High Notes, Vol 12 No 35, November 11 2011

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From the Principal

High Talent
Congratulations to Christopher Morrow (SBHS 2011) who has been awarded a Combined High School Blue for outstanding achievement in the sport of volleyball. Ivor Metcalf (Year 10) received a plaque commemorating his ‘outstanding performance boy’ at the 2011 CHS Athletics championships. Well done again, Ivor! Encore nominations for 2011: Jesse Chen, Daryl Fong, Michael Phung, Wen Jia Liu, Ennes Mehmedbasic, Marcell Rosza and Charles Wu. A great effort again this year! Well done! James Chan (Year 10) has qualified at ‘black opal’ level (150 hours) in the Premier’s Volunteering Award Scheme. What a wonderful effort! Congratulations to Louis Stern (7S) who won the National 12 Years Title for Jujitsu. Of the 14 Australian Institute Of Sport basketball athletes nationally selected, two came from the SBHS basketball program – Andrija Dumovic and Emmett Naar. This result, 2/5 from NSW, says not only a lot about the talent and dedication of the boys who were honoured, but also about the quality of the team they played with, their coaches and the strength of the program that they participated in at High.

Co-curricular Winter reports
End of season reviews, plans for the 2012 season and draft budgets were due to be submitted to Valerie McKinnon by October 31. Please organise to submit them to her in soft or hard copy by November 11, please. Also, MICs and P & C Sub-Committees are reminded that the October budgets are now overdue and should be submitted by November 11. Thank you to those MICs who have already submitted their reviews.

Scholarship Applications
Head Teacher Welfare and Year Advisers are requested to suggest that worthy candidates apply by November 30 for one of our two scholarships – the one-year $1200, Phillip Day Memorial Scholarship (open to any boy in any Year) and the two-year, $3,000 Sir Roden and Lady Cutler Foundation Scholarship (open to a Year 10 student continuing into Year 11 or an enrolling Year 11 student). The criteria are published on the school website at www.sydneyboyshigh.com/scholarships and application forms can also be downloaded from that site. There are many boys in this school to whom I would be proud to award these scholarships. If you are interested in applying, please talk to your Year Adviser or Mr Walker.

Year 11 Reports
Too many reports remain. Boys have until Monday to book an appointment time to collect their reports. I have asked Mr Dowdell to issue detention notices for boys who have not booked a time to discuss their progress with me and obtained their reports. Boys who fail to pick up their reports will be deemed not to have completed Year 11 and may be withdrawn from Year 12 assessment tasks until they have completed the requirements expected of them. Parents are requested to urge their sons to bring home school reports. We need to work as partners in the education of our students.

Subject Acceleration Applications
Suitably qualified Year 9 boys are invited to apply for places in the acceleration classes being offered for Year 10, 2012. Students need to comply with Faculty protocols for selection. Once approved by the responsible Head Teacher, applicants need to download and complete an ‘Individual Learning Plan – Acceleration.’ Completed plans need to be submitted to me for final approval. I will be assessing overall ranking of students based on scores submitted by teachers. Students who are rejected by the overall academic standard rule have an appeal mechanism. I need to finalise numbers in classes by November 18, so Mr Dowdell can commenced timetabling Year 10, 2012.
Dr K A Jaggar

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Year 9 High Resolves report

High Resolves is a great leadership program which builds students’ leadership skills and capabilities and helps them to apply these valuable skills by doing community service. We are the Year 9 Cohort of the High Resolves Program at Sydney Boys High School.

At the start of the year, we made an objective – To engage the Junior School (Years 7-9) on the issue of Environmental Sustainability. We wanted to raise awareness of the adverse effects and consequences of littering and start engaging the junior school in an environmentally sustainable solution – recycling. We wanted to get recycling bins into each individual classroom, in order to achieve this.

Over the course of three working sessions and approximately three and half months, we attempted to work towards our objective. Along the way, our High Resolves mentor, Lee Martin, has taught us some very important leadership skills. We have learnt the importance of prototyping and planning when attempting a large project like this. He has also taught “Many hands make light work”. Using these simple principles we divided our group of 35 members into five groups of seven to work towards different objectives. The five groups/streams were: Bins, Marketing, Presentation, Video and Audit.

The presentation of the video and Prezi occurred on the 12th of October. Aside from a few technical hiccups, this part of the project went well. We had informed the junior school of the effects of littering and told them about our plan to bring recycling bins to every classroom. Some misunderstandings and issues of the practicality of having recycle bins in every classroom could not be overcome. So, we had to abandon this part of our objective.

Instead, we as a team decided it would be better to run a marketing campaign to inform the school about the benefits of putting rubbish and recyclables in the appropriate bins. This marketing campaign will be ongoing.

Along the way of our project, we made many mistakes and have learned many valuable lessons. We learned the importance of working together as a team and communicating within the group as well as communicating with others outside the group such as Mr Barris and other teachers around the school. After many problems and successes, we hope to learn from our mistakes, utilise the skills we have developed this year over our lives and most importantly make the school tidier, cleaner and environmentally sustainable.

Go Green for a Better World
Year 9 High Resolves Team

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From the Library

Classical languages teacher Carol Werner came giggling out of the Sir Frederick Deer Room - now her Ancient Greek classroom – to tell me that Thucydides Book VII was now on the syllabus and she has finally found a copy - in a school cupboard - for her HSC course. It had first been first published in 1893, this was the 1919 Macmillan edition and she was now using it to teach the course.

The owners inscribed on the fly leaf were: Sylvia M Flatt Arts 3, 1926; J McMinn Arts 1, 1943 and Evan Ruth, Sydney Boys High, 1986. This is not the oldest book we have ever found. We have actually found books in the Library dated from the previous century.
Mrs Crothers

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Die Deutsche Frage

There have been some funny suggestions so far – but none of them came within a short nose of the correct answer. Hier kommt der zweite (oder der dritte?) Tipp: der erste November!
Frau St Leon

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High Family

The Bulletin Board for Sydney Boys High P & C

Julie Connolly
P&C President
If you would like to have any parent community news or upcoming events included in High Society, please contact Julie Connolly, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; M: 0418 470 203.

P&C Annual General Meeting

The final P&C meeting for the year will be the Annual General Meeting 7.30pm, Wednesday 16th November in the Staff Common Room

Elections for all P&C office bearers for 2012 will take place at this meeting.

Please email your nominations for P&C leadership positions to Julie Connolly This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Positions open for nomination are:
Vice President;
P&C Representative to School Council,
P&C Representative to SHS Foundation
Student Wellbeing Committee Representative,
P&C Parking Coordinator
P&C Catering and Events Coordinator,
P&C Website Coordinator,
Parent Mentor Coordinator

Upcoming Meetings & Events

P&C AGM – 7.30pm, Wednesday 16th November – Staff Common Room
Learner Driver Workshop – 6.00pm-8.00pm, Monday 21st November – Great Hall
Spring Music Festival – Tuesday 22nd November – Great Hall

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From the Canteen

Order your lunch and you DON’T miss out!!
e are selling out of some very popular items early this means if you want a pide for lunch, you may well miss out. Order your lunch before school and get what you want!!

Home style food made on site, but we need your help!!
It is pleasing to see students continuing to purchase large volumes of the fresh food we make on site. We mark up our pre-packaged goods to offset the cost of the fresh food and with our volunteer labour, this allows us to keep the price of the healthy homestyle food down - as affordable as possible – and maintain a reasonable profit margin for the school. We absorb any price rises during the year and put prices up, where needed, at the start of each year.

Remember…all Canteen profits are returned to the school for the benefit of our boys’ education and development.

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers over the last two weeks:
MONDAY: Rebecca Tsai, Lilian Liu Irene’s neighbour.
TUESDAY: May Ip, Jade Ni, Agnes Leo.
WEDNESDAY: Jenny Hu, Sally Hunt, Helen Kon
THURSDAY: Jian Ping Li, Maria Farrell,
FRIDAY: Trang Nguyen, Susan Zhang, Li Yang.
MONDAY: Dani Hillier, Carolyn Pope, Nina Liu,
TUESDAY: Annette Ng, Angela Feng, Pauline Chan,
WEDNESDAY: Cindy Tseu, Jenny Mou,
THURSDAY: Vikki Angell, Sachiyo James, Kate Sands,
FRIDAY: Nada Andrews, Katrina Morrow, The Canteen Team

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From the High Store

All Year 9 Students & Parents
ONLY 5 Weeks Till End Of Year Come & purchase your Senior Uniform NOW to prevent waiting in long queues

Senior Tie $28.50
Senior Trousers $68
Short Sleeve Shirts 16-22 $28.00, 24-28 $31.00
Long Sleeve Shirts 16-22 $30.00, 24-28 $33.00

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Music Notes

Jazz Workshop & Concert in the Courtyard

There will be a Jazz workshop for our Jazz in the Courtyard concert on Sunday the 20th November. The workshop will be held from 1pm-3pm followed by the concert in the courtyard at 4pm. We invite you to come along and enjoy the afternoon with us, and also to please bring a plate to share.

Music Awards Assembly

The Annual Music Awards Assembly will be held on Tuesday the 22nd of November in the Great Hall at 10am. The Music Assembly acknowledges our Music students’ achievements and accolades throughout the year. We would like to invite you to join us in recognising the wonderful talents at Sydney High at the assembly.

Spring Music Festival

The Spring Music Festival for Orchestras, Concert Bands and Small Ensembles will be held on the Tuesday 22nd November evening at 6:30pm following the Music Awards Assembly in the Great Hall. We invite all families and friends to come along and enjoy listening to our large ensembles perform. Tickets are available through the Main Office: $10 / Single and $25 / Family

Spring Music Festival Ticket Order 
[form is available in the PDF version of this edition of High Notes]

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High Tide

Sydney Boys High School Sailing

The third weekend of the Saturday Point Series was sailed on Saturday 5th with twenty six sailors present. The very light conditions of the past three weeks were replaced by a shifting NW-NE, 5-15 knot wind that offered a better set of conditions for High sailors. The competitive nature of the series was shown by a number of false starts with numerous boats over the line before the starters signal.

Three races were sailed and in the Pacer races, High had a mixed range of results from podium places and tail-end finishes. Generally, High had three boats in the top ten places but a greater level of consistency would be hoped for in the coming weeks. After the first race a stronger north easterly blew in making racing more testing for skippers and crew. Bart Daniels and Ennes Mehmedbasic were the standout sailors within the High boats and the Pacer fleet, finishing all three races with great places and some good textbook racing, the pinnacle being the one- two finish in the second race. Poor starts and some bad decisions on the upwind legs saw chances for better results go wasted for others in the High team. We need to improve our technical sailing to see better results in these tricky low wind conditions.

The top three High results are below. Ennes Mehmedbasic with Kai Matsumoto achieved a 1st , 4th and 7th place in a fleet of 26 Pacers.

Bart Daniels with Hayden Rabone made excellent starts and sailed very well at times to finish 9th, 2nd and 7th in the three races.

Marcus James with Vincent Xu did not get his usual great starts and this together with a couple of mistakes mid race, cost them any chance for better final placings.

Racing Rule of the week:
ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing 2009-2012 Part 2: Section A, Rule 10: When boats are on opposite tacks, a port-tack boat shall keep clear of a starboard-tack boat.

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Basketball: Shooting Hoops

High VS Kings

High vs Kings 2011 Term 1 (Last time)

1st HUGE WIN 113-45 E.NAAR 30-(8/12, 3’s)
2nd WIN 51-35 B.MCGLENCHY 9
3rd LOSS 40-33 I.ZAMAN MVP
4th WIN 33-15 G.LI 13
5th WIN 29-16 N.LEON 9
6th WIN 33-30 M.LAM 11
8th WIN 40-21 D.CHEN 12
16C WIN 33-25 K.CHEN 9
16D WIN 28-22 A.ZHOU, W.MA 6
16E LOSS 25-26 G.LEE 12
16F LOSS 18-23 J.LEE 9
15A WIN 49-26 M.FLYNN 18
15B LOSS 17-34 W.GONG 10
15C WIN 43-25 B.TRUONG 16
15D LOSS 17-37 D.ZHANG 5
15F WIN 23-7 R.LI 6
14A LOSS 21-28 T.ZHANG 8
14B WIN 30-21 C.LEE 8
14C LOSS 32-20 C.CHEN 6
14D LOSS 39-22 K.SZET 8
14E WIN 28-22 H.ZHU 14
14F WIN (OT) 26-22 J.TRAN 12

High vs King’s 2011 Term 4 (This time)

2nd WIN 54-29 M.ECKENGARD 12
3rd LOSS 27-21 R.KO 4
4th WIN 30-15 I.METCALF 8
5th WIN 41-23 J.PALLANDI 12
7th LOSS 23-15 W.CHOI 9
16B LOSS 28-18 B.TRUONG 7
16E WIN 31-6 G.CHOI 12
16F WIN 26-13 J.WARING 6
15B WIN 28-20 S.MCKENNA 6
15C WIN 37-26 M.JUN 8
15D WIN 34-16 H.ZHU 16
15F WIN 21-16 S.ZHANG 12
14A LOSS 39-11 MVP J.GEK
14D LOSS 36-11 M.YU 5
14F WIN 38-4 V.BUI MVP

1st Grade Ladder

  Played Won Lost For Against Points
Scots 4 4 0 298 224 8
Newington 4 3 1 264 176 7
High 4 3 1 322 234 7
Shore 4 2 2 229 207 6
St. Ignatius' 4 2 2 275 276 6
Grammar 4 1 3 247 266 5
St. Joseph's 4 1 3 279 340 5
King’s 4 0 4 126 317 4

High maintained their position in second place with a resounding win over King’s. However the next few matches against Shore, Ignatius (who are one win behind us) and Scots (one win ahead) will be critical in determining where we finish up on the ladder. Make sure you come and support our opens teams, particularly in home games!!!

My Hayman’s Teams of the Week

  • 14Bs Pajman Johnstone hit the game-winning free throw (after time had expired).
  • 2nds rallied to convincingly defeat King’s; Jack Hutchinson has learnt how to shoot mid-range jump shots consistently, knocking down 5 of his 6 perimeter attempts. Kenny Kuang had 8 rebounds in the 4th quarter once the result of the game was beyond doubt.
  • The 15Es won 30-21 against King’s having an amazing comeback from 17-7 down in the first half.

Craig Moller set an amazing school statistical productivity record of 58.5+. (Meaning his impact on this particular game statistically was worth almost 60 points)

Home Game this Week

Make sure you come and support our 1st and 2nd grade teams this week against Shore! Come before or after your game, games start at 10:00 for 2nds and 11:15 for 1sts on SBHS GYM 1.

~ Go High Basketball!
~ Play Hard, Play Smart and Play Together!
~ Don’t forget to visit the Sydney High Basketball Website!
~ Brought to you by the editor Chris Chiam
~ Thank you to Mr Hayman for all his contributions to basketball and information

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Sydney Boys High School Cricket


1st XI - King’s 144 (A. Ramesh 4/23, A. Hughes 3/21) defeated High 105 (O. Duffy 30, J. Moffat 18)

After a solid opening bowling performance, spearheaded by Anirudh Ramesh, we had restricted King’s to 8/97. However a spirited 9th wicket partnership took them to a total of 144 after 47 overs. Our batting started shakily, losing the first 4 wickets quickly, however Owen and Jesse 'steadied the ship' in a 60 run partnership. However after Jesse's dismissal, we were never able to recover and were eventually out for 105.

2nd XI – King’s 8/242 (50) (S.Thushyanthan 3/41 [10], S.Sivayogarayan 2/32 [10], A.Kaluve 1/29 [4]) defeated High 80 (46) (S.Thushyanthan 19, A.Nayak 19, T.Subasinghe 10)
A brilliant first 17 overs with tight bowling aggressive fielding and King’s were 4-42 then disaster struck. A bowling change after drinks and the next 17 overs leak 100 runs seeing King’s reach 5–142. Our worst 34 overs thereafter of fielding we would all like to forget, with 6 dropped catches and 4 run-out chances missed that did not let us back into the game.

3rd XI – High 8/115 (32) (A. Joseph 55, J. Norman 12*, C. Oei 12) defeated by King’s 8/116 (22) (A. Fu 3/17 [5], K. Vyas 2/26 [6], L. Katupitiya 1/16 [3])
High started badly losing early wickets to King’s and letting them gain the upper hand. But some middle order toughness saw the team reach a respectable total of 115, with Anoj scoring a well-earned half century. The bowling attack gave High the best start early on, with wickets and run-outs placing King’s in a 2/0 situation. High fought well to take 8 wickets but couldn’t stop a very aggressive and undefeated King’s team. The team bowled exceptionally well and were very unlucky to lose a game that could have gone to either team.

4th XI – High 41 (17) (K. Giang 9, J. Yang 8, N. Lazarus 5) defeated by King’s 0/42 (5)

5th XI – High 4/96 (20) (N. Pinidya 24*, J. Pham 23, V. Puvanendran 17*, J. Wang 12) defeated King’s 87 (V. Puvanendran 3/12, V. Bhakri 3/18, G. Samarasinghe 1/13, R. Chen 1/25)
High won the toss, and elected to bat. An opening partnership of 25 between James (12) and Jacky (8) laid a foundation for the innings, and a 52 run-a-ball partnership between Nicky and Jason set up a defendable target. A late cameo by Vithu brought the total close to 96. Gamitha and Ricky picked up early wicket but King’s rebuilt with power hitting, and raced to 3-74 off 9 overs. Victor produced the “ball of the season”, knocking back the off stump, and causing a stop in the King’s momentum. At drinks, King’s were 5/80, with 10 overs remaining, and an amazing spell by Vithu and Vasu saw High clean up the last 7 wickets for only 13 runs. A close game, a final run-out, and a memorable win for the 5th XI.

16A – King’s 8/203 (32) (G. Farrugia 5/30 [6], A. Dao 1/6 [2], L. De Fonseka 1/31 [6]) defeated High 7/136 (32) (S. Nagaraj 53*, P. Lam 32, A. Dao 13)
We started the day badly as we were sent out to field, however this all changed when Lasith got the first wicket early on. King’s then built a strong partnership which lasted about 16 overs and were on top until George came and picked up 5 quick wickets. Our batting started horribly as we lost four early wickets due to some great swing bowling. However Philip played a great anchoring innings and with Sagar put on an 80 run partnership to finish the game.

16B – High 8/96 (32) (A. Wong 18, J. Huang 16*, E. Yu 13) defeated by King’s 3/97 (21.3) (H. Zhang 2/6 [5], H. Gu 1/11 [3])
A great start was offset by a confusion that saw Eric run out after some great batting. Aaron played solidly, providing support and confidence to the team. The introduction of spin restricted our run rate and saw many batsmen fall due to mistimed swings. A good partnership from Haotian and Jackson pushed the score to 96. We took 3 wickets in the first 3 overs, with some impressive fielding from the whole team diving and restricting the runs. The second half of the game saw many dropped catches, slowing our momentum and allowing King’s to overtake our score. A great improvement and a fine effort from the boys this week, once again demonstrating their mastery on the field.

16C - King’s 111 (A. Cao 6/13 [6], K. Chong 1/0 [1]) defeated by High 7/112 (P. Stephens 34*, A. Cao 10)
High started the game by losing the toss and went to field. Our first wicket came from Jacky bowling a great ball which the King’s batsman mistimed. The number of sundries really let us down as we amassed an incredibly horrid 42 of them. King’s were batting extremely well until the arrival of Andrew, with his bowling style deceiving the King’s batsmen and getting an amazing 6/13 off 6 overs. We had a steady start and the runs began to flow when Peter came in to bat. With the help of 39 sundries from King’s and an excellent 36 not out from Peter, we reached 112 with 2 overs to spare. Congratulations to this week’s Player of the Week – Andrew Cao

15A – King’s 2/202 (32) (J.Chew 1/27) defeated High 92 (R.Sura 20*, V.Murugananthan 18, G.Shankar 15, S.Arvind 11, K.Robinson 10)
High won the toss and elected to bowl with Jonathan acquiring an early dismissal, but two, quickfire half-centuries from the King’s top order batsmen, in addition to an onslaught of boundaries from the middle order put King’s at a total score of 202, with the other wicket brought about by a run-out from Tahmeed. Several batsmen made it double figures, with Raunak top scoring with 20, but in the end, our efforts weren’t enough to match King’s.

15B – King’s 9/186 (32) (A.Huynh 3/15, N.Mostafa 2/23) defeated High 6/97 (32) (T.George 46*, B.Lee 17)
Anthony picked up the first two wickets, with Bryan supporting from the other end. Impressive bowling by Niyaz also saw him grab two wickets. Aggressive batting and quick singles from King’s saw them reach 186 runs. Disaster struck as High came into bat, Supan out on the first ball. Thomas however played one of his best innings, staying in for all 30 overs and accumulating a score of 46 not out. A monumental effort aided by excellent partnerships with Bryan and Anthony.

15C – King’s 9/170 (A.Taing 2/16 [6], A.Wong 2/17[4], T.Nassif 2/23 [6]) defeated High 8/101 (R.Joseph 28, M.Liu 22, A.Wong 12, T.Nassif 12)
High bowled first after losing the toss. Two early wickets from Alex Wong and Jimmy lifted the team spirits as High bowled with great discipline, with Aashray and Anthony very consistent with their spin bowling. Credit to Kazou for his athletic boundary saves. High was determined to start well with the bat. However the loss of three wickets in quick succession did not help the cause. Renjith, Mike, Thomas and Anthony all contributed to make the final total of 101.

14A – High 3/113 (32) (E. Hall 58*, J. Pope 41) defeated by King’s 4/114 (23) (F. Morshedi 1/9 [3], M. Koslowski 1/14 [3], J. Pope 1/20 [3], P. Yu 1/31 [5])
High batted first and got off to a magnificent start with an opening partnership between Eli and James of over 80 runs before James was caught trying to lift the run rate. Eli hit his maiden half century for High and has now batted over 64 overs without being dismissed. After a poor start with the ball, improved line and length bowling saw their star batsman dismissed for 12 and restricted King’s to 4/53. Unfortunately King’s got away from us with a strong middle order and smart running between the wickets.

14B – King’s 6/210 (32) (A. Deep 2/27 [5], S. Saini 1/20 [5], I. Mohammed 1/11 [3], K. Agrawal 1/31 [6]) defeated High 9/61 (32) (K. Agrawal 31*)

14C - High 36 defeated King’s 27 (L. Huynh 5/7, B. Nguyen 4/9) High batted first, and a King’s “superstar” ripped through the team early, taking 6-0 (5 clean bowled). Yi-Chen and Brendan put together a 22 run 9th wicket stand, and saw High rebuild from 8-10, to be all out for 36. Not to be phased by the low total, Brendan and Lachlan teamed up, and took 9 wickets between them (all clean bowled). Captain Alex Mao dismissed the King’s No. 11, and sealed the win, with 10 runs to spare. Bizarrely, 19 of the 20 dismissals in the 14Cs game were clean bowled, which shows the effectiveness of bowling on the stumps. Congratulations to the 14Cs!

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Cover Design Competition

What is a book without a cover?

Would you like the opportunity to create the cover for your next planner? Here's your chance!

  • Year 7 can enter a cover design for the 2012 Year 8 Planner
  • Year 8 can enter a cover design for the 2012 Year 9 Planner
  • Year 9 can enter a cover design for the 2012 Year 7 Planner

Entries close: Monday 14 November 2011

Submit entries: W:\Dropboxes\Cover Design Competition 2011

All entries must be submitted as a High Resolution JPEG file with name and class details attached.

Judges: Panel made up of SRC year reps and teachers

Prizes: $50.00 book voucher for each category

All entrants receive 5 bonus award scheme points

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Helping Learner Drivers Become Safer Drivers

Free workshops for parents and supervising drivers

To provide practical advice about:

  • new laws for learner and P-plate drivers.
  • how to use the new Learner Driver Log Book
  • how to plan on-road driving sessions and supervise learner drivers
  • understanding the benefits of supervised on road driving experience.

The next workshop in your area will be held:

Monday 21 November 2011, 6pm to 8pm
Great Hall
Sydney Boys High School

Book now on: 9265 9333

Bookings are essential


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