High Notes, Vol 11 No 38, November 26 2010

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From the Principal

High Talent
A great year for debating! The Year 10 PDC team won the final of the Teasdale Cup on Friday last to secure the Triple Crown for the first time in the history of the school I believe. Congratulations to Alexander Hughes, Christopher Chiam, Robert Sternhell and Adam Ceh who successfully affirmed the proposition that euthanasia should be legalised. Samir Kinger and Jamian Vuong (Year 11) represented the school and the District at the Sydney Region SRC Conference last week. Our leaders are now very regular representatives at region and state level.

Big Week for Musical Performances
On Tuesday the Music Awards Assembly showcased the talent of our students. Special guest Ben Carey spoke to the boys about his musical journey and played an experimental piece for saxophone and computer synthesised music. We heard from three of our eleven Encore nominees. A video of the Music Tour was screened and many awards presented to a large number of boys. The Spring Music Festival was held later that evening. It was a resounding success from all reports. On Wednesday, jazz workshops were followed by an evening ‘Jazz in the Courtyard’ performance. Thank you to Suzanna, Debra and Rita and the tutors and boys who performed. It was obviously a very exhausting week but the payoff is that High music is really booming!

My apologies for not thanking the SASS staff in particular for all their Orientation Day efforts in last week’s High Notes. The enrolment process was the smoothest I have ever witnessed. The SASS staff and their Prefect Assistants processed mountains of paperwork really quickly. Over the two days they gave up an evening and worked really hard to gather and record all the necessary data and to process financial contributions. Thank you.

New Service for cricket
The Cricket Committee has launched an online cricket scores search facility through mycricket.cricket.com.au. This site has ‘Your Online Cricket Community’ which leads you to Sydney High matches and statistics. I trust that all High cricketers will view this site and stay up to date with our cricket program.

‘N’ Awards at HSC and SC
Sadly, more than one student at both the Higher School Certificate and School Certificate received ‘N’ awards for courses or subjects. This means that individuals have not qualified for the award of those credentials. The consequences are serious for failing to respond to ‘warning letters’ and parent–teacher conferences about set tasks that are not completed or submitted. Some boys are under the mistaken belief that only assessable tasks have to be completed. All work set by teachers should be completed. Failure to complete such work may result in a warning letter being given to a student. The Board of Studies only requires two such letters to be sent and to remain unresolved before the school may commence the ‘N’ award process. Being given an ‘N’ award is both embarrassing and time consuming. Interviews with the Principal, forms to fill out, work to be completed and taken to teachers, a visit to Mr Dowdell when the issue is resolved – all these are avoidable if boys comply with teachers’ instructions. The test is ‘sustained effort and due diligence’. Boys who fail to complete tasks which cover major learning experiences of the course or subject can hardly be judged as having sustained their efforts, nor have they been appropriately diligent. Parents, teachers and Head Teachers need to work together to ensure that all boys complete all work set so as to avoid a repetition of ‘N’ awards. Even the possibility of having to issue an ‘N’ award is unacceptable at a selective school.

Sponsor Wanted for 2011
Do you have a product or service that you would like to market to parents of boys at GPS schools? There is a cost effective avenue for you to reach hundreds of people in this niche market for a very modest outlay.

High will be printing home game programs for summer and winter sports. These are distributed free to spectators at High fixtures. We are seeking sponsors to take an A5 size full page advertisement for approved goods and services for 7 or 8 home fixtures during the year. The price for a season’s sponsorship is $300. The proceeds of the sponsorship will be used to cover printing costs and to raise funds to help pay for paramedic services at home venues. If you are in business, do something to help High and perhaps derive some commercial benefit. If you are interested in being a High program sponsor, contact Mark Pavone, Head Teacher Sport.

Phillip Day Memorial Scholarship
Year Advisers, Head Teachers, Coaches – this is your last chance to influence worthy candidates to apply for the Phillip Day Memorial Scholarship. Applications close on November 30.

Year 10 Fund raising
Tissa Liyanage, President, Lak Saviya Foundation Australia Inc, emailed me this week: “It is with pleasure we acknowledge Sydney Boys High School funds donated to Lak Saviya Foundation to help KRMV school further…[$1538.95 ]. We are very pleased that with lot of support from SBHS and through some efforts from us we eventually managed to establish a communication link between the two schools. With SBHS Year 10s support we should be able to continue with this and develop it further so that both schools have a benefit in the long-term. With regard to the library project the proposal is being finalised to be sent to SBHS for approval. Please convey our sincere thanks to Year 10s for their efforts for raising funds.”

It is my hope that our Year 9 boys going into Year 10 will energetically promote the communication link with KRMV and help in raising funds for the Lak Saviya Foundation. This is a worthy cause and an expression of our belief in global citizenship. I would hope that our Sri Lankan boys would maintain communication with the school but the idea is to converse with them to help their growth in language and to increase your understanding of and empathy with students of other cultures and circumstances.
Dr K A Jaggar

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From the Two Libraries

We have just altered our Library calendars so that books can be borrowed for the holidays. If you are going overseas please make sure you have a haul of reading matter to keep you entertained and use your local library if you run out of fun stuff.

THANK YOU To Jaiden Chin 7M for a late book Fair donation of Fang – James Patterson

I think it is always better using informed research rather than popular opinion to discuss the future of reading and Libraries so this research, quoted in our most recent teacher/librarian journal, ASLA, is worth considering.

Nord et al 1997 – Children whose fathers participated in their child’s learning usually achieved higher marks, enjoyed school and never repeated a grade.

Ortiz 2000 – When fathers are involved with their children’s literacy education from a young age, their children demonstrate increased cognitive abilities, higher self esteem, and greater social competence.

Gadsden 2003 – Father’s reading habits influence children’s reading habits, choices and interest. Modelling is one of the most powerful tools when encouraging boys to read.

Stile & Ortiz 1999 – Shared literacy activities strengthen the father-child bond.

Graves Smith 2006 – Children who had parents’ participation in reading activities at home demonstrated improved motivation as a positive outcome stemming from the parents’ belief that literacy education is important

Zambo and Brozo 2009 – Since the 1930s there has been increasing evidence of boys far outnumbering girls in remedial reading classes.

Anderson, Streelasky and Anderson 2007 – The image of a mother reading with her child dominated one hundred randomly selected family literacy websites.


The Killing Doll – Ruth Rendell;
The God of Small Things, Aarundhati Roy;
Birds Without Wings, Louis De Bernieres;
The Quiet American, Graham Green;
The Lizard’s Bite, David Hewson;
Hot Money, In the Frame, Dick Francis;
Bookends, Jane Green;
Mr Maybe, Jane Green;
Babyville, Jane Green;Snow
Wolf, Glen Meade;
The Tenderness of Wolve, Stef Penney;
The Echo, Minette Walters;
Milk and Honey, Faye Kellerman;
The Potato Factory, Bryce Courtenay;
Primary Colours, Anonymous;
Memories of Midnight, Sidney Sheldon;
Dissolution, CJ Sansom;
Void Moon, Michael Connelly

Mosaic, a Chronicle of Five Generations, Diane Armstrong;
Ronnie ( an autobiography) by Ronnie Wood;
Stories of my Life, Ray Martin (autobiography);
Patio, Garden Design & Inspiration, Jamie Drury;
The Outdoor Room, Jamie Drury;
You Don’t Have to be Born Brilliant, John McGrath;
Memoirs of a Geisha, Arthur Golden;

The Handy Science Answer Book, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (How about that?!!);
The World of Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Julie Mooney;

Veronica Crothers

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Open High School News

This year has been busy, with 10 students studying Japanese, Korean and Russian through the Open High School. Two students, Caillin McKay and Tony Tran, sat the Higher School Certificate in Japanese this year and we wish them success.

In addition, three students achieved outstanding success in their language studies, all gaining Equal First Place in New South Wales in their course, out of all students who were studying through the avenue of Open High:

Shaun Fletcher, Year 10 Japanese
Edward Naoumov, Year 10 Russian
Shimon Danziger, Year 11 Japanese

These students will receive their awards at a special Prize-giving Ceremony organised by the Open High, in our School Hall. Congratulations!

Through the Languages Faculty at Sydney High, students are offered excellent opportunities for language learning: Chinese, Classical Greek, French, German and Latin are school-based languages. If students decide they wish to expand their linguistic horizons, then from Year 9 they are able to learn an additional language. Units of work are submitted weekly, and there are opportunities for face-to-face lessons at the Open High School, excursions and even telephone lessons practising students’ Speaking skills.

It is good to see that the students at Sydney High recognise the value in learning a language, and the outstanding achievements of the students are an added reward.
Ms D. Matsos
Supervisor, Open High School

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From the Canteen

THANK YOU Cocktail party – put this date in your diary!!! Monday 13th Dec 5.30 p.m. onwards The P and C very much appreciate the efforts of all school volunteers which includes all of our wonderful helpers in the canteen. Invitations will be going out in the next week. The Canteen Committee like to take this opportunity to give special thanks to all our volunteers but particularly our leaving Year 12 helpers.... so please make sure you are there if you can be.

Many thanks to the following people for your help in canteen over the last 2 weeks – especially those who came in twice and those whose Year 12 sons have already left....thank you, thank you, thank you:

Helen Lazarou, Usha Arvind, Elsa Li, Yuko Sakata, Jenny Wong-Romeo, Robyn Gordon, Jim O'Sullivan, Sally Allingham, June Wu, Lancy Feng, Sue Rynsaardt, Frances Salmon, Soogie Sim, Jenny Nixon, Anita Bezjak, Danni Hillier, Nina Liu, Vila Bing Bai (lovely mum of Nina), Cia Koukouras, Jenny Dong, Doris Fong, Steve Saunders, Khoa Bui, Hiroko Kitajima, Sally Allingham, Louise Warren, Shilpar Punekar, Stamatina Farrugia.

Volunteer help in the canteen this year has meant the education of your sons has been improved in the following ways: $20,000 for instance used to purchase short throw projectors for science labs, 11 more rooms to be equipped with data projectors, sound equipment and wireless installation.

Tracey and Karen will be drawing up the rosters for next year soon. Helping in canteen is a great way for you to help make sure High boys get the best education – and food – that we can give them.
Please give Karen or Tracey a call on 9360 4027 and let them know what days best suit you to help next year.

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High Society

The Bulletin Board for Sydney Boys High P & C

Julie Connolly
P&C President.
If you would like to have any parent community news or upcoming events included in High Society, please contact Julie Connolly, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; M: 0418 470 203.

Parent Portal Developments

The Parents Portal on the school website has been further developed by the school’s IT department. Personalised individual logins are now available to access information specific to your son. Individual logins replace the generic Year Group logins we have been using. The generic logins will be phased out shortly, so create your own login NOW.

To create a personal account you will require the following two pieces of information:

  1. The Family Correspondence Email address you supplied at enrolment.
  2. The Student ID Number of your son/ward as printed on his timetable. If you have multiple children attending the school, any ID Number will suffice.

If you have trouble recalling the email address you supplied, your son can tell you by looking up the My Details section of the Student Portal. Alternatively, contact the school Administrative Office.

Once you have these two pieces of information, create a personal Parent Portal Account:

  • Go to the school website www.sydneyboyshigh.com 
  • Click Intranet Login in the bottom left-hand menu
  • Click parent registration on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen that has opened and follow the instructions.

Securely store the individual username and password you have created to access the Parents Portal.

Once you have a personal account, you will be able to see:

  • Absences
  • Library Borrowings
  • Carnival Results
  • Laptop Details
  • Timetable for your son/ward in the same fashion he can on the Student Portal.


  • P&C BLOG
  • Minutes from P&C meetings
  • Additional Useful Parent Information

Upcoming Meetings & Events

Music Parents Support Group AGM 6.30pm, Tuesday 30th November - Staff Common Room
Cricket Committee Meeting 6.00pm, Wednesday 1st December - Staff Common Room
Family Regatta and Barbecue Saturday 4th December – Outterside Centre, Abbotsford
P&C Thank You Party 5.30pm, Monday 13th December – Great Hall
Music Tour Reunion Night combined with P&C Thank You Party – formal Reunion 7.30pm, refreshments before and after

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How to View your Cricket Score on the Internet

Boys you can follow the scores and statistics of High Cricketers on the website My Cricket by following these steps
Open: http://mycricket.cricket.com.au

In the Your Online Cricket Community

Click: SearchIn the drop down menu

Click: Club, association, grade

In the box next to the red text Search text enter Sydney High School and then click Search

When the page refreshes further down a box with Sydney High School appears and on the right side of the box Customise appears click Customise

In the Your Online Cricket Community

Click: Matches

In the drop down menu Click: Fixture

A web page appears called Season Fixture

Go to a match that Sydney High School appears and click the red View at the right hand side of the line

The details of the match appear You can go to the drop down menu Statistics to find batting bowling and fielding statistics.

If you click on a line with your name all of your statistics come up at once.

Once you have customised for Sydney High School future views will be more direct if your browser’s cookies are turned on.
Allan Hughes

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Music Notes

The Jazz Ensemble (Adam Booth, Steve Comninos, Ennes Mehmedbasic, Michael Phung, Jordan Saito-Patch, and special guest in Bass; Muhamed Mehmedbasic) performed stunningly last Sunday afternoon at Le Pain Quotidien in Surry Hills as part of the young talent development program ‘Soiree to Showcase our Future’. It was highly enjoyed by the audience and we have been asked back by the organisers who were so impressed by their level of standard and professionalism. Well done to the boys on their fantastic efforts and wonderful performance.

The Annual Music Assembly held on Tuesday acknowledged all the hard work and achievements of our Music students this year (both in the Music Performance Program and Academic Program). This year was a particularly exceptional one, with the Music Tour to France and Flanders in April culminating to the Anzac Day Dawn Service in Villers-Bretonneux and 11 HSC Encore nominations in Performance. Thank you to our special guest speaker Ben Carey, who gave an inspiring address and amazing performance on the tenor saxophone, the music tutors and conductors for their professionalism, all the parents for their ongoing support throughout the year and especially the boys in the Music Program for their wonderful efforts. A special thank you to Mr Prorellis for his support and hard work on the Music Tour and Mr Hannon for the brilliant filming and presentation of the Tour highlights.

The Spring Music Festival held on Tuesday evening was a huge success with the Senior Concert Band opening the evening with a stunning performance of Fanfare for the Common Man accompanied by Mr Hannon’s wonderful slide show which was then followed by the Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Ms Ann Worthington who played Mozart’s Overture to the Marriage of Figaro with such energy and vigour. The Chamber Choir performed Swing Low Sweet Chariot with David Li Wang singing the solo tenor part followed by Handel’s Ombra Mai Fu accompanied by the Senior Strings. The Senior Strings conducted by Ms Rebecca Irwin performed Karl Jenkins Palladio beautifully followed by the Intermediate Concert Band who played two numbers stunningly; Fire Dance and Spiritual. The Training Concert Band gave their debut performance and wowed the audience with their energetic rendition of Funky Town and Guantanamera, followed by a lovely impromptu Trombone Duet by Cameron Morrison and Marcell Rozsa. The Junior String Ensemble then played two pieces, Step Ladder and Pomp and Circumstance both with such strength and power. The evening culminated to the highly anticipated Rhapsody in Blue by Gershwin performed by the Symphony Orchestra with special guest piano soloist, Paul Pang (OB 2006). The mammoth work has been five years in the making and we are so lucky to have Paul return to dazzle us with his amazing talent as well Christian Katsikaros and Allen Irwin (both old boys of SBHS).

Jazz in the Courtyard Concert held on Wednesday (with the workshop during the day at school) was a light and refreshing evening of Jazz numbers with all the Stage Bands, Jazz Ensemble and Guitar Ensemble performing. The evening also showcased some individual talents from Year 7 soloists and a brilliant Gypsy duet played by Ennes Mehmedbasic and Safat Sufian. Thank you to our conductors for the evening; Dave Panichi, Bob Cossain and Sean Windsor, the evening was highly enjoyed by all who attended.

Music Tour Reunion Night

We apologise for the rescheduling of the Music Tour Reunion Night due to technical difficulties. The evening has been rescheduled to Monday the 13th of December 2010 at 6:30pm and all tour members and families are invited to attend this evening in the Great Hall. Mr Tony Hannon has spent many, many hours editing the footage so beautifully filmed by Bart Daniels (Year 10) and Thomas Diep (Year 11) and will be available on 2x DVDs for all tour members. If you would like to receive your copies on high definition blu-ray discs, please bring in blank discs to Mr Hannon to copy the tour concerts and highlights.

Please confirm your attendance with us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by Monday 6th December 2010 and bring a plate of food to share to make is a festive and sociable evening. We look forward to seeing you all there. Music Tour Photos and Videos are now accessible (to staff and students) on the W Drive, Photo Archive, 2010, Music Tour 2010 (France & Flanders).

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Basketball: Shooting Hoops

High VS Newington

High vs Newington 2010 Term 1 (Last time)

1st WIN 63-59 C.JURLINA 14
2nd LOSS 36-26 A.PAUL 5
4th WIN 43-23 SAMEER 10
16B LOSS 35-15 T.LI 6
16C WIN 27-14 T.CHIN 9
16D LOSS 31-34 J.DO 11
16E WIN 48-18 V.CHEN 10
16F WIN 49-18 P.WU 18
15A WIN 31-28 N.FRANCE 15
15B WIN 29-24 D.DUONG 14
15C WIN 31-20 I.METCALF 10
15D WIN 22-10 M.CHANG 8
15E WIN 41-19 H.ZHANG 9
15 F WIN 27-6 H.MAI, A.KERR 8
14A LOSS 37-18 G.ZHENG 8
14B LOSS 20-25 P.GAO 7
14C LOSS 13-32 A.LU 9
14D LOSS 42-21 J.NG 5
14F LOSS 9-35 E.OU 4

High vs Newington 2010 Term 4 (This time)

1st WIN 60-56 A.DUMOVIC 31
2nd LOSS 78-31 B.MCGLENCHY 14
5th LOSS 12-20 V.CHEN 6
6th LOSS 20-25 J.PARK 10
7th WIN 21-20 C.LUIKER 7
8th WIN 39-16 D.CHEN 14
16A WIN 33-25 M.SONG MVP
16B WIN 36-22 M.CHAN MVP
16C WIN 28-21 W.MA 11 (3,3s!)
16E LOSS 28-31 A.ZHOU 12
16F WIN 28-18 A.XU 8
15A LOSS 40-46 B.CHEN 12
15B LOSS 21-33 W.LIU 8
15C LOSS 21-25 S.NORONHA 8
15D LOSS 26-31 J.NG 12
15E WIN 46-8 J.LE 16
15 F WIN 31-20 ANDREW .SHI 8
14A LOSS 64-21 A.SO 5, J.YANG 5
14B LOSS 28-20 C.LEE 4, K.LIANG 4
14C WIN 40-10 C.CHEN 11
14D LOSS 8-62 D.WANG 4
14F LOSS 31-16 J.TRAN 8

To see if your team has improved, look at the age group below your current one. For example, 15As this time would be 14As last time.

1st Grade Table

  Played Won Lost For Against Points
High 6 6 0 511 310 12
Scots 6 5 1 470 314 11
Newington 6 4 2 412 276 10
St. Ignatius' 6 3 3 417 436 9
St. Joseph's 6 3 3 340 397 9
Shore 6 2 4 345 397 8
Kings 6 1 5 197 436 7
Grammar 6 0 6 306 432 6<6

High 1st Grade Report
The High vs Newington game was one of the most important of the season between two of the top teams, and both rose to the occasion to make an excellent game with a very tense finish. After starting out slowly High held a slim lead at the end of the first quarter however in the second Newington turned it on to lead by 7 at half time. With the game looking dangerous for High our crowd got behind them and during the last quarter the game looked even with the lead swapping many times. Neither team let the other dominate the match but during the final minute High held their nerve to record a remarkable comeback and a 4 point win, with Andrija Dumovic recording an impressive 31 point game. It’s early days but this win maintained High’s position at the top of the table and puts us in a better position to win the premiership.

To all supporters who attended the match: thanks for coming and helping High to one of its best wins, and please continue supporting the basketball program. To those who didn’t: you missed a brilliant game of basketball, and we need YOUR support in all our future matches.
By Chris Chiam

We Need You!
Stuck doing fitness on a Thursday afternoon? Want to be a part of the best sports program in the school? The High basketball program is looking for juniors who are interested in helping with recording 1st/2nd statistics on Saturday or want to help with writing Shootin’ Hoops. Award scheme applies. See Mr Hayman if interested.

~ Go High Basketball!
~ Play Hard, Play Smart and Play Together!
~ Don’t forget to visit the Sydney High Basketball Website!
~ Brought to you by the editors, David Li Wang and Chris Chiam
~ Thank you to Mr Hayman for all his contributions to basketball and information

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SBHS Rowing Committee

Junior Head of the Parramatta Results

It was very exciting at the sheds on Saturday morning as the Year 9 boys prepared for their first race of the season, and the Year 7 boys for their very first regatta. The two Year 10 Eights, 5 Year 9 Quads and 4 Year 8 Quads raced 2.5km down the Parramatta River against the other GPS schools. Our visiting school, Melbourne High, also enjoyed the racing experience, entering their two Year 10 Eights.

There were mixed results but overall it was worthwhile for all boys to experience racing with their crew members, and the importance of checking equipment in the boat. We had some gear failures and some crabs!

Congratulations to the Year 8 1st quad, coming in 5th and achieving the best result of the day – Louis Huyen, Jessie Nixon, Jackson Tan, Matthew Chan and (c) Keith Chambers.

Crew Place Time
Year 10 1st Eight  7th    8min.36  (7 boys rowing)
Year 10 2nd Eight  7th  11.34        (3 Melbourne Boys)
Year 9 1st Quad  7th   9.22
Year 9 2nd Quad  7th  10.15
Year 9 3rd Quad  7th  10.19
Year 9 4th Quad  DNS  
Year 9 5th Quad  DNS  
Year 9 6th Quad  7th 11.27
Year 9 7th Quad  8th  12.19
Year 8 1st Quad  5th  10.43
Year 8 2nd Quad  7th  12.06
Year 8 3rd Quad  7th  11.51
Year 8 4th Quad  7th  15.14
MHS Year 10 1st Eight  7th    9.34
MHS Year 10 2nd Eight  5th  10.17

Upcoming Events

Committee Meeting – has been brought forward to Tuesday 30 November

Coxswains Information Session - All our coxswains will be going to the Sydney Grammar Boatshed on Saturday 27 November at 11am for the AAGPS Information Session.

GPS Sculling Trials – Saturday 27 November at SIRC Our fastest senior rowers will be competing against the fastest rowers from other GPS Schools to make the top GPS Eight.

Family Regatta Day/Shed Race – Saturday 11 December This is our end of year event at the High Sheds. All crews will compete in the handicapped ‘Shed Race’, followed by families and school community having a try at rowing. A delicious barbecue lunch is served for all rowers and families.

Melbourne High School Rowing Exchange

During every rowing season for the past seven years, Year 9 rowers from Melbourne High have travelled up to Sydney to train and race with our Junior VIII crews, and then billet with them. Last week the rowers arrived at our boatshed around midday on Wednesday (the 17th), where we quickly got acquainted and started working on our boats.

The High rowers billeted the Melbourne rowers for two nights, which was a great experience as it allowed us to bond with them and learn about their life down in Melbourne. On Thursday the rowers and billets went to Coogee Beach, and on Friday we explored the city.

Our only direct race against their crews was a 500m sprint involving High’s 1st Year 9 Quad, High’s 1st Year 10 VIII and Melbourne’s 1st and 2nd Year 10 VIII. The race was a great success with the High’s 1st Year 10 VIII sliding into a close victory.

Melbourne and Sydney High also competed in the Head of the Parramatta race, which is an annual competition involving all the GPS schools. This was very good training for all crews involved, as we were exposed to a high level of competition. Despite this, many crews produced very admirable results. Overall, the exchange was a great experience; we had lots of fun and learned a lot, and all Junior VIII rowers are looking forward to heading down to Melbourne in March next year.
Alex Pereira

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High Tide

Sydney Boys High School Sailing
Saturday 20/11/2010

The morning started with very light conditions with a north-easterly breeze running into the harbour at around 5 knots. These light and shifting winds caused some frustration in the morning’s first race. The wind kept shifting more to the east and then to the north-east again giving neither side of the course a real advantage. The High boys sailed very well throughout this race with especially good starts. Bart Daniels and Daniel Fang sailed very well holding 1st and 2nd places for much of the race.

Eventually the wind got up to about 10 knots making a much faster and more competitive race. After a poor start, Max Birch and I steadily climbed up the placings during the race, gaining around 10 places to finish 4th. A good performance from both Connor Robinson and Bart Daniels put them in 6th and 7th place respectively.

As the day wore on, the High sailors seemed to lose focus reflected in their poor starts and below-expected placings. However, Connor Robinson was an exception, sailing well to finish the race in 6th place. The final results for the three races are as below.
Marcus James (yr 9)

Race 1 Race 2
Skipper Crew Place Skipper Crew Place
Bart Daniels Tim Pilien 2nd Marcus James Max Birch 4th
Daniel Fang Will Randles 5th Connor Robinson Riley Irwin 6th
Marcus James Max Birch 6th Bart Daniels Tim Pilien 7th
Race 3
Skipper Crew Place
Connor Robinson Riley Irwin 6th
Bart Daniels Tim Pilien 10th
Daniel Fang Will Randles 11th
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