High Notes, Vol 11 No 39, December 03 2010

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From the Principal

High Talent
Congratulations to Lloyd Perris who was awarded a NSW CHS State Blue for Australian Football this week. Thank you to all the boys who gave up their time to play music for SASS during their Recognition Day gathering held at High this week. Good luck to the basketball and volleyball teams competing at the national schools tournaments in Victoria. The Five Highs tournament is also on – good luck to our boys.

Road Safety
On behalf of the Occupational Health, Safety and Injury Committee I would like to remind all staff and visitors to the site to be vigilant when driving or parking vehicles. I have had reports of near misses by parents driving through groups of boys entering the school via gates 2 and 9. In addition, students and visitors have been warned about driving at excessive speed through the grounds. Please observe the speed signs that are displayed around the site. There have been minor accidents involving staff vehicles where damage has been caused while drivers were attempting to park. Please obey the rear to wall or fence signs that are displayed on site.

Yearly Reports
All students in Years 7-9 should have their reports now. Please ask your son to give you his report and discuss it with him. Many boys have been slow to complete their Clearance Forms and then to write their names down for an appointment with the Principal. Year 10 boys will have priority for collecting their reports ahead of their last day of school on December 9. Please urge your sons to complete their obligations promptly so that they can access their reports during the next 10 days. All Year 11 boys have collected their Yearly reports.

End of GPS Sport
Thank you to all the staff, coaches, parents, Old Boys and friends of High who have been involved in delivering our sports programs each Saturday since late January. In Summer, Winter, athletics and Summer again, many people have worked hard to make competitive sport an enjoyable experience for our boys. This has been a very successful year for a number of sports, thanks to the efforts of everyone. In particular, the boys have remained motivated and disciplined. Many of them have gone beyond their comfort zones and have kept to weights, sprints and training regimes with observable benefits in their strength and speed. I wish that our sports staff had a greater level of support from parents in their attempts to embed a culture of higher performance at High. I have not seen any research that suggests anything but positives for personal development that flow from hard exercise and hard work combined in a balanced life.

End of financial year
Staff and students needing to do transactions on the school’s behalf need to be patient until next week as Ms Kearns completes the rollover process. We will reopen the financial processes as soon as we can. Students needing to make payments in order to fulfil requirements for Clearance Forms can lodge monies with the Front Office or the Principal, in exchange for a temporary, paper receipt. Such limited transactions will be receipted into OASIS in the usual way once the system is up and running again next week. Orders by staff members can be lodged but will not be processed until the last week of term. Thank you for your cooperation.
Dr K A Jaggar

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Sports Donations

GPS sports competition is very demanding on people and resources. At High we have ongoing needs for facilities development, equipment and development through expert coaching. If you would like to help through a tax deductible donation for a particular sport, the appropriate form can be posted to you by calling 9361 6910. Alternatively, you can go to our website www.sydneyboyshigh.com click on Sport /Sports Donations to download either Development Donation Form or Equipment and Facility Donation Form.

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From the Two Libraries

Now Senior Boys have much better access to quite lovely and expensive resources our school owns. Seniors doing Art, Economics, Business Studies, Maths, Environmental Studies and Legal Studies can now find all the Senior Books related to these subjects in their own Library. Big thanks to Ms May and Mr Loizou for assisting by sorting through the shelves for us to separate out Junior and Senior books in these subjects!

At this time of the year our staff has to change the Library’s Calendar and master overdue date. As a result automatic DET emails saying that Science books are overdue will go out. Would boys and parents mind ignoring these notices – Science Books will be returned in an organised fashion class by class? Library staff will sign you out after checking for overdue Library books. Lost books must be paid for.

We operate cleaning during normal times and stocktaking on School Carnival days. Please feel free to stock up on free fun reading material or DVDs - up to 10 resources can be borrowed at all times.

Our Librarians have noticed so many boys playing games on laptops in the libraries which is not allowed anyway for space reasons that we thought it might be a good idea to let everyone know that you have signed an agreement not to do this. If teachers notice that you are playing games in class they can take your laptop and have our TSOs clean your laptop overnight. This also applies to the Librarians and the Library. Below we have printed out what is on your portal regarding your laptop charter.

Laptop Usage Charter Prior to being issued a laptop, you and your parents signed the Laptop Usage Charter. This Charter binds you to a certain code of conduct including to:

  • not disable settings for virus protection, spam and filtering that have been applied as a departmental standard.
  • ensure that communication through internet and online communication services is related to learning.
  • ensure that personal use is kept to a minimum and internet and online communication services is generally used for genuine curriculum and educational activities.

Use of unauthorised programs and intentionally downloading unauthorised software, graphics or music that is not associated with learning, is not permitted.

New Resources this Week - Andrews Library

The Reformed Vampire Support Group, Catherine Jinks;
The Nargun and the Stars, Patricia Wrightson;
By the Sandhills of Yamboorah, Reginald Ottley;
Tangara, Nan Chauncy;
Attack of the Jack O’ Lanterns, RL Stine.

101 Cool Magic Tricks, Barb Whiter;
101 Cool Ways to Make Money, Nicholas Brasch;
The Official Pokémon Handbook, Maria S Barbo;
Find Your Tribe, Rebecca Sparrow.

Comeback, Dick Francis;
Safe Bet, John Francome

Veronica Crothers

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Die deutsche Frage

Occasionally I come across some entertaining translations. A chocolate bar to the first student (!) who can tell me what the original English sentence must have been:

  1. Er hält die Weltschale in seinen Händen.
  2. Wir haben viele Kröpfe auf der Farm.
  3. Mein Vater ist eine Zündflamme.

Frau St Leon

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Lost Property

If you have lost an item of clothing, sports/school shoes, or any other article please ensure you stop by Lost Property before the last day of term, as all the contents of Lost Property will be sent to the High Store. Thank You

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Student Executive 2011

The following Year 12 students comprise our Student Executive for 2011:

Captain Timothy Gollan
Vice-Captain Samir Kinger
Senior Prefect Nakul Bhagwat

Samuel Beston
Ryan Caetano
Timothy Chan
Anthony Chung
Cornelius Do
Isaac Eveleigh
Andrew Gaffney
Gabriel Garayalde
Kumudika Gunaratne
Andrew Huynh
Dennis Kim
Nathan Kok
Samuel Lane
Allen Liao
Ryan McDonald
Lee Ming
Cameron Morrison
Christopher Morrow
Eric Ovadia
Carl Pan
Pasan Pannila
Jonah Petrie
Michael Phung
Marcell Rozsa
Ashwin Rudder
Henry Sit
Krishan Sivayogarayan
Sangeeth Subramaniam
David Wang
Michael Wong
Yale Wong
Isnad Zaman

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From the High Store

The last day for blazers to be sent out for braiding, prefect pockets, music pockets will be Friday 10th December. There will be no exceptions that you have been sick or forgotten.

The last day just for embroidery lines will be Tuesday 14th December.

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From the Canteen

Holidays fast approaching: Boys – in case you haven’t noticed, the end of school is nigh!! As the finish of term draws near, we are running down all stock in preparation for the long summer break. This means not all your usual favourites will be available in canteen in the coming 2 weeks - so please be prepared to choose alternatives from a reduced menu.

Reminder for parents and caregivers: Tracey and Karen will be drawing up the rosters for next year soon. Helping in canteen is a great way for you to help make sure your son and all High boys get the best education – and food – we can give them!! Please give Karen or Tracey a call on 9360 4027 and let them know what days best suit you to help next year.

Thank you to the following people who helped last week. Your names will be going into the November draw for the volunteers ’Thank You’ voucher....
Usha Arvind (Big thank you for coming in at the last minute) Jenny Hu, Rena Yin, May Ip, Jian Ping Li, Agnes Leo, Jenny Rajendram, Faye Huang, Charles O'vadia, Gina Jun, David Mah, Ming Lee, Li Yang, Barbara Taylor.
Thank you
The Canteen Team

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From the Office

Letters Re Absence/Lateness/ Early Leave
When your son returns to school from being absent he is required to provide a letter of explanation signed by a parent or guardian. If your son is going to be late for school a note is also required. Alternatively you may contact the school by phone on 9361 6910 and dial “4” for the absentee line.

If your son has an early leave note he is required to have his note signed by either Mr Barris, Mr Dowdell or Mr Prorellis before 8:55 am and handed in to the Main Office immediately after. Each letter should be signed by a parent or guardian with the name, date and roll class of your son printed clearly. Your son needs to pick up a leave pass from the Main Office before he leaves the school.

If you require leave for your son please, apply in writing and address your application to the Principal, Dr Jaggar, stating the reason and length of time of the leave. Your son must then present this application to Dr Jaggar for permission for the leave. Please remember to apply before the leave and not after. The Principal must approve all leave applications.

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Boggabilla Report 2010

This year we had a very successful exchange with Boggabilla Central School. We took probably the largest group of students to the school in the nine years of the exchange. We look forward to an increased involvement in 2011 in two areas. We will try to use the connected classroom to communicate more with the students and Dr Jaggar has made significant progress in our efforts to develop a BMX track on site.

Dr Jaggar has been negotiating with the school, the local council and community members. The staff of Boggabilla Central is very supportive and appreciative of our involvement in this area. Next year we will billet the school in June in line with the State of Origin and again follow the successful program of past years. It is our Year 9 community service project but all Years are required for billeting. The whole exchange grew from an SRC initiative in 2000.

Here is Jesse Moffat’s version of the last trip to Boggabilla in September.

This year’s trip to Boggabilla was the country adventure for city boys. Arriving at school at 6am, everyone was tired and keen to just get on the road, so after packing everything in and a few quick checks that everything was ready to go, we left. Our first stop was at Macca’s, which was good to stretch and everyone got a good feed. We continued on for a few more hours before pulling in at a servo for a toilet break and very nearly left Keo and Frenchy behind.

Finally after like 11 hours on the road we pulled in at Boggabilla Central School, where we met the kids and played some basketball and touch footy with them, before a welcome BBQ.

After the Boggabilla kids left, we continued to play basketball for a bit until it was time to get out and pump up our blow-up mattresses, which was a massive effort, but we finally pumped them all up and went to bed. The next morning, we woke up and before long one of the Boggabilla teachers had brought out one of the school’s tractors, which we all got to ride, which was entertaining and fun to see how average we were. After the tractor ride, we all hopped in the bus and headed out to that night’s camp spot, via the canoe tree, which was interesting.

The trip to the camp site was going very smoothly and well until Mr Cipolla got us bogged in the only puddle of water for about a thousand kilometres. Everyone had to then get out and push for ages until we finally got it out of the puddle. When we arrived we were given some lunch and an elder gave a prayer as the campsite is a sacred site for Aboriginals. We then collected fire wood for later and then had some time off, which we used kayaking or sleeping.

After cooking our own dinner and breakfast, it was back to the bus to venture into Queensland and go to Crazy Clark’s, a discount store, where everyone shops for their food for the night, which would be spent at a motel up the road from the school.

The accommodation at the motel was very nice and even with some questionable late night TV shows, no one got much sleep.

Early next morning, with everyone feeling very tired, we went to the school for a goodbye breakfast before getting back on the bus for the treacherous journey home.

Finally, at 6:08 exactly we arrived at school and within 10 minutes we had dismantled our stuff and we had left and gone home.

On behalf of everyone on the trip, thanks heaps to Mr Barris, Mr Smith and Mr Cipolla. The trip wouldn’t have been as enjoyable without you.
C Barris

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Music Notes

Outstanding Achievements

Well done to all the boys involved in the Performing Arts Unit (Jordan Saito-Patch - Year 11, Sam Marques - Year 10, Jaan Pallandi - Year 9, Dexter Gordon -Year 7) who performed last weekend and represented High outstandingly.

Congratulations to Jaan Pallandi for making it into the National Music Camp organised by the Australian Youth Orchestra. This is a highly prestigious achievement as only the selected top young musicians are successful in their auditions.

SASS Thank You for all SASS from the region

Well done to the Senior String Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble and the Years 9 and 12 elective music students who performed at the SASS Thank You function held in the Great Hall on Thursday. They represented the school proudly and the fine young talent we have here at High.

Music Parking

We have been allocated our last Music Parking event (Sydney FC vs. Brisbane Roar football) for the year next Sunday on the 12th of December from 2pm-5pm. Please come along and help support the Music Performance Program if you are available, we really appreciate your time and effort and much needed funds go towards supporting the program. Award scheme points apply to students who volunteer.

Please RSVP your attendance to George Comninos: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

St Vincent’s Hospital Healing Arts Program

The Senior Strings will be performing at St Vincent’s Hospital next Tuesday (7th December 2010) from 12:30pm-1pm as part of the Healing Arts Program. This will be the final performance for the year at the Hospital with the HSC Music students playing in the past. Well done to all the boys involved and supporting the wonderful program at St. Vincent’s Hospital.

Music Tour Reunion Night

We apologise for the rescheduling of the Music Tour Reunion Night due to technical difficulties. The evening has been rescheduled to Monday the 13th of December 2010 at 6:30pm and all tour members and families are invited to attend this evening in the Great Hall. This will coincide with the P&C night starting at 5:30pm with light refreshments served and continue with Music Tour highlights. Mr Tony Hannon has spent many, many hours editing the footage so beautifully filmed by Bart Daniels (Year 10) and Thomas Diep (Year 11) and will be available on 2x DVDs for all tour members. If you would like to receive your copies on high definition blu-ray discs, please bring in blank discs to Mr Hannon to copy the tour concerts and highlights.

Please confirm your attendance with us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by Monday 6th December 2010 and bring a plate of food to share to make is a festive and sociable evening. We look forward to seeing you all there. Music Tour Photos and Videos are now accessible (to staff and students) on the W Drive, Photo Archive, 2010, Music Tour 2010 (France & Flanders).

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SBHS Rowing Committee

There is a lot happening at High Rowing over the next 2 weeks of school and into the holidays. Our GPS Regattas start first week next year and this is the time we need our crews to be perfecting their timing and skill, and building on their strength and fitness for this technical, strength and endurance sport. All boys are expected to be at every session as each crew relies on every member to be able to row.

Upcoming Events

Year 7 (Year 8 quads) Camp – All Year 7 rowers are camping at Abbotsford on Friday 3rd December. We have guest coaches and Rowing NSW Talent Identification testing for all boys. The boys will have the opportunity to row on Friday afternoon and do an extra session early on Saturday morning, 4th Dec.

Year 8 (Year 9 quads) Camp – Year 8 rowers will be camping at Abbotsford on Friday 10th December. It will be the same program as for Year 7 boys above except they will participate in the ‘Shed Race’ on Saturday morning, 11th Dec.

Senior Crew Selections – at SIRC on Wednesday 8th December. Good luck to our senior rowers.

Family Regatta Day/Shed Race – Saturday 11 December
This is our end of year event at the High Sheds. All crews will compete in the handicapped ‘Shed Race’, followed by families and school community having a try at rowing. A delicious barbecue lunch is served for all rowers and families. (more detail in the advertisement).

Last day of school for all boys is Wednesday 15th December so we are taking the opportunity to offer some intense technique and fitness work for all rowers on Thursday 16th, Friday 17th and Saturday 18th Dec -

Seniors and Year 9 (Year 10 Eights) Camp – All Senior and Year 10 Eights will camp at Abbotsford on Thursday 16th and Friday 17th December. They will travel by school bus from the sheds to the Nepean River on each of these days to take advantage of rowing on beautiful, quiet water. (More detail will follow via email) It will be normal rowing at Abbotsford on Saturday morning, 18th December.

Junior Rowing - All Junior crews will row on the mornings of Thursday 16th, Friday 17th and Saturday 18th December, 9am until 12noon at Abbotsford. This is a terrific opportunity for the boys to perfect their skills and improve their levels of strength and endurance.
Julie Blomberg
MIC Rowing

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Family Regatta Day

The Rowing Committee extends and invitation to the entire Sydney Boys High School community to come to the annual open day at the rowing sheds on
Saturday 11th December 2010
From 10am 'til 1pm at
The Outterside Centre, 5 Teviot Avenue, Abbotsford

We hope to see all the current rowing families as well as the 2011 new intake of students and the wider School community, enjoying our open day.

The Family Regatta Day is a relaxed, informal occasion where you can explore the 'Sheds', have lunch by the water, try your hand at rowing, or simply sit and watch the action. Also worth seeing at The Outterisde Centre is the large display of memorabilia from High Rowing's fascinating history since 19245. A delicious barbecue lunch of kebabs and homemade salads is available at a family friendly price.

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Basketball: Shooting Hoops

High VS Grammar

High vs Grammar 2010 Term 1 (Last time)

1st WIN 79-52 C.MOLLER 24
2nd WIN 72-29 B.MCGLENCHY 17
3rd WIN 42-22 WELL DONE YR 12
5th WIN 46-12 K.LU 16
6th WIN 38-13 D.TRAN 11
7th WIN 31-27 B.WANG 11
16C DRAW 29-29 J.PARK 8
16D LOSS 23-29 E. LI 9
15D WIN 31-23 MVP W.MA
15E LOSS 26-8 S.DU 4
14A LOSS 38-46 B.CHEN 20
14C WIN 57-25 WOW
14D WIN 46-21 S.CHENG 12
14E WIN 35-14  
14F WIN 34-22 A.SHI 16

High vs Grammar Term 4 (This time)

1st WIN 76-37 A.DUMOVIC 14
2nd WIN 50-49 B.MCGLENCHY 16
3rd DRAW 35-35 B.OU 9
4th WIN 35-23 A.HUYNH 12
5th WIN 34-8 D.CHEUNG 10
6th WIN 41-21 J.PARK 10
7th WIN 33-21 R.MANAHAN 9
8th WIN 43-23 D.CHEN 12
16C DRAW 22-22 W.CHOI 12
16D WIN 29-23 R. XI 9
15B WIN 58-12 P.GAO MVP
15D WIN 40-17 J.NG 9
15E WIN 21-14 A.BUI 8
15F WIN 30-6 W.TAN 8
14A LOSS 42-16 K.LIANG 6
14B LOSS 25-20 S.MCKENNA 3
14C WIN 34-20 K.LU 14
14D LOSS 18-33 K.SZET 6
14E WIN 18-13 T.CHANG, S.KAMA 4
14F LOSS 12-18 S.ZHANG 4

A Message from Mr Hayman:

Well done players and coaches. It's very impressive to see the juniors getting better in less than one year!

1st Grade Table

FIRST GRADE Played Won Lost For Against Points
High 7 7 0 587 347 14
Scots 7 6 1 539 365 13
Newington 7 5 2 494 311 12
St. Ignatius' 7 4 3 496 492 11
St. Joseph's 7 3 4 391 466 10
Shore 7 2 5 380 479 9
Kings 7 1 6 253 515 8
Grammar 7 0 7 343 508 7

Term 4 Wrap Up

Part one of the GPS season has finished and after half of the 14 matches in total High remains top of the table undefeated. After beating Grammar 76-37 the term 4 part of this season ended with High beating all comers, although with a close win against Newington and Scots being only one win behind us the second half of the season will be a thrilling contest and not an easy cruise home to the end of the season. I urge you all to watch 1st grade in term 1 next year as High attempts to make history by winning a premiership for the first time in 16 years and possibly becoming the first champion (undefeated) team in the school’s history.
By Christopher Chiam

Note: Next year on February 5th High will defend its titles in the Raschke Cup (1st Grade) and the P Yeend Shield (2nd Grade). The 1st grade tournament will be held at Ignatius and the 2nd grade at home. Good luck to 1st and 2nd Grade!

~ Go High Basketball!
~Play Hard, Play Smart and Play Together!
~ Don’t forget to visit the Sydney High Basketball Website!
~ Brought to you by the editors, David Li Wang and Chris Chiam
~Thank you to Mr Hayman for all his contributions to basketball and information

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High Tide

Sydney Boys High School Sailing
Saturday 27/11/10

Although the forecast for our last official Term 4 race day was for a blustery afternoon, morning racing was in light conditions. Having improved over the season, High ended the inter-school sailing in dominant style, reflecting the increased commitment and energy among the boys.

High’s success was shown in the results. The first race was sailed in tricky light winds, however High completely dominated with good starts and placing in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th places. This was arguably the first time in SBHS Sailing history that this has happened. All of our sailors should be commended for their great sailing. Notably, Max Birch (Year 10) and Marcus James (Year 9) won the race, after a poor start over 1 minute late, worked their way upwind, picking up on the shifting wind and working up through the fleet.

In the Laser Radial for only the second time this season, Ennes Mehmedbasic sailed very well also, finishing in 2nd place.

In the second race, the wind picked up to just under 10 knots and shifted more to the east. High had great starts, with all our boats on the line at the start. Again our boats placed brilliantly. The top 4 places from each race are as below.

Race 1 Race 2
Skipper Crew Place Skipper Crew Place
Marcus James Max Birch 1st  Marcus James Max Birch 1st 
Adam Ceh Darren Tiang 2nd Connor Robinson Vincent Xu 4th
Bart Daniels Tim Pilien 3rd Bart Daniels Tim Pilien 5th 
Connor Robinson Julian Eddgton 4th Daniel Fang Toby Funston 6th


Final series results (TBC) are provisionally High sailors placing 2nd and 3rd among a field of nearly 30 Pacers – an outstanding result and testament to the coach, Adam South, and efforts from the boys (High Spirit!).
Marcus James (Yr 9)

Fun Sailing Day and BBQ at Double Bay Sailing Club on Saturday 4 December starting 9am. All Sailors, Potential Sailors, Parents and Old Boys welcome.

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Sydney Boys High School Cricket

1st XI - Newington 7 declared for 269 (99 overs) (J Dorph 89, M Attalah 67, R Bromhead 49, N Bhagwat 1-23 (4.2), S Haque 1-26 (14), S Sooriakumar 1-37 (12), S Dias 1-38 (21), J Moffat 1-59 (21)) defeated Sydney Boys High 10-218 (84 overs) (J Moffat 98, S Subramaniam 48, L Haldane 3-26 (15), R Bromhead 2-33 (12), C Charlwood 2-41 (14)) and 0-32 (10 overs)(N Bhagwat 19 n.o., M Phung 9 n.o).

This was a high quality game between the two teams that were at the bottom of the competition table. Sydney Boys had 218 runs to defend on a very flat batting wicket. Resuming at 2-43, Newington batted throughout the entire first session without offering a chance to be 2-133 after 52 overs. Despite the very brave and highly committed efforts of the High bowlers and the fieldsmen, Newington eventually reached the target after 88 overs with only three wickets down. The bowling efforts of Sudam Dias, Jesse Moffat, Oliver Meroni, Saif Haque, Siva Sooriakumar and Tom Connolly were of the highest quality all day as they toiled manfully on a very unresponsive wicket. The fielding effort drew high praise from all at the ground – including former Australian player Matthew Nicholson. There was no shame attached to this loss!!!!!

2nd XI (Day 1) HIGH 5 – 54(25) - versus - NEWINGTON 10 – 152(55) Run scorers: Alexander Hughes (13), Caspar Price (14), Daniel Smith (8) Wicket takers: Dhruv Guptaa 3 /14(8), Krishan Sivayogarayan -3/23(9.4), Ahdil Ansareen 2 /14(6), Caspar Price 2 /28(8) ( Day 2 ) – No report issued.

3rd XI – No report issued.

4th XI- This team has played seven games and is undefeated. A terrific record against some strong opposition. Well done!
High: 2/154(25) def. Grammar: 10/86(22) Best Batting: Henry Sit 50no Oliver Pierce 47no Shimon Danziger 27no Best Bowling: Ishmam Bari 2/17(5) Derek Wei 1/15(4) Nick Lomov 1/6(2) Henry Sit 2/19(5) Dennis Kim 2/2(2)!!!

16A XI Newington 9/229 dec. defeated High 64 & 9/250
High resumed the day at 4/45 chasing 230 to win and was still confident that the win was achievable. However, an inspired spell from the Newington opener saw him clean bowl 4 High batsmen in his first 2 overs to have High in deep trouble at 8/50. Unfortunately, we were bowled out in the first 10 overs of the day for 64. It was lack of concentration and indecision from High that caused the wickets to fall but credit must be given to the bowler, who was swinging the ball both ways. Top scorers were Agnish Nayak (17), Kritman Dhamoon (11) and Tushar Joshi (8). High were sent back in to bat and Newington pressed hard for the outright win. At this point the boys showed what they were really capable of with the bat and pushed hard. Owen Duffy saw a return to form, blasting 136 runs in a well-rounded knock which consisted of boundaries off loose balls and quick singles off the better ones. Unfortunately, he later required a runner and was run out as a result. Khushaal Vyas (20) and Agnish Nayak (20) also batted well, both continuing their string of starts. It is only a matter of time before one of these boys turns their 20 into a 50 or a big 100. All in all it was a matter of 'if we'd batted as well in the 1st innings as we did in the second, we would have won'. .

16B XI Grammar 8/59 def. HIGH 10/58
Amazing scenes at Reg Bartley, when after being dismissed for a paltry 58 runs within 25 overs in their first innings, High were staring down the barrel, with Grammar at 1/30. Vasu Bhakri held the innings together for High, with a steady 20, but after smacking the cover off the ball and being given LBW, there were not too many other contributions to speak of. However, a phenomenal spell of bowling from Ricky Chen saw High climb right back into the contest, and after taking a few quick wickets suddenly Grammar was on the back foot at 3/33. Wickets kept tumbling, and High took 6 wickets for just 3 runs in almost 10 overs. Ricky had the unbelievable figures of 3/6 (6), supported ably by Vasu Bhakri with 2/11 (6) and Sameer Nene 2/14 (6). Grammar entered their 30th over with 3 runs to get and only 3 wickets in hand. After taking a fantastic catch earlier in the innings, Subhash dropped a tough chance at short mid-off. However, the very next ball Darryl dived full length to his left at cover to take one of the catches of the season. After 5 dot balls in the penultimate over, and with Chris Mao bravely taking some heavy blows at short leg, it seemed as though High would pull off an unthinkable win. It was ironic, that after such a great effort in the field, a misfield gave Grammar the winning run. Without the four dropped catches earlier in the innings, High might have had a heroic win. A fantastic display of High spirit.

16C XI – Bye vs. Grammar

15A XI- High - All Out 89 (40) (Jesse Cooper 25, Sagar Nagaraj 15, Ned Anson 14) and 6/124 (38) (Ned Anson 28, Jason Zhang 24, Yiutao Wong 12 N.O.) defeated by Newington 5/217 (44) [Andrew Dao 1/9(4), Lasith De Fonseka 1/23 (7), Jason Zhang 1/29 (6] On the second day Howard was first to bowl and it was a good opening spell. Lasith opened the bowling with him and got an early wicket to lift our spirits. Knowing that they had already passed our first innings score, we decided to try to attack and keep them to the smallest total possible. Our fielding was good, but their opening batsmen got set again and they declared when he reached his century. Our batting was very impressive, with our lower order showing resistance as well as class, with George, Allen and Yiutao all hitting boundaries. Howard also scored his first run for the As. Jason played a fantastic innings setting an example for the rest of us, and finishing up on 24, after batting for almost 2 hours. There was a lot of spirit in the game, as well as heaps of support from parents. We also had lunch before the game while watching the firsts. This all created a great atmosphere and set us up for a good day of cricket. A win looks like it could be just around the corner.

15B XI Grammar 5/229 (Sid Subramanian 2/29, Michael Yu 1/25, Sai Vimalanathan 1/33) defeated High 7/108 (Sai Vimalanathan 50ret., Sid Subramanian 24n.o, Aaron Wong 9) High won the toss and elected to field but were immediately met by two very switched on batsmen who punished anything short or wide. Grammar put on 91 for the first wicket before Sid got the first breakthrough. High then proceeded to continue taking wickets before a handy last wicket partnership took Grammar's total to 5/229. Makeshift openers Sai and Ray were met by some very good bowling early on. However Sai battled through the early storm, while also punishing anything loose to bring up his maiden half century. He was ably supported by Sid who finished with an impressive 24 n.o and Aaron with 9. Despite losing a few wickets towards the end of the innings, High did well to prevent being bowled out and finished at 7/108 from their 32 overs, a much improved performance from previous weeks.

15C XI Grammar 7-198 defeated High 8-38
Best bowlers - Jacky Zhu (3-21), Kevin Chong (1-15), Burton Chen (1-30) Best batsmen - Burton Chen (9), Jacky Zhu (5), Brendan Kwong (4) A good last game for this term, with High taking some good wickets. Jacky bowled particularly well, taking 3-21. There was also some good fielding, with a run out from Bob and some fantastic stops by Brendan. High lasted for 16 overs against some extremely good and fast bowling, with a long partnership between Burton and Brendan providing the majority of the runs.

14A XI - Newington 6-259 declared (36 overs) defeated High 10-157 (52 overs), and 10-82 (27 overs – Day 2)
Run Scorers (Day 2): Raunak Sura (20), Vishnu Avudainayagam (15), Tahmeed Hossain (13). Wicket Takers (Day 2): Kevin Robinson 2/17 (5), Varunan Murugananthan 1/16 (4), Gautham Shankar 1/5 (0.3)

Sydney High turned up looking for a victory with Newington 2-50 chasing 157. We started off well picking up a wicket in the 9th over of the day. After this wicket we picked up our energy, thanks to great bowling from Varunan Murugananthan and Kevin Robinson. Kevin then picked up another wicket, thanks to a brilliant catch from Kevin Ke. Unfortunately they passed our score and started smashing towards the end whilst a declaration was in mind. Gautam Shanker picked up his first GPS wicket, thanks to another awesome catch by Marc Betbeder-Matibet. They declared at 6-259. Needing to stop an outright victory, we went in to bat. We switched around the order a bit to give some players who missed out during the season, a go with Tahmeed Hossain playing brilliantly for his 13 runs. Rick batted solidly, lasting 9 overs, facing many balls and holding us together. Similar to Rick, Kevin Ke batted very solidly, not giving away his wicket easily. Raunak Sura played a fiery innings for his 20, hitting 4 boundaries. Jonathen Chew hit a good 4 but unluckily got caught soon after. It was up to Vishnu Avudainayagam and Kevin Robinson, the last two batsmen to last. Kevin Robinson played solidly and did not budge, Vishnu played very defensively, but when looking to hit a ball was caught on 15. We finished up at 82, and lost outright but learnt a lot.

14 B XI - Toss: Won by High Grammar: 9/139 (32 overs) Kevin DANG - 3/8 (5) Jason LIN - 2/7 (3) Jason LIM - 1/5 (3) Catches: Anthony HUYNH (1) High: 10/39 (19 overs) Raycole DAI – 9 Thomas GEORGE – 7 Supan ARUDSELVAN – 2 Kevin DANG - 2 After winning the toss and sending Grammar in to bat, High was slow to get started in the field, with the opening pair reaching 82. With an improved attitude and alertness, High managed to restrict the opposition to a reasonable score. After a solid looking start to the batting at drinks, High's batting order collapsed to see the team all out for 39. With a better mental attitude from the start of bowling and discipline with the batting, we'll be looking for better results in Term 1.

14C XI – This team have improved immensely over the last two games. They won their game against Newington and were just beaten against Grammar. A great team effort ! Grammar - 8/150 (32) def.High - All Out For 149 (31.3) 14C XI HIGH 10 - 106 - NEWINGTON 10 - 54 Run scorers: Yilun Zhou (16 n.o), Alif Khondaker (12), Alex Wong (10) Wicket takers:Alex Wong 3/8, Anthony Taing 2/9, Renjith Joesph 1 /4

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Sydney High Water Polo

Round 6

Opens v The Scots College
Loss 10 - 4
High's last game for the year was played on Saturday against top of the table Scots. Early defensive pressure against their forwards proved a valuable tactic from training, preventing their offence from putting together a string of passes. This paid off after a number of minutes of solid pressure on the ball, as we found a turnover and quick release to the wing to sprint it up for a 1 on 1 with the goalie. Samuel put it home to open the scoring. The replies were quick to come after the first break as our lead was turned around over the course of the 2nd and 3rd quarters. Brendan's impressive long-range shooting and Oliver's strength close to goal kept us in touch, and the final score of 10-4 hardly reflected the even contest. Goal scorers this week were Oliver (1), Samuel (1), Brendan (2). In this first half of the season High has achieved 1 draw and 1 victory.
Samuel Beston

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High Society

The Bulletin Board for Sydney Boys High P & C

Julie Connolly
P&C President.
If you would like to have any parent community news or upcoming events included in High Society, please contact Julie Connolly, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; M: 0418 470 203.

Parent Portal Developments

The Parents Portal on the school website has been further developed by the school’s IT department. Personalised individual logins are now available to access information specific to your son. Individual logins replace the generic Year Group logins we have been using. The generic logins will be phased out shortly, so create your own login NOW.

To create a personal account you will require the following two pieces of information:

  1. The Family Correspondence Email address you supplied at enrolment.
  2. The Student ID Number of your son/ward as printed on his timetable. If you have multiple children attending the school, any ID Number will suffice.

If you have trouble recalling the email address you supplied, your son can tell you by looking up the My Details section of the Student Portal. Alternatively, contact the school Administrative Office.

Once you have these two pieces of information, create a personal Parent Portal Account:

  • Go to the school website www.sydneyboyshigh.com 
  • Click Intranet Login in the bottom left-hand menu
  • Click parent registration on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen that has opened and follow the instructions.

Securely store the individual username and password you have created to access the Parents Portal.

Once you have a personal account, you will be able to see:

  • Absences
  • Library Borrowings
  • Carnival Results
  • Laptop Details
  • Timetable for your son/ward in the same fashion he can on the Student Portal.


  • P&C BLOG
  • Minutes from P&C meetings
  • Additional Useful Parent Information

From Fabienne Ovadia

The P&C Representative on the Student Wellbeing Committee – What is this Committee and What Does it Do?

I’ve had the privilege to be involved with the Student Wellbeing Committee as the parent representative for a couple of years now. It is made up of the Principal, Dr Jaggar, the HT Welfare, Mr John Walker, all the Year Advisers and Assistant Year Advisers, the Counsellors, Teachers in charge of programs like SRC, Community Service, Peer Support, Peer Mediation, Learning Support, the Careers Adviser, representatives of various Faculties and a parent representative. Its aim is to nurture the wellbeing of all students on a physical, emotional and psychological level.

To this effect it concerns itself with a wide range of activities.

  • The Values Education Program and Senior Transition in Years 7-10 are core developments of the Welfare program. The focus of these programs is leadership development, understanding core values, strengthening resilience, and techniques to improve literacy, study and time management performance.
  • For those students who need additional support, the school calls on Elevate, a company who provides additional study techniques and training to underachieving students. Elevate also organises a complete workshop on HSC study skills for all our Year 11 boys.
  • At Sydney High we try to offer as many leadership opportunities for the boys as possible so they can demonstrate a range of skills that prepare them for tertiary education applications and for their life outside of school. The SRC, the Prefects, Peer Mediation, Peer Support and Big Brother offer such opportunities. The Big Brother program is a leadership initiative which matches Year 9 student ambassadors with their local primary school for the purpose of beginning our peer support program and to foster a smooth transition to High School.
  • The commitment of our students to Community Service is growing. It involves the boys organising fundraising events for various charities and raising awareness of many social and health issues like dealing with disability and illness, violence and discrimination against women, the plight of homeless youth, Movember for men’s health issues and many more.
  • The Committee organises visits from specialist companies who present plays encouraging students to think about issues of relevance to adolescents, for example bullying, developing positive relationships, risk taking behaviour, making the right choices and taking responsibility for one’s actions. These plays are useful to initiate further discussions among the boys. Another visiting company, Motivational Media, presents a show inspiring students to set goals and develop resilience in the face of adversity.
  • The High Resolves initiative is organised to expose all our boys to the idea of global citizenship and global responsibility. Students who demonstrate sound leadership qualities are then selected to undertake the development projects which involve team work to plan and implement school and community based ventures. In 2010, the Year 10 group worked with UNWOMEN and were sponsored by DELOITTE to make presentations in other schools about the rights and abuse of women worldwide.

These are big, sweeping programs and most committee members take responsibility for one of these programs. During the meetings, we review the progress made, we allocate tasks and set goals and we set into place strategies to better support the students. Improving the electronic channels of communication, information gathering and referral within the school is part of this process.

More recently we have looked at the issue of Mental Health among adolescents. We conducted a Forum on Friday 12th November where we discussed some strategies to put in place at Sydney Boys High to help those young people experiencing life challenges, mental health problems or stress. We were privileged to have three of our Year 11 boys join us for the discussion. It was an eye-opening day for all participants and a list of recommendations will be compiled by Mr Walker for further action.
Fabienne Ovadia

Upcoming Meetings & Events

P&C Thank You Party
5.30pm, Monday 13th December – Great Hall

Music Tour Reunion Night
combined with P&C Thank You Party – formal Reunion 7.30pm, refreshments before and after

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SHS Cadet Unit Annual Dinner 2010

The Unit’s Annual Dinner will be held In The Great Hall On Friday 10th December 2010

Our Senior Under Officer, CUO Michael Do invites all parents of cadets and Unit Old Boys to join the Unit at our end of year formal dinner.

An opportunity to participate in a three course dinner and enjoy the essential graciousness of our military formal dinner A dining event unusual in these hectic modern times

Officers & Senior NCOs – Mess Dress White Jacket
Other ranks – Poly General Duty (with tie)
Civilian guests – Suit Ladies – After Five

Tickets $45.00
Family concessions available

Contact the Mess Secretary, Sergeant Andrew Gong This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Enquiries: Christopher Budd 0410 109 242

The SHS Cadet Unit Annual Dinner 2010 response form 
is available in the PDF version of this edition of High Notes

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Weights Room

Please check the below timetable for weeks 9 and 10 term 4 and the week before Xmas. Also below is the upcoming Xmas break and January holidays where the weights room will be open as per times listed. Boys who have a current approved Strength and Conditioning program will be eligible to work-out during these times. I would urge all boys to use this time wisely and work on their strength and speed during a time of minimal academic pressure. A famous coach once said ‘winning is not a sometime thing, it’s an all the time thing”. He was referring to having a winning attitude every session in Training, Playing, Life. If you want to have success, do the extra mile and prepare thoroughly. January training is where 2011 starts.

Program weeks 9, 10 Term 4 2010 (listed are times available)

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week 9 &10Term 4 Strength 7-9amAll years Strength 7-9amAll years Strength 7-9amAll years Strength 7-9amRowing only Strength 7-9amAll years
Strength 3.30-5pmSpeed & Agility 3.30-5pm Strength 3.30-5pmRowing only Strength 3.30-5pmAll years Strength 3.30-5pmAll years  
Xmas week13th-15th Strength 7-9amAll years Strength 7-9amAll years Strength 7-9amAll years closed closed

Program January 2011 (beginning Monday 3/1/11)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Strength 7-9am Strength 7-9am Strength 7-9am Strength 7-9am Strength 7-9am
Speed & Agility 9.30-  11am Speed & Agility 9.30-  11am      
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SBHS Buses Available for Hire

53 SEATER BUS  - From $220 (plus GST) for half day travel within a 20 km radius

20 SEATER BUS - From $125 (plus GST) for half day travel within a 20 km radius

Call us for a comprehensive price schedule!
Peter Hatch 0405 150 013

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