High Notes, Vol 11 No 3, February 12 2010

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From the Principal

High Talent
Congratulations to the first grade basketball team for repeating their good form to defeat Newington at home in the first round of the competition for term 1. Albert Nguyen did tennis a great service on a wet and windy Saturday by standing in as the second grade number 6 to ensure that the points with Newington were shared. The rule states that six players need to be in attendance at 12:30 ready to play until a decision to cancel is made on site. No player should ever assume that non-appearance is acceptable in GPS competition. Well done to boys at the swimming carnival who attracted the praise of other patrons for their good behaviour and manners.

New School Counsellor
In our first High Notes I omitted to mention our new Careers Adviser, Mr Anthony Cipolla, who joins us this year from Randwick Boys High, replacing Mr Ayre. Mr Cipolla will divide his time between the Counsellor’s Office and the Macdonald Library. Senior School students are encouraged to contact Mr Cipolla about vocational education matters.

Good news on behaviour
Ms Ollender rang to compliment the school on the behaviour of the boys on her bus. “They were respectful, polite and gave up their seats”. Well done, boys! A second praiseworthy incident occurred at SIRC at the NSW Rowing Championships on Saturday. Two of our rowers assisted a young girl who had a fall from her scooter some 500 metres from her mother. The St Joseph’s College parent was impressed by our boys’ kindness.

Summer Sports Assembly
John Curzon, director of the tennis program at Sydney University, was our special guest at the summer sports assembly last Friday. John spoke to the boys about the examples of determination and persistence that he has experienced as a coach of famous tennis players like Lleyton Hewitt and Alicia Molik. He stressed the need for goal setting, planning and self-discipline to find success and satisfaction from pursuing excellence in sport. He reiterated the message of balance – maintaining focus on academics as well as sport. My address to the assembly is reprinted below:

"Good morning and welcome to our summer sports assembly for sports whose competition commences in term 1. Tennis, water polo, swimming and sailing. To our special guest, John Curzon, coaches, parents and staff – thank you for your attendance. We have so many people to recognise in sports teams that we have dedicated this assembly for the first time solely to summer sports celebrations.

"Summer sport at High is benefitting from some revitalised management. Mr David Deep, principal of Indeep International, has taken over the role of MIC tennis as well as coach of first grade. He has brought a new level of enthusiasm and professionalism to the sport. His recruitment has also helped to lift the overall standard of the squad. High won GPS Premierships in tennis in 1997, 2001 and 2003 but we have had several lean years since with uncompetitive teams. There is now a more optimistic atmosphere and boys are training hard to be competitive this year.

"Sailing has moved to Double Bay Sailing Club since last year and through Sydney High School Sailing Association Inc. has access to not only the club facilities but also to the very strong Laser racing program conducted by the club. Some Old Boys have joined the Association and are using the school boats for Sunday and off season sailing. Recent graduates of our sailing program, Tom Petty and Phillip Kurts have gone on to compete in the iconic Sydney to Hobart yacht race. Sailing is a sport that you can compete in throughout your life. I have been disappointed by the small number of boys attracted to the sailing program in the last two years. Our coach, Old Boy Adam South, along with Ms Collignon and Mr Moody, run an excellent program. The Sailing Committee, headed up by Richard James, is very effective. I encourage boys, particularly in Years 7 and 8 to consider joining sailing for sport.

"Water polo was revived a few years ago by Mr Ayre and is being run capably by Ms Evans with assistance from Sydney University Sports. We have a good coach in Lachlan Hollis. Old Boy James Menzies has helped out very competently. We need more players in this sport too, to maintain its viability.

"Thank you to Mr Loizou for his organisation and promotion of High swimming in 2009. I trust that everyone will support the school swimming carnival on Monday. Our swimming program needs all the best senior swimmers we have to make the effort to compete for the school on Friday nights. We have half a dozen highly talented junior swimmers who will win in a variety of events but we need more commitment from seniors.

"Commitment is a persistent theme in sports psychology. James Bennett, in ‘Profile of a Winner’, suggests five mental tasks towards better performance. Detached sensory observation involves an honest identification of current strengths and weaknesses: present skill level required; reviewing past performance; and looking to the future to develop new techniques. Situation evaluation involves asking yourself: How is my current performance compared to my goals? Errors need correction, not self-recrimination. Conscious goal setting generates a desire to achieve the goals and builds motivation. Objective planning is required during the process of achieving goals. The final step is to implement the plan through imaging and directed effort. Imagine your performance targets successfully achieved. Discipline yourself to make a realistic timetable to implement your plans. Success in sports comes from your mind being powerful enough to get your body to systematically develop its skills. All of you could improve your sports performances by applying these five steps to your sport. Plans can be simple and short term or complex and long term. The point is to make one and implement it. Congratulations to all boys who have been selected in GPS teams to represent their school.

KRMV (LakSaviya Foundation) Update
Year 10 fundraising paid for the supply of a new data projector to the KRMV school in Sri Lanka, devastated by the 2004 tsunami. High boys have been assisting the refurbishment of the school each year since, as well as helping families of some students with solar power packs for their isolated homes. This year the KRMV school would like to start equipping an empty room as a library and start regular communication with us via the internet. I urge Year 10 boys, particularly those with sub-continental backgrounds, to get behind fundraising for this cause and to communicate with these students. Your efforts will make a direct difference to the educational opportunities for young people in a disadvantaged community.

Sydney Boys High School Council
The Annual General Meeting of the Sydney Boys High School Council will be held on Wednesday, February 17, in the Boardroom at 6 pm. This is a public meeting. Office Bearers for 2010 will be elected on the night.
Dr K A Jaggar

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From the Two Libraries

Andrews Library

The big event in our library this week has been the 2010 stocktake. This was mostly completed while the boys were out at the Swimming Carnival. Wanding of resources is completed but mending database problems will take the rest of the week. It is great to know that our fiction is in perfect order and shelves are clean. We had a surprise visit and talk by Spooks series author, Joseph Delayney, which was appreciated by Year 7 who learned all about Lancashire bogels.

Databases as well as Google
It has been good to be able to work with History at the grass roots level, to provide them with lists of online databases for their refurbished Year 8 program.

Students and staff are reminded that on line full text databases are available through the National, State and Local Library networks. Just go online and Google the National Library of Australia or the State Library. In the last few years the Library systems have purchased and created loads of databases and websites which are very useful for assignments and homework. Your Local library card needs to be operational to access some of these from your homes.


A Partisan’s Daughter, Louis De Bernieres;
Ghost Dance, Mark T Sullivan;
Close Range, Annie Proulx;
Four Fires, Bryce Courtenay;
Birdsong, Sebastian Faulks;

Life’s a Funny Proposition Horatio, Barbara Polikoff.

A Book of English Essays ed by W E Williams;
the Art of War, Sun-Tzu,
A Teenagers Guide to Mastering Bi-polar Disorder.

Donation Acknowledgements to:
The two libraries are very grateful to have received 14 lovely books this week. They are from Mrs Waring, mother of Jens in Year 8 and Andrew (Su Jen Yep) Chew father of Jonathan Chew in Year 7.

We also had a very thoughtful donation from Dominic Wong - class of 08. (Most of our Study Guides are donations from former students) They are very useful to our present students.

Big thanks also to Michelle Dumonet, mother of Tigger in Year 9, who donated a nice pile of mixed classics and fiction.

Both Libraries are delighted to receive any books discarded by all you good housekeepers out there. The Librarians are aware that once books are read by the household, your original outlay can also assist the good readers in your son’s school. We try to keep donations to a five year use by date and books in good condition.
Veronica Crothers
Librarian - Andrews Library

McDonald Wing (Senior) Library

In 2010 the exciting news about the Macdonald (Senior) Library is that it will now expand into a fully functional library with the addition of resources other than the cyber kind, of online database and internet access. This year we will be adding books to the shelves to provide access to fiction, non-fiction and some DVDs. The newest books will be added and many of the latest acquisitions from the Andrews library suitable for senior readers will also be sent over to make access even easier and give more choice for your reading pleasure. Don’t forget to check out the latest issues of popular magazines and periodicals available for reading in the library and for borrowing.

These include:
AFR Smart Investor
Art Forum
Australian Personal Computer
Business Review Weekly
Computer Arts Projects
Cosmos (new)
The Economist
Good Reading (new)
Inside Cricket
Inside Sport
National Geographic
New Internationalist
New Scientist
Time (Australian edition)
Top Gear Australia

We also provide copies of daily newspapers: The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, The Daily Telegraph and the Australian Financial Review. Students will have noticed the addition of security gates at either end of the library as the first step into making it into a “real” library. The next step is the addition of the resources! So watch this space and if you want to make any requests within the budget we have available then please see Ms Gordon who will be happy to consider your suggestions for inclusion in our collection.

So watch the displays and please do borrow from either library. Junior library users may borrow from the Macdonald library if needed and appropriate and Seniors of course will continue to utilise and borrow from the Andrews library. As shelving is limited the selection in the new library may be limited. Displays will comprise of new books specifically bought and selections of the best new books in the Andrews library. Resources will be regularly changed to refresh and keep the displays interesting and dynamic.

The addition of new resources is not restricted to the addition of books to our collection. We have also added a fantastic new database for use at school in both libraries and accessible at home. Encyclopaedia Britannica will be added to the Library Enquiry homepage and accessible through your student portal along with the current ones – JSTOR (a high-quality, interdisciplinary archive with over one thousand academic journals in digital format), Crikey (independent commentary on current affairs) and Herald in the Classroom with access to the news and resources for students and teachers. These are all accessible from your home computer as well. More information and tips for using this wonderful resource will be coming in future issues of High Notes. So watch this space!!! Ms Gordon – Librarian Macdonald (Senior) Library

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Sport - Wet Weather

For regular updates on Saturday sport during times of inclement weather, parents and students are asked to check the school’s website throughout the day. The information can be found by going to the school’s website at www.sydneyboyshigh.com then by clicking on the fixture details under the heading of Upcoming Events i.e. Saturday February 13, SJC v SHS. Cancellations can then be found by scrolling down the page to the specific sport and team. Please note that the current ‘Sports Wet Weather line’ is inoperable.

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New Parents Welcome Party


You are cordially invited to attend the Sydney Boys High School

New Parents Welcome Party

to be held in The Great Hall, Sydney Boys High School
Thursday 25th February 2010
6.30pm to 8.30pm

This will be a great opportunity for new parents to meet each other as well as other members of the school community. (Students and other children should not attend).

For catering purposes, please RSVP to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by 19th February 2010
(please let us know the names of each parent attending and the name and class of your son)

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From the Canteen

Don’t miss out on food you want!!
Keen to try out the fabulous range of food in our canteen, but keep missing out? The answer is simple!

Order ahead and reserve what you want!

  • Simply call at the canteen first thing in the morning, place and pay for your lunch order and it will be ready and waiting for you at lunch time.
  • How easy is that!

Make sure you are on the right queue!!

  • The lines at the front of the canteen are for Years 7-8, 9-10 and 11-12. Please make sure you are in the correct line to avoid overcrowding and causing delays in service (its no fun if you have to queue again at the end of your correct line)
  • A quick service window for drinks, ice blocks etc is around the corner – no lunch items can be bought at this window.

We are short of helpers on Mondays!! Can anyone help out??

  • We welcome the many parents who have joined us as new canteen volunteers. A roster for 2010 has been mailed to you. If you have volunteered to help at the canteen but not received a roster please call Karen or Tracey on 9360 4027 (not during recess or lunch breaks) to check they have your correct mailing details. To our continuing volunteers we thank you for supporting us again.
  • Reminder - if you are unable to attend on any of your rostered days, please arrange a swap with another volunteer in the roster.
  • Once again thank you everyone who is a canteen volunteers. ALL canteen profits are channelled back to the school to help fund significant projects and facilities which benefit all our sons.

Thank you -
The Canteen Team

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Music Notes

Tour Meeting
A meeting was held last Tuesday evening (9th of February 2010) for tour parents and students with votes made on tour backpacks and jumpers. Please collect information notes from the Music Staffroom if you were unable to attend. The FINAL TOUR meeting scheduled on Tuesday the 16th of March is COMPULSORY for ALL parents and students.

Music Tour 2010 to France and Flanders
Rehearsal schedule for touring ensembles this term are as follows:

Concert Band (Rm201)
String Ensemble (Rm202)

Stage Band (Rm201)
String Ensemble (Rm202)

Concert band (Rm201)

Marching Band (MPW)

ALL members are expected to be at EVERY rehearsal, you must notify the Music Staff if you are unable to attend any rehearsal.

Tour Band Camp
There will be an in-school Camp for all members involved in the Music Tour from Mon - Wed (22nd, 23rd, 24th) February from 9am-5pm. Students need to bring their Instruments and music and be ready to start by 9am.

Notes have been handed out; please make payments to the Music Staff ASAP and return permission notes or collect a note if you did not receive one.

Tour Stage Band
The Tour Stage Band will be performing at Speech Night on next Tuesday 16th of February with next week’s rehearsal moved to Tuesday period 6 in room 201 instead of Wednesday morning. Please ensure you bring your instruments to school next Tuesday and attend rehearsal.

Ensemble Rehearsal Times for 2010

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7.45am Intermediate Concert Band Room 201 Chamber Choir Room 202 Chamber Choir Room 202 Senior Concert Band Room 201 Symphony Orchestra Room 201
  Junior String Ensemble Room 205 Junior Jazz Ensemble Room 201 Senior  Stage Band Room 201     Guitar Ensemble Room 101
  Junior Percussion Ensemble Room 101   Junior Stage Band Room 101   Tour /Senior String Ensemble (7:30-8:30am)
  Training Concert Band Rm 102 Term 2, 3, 4   Philharmonic Orchestra Room 205   Tour Marching Band - Term 1 MPW 8.00 - 9:00am

Ensemble rehearsals will commence next week with Intermediate and Senior Concert Band held on Monday 7:45am in room 101 for students not attending the Music Tour then will return to normal time from term 2. All other ensembles will run as timetabled above.

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SBHS Debating

Coaching Starts TODAY!
All interested boys should meet in the Great Hall at 3.20pm this afternoon to learn more about Debating and how to get involved for 2010!

Code of Conduct information will be issued at this session and should be reviewed in conjunction with parents. For new parents, the code of conduct is your opportunity to provide email contact details for more regular debating updates throughout the year

Parent Information Session
For all parents new to debating or for those of you with questions like – what exactly is debating? How does debating at SBHS work? How can I help my son improve in debating? Who is the debating co-ordinator? What is the DSG and how can I get involved? please join us at the first Parent Information Session! FRIDAY 19th February from 6pm. Meet at the Staff Common Room.

Debating Supporters Group
If you are the parent of a debater and looking to become more active in the SBHS Debating program then your assistance is immediately needed in the role of Supper Coordinator.

This role involves organising parents to bring and serve supper at all home debates for our boys and our debating guests.

Attendance at all home debates is not required! Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information

More information can be found at www.sydneyhigh.org/debating and will be emailed to you on a weekly basis.

Please CHECK YOUR EMAIL regularly and ensure we have current contact details for both students and parents.

PARENTS: If you are not receiving weekly emails about debating please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and ask to be added to the parent group for your child’s year.

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High Society

The Bulletin Board for Sydney Boys High P & C

Julie Connolly P&C President.

If you would like to have any parent community news or upcoming events included in High Society, please contact Julie Connolly, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; M: 0418 470 203.

New Parents Welcome Party
All parents new to the school, from Year 7 through to Year 12, are invited to attend the New Parents Welcome Party to be held in the Great Hall, Thursday 25th February from 6.30 to 8.30pm. This evening is always hugely popular with parents as it provides a terrific opportunity to meet each other and learn more about how Sydney Boys High works. Parent representatives from all Years will be in attendance as well as other members of the P&C and other school community groups.

Please RSVP for catering purposes to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by 19th February. It will be terrific to officially welcome and meet all new parents on this evening.

First P&C Meeting for 2010 7.30pm
Wednesday 17th February 2010
Dr Jaggar will address our first general P&C meeting for 2010 on the outstanding HSC results for the Class of 2009. We encourage all parents to attend this informative evening - 7.30pm, Wednesday 17th February in the Great Hall.

Sydney Boys High BIG NIGHT OUT
Please put aside Saturday, 20th March, 2010 for Sydney Boys High BIG NIGHT OUT – the P&C family event to kick off the new school year. It would be terrific for as many students, staff, parents and extended family that can, to join in this whole school event. Stalls will be serving a variety of multicultural food while you enjoy entertainment from around the world and from our own schoolyard. Watch out for more details over the next few weeks. Tickets will go on sale shortly.

Donations for SBH BIG NIGHT OUT
The organising committee for BIG NIGHT OUT have been working hard over summer and the evening is shaping up to be terrific. We are now at the stage of seeking our community's assistance in a couple of key areas:

  1. We are seeking people to donate their excellent cooking skills and be able to prepare moderately large quantities for 25 - 50 people of main course food of any cuisine e.g. curries, BBQ, stir fry, lasagne etc - whatever is your specialty !!!! Please contact Charles Ovadia directly with offers of assistance: 0412 560 511 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ingredients can be either donated or reimbursed.
  2. We are seeking donations of unique, interesting and of course popular items for the Silent Auction and raffles to be held on the night: Imaginations welcome! But maybe think about:
    • approaching your local eatery for donation of a dining voucher
    • donations from your wine cellar
    • approaching your hairdresser for a voucher
    • concert tickets
    • food and wine hamper
    • weekends away in holiday homes
    • cooking classes
    • electrical goods
    • surfing, tennis or math lessons
    • gym memberships or classes
    • fashion or jewellery vouchers

If you have services that could help people say an opinion on architect's drawings, a building inspection, some driving lessons, the drawing up of a simple will. etc

An entertainer or artist could donate a copy of their book or DVD or some tickets to a show. Work experience placements are invaluable – even for just a day

Please contact Julie Connolly with donations for the Silent Auction and raffle. M: 0418 470 203 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Upcoming Parent Meetings & Events
Tuesday 16th February, 7.30pm -
Speech Night, Great Hall
Wednesday 17th February, 6.00pm - Cricket Committee Meeting, Room 901
Wednesday 17th February, 7.30pm – P&C General Meeting, Great Hall
Wednesday 24th February, 6 pm - Rugby Committee Meeting, Staff Common Room
Thursday 25th February, 6.30 – 8.30pm - New Parents Welcome Party, Great Hall
Tuesday 2nd March, 7.00pm - Rowing Committee Meeting, Staff Common Room
Wednesday 3rd March, 6.00pm - Fencing Supporters Meeting, Staff Common Room
Saturday 20th March, from 6pm - SBH BIG NIGHT OUT, Great Hall& Courtyard

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Basketball: Shooting Hoops

High VS Newington

2009 Term 1 (Last time)

 1st LOSS 77-50 S.LLEWELLYN 22
2nd WIN 42-30 C.MOLLER 14
4th WIN 25-23 B.YANG 12
6th WIN 41-21 L.LI 13
7th WIN 49-29 S.KE 16
8th WIN 46-30 S.BURNHAM 12
16A LOSS 53-36 N.AUTAR 14
16E LOSS 26-18 S.AMINE 6
15D LOSS 20-23 L.FANG 8
15E WIN 58-4 H.HEO 20
14B WIN 15-34 B.LEUNG 10
14C WIN 23-30 W.KOSLOWSKI 10
14D LOSS 24-26 J.YEUNG 13
14E WIN 11-17 L.ZHANG 6
14F WIN 30-12 Y.LAU 18
13D LOSS 35-15 W.ZHUANG (JNR) 6
13E WIN 14-12 D.SHAO 4

2010 Term 1 (This time)

1st WIN 63-59 C JURLINA 14
2nd LOSS 36-26 A PAUL 5
4th WIN 43-23 S AMINE 10
16B LOSS 35-15 T LI 6
16C WIN 27-14 T CHIN 9
16D LOSS 31-34 J DO 11
16E WIN 48-18 V CHEN 10
16F WIN 49-18 P WU 18
15A WIN 31-28 N FRANCE 15
15B WIN 29-24 D DUONG 14
15C WIN 31-20 I METCALF 10
15D WIN 22-10 M CHANG 8
15E WIN 41-19 H ZHANG 9
15F WIN 27-6 H MAI, A KERR 8
14A LOSS 37-18 G ZHENG 8
14B LOSS 20-25 P GAO 7
14C LOSS 13-32 A LU 9
14D LOSS 42-21 J NG 5

Mr Hayman’s Team of the Week - 15As
I am really excited to see our 15A side doing so well. Nick France, Eamon Kelly and others look like superstars of the future. Coach Dan Cinelli is doing a great job. All juniors are reminded to attend ‘future firsts’ on Thursday afternoons from 3-4pm.

First Grade
I was particularly proud of the way our boys supported each other regardless of personal playing time in first grade on Saturday. This group of boys are mature enough to see the bigger picture of supporting their peers and supporting the school. In particular I want to mention Leo Gordon’s ability to lead by example. Leo and the seniors have kept the culture of relentless persistence and playing as a team and for each other intact during the building phase of the opens program. It is very important that over the next 18 months players remain loyal to the school’s effort to maintain consistent performance. In the ‘first past the post’ style of GPS competition, where every game is a grand final, for 14 rounds, over half a year, players who let the team down are recognised. It is possible that we could win 15 years State CHS knockout, Opens State CHS knockout, National championships, more Raschke Cups and a GPS premiership.
By Mr Hayman

1st Grade table

First Grade Played Won Lost For Against Points
Newington 8 7 1 596 339 15
High 8 6 2 598 454 14
St. Joseph's 8 5 3 572 483 13
Kings 8 5 3 481 470 13
St. Ignatius' 8 4 4 454 489 12
Grammar 8 4 4 434 512 12
Scots 8 1 7 418 593 9
Shore 8 0 8 396 609 8

~ Go High Basketball!
~Play Hard, Play Smart and Play Together!
~ Don’t forget to visit the Sydney High Basketball Website!
~ Brought to you by the editors, David Li Wang and Chris Chiam
~Thank you to Mr Hayman for all his contributions to basketball and information

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SBHS Rowing Committee

The Scots Junior Regatta was called off last Saturday due to inclement weather. The seniors, however, travelled to Penrith where the racing was on at the State Championships. The results were mixed, but improvement in times was shown over the day. The 1st and 2nd Four were competitive and certainly had some good races.

Melbourne Tour
The Year 10 rowers have travelled to Melbourne, as part of an annual exchange program with Melbourne High, to experience rowing on the Yarra River. It is very different water conditions to the busy and choppy Parramatta River, and I’m sure they will enjoy the training and the rowing challenges on the Yarra. They are being accompanied by Mr Barris and their coach, David Vien, and will enjoy hospitality from Melbourne High families.

This Week, Saturday 13 February – Joeys Regatta at Iron Cove
This is a full regatta for seniors and juniors in Iron Cove and is always an enjoyable regatta for spectators on Rodd Island with Joeys catering. The draw is on the NSW Rowing website under regattas – www.rowingnsw.asn.au 

Again, the boys row to the start line from our sheds and the coaches will inform the boys their required time of arrival – it is important they are on time to prepare with their crew for the races.

Good luck to the crews, and hope to see many High supporters on Rodd Island cheering.

High Regatta - Saturday 20th February
High Rowing will be hosting the GPS Regatta next Saturday at Hen & Chicken Bay. It is a Junior Regatta only and we will need many Junior parents helping with the catering from 7am until approx 11am Please make some time and volunteer

Email communication
If you would like to know what is happening each week in rowing, and are not already receiving regular emails with rowing information, please send your name and email address to – This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   and we will add you to the parent contact list.
Julie Blomberg
President Rowing Committee

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Swimming News

GPS Carnival 1 – Newington
The 1st GPS preliminary carnival was held last Friday at Newington College Stanmore. We were able to field a full strength swim team led by our captain Jack Musgrove and vice captain Max Chien. As it was the start of the season most of our swimmers were a little rusty. I am hopeful that with further training our overall performance should improve from last year. We welcome to the team Darren Chien, (Max’s younger brother), Kazuo Nakamura, James Tinker, Kevin Robinson, James Hoad, Eugene Lee, Leonard Mah, (Dominic’s younger brother) and Jeremy Dobrowolski. Our most notable performer on the night was Ennes Mehmedbasic who took out the 50m breaststroke. Other strong performances were displayed by Jack Musgrove, Ben Wilcox, Leonard Mah and the Senior relay team. Good luck tonight at Riverview for Carnival 2.

School Swimming Carnival
The school swimming carnival was held on Monday 8th February at Des Renford Pool, Maroubra. The threat of storms, an overcast day and the unpredictable weather did not hinder attendance with over 800 boys attending the carnival. It was great to see so many boys participating in so many events. This year, we have discovered some extraordinary talent with many school records broken. All results/records can be viewed on the school website listed below: In Summary House points and age champions are as follows:

Overall Statistical Summary - Ordered by Grand Total

  1 Eedy 295 142 437 0
  2 Rubie 200 128 328 0
  3 Fairland 140 180 320 0
  4 Torrington 142 131 273 0
  5 McKay 94 157 251 0
  6 Saxby 97 138 235 0


Age Champions 2010

12 Years- Kazuo Nakamura
13 Years- Leonard Mah
14 Years- Eugene Lee
15 Years- Shaun Pak
16 Years- Max Chien
17+ Years- Jack Musgrove

Congratulations to all participants and age champions.

Despite our best efforts, the war cry and school song from the rowers and the rest of the school to encourage our opens relay team, we were unable to overcome a strong Newington relay team who went on to win the GPS invitational relay event. Congratulations to them.

GPS Captains dinner (Shore School) - Monday night 8th Feb 2010
Congratulations to both Jack Musgrove and Max Chien who represented our school with such pride at the Captains dinner on Monday night. They were both fine ambassadors for the school. Jack’s speech impressed the swimming MICs. In short his speech emphasised the importance of performance, training, never give up attitude and always perform to the best of your ability. A key feature of the speech focussed on High’s attitude towards sport which was one of always performing to your best, whether you are first or last. Well done.
P Loizou
MIC Swimming

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High Cricket Bulletin


Last Saturday’s weather really was disappointing for all of us in the High Cricket Coaching staff as we had teams ready for competition across all age groups. Unfortunately rain does create logistical and travel problems for many and we are working to make High’s back-up information system as user friendly as it can be. Information will appear on the Cricket Website as it is available to us. Reports from Last Saturday’s fixtures that were submitted appear on the cricket website

Team coaches, managers and scorers are advised that player statistical information is being requested by no later than Friday 19th Feb 2010 so that points can be allocated and results published so all players can see where they stand in the Junior and Senior Cricketers of the Season Awards. The conditions for both awards appear on our website with the relevant points that can be achieved. Statistical Return Forms have been distributed to coaches and should further be required contact the MIC direct.

Our last duty for this season is on SATURDAY 27th MARCH or more specifically, on the night of the GPS Head of the River Carnival. The NSW Waratahs will be in competition starting at 7.40pm and we will require 4 Adults and 8 Senior Boys from the 2nd and 3rd XIs to assist on the night. Volunteers will be required from 4.30pm on the day. If you can assist please contact Varan Perananthan on 0431 172 377 who will record your assistance and advise any changes.

CRICKET DINNER – WEDNESDAY 31st MARCH 6.00pm for 6.30pm
The Dinner will be held on the above date in the Great hall. The cost of the Dinner will be $25.00 for Adults and $20.00 for Students. This is the players’ night and the format this year will be very much in the “Team High” theme with total participation of coaches and players receiving Awards. The 10 Prize Raffle will be in full swing as well as the Trivia Team and Door prizes so there is plenty for all. Payments via the school office will commence on Monday 1st March 2010

We are very short of cricket bats for training and we seek donations of ANY unused bats that can be utilized for practice on Sport Afternoons. I would like to think that some of our cricketers have grown beyond their first bats and have replaced them with senior bats and could allow their old bat to find their way for a “second life” in our school nets. Kevin Lam our equipment Coordinator would really like to accept your offers and put them to good use. Due to the shortage all players should bring their own bats to sport afternoons.
Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket

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Chess - Interschool Competition

Want to be part of our successful Chess teams?

Selection Tournament on Monday 1 March

If you wish to be considered for one of the Chess teams that will represent Sydney High in the Friday interschool competition you must compete in the selection tournament.

Where & When: Great Hall Monday 1 March 8.30am – 3pm

Please note an early start. You need to be in the hall before 8.30am.

Who can enter: only the students who are committed to represent Sydney High in the interschool competition.

Entry deadline: Friday, 26 February.

No entries will be accepted on the day.

How to enter: please collect the entry form from Mr. Harvey at the Science Staff room

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