High Notes, Vol 12 No 18, June 17 2011

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From the Principal

High Talent
Our Year 12 PDC debating team defeated St. George Girls to make it through to the Regional Final against traditional competitors SGHS. They went on to defeat Sydney Girls last Friday at Parliament House to retain the Regional Trophy. Congratulations to: Nakul Bhagwat, Samir Kinger, Ashwin Rudder and Krishan Sivayogarayan on their recent victories. Congratulations to Nakul Bhagwat, Sam Lane (Year 12) and Arjun Punekar (Year 10) on their selections in Combined GPS Football teams. Congratulations to Andrija Dumovic (Year 12) who has been selected in the Australian U19 basketball team. Congratulations to the Sydney Boys High Senior Strings for being awarded second prize in the Secondary School String Ensemble event at the Sydney Eisteddfod. Well done to the Sydney Boys High Marching Band for their second place in the RSL ANZAC Day March Band competition – Junior Brass & Concert section. Congratulations to Old Boy and current OBU President, Joseph Waugh (1987), on his Queen’s Birthday honours award of a Public Service Medal for outstanding public service to the NSW Law Reform Commission.

The Sir Roden & Lady Cutler Foundation Scholarship
Board approval was recently obtained for a scholarship to be offered to a deserving Year 10 SBHS applicant. The Sir Roden & Lady Cutler Foundation (“The Foundation”) has established the ‘Sir Roden & Lady Cutler Scholarship’. The scholarship is awarded to a student at Sydney Boys High School for study in Years 11 and 12 and is valued at $1,500 per annum for two years. To be eligible for the award of a Sir Roden and Lady Cutler Scholarship (“The Scholarship”) the applicant must be enrolled in the school at the closing date for applications each year, November 30.

Sydney Boys High School administers The Scholarship on behalf of The Foundation. Applications for The Scholarship are assessed by a Scholarship Committee, comprising members of the executive of Sydney Boys High and the CEO of The Foundation or nominee. Applications are assessed on the basis of the selection criteria. The Scholarship Committee may give preference to an applicant with a demonstrated record of service to others at school and/ or in the wider community over a number of years, or outstanding service in one year. The Scholarship Committee may favour applicants who have a record of initiative, compassion for others and demonstrated leadership skills.

The Scholarship Committee makes recommendations of suitable applicants for the Scholarship to the Foundation’s Board. The successful applicant will be awarded his Scholarship at Presentation Night each year. The Scholarship funds are to be spent within the school via a debit ‘Cutler Card’. The successful applicant will automatically have his Scholarship renewed in Year 12 under the same terms and conditions unless he is no longer of good standing with Sydney Boys High School. If a Scholarship recipient fails to uphold the expectations and values of the Scholarship in Year 11, the Scholarship Committee may discontinue the Scholarship for that student in Year 12.

Selection criteria
"The Sir Roden & Lady Cutler Scholarship is awarded to a Year 10 student who has demonstrated leadership, initiative, courage, compassion and a commitment to service to both those around him and the wider community, despite any personal hardships, financial or otherwise".

Applications are invited from eligible Year 10 students. Application Forms will be available on the school website from July 1.

Reports and Parent Teacher Interviews
By Friday, June 17, boys in all Years except Year 8 should have their reports. Year 8 boys will get their reports next week. Please organise any Clearance Form issues to be settled well before the day they get their interviews with the Principal. I am still holding reports for boys in various Years

who should have discussed them with me by now. Parent Interview Evenings commence with Years 10-12 on Monday, 20/6; continue on Thursday, with Year 7 on Thursday, 23/6; and conclude with Years 8 and 9 on Wednesday, 29/6.

Combined SBHS & SGHS Drama Production
Tonight and tomorrow night will be the culmination of months of work by the participants and staff of both schools, with the performance of ‘Sharp Love’. I really appreciate joint ventures such as these with SGHS. They add a different dimension to single sex education and highlight the need for cooperation and team work to accomplish a joint goal. They provide a context for social and interpersonal skill development also. Please support our staff and our boys in the revival of what I hope will be many joint drama productions with SGHS.
Dr K A Jaggar

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Parent-Teacher Interviews

Years 10, 11 and 12 will take place on
Monday 20 June 2011
3.00pm – 7.30pm

Year 7 will take place on
Thursday 23 June 2011
3.00pm – 6.30pm

Years 8 and 9 will take place on
Wednesday 29 June 2011
3.00pm – 6.30pm

Booking interviews with your son’s teachers
This year we are again using a web based electronic scheduling system for arranging interviews. This produces better results for all participants, especially more compact time schedules for both parents and teachers. The system works as follows –

  • On Wednesday 8 June all parents of boys in Years 10, 11 and 12 were sent by email details of the scheduling system and a unique code to be entered at www.edval.com.au/book.
  • On Tuesday 14 June all parents of boys in Year 7 were sent by email details of the scheduling system and a unique code to be entered at www.edval.com.au/book.
  • On Tuesday 21 June all parents of boys in Years 8 and 9 will be sent by email details of the scheduling system and a unique code to be entered at www.edval.com.au/book.
  • This email will be sent to the address currently held by the school. If you have not received this email by the following day (9, 15 or 22 June) or, if your email address has changed from what had been previously advised to the school, you should notify the school at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it advising of this. Please indicate your son's name and roll class or date of birth so that the information can be forwarded to you.
  • On the Edval website you will see your son’s teachers listed and you will be able to select those with whom you require an interview. (If you hover over a teacher’s name, the subject involved will be shown.) At the same time you can indicate your availability between 3:00 pm and 6:30 pm (7:30pm for Years 10-12).
  • Once the majority of parents have requested interviews, the overall schedule will be generated by the school and your individual schedule should be available for you to download and print from two days before the interviews.
  • Boys from all Years will be dismissed from class at the conclusion of Period 5 on each day. School Special buses will run to normal schedules and there will be supervision in the Junior Quad of boys waiting for these buses.
  • Interviews should not exceed five minutes’ duration. If there is insufficient time, a further appointment may be made for a later date, or contact by telephone arranged.
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SBHS Debating

Many congratulations to the Year 12 PDC team who won the Regional Final of the Hume Barbour competition on Friday. It was impressive to see them argue the negative so well, in a debate about on-shore processing of refugees in Australia against Sydney Girls High. The four boys: Ashwin Rudder, Samir Kinger, Nakul Bhagwhat and Krishan Sivayogarayan looked very at home in the plush surroundings of the NSW Parliament and I predict we have some future politicians amongst them. The team will now face the other regional finalists in a knock out competition to the Grand State Final and I wish them all the best of luck with those future debates.

This week in coaching we held a round of Social Debates against Rose Bay. I hope our Years 7 and 8 PDC teams do better in their First Round of Competitions next Wednesday and Friday than our teams did on Friday. Despite our almost complete defeat (with only one out of 6 teams winning) the evening was a good opportunity for boys (who are not in PDC or GPS teams) to have the opportunity to debate, chair or watch debates. This is important for all of the students who regularly commit to coaching and something I and the coaches are trying to organize on a few more occasions for them next term.

Two weeks ago I published the Year 7 and Year 8 PDC and GPS debaters. This week I am pleased to reveal the names of the Year 9 GPS Debaters. This year competition in Year 9 was particularly strong as we have had a number of new boys joining us in Year 9 – many of whom are keen and experienced debaters. Well done to those who got through and to those who were unsuccessful, you should keep attending the coaching sessions in order to improve your debating skills for next year.
Rachel Powell
MIC Debating

Year 9 GPS Squad 2011

A team
Daniel Fang
Riley Irwin
Edric Wang
Nathan Wang-Ly

B squad (B1 and B2 teams to be decided during training)
Jonathan Frieberg
Tushaar Garg
Shawn Naronha
Samuel Phillis
Lokesh Sharma
Charlie Shi
Junjie Kuang
Andrew Liu


No more competitions until next term.

More information can be found at www.sydneyhigh.org.au/debating and will be emailed to you on a weekly basis.
Please CHECK YOUR EMAIL regularly and ensure we have current contact details for both students and parents.
PARENTS: If you are not receiving weekly emails about debating please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and ask to be added to the parent group for your child’s year.

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Music Notes

Senior String Ensemble

Congratulations to the Senior String Ensemble for their hard work under the directorship of Ms Rebecca Irwin. They were placed 2nd in the McDonald’s Sydney Eisteddfod Secondary School String Ensemble section last Thursday. This is the first year the Senior Strings have been involved with the Performing Arts Challenge, achieving an amazing High Distinction result up against various other High Schools.

Marching Band

The Music Department received a wonderful letter from the ANZAC Day March Executive Committee thanking and congratulating our Marching Band on their performance and involvement in the ANZAC Day March. The boys were placed 2nd under the Junior Brass & Concert section behind the Australian Army Cadets. Well done to all the students who performed on ANZAC Day under such trying conditions. You represented the school proudly.

Year 7 New Instrumentalists

ALL New Year 7 students who began lessons on an instrument last term are encouraged to join the Training Concert Band (Woodwind/Brass/Percussion) and Junior String Ensemble (Strings) this term. Please see below the rehearsal timetable and rooms and turn up with your instruments. Award scheme points apply!

Music Performance Co-Payments

Please arrange to make Music Co-payments ASAP as they are needed to fund the ensembles. Letters have been sent out to students in the Music Performance Program; we appreciate your co-operation in this matter.

Rehearsal Schedule 2011

Music ensemble rehearsals are now up and running, please check the schedule below and attend your appropriate ensemble. ALL new students welcome, please see the Music Staff for ensemble information. We look forward to your son’s involvement in the Music Performance Program.


Morning rehearsals 7.45am
(Unless stated otherwise)
Intermediate Concert Band
Room 201
Chamber Choir
Room 201
Also Lunchtime rehearsal
Junior Stage Band
Room 201
Senior Concert Band
Room 201    
Symphony Orchestra
Room 201
  Senior Stage Band
Room 101
Jazz Ensemble
Room 101
Intermediate Stage Band
Room 101
Senior String Ensemble
Great Hall  
Guitar Ensemble/ Saxophone Ensemble
Room 101/102
  Training Concert Band
Room 202
Terms 2, 3, 4
  Philharmonic Orchestra
Room 208  
  Junior String Ensemble
Room 208
      Marching Band TERMS 1 & 4
Moore Park West  
Afternoon rehearsals
Start @ 3.30pm
  Marching Band
TERMS  1 & 4

BB Courts

3.30 - 4.30pm
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From the Library

Congratulations to Rachel Howland (English Faculty) for sailing right in and using our huge screen, computer and projector for the first time. It was great to see a movie up there. It was an impressive and successful lesson.

Head Teachers and Faculties may consider using it for on site in-servicing and Faculty Meetings where material needs to be displayed on a projector or a DVD/Movie needs to be shown on a huge screen.

Also if you want students to do a computer presentation/talk this is possible.

Bookings of this space or the Library computer area can be done on Start Menu/School/Sites/Room Booking and the floor will be yours!

For group work where both computers and a class space may be useful do not forget that you can book out both spaces in the Andrews Library.

A reminder to after school parent meeting convenors that both Library spaces are quite lovely welcoming spaces to hold after hours meetings and the Junior Library has access to hot water, a microwave, a mini oven and a fridge for nibbles. I would like to see Evening Debating brought into the Junior Library.

It would be great to see our lovely and welcoming spaces used to impress parents and visitors. Keys can be arranged.
Mrs Crothers

Premier's Reading Challenge 2011

Thanks to a request from one of our great readers in Year 7 Sydney Boys High is participating in the Premier’s Reading Challenge this year. Dr Jaggar has now registered our school and we can begin.

Fantastic readers in Years 7, 8 and 9 are reminded that participating in the Premier’s Reading Challenge for one more year may in some cases lead to you receiving special Premier’s Reading Challenge Awards. So if you are eligible do not miss out on meeting this challenge!

Boys can enter their reading from this library online at the Premier’s Reading Challenge website. DO NOT PUT IN YOUR SRN, JUST YOUR NAME. (There is a problem with the SRNs). I am able to validate the reading record by printing out an OASIS report of books borrowed from the Library this year. (If you have already read a lot this year ask Mrs Crothers to print out your loan record so you/she can enter your reading in the Challenge)

When boys did their library orientation at the beginning of the year I asked them how many books they read last year and the influence of the Premier’s Reading Challenge was immediately obvious. Most boys had read over 30 books the previous year and quite a few have read up to 50 a year. This amazing answer has been coming back from our boys for several years now – since the Premier’s Reading Challenge began.

Reading is such a fun way to enhance literary talent and it would be a shame if enthusiasm for books faded away in High School. The Premier’s Reading Challenge is an incredibly effective way to recognise that reading has so much to offer our special boys as an educational and communication tool.
Mrs Crothers

New Resources this week - Junior Library

Our Library is trying to put a list of currently new resources into “Library Thing“ Software which prints pictures of book covers and we hope will offer High Notes Readers the opportunity to look up databased book reviews as well as a star index which can indicate that other readers have found the book interesting.

These “new resource” lists will also be available on our SBHS Website and on the Student/Staff and Parent Portals.
Mrs Crothers

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The Bookworm

Weekly News - Vol I Issue 5

Don’t miss out on LibraryVIP…

Pick up a Library VIP card with your next loan in either the Junior or Senior libraries.

Every loan = 1 stamp
10 stamps = 1 entry into the draw for a $50 Book Voucher
With so many new resources always being released onto the shelves, don’t leave it until too late! Pay a visit to the library and borrow a book today!

Present your Library VIP card/bookmark every time you borrow. It will be validated with a date stamp and a library stamp. Once you have filled in the 10 stamps, drop your card into the box in the Junior Library (7-9) or Senior Library (10-12).

Library VIP operates across the two libraries. You can earn stamps from both libraries whenever you borrow.

Please ask us for a Library VIP card if you haven’t received one when you borrow.

BE REWARDED for your reading. PICK UP your Library VIP card with your next loan.
The BOOKWORM Is an initiative of the Junior & Senior Libraries.

Messages from Booko!


BOOKO INFORMS YOU THAT Y7-9 Students can also join the Premier’s Reading Challenge now! Please see Mrs Crothers in the Junior Library if you are interested. Reading records can be entered online. Don’t forget books borrowed for the Premier’s Reading Challenge in our libraries can get LibraryVIP stamps!

Be Rewarded. Literally.
Now ANYONE can be a VIP

High Family

The Bulletin Board for Sydney Boys High P & C

Julie Connolly
P&C President
If you would like to have any parent community news or upcoming events included in High Society, please contact Julie Connolly, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; M: 0418 470 203.

Joint SGHS & SBHS P&C Meeting, 7.30pm Wednesday 22nd June

SGHS Multi-purpose Hall.
Two guest speakers addressing the important issue of Improving Mental Health for Young People – an evening not to be missed.

Senior students from both schools are also invited to attend these talks with their parents’ permission. Students, please bring a note of permission from your parents with you on the evening.

Each year SGHS and SBHS hold a joint P&C meeting. This year’s meeting is hosted by SGHS with two guest speakers who will address the important issue of improving mental health for young people:

  • Professor Ian Hickie AM, Director of Brain & Mind Research Institute, at the University of Sydney, where he is also a professor of psychiatry. Professor Hickie is a previous CEO and clinical advisor to beyondblue: the national depression initiative and Visiting Fellow, Centre for Mental Health Research, Australian National University as well as a member of the Australian National Council on Drugs and chair of Mental Health Council of Australia's research committee.
  • Professor Helen Christensen, Professor and Director, Centre for Mental Health Research, College of Medicine, Biology and Environment, The Australian National University. Professor Christensen’s research interests include depression and anxiety that are major causes of incapacity and present high risk for suicide and self harm. Her major research aims include to improve levels of help seeking to mental health services in Australia and globally; and develop and trial prevention and early intervention programs using health technologies for anxiety, depression and self harm. This is an important area for parents and we encourage as many parents as can to attend this joint P&C meeting. Supper will be served following the talks.

Supper will be served following the talks.

Capital Campaign 2011

The P&C supports the School in the current Capital Campaign seeking substantial one-off or monthly-giving parent donations to the Sydney Boys High School Building Fund – to be received prior to 30th June 2011, to secure tax deductibility for the current financial year. SBHS Building Fund currently stands at $1.067million. We have a target of $2 million to commence our major building project – the multi-purpose education centre. Anything you could give at this time really helps the cause. For those who would rather give in a meaningful and ongoing way, join the 110 donors in the Monthly Giving Scheme. Our target is to double the number of donors this year. On or about the 15th of each month a nominated amount is automatically debited from your account or credit card. In late June each year you receive a statement from the school detailing the total of your donations in the twelve months from July 1 the previous year.

To donate, please go to www.sydneyboyshigh.com/donations/project-donations where you will find a donation form for each mode of giving to the Capital Works Appeal.

Upcoming Meetings & Events

Parent/Teacher Night, Years 10 to 12 – Monday 20th June, 3.00pm to 7.30pm - Great Hall
Joint P&C Meeting SGHS & SBHS with Guest Speakers – Wednesday 22nd June, 7.30pm – SGHS Multi-purpose Hall
Parent/Teacher Night, Year 7 – Thursday 23rd June - Great Hall
Parent/Teacher Night, Years 8 & 9 – Wednesday 29th June, 3.00pm to 6.30pm - Great Hall
Rugby Committee Meeting - Wednesday 29th June, 6.00pm – Staff Common Room

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Rifle Shooting

The SHSRC 2011 annual trip to Wingham was conducted over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend, for the purpose of competing in the annual Wingham Rifle Club Open Prize Meeting. A squad of SHSRC members comprised of Brendan Leo (12, c), Yujin Wu (11, vc), Jacky Yang (11), Bill Deng (10), Dominic Tran (10), Wilbert Wu (10), Jeremy Chan (9) and Timothy Tran (8) competed against some extremely strong competition, including teams from the Armidale, New England Girls and Wingham High School. By the end of the weekend, Yujin and Wilbert had placed second and third in C grade respectively, all competitors gained valuable experience shooting in torrential rain.

After a relatively uneventful trip to Wingham on the ever-reliable school Coaster, tents were quickly pitched in total darkness in anticipation of rain. Fortunately, the rain held off until the next morning, causing the 300 metre and 500 yard ranges being cancelled, being replaced by two 600 yard matches. As a result of familiarisation, scores began to improve toward the end of the day. Some notable performances on the first day include a 46.3 by Bill, and two 48.5s by Yujin, whose performance placed him second for the day 1 aggregate. Entertainment that night was provided by the Wingham Rifle Club in the form of karaoke and trivia, replacing the usual bingo.

The second day of shooting consisted of 2 matches at 500 yards and 1 match at 300 metres. After a day getting used to the demoralising wind and rain, our shooters began to produce more impressive scores, with both Yujin and Brendan scoring a total of 145/150 over the 3 ranges. Wilbert also scored a 49/50 at the first 600 yard range of the day, an impressive effort. By the end of the day, the aggregate of the two days of scores resulted in Yujin being placed second in C grade, and Wilbert third. Jacky was also awarded an encouragement award for his improvement over the weekend, which he kindly donated to Mr McGuigan, his A grade mentor, who had helped him greatly. Sydney High School once again took out the Mo Burdett School’s Trophy.

Following the formal presentation, a cultural lesson was conducted by Keith Gleeson, an Aboriginal member of the Wingham Rifle Club from the Biripi nation. Many of those present tried playing the didgeridoo, some better than others. Damper cooked in a campfire by Max (from The Armidale School) and Ms Meaney marked the conclusion of the evening.

The following morning, the campsite was packed up in the pouring rain and the team left Wingham, destined for Sydney. Shortly out of Buladelah, strange noises began to emanate from the engine compartment of the Coaster. Upon stopping on the side of the highway, we realized that the fan belt had disappeared somewhere along the way. Stranded 4 hours out of Sydney, there was little choice but to wait for the NRMA to arrive with a replacement. After 2 hours of NRMA maintenance, we were back on the road to Sydney.

A great time was had by all with some very good scores recorded. Many thanks must be expressed to the coaches, Justin Hill, Kevin Chan, Joe Banh and Denis Stojanovic for travelling with the team, and the Wingham Rifle Club, for organising the logistics of the trip, such as accommodation and great entertainment. However, much of the organizational load is borne by the Sydney High School Rifle Club executives; Sam Kremer, Nathan Scudder, Geoffrey Blinkhorne, and Master-in-charge Cathy Meaney; without their contributions to the day to day running of the club, the trip would not have been possible.
Captain of Rifles
Brendan Leo (Yr 12)

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Wet Weather Information – Saturday Sport

For regular updates on Saturday sport during times of inclement weather, parents and students are asked to check the school’s website throughout the day. The information can be found by going to the school’s website at www.sydneyboyshigh.com then by clicking on the fixture details under the heading of ‘Upcoming events’ eg Saturday, May 1 SHS v NC. Cancellations can then be found by scrolling down the page to the specific sport and team. If there is no information specific to sport cancellations then assume by default that sport will go ahead. Please note that the current ‘Sports Wet Weather line’ is inoperable.

Unfortunately, these arrangements will not be available this weekend (18 June 2011) due to a planned disruption of supply of electricity to the school over the weekend.

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Volleyball Report

NSW Volleyball All Schools Tournament

The All Schools Tournament held at Olympic Park on Friday 27th May was marked by a strong participation in all divisions from Sydney Boys High. The following are highlights from the competition:

First Grade
The Sydney Boys first grade volleyball team set out to the Sydney State Sports centre with one goal in mind: to continue to dominate by winning the Schools Cup tournament. This tournament featured the best teams from schools all around the state, so the team knew that it would be no easy task. The day started out with a few good wins in the pool games, allowing the team to warm up before heading into the playoff pools. In an intense game against Carlingford High, the team managed to come away with a good win, giving us a great deal of confidence leading into the final. The final was played against Kelso, a team who made up the majority of the Western Region representative team. The first set saw High take the early advantage, winning convincingly, and was cruising in the second set until Kelso began to fire up. Down 24-21, we were able to claw our way back to win the set 26-24, securing another title for our trophy case. The momentum gained from the day’s success was able to carry through into our five set win over Sydney Grammar on the following day.
Christopher Morrow (Captain)

Third Grade
The third grade side competed in our first NSW Schools Cup tournament held at Sydney Olympic Park. With our team finalized only two days prior to the tournament we were relatively inexperienced. However, we were able to build both confidence and teamwork as we progressed through the day and these would prove to be valuable assets to our team. We played against a number of formidable teams and earned ourselves our first victory against Sydney Tech in what was a tough but well played match. We hope to build further skill and are looking forward to the remaining season.
Dennis Kim (Captain)

The volleyball tournament on Friday the 27th of May was nothing short of exhilarating. From the minute we walked into the Olympic Park Sports Halls, to the moment we walked out as State Champions our day was action packed and full of fun. However, the day was not always smooth sailing with close-calls and injuries nearly raining on our parade.

The lead up to the finals was fantastic. We played as a united team, working on each other’s strengths and exposing the opposition’s weaknesses, and this allowed us to reach the finals without dropping a set.

In the grand final we were up against a formidable opponent; Homebush Boys. Boasting three state representatives, they were a strong side. We came out confident as we had beaten them earlier in the tournament but this proved to be a detriment, as they took the lead early in the first set. However, we stayed calm and managed to regain the lead and ultimately take the set. The next set was even closer, as Homebush Boys were determined to redeem themselves and win the tournament, which resulted in a close 2nd set in which we won 27-25, allowing us to take the match and thus win the tournament! t!

An enormous amount of thanks must go to our coach Ritam Mitra, who did a great job coaching both our team and the 16Bs on the day, Mr Kay, the Volleyball MIC who organized and monitored all the SBHS teams at the tournament with great success and Ms Trompetter, who organized permission and was at the tournament roll calling and supporting everyone. If it were not for these wonderful people we wouldn’t have had half of the fun and enjoyment we experienced on the day. Finally a big congratulations must go to Jason Le, Gordon Qin, Jason Garrett, Byron Chen, Yu Peng Man, Pinyan Gao and Kevin Lu. Our dedication to training and strong teamwork paid off and I’m sure if we continue to work hard this win will be the first of many.
Shawn Noronha (Captain)

The 16Cs was quite a ragtag team being made up of three Year 10s (Calum York, Jeffrey Ni and Edward Luu) and three Year 9s (Derek Aun, Anes Karahasan and Michael Fung). Playing with people we had never played with before presented a challenge and although we did not win a match we did gather momentum as the day progressed winning two sets closer to the end of the day. Despite the loss it was a learning experience for all in adapting to new situations. Calum York (Captain)

We were placed in the under 15s division for the All Schools Tournament. Our opponents were two years older than us and we knew it was going to be tough to win. Our first match was against Cherrybrook and our inexperience resulted in a straight sets loss. We next faced the eventual champions Kelso and despite winning many points due to unforced errors we were unable to secure a win. A tightly fought match against SBHS 8s resulted in a narrow loss in the first set 18-21 before losing the second set. The final two games were against SBHS 9s and Pennant Hills. Both games were a good contest but ended in a loss for us. Even though we came last, this tournament was a huge learning curve for our team which will benefit our future games.
Thomas Nguyen (Captain)

On Friday the 27th we played our first NSW All Schools Tournament, with high hopes for a place in the finals. Following a solid warm-up we played our first match against Kelso High. After the first few points we realised we were becoming outmatched and our coach was quick to change our formations. Despite our best efforts to block their spikes, we were unable to withstand the barrage and lost the match.

However, putting our loss behind us we were ready to face Pennant Hills. Our consistent serving and great passing resulted in a win in straight sets. After a duty and a lunch break we were up against Cherrybrook, a strong team forcing a draw against the under 15As. In the first set we played cautiously, careful not to make any errors and won the first set. The next set we attempted to play more offensively, but this resulted in more errors and unfortunately we lost the second set. In the final set, we were determined to outclass our opponents. s.

Thanks to the brilliant serving and spiking of the team, we were able to avoid a tight match and win comfortably. Our SBHS Under 13s were next and we were careful not to take them too lightly. We used this opportunity to practise our hitting and passing to prepare for the next game against our Under 15s. After a solid win against our Year 7s, we were confident starting the next match. Strong communication and great setting allowed us to plough through in the first set. In the second set we were ready to close the match but the opponents serving proved tough to handle. Poor passing made this harder and we could not prevail, losing the set by a few points. In the third set we attempted to play cautiously, but our winning streak didn’t last long when our team lost serve. With the fatigue of earlier games beginning to set in, it wasn’t long before our opponents were able to hammer us down defeating us in a tight three setter.

Huge thanks must be given to Victor, whose efforts in coaching allowed our team to get this far, Mr Kay, MIC of Volleyball who supervised all our teams successfully at the tournament and Ms Trompetter who organized the event and supported everyone. Without these people the day wouldn’t have been as fun or exciting. And finally a big congratulations to Kevin Robinson, Jaiden Chin, Supan, Greg Kim, Aiden, Harry Park, Jason Hong, Ryan Seong. With your dedication and hard work, I’m sure we will achieve greatness soon.
Sunny Xu (Captain)
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Sports Donations

GPS sports competition is very demanding on people and resources. At High we have ongoing needs for facilities development, equipment and development through expert coaching. If you would like to help through a tax deductible donation for a particular sport, the appropriate form can be posted to you by calling 9361 6910. Alternatively, you can go to our website www.sydneyboyshigh.com click on Sport/Sports Donations to download either Development Donation Form or Equipment and Facility Donation Form.

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Enrolment: Years 8 - 12, 2012

Applications for years 8 - 12, 2012 close on 28 July 2011

Application forms are available from the school or visit: www.sydneyboyshigh.com and click on the link to enrolments.

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Phillip Day Memorial Scholarship

For existing or enrolling students in years 7 - 12 who meet the scholarship selection criteria.

To apply, visit www.sydneyboyshigh.com/scholarship for full details.

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Senior Production: Sharp Love

Friday's performance of Sharp Love is completely sold out
There are a few tickets available for Saturday

17th and 18th June
SGHS Campbell Hall

Show begins 7:30pm
$5/$10 tickets at the door

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Invitation to Annual P&C Joint Meeting

Wednesday 22 June 2011 7:30 pm
Multi Purpose Hall
Sydney Girls High School

Topic: Improving Mental Health for Young People

Professor Ian Hickie AM MD FRANZCP FASS
Executive Director Brain & Mind Research Institure University of Sydney

From 2000 to 2003 Professor Hickie was CEO of beyondblue: the national depression initiative, and from 2003-2006 he served as its Clinical Advisor. In 2003, he was appointed as the Executive Director of the Brain & Mind Research Institute (BMRI). In 2006, Professor Hickie received the Australian Honours Award of Member (AM) in the General Division; for services to medicine in the development of key national mental health initiatives and general practice services in both the public and non-government sectors. In October of that same year, the Australian Financial Review included Professor Hickie in its list of the top 10 cultural influences. The specific comments noted his role as a “long-term campaigner”, “the person who orchestrated the campaign” that led to the COAG announcements ($4 billion dollars over five years). Professor Hickie was appointed to the Prime Minister’s Australian National Council on Drugs from 2007 to 2011, and has led the BMRI as a founding member of the new National Youth Mental Health Foundation (‘headspace’). Also in this year, Professor Hickie was elected as a Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia.

From 2008-2013, he is one of the first round of new NHMRC 2008 Australian Fellows. In July 2008 he was appointed to the Federal Health Minister’s new National Advisory Council on Mental Health. In November 2009, Professor Hickie received the Research Australia national advocacy award for his work in mental health. In 2011 he was appointed to the Mental Health Expert Working Group (MHEWG), Department of Health and Ageing

Professor Helen Christensen BA(Hons) (Syd), MPsych, PhD (NSW), FASSA
Professor and Director, Centre for Mental Health Research, College of Medicine, Biology and Environment The Australian National University,
Areas of Research: Depression, Anxiety, e-health, Early Intervention and Prevention; Lifespan Cognitive Change.

Professor Christensen’s research interests include depression and anxiety that are major causes of incapacity and present high risk for self harm. Her major research aims are to improve levels of help seeking to mental health services in Australia and globally; develop and trial prevention and early intervention programs using health technologies for anxiety, depression and self harm; improve the quality of health promotion, prevention and early intervention services through the implementation of evidence-based web and telephone services and to improve knowledge about the way in which individuals use and respond to health technologies.

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