High Notes, Vol 11 No 36, November 12 2010

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From the Principal

High Talent
Dominic Grimm (2005) won a world championship title in the coxed pair at the Championships in New Zealand. Congratulations, Dom! Great work was done also by the Year 9 first Quad to finish a close second in the Loretto Regatta last weekend. High won the Inter-Regional Final of the NSWJCL Intermediate Division, defeating North Sydney Boys. The team was: Jonathan Ren, Dominic Mah, Ennes Mehmedbasic, Darryl Chan and Elbert Ly. Congratulations to Old Boy Sean Windsor (1995),our guitar tutor, who won an ARIA award this year for guitar and bass on an Urban album.

School Certificate Examinations
The School Certificate examinations were completed successfully with 400 boys doing geography and history and civics papers. However, I was disturbed to discover so many students leaving the examination room after just one hour. Consequently, the new school policy for examinations is that no student may leave prior to the scheduled conclusion of the examination. This policy will be enforced except for the Higher School Certificate where it will be highly recommended.

Year 11 Reports
There are still boys who have not collected their reports and have not discussed with me their program of study for the HSC. Technically, students cannot commence in Year 12 until they have completed requirements for Year 11. One of those requirements is that all books, equipment and materials belonging to the school are returned. Textbooks are often required for immediate issue to the succeeding academic Year group. Another requirement is that financial obligations have been met or assistance sought. Parents, please urge your boys to get on with the process of transition from Preliminary to HSC study.

Early Leavers and Clearance Forms
Many students have applied for and been granted early leave from term 4 to travel overseas for various purposes. If their date of departure precedes the day for issuing of school reports to their academic year, such students do not get their end of year report. When they return in term 1 the following year to collect their reports, there is often a problem about their Clearance Form. Clearance Forms have to be completed by all students at the end of each year. My advice to all boys who have applied for permission to leave the school early in term 4 is that they obtain a Clearance Form from the Office or Mr Dowdell, complete the form by obtaining teachers’ signatures or office certification as necessary, then submit the completed form to the Principal’s Assistant, Ms Williams prior to leaving school for the year. I will hold both the submitted Clearance Forms and School Reports for discussion with the early leaving boys when they return.

The Australian Sports Foundation – Sydney Boys High Project
Our Sports Development Project is expiring at the end of November after its five years of fundraising. This is the second 5-year project that I have been associated with. Using this vehicle, the school has raised well over $500k in the life of the projects. I need to renew the project – stage 3. The current project can be viewed at www.sydneyboyshigh.com/sport/sports-donations. MICs and P & C Committees are invited to submit fund raising objectives for the next 5 years. Each sport has three areas - equipment, facilities and sports development. Project goals can be registered for each. There is also a sports museum and a new school bus in the project. Committees should consider where their sports are headed and what their 5-year development plans are. Paying for coaching or coaches is not permitted as a legitimate tax deduction for the project. However, non -school sources like Old Boys, can pay for coaching development because they can have no direct benefit from the donation, unlike parents who may donate and have a son receive a direct benefit through coaching. Please email your sport’s wish list in the next ten days so that I can complete the online application process.
Dr K A Jaggar

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From the Two Libraries

Thanks to some intelligent decision making at DET Libraries, school library cataloguing is now making it easier for both staff and students to read E books, access websites and for teachers to find all the new and exciting teaching software now scattered through lots of databases. When everyone is at school it is going to be as simple as a double click in to access the text or the software. Library Enquiry is on the last list after you click through schools and sites.

The librarians are going to be quite busy downloading age and ability appropriate resources for our school. Please let us know your favourite educational software, websites and E books so we can ask SCIS to catalogue them and to add them to the DET database and to the unique SBHS Library Catalogue.

If you give our Librarians your “disallowed” websites we will send them to be catalogued and they are then automatically put through the “approval process”. By sending us a list of websites you like to refer students to, you are also creating a resource list for your subject area or topic. We can then tag this as a Year 8 English resource or a Year 10 Science resource which can assist Head Teachers to break in new staff.


Are students clicking in and out of games on you when you are trying to teach them? If you all send the DET a request for Vision or other software to be installed on student laptops you will be likely to be listened to. The librarians were told this "squeaky wheel" comment by the Head of IT this week at our in-service. (Go to DET Portal/My Applications/ICT Service/ Service Request on Software Applications)


The Book of Music, Tiger Books;
The Usborne Internet-Linked Book Of Knowledge.

Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone, J.K.Rowling;
Young Nick’s Head, Karen Hesse;
Rowan of Rin, The Journey, Emily Rodda;
King Arthur, Dragon’s Child, M.K.Hume;
Gideon The Cutpurse, Linda Buckley-Archer;
Warriors Of God, James Reston Jr;
The Keys To The Kingdom, Garth Nix;
Josh, Ivan Southall;
The Three Musketeers, Alexandre Dumas;
The Worst Team Ever , Phillip Gwynne;
The Worlds Of Chrestomanci, Diana Wynne Jones.

The Little Stranger, Sarah Waters.

Voyages in Search fo a North-West Passage – the Voyage of Christopher Middleton (History);
Olaus Magnus A Description of the Northern Peoples (History);
Workaway Guide – for Backpackers , For Students , for Business Travellers, Karen Halliday

The New World;
Who Do You Think You Are? Part1 and 2 (History);
Art 21;
Masters of Design (Art, TAS, Design);
Equal Temperament, Howard Goodall (Music);
Ultimate Boy Toys (Art, TAS Design);
A Cry In The Wild (Junior Drama);
Understanding Prejudice: Gripes and Common Ground (Values Ed, English, Social Science);
Discovering Psychology, Judgement and Decision Making (Values Ed, PEPD Health);
Teenagers Guide to the Galaxy (Values Ed , PE PD Health);
Skin (English, Values Ed, Social Science);
Suicide, Dead is Forever (Values Ed, English, Social Science, PE PD Health, Self Help);
House Gang (Junior Drama);
Racism: Breaking Down the Barriers, (Values Ed, English, Social Science);
Beneath the Veil (Studies of Religion, Islam, History);
Understanding Race, (Values Ed, English, Social Science);
One Moment Please, (PE PD Health, Values Ed, English);
Racism, (Values Ed, English, Social Science);
The Problem with Men, the Life Cycle of an Ostrich, Values Ed, Science, PE,PD Health;
Dead Drunk (PE PD Health, Values Ed Self Help, Discovering Psychology,
The Self, (PE PD Health, Science),
Philosophy, A Guide to Happiness, (Values Ed, English, PE PD Health);
Youth Express: Is Grass Greener, PE PD Health, Drugs and Alcohol, Self Help);
Teen Suicide, PE P Health, Self Help);
Drugs, Your Choice, PE PD Health, Self Help;
Compass: Rites of Passage, PE PD Health, Values Ed, English)
Veronica Crothers

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Share Market Game - Semester 2

Over 400 students participated in the ASX Semester 2 Game with fantastic success. Leading the way was Howe Chen of Year 10 who finished first in NSW. He will receive the prestigious first prize medal at the glittering awards ceremony held in late November. Howe won $800 for himself as well as $2,000 for the school! Howe’s Eternity Star syndicate achieved a portfolio value of $60,348. Here is how he did it.

Howe used a buy and sell strategy, buying 13 times and selling 12 times. He invested in the Materials, Financials, Energy, IT, Health Care and Consumer Discretionary sectors. The companies he invested in were: BHP, SLX, AMP, GNS, LONC, WTF, CGF, MQG, TEN, SHL, GNS & KAR.

Strategy: “At the beginning of the competition, I selected companies that I thought had the greatest potential for growth; this included mostly small companies (e.g. Gunns Limited, Infigen Energy). I thought that this would be the quickest way to increase the value of my portfolio. Also, I bought shares which had high dividends which was a major part of my success.

Checking constantly on the Dow Jones the night before, I anticipated the performance of the ASX, selling my shares when the Dow Jones went down. One major share which contributed to my success was ‘ASX’ which was associated with merger rumours with Singapore Securities (Exchange) causing the share price to go up 20% in one day. What happened on the last day was probably the most important. I sold most of my shares in the morning and the All Ordinaries went down by fifty points causing most other syndicates to drop while I remained the same. This was an important strategy which allowed me to finish ahead of my competitors in a very close Game.”

Well done to everyone who participated in the Game. In this Game:

  • The All Ordinaries (XAO) was up 4.68%
  • 72% of players finished in profit
  • The average portfolio value was $51,240
Syndicate Student YR $
Eternity Star Howe Chen 10 60,348
M2 Michael Chang 9 57,362
Amen Corner Raymond Lee 10 57,352
No Chance Anthony Soo 10 57,305
Seek and Find Campbell Kwan 10 56.987
Eight Bells Ryan Rawnak 8 56,019
Harlem Globe Trotter Andrija Dumovic 11 55.418

TP Dolan
Social Science Dept

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From the Canteen

Win a $10 lunch voucher for your son.
We can never adequately compensate our Volunteers for the time they give us but we show our appreciation through gestures such as our monthly Thank You lunch voucher draws. Each time you help out in canteen, you have the chance to win a $10 lunch voucher for your son to use at canteen.

The lucky winner for October is Yuko Sakata.

The following people, who helped out last week, will go into the November draw. Thank you all very much. Sally Pierce, Helen Lazarou, Usha Arvind, Annette Ng, Pauline Chan, Tanya Slinko, Cindy Tseu, Kate Price, Vikki Angell, Alana Liang, Haewon Jeong, Sachiyo James, Katrina Morrow.
Thank you
The Canteen Team

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Music Notes

RE-SCHEDULE of Upcoming Music Events

The Jazz Ensemble will be performing on this Sunday afternoon, 14th November 2010, from 3pm at Le Pain Quotidien (Corner of Bourke & Fitzroy St, Surry Hills) as part of the young talent development program ‘Soiree to Showcase our Future’. We would like to invite you to come along to hear them play some of their wonderful repertoire and support them in their hard work this year.

The Annual Music Assembly will be held on Tuesday 23rd of November 2010 in the Great Hall at 10:00am (Change of Time). We would like to invite parents to come along and celebrate the wonderful achievements of our music students. There will be performances by some of this year’s Encore Nominees, Music Pockets presented to Year 11 musicians eligible for the award and Music Tour highlights.

Our Spring Music Festival has been moved to Tuesday the 23rd November (evening of the Music Assembly) starting at 6:30pm in the Great Hall (ALL Concert Bands, Symphony Orchestra, Philharmonic Orchestra, String Ensembles and Chamber Choir will be involved).
The Symphony Orchestra will be performing the much anticipated Rhapsody in Blue by Gershwin with piano solo played by Paul Pang (OB 2006).

Tickets cost $10.00 (SINGLE) / $25.00 (FAMILY) and are available at the Front Office
Please make payments at the office and collect your tickets there.

The Jazz in the Courtyard Concert will be on the following evening Wednesday 24th November starting at 5:30pm with the workshop during the day at school.
(ALL Stage Bands, Jazz Ensemble and Guitar Ensemble will perform.)

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Music Tour Reunion Night

We apologise for the rescheduling of the Music Tour Reunion Night due to technical difficulties. The evening has been rescheduled to Monday the 13th of December 2010 at 6:30pm and all tour members and families are invited to attend this evening in the Great Hall. Mr Tony Hannon has spent many, many hours editing the footage so beautifully filmed by Bart Daniels (Yr 10) and Thomas Diep (Yr 11) and will be available on 2x DVDs for all tour members. If you would like to receive your copies on high definition blu-ray discs, please bring in blank discs to Mr Hannon to copy the tour concerts and highlights.

Please confirm your attendance with us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by Monday 6th December 2010 and bring a plate of food to share to make is a festive and sociable evening. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Music Tour Photos and Videos are now accessible (for staff and students) on the W Drive, Photo Archive, 2010, Music Tour 2010 (France & Flanders).

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High Tide

Sydney Boys High School Sailing

Saturday Sailing 30/10/10
The day started with a fresh north easterly wind increasing to around 15 knots as the wind swung to the east later in the day. The conditions were perfect and allowed for some exciting and highly competitive sailing.

This season, High has finally been rewarded for the dedication and hours put in by the coach and the boys. The fleet has been completely changed with a number of the very good Year 12 sailors from the other schools graduating, including a Youth Squad member (junior Olympic team). With a relatively young squad and an increase in numbers especially in the juniors, High has become a real force in the schools’ sailing competition held every Saturday at Rose Bay.

Our sailors consistently sailed in the top ten out of around 25-30 boats with good starts and smart sailing especially on the upwind legs. Ennes Mehmedbasic raced the Laser Radial rig (larger sail than Laser 4.7) for the first time and sailed very well finishing in 4th and 6th place. In the Pacer class races, High sailed strongly and dominantly with some great results. The top three finishing places are as below.

Race 1 Race 2
Skipper Crew Place Skipper Crew Place
Marcus James Max Birch 2nd Marcus James Max Birch 5th
Adam Ceh Mathew Delaney 7th Bart Daniels Tim Pillien 7th
David Evans Toby Funston 9th Adam Ceh Mathew Delaney 9th

Saturday Sailing 6/11/10
Awful conditions threatened racing early in the morning, with pouring rain, storm clouds and virtually no wind. Our sailors showed good commitment with nearly everyone present despite the weather. On the other hand, Cranbrook chose not to sail and were consequently penalised. Eventually, the wind increased and around 11:30 am, a patchy east-south-easterly wind filled Rose Bay.

The first race was held in very light winds resulting in a frustrating and slow race. In this race, High did not sail very well and had trouble adjusting to difficult conditions and an unusual downwind start. t.

The second race was sailed in more wind making the race more competitive. High sailed very well including an impressive third place from Connor Robinson. The results for both races are as below.

Race 1 Race 2
Skipper Crew Place Skipper Crew Place
Bart Daniels Tim Pillien 3rd Connor Robinson Dexter Gordon 3rd
      Ennes Mehmedbasic Julian Eddgton 4th
      Adam Ceh Max Birch 6th

Written by Marcus James (Yr 9)

Try Sailing Day, Sunday 7 November

Sunday was ‘Try Sailing Day’, a state-wide event held annually by Yachting Australia and Boating Industry Australia to promote sailing. The event is held each year on the second Sunday of November.

SBHS Sailing’s home, Double Bay Sailing Club, was one of 33 clubs that offered ‘Try Sailing Day’ in NSW.

Special thanks to Ben Hillier (Yr 10) and Marcus James (Yr 9) for volunteering to help coach Adam South & family to run the event at DBSC. Ben & Marcus took first-timers out in our Pacers on a perfect Sydney Harbour morning. SBHS Sailing holds its own fun sailing days periodically and welcomes all to give Sailing a go – watch High Notes for notices.
Richard James
President, SBHS Sailing Committee

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Calling all Spin Bowlers

An invitation for any player in the school’s cricket teams To attend a Specialist spin bowling clinic to be run by our First XI coach Barry Davison
LEVEL 3 Coach
– Australian Cricket Board 1974 -2010.

WHEN: AFTER SCHOOL – 3.30pm – 5.00pm –
On three consecutive Wednesdays – 17th , 24th and 31st November.

WHERE? - Meet at school nets at 3.30pm each day.

Bring training gear – no practice in school uniform!
Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity!!!!!!!

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Sydney Boys High School Rowing Committee

Loreto Normanhurst Regatta Results
We had 3 crews compete at the Sydney International Regatta Centre (SIRC) in the Loreto Normanhurst Regatta on Saturday. All 3 crews came away with encouraging results.

Our Year 9 1st Quad did brilliantly! They recorded the fastest time by a Sydney High Year 9 quad ever - 3.35.17, and just got pipped for 1st overall by 0.8sec after leading for 900m. Congratulations to Ray Fang, Anthony Tran, Rex Yi, Steve Comninos and (c) Josh Lane on an outstanding result. (Unfortunately, Andrew Zhang couldn't row on the day)

The Year 10 1st Eight had a tougher job, stepping up into the Open School 2nd Eight event. They rowed admirably in the time of 7.14.58 in their 2nd race, and experienced good racing practice for future events. Well done Ashley Chan, Alex Pereira, Nelson Tang, Edwin Li, Ronald Tran, Daniel Keogh, and (c) Albert Chau. (James Wang and George Chen couldn’t row, so two senior rowers filled in)

Our School 1st Eight - David Andrews, Max Jones, Ryan Caetano, Andreas Purcal, Isaac Eveleigh, Jonah Petrie, Tim Montanaro, Ben Wilcox and (c) Daniel Tam came 3rd in their first race to Shore and Grammar in a time of 6.40.74. They had a fantastic second race leading King’s and Joeys until the 1km mark posting a 3.02 for the first 1000m. They came 3rd to Joeys and Kings with a time of 6.21.37 putting them on level pegging with Newington and Riverview.

These results and times are an improvement on last season so congratulations to all rowers.

Upcoming Events –

  • Saturday, 13th Nov - we have the School 1st and 2nd Eight and the Year 10 1st Eight competing in the Senior Head of the Parramatta. This is a 4.5 km race down the Parramatta River finishing in front of the Sydney Rowing Club.
  • Wednesday 17th – 20th Nov - Melbourne Boys High Year 10 Rowers are visiting our sheds and rowing with our Year 10 rowers.
  • Saturday, 20th Nov - all Junior Year 8 and Year 9 quads and both Year 10 Eights will compete in the Junior Head of the Parramatta
  • Family Regatta Day has been moved to Saturday 11th December when the new pontoon will be installed and we have enough room to boat our rowers and families wishing to try rowing.


Sydney High Old Boy, Dominic Grimm (2005) won a gold medal at the World Rowing Championships in New Zealand on the weekend in the Men’s Coxed Pair event.
Congratulations to Dom for such a massive achievement.

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Basketball: Shooting Hoops

High VS Kings

High vs Kings 2010 Term 1 (Last time)

1st HUGE WIN 88-56 A.DUMOVIC 28, E.NAAR 18
2nd LOSS 51-43 J.GARAY 17
5th LOSS 22-18 L.SHELDON 6
6th WIN 35-23 J.HAJJ 10
7th WIN 49-10 H.HUANG 12
16B WIN 43-20 M.SONG 19
16C WIN 37-26 T.CHIN 8
16D LOSS 29-26 V.CHEN 10
15A WIN 38-28 N.FRANCE 16
15B LOSS 22-25 M.CHANG 6
15C WIN 28-19 J.CLEMENTS-L 9
15D WIN 30-29 W.MA 18
15E LOSS 19-36 L.ZHANG 4
15F WIN 29-7 A.XU
14A LOSS 53-43 B.CHEN 24
14C LOSS 26-33 B.HUYNH 8
14D WIN 42-32 J.FRIEBURG 10
14E LOSS 50-16 J.HUO 8
13A LOSS 88-16 T.NGUYEN 4

High vs Kings 2010 Term 4 (This time)

1st HUGE winWIN 99-27 A.DUMOVIC 32
2nd WINS 61-27 B.MCGLENCHY 28
3rd LOSS 44-34 M.ROBERTSON 11
5th WIN 29-20 H.TRAN 10
8th WIN 28-17 D.CHEN 13
16A WIN 40-26 A.WU MVP
16C WIN 32-28 J.CHUNG 13
16D WIN 31-21 S.WANG 12
16E WIN 24-20 A.ZHOU 8
16F LOSS 21-22 A.XU 9
15A DRAW 47-47 B.CHEN 30
15C LOSS 25-43 A.LIU 8
15D LOSS 24-27 D.SUN 12
15E LOSS 11-36 A.BUI 8

To see if your team has improved, look at the age group below your current one. For example, 15As this time would be 14As last time.

This week High reinforced their position at the top of the table with another massive win over King’s. However, over the next few weeks there are two very important games at home against Scots (the other undefeated team) and then Newington (last year’s premiers). It’s proven that teams perform better when the crowd is supporting them- so come and support your school- everyone who is there is a part of it!!!

2nd Grade start at 10.00am and 1sts straight afterwards (usually about 11:15)

1st Grade Table

FIRST GRADE Played Won Lost For Against Points
High 4 4 0 374 194 8
Scots 4 4 0 326 217 8
Newington 4 3 1 283 168 7
St. Joseph's 4 2 2 225 270 6
St. Ignatius' 4 1 3 267 326 5
Shore 4 1 3 222 295 5
Kings 4 1 3 149 280 5
Grammar 4 0 4 193 289 4

Teams to watch out for next week...
-1st Grade will look to continue their success so far against Scots next week and entrench their spot at the top of the table
-2nd Grade who after coming off a loss against Shore made a huge improvement to beat King’s 61-27
-16As, who are the future of High Opens basketball have won their last 3 games to show some impressive consistency

Practice Makes Perfect
Looking to improve your team results? Want to try and improve your free throw percentage? Our basketball court has 11 rings which can be used before and after school as well as during recess and lunch. Junior players particularly, make use of the excellent facilities that High basketball offers to improve your game. Hopefully our other ring will be replaced soon!
By Chris Chiam

~ Go High Basketball!
~Play Hard, Play Smart and Play Together!
~ Don’t forget to visit the Sydney High Basketball Website!
~ Brought to you by the editors, David Li Wang and Chris Chiam
~Thank you to Mr Hayman for all his contributions to basketball and information

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Sydney High Water Polo

Round 4

Opens v Trinity Grammar
Lost 9 - 6
Hoping to back up on the previous week’s victory, High took to the pool last Saturday against a strong Trinity Grammar team. A full strength squad promised plenty of subs and each player started the match with high intensity. Our defence was challenged early, but Jeremy and Brendan delivered on the counter attack to keep us in touch. Still goal for goal with a quarter to play, the season’s second opportunity for victory was well in sight, 6-7 at 3 quarter time.

Trinity’s last quarter defensive aggression resembled that of Aloysius; this along with the fatigue of every player meant High was unable to produce the crucial goal. The final score was a disappointing 6-9. Goal scorers this week were Brendan (4) and Jeremy (2).

We will draw on this experience next weekend, with another week of training under our belt, in what is sure to be another close-fought 4th quarter against Waverley College.
Samuel Beston

14Bs v Trinity Grammar
Lost 11 - 3
During a very wet Saturday morning, the sun shone, briefly, for just enough time for the 14Bs to play their fourth game of water polo. The boys were very enthusiastic before the game and very eager to get into the pool. We displayed some patches of brilliance but these were out-numbered by our lack of structure. We need to stick to the basics and make them work: Keep our formation, man-on-man defence and communication.

We have lots to learn, but tonnes of enthusiasm. Keep up the good work and make the most of each training session to develop out skills.

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Sydney Boys High Cricket

1st XI v Kings
S.Dias (25) L.Katupitya (18)J.Moffat (17) S.Subramaniam (14) (S.Dias 1-0 S.Haque 0-4)

The first XI was the only team to take to the field on Saturday against the mighty King’s outfit. The wet weather conditions saw a delayed start on what appeared to be a “grassy pitch”. Skipper Michael Phung losing the toss resulted in us batting; the team felt positive and determined to reach a strong total. Bhagwat (3) and Phung took to the middle, positive and determined to reach a big innings. Unfortunately they exited very early. High seemed to be in a lot of trouble at one stage being 3-3. A quick knock by Jesse Moffat (17) alongside Sam Lane(13), built a steady partnership until Moffat was dismissed by a spectacular catch. Sangeeth Subramaniam(14) went to the crease determined to fight back after a disappointing start at Joeys. Lane and Subramaniam built a partnership of 30 odd runs as the pair looked strong for a long innings. Unfortunately both were dismissed the over before lunch to accurate bowling lines. Rain once again delayed play after lunch. High needed a big partnership to get them to a respectable total. Coach Davo had set the target of 100. Lahiru (18) with his strong defence and technical shots and Sudam Dias (25) employing his explosive shots down the ground saw High reach a total of 110. High 1st XI put the batting to one side and wanted to prove themselves on the field. The team, all fired up, took to the wicket tight fielding and aggressive bowling lines. Sudam Dias picked up a wicket in his second over, with a beautiful catch by SangeethSubramaniam. As the rain started once again the umpires decided to call it a day, High were disappointed that they couldn’t use these conditions to advantage and continue their perfect start. King’s 1-4

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Intra House Athletics 2010

Most students in Years 7 - 11 participated in a House competition for 4 weeks during the GPS Athletics season leading up to the Annual AAGPS Athletics Carnival. The events were 100 metres, 800 metres, Hurdles, High Jump, Long Jump and Shot Put.

Points were awarded from 0 - 5 for each event with the maximum possible score of 30

Results for Year 7:
House Championship
1 Fairland 208
2 Torrington 196
3 Rubie 191

Top three students
1 Kazou Nakamura 29
2 Shuxiang Wang, Martin Lam 27

Results by House Group
7E David Bang 24
Sean McKenna 20
Bill Zhuang 20

7F Chen Hua Jiang 23
Chris Lee 23
Calvin Zhou 23

7M Kazou Nakamura 29
Bryan Lee 22
Chi Mao 21

7R Ryo Kawahashi 23
Benjamin Nguyen 23
Wesley Beare 23

7S Martin Lam 27
Bosco Tran 23
Phillip King 21

7T Shuxiang Wang 27
Jason Tjahjokusumo 24
Andrew Lu 21

Event Results:
High Jump |
1.40m William Chang, Cen Hua Jiang
1.35m Matthew Chan, Chris Lee, Kazou Nakamura, Li Fang Chen

Long Jump
4.41m Martin Lam
4.25m Calvin Zhou
4.14m Kazou Nakamura

Shot Put
9.80m Kazou Nakamura

100 Metres
12.4 Matthew Chan, Carl Yi Wang
12.9 Roland Lin
13.0 Benjamin Nguyen

800 Metres
2min32 Carl Yi Wang
2min39 Richard Li
2min45 Brian Mo, Phillip King, Wesley Beale

7.86 Martin Lam
8.31 Shuxiang Wang
8.65 Calvin Zhou, Kazou Nakamura

Results for Year 8
House Championship
1 Torrington 213
2 Eedy 203
3 McKay 197

Top students
1 Andrew Zhang, Tom Du, Perry Sim, Eric Yu, Michael Yu [All 25]

Results by House Group
8E Andrew Zhang 25
Derek Sun 24
Bowrun Hou 23

8F Samuel Gallagher 21
James Huo 20
Jeramy Ma 19

8M Tom Du 25
Christopher Chan 23
Brandon Vu 22

8R Steven Chung 24
Lokgei Lee 23
William Yang 22

8S Ethan Ou 24
Brian Truong 24
Andrew Bui 21
Jason Zhang 21

8T Perry Sim 25
Eric Yu 25
Michael Yu 25

Event Results
High Jump
1.50m Derek Sun
1.40m Allan Hu, Brandon Vu, Tom Du, Eric Yu, Michael Yu, Leighton Chen

Long Jump
4.20m William Yang
4.14m Minghao Wu
4.11m James Huo
4.00m Norman Yang, Bowrun Hou

Shot Put
10.00m Nathan Kong, Andrew Zhang
9.92m Justin Ng
9.75m Mesbaah Lalee, Julian Tang
9.20m Weber Liu, Damian Duong

100 Metres
12.3 Perry Sim
13.3 Lokgei Lee, Ethan Ou
13.5 Andrew Zhang, Burton Chen

800 Metres
2min42 Lokgei Lee
2min43 Michael Yu
2min48 Perry Sim

8.4 Bowrun Hou
8.6 Ronald Ip, Andrew Zhang

Results for Year 11
House Championship
1 Eedy 208
2 Ruby 195
3 Fairland 192

Top Students
1 Kevin Lu, Derek Wei 28
3 Anthony Lin 26

Results by House Groups
11E Kevin Lu 28
Vinson Zheng 24
Daniel Chen 23

11F Simon Chen 24
Michael Tickner 21
Michael Reid 21

11M Anthony Lin 26
Ali Mokdad 23
Eric Zhu 22

11R Derek Wei 28
Manfred Deng 23
Joseph Lui 22

11S Henry Lu 21
Howard Tran 19
Kevin Zhou 17

11T Subhodh Dissanayake 23
Leon Li 21
Yasar Chowdury 21

Event Results
High Jump
1.55m Vinson Zheng
1.45m Vinin George
1.40m Subhodh Dissanayake, Vivian Le, Manfred Deng, Derek Wei, Daniel Chen

Long Jump
4.90m Derek Wei
4.80m Subhodh Dissanayake, Anthony Lin,
4.60m Martin Yoon, Vinson Zheng
4.50m Joseph Lui, Michael Liu-Li, Vincent wang

Shot Put
11.50m Leon Li
10.20m William Stephanidis
9.70m Subhodh Dissanayake, Peter Lam
9.30m Michael Reid, Gordon Leung, Eric Zhu
9.00m Tristan Xu, Martin Yoon, Andrew Gong

100 Metres
11.7 Anthony Lin
12.1 Howard Tran
12.5 Hashan Subasinghe, Kevin Lu, Derek Wei

800 metres
2min30 Kevin Lu
2min36 Vivin George, Martin Yoon, Derek Wei
2min42 Anthony Lin, Joseph Lui Hurdles Kevin Lu, Simon Chen, Hashan Subasinghe, Henry Lu, Leon Li, Derek Wei

Results for Year 10
House Championship
1 Saxby 207
2 Ruby 201
3 M 189

Top Students
1 Andrew Wu, Vincent Chen 28
3 Timothy Chin, Carl Luiker 26

Results by House Group
10E Andrew Wu 28
Leo Fang 22
Christopher Pinto 21

10F Wilson Lin 25
Anthony Soo 22
Jonathan Adhika 21

10M Jim Koukouras 25
Eric Li 23
Vincent Nguyen 21

10R Vincent Chen 28
Frank Li 23
Jeffrey Jiang 22

10S Timothy Chin 26
Carl Luiker 26
Tony Chen 23

10T William Baxter 22
Mario Ngai 21
Kevin Leung 19

Event Results
High Jump
1.60m Chris Ye
1.55m Minwoo Yim, William Yuan
1.50m Mario Ngai, Chun Ho, Mark Iskandar, Michael Lam, Ethan Lieu, Wilson Lin

Long Jump
5.25m Eric Li
5.00m Hunter Wei
4.80m Vincent Chen, Andrew Moon
4.65m Mark Iskandar, Wilson Lin, Nicholas Ooi, Jim Koukouras, Tony Hang

Shot Put
10.60m Richard Lin
10.48m Mario Ngai
10.35m Carl Luiker, Kevin Leung, Julian Edgtton
10.20m Vincent Chen, Andrew Moon
10.00m Andrew Wu, William Yuan

100 Metres
11.3 Vincent Chen
12.2 Mark Iskandar
13.0 Krishna Visvaa, Andrew Wu

800 Metres
2min30 Vincent Chen
2min35 Timothy Chin
2min46 David Wang, Jonathan Adhika, Jack Zou, Ming Pan

7.6 Mario Ngai
8.0 Andrew Wu
8.2 Mark Iskandar, Jim Koukouras, Timothy Chin, Vincent Chen

Results for Year 9
House Championship
1 Ruby 205
2 Torrington 200
2 Fairland 200

Top Students
1 Arjun Punekar 28
2 Brian He, Daniel Cordas, Kevin Pham 26

Results by House Group
9E Jay Norman 23
Ian Li 22
Wilber Koslowski 21

9F Brian He 26
Jacky Zhu 23
Terence Zhou, Michael Chang 22

9M Arjun Punekar 28
Alex Xu 21
Dennis Ghezelbash 20

9R Kevin Pham 26
Jason Zheng 25
Ying Wu 22

9S Louis Zhu 24
Dominic Tran 22
Cosmo Liu 21

9T Daniel Cordas 26
George Dzero 23
Albert Kerr 22

Event Results
High Jump
1.55m Jason Zheng
1.50m Daniel Cordas, Kenny Liu
1.45m Ying Wu, Jasper Yeung, Derek Chen, George Dzero
1.40m Daniel Kim, Kevin Pham, William Ma, Ken Huang, Dominic Tran

Long Jump
4.98m Kevin Pham
4.74m Jason Zheng
4.45m Brian He, Ian Li, Wilber Koslowski, Tushar Joshi
4.30m George Dezero, Daniel Cordas

Shot Put
9.90m Michael Chang
9.70m Daniel Cordas
9.50m Arjun Punekar
9.25m Jisoo Chung, George Dzero, Howjer Gu, Jacky Zhu

100 Metres
12.0 Andrew Cha, Albert Kerr
12.6 Brian He, Brian Leung, Kevin Giang

800 Metres
2min36 Arjun Punekar
2min40 Han Lin Mai, Jason Zheng, Cosmo Liu
2min46 Jay Norman, Daniel Wei, Louis Zhu, Kevin Pham, Derek Chen

8.1 Ian Li
8.7 Brian He
9.0 Kevin Pham, Daniel Cordas, Dominic Tran, Arjun Punekar

House Championship

Yr Eddie Fairland McKay Rubie Saxby Torrington
7 154 208 190 191 188 196
8 203 170 197 192 195 213
9 188 200 187 205 194 200
10 187 169 189 201 207 163
11 208 192 188 195 168 188
Total 940 939 951 984 952 960
Place 5th 6th 4th 1st 3rd 2nd
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From the High Store

Year 9 students come to the High Store NOW to purchase your senior uniform for 2011.

Don’t leave your purchases until back to school when you will wait for hours with all new Year 7 students who take 30mins per student to fit.

Senior Tie $28 Senior Trousers  $65
White shirt with crest (compulsory)
Short sleeve Long Sleeve
size 14        $25 Size 14       $27
Size 16-22  $27 Size 16-22  $29
Size 24-28  $29 Size 24-28  $31
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High Society

The Bulletin Board for Sydney Boys High P & C

Julie Connolly
P&C President
If you would like to have any parent community news or upcoming events included in High Society, please contact Julie Connolly, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; M: 0418 470 203.

Final P&C Meeting for 2010

Our next P&C meeting – 7.30 pm, Wednesday 17th November - is the last for this year. We are really looking forward to parents coming along to this meeting to put forward their comments and suggestions on projects the P&C can undertake in 2011 to benefit our sons and the school.

As well as any future P&C projects, items on the agenda for this meeting include: Library purchases, the P&C BLOG and Capital Campaign 2010. All parents are welcome to come along and sit around the table to discuss plans for next year.

This meeting will also include the P&C Annual General Meeting. All P&C executive positions will be declared vacant and elections for these positions held that evening.

Positions up for re-election are: President; 2 Vice-Presidents; Treasurer; Assistant Treasurer; Secretary; Assistant Secretary; Student Wellbeing Committee Representative; Parking Coordinator; P&C Catering and Event Coordinator; P&C Website Coordinator; 4 P&C Representatives to SHS Foundation; 4 P&C Alternate Representatives to SHS Foundation; 4 P&C Representatives to School Council; 4 P&C Alternate Representatives to School Council.

Being part of the P&C executive committee is a great way to become involved and make a contribution to the benefit of all our sons’ education. You come to know people from across many school years and find out lots of information about how things run at the school.

Email your nomination for one of these positions to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or contact Julie Connolly This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to find out more information about a particular role.

Upcoming Meetings & Events

New Student 2011 Orientation Evening - 3:50pm-6:30pm, Tuesday 16th November
P&C AGM & General Meeting – 7.30pm, Wednesday 17th November - Staff Common Room
Spring Music Festival - 6:30pm, Tuesday 23rd November - Great Hall
Jazz in the Courtyard - 6.00pm, Wednesday 24th November
Music Parents Support Group AGM – 6.30pm, Tuesday 30th November - Staff Common Room
Cricket Committee Meeting – 6.00pm, Wednesday 1st December - Staff Common Room
Family Regatta and Barbecue – Saturday 11th December – Outterside Centre, Abbotsford

Volunteer Parents Needed for Orientation Day Tuesday 16 November

Can you spare a couple of hours between 2pm and 4pm; or between 4pm and 6pm?

Please join our team of volunteer parents serving refreshments in the courtyard outside the Great Hall. Our aim is to make incoming families feel welcome and to encourage them to be involved in the school.

If you speak a language other than English, this will be especially helpful. Please contact Soogie Sim This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 0411 641 735 If you are able to help out .Thank you

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Sydney Kings Offer

The Sydney Kings are pleased to extend to your staff and students a special offer of $12 per ticket for the Kings next home game vs Townsville, to be held at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on the 13th of November. This offer is going to all GPS schools. The school with the highest number of tickets sold will win a corporate box for our following home game on 5th December. Tickets are sold through Ticketmaster as per below:

In order to receive this discount, please quote the code: SYDBOYS

If your members would like to sit together, tickets should be purchased together in a single transaction. Tickets purchased by group members in separate transactions will be treated by Ticketmaster as regular customers in terms of seating arrangements.

Ticket availability is treated on a first come, first served basis, and will be sold while tickets last.
Ben Hayman
MIC Basketball

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