High Notes, Vol 11 No 30, September 17 2010

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From the Principal

High Talent
Last Saturday at the GPS Chess Championship held in the Great Hall, High retained its title convincingly. A High team has won every year since the inception of the competition in 2006. The High team was: Dawen Shi (Year 11), Jonathan Ren, Ennes Mehmedbasic (Year 10), Eric Xu, Darryl Chan, Cosmo Liu, James Chen (Year 9), Andrew Tayeh (Year 8) and Felix Wang (Year 7). The tournament was organised by coach Vladimir Feldman and Colin Harvey, MIC of Chess. Congratulations, boys and thank you again to the organisers. At the NSW Schools Fencing Championships last Saturday the Senior B division team won silver and the U15s bronze. Well done, boys! In the NSW All Schools Basketball Tournament this week, High confirmed its 2nd place ranking behind Newington College after a narrow loss 55-62 in the final. A great effort again, boys! Kushaal Vyas was a guest presenter at the Community Relations Commission Youth Leadership Day this week. He is certainly in demand at community forums! Congratulations to Antony Paul who was selected in the Australian Schools Debating Team as a result of NSW success at the National Schools debating Championships in Brisbane recently.

Year 12 Reports
Year 12 report interviews commenced on Wednesday. All Year 12 boys should have registered to be interviewed by the Principal in the available time slots Wednesday-Friday, 15-17/9. Boys who have not seen the Principal by the end of the week may make appointments on Monday, either before or after their OASIS collection duties. Thereafter, appointments will need to be arranged by telephone through Ms Williams, my Executive Assistant. All uncollected reports will be held over for inclusion in the Year 12 Portfolios.

Support for Athletics
Since the athletics season has reverted to its customary spring period, High boys seem to have adjusted poorly to the change. Mr Devlin has not been getting the support from athletes that we expect at High. Athletes are not turning up for training or not staying for relays or certain afternoon events at carnivals. Some are dropping out on the pretext of training for summer sport. I hope I am not forced to prohibit any training in summer sport except for the only four teams in the school that need it – first and second grade basketball and cricket. All boys may have to do athletics in the athletics season if a better level of cooperation and participation is not in evidence prior to the commencement of the season next year. Year 12 boys in particular should be showing the way. Get behind athletics and come to Homebush on Saturday and support your school!

Awards Scheme -Notice of changes: High Notes - February, 2009.
“To fulfil the aim of personal development in the High Junior School, we will retain the current requirements of bronze (8), silver (16) and gold (25). In High Senior School, there will be higher expectations: platinum (36), plaque (46), School trophy (56). For outstanding participants, the Regional Director’s Award qualifying limit will be raised to 68. Students enrolling after Year 7 will be afforded fast tracking opportunities to help them catch up to their cohort. They will be waived 50% of the qualifying total for each year they did not have the opportunity to earn awards. For example, if a boy enters in Year 8 and achieves twelve categories (ie 50% towards a higher category) he will be deemed to have satisfied the conditions for that category (ie silver). He would then be on equal terms with his cohort. A student enrolling in Year 9 would need the 50% rule to apply twice. By earning 12 categories in his first year (silver) and 13.5 in his second (Year 10) he could catch up to his cohort at Platinum. Year 10 enrolments would need the 50% dispensation for three years. If he tried hard, he could get 12, 13.5 and 15 in his three years at the school and still get a school trophy.” I gave all boys 18 months to get used to the changes.

They are now in operation. How the Awards Scheme works for the High Junior School and the High Senior School is explained in detail on the school website at www.sydneyboys.com / welfare / Awards scheme. The documents are also located at ‘R’ drive / school admin / Award Scheme. For Year 10 boys, the new points system will begin. All points earned are automatically calculated and displayed. Boys accessing their personal information can see the total displayed. Teachers can view the data on ‘Find A Student’ / Participation.

Sports Equipment Drive
Don’t forget to ask for the sports equipment vouchers when next you shop at Coles. A voucher can be obtained for every $10 spent. The promotion only lasts for a limited time and we need lots of vouchers! We can always use sports equipment that we do not have to pay for.
Dr K A Jaggar

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From the Two Libraries

Huge thanks to E Berge Phillips who has just turned 80, for caring to drop down (from Gloucester!), to donate a portion of his very interesting library collection, including many biographies of the famous. This is professionally regarded as the ideal reading material for Selective School Students. (These books will be individually acknowledged as they are processed)

It is always fabulous to get the chance to add to our Old Boys Collection of books authored by our former students. Big thanks to Bill Widerberg for dropping off the smashing looking reviews and cover of his latest effort, 6001 Iceworld It has to be a trendy post apocalyptic novel about climate change doesn’t it? Next year I will buy it and review it.

NEW RESOURCES ANDREWS LIBRARY (another Old Boy donation)
The Hakluyt Collection is a very precious and special collection of resources for our Library to possess. It is a comprehensive collection of the journals of the Explorers of our World. We are just introducing this collection to our Library courtesy of our kind and thoughtful Old Boys who donate to us whenever possible.
The Arctic Whaling Journals of William Scoresby the Younger; The Malaspina Expedition Volume I; The Malaspina Expedition 1789-1794 Volume II; The Central Australian Expedition 1844- 1846; The Discovery of the South Shetland Islands 1819-1820; The Discovery of River Gamba 1623; The Origins of the Grand Tour; Joao Rodrigues’s Account of Sixteenth- Century Japan; The Malaspina Expedition 1789-1794 Volume III; The Pacific Journal of Louis De Bougainville 1767-1768; The Third Voyage of Martin Frobisher 1578; Searching for Franklin, The Land Arctic Searching Expedition 1855;The Journal of Rochfort Maguire 1852-4 Volume II; The Writings of Jean Barbot on Western Africa 1678-1712 Volume I; Schuver’s Travels in North East Africa 1880-1883; The Travels of Ibn Battuta A.D. 1325-1354 Volume IV; The Purchas Handbook Volume II, Compassing the Vaste Globe of the Earth; The Journal of La Perouse 1785-1788 Volume I The Three Voyages of Edmond Halley in the Paramore;The English New England Voyages 1602-1608; The Iceland Journal of Henry Holland 1810 ; The Journal of Rochfort Maguire 1852-1854Volume I; The Resolution Journal of Johann Reinhold Forster 1772-1775 1&3; The Periplus of the Erythraean Sea; The Trave Journal of Antonio De Beatis 1517-1518; Petr Petrovich SEMENOV Travels in the Tian’-Shan ‘ 1856-1857; The Voyage of George Vancouver 1791-1795 Vol3&4; The Purchas Handbook Vol2; Olaus Magnus 1555; Newfoundland Discovered; Four Travel Journals; Voyages in search of a Northwest Passage The travels of Ibn Battuta A.D 1325-1354 Vol5;The Expedition of the St Jean- Batiste to the Pacific 1769-1770;
Veronica Crothers

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Debating Supports Group

Thank you to the Debating Supporters Group especially David Rudder and Deborah Cassell for all their hard work in organising a wonderful Dinner.

A huge thank you to Ms. Dana Quick for all her help in the organisation of the Debating program throughout the year.

To Ms Berger, Mr Webb and Dr Finnie, and all our wonderful Coaches your time and efforts are greatly appreciated. To all the boys who participated in the Debating program well done and to the following boys as chosen by their coaches for Debater of the Year Awards:

Congratulations to the following Debaters of the Year:

  • Thomas George Year7
  • Shawn Noronha Year8
  • Wilbur Koslowski Year 9
  • Christopher Chiam Year 10
  • Nakul Bhagwat Year 11
  • Antony Paul Year 12

Christopher Chiam

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HSC Visual Art Bodies of Work

I packed the truck and waved goodbye to the 2010 Visual Arts body of works today as they left for marking. It was a good selection of work. All of my students are proud of their efforts. I am particularly proud of the variety of ideas and materials used by these students. Each of the works is unique, resolved and professionally presented. On one level they could be interpreted as self-portraits, yet they have wider ripples of meaning; meanings that transcend the personal and could be interpreted as universal.

The subject matter is highly original in each work. Each student has the creative ability to pursue a career in the arts. Some may but what they will all take to their future employment is an understanding of the creative process and an ability to resolve ideas into finished products. Each of these boys, (now young men), has a significant contribution to make. I am happy to have had the pleasure of teaching them.

Those of you who saw their works on the evening of the HSC Music showcase would acknowledge the quality of their work. I would like to thank my students and their family and friends who supported them through this journey.
Ms C Reemst

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Barefoot Conductor Dances in Front of Orchestra

It was the third concert in the Brandenburg Orchestra series (remember the Big Night Out?) and aptly named Baroque Tarantella (check the Oxford dictionary definition of the word – it is quite funny!) The “Ensemble L’Arpeggiata’s” five members joined the orchestra – with some new talents: a singer, a dancer, a psaltery player and a jazz clarinettist. With an area the size of a postage stamp Anna Dego whirled and stamped through the Tarantelle and the Fandango, there was drama in the singing and playing between Lucilla Galeazzi and Gianluigi Trovesi, especially in “Turluru” and Margit Übellacker, with what looked like two long parfait spoons in each hand, produced silvery sounds from the psaltery. The final applause said it all – an incredible performance of fantastic music.

Oh – as for the title: our sore hands were rewarded with two encores – during the first one the audience sang along and during the second one Paul Dyer took off his shoes and socks and joined Anna Dego in her dance! Only one concert to go – but the program for next year is already on the website: Brandenburg.com.au and I have started to save my pennies!
Frau St Leon

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High Society

The Bulletin Board for Sydney Boys High

P & C - Julie Connolly P&C President.
If you would like to have any parent community news or upcoming events included in High Society, please contact Julie Connolly, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; M: 0418 470 203.

Coles Sports for Schools Campaign

The School has registered to be part of the current Coles Supermarket Sport for Schools campaign, which is running until Sunday 31 October 2010.

Parents and boys can collect vouchers from the cashier when shopping at any Coles Supermarket. Bring these vouchers to School and put them in the box at the Front Office or outside the PE staff room. Even remind your neighbours and relatives to collect vouchers on your behalf. Every $10 spent at Coles Supermarkets will earn a Coles Sports for Schools voucher.The vouchers are redeemable for sports equipment at the end of the promotion.


Many more parents are now posting comments on the P&C BLOG – thank you for your input and we look forward to implementing some of your suggestions – a reminder that parents need their Username and Password to access the BLOG. Just email the P&C This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will send you details if you do not have a Username and password.

Capital Campaign 2010

A reminder for parents to expect telephone calls from fellow parents over the next few weeks to discuss any questions you may have about Capital Campaign 2010. Our callers have received very favourable responses from parents – thank you for your generosity.

Sydney Boys High Big Night Out - 2011

Our esteemed leader and organiser of this now longstanding start of year event (Chinese New Year, Multicultural Night) is stepping aside – but we hope Charles will still be available for consultation !

The P&C is looking for a parent or groups of parents who would like to head up the organising committee for next year’s Big Night Out to be held toward the end of March 2011. Planning will start at the beginning of Term IV. Please contact Julie Connolly 0418 470 203, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to discuss.

Upcoming Parent Meetings and Events

Tuesday 21st September, 1:30pm – Year 12 Farewell Assembly & Afternoon Tea - Great Hall
Wednesday 22nd September, 6.00pm - Rugby Committee Meeting - Staff Common Room
Friday 24th September, 7.30am – Cricket Season Breakfast Launch with Cricket NSW

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Year 10 Parent Dinner

Dear Year 10 Parents,

You are invited to attend a night out at Maya Tandoori Restaurant 472 Cleveland Street Surry Hills
(Licensed & BYO wine only)
on Thursday 23rd September at 7pm

R.S.V.P: By Tuesday 21st September

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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From the Canteen

Farewell and THANK YOU to all 14 of our Year 12 parents who are leaving us. We are sorry to be losing you as you have been a wonderful help in the canteen over the years not to mention great company as well!! We wish you and your sons all the best for the future – please feel free to come back anytime and lend a hand!!!!!

Many thanks also again to the Prefect body for your assistance at recess and lunch – you made life less hectic and helped the lines move more quickly. GOOD LUCK for the HSC and your future endeavours.

We realise our canteen volunteers are priceless and we could not possibly afford to pay them all. However to show our appreciation for their help, we offer a $10 canteen voucher to a volunteer once a month. When you attend on your rostered day, sign the duty book and you will be included in the draw for the voucher..... Annnnnddddd the winner of the August voucher is... David Mah!

Thank you to the following people from last week who will go into this month’s draw.....
Barbara Taylor, Helen Lazarou, Usha Arvind, Tanya Slinko, Annette Ng, Pauline Chan and her lovely niece San, Jim O'Sullivan, Iris Lau, Su Jen Yap, Anne Wall, Sally Allingham, Sachiyo James, Kamala Selvakknmar, June Wu, Jenny Yu, Frances Salmon, Soogie Sim, Jing Zhang, Sue Rynsaardt, Shilpar Punekar. Remember – it is never too late to volunteer.

To quote a Year 12 parent helper just this year – ‘if I’d known how much fun it was, I’d have come in before this!!

We’ve got 14 places to fill from next term, so, please...come on down and don’t miss the fun !!! Just ring the Canteen and offer your services! The direct number for Canteen is 9360 4027. Speak with Karen or Tracey.
Thank you
The Canteen Team

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Sports Donations

GPS sports competition is very demanding on people and resources. At High we have ongoing needs for facilities development, equipment and development through expert coaching. If you would like to help through a tax deductible donation for a particular sport, the appropriate form can be posted to you by calling 9361 6910. Alternatively, you can go to our website www.sydneyboyshigh.com click on Sport / Sports Donations to download either Development Donation Form or Equipment and Facility Donation Form

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United Nations World Day of Peace

21st day of September

MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH. Those are the words of a short invocation which peoples of all nations are encouraged to speak aloud at 11am local time wherever they may happen to be. Is lasting peace achievable? The attainment of peace among and between nations must be the prime objective of all rulers and governments throughout the world. Without the prospect of achieving and maintaining peace, the outlook is grim indeed.

Peace begins with ourselves in being in harmony with one another and with the Earth. Reconciliation calls for action on all our parts. Peaceful co-existence with those around about us often calls for compromise. There is a universal saying which so succinctly sums it all up – “It takes two to tango”, Or for the musicians amongst us, more challenging words – “To achieve harmony, it is sometimes necessary to play second fiddle”. .

Having thus fixed up our own interpersonal relationships, we can then with a clear conscience embark on our mission further afield, at home and abroad.

Soon we discover that the demands of reconciliations are all pervasive. Having gone the first mile, we are enjoined to go the second. We are to feed the hungry; we are to visit the sick; we are to visit the prisoner; we are to give our cloak to the one who has no cloak; we are to look after the fatherless; and finally we are to do our bit to reduce world poverty.

A daunting task. Only by thus doing, each doing his little bit, have we much chance of achieving lasting world peace. Duty is where we find it.

The International Day of Peace, was first adopted in 1981 by the United Nations at its General Assembly, and was initially set to coincide with opening of the Assembly, but in 2002 the General Assembly decided upon the fixed day of 21st September, to coincide with the Equinox, the day when the hours of sunshine are equal with the hours at which the sun is at rest.

In adopting this new date, the General Assembly decided that it was appropriate to provide a special day, and a special hour local time for the whole of mankind to have promoted the ideals of peace and give positive commitment whether as individuals or as a corporate nation.

Local groups are encouraged to arrange celebrations to observe the World Day. A candle is arranged in a bed of river pebbles on a water-proof tray, with a jug of water at hand. At 11am, a deep-toned bell is struck once, and as its sound dies away the candle is lit, and the water in the jug is trickled onto the pebbles, like a waterfall. In some groups each one of those present is invited to light a small candle from the single candle, and plant the new candle amongst the pebbles. When all is done, the invocation words are spoken in clear voices: – MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH –

The celebration allows individuals to speak if any so wishes, after which it concludes with a recital of the words of The Great Invocation. There are versions for various world cultures and religions including Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim and Jewish.
John H Fraser

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High Cricketers

Breakfast Season Launch

Friday 24th September from
7.30am to 9.30am
Moore Park West

High Cricket is starting at a cracking pace with the Breakfast Season Launch next Friday.

Breakfast will be available followed by Cricket Skills workshops hosted by 5 Cricket NSW first grade coaches visiting from SCG Cricket headquarters across the road.

Come and wrestle a few cricket gems from the Cricket NSW gurus and test your speed against the SCG Bowling Speed Gun.

Please RSVP to the PE Department so we can fully cater breakfast.

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The Scots/Cranbrook Athletics Invitational

The Scots/Cranbrook Athletics Invitational on the 11th of September provided ample opportunity for High athletes to get some competition in the final hitout before the GPS carnival. Most of our top athletes were on CHS duty, and as the results and medals were relayed to us during the day, we were buoyed by the prospect of a dominant GPS campaign. The early hurdles races unearthed Rick Saha as a late prospect for GPS selection.

Jesse Moffat improved massively to 16.39 seconds in the 16s. The 13s 200m featured 3 runners under 27 seconds for us – Anthony Chen (who jogged the first 100 of his race to still run 26.35), Josh Leo (26.9) and Leonard Mah (26.51). Andrew He also ran a very strong race in the 14s, finishing in 25.95.

Jeremy Rajendram won his open long jump with a leap of 6 metres, as Max Kite came 3rd in the opens shotput with 13.13m and George Denny-Smith turned out for the first time this season with a very promising 11.32m throw.

The other shotputters improved greatly – Denny Chandra (11.03m), David Nguyen (11.50m) and Sangeeth Subramaniam (10.10m – finally broke the 10!) headlined the 16s whilst Eric Ovadia and Iftiar Khan threw 11.88m and 11.39m respectively.

Scott Renzenbrink again dominated his 200m race, winning ahead of last year’s GPS champion from Grammar in another sub-23 second time.

Special mention goes to Max Song, who has improved enormously from the beginning of the season, down to 25.11 seconds. Gianni followed up last week’s results with another PB, 24.03.

The 13s 800m unearthed William Du as another latecomer to the GPS ranks, running a very creditable 2:27, eclipsed by Josh Leo’s 2:24. Following Anton’s absence at CHS (where he ran a NSWIS qualifier!), Eugene dominated his 800m in 2:10 and Ned yet again smashed the competition in division in 2:16. Vincent Ye also ran quite well in the 15s for 2:20, whilst Pasan settled into a nice rhythm for his 2:12. The 100m races provided entertainment as per usual as Anthony Chen motored to 12.7 seconds in the 13s.

Scott again took care of the Grammar sprinter in the 16s, finishing off in 11.28 seconds. Anosh finally turned up for his race on time, finishing in a strong field in 11.40.

The end of the day saw a few relays finally turn out for us, including a successful 17s relay of 45.7 seconds and an unfinished (but still strong) Opens effort. The 400m races featured the most competitors High had seen all season as Lahiru ran excellently for a 55 second run. Gareth and Jack Musgrove braved the after-effects of a big night beforehand to finish their races strongly, albeit a little sick. The day’s highlight came as Isnad Zaman, coming off a long fasting season, put in a screaming 400m.

The results over the entire weekend were very encouraging to see – there are some definite medal hopes for GPS!
Josh Tassell

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Sydney High School Rowing Committee


Saturday 25th September 2010 at High Rowing Sheds, Abbotsford

All parents … if there is one morning you should attend it is this one. Come along and get informed!

High Rowing is not only about boys on the water, it relies on parents being involved.

Feeding our boys as they come off the water on Saturdays and providing nutritious meals and care when they are in camp at the sheds are responsibilities that rowing parents need to share.


9.00am - Junior rowing parents orientation and tour of the sheds
10.30am – Year 10 and Senior parents outline of rowing camps & first aid course



  • The season calendar with important dates identified
  • Outline of what’s expected of the boys and how parents can contribute
  • Outline of camp duties for senior parents
  • Discussion of camp menus – suggestions welcome
  • Outline of Saturday BBQ duties for junior parents
  • Who’s who? Meet the MIC, Coaches, Old Boys and Committee
  • First Aid course for Senior parents with Dr Charles Ovadia

Anita Bezjak
President SHS Rowing Committee

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