High Notes, Vol 11 No 37, November 19 2010

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From the Principal

High Talent
The top of the table clash between High and Scots last Saturday demonstrated the strength and self-belief of our first grade basketball team. Having lost an important member, Craig Moller, after a training mishap, the team’s preparation was disrupted. Nonetheless, the boys came to play and set up an emphatic win in hot and humid conditions with a powerful first quarter from the starting five. Thereafter, the game was well controlled by coaches Ben and Alex, leaving High alone at the top of the table.

Valé Joshua Do
The High community was saddened last week with the news of the passing of Year 10 student, Joshua Do. Joshua succumbed to his illness after a long battle since early in term 1. Our sympathies go to his family in mourning. He will be missed by his friends, peers and his teachers. To have such a promising life cut short is shocking and makes us all reflect on the preciousness of what we have – health and family support – and that these can never be taken for granted. A number of his friends and classmates attended his funeral service last Friday. On Saturday, I was gratified to see competing GPS teams in basketball and cricket wearing black armbands as a sign of respect for Joshua’s passing.

Orientation Day
This year’s Orientation Day was successful with positive feedback about the processing of enrolment paperwork and the presentation of PowerPoints and video during the assembly. The Great Hall was full and the parents and students seemed interested in the proceedings. Thank you to 2011 Year 7 Adviser George Barris and his Assistant, Steve Codey, for organising a more entertaining and informative assembly. Thank you to Katrina Morrow and the Canteen Committee for their work in preparing the video. Julie Connolly, P & C President, initiated the move to change the format of the assembly and worked with staff and parents to make the changes happen. Thank you to all concerned.

Phillip Day Memorial Scholarship
Applications for this one and only High Scholarship close at the end of the month. It is important for the process that as many eligible boys as possible apply. Sometimes boys may feel reluctant to put their names forward because they do not want to appear to be promoting themselves or to disclose their special needs. However, the scholarship is designed to commemorate the dedication to a well-rounded school life and to the compassion for people that Phil demonstrated. Parents, peers and staff are urged to encourage worthy applicants to apply before November 30.

Year 11 Reports
Those boys in Year 11 who have not yet signed out of Year 11 and collected their reports are not entitled to sit for the upcoming first HSC Assessment Tasks. The logic is that they cannot commence the HSC officially until they have completed their Preliminary requirements. There are still a couple of dozen students who are not being responsible, self-managing individuals. Other boys are waiting on their unreturned textbooks. I am hopeful that all Year 11 students will comply by Monday, November 22.

Year 12 Gift
The Class of 2010 decided to enhance the learning environment by installing more statues in various places in the cloisters and in the Canteen garden. You may have noticed Diana in the corner of the courtyard or the musicians flanking the door to the courtyard or the statue on a pedestal in the canteen garden. The boys are also donating a new trophy cabinet for the foyer because our recent successes have required more storage space for our growing trophy collection. On behalf of the school I want to thank the Class of 2010 for their contribution to the school environment.

The state of the grounds
Recent efforts by Con Barris, Barbara Taylor and the Environment Committee have improved playground facilities for the disposal and security of rubbish. By and large, the new bins and recycling containers are being used responsibly. What we need now is a concerted effort by the school community to keep our environment clean and tidy by example and positive action. Pride in our place of learning needs to be a priority for 2011.
Dr K A Jaggar

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From the School Counsellors

Increasingly the school counsellors are receiving referrals from parents and Year Advisers regarding students’ use of the internet and its negative impact on the students’ study skills, family life and socialisation with peers. Below are excerpts from an article written a few years ago by Adolescent Psychologist – Andrew Fuller which may be helpful to both families and students in dealing with this possible problem.

Computer Use or Computer Addiction - Effects Of Computer Games
Apart from exercising your child’s thumbs, the effects of computer games are mixed.

  • Playing computer games may increase hand-eye co-ordination and problem solving skills.
  • Video games are popular and link into three of the most desired states of childhood: the ability to have adult-like adventures with minimum adult involvement; the ability to test yourself out; and the sense of being in a club of other young people who collect these games.
  • The games give a sense of great mastery, challenge and involvement. Children can become adventurous heroes winning battles, building cities and conquering challenges all in the safety of their homes.
  • Boys particularly use video games in a social way through organising LANs (local area networks) or simply by watching and discussing strategies. Playing computer games is not completely passive.

The downside of computer games is that they can ruin a child’s imagination and can be so compelling they become addictive. There have been some students in therapy for whom the withdrawal of the computer resulted in a grief reaction comparable to the loss of a family member! A few other downsides:

  • Skills learned on these games do not appear to readily transfer into other arenas of life.
  • Computer skills can give the illusion that life is controllable.
  • Computer games are so successful at setting challenges and providing rewards that they seem to interfere with young people’s ability to do this themselves.
  • Very few of the games require creative problem solving or an opportunity to be an active participant in determining a storyline.
  • The illusion created by computer games can be quite strong.

Young people with low self-esteem, social anxiety or psychosocial vulnerabilities may seek solace in computer games. If you are neglected, anxious or depressed, visiting a place where you can build cities, win wars and score points to become the world champion is a pretty compelling thing to do. If you are experiencing powerlessness and get even a hint of power through violent video games you are likely to over-value the usefulness of violence as a way of solving problems. Most teenagers can differentiate between reality and fantasy. Parents need to parent their children and that requires them to involve their children in a number of activities of which computer games may be one but certainly not the main one.

Some social networking sites have strong privacy settings. Facebook has recently tightened theirs due to user and media pressure to restrict information automatically shared. Show your child how to use these settings to limit who can view their online profile, and explain to them why this is important. To see how this can be done visit. www.facebook.com/help/?topic+privacyupdate. All young people using the net and mobile phones need to be aware not to give out their name or personal details. Also a parent has the right to review and delete your child’s profile if your child is younger than 13. Under the terms and conditions of Facebook and Myspace, you MUST be over 13 to set up an account.
Estelle Harman and Susanne Plummer
School Counsellors

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Music Notes

Music Events

This is a very busy time of year for the musicians in the school and they are called upon for many performances. In the next week, we have THREE major events that the boys will be involved in. We always enjoy seeing students and parents at school performances. The events are:

The Annual Music Awards Assembly will be held on Tuesday 23rd of November 2010 in the Great Hall at 10:00am .We would like to invite parents to come along and celebrate the wonderful achievements of our music students. There will be performances by some of this year’s Encore Nominees, Music Pockets presented to Year 11 musicians eligible for the award and Music Tour highlights.

The Spring Music Festival has been moved to Tuesday the 23rd November (evening of the Music Assembly) starting at 6:30pm in the Great Hall (ALL Concert Bands, Symphony Orchestra, Philharmonic Orchestra, String Ensembles and Chamber Choir will be involved).

Tickets cost $10.00 (SINGLE) / $25.00 (FAMILY) and are available at the Front Office
Please make payments at the office and collect your tickets there.

The Jazz in the Courtyard Concert will be on the following evening Wednesday 24th November starting at 5:30pm with the jazz workshop held from 9.00am – 12.00 on the same day at school.

(ALL Stage Bands, Jazz Ensemble and Guitar Ensemble will perform on Wednesday 24th November.)

Music Tour Reunion Night

The evening has been finally scheduled for Monday the 13th of December 2010 at 6:30pm and all tour members and families are invited to attend this evening in the Great Hall. The evening will be preceded and shared with the P&C Cocktail evening.

Mr Tony Hannon has spent many, many hours editing the footage so beautifully filmed by Bart Daniels (Yr 10) and Thomas Diep (Yr 11) and will be available to order on 2x DVD for all tour members. If you would like to receive your copies on high definition blu-ray discs, please bring in blank discs to Mr Hannon to copy the tour concerts and highlights.

Please confirm your attendance with us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by Monday 6th December 2010 and share a festive and sociable evening. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Music Tour Photos and Videos are now accessible (to staff and students) on the W Drive, Photo Archive, 2010, Music Tour 2010 (France & Flanders).

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What’s Up in the McDonald Senior Library?

New Resources

As a work in progress the McDonald Senior Library is constantly changing and evolving. This week I have included e-resources in my list of new resources. We aim to ensure that the collections have a balance of all formats. It isn’t our intention or indeed wise that we throw out the baby with the bath water in this digital age! It is a mistake to think that digital resources will be the only way students can access information or literature. We aim to extend the book not replace it!

SEN 363.7 BEA – Beavan, Colin – No Impact Man: saving the planet one family at a time – the author decides to live for a year without making any net impact on the environment. Beavan swears off packaged food, plastic and paper; goes organic; turns off his power and becomes a walking, cycling, composting, local-food-eating eco-extremist, while dragging his baby daughter and Prada-wearing shopaholic wife along for the ride.” (book blurb)

SEN F BRA - Bradbury, Jason – Dot Robot – Dot.com billionaire Devlin Lear, founder of the top-secret defence force MeX, has been watching Jackson Farley. He knows he has found a digital genius. Along with three other brilliant gamers from different corners of the world, Lear wants Jackson to join him and stop the criminal heist of the century – using the most highly advanced, state-of-the-art robots ever invented. (review from blurb on book cover)

SEN 940.414 DAV – Davidson, Leon – Zero Hour: the Anzacs on the Western Front – about the war that was only meant to last 6 months. This book makes accessible the story of the Anzacs and horrific experience of the war.

SEN F HILL – Hill, Joe – Horns – described on the book as horror and dark fantasy this is the story of Ig, accused of murdering Merrin the woman he loves, and now endowed with horns and knowledge of some of the “worst secrets and darkest desires of everyone he meets. He means to use his new power to find whoever killed Merrin and destroyed his life.” (book blurb)

SEN 330 LEV - Levitt, Steven & Dubner, Stephen J. – Freakonomics: a rogue economist explores the hidden side of everything – explores almost every aspect of our lives and applies economic theory to many diverse and unusual subjects not usually covered in mainstream economic discourse. A fantastic read for Business Studies or Economics students!

SEN 709.05 TIM - Timms, Peter - What’s wrong with contemporary art? – A critique of contemporary art where Peter Timms asks the confronting questions like “Why is contemporary art so in thrall to spruikers and promoters, and why do their extravagant claims so rarely match the reality?”....Timms sets out to describe and examine the serious problems he perceives in the way contemporary art is packaged, promoted and received. (book blurb)

A selection of new websites, e-books, media presentations and digital authoring tools are accessible and available through My Library in your student portal. These resources are reviewed by DET Curriculum K-12 Directorate journal Scan and are cleared to use through school network.

www.obooko.com gives access to free e-books such as This is not the end by Shelby Davis, a fascinating anthology of 10 short stories told from a variety of viewpoints; Little Brother by Cory Doctorow, describes the aftermath of a devastating terrorist attack, [where] San Francisco becomes a surveillance state...[and where] the movement of every citizen is monitored, with the slightest deviation leading to interrogation...”; Raisinheart by Tom Lichtenberg in which twelve year old Jimmy Kruzel is the protagonist and narrator of the three bittersweet short stories in this fabulous e-book. You will need to register and download PDF compatible software such as Calibre or Adobe Digital Editions. www.kobobooks.com/ebook - another free e-book site and made available through Project Gutenberg this site gives access to many e-resources which provide supplementary materials for preliminary and HSC students. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is useful for English Stage 6: Extension 1 students who are undertaking the Elective: Romanticism or the Elective: Science Fiction. This also requires registration but once done has many e-books available to members.

www.goanimate.com/ a digital tool for creating animations easily and entertainingly!

www.vuvox.com This site supplies a selection of digital authoring tools for creating visually interesting and dynamic presentations which incorporate videos, photographs, writing, music and hyperlinks.

www.discoverybox.e2bn.org/ primarily designed for use in History studies but students could use this multimedia tool to describe an event or build a biographical profile across several KLA’s.

The above e-resources represent just a sampling of the many great resources available through our school libraries’ catalogue My Library.

Ms Gordon
Teacher Librarian
McDonald Senior Library

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Orientation Day

Many thanks to the students who participated in Orientation Day and helped our 2011 students and families feel welcome. It was great to see the large number of both junior and senior students become involved.

I would especially like to thank the senior students who assisted our Administration Staff in and around the Common Room. Your help was invaluable and allowed us to move through the enrolment process as quickly as possible.

Once again, there were many compliments given on the evening by both staff and new families regarding our senior students. Thank you for doing such a fantastic job. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Thank you also to Mr Con Barris, Mr George Barris, Mr Steve Codey and the MICs for organising the students and activities.

A special thank you must go to our Administration Staff. Thank you for your hard work during the long weeks of preparation and your fantastic efforts on what is our busiest day of the year. In particular, to those who gave up their evening to help make this event a success.
Sharon Kearns
School Administrative Manager

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From the High Store

Many thanks go out to my wonderful volunteers Stam Farrugia, Kate Price, Jenni Rajendram, Marisa Hoad, Cindy Tseu, Agnes Leo and Christina Chow (mum from 2009 student Justin Chow) who made Orientation Day run efficiently & smoothly.

Year 9 students come to the High Store NOW to purchase your senior uniform for 2011.

Don’t leave your purchases until back to school when you will wait for hours with all new Year 7 students who take 30mins per student to fit.

Senior Tie $28 Senior Trousers  $65
White shirt with crest (compulsory)
Short sleeve Long Sleeve
size 14        $25 Size 14       $27
Size 16-22  $27 Size 16-22  $29
Size 24-28  $29 Size 24-28  $31
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Drama News

Upcoming Auditions for 2011 Theatresports Students will be selected from Years 9, 10 and 11 Drama Classes to compete against SGHS in a fun night of improvised entertainment. Term 1, Week 9.

Successful teams will then go on to compete in Impro Australia’s School Comp in the Intermediate and Senior Competitions in Term 2.

Combined SBHS & SGHS Senior Production
Auditions will be held for students from Years 9-12 interested in performing in a combined Senior Production. Auditions will involve acting, singing and dancing! If you play an instrument you’re also welcome to audition.

The Production will be held at Sydney Girls in Term 2, Week 8.

Open auditions will begin in Term 1, Week 4.

Circus Troupe and Drama Ensemble 2011
Students currently involved in the above programs must register their continued interest with Ms Rohr. Open Auditions for both will take place in Term 1, Week 2. Successful students will be expected to attend all workshops after school and participate in both the School Drama Festival (Term 3, Week 1) and Regional Drama Festival.

Drama Ensemble Production
Students in the Drama Ensemble will be staging a play in Term 4, Week 4. Auditions will be open to members of the Ensemble only. For further information please contact Jennie Rohr at the school.

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High Society

The Bulletin Board for Sydney Boys High P & C

Julie Connolly
P&C President.
If you would like to have any parent community news or upcoming events included in High Society, please contact Julie Connolly, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; M: 0418 470 203.

P&C Annual Report for 2010

Highlights for the P&C throughout 2010 include:

  • Our third successful whole School community function – SBHS Big Night Out – featuring food stalls, music and dance from the many cultures represented in our School. Thank you to Charles Ovadia for his magnificent co-ordination of this event and particular thanks to the extensive team of chefs and helpers who made the night a great success. Suzanna Lim from the Music Department was terrific in organising much of our entertainment.
  • February’s Welcome Cocktail Party for new parents. Thank you to Anne Wall for her organisation.
  • The continued development of a comprehensive P&C website linked to the School’s website, including the P&C BLOG.
  • A more targeted approach to assisting new parents to become involved in the School community.
  • Presentations by Elevate Education on how to support our sons’ study practices and time management skills.
  • Annual joint meeting with Sydney Girls High School, this year featuring the presentation by Dr Michael Carr-Gregg on “The Five Greatest Challenges for Parents in 2010”.
  • Purchase of a replacement School bus. o Equipping the School’s redeveloped Great Hall kitchen with crockery and cutlery to enhance School group functions and expand external hiring opportunities.
  • Extensive support by parents for Capital Campaign 2010.
  • Substantial profits contributed to the School by the Canteen.

The time and effort put in by the P&C Executive are tremendously appreciated. Thank you to Geoff Andrews (Vice President), Seh Hang H’ng (Vice President), Deborah Cassell (Secretary), Anne Wall (Assistant Secretary), Louisa Chan (Treasurer) and Shilpa Punekar (Treasurer) for their energy throughout the year. Thank you to Fabienne Ovadia (Student Wellbeing Committee Representative), Alice Paul (Car Parking Co-ordinator) and Barbara Taylor (Catering and Event Co-ordinator) for their valuable contributions in these capacities. Both Alice and Barbara leave the School after many years of invaluable contribution in many roles. Warmest thanks to them both.

Year Group (7 to 12) parent representatives have worked hard throughout the year in assisting the P&C to identify specific Year issues and organising both informative and social evenings for their Year groups. Farewell and thank you to our outgoing Year 12 Year Reps - Steve Saunders and Paul Koerber. Steve has also made tremendous contributions in the development of previous Capital Campaigns and the P&C website.

Another key area of activity for the P&C is its representation on the Sydney High School Foundation. Sincerest thanks to Shane Brown (retiring Foundation Chair), Mark Paul, David McDonald (retiring Foundation Secretary), Ish Rajendram and Geoff Andrews for the tremendous contributions made to the business of the Foundation on behalf of the P&C. Mark and Ish also leave the school with their sons’ graduating class of 2010, having made outstanding and lasting contributions to the Foundation’s management of some key assets including the Tennis Courts, the Outterside Centre, High Store and Fairland Pavilion.

Thank you to Charles Ovadia, Geoff Andrews and Anne Wall who represented the P&C at School Council meetings. At Council, the P&C contributed a community perspective on various School policies and continues to work with the SRC on broadening the School’s recycling commitment and cleanliness of the school ground in general.

During the year, the parent community also participated on selection panels for the appointment of teaching and administrative positions within the School.

P&C Funding Contributions to School Programs
Over $175,000 has been disbursed by the P&C to the School during the year and this figure does not include funds raised by the P&C’s co-curricular Sub-Committees for the direct support of the sport or activity they are working for. This unprecedented level of financial support to School programs has been made possible through a combination of funds set aside in term deposit targeted for the purchase of a replacement School bus, P&C membership fees, provision of event car parking within the school grounds, funds raised by whole School community events and profits from the School Canteen.

Special thanks to the Canteen Sub-Committee, led by Katrina Morrow, who together with the permanent Canteen staff and our large group of parent volunteers, have delivered over $70,000 back to the School. The dedication and energy of the Canteen team continue to produce outstanding dividends from year to year.

The P&C has contributed to School programs including: installation of data projectors and sound systems in classrooms ($55,000); final annual repayment of the loan for the tennis court redevelopment ($10,000); and replacement of the School bus ($110,000).

Co-Curricular Sub-Committees
Parent involvement is essential to the fundraising and organisation of the extensive co-curricular program available to High students. Thank you to the parent Sub-Committees and their growing teams of parent volunteers for their exceptional efforts throughout 2010.

Co-curricular Sub-Committees raised over $175,000 in car parking revenues to provide coaching, equipment and facilities for each program. Significant progress has been made in the organisation of co-curricular programs to keep parents involved and informed - in particular through the use of G-mail accounts specific to each group. Involvement in co-curricular Sub-Committees continues to provide parents with an opportunity to contribute to their sons’ education, from volunteering for car parking or BBQ rosters through to chairing a Sub-Committee.

P&C Projects
The P&C continues to build upon the intranet archive for all P&C and co-curricular Sub-Committee information for parent volunteers and the P&C BLOG is gathering momentum. Thank you to all those involved – particularly David Isaacs - for your time and energy in establishing and maintaining this resource.

The Capital Campaign 2010 mail out to parents was greatly supported by a team of parents committed to contacting fellow parents to outline the details of the current Capital Campaign. Thank you to all those involved for your tremendous contribution.

The P&C community worked hard through the year on several ongoing P&C projects that will carry over into 2011. These include:

  1. Broadening recycling within the School, in cooperation with the SRC and School Council.
  2. Refurbishing the Staff Common Room, in cooperation with the School Council and High Staff.
  3. Increasing community participation in whole School events.
  4. Improving the central P&C and co-curricular Sub-Committee information database.
  5. Expanding Capital Campaign 2010-2011.
  6. Targeting the Orientation Day program to more clearly inform parents of their opportunities to be involved in the community of Sydney Boys High School to the benefit of their son’s education.

There is a tremendous level of cooperation and common purpose between Dr Jaggar, the School Executive and Staff, the School Council, the SHS Foundation, the SHS Old Boys Union and the P&C. Thank you to all of these individuals and organisations for their interest and support of the P&C throughout the year.

Thank you to all in the High community who have assisted in some way throughout the year. Every contribution great or small is vital, significant and valued. Our School community is noticeably and directly benefitted by your involvement.

Upcoming Meetings & Events

Spring Music Festival - 6:30pm, Tuesday 23rd November - Great Hall
Jazz in the Courtyard - 6.00pm, Wednesday 24th November
Music Parents Support Group AGM – 6.30pm, Tuesday 30th November - Staff Common Room
Cricket Committee Meeting – 6.00pm, Wednesday 1st December - Staff Common Room
Family Regatta and Barbecue – Saturday 4th December – Outterside Centre, Abbotsford

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SBHS Cricket

Sydney Boys High School vs The King’s School and The Scots College

1st XI- The King’s School-10/146 (Sudam Dias 5 /38 (14.2), Siva Sooriakumar 2 /25 (10) and Oliver Meroni 1 /21 (5) defeated High 110 (1st Inngs- Sudam Dias (25), Lahiru Katupitiya (24), Jesse Moffat (17), Sangeeth Subramanian (14) and Sam Lane (13) & 2/50(.Inngs – Michael Phung 32 Nakul Bhagwat (18) and Oliver Meroni (0 n.o.)) M Phung (c)

On the second day of the second round of the GPS competition, defending the total of 110 runs didn't seem out of reach for the boys. At one stage having Kings 4-48, the game looked to be a very tight contest, with particular emphasis on Sudam Dias who took 5 wickets during the match. However, the game looked slightly out of reach, when the rate of runs to wickets became disjointed, resulting in 7 wickets fallen when Kings reached the total. The boys were keen to finish the job, and they did so, with Kings only surpassing our score by a mere 36 runs. When sent back into bat, the opening pair ran down their lead in 10 overs before the disruption of rain ended the game. A great effort from the boys

2nd XI- The King’s School- 10/111 (47 overs) (K.Sivayogarayan 3 /22 (8), A. Ansareen 2 /9 (4),D.Guptaa 1 /5 (3), S.Sivayogarayan 1 / 15 (12), S.Dhingra 1 /17 6), C.Price 1 /20 (7)) DREW WITH SBHS 8 – 79 (39) (R.McDonald (15), A. Hughes (15), D.Smith (12) K Gunuratne 9no)-K Sivayogarayan (c)

In simple terms, the game can be reflected upon by a few words, ‘the game that got away’…

In a match which had been reduced to a 90 over declaration game due to rain the previous week, skipper Krishan won the toss and elected to bowl on an excellent McKay deck. Following a minute’s silence by both the King’s and High sides as well as the umpires in memory of Joshua Do, High took to the field full of energy. The opening bowlers created many chances and King’s were lucky to get away with edges flying through the cordon and French cuts. At 0/26 King’s were progressing nicely before a run out from the boundary by Krishan saw the momentum of the game fall back to High. The boys picked up and bundled King’s out for 111, with debutants A Ansareen 2 /9 (4) and Dhruv Gupta 1 /5 (3) bowling well. Young leg spinner Saieeshan Sivayogarayan 1 / 15 (12) once again bowled beautifully and was unlucky not to have more wickets. The highlight of the bowling display however came just after lunch when Krishan Sivayogarayan 3 /22 (8) found himself in the unenviable position of being on a hattrick. Unfortunately the LBW appeal for his hattrick was turned down by the umpires. Elated with our efforts in the field, the boys went about chasing down the target in our given 38 overs. A beautiful opening stand between Al and Ryan saw us at 0/35 off 21 overs. Unfortunately the foundations erected to see High push on had been a little too slow and consequently saw the rest of the top order lose their wicket attempting to pick up the run rate. At stumps, High finished at 8/79 with K Gunuratne anchoring the innings at the end. Going into Newington next week, we know we are capable of a big result, with the draw against King’s seeing the 2nd XI of 2010/11 being the first High 2nd XI team in over 15 years not to lose to The King’s School. Great effort boys!

4th XI- Sydney High 7/135(20) Shimon 30 Ishmam 28 Henry 22 Denis 19 Lee 17 DEFEATED Scots 10/84(14.3) Downer 3/15 Ishmam 2/16 Shimon 2/14 Lee 1/12 Nick 1/20

16A XI-Kings 2/57(15)(M Liu 1/16(4), J Norman 1/17 (3), T Subasinghe 0/6 (4)) vs SBHS- match abandoned due to rain The match was interrupted at the 15 over mark and as it continued to rain it was abandoned by the officials. In the short innings the wicket takers were Michael Liu 1 /16 (4), Jay Norman 1 /17 (3) and Thilan Subasinghe bowled well for 0 /6 (4)

16B XI SCOTS 7 – 200 - defeated - HIGH 10 – 96 Wicket takers: Ricky Chen 3 /22, Vasu Bhakri 2 /26 and Sameer Nene and Simon Luong one wicket apiece. Run scorers: Chris Mao an explosive 27 runs, Jacky Jiang (21) and Simon Luong supplied the major scores

15A XI- Kings 3/176(32) (Allen Chen 2/37 from 5 overs, Sagar Nagaraj 1/36 from 10 overs, Lasith De Fonseka 0/3 from 2 overs.) defeated High 10/43(23.2) (Allen Chen 9, Sagar Nagaraj 6, Lasith De Fonseka 5) N Anson(c)

15B XI- Scots 3/57 defeated High 56 (Sai Vimalanathan 17, Sunchit Sethi 16, Ray Cheng 2 n.o) High won the toss and elected to bat, with Sai and Aaron compiling a solid partnership at the top of the innings. However, some shaky shot selection from many of the batsmen led to a collapse with the last 9 wickets falling for 20 runs, leaving High all out for 36. Highs bowlers bowled well, however the disciplined Scots batsmen were able to chase down the target.

14A XI-Kings 5/77(25)(V Murugananthan 15, S Arvind 13, J Chew 10) defeated High 10/76(V. Murugananthan2-14 J. Chew 1-12 N. Bari 1-1) V Murugananthan (c)

Losing the toss and being sent in to bat, the openers batted well until the 16th over when we found ourselves at 2/44. With the emergence of Vishnu and Sudarshan at the crease High looked in steady hands until both players lost their wicket. High then witnessed an unfortunate batting collapse and were all out for 76. With Varunan and Jonathan taking up the responsibilities of the new ball, both bowled well. Varunan finished with 2 wickets and Jonathon was very economically. We had a great game.

14B XI SCOTS 9 – 118 - defeated - HIGH 10 – 106 Wicket takers: Kevin Dang with 3 wkts, Raycole DAI took 2 wkts and one wkt each to Anthony Huynh, Thomas George and Kevin Robinson. Run scorers: Jason Tran (22), Raycole Dai (20) and Anthony Huynh who offered valuable support

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Sports Donations

GPS sports competition is very demanding on people and resources. At High we have ongoing needs for facilities development, equipment and development through expert coaching. If you would like to help through a tax deductible donation for a particular sport, the appropriate form can be posted to you by calling 9361 6910. Alternatively, you can go to our website www.sydneyboyshigh.com click on Sport / Sports Donations to download either Development Donation Form or Equipment and Facility Donation Form.

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Basketball: Shooting Hoops

High VS Scots

High vs Kings 2010 Term 1 (Last time)

1st WIN 91-33 E.NAAR 22
2nd WIN 71-21 S.BISCEVIC 18
3rd WIN 42-26 V.VO 8
5th WIN 34-18 K.LU 10
6th WIN 51-10 D.TRAN 16
7th WIN 98-8 B.WANG 23
16B WIN 33-30 M.SONG 9
16C WIN 42-12 J.PARK 17
16D LOSS 23-17 M.NGAI 6
16E WIN 83-7 B.CHAU 19, M.LAM 18
15A LOSS 26-39 E.KELLY 9
15B WIN 33-21 B.ANGELL 8
15C WIN 63-13 J.C-LENDRUM 14
15D WIN 26-11 J.CHUNG 7
14A LOSS 48-35 B.CHEN 10
14B WIN 42-22 A.HE MVP
14C LOSS 25-33 D.SUN 9
14D WIN 45-26 J.NG 17
14E WIN 34-16 A.BUI 19
13A LOSS 43-30 A.SO 4
13B LOSS 28-16 KEVIN 10
13C LOSS 29-20 C.LEE 12
13D LOSS 24-12 C.WANG 6
13E WIN 12-11 MARTIN 6

High vs Kings 2010 Term 4 (This time)

1st WIN 77-61 E.NAAR 26
2nd WIN 52-39 N.FRANCE 27
3rd WIN 28-27 A.JAIN 8
4th WIN 35-27 G.LI 14
16A WIN 38-26 O.KIRK MVP
16C WIN 49-19 A.WEI 14
16E WIN 58-8 S.DU 20
15A WIN 40-28 B.CHEN 18
15B WIN 44-21 P.GAO 13
15C WIN 26-22 S. NORONA 13
15D WIN 39-10 D.SUN 16
15E LOSS 20-22 V.YANG 8
14A LOSS 19-36 A.NADIR 6
14B WIN 26-25 L.HOAD 6
14C WIN 38-18 C.WANG 11
14D LOSS 12-18 K.SZET 4

To see if your team has improved, look at the age group below your current one. For example, 15As this time would be 14As last time. WELL DONE 15As!

The best results in the history of SBHS against the Scots College! Well done to all teams!

A 16 point win against Scots puts High outright leaders of the 1st Grade table, however next week’s match against second placed Newington will be a crucial match. 2nd Grade are placed 4th at the moment with the chance to move up next week against first placed Newington.

1st Grade Table

  Played Won Lost For Against Points
High 5 5 0 451 255 10
Newington 5 4 1 357 216 9
Scots 5 4 1 387 294 9
Shore 5 2 3 295 323 7
St. Ignatius' 5 2 3 343 386 7
St. Joseph's 5 2 3 273 344 7
Kings 5 1 4 177 353 6
Grammar 5 0 5 253 365 5

Come and support High in “the SBHS event of the year”...
High vs Newington matches are always closely fought contests. This week first placed High take on second placed Newington at home and we need YOUR support! 1st Grade starts at 11.15, so come make some noise and support your school!!!

Students/coaches/Old Boys - please encourage your team to make a tunnel for the first and second grade boys as they leave the changerooms and enter the court for their biggest game of the season to date!! Your support both before and during the game really makes a huge difference to the atmosphere of the stadium and the performance of the team!!!

~ Go High Basketball!
~ Play Hard, Play Smart and Play Together!
~ Don’t forget to visit the Sydney High Basketball Website!
~ Brought to you by the editors, David Li Wang and Chris Chiam
~Thank you to Mr Hayman for all his contributions to basketball and information

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Sydney High Water Polo

Round 5

Opens v Waverley College
Draw 6 - 6
Excellent conditions at Cabarita Pool last weekend for the anticipated contest against the team that has, over the years, produced some of our best games. Saturday's latest chapter in our rivalry with Waverley College was extremely close, living up to expectation, and in fact resulting in the second drawn game between us. Waverley took an early lead from some fast-paced and aggressive offence. High, however, was quick to adapt and found a rhythm in which to dictate the match. We led 4-3 at half-time and 5-4 at the final break. The pace of the game had inevitably tapered as both sides, working at full intensity in defence and in the transition, fatigued considerably. It was as tough a quarter as any had experienced. Waverley equalised early. We thought we were home though in the last minutes as Brendan managed to find the strength to reply, reaffirming our 1-goal buffer, and only in the game’s very last play did Waverley’s centre forward pull out a huge shot to find the back of the net, sending his relieved team swimming back to wind down the clock. As most of the game had gone our way, it was a disappointment not to clinch a deserved victory, but another chance will come against them next term.
Samuel Beston

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High Tide

Sydney Boys High School Sailing

Saturday 13/11/10

Saturday was a great day for sailing with a steady 15-20 knot north-easterly wind during the day, with perfect sunny conditions.

The High sailors placed consistently in both races. However, we have still room to improve and aim to be placing in the top 3 more often. Ennes Mehmedbasic skippered in the Pacer race for the first time this season and sailed well especially in the first race.

Other notable mentions include Tim Pillien who skippered his first competitive race, looking confident and in control on the helm.

Our sailors race very well on the upwind legs where we often pick up a few places, but need to concentrate more on the downwind legs where these places are lost. We are working on this during training sessions on Wednesdays and Thursdays as well as training for Teams Racing.

The results for Saturday are as below. The results in the second race may in fact be a lot better for High as recorded in the table as a good number of competitors’ boats are likely to have been penalised for crossing the line early.

Race 1 Race 2
Skipper Crew Place Skipper Crew Place
Ennes Mehmedbasic Riley Irwin 5th Marcus James Max Birch 5th
Marcus James Max Birch 6th David Evans Darren Tiang 6th
David Evans Vincent Xu 9th Ennes Mehmedbasic Riley Irwin 7th

Marcus James (Yr 9)

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Sydney Boys High School Rowing Committee

Senior Head of the Parramatta Results –

Last Saturday 3 SBHS crews entered this time trial race over 4.5km down the Parramatta River.

Race Position Time
School 1st Eight 6th 14.58.00
School 2nd Eight 6th 16.03.00
Year 10 1st Eight (in the School 3rd Eight) 5th 17.31.00

Our Year 8 Quads coach, Toby Ledgerwood, and Year 10 Eights coach, Mitch Estens also competed in the Sydney Uni 1 crew which clocked the fastest time on the day – 13.31.00. Well done to all rowers.

Upcoming Events –

Junior Head of the Parramatta - this Saturday, November 20th, 7.45am start. Again, a time trial race over 2.5km down the Parramatta River. SBHS have entered – 4 Year 8 quads, 7 Year 9 quads, and 2 Year 10 Eights. Our visiting school, Melbourne High, have also entered their 2 Year 10 Eights. Parents are invited to watch the race from the Dalbora Marina at Cabarita Point.

Coxswains Information Session - All our coxswains will be going to the Sydney Grammar Boatshed on Saturday 27 November at 11am for the AAGPS Information Session. It is important for all coxswains to attend and the coaches will take them in the tinnies.

GPS Sculling Trials – Saturday 27 November at SIRC
Our fastest senior rowers will be competing against the fastest rowers from other GPS Schools to make the top GPS Eight.

Family Regatta Day/Shed Race – Saturday 11 December
This is our end of year event at the High Sheds. All crews compete in the handicapped ‘Shed Race’, followed by families and school community having a try at rowing. A delicious barbecue lunch is served for all rowers and families to enjoy under the marquees by the river.

Contact Details –

If you would like to receive more information about what is happening at Sydney High Rowing please email your details to – This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

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Sydney High School Cadet Unit


The Unit’s Annual Dinner will be held In The Great Hall On Friday 10th December 2010

Our Senior Under Officer, CUO Michael Do invites all parents of cadets and Unit Old Boys to join the Unit at our end of year formal dinner.

An opportunity to participate in a three course dinner and enjoy the essential graciousness of our military formal dinner A dining event unusual in these hectic modern times

Dress Officers & Senior NCOs – Mess Dress White Jacket
Other ranks – Poly General Duty (with tie)
Civilian guests – Suit
Ladies – After Five

Tickets $45.00
Family concessions available Contact the Mess Secretary, Sergeant Andrew Gong This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Enquiries: Christopher Budd 0410 109 242

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Year 12 2010 ‘Gift to the School’

Last week five statues were purchased from the Year 12 ‘Gift to the School Fund’ and they have been placed in the courtyard or outside the canteen.

They have added greatly to the ambience of the School.

The remaining funds will be used to purchase an additional trophy cabinet for the entrance foyer.

On behalf of the school I would like to thank Year 12 for their gift and Mary Ann Cradock for her assistance in selecting the statues
Steve Codey
Year 12 Advisor

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