High Notes, Vol 12 No 15, May 27 2011

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From the Principal

High Talent
In Chess competition Round 2, the Senior team defeated Trinity Grammar, the Intermediate A and B teams won, but the Intermediate team lost to Newington A 1.5:2.5. The Junior A team won and the B team drew 2:2 against Newington. In Round 3 the Senior team beat Newington, the three Intermediate teams won and the Junior team had a win against Sydney Technical and a draw against Fort Street. Well done, boys! Chris Morrow (Year 12) will compete with the NSW CHS state Volleyball team in the Trans Tasman competition in June. Congratulations, Chris!

The National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010-2022
Where are we going?
The National Plan has set outcomes for the implementation of the Plan. Most of the outcomes involve reforming government agencies or service providers. However, Outcomes 1 and 2 can be addressed by school communities too.

National Outcome 1- Communities are safe and free from violence
Measure of success: increase in the community’s intolerance of violence against women. [Survey each 4 years ]

2- Relationships are Respectful
Measure of success: improved knowledge of, and the skills and behaviour for, respectful relationships by young people.

3-Indigenous Communities are Strengthened
Measure of success: a reduction in the proportion of indigenous women who consider that family violence, assault and sexual assault are problems for their communities: and an increase in women having their say in decision-making.

5- Justice Responses are Effective
Measure of Success: increase in the rate of women reporting domestic violence and sexual assault.

6- Services Meet the Needs of Women and Their Children Experiencing Violence
Measure of success: an increase in the access to, and responsiveness of, services for victims of domestic and family violence and sexual assault.

7- Perpetrators Stop Their Violence and are Held to Account
Measure of Success: a decrease in repeated partner victimisation.

Besides raising awareness among our boys of the importance of the issue of violence against women, we will build capacity in our boys to develop and sustain respectful relationships with girls and women. We will train them in the skills and behaviours indicative of respectful relationships. We will model such behaviour as staff members, colleagues and teachers and vigilantly safeguard our school community as a place where all members feel safe and free from violence.

Year 12 Reports and Year 9 Clearance Forms
All boys in Year 12 should have received their reports. Please ask to see your son’s report. Year 9 boys who require them will need to complete their Clearance Forms before being issued with their reports. Many Year 9 boys also will receive their reports today.

TAS Visit
I thank all the boys, staff, Old Boys and parents who participated in the visit to TAS last weekend. The boys behaved very well and competed in all the games in true High spirit. It is important that we send the best possible teams to TAS. I hope all boys support the visit next year. The TAS experience underlines just how much we rely on depth in our rugby program. I hope all our parents can see the benefits of the sport and will allow their sons to play if they want to.
Dr K A Jaggar

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Drama Production 'Sharp Love'

The Combined SBHS/SGHS Senior production is nearing production week, with only 3 weeks to go!

‘Sharp Love’ explores the plight of love through history and times of hardship.

The show incorporates a pastiche of separate storylines tied together by four timeless characters reflecting love’s journey.

Come along and support your peers for an entertaining evening on Friday 17 and Saturday 18 June.

The performance will be held at the SGHS Campbell Hall at 7:30pm. Tickets can be purchased for $5 at the door.

For further information please contact Jennie Rohr in the Drama Department.

We look forward to seeing you there.
Sam Marques
Year 11 Drama

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Gifted and Talented Study Day

Suitable for Year 10 and Year 11 students.
This study day is on Monday 15 August at Ascham. The promotional material says:

“This study day is designed to explore the key philosophical issues at stake in the God debate. Why is it that there is no single religious leader in the world, past or present who preaches ‘happiness’? Is it because being fully human is far more than being happy? Being a fulfilled and complete individual means taking time to consider the big questions about life, its meaning and purpose. Inevitably, this raises engagement with the question of God. This study day is suitable for students of any religious persuasion or none and will open up the rational and philosophical issues confronted by those who believe, as did Socrates, that ‘An unexamined life is not worth living’ “

There are 14 places available for students who are interested and who are prepared to pay $20 to attend. If this sounds like you, please see Ms Eggleton in the English staffroom during the next few days, to register and for more details
Ms Eggleton

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Careers News

It is important that parents and students have access to the latest careers news and information. The Careers News section of the Student Portal and of the Parents Portal is updated daily with this latest information.

Visit the Careers News section to read the latest information about:

  • Guest speakers
  • Bonus point schemes
  • Overseas education opportunities
  • UMAT
  • University admission
  • University information days
  • University-school enrichment programs
  • Work Placement information

And much more.

Log into the Student or Parents Portal by clicking the Intranet Login link on the Sydney Boys High School website.

Please see the Careers Adviser if you have any further questions.

Year 12 Interviews
All Year 12 are required to have an interview with the Careers Adviser during Term 2 or Term 3 to discuss all aspects of post-school education including ATAR, UAC, scholarships, preferences etc.

Interviews are booked online through the Student Portal. Students should access the Careers Interviews section of the Student Portal and select a time for interview. There are two slots per period that the Careers Adviser is available.
Mr Cipolla
Careers Adviser

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Parent/Teacher Nights - Calendar Change

The Parent/Teacher Nights for Years10-12 and Year 7 have been swapped. The new arrangements are:

Year 7 Parent/Teacher Night
Thursday 23 June 15:00-18:30

Years 10-12 Parent/Teacher Night
Monday 20 June 15:00-19:30

R Dowdell

ASX Share Market Game

Semester 1 2011

Sydney High continued its great run of success in this prestigious national competition.

Jordan Liang (Year 11) finished second in the National rankings with a portfolio value of $56,228. Jordan will receive a trophy and a prize of $600 and the school receives $2,000!

Kevin Zhou (Year 12) placed third in NSW and he will receive a trophy and a prize of $250.

Well done to everyone who participated in the Game. 390 High students participated from Year 7 to Year 12. Whilst all Commerce, Economics and Business Studies students are automatically entered in the Game, all students are welcome to participate.

In this Game it has been difficult to increase portfolio values. The share market has been moving up and down quite considerably due to events such as the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, the Aussie dollar reaching record highs and a general uncertainty in the overall market.

The All Ordinaries (XAO) ended up down just one percent over the Game period. Only 20 per cent of players finished in profit. The average portfolio value was $49,050

Jordan’s Strategy
Jordan was only $161 behind 1st place. He bought 6 times and sold 3 times. The shares he invested in were ERA, CGF, PDN, GNS, and FMG. After selling and taking some profit he reinvested in PDN and ERA. He invested in the energy, materials and financial sectors.

Strategy: ‘The secret of my success is really not a secret! I consulted widely amongst family and friends and assessed the advice which was given freely. I entered the market buying 4 different shares, PDN, ERA, CGF and GNS. My shares were focussed in the energy/mining sector and my portfolio experienced significant growth in the earlier part of the Game.

Before I knew it I was leading the competition and in a state of shock. I immediately sold all my shares. At this time the market started to fluctuate and my position was looking better and better. It was too risky to get back in. I did not trade for several weeks and my position dropped significantly. In the latter stages of the Game while the market was still volatile, I kept the bulk of my portfolio in cash and I bought some Fortescue Metals Group Ltd shares and the rise in the share price gave me a slight profit enabling me to push up the rankings. Thus inactivity was a winning strategy!’


Luck On My Side Kevin Zhou (Yr 12) $55,130
Mad Hatters Tea Party Jordan Liang (Yr 11) $56,228
Prisoners Dilemma Marcus Ekengard (Yr 10) $53,343
Game Set and Match Kohen Lau (Yr 9) $51,806
Eight Late Dates Jason Lin  (Yr 8) $51,041
Seven Elevens Shafiul Haque (Yr 7) $49.921

TP Dolan
ASX Game Coordinator.

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From the Canteen

Keen to try out the fabulous range of food in our canteen, but pressed for time? Desperate for pasta or rice boxes, sweet chilli wraps or foccacia but keep missing out?

We have a wide range of hot food on offer and limited oven space. While we try very hard to second guess what all you boys (and teachers) will want to eat on a given day, it is very hard to get it right without your input. The answer is simple!
Order ahead and reserve what you want!
Simply call at the canteen first thing in the morning, place and pay for your lunch order and it will be ready and waiting for you at lunch time. How easy is that!

All of the following people helped out in canteen last week …..Dani Hillier, Jenny Nixon, Maria Nguyen, Lynn Chen, Anita Bezjak, Cia Koukouras, Jenny Dong, Sharon Hughes, Angela Pak, Hiroko Kitajima, Doris Fong, Mary Yan, Ravi Velupillai, Alana Liang, Ming Lee, Stam FarrugiaLouise Warren, Linda Perris, Shilpar, Kiran Chokkanna

Your names will go into our Thank You draw for a $10 canteen voucher which your son can use at canteen. Next week we will be publishing the names of our recent winners.

Many thanks to all our volunteers.
Thank you
The Canteen Team

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2011 HSK Awards Ceremony

On 22nd May, 11 students from Years 9 and 10 arrived at the Tom Mann theatre for the HSK (Chinese proficiency test) awards ceremony organised by the Sydney HSK Centre and the Chinese Embassy.

This ceremony was held for the high achievers in the HSK exam taken in 2010. From Year 8, there was Sunny Cheng. From Year 9 there were Wei Li Zhuang, Junjie Kuang, Daniel Shao, Sida Wang, Wenbo Gong, William Yang and Harrison Xu. From Year 10 there were Shuming Wang, Jacky Zhu, Jacky Jian, Jeffrey Ni, Jeffrey Yang, Marshall Li, Tony Li, William Tu and Johnson Xu.

On the day there was also a Chinese Bridge competition which involved competitors that weren't native speakers going up on stage and performing a speech and also an act of their choice. The competitors were university students who studied Chinese. Some of the competitors were really prepared and had made an eloquent speech whereas others were shaking on stage.

Sydney Boys High was named as one of the high achieving schools. Congratulations to all those who won awards. Best of luck for the HSK in Year 2011.
Shuming Wang
Year 10

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From the High Store

For all the keen parents who stand in the cold to watch their son’s match, we are having a SALE on Supporter High polar fleece jumpers.

Normally $69.00 NOW till the end of MAY ONLY $50.
Sizes XS through to L.
Be QUICK – don’t miss out!

Also available are SHS scarves $22 & beanies $20.

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What’s Up in the McDonald Senior Library?

The McDonald Senior Library is proud to present the inaugural SYDNEY BOYS HIGH FILM FESTIVAL. Several fantastic anime films will be screened in the Senior Library during weeks 7 and 8 this term at lunch time.

Films featured in this event include The Lost Thing an animated short film by the creator of the picture book with the same title by Shaun Tan. This film won an AFI award and an Oscar in the Academy awards this year and is about a small boy who finds a mysterious “thing” on the beach which he tries desperately to find somewhere for it to belong!

We will also be showing two other anime films by Hayao Miyazaki who is considered a National Living Treasure in Japan and who has produced many amazing animated feature films since establishing Studio Ghibli in 1985.

Some of you may find a graphic text to use as related material for your English or Visual Arts work. So don’t forget to reserve your lunch hours and come along to see and enjoy some amazing and unique films before you start the very busy preparation period before your next exams and assessments!
Ms Gordon
TL McDonald Senior Library

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SBHS Debating

Tonight I will be going to Trinity to watch our Year 12s debate in the FED Semi Finals. I will be returning the Year 12 trophy that was won last year and I am hoping that when I return to school after the Finals, next week I will be bringing back four trophies: as we have Year 8, Year 10 and 11 ( and hopefully Year 12) in the FED Grand Final. This is going to be held at Newington. Please arrange to come along to show your support for our teams.

Meanwhile Year 7 and Year 9 will complete their GPS selections after school today and that means that coaching in the Junior school will return to normal for everyone. Last week coaching started again for Year 8. I was very pleased to see such a good turnout.

Remember that if you are disappointed about not getting into GPS or didn’t want to try out for GPS it is still important to attend coaching as you will continue to develop the skills you need to improve in this very relevant and useful activity. Award points will only be given to those boys who attend coaching regularly for three terms and behave sensibly when they are in those sessions.
Rachel Powell
MIC Debating

In the FED Semi Final, Year 11 saw themselves up against Barker College who were the only team to defeat us in the round robin stage. With the topic “that we should use harsh interrogation techniques on terrorists,” Barker ran a model at 1st that extended so far as only to use detainment and questioning under the ICC which High quickly responded to saying that it was in no way harsh and was unlikely to be effective in gathering information from terrorists. Despite trying to change their model at 2nd to have the severity dependent on the ICC’s discretion the damage was done and now we turn our focus to finals. I urge everyone to come and support our teams in the finals at Newington next Friday.
Christopher Chiam

27th May
Year 12 FED Semi Final

More information can be found at www.sydneyhigh.org.au/debating and will be emailed to you on a weekly basis.
Please CHECK YOUR EMAIL regularly and ensure we have current contact details for both students and parents.
PARENTS: If you are not receiving weekly emails about debating please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and ask to be added to the parent group for your child’s year.

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Music Notes

Music Parking

Thank you to the P&C for their generous donation towards the purchase of a new Double Bass. We have needed to replace this for the last couple of years.

Year 7 New Instrumentalists

ALL New Year 7 students who began lessons on an instrument last term are encouraged to join the Training Concert Band (Woodwind/Brass/Percussion) and Junior String Ensemble (Strings) this term. Please see below the rehearsal timetable and rooms and turn up with your instruments. Award scheme points apply!

Music Parking

Thank you very much to all the students and parents who helped out with our Music Parking last Sunday; it was a highly successful day, raising lots of funds for the Music Performance Program.

Music Performance Co-Payments

Please arrange to make Music Co-payments ASAP as they are needed to fund the ensembles. Letters have been sent out to students in the Music Performance Program; we appreciate your co-operation in this matter.

Music Performance

Year 11 HSC accelerated Music student, Ennes Mehmedbasic will be performing Vivaldi’s Concerto for two Oboes in D minor as a featuring soloist, with Orchestra 143 this Sunday 29th May 2011 at 2:30pm Macquarie Theatre, Macquarie University. Please come along and support one of our fine young musicians and hear him perform.

Rehearsal Schedule 2011

Music ensemble rehearsals are now up and running; please check the schedule below and attend your appropriate ensemble. ALL new students welcome, please see the Music Staff for ensemble information. We look forward to your son’s involvement in the Music Performance Program.


Morning rehearsals 7.45am
(Unless stated otherwise)
Intermediate Concert Band
Room 201
Chamber Choir
Room 201
Also Lunchtime rehearsal
Junior Stage Band
Room 201
Senior Concert Band
Room 201    
Symphony Orchestra
Room 201
  Senior Stage Band
Room 101
Jazz Ensemble
Room 101
Intermediate Stage Band
Room 101
Senior String Ensemble
Great Hall  
Guitar Ensemble/ Saxophone Ensemble
Room 101/102
  Training Concert Bandd
Room 202
Terms 2, 3, 4
  Philharmonic Orchestra
Room 208  
  Junior String Ensemble
Room 208
      Marching Band TERMS 1 & 4
Moore Park West  
Afternoon rehearsals
Start @ 3.30pm
  Marching Band
TERMS  1 & 4

BB Courts

3.30 - 4.30pm
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Sydney Boys High School Fencing

The Fencing Season has been underway for a number of weeks. We have begun a fruitful partnership with UNSW Fencing Club and Year 9-12 fencers are attending the venue for much needed extended practice and training. Fencers are being introduced to different weapons and Jeremy Dobrowolski fenced in his first Epee Novice Competition obtaining a rank of 11th in an Opens field of 15. The Seniors and U15 have fenced in the School Championship individuals and last Saturday fenced in the team event. Results and team reports follow

Team 1:
Shaun Pak Captain, Hayden Rabone, Mathew Chan, Ben Hillier

We had a rest the first match so we took the time to watch Hills Grammar and Penrith High fence against each other. We picked up a few pointers and took it to our advantage. Our first match against Hills was a struggle at first. They had fenced completely differently towards us than Penrith. As the match progressed, we could see improvements in our fencing. A loss to Mat Chan 5-0 showed we had to pick up our game. We slowly progressed to win 5-2. Our next match against Penrith High was a bit of a cool down. Using our reserve Ben Hillier and resting Mat, didn't stop us from winning the match 5-0. A good start for us and look forward to the finals in two weeks’ time.
Shaun Pak

Team 2
Shaun Fletcher Captain, Albert Nguyen, William Yeung, Ian Li

Our first match against SAC 2 had its ups and downs, but mostly downs as we lost 5:2; the wins from our team by myself and William Yeung. We only felt down for a short time, as we were determined to win the next bout against NSBH 3. With burning determination, we beat the opposition 5:1, with Ian Li showing us that he has the skill to get us a fair way to the top.
Shaun Fletcher

Team 3
Hung-Ting Lin Captain, Steven Ngo, Jeremy Dobrowolski, Toby Funston

We started our day against NSBH, which at first seemed easy, but they soon caught up. Our strong determination saw us as the victors with a 5-3 win. Our second match was against the strong Newington A team. We tried our best, never completely conceding a match, however despite our best efforts, we still lost 0-5. However we hope to come back next time stronger than ever.
Hung-Ting Lin

Team 4
Weicong Huang Captain, Andrew Cha, Tian Ling, Samuel Khoo

The first match against Grammar “B” ended up in almost “piercing the heavens” in the words of one of our team members. Our score ended up to be a loss of 2-5, but our team cheered each other on until the end. Samuel Khoo achieved the most magnificent victory against one of them, taking away a 5-1 victory. Our second match against Barker 2 also did not end too well, ending up with a score of 1-5. Our star fencer of that match, Tian Ling, took away a score of 5-3, a great victory for us and for himself as he only recently joined fencing. Of course, we continued to cheer each other on until the end. With more training, we should be able to take more victories in future matches.

Team 5
Nishant Paul Captain, James Cao, Nam Nguyen, Alexander Weinstock

With our team being the fifth from High entered into the competition, and our being pitted against the first teams from both North Sydney Boys and Barker College, we knew we were up for a serious challenge. Being for many of us our first competition in over a year, we ended our first match with a disappointing loss of 0-5. However in the second match against Barker we began to adapt to the demands of our competition; first-time fencer James Cao fought to a narrow loss with a Barker left-hander. Similarly close results ensued from both my own bout (4-5) and Nam Nguyen (3-5). While we ended the day having lost both our matches, as a fifth team facing up to some of the very best the competition had to offer, there is no doubt that with training and time we can do much better in competitions to come. .

Congratulations to SBHS 1, 2 and 3 who progress to the finals

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Volleyball - Round 2

Last Saturday saw us over at Scots. This has been an interesting time for the Scots players with most new to their squad. They put up a good defence in both grades after starting off slowly and somewhat hesitantly especially in the Seconds. Although we ran out 3-0 winners in each game there is still no room for complacency especially as this week we play away to Grammar, our old rivals. Come along and support the teams.

Just like last time we are not just interested in the match results; we are also concerned to develop our skills independent of the opposition. A summary of the best performers on the day is shown in the table:

Player  Passing Accuracy % Serving Efficiency %       Spiking and Blocking Efficiency % Kills (Spike or Block)
Henry Sit 60 17 90 4
Chris Morrow 75                    70                 83                   5
Arman Dhaliwal 100                  67                   83                   3
JustinYang 50                    70                 0                      
David Nguyen 50                    91                 75                   1
Jun Park 75                 50                      
Nathan Leong 50   100 3
Pat Krakovsky 67 86 100 3
Ivor Metcalf 60 77 50 2
Max Song 67 83 100 2
Ennes Mehmedbasic 67 83    
Pinyan Gao 33 88 67 2

The full table of how these data were gathered was published last week. The figures refer to the percentage effectiveness of a particular ball skill. The shaded cells indicate the person was in the top three for that element
P Ganderton

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High Family

The Bulletin Board for Sydney Boys High P & C

Julie Connolly
P&C President
If you would like to have any parent community news or upcoming events included in High Society, please contact Julie Connolly, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; M: 0418 470 203.

An evening not to be missed …

Joint SGHS & SBHS P&C Meeting

Two guest speakers addressing the important issue of Improving Mental Health for Young People

Hosted by SGHS, 7.30pm Wednesday 22nd June, SGHS Multi-purpose Hall.

Each year SGHS and SBHS hold a joint P&C meeting featuring guest speakers who address an important issue for parents. This year’s speakers will talk about Improving Mental Health for Young People:

  • Professor Ian Hickie AM, Director of Brain & Mind Research Institute, at the University of Sydney, where he is also a professor of psychiatry. Professor Hickie is a previous CEO and clinical advisor to beyondblue: the national depression initiative and Visiting Fellow, Centre for Mental Health Research, Australian National University as well as a member of the Australian National Council on Drugs and chair of Mental Health Council of Australia's research committee.
  • Professor Helen Christensen, Professor and Director, Centre for Mental Health Research, College of Medicine, Biology and Environment, The Australian National University. Professor Christensen’s research interests include depression and anxiety that are major causes of incapacity and present high risk for suicide and self harm. Her major research aims include to improve levels of help seeking to mental health services in Australia and globally; and develop and trial prevention and early intervention programs using health technologies for anxiety, depression and self harm.

This is an important area for parents and we encourage as many parents as can to attend this joint P&C meeting. Supper will be served following the talks.

Upcoming Parent Meetings & Events

Phillip Day Scholarship Dinner - 6.30pm, Tuesday 31st May - Great Hall
Cricket Committee Meeting - 6.00pm, Wednesday 1st June - Staff Common Room
Joint SGHS & SBHS P&C Meeting - Improving Mental Health for Young People - 7.30pm, Wednesday 22nd June - SGHS Multi-purpose Hall

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