High Notes, Vol 12 No 10, April 08 2011

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From the Principal

End of Term 1
Thank you to everyone for all your efforts in making sure that opportunities for our boys to learn, play, socialise and grow were maximised. Remember our focus areas for the year – listening to student voice, keeping more scores more often and explicit teaching of literacy!

High Talent
In the Combined GPS 1st grade basketball team, High was represented by Andrija Dumovic, Christian Jurlina and Craig Moller. Congratulations, boys! Lokesh Sharma (Year 9) was runner up in the local Rostrum Speaking competition. Well done to the High Sailing team, captained by Ennes Mehmedbasic, on their 7th place in the NSW Schools Teams racing Championship, won by Cranbrook after three days of tight racing.

GPS Swimming
At the GPS swimming carnival on March 25 our boys performed creditably. High finished second in the 13 years 4 x 50 medley relay; third in the 15 years medley relay; and third in the 14 years 4 x 50 freestyle relay. Kazuo Nakamura won the 13 years 50m freestyle in 28.96, 50m butterfly in 31.72 and the 100m in 1.04.8. He was 3rd in the 50 m back stroke and 3rd in division breast stroke. Leonard Mah won the 14 years 50m freestyle in 27.57 and was 3rd in the 50m breast stroke and back stroke. Michael Sawang was second in the 14 years 100m championship and 3rd in the 50m division. Jason Qiu came 2nd in the 12 years 100m freestyle. Darren Chien claimed 2nd in the 15 years 50m breast stroke. Max Chien came 2nd in the 17 50m breast stroke championship and Ennes Mehmedbasic won the Division race. Well done to all our swimming team for their commitment and success this season!

Trusts: Annual Financial Statements
The Sydney High School Foundation manages several Trusts for the benefit of the school and its students. In its audited accounts it publishes trust account details. The Ethel Killip Memorial Trust provides funds for art works, honour boards and updates, displays, memorabilia and heritage archives. Balance $94.4k. The Prizes Trust holds capital funds the interest from which contributes to the annual prizes budget. Balance $52.8k. The Phillip Day Memorial Scholarship Fund is capital, the interest from which helps to fund the Phillip Day Memorial Scholarship. This is a Fund for which donations are tax deductible and we welcome them. Balance $41.3k. The Foundation also manages the Mitchell Seow Memorial Trust the interest from which funds a specific prize in Mitchell’s name. Balance $6804.

Rowing Assembly
Our special guest spoke warmly about his days in rowing, with lack of Head of the River success at school. His career as an oarsman and scholar since leaving school was described. He emphasised the need for goals and life balance and following your dream through hard work and sticking to routines. Terrence moved from finance to study medicine while maintaining a place in the Beijing Olympic squad. His speech had just the right tone. It was informative, inspiring and contextually appropriate. It was very well received by the audience. My speech to the assembly is reprinted below:

"Special guest Terrence Alfred, Head of the River crews, coaches, parents, teachers, students. Welcome to our 2011 rowing assembly held traditionally on the day before the climax of the season – the Head of the River.

"We are gathered this morning to acknowledge and honour our rowers who are preparing for the biggest event of the year for rowing. I want to thank Oliver Wilson for coaching the first VIII again this year and Julie Blomberg, MIC Rowing for bringing great energy, focus and organisational skills to the rowing program. Thanks to Shahar Merom who took over the second VIII after his success with junior crews in 2009-10. Thank you to coaches appointed in 2010: Mitch Estens -Year 10 VIII, Joe Banh -Year 10 2nd VIII, Thomas Parker -Year 9 Quads and Toby Ledgerwood - Year 8 Quads. It was gratifying to see that the Taree Camp innovation of 2010 was continued this year.

"The Rowing program owes a great deal to the efforts of the Rowing Committee, in particular Anita Bezjak as President. Helen Montanaro, Anna Caetano, Charles Ovadia and Cec Eveleigh have given much of their time to help the rowing program – thank you all. Geoff Andrews, as both Rowing Committee member and Foundation Chairman, has devoted hundreds of hours of his time as Project Manager for the installation of the new pontoon and Outterside Centre management. On your behalf I thank him for his wonderful effort on behalf of a generation of rowers to come. The dedication of the New Pontoon was a most enjoyable event, ironically marking both the installation of the replacement of the old pontoon and the retirement from active involvement with High rowing of the man who had the original pontoon built – Bob Outterside. He is remembered in the Annual School Report but on a personal level, for me Bob has been since 2000, a great source of wisdom and practical advice about how High operates. I value his contribution to my leadership of the school very highly. His work for the Outterside Centre has been tireless, meticulous and effective.

"Rowing parents have contributed upwards of $60k in ASF donations to help fund the new pontoon – a great effort. Old Boys have kicked in another $15k. The High Club donated $25k. I thank the parents of current rowers for what they are doing to help rebuild High rowing. We have to take on the challenge of bedding down a sustainable model for coaching, management and maintenance. We need to build our capacity to manage our people, programs, facilities and equipment. We must confront the issues of recruitment and retention head on. This year in the rowing program I was saddened to see that only 8 rowers in Year 12 had stayed in the program since Year 7 and even fewer, just four, had stayed until Year 11. To those who stayed the course – thank you. The future of our rowing program depends upon us recruiting and retaining rowers like you. Our 46 Year 9 rowers are showing the way forward. It is heartening that we have 12 boys who have joined the school since Year 8 who are involved in rowing. Let’s hope we can attract more boys to the sport next season.

"The first goal for our rowers at the Head of the River is to better High’s long term average time 1999-2010 of 6:23. The second goal is to beat 6:20. The third is to go for the margin of excellence, set at 5% longer than the winner’s time. For the 2nd VIII, the goal is High’s long term average of 7.65% slower than the winner’s time. The first Year 10 VIII needs to beat 7.67% and the second Year 10 VIII, 9.83%. The quality of your performances as High crews is judged by us on historical data – not your place on the day. Your place in our history should be your prime motivator. If you can do better than that, you will row for the margin of excellence. Whatever the result – I know you will do your best for yourself as a rower, for your crew and as a representative of High. We are impressed by your commitment to your sport and your personal management skills that allow you to balance your life to achieve this standard.

"Congratulations to all crews selected to represent High."
Dr K A Jaggar

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Careers News

It is important that parents and students have access to the latest careers news and information. The Careers News section of the Student Portal and of the Parents Portal is updated daily with this latest information.

Visit the Careers News section to read the latest information about:

  • Guest speakers
  • Bonus point schemes
  • Overseas education opportunities
  • UMAT
  • University admission
  • University information days
  • University-school enrichment programs
  • Work Placement information

And much more.

Log into the Student or Parents Portal by clicking the Intranet Login link on the Sydney Boys High School website.

Please see the Careers Adviser if you have any further questions.

Year 12 Interviews
All Year 12 are required to have an interview with the Careers Adviser during Term 2 or Term 3 to discuss all aspects of post-school education including ATAR, UAC, scholarships, preferences etc.

Interviews are booked online through the Student Portal. Students should access the Careers Interviews section of the Student Portal and select a time for interview. There are two slots per period that the Careers Adviser is available.

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Anzac Day Service

Today, on Wednesday, 6/4/11, Sydney Boys High is celebrating Anzac Day. It is a time when Sydney Boys High remembers and commemorates the service of all men and women in all wars past and present. In the Anzac spirit, I decided to explore the concept of “loyalty” as an extension piece on the current Year 9 History curriculum. I would like to thank Old Boy, Vivian Littlewood, for his special and invaluable assistance with this project.

Vivian Littlewood was the captain of Sydney Boys in 1952 and went on to serve in the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) for 36 years. During these years, he was assigned to several ships and served in multiple conflicts including the Indonesian Confrontation, the Malayan Emergency and the Vietnam War. He managed to climb to the rank of commander in his years of service in the RAN.

Vivian Littlewood is in fact still alive today, and an active member of the Old Boys Union as Vice President and Secretary. I was privileged to be able to talk to Viv about his service in the RAN, and how it reflected loyalty. Vivian described three aspects of loyalty regarding his service in the Navy during my interview with him. These were loyalty to subordinates, his authorities and finally loyalty to himself.

Viv recounted one experience where he displayed loyalty to his authorities during his service in Vietnam, supporting the land forces with artillery. At the time he was an operations manager and responsible for telling the gunmen where to send the shells. He told me how he never once questioned the authorities, even when he thought that they were giving him the wrong information on where to fire.

Vivian described to me what he called two-way loyalty. That is, loyalty shown both up and down the levels of authority. Vivian talked about how you could only expect loyalty from your subordinates if you showed it to them. Loyalty to oneself was another thing that Vivian talked about and he emphasized the need to know your limits as a leader. He also said that you need to know your duties as a leader and fulfil them.

He recounted a situation where there was a fire in the boiler room on a particular ship which he was on. This was a very dangerous situation and being a senior officer at the time, he decided that he would wait for the fire-fighters to arrive put out the fire rather than going in, himself. Vivian knew that if he were to go in, he could hinder the actions of the fire-fighters. In the situation, he decided to stay out of the boiler room and direct the fire-fighters when they arrived. The fire was successfully put out and no-one was hurt. Vivian pointed out that in a sense this demonstrated his belief in the ability and training of the fire fighters. He felt that this was also loyalty and was a difficult decision for him at the time.

In the future, the History department wishes to establish stronger communications with Old Boys of the school who have served in wars and find out their stories as they are valuable primary sources which could become lost forever.
Brendan Hancox
Year 9

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A Message from the Anti-Racism Contact Officer

I think we sometimes forget how harmonious our school community is. Part of the reason for this is the respect shown to all of its members regardless of who they are. However, we must not get complacent. This is a reminder to all that racism has no place in the Sydney High community and it will not be tolerated. The Department of Education and Training supports this wholeheartedly so its seriousness cannot be underestimated.

If any member of the school family, particularly students, believes that they have been discriminated against or abused at school on the basis of their race then they should contact me in the Social Science staffroom ext 122. All matters are treated in confidence and immediate action will be taken to resolve the problem or concern.
Dr Paul Ganderton

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Library Donation

Huge thanks to Debbie Dukes, mother of Max Birch in Year 11, for her cupboard cleanout which gave us 13 fabulous and interesting and quite new books for our Library!

The Andrews Junior Library is really happy to take in Senior and Junior books less than 10 years old.
Mrs Veronica Crothers
Librarian - Andrews Junior Library

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SBHS Debating

Eastside Debating Competition

Semi-Finals SCEGGS 6th May 2011

Year 7
Grammar v Sydney Girls
Scots College v SCEGGS

Year 8
SCEGGS v Grammar
Scots College v Sydney Girls

Year 9
Sydney Girls v SCEGGS
Scots College v Grammar

Year 10
Sydney Girls v Grammar
SCEGGS v Sydney Boys

Year 11
Grammar v Reddam
SCEGGS v Sydney Boys

Year 12
Sydney Boys v SCEGGS
Reddam v Sydney Girls


Coaching resumes on the 6th May –Week 2, not on the 29th April (as indicated in the calendar).

To all debaters - enjoy your well-deserved rest and see you next term.
Ms Powell

FED Debating Competition

Round 1-4 Results

Year 7
Barker 8
Knox 2
Newington 6
St. Joseph's 0
Sydney Boys' 4
Trinity 4

Year 8
Barker 4
Knox 8
Newington 4
St. Joseph's 2
Sydney Boys' 6
Trinity 0

Year 9
Barker 6
Knox 2
Newington 6
St. Joseph's 2
Sydney Boys' 2
Trinity 4

Year 10
Barker 8
Knox 4
Newington 6
St. Joseph's 2
Sydney Boys' 4
Trinity 0

Year 11
Barker 4
Knox 4
Newington 6
St. Joseph's 0
Sydney Boys' 8
Trinity 2

Barker 6
Knox 2
Newington 8
St. Joseph's 6
Sydney Boys' 2
Trinity 0

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Sydney Boys High Cricket

Sydney Boys High School vs Sydney Grammar College

MIC Report
This is the last report for the 2010/2011 cricket season. I would like to congratulate all the teams and their coaches for competing to a good standard in this year’s GPS Cricket Competition. This year we have improved on our results, better attendance at the games and our overall commitment towards the game. Next season we want to build on this small and hard earned success this year by fielding 17 High teams in the competition again, grading our teams well before the season starts, players playing in their age group and the development of our coaches and players. I’m really looking forward to next season and seeing and hearing about the current cricket teams at SBHS performing with good results on the field, enjoying their cricket by having a passion about their team with great individual performances and enhancing success by performing to the best of their ability by playing well each Saturday
D Smith

1st XI
Sydney Grammar 10-110 (45.3 overs) (V Wijeraytne 26no,A Glendenning 14, S Sooriakumar 4-22, S Haque 2-13, J Moffat 2-33) defeated Sydney Boys 10-76 (39.2overs) (N Bhagwat 35, S Subramaniam 13, V Wijeraytne 4-24, C Bromich 3-13, E Slattery 2-22) on the first innings.
Nakul Bhagwat and Siva Sooriakumar finished their First XI careers at SBHS with outstanding contributions – despite another dismal batting display that failed to secure a victory when only chasing a meagre 110 runs for victory. The loss of Oliver Meroni for the match (in hospital with a mystery stomach ailment) did not help our cause but no one in our side could match the application of Nakul who did his best to repel the Grammar attack. Nakul was last man out after going in at 1-3. Earlier on we had fielded and bowled with commendable skill and patience to dismiss a side boasting three GPS representatives within 46 overs and we could have expected to achieve our second GPS win of the season. In the end the courageous bowling efforts of Siva, Saif, Jesse and Sudam went unrewarded – a most disappointing end to the season.

2nd XI
Sydney Boys High Alex Hughes (59), Krishan Sivayogarayan (49), Kumudika (28n.o), Nathan Kok (27), Lahiru Katupitiya (12); Caspar Price 2/40(12), Sachin Dhingra 1/9(3), K.Gunaratne 1/12(4), Krishan Sivayogarayan 1/25(7), Sai Sivayogarayan 1/35 (8) Drew with Sydney Grammar 6/168
Our team plan and goal was to give a great send off to our four Year 12 boys, Krishan Sivayogarayan (our captain), Kumudika Gunaratne, Nathan Kok and Caspar Price and score as many as possible to set Grammar just on 40 overs at 5-6 rpo and to have a win. We achieved the first goal in scoring 216 runs and leaving Grammar 43 overs at 5.rpo which gave Krishan the pleasure of declaring, but the second goal ended when Grammar dug-in and played for a draw. Whilst we didn't quite achieve the second of our goals Krishan and Nathan (together at stumps on Day 1) continued on and put together a partnership of 35 before Krishna (49) was out before the team's declaration. Grammar commenced the run chase and we took our first in the third over through a great catch by Sachin Dhingra, Grammar 1 for 5, Caspar taking the first wicket, then 2 for 17 , Caspar again, and at 12 overs Grammar slumped to 3/35, with Kumudika Gunaratne taking the wicket, and it was then that Grammar elected to steady and only scored 44 runs from the 12th - 30th overs and were 4/89 with a terrific catch by Alex "the Claw" Hughes.

3rd XI
Sydney High 3rd XI - 8/100 (24) Run scorers: Krishnendu Dutta - 15, Lalitha Katupitiya - 14, Shumit Hoque - 13* Defeated Sydney Grammar 3rd XI - 10/75 (29)
Wicket takers: Shumit Hoque 4/7 (5), Pasan Pannila 1/5 (8), CHRIS OEI 2/15 (3), Samir Kinger 1/3 (2), Jeremy Yao 1/2 (1)
High lost the toss and got sent out to bowl, after taking 3 quick wickets in the first bowling spell from Shumit, Grammar were sent packing, without scoring a single run in 10 overs, we had them shaking. Last game of the season and with horrible weather, High was looking to dominate the game. Eventually CHRIS OEI taking out their strike batsmen on 20 runs, the rest dropped like dominoes and we had them ALL OUT for 75. High went in to bat with overcast weather and our Year 12 batsmen playing their last game each contributed to the win. High batted out pretty slowly and Krishnendu stepped up the game with his dominant cover drives and had the Grammar players scuttling around with no idea. A great victory !!!!

4th XI
High 10/131(19) def. Newington 10/101(16)
We got off to a good start against the swinging ball with Henry and Oliver making solid scores to have us at 2/91 after 12. We were eventually all out for 131, a very modest total. We got off to a good start in the field, Ishmam was on fire to have them 1/1 and 2/5. It looked as if our final game would end in defeat until Shimon and Henry tied them down with some good bowling. Henry took 4 wickets with his leg breaks, bowling two batsmen around their legs and having two more caught behind including the little guy for 75. We turned the game around in the space of 4 overs, Ishmam coming back on to take the last wicket to cap off a highly successful season for the 4th XI

5th XI
Newington 193 defeated Sydney High 81/7
Suman Prusty 12,Andrew Gong 10,Rigo Manahan 9
Chasing 193 with some intermittent rain, our bowling improved through the game, after 2 players were retired the run rate was restrained well and some wickets fell. Our batting line up again lacked what was needed, with low scores across the board, leading to an unfortunate loss to end the season. And farewell to the Year 12s who won’t be playing school cricket next season.

16A -
Sydney High 16As defeated Sydney Gramar 16As High innings - 5/113 :
Shivaanger Thushy - 42 n.o, Visakan Thayalan - 21, Safat Sufian – 23 Grammar innings - All out for 54 - Shivangeer 3fer, Anup Kaluve - 3/9 (2) including on a hatrick, Thilan Subasinghe - 2/11 (5), Michael and Safat 1 wicket each
Turning up to a gloomy, raining day, High won the toss and elected to bat. On a beautiful bit of turf, High started off poorly, with our two openers falling cheaply. A moving wicket saw Thilan get out quickly after, but then a very solid partnership from Safat and Shiv got the run rate going, and put High back on track. A wonderful knock from Shivaanger (42 n.o) brought High to a final total of 5/113 (30), with solid knocks from both Safat (23), and Visakan (21). Coming into bowl, we knew that if we bowled accurately and on the dot, the turf wicket would do the rest. The very first ball from Michael saw High with a wicket, which gave us the great start we were looking for. Thilan then snared his first victim on the other end, leaving Grammar on the back foot at 2/5. Wickets kept on coming after this, and our accurate bowling was rewarded, High bowling Grammar all out for 54; the wickets coming from all the bowlers. What a great way to end the season 16As!

No report issued by the coach.

15A -
No report issued.

15B XI
Newington 4/170 (Sharek Khan 1/11, Jackson Huang 1/17, Michael Yu 1/20, Sai Vimalanathan 1/20) defeated High 85 (Niroshan Selvakkumar 26, Sam Gallagher 10, Eric Yu 10, Michael Yu 10)
Newington won the toss and elected to bat and immediately began to punish any ill-disciplined bowling, racing to 2/81 after 10 overs. Despite the retirement of their best batsman, High were unable to make inroads into the Newington lineup, with Newington finishing at 4/170 after 20 overs. High's top order got off to a good start, with the top four batsmen all reaching double figures to leave High at 2/50 after 10 overs. However some poor running between the wickets saw the middle order collapse, with the loss of six wickets for ten runs. A swashbuckling 26 from Niroshan, including two sixes straight over the bowler's head was the highlight of the innings as High was bowled out for 85.

15C - BYE

14A XI
Sydney Grammar School – 8/145 (28); Sydney High – 9/73 (28) Wicket Takers: Raunak Sura 4-27 (5), Niazul Bari 2-6 (6), Thomas George 1-13 (3), Kevin Robinson 1-25 (4) Run Scorers: Marc Betbeder – 25, Raunak Sura – 8, Tahmeed Hossain – 4
Grammar went in to bat, despite a few rain delays, magnificent spells of bowling by Raunak Sura who picked up 4 wickets and Niyazul Bari with his economical bowling including 2 consecutive wickets. Grammar were 7-87 at drinks and after the break they slogged and proceeded onwards to make 8-145. Kevin Robinson was trying to re build our innings, but was out due to the inconsistency of the pitch. Sudarshan was playing well before he was stumped and Niyazul was very unlucky to be dismissed as well. Raunak who had been playing solidly was unfortunately caught and after Thomas was given LBW and Rick was caught, Anthony and Kevin Ke battled out their last overs and scored well. We were all out for 73 and unfortunately our batting let us down. But we bowled very well.

14B XI
Sydney High - 10/94 (31)Raycole DAI - 49Bryan LEE – 19 Jason LIM – 4 Defeated by Newington College - 2/95 (20)
Both opening batsmen retired due to injury and a wicket after the drinks break saw the run rate pick up. Dai was the stand-out performer on a field with short boundaries, hitting 49 off 19 balls, with Lee providing an anchor for the team with his patient 19 run contribution. Newington came out hitting and raced to 20 off the first 3 overs of batting. The batsmen settled in however and steadily added the runs to reach their target only 2 down. A mention to Tran for his tight bowling which slowed the run rate towards the end of the innings.

14C XI
Newington Win by 1 Run Newington 1st Innings - 9/97 (20)High 2nd Innings - 10/96 (19) Shaleen Baranwal - 25Sharek Khan – 18 Alex Wong - 10
High got off to a sluggish start in the field, as Newington eased to 0/28 (5). A strong fight back saw High pick up wickets at regular intervals and restrict Newington to a run rate of 4.85 . A great team bowling effort as 6 bowlers were among the wicket takers. High begun extremely slow with the bat [1/33 (9)] which placed added pressure on the middle order. Shaleen Baranwal was however fit for the task, hitting 20 runs off one over. The run rate lifted and High were back in the game. High however were bowled out agonisingly 1 run short, the team's second heartbreaking 1 run defeat of the season. Well done, boys, a proud and successful season for the 14Cs (3 Wins and Competitive losses), keep up the good work for next year.

13A XI
Newington College - 148 (29) DEFEATED Sydney High - 9/91 (32) Gautham 16, Fayed 15* Shashank 12, Raphin 11*
With star player Eli out with injury, our team saw some new faces. Losing the toss and sent into to field, our team picked up a wicket in the second over with Peter bowling a great ball and a straight forward catch to Gautham. Our team hat trick started with Supan's smart fielding change. Harishan bowling a great ball and it was another easy catch for Karthik. With a run out on the second ball, Harishan finished the hat trick with a great bowl outwitting the batsman. Our batting crumbled as Karthik was dismissed in the third over. James held the team together until he was dismissed for 11. Gautham came in with the team 6-26. He built a great 24 run partnership with Shashank as both batsmen were dismissed for double digits. Great batting at the end saw us finish the day not out.

13B XI
Newington 13Bs 5/101 off 25 overs (Amit Deep Singh 2/10 off 4 overs, Hayden Ou 3/10 off 4 overs,) defeated High 9/100 off 32 overs (Louis Shtein 19, Amit Deep Singh 12, Ihsan Mohamed 10). We started off slowly, losing wickets at regular intervals which hindered our scoring rate. The second session started with a rampage of boundaries by Ihsan, Amit and Louis who all took advantage of the short square boundaries at Newington and despite a comeback by Newington near the end of our innings we were able to score 9/100; the first time we had reached triple figures. Despite the loss, it was definitely our best performance of the season and it was great to see the boys do so well for their last game of the season.

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From the Canteen

Please note: Noodles are only sold when we have sold out of all other lunch items. It is not advisable to wait until the last minute to try and buy them as we may either run out of time OR hot water to serve you. We have quite a range of other foods that are tasty and more nutritious for a similar price which would be worth trying.

Remember – if there is any particular food that you want and you don’t want to go hungry at lunchtime, then the easiest solution is to ORDER IT.

It is good to see so many new parents to the school in canteen. Talking to other parents about what their boys are doing in school etc seems to help with answering questions they may have. Thank you very much to the following people for their work in canteen recently. David Mah, Bibiama Song, Claire Billaud, Malin Wongthaveevalana, Fiona Nassif, Anna Goh, Sally Allingham, Iris Lau, Suhung Chang, Mingi Liu, Debbie Dukes, Nada Andrews, Maria Nguyen, Mary Nguyen, Hellen Lin, Joanna Yu, Katrina Morrow.

We hope everyone enjoys a restful holiday. Bon voyage to our managers, Karen and Tracey, who are winging their way to the USA on a well deserved vacation.
Thank you
The Canteen Team

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SBHS Rowing Committee

End of Season Events
The High rowers have had a big week starting with the Rowing Assembly last Friday, where the Head of the River Crews were presented to the senior assembly. Captain of Boats, Jonah Petrie, gave a detailed season report and inspirational words for the rowers, and guest speaker, Terrence Alfred, spoke of the benefits of combining sport with academia, and encouraged the rowers to take the opportunities the school provides in being able to row and study at an elite level. The competitors then travelled to Penrith for a warm up row and concluded the day with a traditional dinner and camp at the sheds.

Head of the River
An enthusiastic crowd of High students, parents, Old Boys and supporters turned up to cheers on the crews. The Jazz Band set the ambience and many parents prepared a spread of food that was enjoyed by all. The crews rowed their best on the day and congratulations to every boy who rowed for High.

Head of the River Post Party/Presentation
Back at the sheds after HOR, the rowers, coaches, parents and supporters enjoyed the camaraderie at the sheds with the traditional after party and presentation. Trophies were awarded to –

  • Ken Robinson Trophy for top oarsman of 2011 – Ben Wilcox
  • Alan Grover Trophy for best performing coxswain of the season – Peter Tran
  • Merv Wood Cup awarded to the rower with the most potential to row at an elite level – Isaac Eveleigh
  • High Crew Shield - awarded to the most impressive performance of the season – the Year 9 1st Quad – Steve Comninos, Andrew Zhang, Rex Yi, Brendan Guan, (c) Josh Lane
  • CWP Barris Shield awarded to the ultimate clubman of the season – Eric Ovadia

NSW Combined High Schools Championship Regatta
A team of 50 rowers travelled to Grafton to compete in this two day regatta on the Clarence River. Rowers came from across the state to compete, some of whom are elite rowers (mainly scullers) having competed at National Championships. High boys performed credibly winning medals in sculling and sweep oar events. They won 6 state gold medals, 6 silver, 7 bronze and numerous trophies including two prestigious awards. Steve Comninos was the standout competitor winning two gold and one silver medal, which led him to win the Boys Junior Pointscore Cup, and the entire team won the Boys Pointscore Trophy. Congratulations to the High team and medal winners are outlined in the table.

The strong parent group involved themselves in Grafton providing food, drinks and nurturing to the competitors. Head Coach, Ollie Wilson, did a wonderful job organising the numerous crews on and off the water, with rigging changes along the way and with most boys rowing three races each. Tim Wilson, Ollie’s dad, helped drive the boat trailer laden with boats to Grafton, and Chris Watson (99) once again took time away from his work to drive the competitors to and from Grafton in the school mini bus, with the help of Isaac’s dad, Cec Eveleigh. We can’t thank you enough for your support!

CHS Events State Gold Medal Silver Medal Bronze medal
U15 Single Scull     Jesse Nixon
U15 Double Scull Rex Yi, Andrew Zhang   Jesse Nixon, Jackson Tan
U15 Quad Scull
Rex Yi, Andrew Zhang, Jesse Nixon, Jackson Tan Brendan Kong, Louis Huyen, Matthew Chan, James Tinker Chi mao, Yi Luo, David Huang, Joshua Maloof
U16 Single Scull Steve Comninos    
U16 Double Scull   Steve Comninos, Ray Fang Anthony Tran, Andrew Rong
U16 Quad Scull Steve Comninos, Ray Fang, Brendan Guan, Anthony Tran Sam Lin, Patrick Chen, Jeffrey Lu, Kin Pan  
U17 Quad Scull   Alex Pereira, Ashley Chan, Daniel Keogh, Ronald Tran  
Championship Pair   Gianmarco De Nigris, Allen Liao Koren Fang, Eric Ovadia
Championship Quad Scull Ryan Caetano, Isaac Eveleigh, David Andrews, Andreas Purcal   Declan Gorey, Ilya Bonch-Osmolovskiy, Ashley Chan, Sean Martin
Championship Eight Jonah Petrie, Ben Wilcox, Isaac Eveleigh, Eric Ovadia, Tim Montanaro, David Andrews, Ryan Caetano, Andreas Purcal (c) Dan Tam Koren Fang, Nelson Tang, Allen Liao, Tim Gollan, Gianmarco De Nigris, Ilya Bonch-Osmolovskiy, Declan Gorey, Sean Martin, (c) Peter Tran James Wang, Alex Pereira, Ashley Chan, Edwin Li, Ronald Tran, Daniel Keogh, Tim Collier, Ken Li, (c) Alfred Xing

Clean Up Working Bee – Saturday 9th April 7.30am
It is very important for all rowers to come to the sheds between 7.30am and 12noon this Saturday to help clean. The boys need to unload boats from Grafton trip and clean the boatshed, the weights room, and the dormitory. The committee are asking the parents to help clean the upstairs function room, the kitchen, the dining room, the storerooms and the barbecue area There will be area leaders and all cleaning products, buckets, cloths etc will be supplied. Many hands make light work, and it is enjoyable cleaning with others, so please come along with your son to help

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Football: The Onion Bag

New SHS Football Strip

The second and final stage of the phasing in of the new football uniform will take place this year. All players (other than the 1st and 2nd grade teams) will be required to wear the new uniform. Uniforms are to be purchased from the High store. Note: The first trial match this season is scheduled for the first Saturday after the school holidays, Saturday, 30th of April. Make sure that you have your new strip by this date.

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Phillip J Day Scholarship Dinner

You are invited to the

Phillip J Day Scholarship Dinner

Time: 7.00 pm on 31 May 2011
Venue: Great Hall
RSVP: 26 May 2011

Host: Daniel McPherson, Class of 1997 (Host of Dancing with the Stars, City Homicide and The Bill)

Speaker: Tom Cusbert, Class of 2002, University Medallist (2008)

(a corporate, tax deductible professional learning opportunity) $60 per head

The Phillip J Day Scholarship Dinner RSVP form is available 
in the PDF version of this edition of High Notes.

Enquiries: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

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