High Notes, Vol 12 No 2, February 11 2011

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From the Principal

High Talent
Congratulations to the High first grade basketball team that won back to back Raschke Cup competitions last weekend. A great knock by Ned Anson (Year 9) of 155 in 40+ temperatures was the highlight of Saturday’s cricket. Oliver Meroni and Michael Phung were selected in the Combined High Cricket Schools team – a strong achievement! Congratulations to CDTSGT Andrew Gong who has been recommended for promotion to CUO in the Sydney High School Cadet Unit.

Class of 1970 Donation
The Class of 1970 recently held its forty year reunion. Michael Fisher, on behalf of the organising committee, has sent the school a donation of $500 for the Phil Day Memorial Scholarship Fund. He writes: "Not only was Phil’s younger brother, Ross, a member of our cohort, but we felt that if the money helped in some small way for a student to benefit from his years at High then it was more than worthwhile.” On behalf of the school community I thank Michael and the Class of 1970 for their generosity.

Early Bird Discounts on Full School Payments
Families in the Junior School (Years 7-9) that pay the full amount invoiced for 2011 before February 28, will receive a discount of $100. Senior School parents will receive a discount of $110 for full payment by February 28.

Uncollected Reports
I am still holding a number of reports and School Certificates from last year. Boys are required to complete Clearance Forms for 2010 and to make an appointment with me to discuss their progress. Next week I will be asking the Deputy Principals to place boys on detention for failing to collect their reports.

Music Ensembles Co-Payment
Due to rising costs, the Performance Music Program can no longer be funded entirely from general service contributions and parking proceeds. As from term 1, 2011, all students who are members of an ensemble will be invoiced $50 each semester.

New Parents Welcome Evening
On Tuesday last we held a well-attended welcome party for new parents. In a departure from tradition, the event was held very early in the term in an attempt to help new parents adjust more rapidly and effectively to the High culture and procedures. The format of the evening was changed, with information dissemination preceding serving of refreshments. Parents were interested particularly in our grouping policies. If you missed the presentation, there is a table on our website under ‘curriculum/ grouping policy’ which identifies the class your son is in and the rationale for his allocation. Thank you to Con and George Barris, Steve Codey, David Vien (Captain, 2008) and Julie Connolly for their presentations. Once again, thanks to the Sailing Committee, the catering was tasty and plentiful. Thank you to the P & C for the refreshments and the organisation. Thank you also to the staff members who came to mingle with the parents.

Electricity Upgrade
I am now informed that the special cabling needed to complete connection to our electricity substation, will not be available until the end of February. Regrettably, the substation will now not be commissioned until April. Considering that this project has been under way since 2004, I guess another couple of months can be endured.

Year 12 Parents Information Evening
On Tuesday night more than thirty parents attended an Information Night for Year 12, with Year Adviser, Mrs Crothers as MC. Mr Cipolla presented information on scholarships and ATAR bonuses for subjects and extracurricular activities. Mr Codey spoke about Access Scheme applications and special provisions process. I discussed curriculum pattern selection, ATAR goals, personal organisation, using the Year 12 diary, achieving a work-activities balance and the distinction between revision and study.

The following links were presented at the meeting:
Careers Education Info http://www.sydneyboyshigh.com/careers and Careers News - In the Student Portal at Careers News and in the Parents Portal at Careers News.

Register for the Parents Portal: http://www.sydneyboyshigh.com/intranet/register (Need Family Email and Student ID)

Very Important Budget Seminars
The administration of sport has become both very complicated and very expensive. Budget overruns in 2010 have caused significant damage to the budget overall and, if continued, would seriously affect our ability to deliver our school-wide programs in 2011. The stress associated with trying to pay our bills in December was too high. The school spent 97% of its available funds – beyond a prudent level (conventionally not more than 90%). It is high time that MICs and Committees worked openly together and tackled the problem of delivering the best possible programs within our means.

I have set aside two Monday evenings February 21 and 28 to hold budget management seminars with MIC/ Program Managers and Committee members, preferably Treasurers. Both officers need to attend. The combined funds raised by the school community (school budget and committee fundraising) are technically public moneys, for which I am responsible. The seminar on February 21 will be repeated for those who could not attend. The scheduled time is 1745 – 1900. I am disposed to withhold funds this year from activities that have no trained managers and treasurers. If you manage a budget for a co-curricular activity, please register with my Assistant, Lynne Williams on one of these two evenings – with a Sub-Committee representative (if your activity has a committee).
Dr K A Jaggar

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Die Deutsche Frage

Was haben COUP, KUH und Q gemeinsam und was haben sie nicht gemeinsam?

Einen Schokoriegel für die richtige Antwort.
Frau St Leon

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What’s Up in the McDonald Senior Library?

At the beginning of its second full year of operation the McDonald Senior Library is going from strength to strength with the use of the library expanded by the addition of a classroom space (possible with the rearrangement of furniture) and the installation of a Smart (Interactive) whiteboard to support 21C web 2.0 teaching and learning activities.

Teachers may now utilize this space as a teaching area in cooperation with the teacher librarian to integrate and teach Information Literacy skills in the context of subject content. The space is also used for student, teacher and parent meetings and co-curricular activities.

The Geography department and Dr Paul Ganderton, and Teacher Librarian are working with students in the innovative Year 10 Geography Elective Programme, to introduce a set of skills that will assist them to develop as life-long, independent learners! Students are defining their own research questions and task and through individual research completing and presenting their findings to their group at the end.

Teachers act as “facilitators” and students “explore” independently using resources accessible through “Library Enquiry” page which in turn is accessible through their DET Portal. Through the Library Enquiry portal students have access to SBHS Library catalogue, Moodle, Online Databases, Board of Studies and curriculum materials as well as Renewal of books and Reading lists etc. Students are encouraged to utilize the portal to maximise the use of quality resources as well as critical and selective use of Internet resources.

As more books are added to the library’s shelves loans are increasing with many more titles borrowed as 2010 proceeded and into 2011. Books will continue to be added as new ones are purchased and as senior titles are identified and transferred from the Andrews Junior Library shelves to the McDonald Library. So far books have been selected by teachers of Social Science, English and Art departments to be added to the senior collection. New book orders will further develop and expand the collection.

The McDonald Senior Library in addition to providing the above facilities also provides access to daily newspapers including The Sydney Morning Herald, The Telegraph and The Australian as well as a great range of magazines for personal interest and educational use in a comfortable reading area; use of printer, scanner and photocopying facilities and reader’s advisory.
Ms Gordon
Teacher Librarian

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Sydney High School Cadet Unit

Over the holidays two of our cadets spent a week at Singleton Army Camp, attending the NSW Cadet Brigade Promotion Courses.

Junior NCO Course (promotion to corporal) - Cadet Nelson Tang
Senior NCO Course (Promotion to sergeant) - Cadet Corporal Vincent Ye
Both achieved very good results and qualified for promotion.

The following promotions have been announced with effect from 15 February –

Cadet Nelson Tang to lance corporal
Cadet Matthew Zhang to lance corporal
LCPL Benjamin Lee to corporal
LCPL Dominic Tran to corporal
LCPL Timothy Chew to corporal
CPL Nicholas Ooi to sergeant
CPL Vincent Ye to sergeant

Congratulations to all !

Our first full training parade for 2011 will be held on Tuesday 15 February.

Observers may have noticed a number of recent changes in cadet uniforms at High.

Other than for ceremonial purposes the polished black boots are no longer worn; being replaced with the suede style khaki field boot.

The blue beret is no longer worn by High cadets. Following an exhaustive study by the ArmySafe Project the Chief of Army has deleted the beret as a form of dress within the Australian Army due to its lack of protection against the sun and the risk of skin cancer.

The khaki fur felt hat (slouch hat) will now be worn in all forms of army dress.

Applications for enrolment in the Australian Army Cadets are invited from High students who meet the specified requirements. Basic requirements include

  • Minimum age 12.5 years
  • Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Undergo required medical examination
  • Have parent or guardian’s consent

Those High boys who believe they are good enough to be an Army Cadet and wish to participate in Australia’s best youth development programme are invited to apply for enrolment.

The necessary forms are available from the cadet unit orderly room or ask any unit member.

We understand that not everyone has the necessaries for cadet service, but why not challenge yourself ?

You, and your family, will be pleased with the positive changes and rewards cadet service will bring to your life.
Richard Knowles

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From the High Store

The High Store will be closed on Monday 14th Feb 2011 (Swimming Carnival).

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Student Book Discount at Dymocks Bondi Junction

Sydney Boys High staff and students Offer At Dymocks Bondi Junction we would like to offer a 10% discount to all student and staff on a permanent basis. We would also like to make a donation to the school library every year in the form of books, worth 5% of the total purchases that students and staff from your school make at our store.

Students and staff need only produce their/staff student cards in store to take advantage of the offer.

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From the Canteen

These are our parent volunteers who have helped us in the canteen to date this year. Your help has been especially appreciated the last 2 weeks. Thank you all.

Helen Lazarou, Usha Arvind, Kate Price, Vicki Moller, Cindy Tseu, Mary Nguyen, Alana Liang, Helen Chong, Katrina Morrow, Kim O'sullivan, Anne Wall, Tania Slinko, Pauline Chan, June Long, Kamala Selvakkumar, Frances Salmon, Soogie Sim, Sue Rynsaart, Robyn Gordon, Nina Liu, Loyna Deng, Vicky Chao, Jian Ping Li, Pauline Chen, Yanning Fan, Sharon Hughes, Jenny Wong, Angela Feng, Cindy Tseu, Vicki Moller, Sachiyo James, Kate Sands, Heawon Jeong, Helen Lin, Joanna Yu, David Morrow, Helen Torak

Thank You vouchers
We have had the draw for our December and January volunteers Congratulations and many thanks to Sachiyo James and Soogie Sim. We hope your sons enjoy their $10 lunch voucher. Make sure they collect them at canteen!!

Our canteen managers report that it has been rather hectic in canteen and that ‘the new parents this year have been awesome!!’

Our volunteers in canteen have found that helping in canteen can be interesting, fun and well worth their time and effort. Last week 2 senior parents discovered that they had a common background plus shared subject information to do with their sons. .

One of our Dads also shared with 2 new parents a shortcut way to accessing information on the website especially High Notes. As he said to them, you can’t always rely on information getting home to you via your son!!

Please phone Tracey and Karen on 9360 4027 if you have any time when you could help out in canteen.

BoysWe don’t want you to miss out on what you want for lunch.....lunch orders are best!! !

Many popular food items sell out quickly as demand can be high. By ordering your lunch before school, you get just what you want AND you don’t have to stand in a long queue at a window to find that canteen has just sold out!!
Thank you
The Canteen Team

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Order the SMH Delivered to School


Parents this is a great opportunity to develop your son as a reader. The Andrews Junior Library is the pick-up place for your son’s personal daily Sydney Morning Herald which is offered at a really low price. It costs $35 for the paper from Monday to Friday and $45 for the weekend newspapers (picked up following Monday).

Parents pay and order online via heraldeducation.com and need to forward the email with the transaction number to the Andrews Library This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or print out the form and ask your son to give it to our staff so we have a copy of your transaction number.
Mrs Crothers

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Music Notes

Music Parking

Thank you to all the parents and students who came along during the holidays to help out with the Music Parking. We parked a solid number of cars and raised much needed funds for the Music Performance Program. Please let us know if you are available for any future parking events or email – George Comninos (our Music Parking co-ordinator): This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Instrumental Recruitment Night

The Instrumental recruitment night held on Tuesday evening in the Great Hall was a success with many keen new Year 7 students and their parents attending. Our highly professional music tutors gave an explanation and demonstration on their instruments and students and parents had the opportunity to chat and organise lesson times.

If you were unable to attend the evening, please ask your son to come to the Music staffroom at recess or lunchtime to collect a Program booklet and tutor contact. We look forward to your son’s involvement in the Music Performance Program.

Encore Performance

Encore Concert was held at the Sydney Opera House on Monday evening with 50 of our senior elective students attending. This was a great evening with outstanding musical performances, giving our boys inspiration to excel in their performances.

Rehearsal Schedule 2011

Music ensemble rehearsals have begun this term, please check the rehearsal schedule outside room 101 or 201. ALL new students welcome, please see the Music Staff for ensemble information.

Elective Music Students

All elective Music students, please ensure that you have paid for the Meet the Music concert series no later than Wednesday 16th February as tickets need to be finalised ASAP. The first concert in the series in on Wednesday the 16th March

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SBHS Debating

Debating Emails

For parents of Year 7 debaters - or any new parent for debating - you will need to email me to ensure that you receive the weekly debating email detailing the teams and arrangements for upcoming debates.

Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and use the subject line:

"Parent <your son's graduating year>"

For example 'Parent 2016' for year 7 parents.

For Yr 7 Boys please email me with the subject line: "Student 2016"

For all other parents and debaters: please ensure your email addresses are up to date via the same process!

EMAIL UPDATES are the main method of communication about coaching, competitions and the whole debating program. It is essential that all debaters and parents ensure their details are current!!


We have the Seniors attending a Debating Training Day at UNSW and the Juniors attending a Debating Training Day at the University of Sydney.

Deadlines for attending both of these events are closed. It is important students read the Mango Sheet in order to be fully informed about debating events in school.

20th February is the NSW Debating Union workshop. Due to our good relationship with the organizers we have been offered a subsidized cost of $40 for this. Please see me for details. Trials for the NSW team are on the same day.
Ms Powell

Debating at High Begins

Debating at High begins on Friday 18 February 2011 in the Great Hall.

Debaters can participate in debating competitions FED, Eastside PDC or GPS.

Students can just attend the debating coaching which runs until 4.45 each week until Week 7 of Term 3.

Either way students will be gaining invaluable learning experiences, adding value to their resume and earning Award Scheme Points.

In order to attend the first session students need to have signed up on the sheet outside the History Staff Room and given in a signed consent form. Parents please encourage your sons to be organized in this area as it makes it much easier for us to plan ahead.

Thank you
Ms Powell

More information can be found at www.sydneyhigh.org.au/debating and will be emailed to you on a weekly basis.
Please CHECK YOUR EMAIL regularly and ensure we have current contact details for both students and parents.
PARENTS: If you are not receiving weekly emails about debating please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and ask to be added to the parent group for your child’s year.

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High Society

The Bulletin Board for Sydney Boys High P & C

Julie Connolly
P&C President.
If you would like to have any parent community news or upcoming events included in High Society, please contact Julie Connolly, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; M: 0418 470 203.

SBHS Big Night Out

Sydney Boys High Big Night Out is on again - Saturday 26th March – so if you can put this date aside for our annual family event. Last year was a great success. Thanks to the generosity of our school family, we raised $7,500 for the school and a lot of people had a lot of fun. This year will be even bigger - food, music and games from around the world that the whole family can enjoy.

First General P&C Meeting for 2011

Our first P&C meeting for 2011 is 7.30pm, Wednesday 16th February in the Great Hall. Dr Jaggar will be presenting and talking to the HSC results for the Class of 2010 – of great interest to us all. Parents are encouraged to attend.

Set up Your Individual Parent Portal Login

The Parents Portal on the school website is now accessed by individual parent logins. To create a personal account you will require the following two pieces of information:

  1. The Family Correspondence Email address you supplied at enrolment.
  2. The Student ID Number of your son/ward as printed on his timetable. If you have multiple children attending the school, any ID Number will suffice.

If you have trouble recalling the email address you supplied, your son can tell you by looking up the My Details section of the Student Portal. Alternatively, contact the school Administrative Office.

Once you have these two pieces of information, create a personal Parent Portal Account:

  1. Go to the school website www.sydneyboyshigh.com
  2. Click Intranet Login in the bottom left-hand menu
  3. Click parent registration on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen that has opened and follow the instructions.
  4. Securely store the individual username and password you have created to access the Parents Portal.

Once you have a personal account, you will be able to see:

  • Absences
  • Library Borrowings
  • Carnival Results
  • Laptop Details
  • Timetable

for your son/ward in the same fashion he can on the Student Portal. PLUS:

  • P&C BLOG
  • Minutes from P&C meetings
  • Additional Useful Parent Information

Upcoming Parent Meetings & Events

Speech Night – 7.30pm, Tuesday 15th February, Great Hall
P and C General Meeting – 7.30pm, Wednesday 16th February, Great Hall
Rugby Committee Meeting - 6.00pm, Wednesday 23rd February, Staff Common Room
Rowing Committee Meeting – 7.00pm, Tuesday 1st March, Staff Common Room
Cricket Committee Meeting – 6.00pm, Wednesday 2nd March, Staff Common Room
SBHS Big Night Out for families – Saturday 26th March, Great Hall and Courtyard

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Sydney Boys High School Rowing Committee

Newington Regatta Results
This was a full regatta with all our 16 crews racing. With strong wind and heat wave conditions, we had mixed results but the standout crews were our Year 9 quads -

Place Race/Crew Names Time
2nd Year 9 1st Quad Steve Comninos, Ray Fang, Rex Yi, Anthony Tran, (c) Josh Lane 3.52.90
3rd Year 9 2nd Quad Brendan Guan, Andrew Zhang, Andrew Rong, Samuel Lin, (c) Kenneth Liu 4.42.87
2nd Year 9 3rd Quad Christopher Wang, Byron Zhou, Kohen Lau, Brendan Kong, (c) Joseph Tang 4.21.75
3rd Year 9 4th Quad Michael Hughes, Robert Tan, Bevan Xie, Perry Sim, (c) Terry Fong 4.35.71
4th Year 9 5th Quad Sam Phillis, Brandon Vu, Harrison Xu, Jemy Ma, (c) John Seroukas 4.42.02
4th Year 9 6th Quad Dan Tran, Kaiwei Liu, Peter Choi, Tom Du, (c) Andrew Lee 4.46.14
4th Year 9 7th Quad Christopher Chen, Anthony Yuan, Christopher Ketkeo, Ethan Ou, (c) Iyaylo Marinov  

Welcome Year 7 Rowers
It is fantastic to have 24 Year 7 boys sign up for rowing as their summer sport. They will be learning to row on Thursday afternoons with Mr George Barris, and on Saturday mornings with Chloe O’Regan. The whole Year 7 cohort will have the opportunity to ‘Try Rowing’ during Term One and let’s hope more boys sign up.

Thursday Rowing
With approximately100 Junior boys rowing in sport time on Thursdays, we have organised another bus so all boys can now go to the sheds at 12.40pm. The two buses will return to school via Town Hall leaving the sheds at 4pm.

This week at rowing

  • Saturday 12th February - NSW State Championships at SIRC for our School 1st Eight, School 2nd Eight and our Year 9 1st Quad. Good luck to those crews.
  • Saturday 12th February – GPS Grammar Regatta for all Year 10, Year 9 and Year 8 crews at Hen & Chicken Bay. It is important ALL boys turn up.

If you are not receiving information via email please email your details to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Good luck to all crews,
Julie Blomberg

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Sydney Boys High School Cricket

Sydney Boys High School vs St Ignatius College and Newington College

The 2011 season kicked off last Saturday under extremely hot conditions and this made the games difficult to play in these conditions. To SBHS credit we had some great individual performances and some teams came out with a win! Our 1st XI rolled SIC out for 84 runs which was an outstanding performance at McKay Oval on Saturday and has a strong chance to covert this effort into a win next week. It was good to see and hear that many of our teams achieved a good total which is a big improvement. It will be interesting to see if we can keep this up as our batting is the main cause of our defeats in the past. Congratulations to Ned Anson on his terrific score of 155 runs for the 15A Team on the weekend. This was an outstanding effort! Krishan Sivayogarayan also scored a magnificent 85 runs for the 2nd XI.

This week the Cricket Report includes all the team results and their performances. Could I please emphasis to all the coaches and captains to have their report to the Cricket Prefects by Monday evening following the game on Saturday each week to be included in the High Notes. Well done to all our teams this week for their 100% attendance – keep it up and train consistently throughout the week for your game on Saturday. Mr D. Smith (MIC of Cricket)

1st.XI (Day.1)
HIGH 3 – 27 (12) - versus - ST.IGNATIUS (RIVERVIEW) 10 – 80 (45.5)
Wicket takers;- Jesse Moffat 3/12 (11), Sudam Dias 3/18 (8.5), Oliver Meroni 1-9 (6 ), Siva Sooriakumar 1/10 (8), Saif Haque 1-12 (6), Owen Duffy 1-11 (3) overs)
Run scorers Tom Connolly (13n.o), Sam Lane (10 n.o).

This match was played in extreme heat conditions and was eventually called off at the tea interval when the two umpires fell sick in the 42 degree temperatures. Our bowlers toiled hard and responded sensibly to Michael Phung’s intelligent bowling changes. Short sharp spells were the order of the day and every bowler did their job magnificently. We missed a few catching opportunities along the way but our ground fielding was up to our normal high standard. Sangeeth Subramaniam did a splendid job behind the wickets in snaring three valuable catches whilst Michael Phung should feel proud of his diving effort in the covers to grab a brilliant catch at a critical moment in the match. Sudam Dias continues to take wickets and will be a serious contender for GPS trials nomination this season. He took 3-18 off 9 overs. Jesse Moffat was his normal aggressive self and included 6 maidens in his 11 overs. Our innings started in disastrous circumstances when we lost 2 wickets before we had scored a run. Oliver Meroni looked decidedly unlucky to be given out LBW and after Jesse Moffat was clean bowled for 3 we were in acute trouble at 3-8. Tom Connolly (in his new role as an opening batsman) remained calm and positive and with the help of a committed effort from Sam Lane we progressed to 3-27 before the game was called off. We will need to put our heads down and secure the 56 runs needed for victory next weekend and then consider our options for the rest of the day.

2nd XI-
HIGH 10 – 180 - versus - ST.IGNATIUS (RIVERVIEW) 2 -47
Run scorers; - Krishan Sivayogarayan (85) , Nathan Kok (22), Alexander Hughes (20).
Wicket taker: Caspar Price 2/10

Having watched the 1st grade basketballers edge out Newington in the opening game of the Raschke Cup, the 2nd XI boys were determined to show the same fighting spirit they did. After having a minute silence in remembering Mr Terry Ryan, Captain Krishan won the toss and elected to bat in 40 degree heat. Losing Kumi early High went into lunch at 2/47 off 23 overs, slow but wickets in hand Partnerships between Alex Hughes (20) Daniel Smith (11), Nathan Kok (22) and Krishan who was still at the wicket saw us at 3/110 but at a slow run rate to the tea adjournment at 3.10pm, temp 40o. Then it happened!! One over after tea 2 wickets lost with the score on 111 and captain Krishan on “his dreaded nemesis, 39 runs”, hit his 40th run and 3 strokes later his maiden 50.in the 49th over. Then all the demons were released and in the next 10 overs to see him finish on 85 with little help from the tail other than Sachin Dhingra (4) who stayed with Krishan in a 41 partnership. High all out for 180. An outstanding bowling spell from Caspar Price who stepped up to the plate with pace and venom and the Riverview openers dispatched for 2 and 5 respectively finishing the day taking 2/10 (4).On the downside two poor overs from the change bowlers gifted the home team 24 runs and instead of being 2/ 23 at stumps finished at 2/47. There’s a lesson there!!!. The game is up for the taking by either team, however I believe a lesson was learnt from the 14 overs we bowled to Riverview and if learnt, providing it is applied in return, the boys would deserve a victory.

3rd XI
St Ignatius College-8/266(58) Pasan 2/26(10), Shivaanger Thusy 2/31 Dhruv Gupta 1/36 vs High

High played Iggies at home, under 40+ degrees temperatures, the temperature was just draining, with High out for a quick game, a quick wicket immediately fell after the 5th ball and we had Iggies 1/2, immediately followed the other opening batsmen getting out to a diamond duck, which brought out their fourth batsmen who in turn built up a massive partnership with their third batsmen. As the day progressed, the intensity dropped from High. Application and concentration are the key to chase down the runs.

4th XI-
High 6/148(18.3) DEFEATED Newington College 4/147-
Man of the match Derek Wei- match winning 30no.
The 4th XI remain undefeated this year ! This is a terrific effort from a talented team.

5th XI
Shore 4/212 def. 5th XI High 65
On one of the hottest days in Sydney's history and with the Newington's strong batting side who capitalized on the conditions with a huge score of 212. To our credit all our bowlers had very high economy rates, Nicky got 2 wickets and Suman 1, our only other wicket a run out by keeper Adam. After the break our batting lineup started strong, with starts from Jason and Ishmal getting 19 and 14 respectively. Unfortunately a batting collapse for 65 runs saw us lose the game.

HIGH 10 – 184 (43) - versus - ST.IGNATIUS (RIVERVIEW) 2 - 72
Run scorers; - Oliver Kirk (72n.o), Kritman Dhamoon (31) and Thilan Subasinghe (22)
Wicket takers:- Jay Norman - 1/18 (3) and Thilan Subasinghe 1/16 (3)

A good start by High saw us no wicket down after drinks. Openers Anup and Kritman played well, but after 2 quick wickets, High was looking down. A quickfire 22 from Thilan got the run rate going, but after a few more wickets, high was in trouble. Oliver Kirk then came to his crease, and played some magnificent cricket, ending up with 72*. With little resistance from our lower order, High managed to reach 184, our highest first innings total. Iggies then batted till the end of the day, and the end score read 2/72, with wickets from Thilan and Jay. Providing we keep the fielding and bowling tight, we should be looking at a win for High.

HIGH 10 – 158 - defeated NEWINGTON 10 - 144

Run scorers: - Anoj Joseph (39) . Vitthuran Puvanendran, (62), Darry Chen & Simon Luong in one over hit 5 boundaries and as we had just 10 players, Newington sportingly allowed Anoj Joseph to bat a second time Wicket takers Chris Mao (4/29), Victor Ho (3/30) and Vasu Bhakri, 2/35,

16C – No game – Bye

15A. (Day.1)
HIGH 7/272(64), - versus - ST.IGNATIUS (RIVERVIEW)
Run Scorers:- A magnificent century performance by Ned Anson (155) contributed to an imposing final total and supported by Jesse Cooper (24) and Tushaar Joshi (19) to place High in a sound position. With Riverview having to win the game on Day 2 at a rate of 4 plus per over High are really in a good position!

NEWINGTON 8 – 138 - defeated - HIGH 10 - 137
Run Scorers -Lasith De Fonseka 64, Sam Gallagher 20, Niroshan Selvakkumar 6),
Wicket Takers: Howard Gu 3/16, Haotian Zhang 3/24, Lasith De Fonseka 1/19, David Feng 3 catches)

High got off to a solid start but a middle order collapse left the innings in tatters at 7/49. However despite the side falling around him, Lasith combined poise and power to blast his way to a scintillating 64 including 3 sixes. Assisted admirably by Sam (20), their dazzling partnership allowed High to recover to a solid 137. No ball problems plagued High's bowlers early on as Newington got off to a fast start. However Sam and David combined some outstanding fielding to allow High to make regular inroads into the Newington lineup. Newington's number 4 and 5 looked to have taken the game away from High with a 50 run partnership, leaving them only 17 to get with 7 wickets in hand but the bowlers, led by Howard (3/16) and Haotian (3/24) ignored the situation and continued to hit the spot and along with some smart captaincy and great catching took High to the precipice of victory with Newington requiring 6 runs with 2 wickets in hand. A wild swipe across the line for four was to be the killer blow as Newington reached the total 8 down. Despite the weather the whole team never dropped their heads and continued to give it their all until the very end. A win isn't too far around the corner.

15C XI
NEWINGTON 6/85 def. HIGH 5/84
Due to the extreme heat, the teams agreed to play a T20 fixture, in a "Test Match" style, with teams to play 2 innings of 10 overs each. Sent in to bat, High responded strongly with 2/49 from their opening 10 overs. This was mainly due to the explosive Eric Yu (24) who smashed 5 boundaries against a strong attack. Eric and Alan Qi (23) were unbeaten at the innings break. A strong start from Newington was curbed by great bowling, including a couple of wickets to Shobhan Baranwal (2/10). Newington were only 20 runs ahead at the break, with 4 wickets down. Eric was dismissed after the break, but a great partnership between Ray Cheng (18) and Alan Qi kept the innings going and High finished with 5/84. Newington required just 15 runs to win in their second block of 10 overs, but lost 3 quick wickets on the way and were given quite a fright! A terrific effort all round, and amazing to see 17 players turn up for the 15Cs game on such a hot day!

14A XI
HIGH Vs. St Ignatius College. Day1 - SBHS : 10/88 (29 overs); SIC : 1/40 (10 overs)
Top scorers: Rick Saha 17, Varunan Murugananthan 16, Vishnu Avudainayagam 8
Wicket Taker: Jonathan Chew 1-11(2)

SBHS won the Toss and elected to bat first. In the thick of the heat we struggled and unfortunately, our top order batsmen Niyazul Bari, Tahmeed Hossain and Sudarshan Arvind were all dismissed to difficult deliveries. Vishnu Avudainayagam and Varunan Murugananthan made some resistance before Vishnu fell. Raunak Sura fell soon after. We managed to settle by the drinks break, but lost 5 wickets by then. Jonathan Chew stayed in for a long period of time holding the team together. When Varunan got out for 16 and Jonathan had been dismissed, it was down to Gautham Shankar who faced 22 balls for his 2 runs. Rick Saha despite of a bad leg injury, scored 17 runs - an amazing effort for his condition! Anthony Allingham stood firm and strong and gave Rick support after Gautham was run out. After Anthony fell, Rick followed soon after and Kevin Ke stayed not out. We finished all out for 88. Jonathan and Raunak opened the bowling for us and Jonathan picked up an early wicket. Niyazul finished economically giving just 3 runs off his 2 overs. The opposition stand at 1-40 after 10 overs at stumps.

NEWINGTON 4 – 117 (15) - defeated - HIGH 6 – 98 (15)
Wicket Takers ; -Kevin DANG - 1/8 (2), Kevin ROBINSON - 1/10(2), Anthony HUYNH - 1/14 (20 andcatches by Anthony HUYNH (1)and Kevin DANG (1).
Run scorers:- Kevin ROBINSON (33), Raycole DAI (23) Thomas GEORGE (13.Ret.)

HIGH 3 – 156 (20) - defeated - NEWINGTON 10 - 107
Run scorers ;Supan ARUDSELVAN - 31 (Retired), Niyaz Mostafa – 24n.o, Alex Wong – 24n.o, Extras – 61;
Wicket takers - Aashray Narula - 4/9, Anthony Taing - 2/13, Shreyas Pulapaka - 1/12, Jimmy Zhou - 1/18

After losing early wickets, Supan & Niyaz steadied the ship and got the scoreboard ticking. With some impressive hitting at the end from Alex, High were able to reach 156. Poor bowling and fielding saw Newington reach 3/84 after 10. However High with an improvement in execution after the break were able to take the remaining wickets for 23 runs and win the match. Standout with the ball was Aashray who will be on a faux hat-trick next week.

Player profiles- 1st and 2nd XI

Name: Saif Haque Age: 17 Teams Played for: 13As, 14As, 15As, 2nd XI, 1st XI 1st XI debut: Year 9, Trial Game against Wangharia NZ team Training Regime: Wednesday Sport at the SCG Nets, Thursday After School (Nets/Fielding)
Strength and Conditioning Regime: Weekly Gym+ Sprints
Best Memory of Junior Cricket: Winning back to back games against Joeys and Scots
Best Memory of 1st XI cricket: Winning a memorable game against Brisbane State High at 5 Highs
Best thing about playing for High: Best group of cricketers to play with
Highest score: 48
Best bowling figures: 5/15 including hatrick

Saif is one of the most committed boys to the cricket program. His enthusiasm and love of the sport has seen him often stay after much of the team has left, bowling ball after ball at one stump (once having to be asked by the groundskeeper to leave so they could lock up!!). Saif demonstrates the model Sydney High cricketer and all youngsters should aim to follow the strict training regime Saif does if they want to succeed like Saif does. Feel free to approach him and ask him for advice!

Next week:

Group 1 teams play at home against Iggies, Group 2 away Check the cricket website for more information www.sydneyhighcricket.info Also all young cricketers are encouraged to show your support to the 1st and 2nd XI teams on Saturdays.

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2010 Basketball Report

The Sydney Boys High School 2010 basketball team could arguably be called the best team the school has ever had. The team had many successes, the main one being All Schools National Champions. It is also the first time that High has won the Raschke Cup 2 years in a row. 1st Grade’s success comes from a mix of hard work, dedication and natural talent, whilst all under the coaching guidance of Mr Ben Hayman and Mr Alex Hayman. Training 3 times a week, weights once a week and frequent holiday camps all contribute to our accomplishments. 1st grade are also contenders for the GPS Premiership, being undefeated so far, and could potentially become the school’s first GPS Champions (Undefeated).

If you are in Year 7, I recommend that you give basketball a go. It’s a fun and enjoyable sport suited to all skill levels and age groups. The use of the many rings located on the Flat and gym are a great help to those aspiring to play basketball. Chris Morrow and David Ngyuen have worked diligently on improving their basketball skills since Year 7 and have made the team as a result of their hard effort. Eamon Kelly also made 1st Grade in Year 9. With enough hard work, time and effort put into improving your game, 1st grade can become an achievable goal. Let’s continue this proud tradition of basketball success into the future.
Captain of Basketball
Christian Jurlina

Committee Meeting 22/2 at 6:30pm upstairs of the gymnasium Regarding the Annual Basketball Dinner
All parents of boys who have selected basketball as their summer sport are urged to attend this meeting. If you would like to help in some capacity but are unable to attend please email me: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Mr B. Hayman
Basketball Master

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Basketball: Shooting Hoops

Raschke Cup

Last Saturday the High 1st grade team managed to successfully defend their Raschke Cup title. The tournament is held the week before the GPS competition resumes and this year was held at Riverview. The results of our matches are:

Pool Stage
High 26 def Newington 24
High 30 def Kings 21
High 39 def Joeys 23

High 32 def Scots 12

Congratulations to our team for a fantastic effort and in winning this prestigious tournament again!!!

Pool A P W L Pts
High 3 3 0 6
Newington 3 2 1 5
Kings 3 1 2 4
St. Joseph's 3 0 3 3
Pool B P W L Pts
Scots 3 3 0 6
St. Ignatius' 3 2 1 5
Shore 3 1 2 4
Grammar 3 0 3 3

2011 1st Grade Home Fixtures

These are the dates for our 2011 home games. Please come along and support our 1st and 2nd grade teams with the 2nds starting at 10:00am and our 1sts straight after at 11:15:
12/ Feb vs Ignatius
19/ Feb vs Shore
26/ Feb vs Joeys

Also the last match of the season, an away match versus Newington, will be a thriller and may decide the GPS premiership. Please turn up for as many matches as you can in High colours and support your school in basketball this year!!!

Basketball Dinner

It’s that time of year again when we start to look back on the basketball program, celebrate our successes and thank everyone for their support. This year the dinner will be held on 1st April in the Great Hall, so keep an eye out in the High Notes for tickets. However it is also important that we have support in organising this event so on February 22nd (a Tuesday, at 6:30) a meeting will be held in Room 901 for parents/supporters to help organise this event. Anyone with prior experience in organising this would be invaluable.

~ Go High Basketball!
~ Play Hard, Play Smart and Play Together!
~ Don’t forget to visit the Sydney High Basketball Website!
~ Brought to you by the editors, David Li Wang and Chris Chiam
~Thank you to Mr Hayman for all his contributions to basketball and information

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Sydney High Water Polo

Trial Round 3

Opens v Waverley College Draw 7 - 4
High Opens faced old rivals Waverley in our first fixture for the year. We went into the match with a very even record against the team that had produced some of our tightest games over the years, including a last minute draw the last time we had met. Both teams were eager for the win in our final meeting.

Turnovers on both sides were prevalent in a low-scoring first half, with a 1-1 score line at quarter time and 3-3 at half time. A key breakthrough came late in the third quarter, with Oliver giving us the lead from a string of passes that cut through the Waverley defence. However, we conceded, to end the third quarter at 4-4.

3 goals were steadily put past us in the last quarter without reply, and our fatigue in offence was evident. The close game unfortunately slipped away to end 7-4. There were nevertheless many promising patches in the match, and goal scorers this week were Samuel Beston (1), Oliver Sabau (1) and Brendan Hancock (2).
Samuel Beston

16s v St Ignatius College Lost
Having only 1 training session under our belts before this match and playing one of the best water polo schools, today’s match was always going to be a difficult task, but the welcome arrival of 4 new Year 10 players boosted our confidence and team strength.

St Ignatius were quick off the mark but were contained to a respectable 5 – 1 score at quarter time. Lack of practice and fitness were our weaknesses but our commitment to defence and each other provide us with confidence to build on for the rest of the season.

Highlight of the match Max Chien scoring 3 goals against a very strong St Ignatius team, finishing off some great teamwork up the pool.

14s v St Ignatius College Lost
First of all welcome to our new players and families from the 2011 year 7 intake. It is wonderful you have chosen our sport as your first in High.

Losing our size and strength to the U16s, we find ourselves with a squad of 15 – 8 Year 8s & 7 Year 7s and only 1 training session under our belt. There were patches of positives but we need to remember we are a new team it will take a little while to ‘gel’ but there is plenty of potential which is very encouraging.

Congratulations to Wesley and Ian who put together a great length of the pool effort to score our only goal for the match – but at least we got one.

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Swimming Carnival 2011

Memo to Parents

The 2011 School Swimming Carnival will be held at the
Des Renford Aquatic Centre (Heffron Park Pool) Robey Street Maroubra on

The carnival will commence at 8:50 am and finish by 2:45 pm (approximately).

Buses will be provided for Year 7 at a cost of $5 payable on the day and covers bus travel ($3) and pool entry ($2) and will leave from Cleveland Street at 8:30 am and return to school at 3:00pm. Students in Year 7 can make their own way to the venue if they wish to do so.

Students in Years 8-12 will make their own way to and from the Swimming Pool ($2 entry fee applies on entry to venue).

Public transport is available from Central Station to Maroubra Junction and Eastgardens.

The pool is located between Bunnerong Road and Anzac Parade, with the entry located on Robey Street.

School uniform is NOT required. (House colours) and sun protective clothing should be worn by students as shady areas are limited. Food will be on sale from the canteen at the pool. The Carnival will be held "rain, hail or shine!".

Roll call will take place at the venue. Students will be required to scan on entry.

Mr P Loizou
Swimming Coordinator



Carnival commences at 8:50am sharp

NOTE: The age group you compete in is the age you turn this year

1 12years 200m Freestyle
2 13 years  200m Freestyle
3 14 years  200m Freestyle
4 15 years 200m Freestyle
5 16 years  200m Freestyle
6 17+ years  200m Freestyle
7 12 years 100m Freestyle
8 13 years 100m Freestyle
9 14 years 100m Freestyle
10 15 years 100m Freestyle
11 16 years 100m Freestyle
12 17+ years 100m Freestyle
13 12 years   50m Breastroke
14 13 years   50m Breastroke
15 14 years   50m Breastroke
16 15 years   50m Breastroke
17 16 years 100m Breastroke
18 17+ years 100m Breastroke
19 12 years 50m Butterfly
20 13 years 50m Butterfly
21 14 years 50m Butterfly
22 15 years 50m Butterfly
23 16 years 100m Butterfly
24 17+ 100m Butterfly
25 12 years   50m Freestyle
26 13 years   50m Freestyle
27 14 years   50m Freestyle
28 15 years   50m Freestyle
29 16 years   50m Freestyle
30 17+ years   50m Freestyle
31 12 years   50m Backstroke
32 13 years   50m Backstroke
33 14 years   50m Backstroke
34 15 years   50m Backstroke
35 16 years 100m Backstroke
36 17+ years 100m Backstroke
37 16 years 800m* Freestyle
38 17+ years 800m* Freestyle
39 15 years 400m Freestyle
40 16 years 400m Freestyle
41 17+ years 400m Freestyle
42 16 years 200m Individual Medley
43 17+ years 400m Individual Medley

* 800m and 400m swimmers will be timed in the SAME event time permitting

1. All places will be decided by times.
2 The 4 x 100m GPS Medley Relay takes place at 2.00pm

AAGPS Swimming Dates 2011

Carnival Date Venue Time
Sydney Boys High Carnival 14-2-2011 Des Renford PoolMaroubra 9am-3pm
GPS captains dinner 14-2-2011 Shore school 6:30pm
Newington Qualification Carnival 18-2-2011 Newington College 7pm-9pm
Riverview Qualification Carnival 25-2-2011 Riverview College 7pm-9pm
SOPAC GPS 1 4-3-2011 Homebush 7pm-9pm
SOPAC GPS 3 11-3-2011 Homebush 7pm-9pm
Zone Carnival 14-3-2010 Des Renford PoolMaroubra 9am-3pm
CHS 24th to 26th March 2011 Homebush Day/night 
SOPAC  GPS 3 25-3-2011 Homebush 7pm-9pm
CIS TBA Homebush 9am-3pm
All schools TBA Homebush 9am-3pm

P Loizou
MIC Swimming

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