High Notes, Vol 11 No 2, February 05 2010

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From the Principal

High Talent
It was an awesome effort by the first and second grade basketball teams to win the Raschke Cup double on Saturday, a first for High! Well done to all players, coaches and managers. Congratulations, too, go to first grade tennis for their trial win over Grammar – the first taste of victory for a couple of seasons. Well done, boys! Thanks for dedication to High go to six volunteer parking attendants who gave up their time twice during the holidays to raise money for school activities – Katherine Deacon, George Comninos, Steve Comninos (8R), Roger Rong, Andrew Rong (8T) and Shumin Wang (9R). I wish more parents and students would follow their example!

House captains – 2010
Congratulations to our House captains for 2010. I hope all students and staff get behind attempts to raise the profile of the House concept. House identity clothing and support at carnivals, as well as increased frequency of and participation in inter-House contests would help achieve this.

Eedy - Dominic Edggton
Fairland - Jeremy Rajendram
McKay - Benjamin Li
Rubie - Brian Kelly
Saxby - Hayden Schilling
Torrington - Andy Liu

School caps at PE
It is compulsory for Year 7 students to wear school caps while in practical PE lessons. Where the sports code requires it, it is also compulsory to wear hats. The school strongly encourages all students to wear school caps at PE or sport where practical.

Changing into sports attire
Staff members have brought to my attention their concerns about the practice of boys changing out of school uniform into sports attire in public. Students and staff are asked to change attire in change rooms or toilets rather than in public. It is not expected that students have to change back into school uniform after their activity if this process cannot be undertaken in the privacy of a change room or toilet.

Early bird discount on school contributions
Take advantage of our early bird discount offer before the end of February. If you pay all levies and contributions in full by 28/2/10 you will receive a discount - for Years 7-9 ($90), for Years 10-12 ($100).

Big Night Out !
Following up on the success of the Chinese New Year celebrations of 2008-09, the Sydney High Development Committee is organising a Big Night Out event on March 20 at 6 pm in the Great Hall. Multicultural food and entertainment will be provided in an informal format to encourage family attendance. I urge parents to support this social event which brings us together to honour our diversity as well as our common interests.

Wearing of School Uniform
Despite hot weather, we expect that all students attend school with their ties knotted and pulled up to the throat and their shirts tucked in. Our standards for school dress, just like our standards for academics or sport are set deliberately high. Recidivist non compliers should be entered on SAD and suffer negative consequences.
Dr K A Jaggar

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From the two Libraries

Apologies! Apologies! Apologies! To Bruce Pyke, lovely thoughtful and generous Old Boy who has gone to the trouble twice to donate valuable classic resources to our Library. Bruce I forgot your name and have not acknowledged your gift. I came across a book with an acknowledgement sticker we made in it and I think it was you whose name and details I forgot to take on your recent visit.

Many thanks also to Year 8 parent Carrie Waring, mother of Jens in Year 8, who has been really quick off the mark with an email offering us two newish books from her home collection. These will be warmly received.

Also quick off the mark was Fabienne Ovadia , mother of Eric in Year 11, who offered us some great books also.

Thanks to Ern Berg Phillips, now 80 odd years of age, who is going to the trouble to bring us his biography collection. Ms Trompetter, Head Teacher of English, will be pleased as this is a unit of work in English.

Thanks also to Ms Ayre (English Faculty) who brought in two boxes of books her son had finished with. These were really popular books.

If you are feeling a little unappreciated I totally recommend Michael Dobbs fiction about Churchill’s early days in office, the imminent invasion of England and the loss of Calais and the evacuation of Dunkirk. You will soon see why I am saying that.

Like many post war children I have been exposed to the historical documentaries about Churchill and as a school student I studied the history of World War 2 in a fairly rudimentary fashion. I therefore quite enjoyed revisiting the type of person Churchill was. I was, likewise, fascinated by the peaceniks – Halifax, Chamberlain etc and by the role of Joe Kennedy as the American Ambassador. It was such a close call defeating the Third Reich. The role of the determined mad chancer in History is not fully appreciated, I think! It was also fun reading historical fiction after a surfeit of Crime Fiction and children’s literature which had been my diet over the holidays.

Senior Fiction
The Ghosts of Sleath, James Herbert;
The Potato Factory, Bryce Courtney;
Black Market, James Patterson;
Lankhmar, Fritz Leiber

Junior Fiction
Perfect Match, ed. Mike Gould;
Devils Canyon;
The Black Prince, Peter Corris;
Homecoming, Cynthia Voigt

Senior Non-Fiction
Journeys With a Black Dog, ed Tessa Wigney et al. ;
The Ordinary Person’s Guide to Empire, Arundhati Roy;
Voltaire’s Bastards, John Ralston Saul;
Australian Schooldays ed. Brenda Neil and Ian Britain

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Swine Flu Vacination

An update on vaccination against Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 influenza (swine flu).

Swine flu activity has dropped significantly in NSW over recent months, but continues to have a heavy impact in many Northern Hemisphere countries. It remains to be seen what the impact in Australia will be as we move into next winter, although a resurgence of pandemic influenza activity is possible.

A vaccine is now available to protect adults and children over the age of six months from swine flu. The vaccine, called Panvax®, has been approved by Therapeutic Goods Administration.

NSW Health is encouraging everyone to obtain a free vaccination against this potentially life threatening illness. The Panvax® vaccine is available free from most general practitioners and Aboriginal Medical Services. Some community health centres and council immunisation clinics are also offering the vaccine free of charge. Call ahead to confirm the health service is vaccinating on the day you wish to visit.

The NSW Department of Education and Training is committed to ensuring a safe and healthy working and learning environment for staff, students and visitors to schools. Immunising a high percentage of the school not only protects those individuals who receive the vaccine, but also reduces the chance that any students or staff with a weakened immune system (for whom the vaccine may not work as effectively) will be exposed to the infection. NSW Health: information about the vaccine: http://www.emergency.health.nsw.gov.au/swineflu/vaccination/index.asp

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In response to the recent spate of drowning tragedies in New South Wales, there is a surf safety video available to all students on the w: drive. The video which runs 4mins 30 secs is titled “Don’t get sucked in by the rip” and has been developed by Dr Rob Branden from the University of New South Wales School of Biological Earth and Environmental Sciences.

To access the program students and parents should go to the w:/videos/public/PDHPE/Rips/Don’t get sucked in by the rip.

Hopefully this will help increase our awareness, knowledge and respect for the ocean and the inherent risks.
G Stein

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Sports Donations

GPS sports competition is very demanding on people and resources. At High we have ongoing needs for facilities development, equipment and development through expert coaching. If you would like to help through a tax deductible donation for a particular sport, the appropriate form can be posted to you by calling 9361 6910. Alternatively, you can go to our website www.sydneyboyshigh.com  click on Sport /Sports Donations to download either Development Donation Form or Equipment and Facility Donation Form.

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High Store Volunteering

To Volunteer for the High Store please call Michelle on 9331 7075

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Canteen Volunteering

To Volunteer for the School canteen please call Tracey or Karen on 9360 4027

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World Education Program Australia

World Education Program (WEP) Australia is now accepting applications from students to participate in 2010/11 exchange programs for a summer, semester or year. Students and parents can choose from more than 26 countries, including France, Belgium, Italy, Germany and Spain. Upcoming information evening: 7:30-9:00 pm 10 March 2010 Bowlers Club 95-99 York Street Sydney

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School Student Transport Scheme (SSTS)

School Student Code of Conduct – Students travelling on buses must:- :-

  • Dip school bus pass or pay the fare when joining the bus. This is particularly important as the data collected from the on bus fare collection system may be used for service planning purposes
  • Use school specials when provided
  • Vacate seats for adults when requested
  • Follow the driver’s instructions about safety on the bus
  • Respect the needs and comfort of other passengers
  • Behave appropriately at all times (e.g. no offensive language, no throwing things)
  • Protect bus property (e.g. no vandalism)

Students are reminded to:-

  • Only use the school bus pass for its intended purpose i.e. for travel between home and school (does not include travel to and from sporting activities)
  • Maintain possession of the school bus pass at all times.

During 2010, authorised officers will be deployed to inspect Code of Conduct compliance on school bus services in the Eastern Region. Students who are found to have breached their obligations may lose their travel entitlement and possibly incur an infringement.

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High Society

The Bulletin Board for Sydney Boys High P & C

Julie Connolly
P&C President
If you would like to have any parent community news or upcoming events included in High Society, please contact Julie Connolly, P&C President, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; M: 0418 470 203.

New Parents Welcome Party
All parents new to the school, from Year 7 through to Year 12, are invited to attend the New Parents Welcome Party to be held in the Great Hall, Thursday 25th February from 6.30 to 8.30pm. This evening is always hugely popular with parents as it provides a terrific opportunity to meet each other and learn more about how Sydney Boys High works. Parent representatives from all Years will be in attendance as well as other members of the P&C and other school community groups.

Please RSVP for catering purposes to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by 19th February. It will be terrific to officially welcome and meet all new parents on this evening.

First P&C Meeting for 2010 7.30pm
Wednesday 17th February 2010
Dr Jaggar will address our first general P&C meeting for 2010 on the outstanding HSC results for the Class of 2009. We encourage all parents to attend this informative evening - 7.30pm, Wednesday 17th February in the Great Hall.

Sydney Boys High BIG NIGHT OUT
Please put aside Saturday, 20th March, 2010 for Sydney Boys High BIG NIGHT OUT the P&C family event to kick off the new school year. It would be terrific for as many students, staff, parents and extended family that can, to join in this whole school event. Stalls will be serving a variety of multicultural food while you enjoy entertainment from around the world and from our own schoolyard. Watch out for more details over the next few weeks. Tickets will go on sale shortly.

Upcoming Parent Meetings & Events (details in High Notes)

Tuesday 9th February 6.30pm - France Music Tour Parent Meeting, Staff Common Room
Tuesday 16th February 7.30pm - Speech Night, Great Hall
Wednesday 17th February 7.30pm - P&C General Meeting, Great Hall
Wednesday 24th February 6.00 pm - Rugby Committee Meeting, Staff Common Room
Thursday 25th February 6.30 – 8.30pm - New Parents Welcome Party, Great Hall
Saturday 20th March, from 6.00 pm – Sydney Boys High BIG NIGHT OUT, Great Hall and Courtyard

If you would like to have any parent community news or upcoming events included in High Society, please contact Julie Connolly, P&C President, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; 0418 470 203.

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Music Notes

Instrumental Recruitment Night
The instrumental recruitment night was held on Monday evening in the Great Hall. All Year 7 students are encouraged to learn an instrument which will enable them to join the various music ensembles available at High. If you were unable to attend, please speak to the Music Staff for more information about choice of instruments available and the performance program.

Music Tour 2010 to France and Flanders
Rehearsal schedule for touring ensembles this term are as follows:

Concert Band (Rm201)
String Ensemble (Rm202)

Stage Band (Rm201)
String Ensemble (Rm202)

Concert Band (Rm201)

Marching Band (MPW)

ALL members are expected to be at EVERY rehearsal, you must notify the Music Staff if you are unable to attend any rehearsal.

There will be a final TOUR meeting for ALL parents and students on TUESDAY evening16th March 2010 in the Great Hall to finalise all tour matters. Please ensure you are available to attend this meeting as it is highly important.

Tour Band Camp
There will be an in-school Camp for all members involved in the Music Tour from Mon - Wed (22nd, 23rd, 24th) February from 9am-5pm. Students need to bring their Instruments and music and be ready to start by 9am. Notes have been handed out this week; please collect one from the Music Staff if you did not receive one.

Ensemble Rehearsal Times for 2010

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7.45am Intermediate Concert Band Room 201 Chamber Choir Room 202 Chamber Choir Room 202 Senior Concert Band Room 201 Symphony Orchestra Room 201
  Junior String Ensemble Room 205 Junior Jazz Ensemble Room 201 Senior  Stage Band Room 201     Guitar Ensemble Room 101
  Junior Percussion Ensemble Room 101   Junior Stage Band Room 101   Tour /Senior String Ensemble (7:30-8:30am)
  Training Concert Band Rm 102 Term 2, 3, 4   Philharmonic Orchestra Room 205   Tour Marching Band - Term 1 MPW 8.00 - 9:00am
Afternoon rehearsals (3.30-4.30pm)   Marching Band Term 4 Basketball Courts        

Ensemble rehearsals will commence next week with Intermediate and Senior Concert Band held on Monday 7:45am in room 101 for students not attending the Music Tour then will return to normal time from term 2. All other ensembles will run as timetabled above.

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SBHS Debating

Welcome Back!

Our competitions are soon to start and it is time to get back into the coaching swing of things to ensure a successful start to the 2010 season!

All Year 7 boys interested in debating are encouraged to come along to the first coaching session and to find out how to become one of the best arguers in NSW!

More details will follow on the Mango sheet as well as next week's High Notes
- stay tuned

Have you been keeping on top of your current affairs..?

Over summer it was probably all too easy to let the news and current affairs fly by! Kick start your preparation for the 2010 season with these quick questions

1. What is the name of the latest gadget released by Apple?

2. What new website does Deputy PM Gillard argue allows parents to hold schools to account?

3. Why has China threatened sanctions and ceased military exchanges with the US?

More information can be found at www.sydneyhigh.org/debating and will be emailed to you on a weekly basis. Please CHECK YOUR EMAIL regularly and ensure we have current contact details for both students and parents. PARENTS: If you are not receiving weekly emails about debating please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   and ask to be added to the parent group for your child’s year.

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SBHS Swimming Carnival 2010

The 2010 School Swimming Carnival will be held at the Des Renford Aquatic Centre Heffron Park Pool Robey Street Maroubra on MONDAY FEBRUARY 8 2010.

The carnival will commence at 9.00 am and finish by 2:45 pm (approximately).

Buses will be provided for Year 7 at a cost of $5.00 payable on the day and covers bus travel $3.00 and pool entry $2.00 and will leave from Cleveland Street at 8:20 am and return to school at 3:10pm. Students in Year 7 can make their own way to the venue if they wish to do so.

Students in Years 8-12 will make their own way to and from the Swimming Pool ($2.00 entry fee applies on entry to venue). Public transport is available from Central Station to Maroubra Junction and Eastgardens.

The pool is located between Bunnerong Road and Anzac Parade, with the entry located on Robey Street.

School uniform is NOT required but sensible sun protective clothing should be worn by students as shady areas are limited. Food will be on sale from the canteen at the pool. The Carnival will be held "rain, hail or shine!".

Roll call will take place at the venue. Students will be required to scan on entry.
Mr P Loizou
Swimming Coordinator


Carnival commences at 9am sharp
Note: The age group you compete in is the age you turn this year

1  12years         200m            Freestyle
2       13 years        200m            Freestyle
3       14 years        200m            Freestyle
4       15 years        200m            Freestyle
5       16 years        200m            Freestyle
6       17+ years       200m            Freestyle
7       12 years        100m            Freestyle
8       13 years        100m            Freestyle
9       14 years        100m            Freestyle
10      15 years        100m            Freestyle
11      16 years        100m            Freestyle
12      17+ years       100m            Freestyle
13      12 years         50m            Breastroke
14      13 years         50m            Breastroke
15      14 years         50m            Breastroke
16      15 years         50m            Breastroke
17      16 years        100m            Breastroke
18      17+ years       100m            Breastroke
19      12 years         50m            Butterfly
20      13 years         50m            Butterfly
21      14 years         50m            Butterfly
22      15 years         50m            Butterfly
23      16 years        100m            Butterfly
24      17+             100m            Butterfly
25      12 years         50m            Freestyle
26      13 years         50m            Freestyle
27      14 years         50m            Freestyle
28      15 years         50m            Freestyle
29      16 years         50m            Freestyle
30      17+ years        50m            Freestyle
31      12 years         50m            Backstroke
32      13 years         50m            Backstroke
33      14 years         50m            Backstroke
34      15 years         50m            Backstroke
35      16 years        100m            Backstroke
36      17+ years       100m            Backstroke
37      16 years        800m*           Freestyle
38      17+ years       800m*           Freestyle
39      15 years        400m            Freestyle
40      16 years        400m            Freestyle
41      17+ years       400m            Freestyle
42      16 years        200m            Individual Medley
43      17+ years       400m            Individual Medley

* 800m and 400m swimmers will be timed in the SAME event time permitting

Note: -
1. All places will be decided by times.
2. The 4 x 100m GPS Medley Relay takes place at 2.00pm

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AAGPS Swimming Dates 2010

AAGPS Captains Dinner - Monday February 8 5pm Shore School
GPS 1 - Newington College - Friday February 5th 2010 7pm
GPS 2 - St Ignatius College - Friday February 12th 2010 7pm
GPS 3 - SOPAC - Friday 19th February 2010 7pm
GPS 4 - SOPAC - Friday 26th February 2010 7pm
GPS 5 - SOPAC - Saturday 13th March 2010 7pm
GPS Swimming Function Shore School 6pm - Tuesday March 30th

Additional Swimming Dates 2010
March 29th NSWCIS Sec Swimming Additional Events Entries Due
April 21st NSWCIS Sec Swimming Association Team Entries/Lists Due
April 28th NSWCIS Sec Swimming Championships –Session 1
April 29th NSWCIS Sec Swimming– Session 2
May 3rd NSW All Schools Swimming
June 6th–11th SSA Swimming Championships – Brisbane (Chandler) 

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Basketball: Shooting Hoops

What Have You Missed? Over the holidays, there were scrimmages in the gym, involving plenty of our First and Second Grade players and juniors, who are seen as the future of Sydney High Basketball success. Mr B Hayman invited some of the best players in NSW and some international professional players to attend. He and Alex Hayman also played, as the main idea and focus of the games, were to have fun, stay fit and raise the standard of play over the holiday period.

That plan seemed to have worked, with both Firsts and Seconds being very competitive and successful in the tournaments they entered. In a tournament against all the private teams of NSW and some international sides, Sydney High’s 1st Grade side came 2nd, narrowly losing to Newington in the final. At the time, coach Alex Hayman said that High’s performance “was good over the holidays, and he expected an even better performance from the side in the Raschke Cup and in Term 1 2010.”

The 2nds had a similar outcome finishing 2nd overall in their tournament, which was an outstanding effort. The team was missing key players Yixin Liu (Point Guard) and Jasper Garay. Yixin is unfortunately injured and unavailable for the rest of this term. Despite this, he is determined to support the side for the remainder of the season through an assistant coaching role. From these results, Mr B Hayman was confident that 2nd Grade had another opportunity to win the GPS premiership this season, an achievement which has only been achieved once back in 1983.

The History-making Raschke Cup Victories

Mr B Hayman asked Old Boy David Goldman to address the opens squad, prior to the Raschke Cup last Friday (29/1/10). David spoke about how the Old Boys see the current Basketball results as “The pride of Sydney High Sport”. He said that he knew a huge number of Old Boys who religiously checked the newspaper on Sundays and looked for the scores. He also mentioned how he had seen a massive improvement in recent times, and brought his blazer in to show his achievements. He told of how he would never forget significant games when he was at school and told the boys that if they would win the next day they would not forget it for the rest of their lives. Most importantly, he spoke of how lessons are learnt in basketball, the teamwork and its relevance to life after school.

On Saturday the 30th of January, the Raschke Cup took place, with 1st Grade teams competing at Newington’s grounds and 2nd Grade traveling to King’s. Without a doubt, the competition would prove to be a great one for both Sydney High teams, needing to play several games in one day. It was a 9:00 am start for both High teams.

1sts defeated Kings 37 - 29, defeated Shore 41 - 23 and finally St Ignatius 43 - 26, in Pool B. Just like most people expected, Newington topped Pool A and would face High in the finals. 2nds defeated St Ignatius 27 - 21, defeated Scots 55 - 11 and eventually King’s 36 - 20 in Pool B. With St Josephs undefeated in Pool A, they would be the opponents of our formidable 2nd Grade team.

The 1st Grade match showcased magnificent basketball from High, easily matching Newington’s skill. The game went into overtime, with High finally prevailing and taking out the game 40 – 35. 2nd Grade was very dominant in the match up against Joeys, displaying their skill and proving why they were genuine premiership contenders. They took out the game 38 – 26.

With both teams winning the Raschke Cup, they had achieved a feat never achieved before by our school in its entire history. An achievement that rarely occurred, even with other schools. The two teams have now cemented their place in the history of Sydney Boys High and will inspire others in the future. Mr B Hayman said "I am excited that years of hard work has given the school an achievement to be proud of. These boys will never forget the day they made history at Sydney High. It has taken a lot of team sacrifice and I am proud of all involved. I know captain Leo Gordon has laid the challenge down to his team to be undefeated in 2010. This is a very real possibility if we stick together and continue to work within our squad rules and culture."

Without a doubt, there is no one happier than Mr B Hayman, with his efforts and contribution playing a major role in taking Sydney High Basketball to where it is today. His sacrifices and hard work have certainly paid off, and we must certainly thank him.

What Lies Ahead and How You Can Help

With 1st Grade (2nd on the GPS table) playing Newington again this week, a victory against the table leaders, means an unbeaten 2010 season may lead to a premiership. 2nd Grade is equal second with Shore and St Ignatius, and only 1 victory behind Newington. They are certainly genuine premiership contenders and with your support in the stands this week and future weeks, they might get there! Good luck to both teams!
By David Li Wang

~ Go High Basketball!
~Play Hard, Play Smart and Play Together!
~ Don’t forget to visit the Sydney High Basketball Website!
~ Brought to you by the editors, David Li Wang and Chris Chiam
~Thank you to Mr Hayman for all his contributions to basketball and information

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SBHS Rowing Committee

GPS Regatta Season
The High rowers spend the first half of the summer sport season training and learning rowing/ racing skills in preparation for the regatta season in Term One. The January holidays are also a busy time for most rowers with camps and very intense crew selections. During Term One the boys compete in GPS regattas each Saturday, outlined in the table below.

Date Host school Junior Regatta Senior Regatta
30th January Grammar Hen & Chicken Bay Hen & Chicken Bay
6th February Scots Hen & Chicken Bay SIRC
13th February Joeys Iron Cove Iron Cove
20th February High Hen & Chicken Bay SIRC
27th February King’s SIRC SIRC
6th March Newington Hen & Chicken Bay Hen & Chicken Bay
13th March Riverview Lane Cove River Lane Cove River
20th March Shore Hen & Chicken Bay Hen & Chicken Bay
27th March GPS Head of the River   SIRC

Grammar Regatta Results
It was good first regatta racing practise for all crews. With a great buzz at the rowing sheds, every crew seemed organised, enthusiastic and ready to start the racing season.

With only one small pontoon available for boating all 17 racing crews there was some congestion getting crews to the starting line and unfortunately one crew missed the start.

We were able to start six Year 8 Coxed Quad Scull crews thanks to Head Year 8 coach, Shahar Merom, three Year 9 Coxed Quad Sculls, two Year 10 Eights, two senior School Fours and a School 1st and 2nd Eight.

Highlights –

  • Year 8 2nd Coxed Quad Scull – Wang, Deng, Li, Tran, (c) Tam, finished 2nd in their race behind Shore, with Joeys and Kings coming in behind.
  • Year 8 1st Coxed Quad Scull – Rong, Salch, Hughes, Comninos, (c) Lane, finishing strongly, equal with King’s on the line, behind Shore and Joeys.
  • School 1st Eight – Ambrose, Edgtton, Musgrove, Boulavine, Chen, Blomberg, Whiting, Lazarou, (c) Deacon, were in front of Scots most of the race with Scots only just pulling away in the last 250m.
  • Year 9 2nd Coxed Quad Scull – Yu, Cho, Tran, Luu, (c) Collier, finished 3rd in front of King’s, behind Shore and Joeys.

NSW Rowing Championships – Saturday 6 February
The senior crews will be competing in the Rowing State Championships at SIRC this Saturday, 6th February. It is an all day event and we have a marquee site for spectators.

Scots Regatta – Saturday 6 February
The Year 8, 9 and 10 crews will be competing at Hen & Chicken Bay in the Scots Regatta. Good luck to all crews.

Keith Jameson (61) began his involvement with rowing while at High, rowing at the HOR in 1960 and 61. He was awarded the Order of Australia Medal on Australia Day 2010 for over 45 years of unbroken and distinguished service to rowing.
Julie Blomberg
President Rowing Committee

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Sydney Boys High Tennis

Match Report - 30 January 2010

1st Grade 2nd Grade
High D1 def SGS D1 6-4 6-2 High D1 def SGS D1 6-2 4-6 10-6 (STB)
High D2 def SGS D2 6-2 6-3 SGS D2 def High D2 6-3 6-3
SGS D3 def High D3 6-2 6-2 High D3 def SGS D3 6-4 6-3
High S1 (Patrick Rynsaardt) def SGS S1 2-6 (ret) SGS S1 def High S1 (Anton Brokman) 6-2 6-2
SGS S2 def High S2 (Mohit Tugnait)  6-2 7-6 SGS S2 tied High S2 (David Ghezelbash) 7-5 4-6 1-1
High S3 (Frank Zhang) def SGS S2 6-4 6-2 SGS S3 def High (Edward Qiu) S3 6-2 6-4
SGS S4 def High S4 (George Panas) 7-5 6-7 75 SGS S4 def High S4 (Thomas Nguyen) 6-3 6-4
SGS S5 def High S5 (Derek Trang) 6-4 6-0 High S5 (Frank Li) def SGS S5 6-4 6-4
High S6 (Lachlan Day) def SGS S6 6-2 6-4 SGS S6 def High S6 (Richard Bi) 1-6 6-2 6-2
HIGH def GRAMMAR 8-4 GRAMMAR def HIGH 8.5-3.5

1st Grade Report
This week was High's last trial and the team was really looking forward to getting a win against Grammar to get a confidence boost ahead of the season opener at Newington next week. The day started off positively with the No 1 and 2 doubles getting convincing wins over Grammar. The team was really confident about its chances and the team was playing with great professionalism and application. No 3 Frank Zhang as well as No 6 Lachlan Day both had wins in singles as High looked to extend its lead against Grammar. No 4 George Panas played a closely fought match, being defeated in 3 tight sets 6-7 7-5 7-6. The round ended with High defeating Grammar 8 rubbbers to 4. This marks the first time in more than 3 years that High 1sts has defeated another team at a meet, and we look forward to more positive results to come.
Mohit Tugnait

2nd Grade Report
In the last trial before the commencement of the GPS season, High 2nds were eager to perform well against a Grammar side that had shown weakness in the previous trial match. High were off to a flying start, with the doubles pairings of Anton Brokman and David Ghezelbash winning their doubles match in a hard fought three setter and the pairing of myself and Thomas Nguyen winning our doubles match in straight sets. During the singles, High were in a great position to take out the meet, up 3-1 after I had won my singles game in straight sets. However, after some disappointing singles results, High ended up agonisingly close, going down 5.5 matches to 3.5. During the course of this meet, many mistakes were addressed and we look forward to polishing them during training until we are all but ready for the upcoming GPS season.
Frank Li

Tennis at High
As some of you may or may not know, tennis at High has undergone a regime change. Under the new head coach David Deep and sportsmaster Mark Pavone, impressive turnout and commitment to training has been translated into results as evidenced by 1sts’ brilliant win over a strong Grammar side. A record 36 students tried out for 13s tennis, that may not sound like much but tennis is a 4 man per team sport, and with only A,B,C,D grades on offer, the cut was unfortunately made at 22, a record high squad! Keep your eyes peeled for more impressive results. Some of you may not find tennis as much of a spectator sport (with 5 hour days, we can’t blame you) however a quick message of support as you pass the tennis courts really means a lot for the boys. Thank you for everyone’s support in advance!

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Sydney Boys High Cricket


Welcome to the second half of the Cricket Season and a very special welcome to our new Year 7 students who have elected to play cricket. Welcome back also to intermediate and senior players and to the new boys joining these Year groups.

Last Saturday 30th January we conducted trials and assessments at the school cricket nets from 9.00am – 12noon for our Year 7 students and the nets were abuzz with activity, atmosphere, laughter and in fact I believe the spectators even enjoyed some of the performances and antics of the boys. What struck me most, was the tremendous enthusiasm shown by the boys and their willingness to listen and try what the coaches suggested.

Some 35 boys attended, but so did 25 parents and families, the latter who were addressed by the HT of Sport Mark Pavone, encouraging support for the cricket committee. Well done to all, and by the way, the coaches present and assisting told me they had a ball with the group!!

The SOUTHPORT SCHOOL TOUR December 2009 is part of a junior Development exchange programme for Under 15 and Under 14 representative teams from High against not only the Southport school but also Brisbane State High at alternate venues each year. Here are some of the results which indicate High more than holds it’s own against other schools.

SYDNEY BOYS HIGH 5/119 (20) defeated SOUTHPORT SCHOOL 5/114 (20)
Run scorers Brian Kelly (73), Nakul Bhagwat (13) and Avindu Vithanage (13). Wicket Takers were Siva Sooriakumar 1/12, Sudam Dias 1/5 (4) and Veeral Patel 2/29.

SOUTHPORT SCHOOL 10/140 (50) defeated SYDNEY BOYS HIGH 10/88 (38)
Run scores Andy Liu (17), Avindu Vithanage (16) and Brian Kelly (13). Wicket takers Siva Sooriaskumar 3/25 (8), Ashwin Ramesh 2/17 (10), Sudam Dias 2/29 (10), Oliver Meroni 1/25 (10)and Avindu Vithanage 1/17 (6).

A special thanks to Mrs Louise Meroni who arranged lunch and afternoon tea for the boys in a great solo effort.

My thanks also to the parents and coaches who supported the teams with transport, drinks and offers of assistance

Around The Grounds

1st X1 (Day 1) HIGH 5/85 - V - NEWINGTON COLLEGE 10/111
Our run scorers were Avindu Vithanage (35n.o), Brian Kelly (22) Oliver Meroni (13). A five wkt haul for Avindu Vithanage who took 5/29 from 16 overs also Brian Kelly 1/22(14), Oliver Meroni 1/13(7) and Sudan Dias 1/25(14) chipped in with wkts. The match is poised for some tense moments with the start of play on Day 2 as High chase 26 runs to take at least first innings points
See cricket website match report

2nd XI (Day 1) HIGH 4/59 - V - NEWINGTON COLLEGE 10/155
Three dropped catches and a missed stumping cost High valuable runs but a gritty bowling performance taking 8/59 provided some good figures from Jesse Moffat 3/16(7), Kumudika Gunaratne 2/22(9),and Dileepann Pious 2/7(6), Some poor shot selection cost us valuable wickets in the run chase with Dileepann Pious (16n.o) still at the crease, Sangeeth Subramanian (13) and Tom Connolly (12) contributing
See cricket website match report

16A (Day 1) HIGH 10/122 (39) - V - NEWINGTON COLLEGE 1/93 (23)
No match report submitted

15A (Day 1) HIGH 10/72 - V - NEWINGTON COLLEGE 4/113
Run scorers were Krushal Vyas (28),and Thilan Subasinghe (8) with the wicket takers being Tushar Joshi 2/27 (3), Anup Kaluve 1/14 (4) and Michael Liu 1/18 (4) a tough one to gain points in but an extra good opening bowling session on Day 2 limiting the oppositions team score could make for an interesting result.

14A (Day 1) HIGH 10/105 - V - NEWINGTON COLLEGE 1/87
High batted first and put together a creditable team score assisted by Run Ned Anson (42n.o). Lasith De Fonseka (22) and Jesse Cooper (8).as the main scorers. Newington had some fortune through High’s rustiness in the field and finished at 1/87 with Phillip Lam 1/10 as the sole wicket taker. Still anyone’s game to win
See cricket website match report

Parking Roster

Our last parking rostered period for the season is scheduled for Saturday 27th March for the NSW Waratahs –v- Blues at the SFS who play at 7.40pm. We Need 4 adults and 8 senior players on the night to work with the School’s Parking Coordinator.

With a great turn out a maximum financial return is possible – please volunteer for this special effort. Laurie Heil MIC Cricket

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New Parents Welcome Party: Invitation

You are cordially invited to attend the Sydney Boys High School


to be held in The Great Hall, Sydney Boys High School Thursday 25th February 2010 6.30pm to 8.30pm

This will be a great opportunity for new parents to meet each other as well as other members of the school community. (Students and other children should not attend).

For catering purposes, please RSVP to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by 19th February 2010

(please let us know the names of each parent attending and the name and class of your son) n)

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