High Notes, Vol 12 No 32, October 21 2011

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From the Principal

High Talent
At the 7th Informatics Olympiad High had 3 contestants, the results were: Wen Jia Liu and Jiatong Zhou , gold medals and Yujin Wu-silver. Congratulations, boys! At the recent All Schools Athletics Championships, Ivor Metcalf (Year 10) qualified for the NSW team for the Australian All Schools Championship in December. Ivor set 3 school records and won the 16 years 110m hurdles (14.49), was second in the 17 years high jump (1.95m), 3rd in the 16 years triple jump (13.37m.) and third in the 16 years long jump (6.59m). Congratulations, Ivor! Frank Torok won the 19 years 5000m and 1500m double. Adam Booth (Year 11) was 2nd in the 19 years 5000m., 3rd in the 3000m steeplechase and 7th in the 17 years 1500m. Chris Morrow was 2nd in the 19 years high jump and Anton Brokman 8th in the 15 years 800m. Well done to all boys! Marcus James (Year 10) finished a creditable 7th in the Yachting NSW Youth Championships – Laser 4.7 during the holidays – great first up effort! The 15 years CHS Knockout basketball team last week defeated Warner’s Bay High in overtime – good job boys! Congratulations to Year 11 boys for collecting $8674.50 for the Sir Roden and Lady Cutler Foundation – a great effort in these tough economic times! Our Intermediate A Chess team (Daniel Zhang, Eric Xu, Darryl Chan, Dominic Mah, Cosmo Liu) won the NSW Junior League Interschool chess Competition. Our Junior A team were placed second. Well done, boys!

Governors’ Centre for Education Excellence Appeal
Thank you to the 31 supporters who have donated to the cause since the special appeal commenced this month. So far the special appeal has raised $16,300. In addition, this month’s monthly appeal contribution was $3,030. Thank you to those parents who have signed up to make a $50 donation per month to help the cause. To make a big difference this year we will need a lot more of you to see the benefits to High boys now (and future High boys to come) of a once in a generation project like this. It makes so much sense to share a very large facility like this with SGHS. Please get behind this appeal so that we can reach at least $1.5 million as our overall total by the end of this year.

New gate installed
A new gate and bollards have been installed at the rear of the gym. The objective is to keep boys safe in the playground. Parents will need to comply with school policy which is to enter via gates 1 or 2 and exit via gate 2, without driving around behind the gym to access gate 3. On Saturdays, an addition 20 car spaces will be made available as a result of the relocation of the gate. Traffic congestion will be somewhat eased on home games days. Parents accessing the school in the mornings are asked to abide by school policy which encourages entry via gate one, drop off at the Cleveland St. side of the tennis courts and exit via gate 2.

Scholarship Applications
Boys in any Year, including new enrolments, who think they might qualify for the Phillip Day Memorial Scholarship ($1200 for 1 year), should download the application form from the school website, complete it and send it to the Principal, marked ‘confidential’. Year 10 boys should be thinking of applying for the Sir Roden and Lady Cutler Foundation Scholarship ($1500 per year for two years). Applications should be completed on the appropriate form downloaded from the school website and addressed to the Principal and marked ‘confidential’. Applications can be submitted online [ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ] or in hard copy. Don’t undersell your achievements, boys!

Personal growth and service programs
This week our boys had many development opportunities. Our Prefect Interns had a training day. Our Year 9 High Resolves boys worked on their school service project. Boys in Years 7, 8 and 10 participated in presentations by Elevate Education. The Wellbeing Team is making every effort to advise and assist your sons as they grow.
Dr K A Jaggar

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What’s Up in the McDonald Senior Library?

This term the Senior Library is experiencing a slight hiatus due to the fact that Year 12s are occupied with the HSC and have been on study leave up to this week. We have still had some occasional keen Year 12 students coming in to study closer to the beginning of those all-important exams and who find the familiarity and quietness of the space conducive to those final moments of study. Some have expressed feelings of incredulity at their impending separation from and nostalgia about their last few weeks of school! After seeing them in here all year working hard those of us who work in the Senior Library wish them all the best in their exams and for the future.

Many of the Year 11 students are beginning their studies for the 2012 HSC course and consequently have already been hard at work in the library. There is also quite a number of boys who have accelerated and will be completing various subjects of the HSC exams before their formal Year 12 studies begin. So we still have reasonable numbers of students in the library during their free periods or if their teacher is absent without a substitute teacher.

Despite this we still have some time which gives us an opportunity to work on library tasks as well as provide support for students using the library. Tasks such as final report writing, stock take, ordering, planning for 2012 and many other jobs saved till this quieter time of year will be completed hopefully.

We have managed to maintain study seating for over a hundred students at a time although when this number of students utilise the space quiet study is almost impossible. Despite the numbers our students are usually on task with the noise emanating from many groups using study time to discuss their work and problem solve with fellow students. This space will hopefully expand in the future to occupy the adjoining classroom area which can provide a quiet area and more space for resources. Our survey competed this year revealed that overwhelmingly the boys want more resources, more space and quiet study areas in the Senior Library.

The process of resourcing the library continues and for books we now have two large double-sided mobile fiction shelves, two double-sided non-fiction shelves to house the current collection and at least a year’s back and current issues of 17 magazines. Currently our magazine titles include: Art Forum, Australian Financial Review (plus BRW), Australian Personal Computer (APC), BBC Top Gear Australia, Computer Arts Projects, Cosmos, The Economist, Good Reading, Inside Cricket, Inside Sport, Motor, National Geographic, New Internationalist, New Scientist, Time (Australia), Quarterly Essay. Next year we will be cancelling a couple of the least read magazines and adding some new titles suggested by students.

Year 10 students have been attending sessions in the Senior Library given by State Librarians. They have all joined the State Library now and received their library cards so that they can access and utilize the fantastic online resources available from outside the State Library either at school or from home or elsewhere using their laptops. Our close proximity to the State Library also enables boys to access their superb Reference collection and work in the newly refurbished State Reference Library. We are encouraging students to use quality resources in their assignments rather than relying solely on looking up Wikipedia.

The final list of new books for the year has now been posted on the school website.

Just go in to Portal and click on My Library then New Resources.
Ms Gordon -
Teacher Librarian
McDonald Senior Library

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From the Canteen


The canteen needs 2 parents to act as committee secretary and also co-president going into 2012.
$60,000 plus is donated by the canteen each year to help the school keep up to date with resources in areas such as IT as well as upgrading general classroom, playground, sporting or extra curricular facilities as needed. This financial assistance can only happen with having parent volunteers on the committee to help manage the canteen – please find a way to help if you can!!

The committee meets on the 2nd Friday of each month for 1 hr. One of our ongoing committee is happy to share the role of president but due to work commitments cannot necessarily get to every meeting. Both positions are simple and not time consuming as we are fortunate to have 2 excellent canteen managers and an experienced Treasurer. Responsibilities would include:

President: Sharing chairing meetings, High Notes, liaising by email with the school administration as needed etc

Secretary: Taking/distributing minutes of meetings, liaising with managers to update volunteer and menu lists as needed etc

Both mums and dads in the past have being on the committee combining it with both full time or part time work as they are not strenuous roles.

We would also like to invite any other parents who would like to help out on the committee to join us – more hands make light work!! Our ongoing members are enthusiastic and active in canteen and other areas of the school and would love to welcome new parents to the canteen committee.

Parents are needed to help manage canteen and it is your sons who reap the benefits

Please contact Tracey or Karen urgently at the canteen on 9360 4027 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you are able to help.

Thank you to our parent canteen volunteer helpers

Most of canteen profits come from the sheer quantity of fresh home made food that our volunteers help prepare each day and that the boys obviously enjoy!! Many thanks to the following people for the week of 19/9/11:

MONDAY: Lynn Chen, Maria Nguyen, Anita Bezjak,
TUESDAY: Cia Koukouras, Sharon Hughes, May Ip, Angela Pak
WEDNESDAY: Hiroko Kitajima, Mary Chan, Doris Fong
THURSDAY: Charles and Fabienne O'vadia, Maria Farell,
FRIDAY: David Mah, Trang Nguyen

Our August winners of our Thank You vouchers were Alana Liang for the $30.00 petrol voucher and Jim O'Sullivan wins a $10.00 canteen voucher for his son to spend at canteen.

Our winners for September were Lynn Chen for the $30.00 voucher and Cia Koukouras wins the $10.00 canteen lunch voucher.

Our volunteers for the week of 10/10/11 were.:

MONDAY: Rebecca Tsai, Jie(Jane) Lin,
TUESDAY: Elsa Li, Jenny Wong-Romeo,Robyn Gordon,
WEDNESDAY: Jim O'Sullivan, Sladjana Petrovic, Sally Allingham,
THURSDAY: Sachiyo James, Kamala Selvakkumar
FRIDAY: Frances Salmon, Nina Ilina Liu, Soogie Sim, Sue Rynsaardt.

Please let Tracey and Karen know if you are able to help out in canteen next year occasionally or on a regular basis. We need 3-4 people every day and as you can see there are days where we need that extra help. Thank you all very much

Thank you
The Canteen Team

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Die Deutsche Frage 2

Last week’s question has stumped the Language Detectives. Here is another clue: Bilder – lustige Bilder!
(Remember the first clue: Redensarten – aber was gehört zusammen?)

Those of you who walk around and notice their environment have an advantage!
Frau St Leon

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High Family

The Bulletin Board for Sydney Boys High P & C

Julie Connolly
P&C President

If you would like to have any parent community news or upcoming events included in High Society, please contact Julie Connolly, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; M: 0418 470 203.

Thank you

A tremendous thank you to Mr Michael Kay who presented at the P&C general meeting this week, a very entertaining and informative session on the science curriculum and how it is taught from Year 7 to Year 12 at High. Unfortunately we had low parent attendance numbers. We hope we may be able to repeat the session next year so that more parents can gain an understanding and ask questions about the science curriculum and the expectations of their sons.

Canteen Profits

Go Directly to the School Also at this week’s P&C meeting, the Canteen Committee presented a cheque for $30,000. All Canteen profits go directly into funding school programs and initiatives. All parent volunteers are therefore directly benefitting the resources available for their sons’ education. The outstanding and tireless work of Karen and Tracey, the Canteen Committee and all our parent volunteers to ensure the Canteen continues to be a healthy and inexpensive option for students continues to be very much appreciated and invaluable.

P&C Parking Event

A very large thank you to the parents, students and their siblings who gave generously of their time last Saturday evening to the P&C’s second parking event this year. Over $3000 was raised from the event, which directly benefits our sons’ education

Parking provides a substantial proportion of non-government funding to the school, and parents and students are encouraged to be part of this important fund raising activity. As well as the stalwarts (to whom we owe much), it was particularly pleasing to welcome several newcomers to parking, whose admirable efforts disproved the adage “previous experience required”.
Ian Sweeting
P&C Parking Coordinator

P & C Annual General Meeting

The final P&C meeting for the year will be the Annual General Meeting 7.30pm, Wednesday 16th November in the Staff Common Room
Elections for all P&C office bearers for 2012 will take place at this meeting.

Please email your nominations for P&C leadership positions to Julie Connolly This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Positions open for nomination are:
Vice President;
P&C Representative to School Council
P&C Representative to SHS Foundation
Student Wellbeing Committee Representative
P&C Parking Coordinator
P&C Catering and Events Coordinator
P&C Website Coordinator
Parent Mentor Coordinator

Upcoming Meetings & Events

Rowing Committee Meeting – Tuesday 1st November, 7.00pm – Staff Common Room
Cricket Committee Meeting – Wednesday 2nd November, 6.00pm – Staff Common Room
Drama Ensemble Production - Wednesday 2nd November, 6.00pm - Drama Studio (Room 204)

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Volunteers for Orientation Afternoon

Volunteer Parents needed for SBHS Orientation Afternoon on Tuesday 15th November

Can you spare a couple of hours between 2pm and 4pm or between 4pm and 6pm?

Please join our team of volunteer parents serving refreshments in the courtyard outside the Great Hall. Our aim is to make incoming families feel welcome and to encourage them to be involved in the school.

If you speak a language other than English, this will be especially helpful.

Please contact Nina Lui on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 0401 687 742 if you are able to help out on Tuesday 15th November. Thank you!

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Peer Mediation at SBHS

Hey, got a problem? Get peer mediated! Peer mediation is a program run by a select group of Year 11 students which seeks to solve conflict between students without getting teachers involved. The program seeks to help the students resolve their issues while under the guidance of the Year 11 students. The program is confidential and stays between the peer mediators (Year 11 students) and the students who have a problem with each other.

How it works
When two students have a disagreement they are to email the following address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it requesting a Peer Mediation session. From this point Ms Barr will receive the request and will appoint two Peer Mediators to accompany the disputers in a closed off room, whereby the two students will eventually resolve their problem and sign an agreement to not create more problems with each other.

Remember. The email address is: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
Adam Booth & Thomas Zhang

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From PD/H/PE

Fitness Assessment - September 2011

The final fitness assessment of our Years 7 – 10 students was carried out during September and the first week of Term 4. In 2011 personal goal times were again set to encourage each student to improve and maintain a higher level of aerobic fitness. It was pleasing to see 145 students (19%) achieve their personal goals. This was an increase of 4% on 2010. Following is a table of the names of these students.

The best times in20 11 were run by William Chen (7T) and Nafis Rahman (Year 7) 5m 56s, Wesley Beare (Year 8) 5m 32s, Ned Anson (Year 9) 5m 08s and Jonathan Clements-Lendrum (Year 10) 5m 04s.

For an assessment of 90% or better, a student was required to run the 1.6km in a time of 6 mins 30 secs, approximately, depending on the age of the student. An assessment of 50% or better, required a time of between 7 and 8 minutes, depending on age. A result of 10% or less means the 1.6km run was completed in a time greater than 9 mins 30 seconds.

1.6km results for 2011

Percentile band No. of students in each percentile band
Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10
  Feb Sept Feb Sept Feb Sept Feb Sept
90 – 99 1 20 7 22 14 40 21 41
80 – 89 3 16 4 12 8 22 10 29
70 – 79 5 10 6 11 16 22 20 10
60 – 69 11 18 11 16 14 18 13 14
50 – 59 7 19 8 12 12 9 13 11
40 – 49 16 24 15 15 17 14 12 16
30 – 39 11 14 21 11 22 16 14 12
20 – 29 26 11 29 18 27 17 18 19
10 – 19 43 18 38 14 27 18 23 18
0 – 9 52 18 32 29 35 22 39 17
Non-starters 4 11 9 20 13 8 20 16

Mean results for each Year group 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011

  Feb 08 Sep 08 Feb 09 Sep 09 Feb 10 Sep 10 Feb 11 Sep 11
 Year 10  59%  65%  54%  61%  54%  59%   42%   62%
 Year 9  47%  54%  47%  55%   47%   57%  44%  60%
 Year 8  38%  49%   43%   56%  43%  52%  37%  52%
 Year 7   34%   49%  32%  50%  32%  50%  31%  55%

1.6Km run – Best performances and record holders

Date Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10
2003 Danny Fu 6m6m 55s Quan Nguyen 6m 04s Andrew Reis 5m 44s Paul Watzlaff 5m 00s
2004 Alasdair Brown 6m 13s Alastair Taylor 5m 39s Richard Xu 5m 53s Attilla Szabo 5m 11s
2005 Keiran Taylor 5m 55s Cameron Reeves 5m 35s Alastair Taylor 5m 45s Harry Walker 5m 28s
2006 Andrew Ye 6m 15s Stephen Yoon5m 56s Jeremy Ireland 5m 38s Matthew Fsadni 5m 33sspan>
2007 Andreas Purcal 6m 07s Sam Lane 5m 28s Michael Ambrose5m 24s Jeremy Ireland 5m 03s
2008 Arjun Punekar5m 47s Anton Brokman5m 41sspan> Sam Lane 4m 53s Michael Ambrose5m 24s
2009 Eugene Lee 5m 43s Oliver Kirk5m 37s Lloyd Perris5m 00s Sam Lane 4m 54s
202010 Luke Hoad 5m 43s Eugene Lee 5m 12s Jonathan Clements – Lendrum 5m 10s Adam BoothLloyd Perris5m 01s
2011 William Chen (7T)Nafis Rahman5m 56s Wesley Beare5m 32s Ned Anson5m 08s Jonathan Clements – Lendrum 5m 04s

Congratulations to these students who achieved their personal 1.6k run goal time.

Year 7 (36 students)
Taswar Ali Khan, John Chen, William Chen (T), Richard Ding, Denny Fu, James Goh, William Ha, Raphin Hossain, Richard Hua, Aidin Karahasan, Greg Kim, Nicholas Lee, Oliver Lethbridge, Peiyuan Li, William Lin, Thomas Lo, Johnson Luo, Kai Matsumoto,  Adam McCaffery, Simon Nguyen, Thomas Nimac, Jason Qiu, Nafis Rahman, Salil Shringarpure, Johannes Szeto, Marshall Tan, Luke Ze Tao, Joshua Tiong, Stratton Vakirtzis, Daniel Wang, Jackie Wang, Charles Wilson, Steven Xue, Anthony Yu, Steven Zhao, Jason Zhu
Year 8 (26 students)
Wesley Beare, William Chang, Desmond Chiang, Jackie Dong, Luke Hoad, Jason Huang, Zach Hung, Louis Huyen, Kevin Jin, Ryo Kawahashi, Ian Lai, Richard Li, Jason Lin, Tom Luo, Leonard Mah, Phillip Mai, Brian Mo, Adilmorad Nadir, Ben Nguyen, Martin Nguyen, James Tinker, Eddie Wang, Angus Wu, Madison Wu, Carl Yang, Ian Zhou
Year 9 (47 students)
Ned Anson, Chris Chan, Chris Chen, Steven Chung, Steve Comninos, Jesse Cooper, Tom Du, William Du, David Evans, Mitchell Flynn, Tushaar Garg, Jet Gill-Lee, Howard Gu, Michael Hamilton, Andrew He, Jack Hutchison, James Huo, Jay Jo, Aditya Koneru, Brendan Kong, Jason Le, Joshua Leo, David Li, James Lin, Hua Jun Liu, Kenneth Liu, Waylon Lu, Jeramy Ma, Ethan Oh, Sam Phillis, Lokesh Sharma, Perry Sim, Derek Sun, Nathan Sutton, Willars Tan, Joseph Tang, Andrew Tayeh, Pete Upatising, Sida Wang, Nathan Wang-Ly, Bevan Xie, William Yang, Michael Yu, Anthony Yuan, Alan Zhang, Glanden Zheng, Wei Li Zhuang
Year 10 (36 students)
Vasu Bhakri, Wilson Cen, Michael Chang, Darren Chien, Jonathan Clements – Lendrum, Sherman Du, George Dzero, Marcus Ekengard, Victor Ho, Ken Huang, Tushar Joshi, Wilber Koslowski, Jonathon Lee, Michael Li, William Ma, Dominic Mah, Han Lin Mai, Oliver Meroni, Agnish Nayak, Sameer Nene, Jaan Pallandi, Alex Pereira, Vishakulan Prapakaran, Arjun Punekar, Anirudh Ramesh, Conor Robinson, Marco Stojanovik, Safat Sufian, Nelson Tang, Visakan Thayalan, James Wang, Andrew Wei, Daniel Wei, Alex Xu, Edward Zhang, Junhao Zhang

A breakdown of the goals achieved indicates that all goal times set are well within the capabilities of our students. Each student should be able to achieve their goal at least once in four years.

Year 8mins – 7mins 6.59s – 6m 01s Less than 6 mins
10 2 13 21
9 7 26 14
8 10 12 4
7 20 13 3
Total 39 64 42

The personal goal challenge will operate again in 2012. The personal goal times for 2012 will be posted in Room 901 during Term 4. I look forward to more students taking up the 1.6k challenge and achieving their personal best next year.
G Stein

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Basketball: Shooting Hoops

High VS Scots

High vs Scots 2011
Term 1 (Last time)

1st LOSS 54-65 E.NAAR 18
2nd LOSS(OT) 47-45 B.MCGLENCHY 12
3rd LOSS 29-43 B.OU 14
4th WIN 46-27 J. LUI 17
8th WIN 31-22 K.LI 8
16C WIN 27-14 A.WEI, W.CHOI 6
16D WIN 32-16 A.PUNEKAR 10
16F WIN 26-20 C.YORK 8
15A WIN 58-11 B.CHEN 20
15B WIN 59-6 P.GAO 12
15C WIN 85-4 B.TRUNONG 23
15D LOSS 29-32 H.FENG 8
15E WIN 35-7 R.CHIN 11
14A LOSS 24-10 K.LIANG,  J.YANG 4
14B WIN 29-20 B.CHEN 12
14C WIN 38-25 J.TRAN 8
14D WIN 27-26 K.SZET 9
14E WIN 22-1 N.HOANG 11
14F WIN 19-12 J.TRAN 5
13A LOSS 59-18 J.SONG 10
13B LOSS 60-0 OUCH
13E WIN 27-11 DANIEL WANG 12
13F LOSS 18-19 BEN MVP

High vs Scots 2011
Term 4 (This time)

1st LOSS (DOUBLE OT) 78-72 C.MOLLER 20
2nd LOSS 31-56 M.ECKENGARD 14
3rd LOSS 34-33 J.ZHOU 13
4th WIN 32-28 T.CHIN 12
5th WIN 35-11 T.PHAM 9
6th WIN 37-15 D.WANG 9
7th WIN 39-8 B.LEE 10
8th WIN 16-16 J.PARK 12
16A WIN 28-23 C.SHI 11
16B WIN 49-10 M.HAMILTON 11
16C WIN 39-8 A.KUANG 12
15A WIN 28-23 A.SO 11
15B WIN 24-20 S.MCKENNA 6
15C LOSS 26-25 C.WANG 10
15D LOSS 33-15 N.HOANG 8
15E WIN 53-10 D.WANG 14
15F WIN 37-10 A.HAN 9
14F WIN 19-14 V.BUI 6

16Bs Basketball Report

Our season started off with our new coach, Troy Van Spanje, who has taught our team an offensive zone play that we would be using in our first game. Having known our team a little we started off the game with 2 centres, 2 power forwards and a point guard as the starting 5. We easily scored in the first few seconds in the game which led Scots to call a time out in the first minute. Troy taught our team some defence that would confuse the other team which will lead to many turnovers. This led to the other team's downfall; the overall score was 43-10. We could have easily scored 20 more points but we stuck to our offensive zone that we could practise to use against competitive teams. It was a good team effort with 4 players scoring an average of 10-11 points each.
Team Captain, Brian Truong

Under 15s Basketball Knockout

Last Friday the under 15s team won a close match against Warner's Bay High School where we prevailed 59-52. Congratulations to the team of: Braden Angell, Jack Hutchison, Mitchell Flynn, Nate Sutton, Charlie Shi, Stefan Bell, Eugene Lee, Kavan Chen, Byron Chen, Michael Chang and Aidan Thom.

The player of the match was Aidan Thom.

Reminder to new basketballers:

Fixtures can be found on the noticeboard near the front entrance to the gym/or school web site. Please arrive at your games punctually and slightly before time to warm up/listen to the coach's instructions.

Opens Games

Open games (i.e. 2nd and 1st grade) start at 10:00 and 11:15 respectively. I urge everyone to come along to these games and support High, not only to help your school to victory but also to respect the huge effort they put into training each week. So come along to the games (even if you don't play basketball) and make some noise, particularly at our home games!

~ Go High Basketball!
~ Play Hard, Play Smart and Play Together!
~ Don’t forget to visit the Sydney High Basketball Website!
~ Brought to you by the editor Chris Chiam
~ Thank you to Mr Hayman for all his contributions to basketball and information

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Sydney Boys High School Cricket


Unfortunately the season had a wet start, meaning only a handful of teams had the pleasure of playing traditional rivals Scots College. Despite this, every game was very competitive, with the 14Bs recording an impressive victory. Both the 1st and 2nd XIs began a T20 tournament, with the 1st XI recording a brilliant 10 wicket victory over Grammar. Congratulations to the following boys for scoring a half century or recording four or more wickets in an innings – Dhruv Guptaa 6/4 (2nd XI), Hayden Ou 4/6 (14Bs) and the inaugural Player of the Week Oliver Meroni (1st XI), who remained unbeaten on 50 against Grammar to go along with 32 and 3/51 against Joeys.

All captains must send the score, top 3 batsmen and bowlers and a four line report about their game each week to the MICs (contact information is located on the new cricket site – www.sydneyhigh.org.au/cricket). Longer reports can also be submitted in conjunction with the four line report and will be posted on the site.

Thanks to the following boys for their assistance with parking on the 23rd of September – Andrew Dao, Howard Gu, Aaron Wong (all Year 9) and Agnish Nayak (Year 10). All players should help with parking at least once during the season as the Cricket programme can’t function without these much needed funds.

Congratulations go out to both Jesse Moffat and Alexander Hughes for being appointed captains of the 1st and 2nd XIs respectively. We encourage junior cricketers to approach these boys at any time if they have any questions regarding cricket at Sydney High. Congratulations also to Ned Anson (Year 9) for being selected in the 1st XI. Ned’s selection is a product of both immense talent and hard work and cricketers of all ages should look to his example as a way of maximising their abilities.

New awards
There has been introduction of several new awards this season, with the creation of the Gregory –Carter Cup, the All-High team as well as the Player of the Week award. The Gregory-Carter Cup is open to all teams, with the most successful team at the end of the year being crowned the winners (10 points for an outright win, 5 points for a first innings, one day or T20 win and 1 point for a first innings loss, draw or tie). Information regarding the All-High team will be released later in the season. More information regarding all awards can be found at the cricket site in the honour board section.

Coaches are employed for a reason. We strongly encourage all players to interact with their coach if they need any help. A coach can’t observe everything during a training session so there are times where players need to tell their coach what parts of their game need working on. The earlier the problem is rectified the better. Don’t be afraid to approach a coach – if they didn’t want to help they wouldn’t be coaching.

1st XI – T20 Tournament
Match One versus Joeys - Joeys 6-184 (Oliver Meroni 3-51, Owen Duffy 1-21, Anirudh Ramesh 1-23, Ned Anson 3 great catches) defeated SBHS 9-127 (Sudam Dias 34, Oliver Meroni 32, Daniel Smith 20, Ned Anson 15 not out)

Match Two versus Kings - Kings 3-76 (15 overs) (Anirudh Ramesh 1-9 (4), Tom Connolly 1-10 (2), great catches Lahiru Katupitiya and Alex Hughes) defeated SBHS 10-75 (19) (Ned Anson 21, Alex Hughes 11, Owen Duffy 11)

Match Three versus Grammar - SBHS 0-118 (13 overs) (Oliver Meroni 50 not out, Owen Duffy 45 not out) defeated Grammar 8-117 (20 overs) (Sudam Dias 2-17 (4), Anirudh Ramesh 1-9 (4), Tom Connolly 2-18 (4), Josh Chen 2-27 (4), 2 great catches by Ned Anson, and other spectacular ones from Alex Hughes, Oliver Meroni (2), Tom Connolly, and Daniel Smith.

2nd XI – T20 Tournament
Match One versus Joeys JOEYS: 9 – 97 (20) Dhruv Guptaa 6 – 5 (4), Anup Kaluve 2 – 11 (4) defeated SYDNEY HIGH 8 – 55 (20) Jesse Cooper 16, Thilan Subasinghe 11n.o, Agnish Nayak 7.

Match Two versus Newington NEWINGTON: 7 – 157 (20) Dhruv Guptaa 1-9 (2), Anup Kaluve 1-22(3),Tushaar Garg 1-22 (3) defeated SYDNEY HIGH 5 – 89(20) Jesse Cooper 32n.o, Aditya Koneru 12, Agnish Nayak 10

Match Three versus Kings KINGS: 4 – 137 (20) Jonathan Chew 1-6 (2), Aditya Koneru 1 – 9 (2) Anup Kaluve 1–19 (4) defeated SYDNEY HIGH 6 – 70 (20) Shivaangar Thushyanthan 20, Tushaar Garg 12n.o, Aditya Koneru 6

3rd XI – High 6/72 (20 overs) Safat Sufian 28, Jay Norman 6 n.o, Lalitha Katupitiya 6 defeated by Scots 9/73 (18 overs) Michael Liu 2/23 (4), Lalitha Katupitiya 1/12 (3) Safat Sufian 1/16 (3)

16A - High 7/89 off 20 overs (A. Dao 21, L. DeFonseka 20, J.Seroukas 16) defeated by Scots 3/91 off 17 overs (C.Mao 2/13 off 4 overs, L. DeFonseka 1/24 off 4 overs)

14B – Scots 66 (H. Ou 4/6, K. Agrawal 1/5, F. Alam 1/11) defeated by High 3/67 (M. Abeysekera 22n.o, F. Alam 22n.o)

14C – Scots 3/110 (Y.Zhou 2/12, A. Wong 1/22) defeated High 4/64 (B. Nguyen 16, A. Mao 10)

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Staff & Students Tennis Cup

This year, the third annual running of the Staff & Students Tennis Cup was held at the end of Term 3. Starting off with 16 doubles team of senior students paired up with a staff member of the school, the knockout had a large level of crowd support with as much cheering, oohs and aghs as a Wimbledon final.

Over 3 weeks, gradually the teams were eliminated until only 2 were left standing, both of which contained Industrial Arts teachers. However, due to rain delays and other scheduling difficulties at the end of last term, the final was played this week with Mr Richard Gifford and Patrick Rynsaardt (Year 10) defeating Mr Paul Scrivener and Sooraj Prakash (Year 11). Having almost been knocked out in the first round facing match points while trailing by 2 games, the victory by this team shows the importance of never giving up as you can win no matter what position you’re in!

So the cup lies in the hands of the victors, with names etched into history to be displayed in the school trophy cabinet and vouchers for the school canteen to help savour their victory.

A very special thanks to all the staff and students who got involved this year. I’m sure that everyone had a good time getting out on the courts and are raring to go for next year.
J Kay

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Rowing: Back to the Sheds Day

All old boys and rowing community are invited to
Saturday 22 October 2011
at the Outterside Centre, 5 Teviot Avenue, Abbotsford

We welcome 1971,1981,1991 and 2001 rowers as guest entrants in this year’s
High Rowing Challenge Regatta
or come along, join the festivities, and watch!

Highlight Race (approx 9am) The best of the Old Boys take on the School VIII

Enjoy the traditional Shed Barbecue … bacon and eggs rolls, juice and barista coffee served throughout the morning.

RSVP and more information at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

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