to those who generously offered to remain on the P&C executive in their original or new roles. Their experience will be invaluable in helping the new executive carry on the job of supporting the school and providing a voice for the school community.

The Governors’ Centre (GCEE)

Thank you also to those parents who have contributed to the building fund or joined the monthly giving programme for the Governors’ Centre for Excellence in Education since the recent mail-out. The school family’s generosity will be crucial in realising this landmark addition to High’s building infrastructure. Members of the P&C will be speaking to as many parents as possible before the end of the year to provide additional information and answer any questions we can regarding the project itself, the fund, and the monthly giving programme.

P&C Thank You Party

A reminder that this year’s P&C Thank You Party will be held in the Great Hall on Monday 12 December at 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

There are a large number of parents and staff at High who contribute in a multitude of ways to the school throughout the year. The P&C would like to acknowledge these invaluable contributions and the P&C Thank You Party is one way we can do this. We would ask anyone in the school family that has helped out in any way this year (whether at a Parking event, Open Day, Orientation Day, manning the barbecue or the door, helping at the canteen, catering and cleaning up or one of the myriad other ways which keep the ship afloat) to come along and share a light supper, refreshments, some pleasant conversation, and let us say “thank you” to you and your partners. We look forward to seeing you there.

For catering purposes, please RSVP your attendance to Cathy Northey by Wednesday 7 December on 9361 6910 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


A reminder to P&C sub-committees who have yet to lodge their annual reports and season review to please forward these as soon as possible. We have had an excellent response this year and we appreciate the effort that is involved in preparing these reports.

Upcoming Meetings & Events

At this busy time of year, we urge parents to check the calendar on the school’s website and ensure that you don’t miss some of the excellent end of year performances. The Music department has had a heavy workload in the last week with a Jazz workshop and Jazz in the Courtyard on Sunday, and the Music Awards and the Spring Music Festival Tuesday where the boys, teachers and tutors showed the talent and dedication that exists within the school’s music program. Congratulations to all involved in these wonderful events.

Music Supporters AGM – 6.30pm, Tuesday 29th November – Staff Common Room
Cricket Supporters Meeting – 6.00pm, Wednesday 30th November – Staff Common Room

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15 Years Basketball - CHS Champions


Throughout the 15 years CHS basketball tournament, the team consisting of both Year tens and Year nines went through many intense games of basketball leading up to the Sydney East final, and eventually a State Championship.

Our Sydney East Final game on the first day of our journey was against Menai, who were the first the seed and High was the second, it was a crucial game. With the team approach of High we were able to pull away from Menai and seal the game in the final moments. With this win, we were still in the competition and we were crowned Sydney East Champions but also realised that we could beat anyone if we played the right way. For our next game we had to travel to Newcastle and face Warners Bay in another close game. With High being down in the final minutes we were able to fight our way back and tie the game at full time. With the game sent into overtime High once again prevailed with the team attitude and some clutch performances. With the win against Warners Bay once again we moved onto the next round, which fortunately for us was a home game against Oxley High School. The crowd, consisting of friends from Year 9 gave us the extra boost we needed to start off strong and get to a comfortable lead. With this extra boost we were able to hold on and continue and end up smashing the opposing Oxley team. With this win High entered the final 8 in the state of the competition, where we faced numerous sporting schools with each of the games being decided in the final stages of the fourth quarter. Entering the Grand Final High were pumped up and ready to play with the support of parents and Dr Jaggar. Once again the game was close all the way through with both teams holding the lead at different parts of the game. With High in the lead in the final quarter we were able to hold onto that lead as we stayed together as a team and played together, and we made the opposing Westfield Sports High crack under the pressure. With this win Sydney Boys High were the ‘15 years Combined High Schools State Champions’. Nate Sutton was announced the MVP of the final. It was pleasing that we all played as well as we possibly could at the same time.

Throughout the competition the team grew closer together, and became not just teammates but great friends as well. This whole tournament could not have been possible with invaluable coaching skills of Mr Ben Hayman and the organisation, cooking and medical skills of Mr Bruce Gordon.
Mitchell Flynn
15 years Basketball CHS State Knockout Captain

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Year 10 Parents Dinner

Thursday 1 December 2011, 7.30pm

Dear Year 10 Parents,

It's that time of year, the exams are nearly over for our boys!!! !!!

We would like to organise a Parents' Dinner on Thursday 1 December, 7.30 p.m. We will be able to share our experiences, talk about the year that's just gone past, and share our plans for the coming year.

Please let us know if you are free to attend. We would love to see you. We will select a convenient location somewhere in Surry Hills, not far from the school, when we know how many parents can attend.

Please reply your attendance by 27 November to:
Michelle DuMonet: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or
Louise Meroni: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

WWe look forward to seeing you!!!
The Year 10 Parents Group

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Basketball: Shooting Hoops

High VS Grammar

High vs Grammer 2011 Term 1 (Last time)

1st WIN 90-54 A.DUMOVIC 26
2nd WIN 42-28 B.MCGLENCHY 13
3rd WIN 41-19 H.HEO 12
4th WIN 43-37 N. 16
8th WIN 38-15 B.CHEN 11
16C WIN 23-22 T.PHAM 5
16D LOSS 18-23 A.ZHOU 7
16E WIN 36-13 H.ZHANG 8
16F WIN 44-14 L.ZHU 14
15A WIN 42-36 B.CHEN 11
15B WIN 49-18 A.ALI, S.WANG 12
15C WIN 32-8 B.TRUONG 19
15D WIN 31-19 D.ZHANG 12
15E WIN 25-13 J.FREIBERG 6
15F WIN 52-18 J.MA 14
14A LOSS 10-32 T.ZHANG 4

High vs Grammar 2011 Term 4 (This time)

1st WIN 68-45 C.MOLLER 24
2nd WIN 52-46 N.SUTTON 20
3rd WIN 31-26 R.KO 8
4th WIN 34-33 J.LAM 9
5th WIN 31-15 J.PALLANDI 8
6th WIN 28-13 D.WANG 9
7th WIN 23-18 W.CHOI 10
8th WIN 32-12 R.MALAYAN 11
16A WIN 32-19 A.HE 10
16B WIN 38-18 B.TRUONG 21
16C WIN 32-30 P.GAO 10
16D WIN 44-8 J.MA 12
16E WIN 42-12 J.HAO 12
16F BYE    
15B WIN 31-20 M.WANG 9
15C WIN 34-22 C.WANG 8
15E WIN 31-16 A.HAN,G.HE 10
15F WIN 50-24 S.ZHANG 14
14A WIN 35-29 A.KARAHASAN 10
14C LOSS 36-11 T.LUO 5
14D LOSS 20-50 M.YU 12

1st Grade Table

Firsts Played Won Lost For Against Points
Scots 6 6 0 430 328 12
High 6 5 1 473 324 11
St. Ignatius' 6 4 2 449 377 10
Newington 6 3 3 390 309 9
St. Joseph's 6 3 3 462 445 9
Shore 6 2 4 335 358 8
Grammar 6 1 5 338 406 7
Kings 6 0 6 203 533 6

This week is another big game for High, with Riverview one point behind us on the 1st grade table. If we win here, then we will be clear of them by one point and in a good position going into the Scots game. Please come and support our 1st and 2nd teams and create a true home atmosphere.

Mr B.Hayman’s Players of the Week

Aidan Karahasan 14A- Two wins in two weeks in the 14As! Aidan top scoring and always looking to pass to the open man and make his team mates better. (The SBHS Basketball way)

Nathan Sutton 2nds- Took over the game to score 12 points in the 4th quarter including a three point shot from the girl’s school to secure the win.

Brian Chan 15A- Can finish consistently with the left hand under pressure. I expect the 15As will step up to the challenge this week and improve on their performance vs Riverview in term 1.

High Talent

The strength of High's basketball can be clearly seen not only by team successes but also individual ones: recently former first grade players Emmett Naar and Andrija Dumovic received AIS basketball scholarships. Only 22 players were selected nationally, five from NSW and High is the only school to have multiples players selected into this prestigious program. This shows the dedication of the coaches at High and their ability to train talented players at all levels.

~ Go High Basketball!
~ Play Hard, Play Smart and Play Together!
~ Don’t forget to visit the NEW Sydney High Basketball Website!
~ Brought to you by the editor Chris Chiam
~ Thank you to Mr Hayman for all his contributions to basketball and information

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SBHS Rowing Committee

Grammar Regatta Results

This was the first GPS regatta of the season and we had mixed results. Overall, it was great to have all crews experience good racing conditions and fully functioning boats.

Congratulations to the School 1st Eight – Gianmarco De Nigris, Andreas Purcal, Tim Montanaro, Max Jones, Ben Wilcox, David Andrews, Steve Comninos, Alex Pereira and (c) Dan Tam for rowing a great race to stay with the other GPS schools, and finish strongly to only just be beaten by Riverview.

Crew Place Time
School 1st Eight  4th  5.11.17 (1500m)
School 2nd Eight  3rd 5.55.22
Year 10 1st Eight  3rd 5.49.59
Year 10 2nd Eight  3rd 6.17.44
Year 10 3rd Eight  3rd 6.24.60
Year 9 1st Quad  4th 4.24.15 (1000m)
Year 9 2nd Quad  3rd 4.24.96
Year 9 3rd Quad  4th 5.11.02
Year 9 4th Quad  4th  5.08.58

Melbourne High Visit

This was a very successful visit with 30 Melbourne High boys attending. Thank you to the parents who helped with the catering for 70 at the Wednesday camp, and a big thank you to all the families who billeted the Melbourne boys in their homes for the Thursday and Friday. Report is following by Sam Lin.

Upcoming Events

  • Saturday 26 Nov – GPS St Joseph’s Regatta at SIRC, Penrith.
    All Year 9 Quads, Year 10 Eights, and School Eights will compete in this regatta. This will require an early start for everyone as the boys need to rig their boats before racing.
  • Saturday 3 Dec - Riverview Gold Cup at Lane Cove.
    High boys will row from the school sheds to the regatta course, and all parents are invited to St Ignatius College to watch the races.
  • Saturday 10 Dec – SHS Shed Race/Family Regatta Day.
    This is our end of year event at the High Sheds. All crews compete in the handicapped ‘Shed Race’ with the finish line in front of our shed, followed by families and school community having a try at rowing. A delicious barbecue brunch is served for all rowers and families to enjoy under the marquees by the river.

Contact Details

If you would like to receive more information about what is happening at Sydney High Rowing please email your details to – This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Melbourne High School Rowing Exchange

On the 16th of November, Melbourne Boys High came to visit us. They arrived at Sydney Airport at 12 o’clock and the school bus brought them to the Outterside Centre in Abbottsford where they waited patiently for the Sydney High Boys to arrive. At approximately 2:45 we filed into the sheds and both schools tried to stare each other down. It was a friendly rivalry, a strong tradition between the two schools. That rowing session was like any other session, but with an extra thirty boys at the sheds, the progress was agonizingly slow. Unfortunately, the weather had turned against us with winds of up to 40km/hr. The Melbourne boys were indeed rowing in uncharted waters, accustomed to perfectly calm conditions on the Yarra rather than the waves and Rivercats of the Paramatta. We trained as hard as any other day but today we had 2 sessions on the water to prepare for the races with Melbourne High. Afterwards we were assigned our billets and were encouraged to familiarize ourselves with them. At night we played a variety of games to let us mingle with the other Melbourne Boys and we slept at approximately 10.30. With an early start of 5:15 the next day, we went out for another two sessions on the water.

We were dismissed at around two and we all split up. With little time to regroup in the afternoon, we spent the nights at home after an exhausting day. The next day we caught public transport to school, and then were taken on the school bus to the Outterside Centre. From there we raced all morning. Both 1st eights had a breakage, leaving the score tied at 1 all. After racing, which took approximately 3 hours, we were dismissed. We all decided to catch the Rivercat to Circular Quay where we proceeded to an All You Can Eat Pizza Hut crammed with 70 boys. Kudos to Brendan Kong for downing 21 slices of pizza!

All in all, the billets and the High boys had a great time and we bade farewell on Saturday 19th November right before the Grammar Regatta. We are all looking forward to next year, when the Sydney High boys will head down to Melbourne. Sam Lin

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Sydney Boys High School Cricket


The annual Barberis Cup competition turned out to be a thrilling contest, with both matches going right down to the wire. Unfortunately High was on the wrong end in both matches, sending the cup south until next year. Despite this there were still some fantastic individual performances, particularly Ned Anson’s twin half centuries and George Farrugia’s five wicket haul in the second match. Thank you to Melbourne High School for their great sportsmanship and wonderful hospitality during the trip.

Barberis Cup Game One - High 108 (34) (N. Anson 56 [73], S. Nagaraj 14 [19]) defeated by Melbourne 8/110 (32) (T.Garg 3/20 [7], S.Nagaraj 1/19 [5], A.Dao 1/22 [5.2])

Barberis Cup Game Two - High 10/176 (45) (N. Anson 53 [73], S. Nagaraj 37 [36], T. Garg 33 [59]) defeated by Melbourne 9/177 (44.1) (G. Farrugia 5/29 [7], L. De Fonseka 1/31 [7], J. Zhang 1/34 [6])

1st XI – High 163 (72) (O.Duffy 70, J. Moffat 38, O. Meroni 10) & 5/90 (38) (J.Moffat 50*, D.Smith 17ret hurt) defeated by Shore 195 (60) (A.Ramesh 3/37 [15], S.Dias 2/36 [12])

Coming into the second week, the boys were eager for a win and tried making the most of the tough conditions. Things started off badly, with Shore making use of the flat pitch, scoring at about 5 an over. .

This was until Josh came on to bowl, taking a wicket and drying up the runs. Unfortunately this lasted for only 12 overs, when a change in the bowling allowed Shore to hit out and relieve the pressure that had been building. A lack of discipline led to Shore passing our total 8 down, eventually being dismissed for 195.

We went out to bat looking to capitalise on some much needed “centre-wicket” practice, however things did not go according to plan, with High slumping to 5-22. Some sensible, albeit boring, batting from Danno and Jesse helped High reach 5-90 at the end of the day’s play, with Dan suffering a potential broken rib after copping a nasty bouncer to the chest. Although we lost, there were many positives to come out of the game, and we look forward to taking on Iggies next week.

2nd XI – Shore 206 (S.Sivayogarayan 4/49 [15]) & 2/75dec (S.Sivayogarayan 1/1 [1], S.Thushyanthan 1/11[1]) defeated High 153 (J.Cooper 35, S.Sivayogarayan 23, A.Nayak 21) & 4/34 (A.Nayak 18*) After saving the follow-on and ending 53 runs behind on the 1st Inning High had a disastrous three over spell at Shore’s batsmen before Afternoon tea putting down 3 catches, one in each over, which would have seen the opposition at 3 – 8 and a chance to chase down a moderate score, to turn a first innings loss into an outright victory. Instead the Shore Captain delayed his declaration for too long and took away any hope of High scoring the required runs in the 50 minutes to stumps, so High put up the shutters to ensure a restriction to a 1st innings loss.

4th XI – High 36 (N.Lazarus 5) defeated by Grammar 2/37 (B.Mo 1/5)

5th XI – St Patrick’s 11/86 (23) (G.Samarasinghe 4/12 [5], V.Ho 2/2[4], R.Chen 1/18 [4], V. Bhakri 1/6 [3], S.Prusty 1/3 [2], D.Chan 1/9 [1]) defeated High 10/84 (25) (V. Bhakri 20, M.Paradeza 16)

16A – High 52 (26.2) (C. Mao 14) & 72 (25) (S.Nagaraj 30, J.Seroukas 10) defeated by Shore 185 (42.3) (S.Nagaraj 4/69 [15.3], L. DeFonseka 1/17 [6], M. Yu 1/18 [6])
High needed 3 wickets to bowl out Shore and bat out the whole day to prevent us from an outright defeat. We took the remaining wickets quickly but our fielding was very sloppy, conceding 50 odd runs in Shore’s last 8 overs. High was sent in to bat and did not look pleasing as we lost 2 early wickets. Sagar and John built a strong partnership of 40 and were looking good until wickets started to fall. High had lost outright and finished the innings with 72.

16B – Grammar 4/174 (32) (S. Gallagher 1/8, H. Zhang 1/35) defeated High 9/55 (32) (D. Feng 15) Early on High were unable to make any inroads. After drinks, High’s perseverance paid off with wickets from some excellent catches, including Niroshan’s one-hander at slip. High knew that we had to bat patiently but unfortunately, we suffered another batting collapse as the top order departed to impatient batting. This all changed when Jackson and David prevented any more wickets from falling with solid, patient batting. Despite both David and Jackson departing in the 25th over, High held on until the end of the match with Sam and Haotian keeping the Grammar bowlers at bay. .

16C - Grammar 209 (32) (R. Cheng 3/12 [3], K. Sunderasan 1/8 [2], G. Qian 1/12 [2]) defeated High 81 (27) (S.Vimalanathan 18, R. Cheng 10, R. Rawnak 10)
High started the innings well, with some excellent bowling from Allan and Gordon, who picked up the first wicket. Grammar piled on the runs, until Ray bowled a great spell, taking 3/12 off 3 overs. However, this couldn’t prevent Grammar amassing a large total. Some great shots by openers Sai and Ryan gave us some hope until Sai was caught and bowled, and Ryan bowled out shortly after. Some poor batting led to a collapse in the order as we failed to maintain the required run rate we needed. Great effort, guys!

15A – Shore 205 (G. Shankar 4/31 [11], N. Bari 2/26 [10], V. Murugananthan 1/16 [6], R. Sura 1/25 [7]) defeated High 87 (V. Murugananthan 25, M. Betbeder 15, G.Shankar 14) & 51 (M. Betbeder 23)
High started off the day looking to gain some points from the game. Gautham and Kevin produced a solid partnership till drinks. After drinks, disaster struck. Gautham was caught and soon Raycole and Kevin fell cheaply. Things looked grim until Varunan came in. He blasted a quick fire 25, including some massive sixes. Some great bowling from Shore saw High bowled out for 87. Looking for improvements in the second innings, High lost Kevin on the third ball. Marc stepped up to the challenging spinner and hit him all over the park but he slowly lost partners. With High rapidly losing wickets, the match was finishing in a cliff hanger, with High needing to avoid an outright defeat with two wickets in hand and only one over to face. We lost the two wickets and lost our first two day game of the season.

15B – Grammar 6/155 (32) (B.Lee 2/9 [3], A.Allingham 1/26 [5]) defeated High 9/147 (32) (B.Lee 34 , S.Arudselvan 19, J.Lin 14)
High lost the toss and was sent in to bowl, Anthony and Niyaz being very economical, with a wicket to Niyaz in the 4th over. A great assisted runout by Jason Lim saw Grammar 2/60 at the drinks break. Our tight grip on their batting slipped in the second half however, seeing them reach 155. High came in to bat, knowing that the needed score was very reachable. The opening partnership lasted 10 overs, and saw Thomas reach 4 and Supan 19. Bryan Lee played an outstanding innings. Bryan timed his shots against the Grammar spinner perfectly, hitting 34 runs in just over 20 balls, which consisted of 6 4s and a 6. With an over left, High needed 19 runs, and Shaleen went ballistic hitting 9 runs and Niyaz hitting 2 in the final deliveries of the match to see High just fall short.

14A - High 47 (30) (S. Nampalli 17*) & 37 (28) (T.Nimac 12) defeated by Shore 205 (50) (E.Hall 3/70 [17], J.Pope 1/38 [8], T.Nimac 1/20 [6]) 14B – Grammar 91 (F.Morshedi 5/5 [5.2], K.Agrawal 2/9 [4], H. Ou 2/13 [4]) defeated High 77 (K. Agrawal 24, N. Rahman 22)

Congratulations to this week’s Player of the Week – Fayed Morshedi

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High Tide

Sydney Boys High School Sailing
19 November 2011

A foggy morning welcomed us to the fifth round of the Saturday Point Score Competition, fog horns bellowing out on the harbour from ferries and Garden Island, but surprisingly with a good, steady wind from the N at 5-8 knots. Marcus James and Angelo Yan were the standout skipper and crew this week, with an excellent second race, where they skilfully led at the top mark from five Cranbrook boats. They led them downwind as Cranbrook’s eight best sailors attempted to take their wind. Marcus and Angelo beat them around the bottom mark, but couldn’t cover so many boats on the way to the finish line and came in a creditable 3rd. This was to be High’s only podium finish this week and although there were some six and seventh results, no crew were able to achieve three top ten finishes this week. Both Marcus and Ennes (and crews) sailed well to nearly make the benchmark of three top ten places, but were beaten by the slimmest of margins, both with an 11th placing.

Connor Robinson, Daniel Fang, David Evans and crews sailed into a single top ten placing each, but couldn’t maintain the same results throughout the three races. Sydney High crews will need to increase their focus in the next few weeks if they are to boost their rankings in this regatta. At right, Daniel and Toby can be seen trying to goose-wing their jib down-wind, whilst Connor and Max can be seen in the distance (10) hiking out on starboard tack.

It was good to see the start of the use of smart strategies being employed by High sailors before races. It is also promising that sailors making crucial on-course changes about tactics are starting to reap the reward of doing so. Marcus James sailed brilliantly at times to turn a poor start in the third race into a reasonable finish by choosing the right-hand side of the course when no-one else dared to do it, picked up a lift and improved his position at the top mark by about 15 boats in doing so.

Sydney High sailors continued to demonstrate to other more experienced sailors the correct attitude to the rules of sailing this week. It is crucial that all sailors obey these rules and take the penalties as soon as possible, as quite often it has safety implications that must be observed. Good sporting etiquette is an essential quality of all good sports people. It is encouraging to see Sydney High sailors displaying it during the races.

Sydney High sailors were slow to adapt to the change to starboard-hand roundings in these races and some sailors found it difficult to estimate their lay lines into the marks. This is something else that should be practised at trainings on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.

Above, Connor (10) works on beating another Scots College boat (2910) after the mark rounding, whilst below, Ennes (14) and Daniel (11) aim to take the wind of the Cranbrook School boat (2907). It was also good to see two boats from Ascham, out competing in the races.

The results of Round Five of the Saturday Points Score are summarised below.

Place Sail No. Skipper/Crew Race 1
(26 boats)
Race 2 Race3 Final Points
1 16 Marcus James /Angelo Yan 6th 3rd 11th 20
2 14 Ennes Mehmedbasic/ Tiger Zhang 11th 6th 7th 24
3 10 Connor Robinson/Max Birch 7th 15th 12th 34
4 11 Daniel Fang/ Toby Funston/Gordon Lu 18th 12th 6th 36
5 12 Darren Tiang/ Vincent Xu 14th 16th 16th 46
6 15 David Evans/ Gavin Sutton 9th 21st 21st 51
7 17 Ben Hillier/ Hayden Rabone/William Chen 23rd 17th 17th 57
8 18 Tim Pilien/Dexter Gordon 22nd 23rd 22nd 67

Racing Rule of the week:
ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing 2009-2012 Part 1: Rule 2
A boat and her owner shall compete in compliance with recognised principles of sportsmanship and fair play.

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