High Notes, Vol 12 No 34, November 04 2011

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From the Principal

Wellbeing Innovation for 2012
The transition to high school can be a difficult one for many students .Sometimes the direction a person takes in his high school life is determined by his experiences in the first few months of Year 7. In addition to getting used to multiple teachers and regular movement between classes and extra travelling and weekend sporting commitments, boys have to make new friends and establish relationships among peers, staff and adults associated with the school. These are significant challenges. Having support close at hand from someone you know is important for boys making the transition into secondary education. Regrettably, some boys have an unhappy time for various reasons. The aim of our Wellbeing Team is to maximise happiness among our Year 7 population.

For 2012, it was agreed that there will be a team of three Year Advisers for Year 7. Mr Kay, Ms Genias and Ms Hybler have accepted the positions. Year 7 will be divided into classes and Houses in the usual fashion and each Year Adviser will take responsibility for two classes. Year Advisers will take care of the transition of each boy on a more personal basis. They will contact parents, oversee the use of the school diary, encourage boys to engage in co-curricular activities, help boys with problems with peers or teachers, write reports and manage interventions for students of concern. The Year Advisers will meet regularly to discuss programs and personalities and each may have an assigned whole-year role. The Year Advisers will have time allowances and remuneration as equals, emphasising the importance of the roles to the school community.

Year 10 Project – Lak Saviya Foundation
In the latest newsletter from Lak Saviya, SBHS is acknowledged for its contribution to the “access to education” goal of the Foundation. Our help to Kahawa Ratanasara Maha Vidyalaya, or KMRV school, commenced after the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004. The devastating effects of that event in Sri Lanka prompted a collection of funds through car parking. Contact was made in 2005 with Lak Saviya and funds donated to be used to help a school destroyed by the tsunami. Since 2006 our funds have been used to provide furniture, computers and equipment; to subsidise special classes in English, IT and performing arts; and establishing an internet connection to allow communication by students between SBHS and KRMV. The current project involves buying musical instruments to establish a school band.

Lak Saviya Foundation also supplied 10 water pumps to resettled villages. It provided 15 wheel chairs and 55 walking aids to the Saviya Development Foundation to aid the disabled. The Foundation provides financial assistance to 59 school and 16 university students by way of scholarships. One hundred hospital beds were delivered to Sri Lankan hospitals. In partnership with Regain Sight the Foundation is managing arrangements for 100 cataract operations to be performed in Moneragala District. For more information about what the Foundation is doing go to www.laksaviya.org.au

UNSW Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications
The Faculty has 677 undergraduate students. There are also 153 MEngSc students and 43 ME students. The new BE ME 5-year package has attracted a good deal of interest with 33 students listing the combined degree as their first preference and another 43 showing interest. The course will have its first intake in S1 2012. Holiday taster courses for students in Years 10 and 11 were run during the term 3 vacation (September 26-29). Several High boys attended. The feedback to organisers was very positive.

I encourage boys who are very good at mathematics and physics to consider spending a couple of days in the holidays next year, learning more about what the Faculty does, doing hands-on projects with like-minded students, getting a feel for university life and visiting an industry in the field. Much of twenty-first century technology will be driven by electrical and telecommunications engineers in fields as diverse as photovoltaics and major solar energy projects, wind farms, power distribution, wireless communications and integrated TV.

Year 11 Reports
All boys in Year 11 should have received their report after discussing their progress and course selections with the Principal. Please ask your son for his report and discuss it with him. Boys have to have their Clearance Forms signed before collecting their reports. Students may be denied admittance to Year 12 assessment tasks on the grounds that Year 11 commitments have not been completed and hence they are technically not yet in Year 12.
Dr K A Jaggar

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Peer Mediation at SBHS

Hey got a problem? Get peer mediated! Peer mediation is a program run by a select group of Year 11 students which seeks to solve conflict between students without getting teachers involved. The program seeks to help the students resolve their issues while under the guidance of the Year 11 students. The program is confidential and stays between the peer mediators (Year 11 students) and the students who have a problem with each other.

How it works
When two students have a disagreement they are to email the following address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it requesting a Peer Mediation session. From this point Ms Barr will receive the request and will appoint two Peer Mediators to accompany the disputers in a closed off room, whereby the two students will eventually resolve their problem and sign an agreement to not create more problems with each other.

Remember. The email address is: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Adam Booth & Thomas Zhang

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10X Drama Production

Wednesday 9 November
Drama Studio

Recently, the year ten Drama class has been in the production of the play “Fugee” by Abi Morgan. It’s a story of a young boy who escapes being a child soldier in his home country of Cote D’Voire, and his journey as he tries to gain acceptance in an unforgiving new world. Personally, I’m greatly affected by the play as my grandfather was himself a political refugee immigrating to Australia, and I believe that the play captures the essence of the uncertain and uncaring new world. Our drama class has been preparing for this play for nearly a term now and the production is looking fast, entertaining and an education for all students at the school. In the style of Brecht’s Epic Theatre, this is not an opportunity to miss! So, if you want to be part of a play that explores such an important political and social issue, come down to room 204 at 7:30pm on Wednesday 9th November with a gold coin donation.
Jonathan Clements-Lendrum
Assistant Director

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Die Deutsche Frage

…vom 28. Oktober hat noch keine Antwort! Die Schokolade wartet! You could check with the Art Dept. – they might have a hint or two.

Nun die Frage für diese Woche: zwei Deutsche mit acht Beinen! Ganz einfach.
Frau St Leon

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From the High Store

All Year 9 Students and Parents
ONLY 6 Weeks til End Of Year
Come and purchase your Senior Uniform NOW to prevent waiting in long queues
Senior Tie $28.50
Senior Trousers $68
Short Sleeve Shirts 16-22 $28.00, 24-28 $31.00
Long Sleeve Shirts 16-22 $30.00, 24-28 $33.00

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Literacy Circles in the Junior Library

Last week I ran out of time to include some pictures of the popular series the Library purchased to teach this course. So this week I will display some of them [in the PDF version of this edition of High Notes]. I will also include some more very promising boys writing produced online in the Junior Library during Literacy Circles time this week.

Below are some samples of the enthusiastic prose used by Years 7 and 8 boys who are taking on specific roles to talk to one another online about their reading on a Moodle Forum

I am Number Four – by Pittacus Lore
(Gary Chen Tuesday November 1 2011 10.31)

Student 2 is the SUMMARIZER. From reading only his own text this student is to identify the genre of the series and to identify what makes this series unique and different to other series or books written in this genre. He can discuss characterisation, issues, stylistic devices and setting.

‘I am Number Four’ is a cross science fiction, fantasy novel about a certain unique teenager. Altogether there are 9 guardians of the Earth each with their own 'legacies', all protected by a charm which allows them to only be defeated in a numerical order. They are from a distant planet named Lorien. There is also another alien race, the Mogadorians out to annihilate all the Loriens. Three have been killed already and John Smith is next on the list. This book is very interesting in its own way and is quite different to other books as it has features of both fantasy and science fiction. The action is set mainly in one town, as John Smith has found a place in Ohio to settle down, but this is where all his troubles begin, as he discovers the power of his legacy. It is quite unrealistic, character-wise as John Smith is a handsome young man who gets power, love and friendship although from another planet with strange alien powers. The novel hardly has a backstory as there are unknown reasons why Mogadorians are against the Loriens. This may show that the author was rather rushed while writing this novel, then again it is meant for teenage readers.

In what ways are all the books by the same author similar?

Untouchable by Chris Ryan
(Akash Kiran - Tuesday, 1 November 2011, 11:35)

Student 3 is the LITERARY LUMINARY. This student is to identify key sections of his text for sharing with his circle. He is to indicate in detail why these are key sections. This student is examining the plot and specifically the crisis or high point in the story.

The book 'Untouchable' by the successful author Chris Ryan is a unique book due to its relentless conflicts and nail-biting pace which creates a suspense that could stop your heart. Chris Ryan has done a wonderful job in introducing the characters of a congregation of specially trained teenagers known as the Alpha Force. The primary target is the gang of drug smugglers, nicknamed The Gamekeepers, who use the dead carcasses of deer and other game to hide their illicit substances. The first crisis occurs when a grumpy girl who is a burden to Alpha Force runs away from them and goes to a Rave where there are drug consumers and when the team comes to the girl's aid one of their members gets intoxicated by the drugs. This provides a strong and unwavering motive for the Alpha Force to hunt down this drug gang and they will go to any measures to get this land rid of these horrible beings. The climax is absolutely spectacular when members almost die of inhaling harmful gases and getting trapped inside a place with highly inflammable liquids. His saviour is the most unexpected person however the gamekeepers are still at large and to take them down the Alpha Force puts itself in a perilous position but succeed in their daring mission. Considering the climax, conflicts and the main keys and the plot of the book, I would say that this page-turning book will keep you at the edge of your seat. Despite an improbable story 'Untouchable' makes out for a good read

Following this addition to the Book Blog from Michael Alexandratos - Year 9 - we will have to re-name the New Book Blog the Library Blog. As an exercise in how to totally rubbish a movie this blog takes the cake. I would not like to get on the wrong side of Michael! But I enjoyed his honest review.

Dracula, the movie that should have been...
by Michael Alexandratos - Tuesday, 1 November 2011, 08:56 PM

Title of book: Dracula
Author/Director: Tod Browning
Your Rating: 3 out of 10

This adaption of Dracula is true to the novel but at the same time distorts the original source material. Renfield, (who is Jonathan Harker in the novel) is a British real estate agent who is sent to the Carpathian mountains so that Count Dracula can lease a residence in London. Not all goes to plan however, with Renfield fainting and succumbing to Dracula’s vampirism. The blood sucking scenes are not gory or explicit, something to be expected of a film that was made in the Hayes code era of 1931. When Renfield returns, he goes mad and is placed in an asylum while Dracula goes on an all-out blood-sucking rampage throughout London. Will Dracula be stopped? Who else will fall to his demonic charm? Well, you would have to read the novel or watch the film to find out.

It is essential that I state the outset that the genre of the “horror movie” is a bit of a misnomer. It does not necessarily mean that the movie is going to be horrific or frightening. All that is needed when categorising a film is to take its’ premise and if it sounds frightening, than well, I guess you can call a knife falling on a lemon horrific. This movie doesn’t bear the slightest resemblance to a horror movie. I am not one of those who think “Paranormal Activity” is one of cinema’s high points. However, “Dracula” is an overrated cinematic dud with a relatively pedestrian script. It is simply a horrible movie in the worst sense of the word. Imagine 72 minutes of Bela Lugosi trying to be a classic gothic character, this is more or less what you get. It retains all the kitschy elements of a campy horror movie while at the same time being astoundingly boring. This is something I would expect out of the likes of Ed Wood, not from a supposed “cinematic master” like Tod Browning. It is a well-known fact that Tod Browning did not direct this movie at all, due to Browning’s mental breakdown. It is true that the experienced cameraman Karl Freund took over.

I can only wonder whether the professional reviewers who reviewed this film have actually watched it at all. Around 90% of the film consists of nothing but brooding close-ups of Bela Lugosi, the audience also has to endure Lugosi’s tawdry accent. Bela Lugosi certainly gives the average telemarketer a run for his money. I have to give this film some credit; I admit some scenes had amazing imagery, as evidenced in the scene where Dracula eerily rises from his coffin. Certainly, the highlight of the film was not the movie itself but was Philip Glass’ orchestral score. It suited the film perfectly and added a much needed dimension to the initially scoreless film. As for fans of the novel, watching this is like being served cold spinach. For a definitive take on the seminal gothic novel, I recommend FW Murnau’s classic “Nosferatu” from 1922. If you are interested in Universal horror films I suggest you watch “The Mummy” starring Boris Karloff, it displays fantastic costumes, acting and set design.

In the future I might revisit this film, finding this on the $5 rack at JB-HI-FI. I will pick it up and it will probably conjure up memories of watching the first 10 minutes and falling asleep. I would then put it back in the $5 bin, to a place it rightly deserves.

Mrs Crothers Librarian
Junior Library

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Surviving Exam Stress

You may have heard the saying that “parents are only as happy as their least happy child”. If this is indeed the case, then exam time is a time of significant stress and challenges for both parents and their children. The key to survival during this time, is therefore in parents supporting their children to manage their stress and in managing the contagious effects of this stress on the rest of the family system. This information sheet is designed to give parents some survival tips and strategies for supporting children and young people during exam time.

  • Maintain perspective: Success in exams is wonderful and can lead to further success and confidence in children and young people. At the same time, success in exams, at the expense of a young person’s mental health or their relationship with their parents may not be worthwhile.
  • Tune into what your child wants to achieve. This may be completely different to the goals that you hold for your adolescent.
  • Help your child to think about goal setting – knowing what goals they want to achieve is an important first step in planning for the future. Then they can research what is needed to reach their goals.
  • Support your child to find a level of balance in their life of study, socialising, and recreation that is appropriate to the goals that they wish to achieve.
  • Notice and praise your child’s efforts at developing and maintaining a study plan. If necessary and appropriate, help them to develop the plan, manage their time and to avoid other distractions e.g. accessing social networking sites, phone-calls etc.
  • Ensure that child has an appropriate environment for study. They should have a dedicated, quiet space that is comfortable, has adequate lighting and is free of clutter.
  • Provide emotional support: Acknowledge the challenges and perseverance it takes to stay focused on studying. Be there for them, be supportive and encouraging. Praise them for all of their achievements.
  • Be supportive by giving your child space and leeway as they go through a very stressful time in their life. Try to have realistic expectations about what you can expect of your child in terms of helping around the house and try to avoid nagging them about minor issues.
  • If your child feels unprepared and anxious, don’t panic with them or make things worse with “I told you so”s. Reassure them that they can only do their best and help them to develop and apply relaxation and time-management techniques.

Lastly, and very importantly, prepare yourself for the exam results. This can be a very emotional time for families either in celebration of a great achievement or problem solving after a disappointing result. Either way it is good to allow your child to have the feelings that come with the result. If it is a disappointing one, it is good to name the feelings (eg. disappointment, shame and jealousy) and to help your child manage this intense new feeling and to eventually move on to look at other options that are available as well as what they can learn about themselves in the process. Often just being able to sit with your child’s despair creates closeness and a sense of support. Adults usually want to move away from those feelings and start problem solving too quickly. Of course we know there are a number of ways forward after a disappointing result, but it is important for us to be there with our child through this challenge and give them time to feel, to heal and then move on with problem solving.

If you want to talk about how you are managing parenting an HSC student with one of our professional counsellors, call 1300 1300 52 or visit our website www.parentline.org.au for tips sheets and parenting stories.

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Music Notes

Music Awards Assembly

The Annual Music Awards Assembly will be held on Tuesday the 22nd of November in the Great Hall at 10am. The Music Assembly acknowledges our Music students’ achievements and accolades throughout the year. We would like to invite you to join us in recognising the wonderful talents at Sydney High at the assembly.

Spring Music Festival

The Spring Music Festival for Orchestras, Concert Bands and Small Ensembles will be held on the Tuesday 22nd November evening at 6:30pm following the Music Awards Assembly in the Great Hall. We invite all families and friends to come along and enjoy listening to our large ensembles perform. Tickets will be available through the Main Office from week 5.

Jazz Workshop & Concert in the Courtyard

There will be a Jazz workshop for our Jazz in the Courtyard concert on Sunday the 20th November. The workshop will be held from 1pm-3pm followed by the concert in the courtyard at 4pm. We invite you to come along and enjoy the afternoon with us, and also to please bring a plate to share.

HSC Encore Nominations

Congratulations to our HSC Music Students; Extension Music - Michael Phung, Marcell Rozsa, Wen Jia Liu, Charles Wu and Jesse Chen, and Music 2 - Ennes Mehmedbasic and Daryl Fong on receiving Encore nominations in performance.

Manly Jazz Festival

The Senior Stage Band performed outstandingly at the Manly Jazz Festival on the October long weekend during the school holidays and received great praise from the audience. There were fantastic solos by Michael Phung, Cameron Morrison, Ennes Mehmedbasic and Steve Comninos. Over a hundred audition recordings were sent from schools around Sydney to be selected and it was wonderful to be a part of this international music festival, featuring professional Jazz musicians from around the world. Thank you to Dave Panichi for working with the boys throughout the year and directing the band on the day. We look forward to being a part of the festival again next year.

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Basketball: Shooting Hoops

High VS Joeys

2011 Term 1 (Last time)

 1st WIN 86-56 E.NAAR 44
2nd WIN 49-43 B.MCGLENCHY 13
3rd LOSS 29-32 A.MOKDAD 13
5th WIN 45-7 K.CHEN 14
6th LOSS 31-27 A.NG 8
7th WIN 23-14 V.CHEN 14
8TH WIN 37-18 B.CHEN 10
16A WIN 37-36 MVP A.THOM
16D WIN 46-15 A.PUNEKAR, A ZHOU 11
16E WIN 33-14 G.LEE 12
15A WIN 55-37 M.FLYNN 17
15B WIN 30-23 W.GONG 17
15C WIN 37-14 A.HE 12
15D WIN 36-14 D.SHAO MVP
15E WIN 49-11 E.WANG 20
14A LOSS 26-46 K.LIANG 12-3BALL!
14B LOSS 21-30 C.LEE 8
14C WIN 63-9 D. BANG 16
14D WIN 52-20 K.SZET 14
14E WIN 41-10 H.ZHU 9
13A LOSS 42-11 J.GEK MVP
13B LOSS 59-2 A.CHEN 2
13D LOSS 30-5 K.LU MVP
13E LOSS 11-14 MVP R.MO

2011 Term 4 (This time)

1st WIN 91-68 C.MOLLER 24
2nd LOSS 64-53 T.LI 15
3rd WIN 29-28 J.ZHOU 11
4th WIN 38-13 N.OOI 12
5th WIN 52-12 J.PALLANDI 18
6th WIN 39-8 A.NG 13
8TH WIN 50-10 R.MAHAJAN 11
16A WIN 30-28 C.SHI 10
16B LOSS 31-29 B.TRUONG 13
16E WIN 46-2 A.CHEUNG 14
15A LOSS 35-31 A.SO 11, A.NADIR 8
15B LOSS 18-21 K.LIANG 9
15C LOSS 31-38 C.CHEN 11
15E WIN 29-18 T.JIANG 16
15F WIN 52-18 G.HE 18
14A LOSS 33-30 B.LI 10
14B LOSS 45-34 G.YUAN 10
14C WIN 18-14 L.TAO, A.CHEN 6
14D LOSS 31-18 P.DANG,M.YU 6

1st Grade Table

Team Played Won Lost For Against Points
Scots 3 3 0 197 169 6
Newington 3 2 1 180 119 5
High 3 2 1 219 195 5
St. Ignatius' 3 2 1 218 192 5
Shore 3 1 2 162 141 4
St. Joseph's 3 1 2 224 239 4
Grammar 3 1 2 181 199 4
Kings 3 0 3 87 214 3

This term High takes on Scots (1st) and Ignatius whom we are tied with for equal second. This will be one of the crucial matches of the season if we are to challenge for the premiership, so make sure you come and watch and support our open teams!!!!!!!

Mr Hayman’s player/team of the week

Charlie Shi/16As - This is the second week in a row I have seen Charlie control the game and come away with the win from the point guard position. Under pressure he has not been emotionally distracted, knocking down four free throws to win in overtime vs Newington. This week defeating a quality Joeys side in the dying minutes without a turnover.

Congratulations to the 15As who defeated The Scots College in round 1 for their first ever win in an A grade side vs As! The future looks brighter. Well done to our 14As who nearly defeated a good St Joseph’s team whose side included a phenomenally skilled player. Both 14A and 15 A sides have had a player absent in recent weeks. With the team’s result being within 5 points of their opposition both weeks, your absence affected the results of your peers. Players who have been absent have been reported to the Sportsmaster.

~ Go High Basketball!
~ Play Hard, Play Smart and Play Together!
~ Don’t forget to visit the Sydney High Basketball Website!
~ Brought to you by the editor Chris Chiam
~ Thank you to Mr Hayman for all his contributions to basketball and information

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Sydney Boys High School Cricket


It was another day of missed opportunities as several teams began well but allowed the opposition to get back into the game and ultimately gain control of the match. Despite conceding high totals, several teams managed to fight back with the bat, particularly the 3rd XI and 15 Cs. Congratulations to Elias Hall (14A) for carrying his bat against a very solid bowling attack. There is a recurring pattern whereby teams begin to lose patience in the last quarter of every innings. Captains must remember to take their time setting the field, while bowlers must persist with their line as far too often bowlers are changing their line as the batsmen begin to attack.

Brisbane Exchange
This year’s U/15 and U/14 Brisbane Exchange will take place from the 20-23 November at McKay. Brisbane players will need to be billeted by players in the 15s and 14s. Could all players in these ages please tell the MICs ASAP if they are able or unable to billet. Teams can’t be finalised until billeting arrangements are sorted. If you can billet two or more players that would be much appreciated.

1st XI - High 118 (A. Hughes 37, D. Smith 35, N. Anson 16, L. Katupitiya 14) defeated by Joeys 3/122 (J. Chen 1/16 [6], A. Ramesh 1/22 [6], S. Dias 0/11 [6])

2nd XI - High 45 (J. Cooper 12, S. Thushyanthan 11*) defeated by St Joseph’s 4/49 (D. Guptaa 2/3, T. Subasinghe 1/15)

3rd XI – Joeys 8/193 (30) (L. Katupitiya 2/31 [5], J. Norman 1/18 [4], K. Vyas 1/33 [6] defeated High 9/148 (30) (K. Vyas 38*, L. Katupitiya 33, A. Joseph 33)
The bowlers bowled with intent and brought up many opportunities but were let down by the lack of clean fielding. After fifteen overs Joeys were only on 66 but a drop in intensity after the break saw them reach 193 with some unnecessary full tosses. Overall it was an impressive performance with the ball but a substandard effort in the field.

3rd XI displayed their solid batting potential, form, and depth against Joeys with 3 players scoring over 30. Lalitha opened the batting and stabilised the innings after a few wickets fells due to fast in-swing bowling from the Joeys opening bowler but then went on to form an important partnership with Khushaal. Khushaal batted out the innings strategically playing to pierce the gaps. Anoj came in at number seven and brought his Adam Gilchrist-like game to High’s innings hitting an explosive 33 runs including five 4s and a six. This performance overall indicated great signs towards the season ahead.

4th XI – High 55 (K.Giang 11, J. Zhu 6, J.Yang 5) defeated by St Joseph’s 0/58 (6)
An improvement on the performance of last week, fielding has definitely improved, with only 4 singles being given away. A solid performance of batting from Kevin scoring 11 runs and Jacky with 6 runs, however the extremely high class and swinging bowling of the opposing team proved too much for our team to handle.

5th XI – High 94 defeated by St Joseph’s 2/95 (10)

16A - St Joseph’s 5/223 (32) (M. Yu 2/34 [5], S. Nagaraj 1/30 [5], G. Farrugia 1/32 [2] defeated High 118 (27.5) (A. Nayak 34, A. Dao 30, C. Mao 22)
High unfortunately lost the toss, an important toss, and were sent into the field on a very small ground. Lasith and Chris again bowled very good opening spells but Joeys were able to put the rare bad deliveries to the boundary. Michael was introduced into the attack and was rewarded with the first wicket of the innings thanks to an unplayable delivery and good catch from Agnish behind the stumps. However as the innings progressed the class of the batsmen won out and as the bowling began to wane the ball found itself getting hit to the boundary with regularity. Despite Joeys finishing with 5/223 off 32 overs there were still several highlights in the field, particularly a direct hit run out from Sagar and brilliant stumping from Agnish. Joeys’ opening bowlers continued the momentum gained by their batsmen and immediately got their just rewards as High fell to 3/13. Copious amounts of seam movement and a full length meant that any batsman who didn’t watch the ball closely found it a struggle to stay in. A very confident and convincing innings from Agnish saved High from a complete top order collapse as he both worked the ball into the gaps and found the boundary to finish with 34. Andrew and Chris gave the score some much needed respectability after drinks, with neither afraid to take advantage of the conditions and hit the ball over the top. It was unfortunate not to bat out the allotted overs as High were bowled out for 118 in the 28th over. Hopefully the other batsmen take note of the causes of their dismissals and work hard to rectify them at training.

16B – St Joseph’s 9/259 (32) (S. Subramanian 3/37 [6], S. Sethi 2/37 [3], H. Zhang 1/46 [6]) defeated High 42 (12.4) (S. Sethi 10, E. Yu 7, H. Zhang 6)
High went out on a bumpy Moore Park West winning the toss and electing to field. A good forecast for the day, was unfortunately spoiled by some early fumbles with the catches. But recovering from mistakes, High continued to put their bodies on the line with some spectacular fielding on a bumpy ground. Despite the imposing score, High was close to the first time bowling all the Joeys batsmen out. A good start was set by Eric and Haotian, both putting up an aggressive start, but midway many of the team lost morale and started dropping the wickets. A better attempt this week shows potential for a good team on the field, as High looks forward to their next training sessions.

16C - St Joseph’s 5/209 (32) (A. Hu 2/19, H. Zhang 2/34, A. Cao 2/48) defeated High 50 (A. Cao 20, H. Zhang 7, R. Cheng 5)
It was a cool afternoon at Moore Park West as the 16 Cs began their first match of the season. St Joseph’s won the toss and elected to bat. We started of the innings in good shape, applying pressure on the Joeys batsmen as it looked closer and closer for us to get a wicket. Our team tried the best they could, but were unable to prevent them from scoring 209 runs. Although our bowling was excellent, our fielding needs to improve as we dropped many catches and could have prevented many 4s. Our batting began in a horrid fashion with Sam getting caught on the first ball. Many of our players struggled to score runs, until Andrew Cao stepped onto the field. He hit 4 fours and amassed a total of 20 runs before being the last one bowled out. Overall, the 16Cs played a solid game but there are several areas for improvement. We hope to learn more skills and apply these to better challenge the other teams.

15A – St Joseph’s 9/165 (J. Chew 3/14 [6], K. Robinson 2/13 [5], T. George 1/22 [2], R. Saha 1/8 [1]) defeated High 40 (R. Saha 9, V. Murugananthan 5*)

15B – St Joseph’s 6/219 (32) (N.Mostafa 2/32, J.Tran 2/19) defeated High 94 (S.Arudselvan 22, B. Lee 10)
High won the toss, and sent Joeys in to bat, the quick bowling of Bryan and Niyaz keeping the Joeys run rate at a slow pace. Niyaz’s constant pace paid off in the sixth over, picking up his first wicket, and soon he picked up another one, with great keeping by Alif, catching the nick off the bat. Jason and Anthony also bowled very well, each picking up a wicket. In the final over, Joshua Tran managed to pick out 2 batters, with great catching by Jason and Bryan. High came in to bat, needing 220 off 32 overs. Supan batted superbly, blocking the good balls and smashing the bad ones. Solid batting from the middle order and quick runs from the tail saw us reach a total of 94.

15C – St Joseph’s 5/212 (32) defeated High 8/146 (M. Liu 28, A. Narula 24, A. Wong 24)
Even though we were a man down High played with great spirit with a good bowling performance where we held onto some fantastic catches. Our batting line up starred with big names. Although we suffered the loss of a quick wicket there was a solid partnership between Alex Wong and Aashray early on after losing two wickets. Near the end of the game there was a great surge by Mike Lu who blasted the Joeys bowling and great credit to Dominic who stayed in for some time. High bowled well with 2 wickets for Anthony, 1 wicket for Tom, 1 wicket for Alex Wong and Alex Hussain and a great catch by Yilun.

14A – High 7/122 (32) (E. Hall 49*, S. Nampalli 19, L. Jepson 15, T. Nimac 10*) defeated by St Joseph’s 6/124 (28) (M. Abeysekera 3/4 [3], P. Yu 2/22 [5], E. Hall 1/31 [5])
The 14As had a good start but a steady flow of wickets knocked back the run rate. Eli produced a fine innings (batting the full 32 overs) and was supported brilliantly by Shashank, Liam and Thomas to rescue the score from 4/48 after drinks to 122 at the end. For the second week in a row we bowled incredibly well with great spells from Manil and Peter, restricting St Joesph’s to 5/53 after drinks. St Joesph’s however managed to get away from us at the end with some good batting to reach our target with 4 overs and 4 wickets remaining. Congratulations to this week’s Player of the Week – Elias Hall

14B – High 84 (N. Rahman 25) defeated by St Joseph’s 3/85 (17)

14C – High 74 (27) (B. Ngyuen 22) defeated by St Joseph’s 1/75 (14) (A. Mao 1/15)
High got off to an enthusiastic start, looking to find their first win of the season. Brendan, opening with his solid defensive play, secured a foothold for us after losing a few wickets. A great partnership with Masrur-ul Joarder ensured that we would challenge the Joey’s lineup. The bowling opened with a quick wicket, by Alex, boosting the confidence of the team. Their 3rd batsman, however, played smart, getting those quick singles and punishing the bad balls. Overall, the fielding and bowling was fine, but our batting definitely needed work.

All captains must send the score, top 3 batsmen and bowlers and a four line report about their game each week to the MICs (contact information is located on the new cricket site – www.sydneyhigh.org.au/cricket). Longer reports can also be submitted in conjunction with the four line report and will be posted on the site.

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From the Canteen

Our Year 12 parents have left so we are actively seeking new volunteers for 2012. We cannot provide the service and range of food we do to your boys unless we have volunteers to help our canteen managers.

If you have never tried helping in canteen, why not give it a go? Helping in the canteen is a great way to network with other parents and to feel part of the school – you can also guarantee you will get to see your son when he shows up to buy food!! It’s a great way to also help make a really substantial financial contribution to our school. No need to wait until next year….introduce yourself now!

Please give Karen or Tracey a call on 9360 4027 to see what days they need help the most – any time that you can give us is most appreciated!!

The following people helped last week to prepare canteen’s great food.

Monday 17/10 Lynn Chen, Maria Nyugen, Yoski Kita Leong, Anita Bezjak
Tuesday 18/10 Jenny Dong Sharon Hughes Cia Koukouras
Wednesday 19/10 Mary Chan Doris Fong Khoa Bui Hiroko Kaitajima
Thursday 20/10 Stamatina Farrugia Lin Jin Alana Liang Minh Ming Lee
Friday 21/10 Louise Warren Shilpa Punekar

Thank you
The Canteen Team

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High Family

The Bulletin Board for Sydney Boys High P & C

Julie Connolly
P&C President
If you would like to have any parent community news or upcoming events included in High Society, please contact Julie Connolly, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ;  M: 0418 470 203.


Families should have received an invoice for co-curricular co-payments for summer sports. Please assist the school’s budget by paying this co-payment at the School Office at your earliest convenience.

P & C Annual General Meeting

The final P&C meeting for the year will be the Annual General Meeting 7.30pm, Wednesday 16th November in the Staff Common Room

Elections for all P&C office bearers for 2012 will take place at this meeting.

Please email your nominations for P&C leadership positions to Julie Connolly This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Positions open for nomination are:
Vice President;
P&C Representative to School Council,
P&C Representative to SHS Foundation
Student Wellbeing Committee Representative,
P&C Parking Coordinator
P&C Catering and Events Coordinator,
P&C Website Coordinator,
Parent Mentor Coordinator

Helping Learner Drivers Become Safer Drivers

The City of Sydney and the Roads and Traffic Authority are working together to improve road safety in the inner city with free workshops for parents and supervisors of learner drivers. A Helping Learner Drivers Become Safer Drivers workshop will be held at Sydney Boys High School on Monday 21 November from 6pm – 8pm in the Great Hall.

The workshop will provide practical advice about:

  • new laws for learner and P-plate drivers.
  • how to use the new Learner Driver Log Book
  • how to plan on-road driving sessions and supervise learner drivers
  • understanding the benefits of supervised on road driving experience.

Participants will also receive a resource folder with a reusable calendar to plan on-road driving practice and a frequently asked questions sheet. Bookings are essential. Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to reserve your seat.

Volunteer Parents needed for SBHS Orientation Afternoon

Tuesday 15th November

Can you spare a couple of hours between 2pm and 4pm; or between 4pm and 6pm?

Please join our team of volunteer parents serving refreshments in the courtyard outside the Great Hall. Our aim is to make incoming families feel welcome and to encourage them to be involved in the school.

If you speak a language other than English, this will be especially helpful.

Please contact Nina Lui on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 0401 687 742 if you are able to help out on Tuesday 15th November.

Thank you!

Upcoming Meetings & Events

P&C AGM – 7.30pm, Wednesday 16th November – Staff Common Room
Learner Driver Workshop – 6.00pm-8.00pm, Monday 21st November – Great Hall
Spring Music Festival – Tuesday 22nd November – Great Hall

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Cover Design Competition

What is a book without a cover?

Would you like the opportunity to create the cover for your next planner? Here's your chance!

  • Year 7 can enter a cover design for the 2012 Year 8 Planner
  • Year 8 can enter a cover design for the 2012 Year 9 Planner
  • Year 9 can enter a cover design for the 2012 Year 7 Planner

Entries close: Monday 14 November 2011

Submit entries: W:\Dropboxes\Cover Design Competition 2011

All entries must be submitted as a High Resolution JPEG file with name and class details attached.

Judges: Panel made up of SRC year reps and teachers

Prizes: $50.00 book voucher for each category

All entrants receive 5 bonus award scheme points

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