High Notes, Vol 11 No 14, May 14 2010

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From the Principal

High Talent
Well done to Glanden Zhang, Ian Lu, Tony Xiao and Nicholas Lin who reached the semi finals of the NSW Knockout Table Tennis Tournament held last Friday. They were beaten by a hot Blakehurst team which won the final. Thank you to Mr Hagan for mentoring the team. A big thank you from a spectator who lost his wallet was conveyed to me to pass on to the boys at McKay on Saturday who found it and handed it in. He writes: “their sense of civic responsibility does credit to your school”. Congratulations to Anton Paul, Max Phillis and Angud Chawla who won the East Side Debating Competition, defeating SGHS in the final to retain the Laura Stewart Cup.

Upgrade to Moore Park
The pedestrian pathway on the southern side of Cleveland Street between South Dowling Street and Anzac Parade will be replaced with a 3.5m pedestrian cycleway. The work should be completed by August. An alternate route will be sign posted in the interim. Boys are asked to respect the signage and to be aware of road safety while the new pathway is being constructed. The Moore Park Golf car park is also being refurbished. A temporary car park has been fenced off next to Ashcroft’s Tennis Courts. The work should be completed by the end of July.

Refund Policy
As from July 1, the school is introducing a policy to cover refunds. Refunds are very costly in terms of administration time and quite often the cheques are not cashed, generating even more administrative time managing stale cheques. From July 1, all applications for refunds will need to be in writing. No refunds will be processed for amounts less than $25 dollars. There will be an administrative fee of $5 for all refunds.

The Athlete Support Program
The Athlete Support Program (ASP) is a personal management and capacity building program designed for Year 12 students who are members of a first or second grade sports team. The rationale for the program is that students who have training, travelling and competing commitments that occupy them from 12 to 25 hours per week, need to be highly organised to reach their academic and sporting potentials and achieve their twin goals. It is very difficult to find a time to meet except on Friday afternoons at a time which was unpopular and limited the numbers who stuck with the program last year. The program will run on a different schedule this year. There will be one Friday afternoon briefing on May 21 to register and receive course booklets. Students will be allowed one week to make appointments to see the Principal to demonstrate that they have met the personal management goal for each week in the 10-week program. Once they satisfy the Principal they will be issued with a ‘coaching voucher’ for 1 hour. Each participant can earn a maximum of 10 coaching vouchers, one for each week of the program. These vouchers will be redeemable with one of the teachers who have offered their services to the program. Students completing the program in full over ten weeks will be eligible to share in the unused coaching vouchers of others.

Industry Advisory Board Meeting –
Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications (UNSW)
At this week’s meeting the Heads of school outlined the achievements in 2009 and set directions for 2010. The School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications has 629 undergraduate students, 2333 coursework masters students and 93 research students. The School offers Bachelor of Engineering (BE), requiring an ATAR of 91. This pathway can lead to a Master of Engineering Science, or if a credit average is maintained for 3 years, entry into a Master of Engineering course. An advanced course is now being offered -Bachelor of Engineering / Master of Electrical Engineering – with an entrance ATAR expected to be 95.

The School is also proposing a work experience program for Year 10 students with follow up Year 11 workshops conducted in school holidays.

Any students interested in careers in engineering – power/ telecommunications – should have a talk to Mr Cipolla.
Dr K A Jaggar

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From the Andrews Library

BOOK FAIR – all credit card ordering
Arrangements are now being finalised to bring every English class through to choose a book to “read first/donate” to our first ever Sydney Boys High Book Fair. A reminder notice will be sent home with boys the day before the Fair and it will have information about how to order. (Seniors arrangements are slightly different to Juniors). Your son will also bring the name of his books and ordering details home the day of the Fair. Please ask your son about this or he may forget to give it to you.

As each boy brings up a book he is ordering the book will be removed from the display tables so that it cannot be ordered multiple times. IF YOUR SON REALLY WANTS A PARTICULAR BOOK HE CAN EARLY BIRD ORDER AND ENSURE HE “READS FIRST/DONATES” WHAT HE LOVES. Early bird orders can be made right now at 20% discount from Borders Online if you put in this SBHS Book Fair voucher code – BAE-3312.

From sydneyboyshigh.com our wonderful technical staff have created clear links to a “library thing website” which lists every boys book from Borders Bondi Junction store. Just follow the Book Fair links and make sure you “view full catalogue”. Of course you can order straight off from the Borders Online website anyway. Please make sure you put delivery address as Sydney Boys High, Moore Park, Surry Hills, 2010.

Our hope is that every boy will make a “read first/donation” to one of the school libraries. Seniors are particularly encouraged to select Senior books they think are great in their brand new book library. Books selected by Year 12 students will be a lasting legacy to stimulate talented state school boys.


Blindness, Jose Saramago;
Daydream Believers, Fred Kaplan;
Transfer of Power, Vince Flynn;
the Tami Hoag Omnibus: Cry Wolf, Luck’s Lady, Magic, Tami Hoag;
Cast the First Stone, Michael Shirley;
Daughter of Deceit, Victoria Holt;
Acts of Mutiny, Derek Beaven

The Poison Garden –Sarah Singleton;
The Escape ,Robert Muchamore;
Vultures’s Gate, Kirsty Murray;
The Golden Compass, Phillip Pullman;
Daggarspell, Katherine Kerr;
The Magician, Nicholas Flamel;
Betrayals, a strange angels novel, Lili St Crow,
The Artemis Fowl Files, Eoin Colfer,
Random Acts, Taylor Smith;
Warhammer, The Cold Hand of Betrayal, Graham McNeill et al;
The Adventurous Four, Stranded, Enid Blyton.

Silk Road, Jeanne Larson;
My Other Life, Paul Theroux;
Human Nature, A Blueprint for Managing the Earth, James Trafil;
Mathematics in Nature, John A Adams;
The Communist Manifesto, Larl Marx and Frederick Engels;
The Pattern of South African Culture, Edited by AL McLeod,
Creelman HSC Exam Questions, Physics, Derek White;
Consumer Joe, Paul Davidson;
A Short Guide to the Economics of Capitalism, Jim Stanford

Nice N’ Easy French Grammar; Escape from West Papua, How and Why Refugees Came to Australia, Alan Nichols (Old Boy);
Alby Mangels Beyond World Safari, Authorised biography by Lynn Santer;
Ethnic Groups in Africa, ed Robert E Rothberg,;
The European Union, Facts and Figures, by James Stafford;
The UN and Cultural Globalisation, Sheila Nelson;
All a Twitter, A Personal and Professional guide to Social Networking with Twitter, Tee Morris.
Mrs Crothers

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High Store

I had several enquiries last year from staff members that missed out on the grey marle Sydney high hoodie.

The hoodies are back in stock $66. Be quick not to miss out as I have many orders coming in from old boys.
High Store

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Drama News

Congratulations to the following Year 7 students who have been selected to perform on the children’s game show, PYRAMID.
Nader Haider
Madison Wu
Marc Betbeder-Matibet
Anthony Taing
Shreryas Pulpaka
Ganesh Chandrasekaran
Gautham Shankar
Andrew Nam
Luke Hoad
Thomas George
Alex Hossain
Niyaz Mostafa

The filming of PYRAMID will take place at FOX Studios on Thursday 27 May 2010.
Jennie Rohr
Drama Department

Theatresports School Challenge
Thursday 20 May 2010 @ 7pm

The Year 10 drama class has been working hard on our Theatresports skills throughout term one. The Purple Cobras, who won the SBHS Theatresports Night, have been entered into the next round of the state wide competition. This should be a great experience for us in which we will be performing in the Great Hall in front of a, hopefully, huge crowd. Our group will be competing against some very skilful students from schools including Newtown High School of the Performing Arts and Sydney Girls. This shouldn’t matter as we are going to give it a fair go and perform to the best of our potential. The team consists of Dhruv Guptaa, Matthew McDonald, Blake McGlenchy, Jesse Moffat and myself. We are looking immensely forward to this Theatresports challenge and hope to see you there!
Jasper Garay
Year 10

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Parent Line - Secondary Schools

Parent Line has helped close to 10,000 parents and carers over the last year with a wide range of parenting issues. Our counsellors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our website (www.parentline.org.au) also has some interesting articles posted as well as information and tip sheets. Parent Line is a free telephone counselling services available to parents of children 0 – 18 years across NSW funded by Families NSW. Our counsellors are all experienced family counsellors with professional qualifications.

Parenting an Adolescent – A Life Altering Journey
Parenting adolescents is an interesting journey for many parents. Not only are we faced with rapid changes in children but also in family dynamics and communication within the family. It’s not always easy to keep up whilst parenting adolescents. One thing is for certain, it is not usually an easy ride through calm waters, more like a rollercoaster ride through rapids!

Adolescents bring with them change.
To raise an adolescent means change is imminent. We are often forced to look at a lot of things about ourselves as parents and people during this process. We need to change the way we communicate, the way we make decisions, our role in our children’s lives and also deal with the loss and grief of the childhood phase being over. This is all part of parenting adolescents and moving on to parenting young adults.

As we often so graphically see (through their mistakes and blunders) adolescents have not mastered all their developmental tasks as yet. They are striving towards independence, learning about developing relationships and intimacy with others, finding a way of belonging in their world and working out who they are and what they believe in. At the same time their brains are developing in such a way that for a period of time their frontal lobes have almost shut down whilst other parts of their brains are developing at a rapid rate. This means often adolescents strive for independence, external relationships and identity development whilst their problem solving capacity is reduced. Not easy for them nor their parents!

It’s hard to watch our children learn life’s lessons through experience. A helpful way of viewing these “lessons” is to view them as opportunities for development and growth but with a strong safety net underneath to catch them when they fall. The opportunities for growth don’t just happen for our children but also for us. Raising an adolescent inevitably means we have to review our relationships with them and others, as well as our communication styles and sometimes even our values and beliefs. Raising an adolescent well will challenge us and change us.

Whist this is happening it is helpful to reflect on our role as parents. The big picture vision for us as parents, is that we are here to raise children who grow into happy, healthy, independent, contributing young adults. Every adolescent needs to master a range of tasks associated with “growing up”. These include socialisation (how to get on with a wide range of people); belonging (feeling like they have a purpose and place); safety (physical, emotional and psychological); mastery of skills (life skills); acceptance (feeling like they are accepted despite their differences); relationships (learning how to be close to other human beings); leisure (how to have fun in a safe and fulfilling way); learning (how to learn from life’s ups and downs) and confidence (gained from mastery and experience in these tasks).

A helpful way for parents to view the challenges they face is to assess:

  • Which of these tasks is my child trying to master?
  • What learning is in there for him/her?
  • What can he/she learn from natural consequences?
  • How does he/she usually learn?
  • Can I help him/her learn further about this?

It is important to understand that mistakes and challenges are normal and are part of helping the adolescent child develop and learn. How we communicate this learning is of vital importance. At Parent Line we have a range of strategies that we discuss with parents about how to communicate effectively about the things that matter.

To discuss these kinds of issues or any parenting issue, call our team on 1300 1300 52 for free individualised counselling.

Written by Tarja Malone, Manager of Parent Line NSW

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Two weeks ago, on Friday 30 April (Term 2, Week 2) your friendly neighbourhood Community Services Committee members once again donned their cherished latex rubber gloves and switched on to ‘max’ their giving spirit in order to raise some much needed dough for the great guys at Oasis Youth Support Network.

Yep, it was another one of those well-oiled, implemented-with-military-precision BBQ-mufti double combo days, and we’re pleased to report that through your generous mufti contributions and BBQ purchases, we were able to raise a very significant and very practical $2380.25 which will go towards supporting the important and valuable youth services the guys at Oasis Youth Support Network provide.

So, ‘Oasis Youth Support Network’ you say…who are they and what do they do exactly?

Well, in response to your pesky inquiring, Oasis is the Year 12 charity, and they’ve been picked out due to the essential assistance and support they provide to some of Australia’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable young people; the 32000 teenagers and young adults in Australia who are homeless and will find themselves with nowhere to sleep tonight. As well as providing direct assistance to those homeless young people on the streets through their community outreach program, which ensures that many young homeless people are able to access the most basic of basics such as food and water and someone trustworthy to talk to, they also offer shelter and valuable services and programs designed to help get the lives of these disadvantaged youths back on track. These include drug and alcohol programs, as well as counselling, education, and job training. Essentially, they give disadvantaged homeless youth hope, help, and opportunities. Due to increasing demand for their services and rising costs, however, they face major challenges maintaining their existing programs and services, meaning that the money we raise goes along way to helping them provide their essential services. If you’re interested in finding out more or getting involved, take a look at their documentary on the school’s W Drive under ‘Videos’ or go to their website at http://salvos.org.au/oasis/.

We’d like to thank Ms Kaye and all those who helped out on the day, your efforts were much appreciated and helped greatly in making the day the success it was.

The next BBQ, which will be for Boggabilla, will take place on Monday 24 May (Monday, Week 6B). Also, keep an eye out in the Mango Sheet or take a look at the Community Services Committee’s notice board outside Room 207 for opportunities to get involved in some external fundraising events coming up, namely Daffodil Day and Stewart House. Your Year 12 CSC Year Representatives,
Andre Brokman and Shiraz Biscevic

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A Big Night Out Revisited

It was a silent auction – but the bidding was quite ferocious, as the prize was something very special: season tickets to the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra.

In the end I was the successful bidder and last Saturday went to the first concert. “Palazzo Baroque” in the Angel Place Recital Hall. The composers whose works were to be performed were Bach, Telemann, Vivaldi and Händel and the pieces the “hits” of the Baroque period, as my son observed. (All that was missing was the great feast to go with it!)

The music was wonderful, Federico Guglielmo conducting and playing the violin – a period instrument as are all the others, too. And, unlike in “normal” orchestras, those musicians whose instruments can be played standing up, do so and they interpret the music with their whole body which adds another dimension to the performance. But not only that – during the Händel “Passacaglia” we had wandering minstrels in the aisles.

The evening ended with thunderous applause which was rewarded with two encores – and – most amazingly – hardly any members of the audience got up early to rush to their cars (as happens regularly at the Opera House!).

A big, big Thank You to the parents, who organised the Big Night Out and the Brandenburg Orchestra for their generosity in donating the subscription. I am very much looking forward to the rest of the series.
Frau St Leon

From the Canteen

Well done and thank you to the following people for their help in canteen last week:
Usha Arvind, Helen Lazzarou, Francis Torok, Tanya Slinko, Pauline Chan, Annette Ng, Vicki Moller, Cindy Tseu, Sally Allingham, Kate Price, Vicki Angel, Sachiyo James, Liz O'Hare, David Morrow, Heawon Jeong.

Also to those husbands/partners who have stepped in for the family and helped when Mum couldn’t make it – what teamwork!! It’s great that we get such a wonderful mix of Dads, Mums, grandparents etc willing to lend a helping hand!! We do appreciate everyone’s efforts.

If it’s not on the menu – we might be able to make it, just ASK!!

The canteen managers are happy to make up specific lunches where possible as long as it is on a lunch order. If you would like a wrap/sandwich/salad with your favourite fillings and it is not currently on the menu, place a lunch order.

Just check with the supervisors if you are not sure of the cost or to see if it can be made for you.
Thank you
The Canteen Team

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P & C Parking


Dear Year Groups
Are you able to help at P&C Parking on Saturday 22nd May to raise funds for Sydney Boys High school please? This is a Swans v Dockers game commencing at 2.10pm.

Funds raised by the P&C help pay for additional items and equipment for the boys - and perhaps renovation of the Staff common room. Helpers are needed from about 10.30 am until about 2.30 pm. If you can attend for part of that time please do; the suggested times are 10.30 to about 1.30 : 6 people and 11.30 to 2.30 : 6 more people

Swans events are very straightforward because all tickets for parking are pre-sold so we don't have to handle any cash. If you haven't parked cars before this is an easy event to start.

If you are able to help out on Saturday 22nd May, please email Alice Paul at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Alice Paul
P&C Parking Co-ordinator

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SBHS Debating

Congratulations, Boys!
Our Eastside debating competition ended for 2010 last Friday night with our Year 10 and Year 12 teams contesting the finals. After a tight debate our Year 10s came off unlucky but our Year 12s showed they really are the team to beat for 2010 and were victorious! Brilliant work, boys!!

The main rounds for the Friday Evening Debating competition (FED) also concluded last week at Barker with our 8s, 10s and 12s coming off with a win. The semis for FED will be held in weeks 5-6 with the Grand Final in week 7. More details to follow. Coaching continues this week with no competition debate.

PARKING – Sunday 16 May
Debating has been allocated another parking session this Sunday – 16th May. Parking provides a vital source of funds for the continuation of the Debating Program at SBHS. Without parent and student participation this activity would not be successful. I strongly encourage all parents to be active in debating activities. Be it: watching you son’s debates; watching other student debates with your son to assist their development; bringing a plate of supper when your son is debating at home; helping set up and pack down from supper and of course, assisting with parking. None of these activities are especially onerous but the debating program cannot run without them!

To get involved in this week’s parking, email DSG Parking Coordinator, Harleen Kaur on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

GPS Selections
The GPS competition is a prestigious debating competition which runs in 3rd term. In order to select our teams we hold trial debates during term 2 in order to give any interested boys an opportunity to showcase their debating abilities.

Further selections information will be available in coaching and will be emailed out to parents for their reference.

In general, however, all Years will apply the following criteria in selecting teams:

  • Performance in Trial Debate
  • Performance in competition debates so far
  • Performance in coaching (quizzes and coaching activities)
  • Overall behaviour and demonstrated commitment to the coaching program

All parents should be advised that these teams are crafted based on the experience of the coaches with all the boys across the coaching Year groups. Year 7 parents should not be concerned that their son has not had many opportunities for competition debating – as we focus on giving each boy (in a large coaching group) at least 1 chance of debating. In turn the Trial performance AND their coaching performance are of special importance.

More information can be found at www.sydneyhigh.org.au/debating and will be emailed to you on a weekly basis. Please CHECK YOUR EMAIL regularly and ensure we have current contact details for both students and parents.

PARENTS: If you are not receiving weekly emails about debating please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and ask to be added to the parent group for your child’s year.

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High Society

The Bulletin Board for Sydney Boys High P & C

Julie Connolly
P&C President
If you would like to have any parent community news or upcoming events included in High Society, please contact Julie Connolly, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; M: 0418 470 203.

Monthly Giving Program

The P&C and the School will shortly commence an active campaign to reacquaint our School community with the Monthly Giving Program. We are calling for volunteers from the school community who can assist with this project. Please contact Julie Connolly This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 0418 470 203 if you can spare some time to telephone fellow parents and speak to them about the Monthly and Annual Giving Programs.

The School has short, medium and long term building and grounds projects that are part of the School’s overall plan to provide the best facilities and educational programs it can, to further the School's ethos of the pursuit of all-round excellence. To achieve these goals, the School depends upon its community of parents, Old Boys and supporters for financial support. Planned projects include Stage Two: Library and Multipurpose Centre. We have $800,000 so far allocated to Stage Two. We need to at least double this.

The tax deductible Monthly Giving Program helps to fund these building and development goals. An arrangement is in place for automatic monthly deductions from a nominated credit card. You can elect to give $50, $40, $30, $20 or $10 each month for a period of twelve months. Your nominated amount, along with name and credit card details are sent to the bank electronically. At the end of the financial year, the school issues an annual statement as evidence of tax deductible donations. You can opt in or out of the scheme by notifying the school in writing five working days before the15th of each month.

If you would like to reacquaint yourself with ways of donating to Sydney Boys High School Building Fund, please refer to the School’s website and download the appropriate donation forms. Thank you for your support of our boys.

No P&C General Meeting for May – Trial of ONLINE P&C Forum

With the substantial assistance of the School’s IT department, the P&C website is now ready to support online P&C discussions. Therefore the face to face P&C General Meeting scheduled for Wednesday19th May will not take place.

Instead, we will be conducting an online P&C forum in the form of a series of questions that we encourage the school community to respond to. The P&C online discussion questions will be posted from Monday 17th May. Of course members of the school community are welcome to post any additional comments not related to the nominated questions or indeed ask questions as would occur in a regular face-to-face P&C meeting. If you require an immediate response to a specific question, it may be best to email the P&C committee directly This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

The primary motivation behind establishing an online P&C forum is to make it easier for our geographically diverse school community to share viewpoints, come to a consensus opinion and provide feedback to the school through the P&C. We may well have teething problems so please bear with us, but equally, do go to the P&C website and post a response so that we can gauge if this format will be successful in the long term. Please note this is not a live online discussion. The P&C website collects and displays community comments for the school community to view.

To access the online P&C discussion you must have your Parent Portal Password that is specific to each Year Group. To obtain the Parent Portal Password for your Year, please email the P&C This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with your name and your son’s Year and we will forward you the password.

Once you have the Parent Portal Password, login to the School Intranet using these details and access P&C Discussions using the left hand menu. Any problems, please let us know through the P&C email address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Upcoming Parent Meetings and Events

Monday 17th May – Online P&C Forum trial commences
Wednesday 26th May, 6.00pm – Rugby Committee Meeting, Staff Common Room
Wednesday 2nd June, 5.30pm – Cricket Committee Meeting, Staff Common Room

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Sydney Boys High School Fencing

Saturday 8 May 2010
School State Championships SBHS entered 11 senior fencers in the Senior Boys Division. A total of 72 fencers were entered. It is not surprising that results were not too exciting for our Seniors since exams and the music tour had interrupted training for many fencers. The strongest performances were from Albert Nguyen [37th] , Shaun Fletcher [38th], Ian Ho [46th] and Anirban Ghose [48th]. David Zhang who has had a foil in his hand perhaps a total of one hour was ranked [52nd] showing an immediate affinity with the sport.

The excitement on the day was with our U15 teams. SBHS entered two experienced teams and three less experienced teams. Congratulations to Shaun Pak [team Captain], Hayden Rabone, Mathew Chan and William Yeung who were undefeated and enter the finals on 29 May placed first. Our SBHS2 U15 team go into the finals ranked third. Ian Li [team Captain], Ashley Chan, Kritman Dhamoon and Yiu Tao Wang put in an outstanding performance and claim

We were too strong for the younger and inexperienced fencers from Newington 2, while Arden’s patience and defence was overcome by effective aggressive tactics. Yiu Tao’s nail biting overtime bout against their top fencer was unforgettable, as he conceded the match levelling point with just one second to go. However, Yiu Tao’s determination prevailed. On the funny side, Kritman’s wire dislodged from his foil over 10 times.

SBHS 4 [Hardy Zhu, Jason Hu, Nam Nguyen and Peter Choi] report that in the first match they were very inexperienced compared to St Andrews and it was a valiant effort to lose a respectable 3-5. Highlights were from Jason and Nam. Nam made a great improvement from his first fencing experience in the individuals a week earlier. Peter Choi scored a few points in his first tournament ever, a great effort. However, in the second match against Sydney Grammar we lost 5-1with our only win from Hardy.

SBHS 3 comprised of Michael Hauser [team Captain], Steven Ngo, Kenneth Yu and Oliver Long fenced admirably against strong teams. A parent from Aloysius commented on their admirable effort and the pleasure it had been to fence such “gentlemanly” fencers. Well done, boys.

SBHS 5 was captained by Andrew Cha. As the only experienced fencer in this team Andrew mentored Subhash Viswanadham and Christopher Wang, teaching all of the rules during their competition. He reports that Subhash and Christopher developed great form during the matches learning new things quickly.

Wish SBHS U15 1 and 2 all the best for the 22nd! Fingers crossed you bring home medals!

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Sports Donations

GPS sports competition is very demanding on people and resources. At High we have ongoing needs for facilities development, equipment and development through expert coaching. If you would like to help through a tax deductible donation for a particular sport, the appropriate form can be posted to you by calling 9361 6910. Alternatively, you can go to our website www.sydneyboyshigh.com click on Sport /Sports Donations to download either Development Donation Form or Equipment and Facility Donation Form.

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High Tide

Sydney Boys High School Sailing

CHS regatta 6th-10th April (Mon-Sat) at Belmont, Lake Macquarie
Congratulations to the students who represented Sydney Boys High Sailing at this year’s CHS: Ennes Mehmedbasic (Yr 10), Adam Ceh (Yr 10), Daniel Fang (Yr 8), Dexter Gordon (Yr 7), Connor Robinson (Yr 9) and Jens Waring (Yr 8). They will be returning the Coal Board Trophy to the school’s trophy cabinet until it will be challenged again at next year’s regatta.

NSW Schools Teams Racing, 7-9 May (Fri-Sun)
Last Friday, Saturday and Sunday (7th-9th May), the NSW Secondary Schools Teams Racing Championships was held by Yachting NSW at Woollahra Sailing Club in Rose Bay. This regatta has been held annually since 1985 and is hotly contested with each school team battling it out for a ticket to nationals.

The concept of teams racing is very different to the normal fleet racing. The added team component brings many tactical decisions into play, which makes the racing more difficult. The two Teams (Schools) consisting of three boats per side face off against each other in an attempt to achieve a winning number of places and points. The School with the lowest points wins the race, e.g. School A with Place getters 1, 2, 4 = 7 points beats School B with Place getters 3, 5, 6 = 14 points. .

This year, High was up against 10 other schools mainly from around Sydney, including archrivals Scots and Cranbrook. The seven boys selected to represent High at this year’s event were: Alex Saunders (Year 12), Ennes Mehmedbasic, Bart Daniels, Adam Ceh (Year 10), Marcus James (Year 9), Connor Robinson (Year 9) and Dexter Gordon (Year 7).

The wind over the three days followed a typical winter pattern, with a fair breeze blowing in the mornings and eventually dying away. The first day was a bit of a surprise with the competition being definitely tougher than last year. High contested well but found themselves being outsailed by some of the older and more experienced sailors from the other schools. The second and third days of the regatta saw a renewed hunger to win, which was definitely noticed. Particularly on the last day, the High team sailed in some very close races. In a race against Pittwater High School, High dominated the race and held out the other boats in an impressive display of teamwork. The High team used the rules to their advantage around the marks bringing their boats into a 1, 3, 4 combination, which was unfortunately lost on the last leg of the race due to a lack of concentration and some tough umpiring decisions against us. .

The High team came out of the regatta with three wins and would have hoped for more. Although with a still developing teams racing squad, our boys showed some very promising signs and showed spirit still giving the more experienced teams a hard time, something that was noticed by many of the sailors and parents of the other teams. This year’s teams racing regatta was the last sailing event for Alex Saunders and he should be congratulated for his commitment to the sailing program throughout his time at Sydney Boys.

A big thank-you to Adam South, our coach for giving us all his time and expertise over the three days, as well as allowing us to use his yacht to watch all the races.
Marcus James (Yr 9)

Sailing Annual Dinner
Dinner for parents, staff and sailors has been arranged. Tuesday, 25th May Start: 6.30pm
Venue: Double Bay Sailing Club
RSVP by Friday 21 May

For more information email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Armidale Trip 2010



When: Friday, 21 May 2010-Sunday, 23 MAY 2010
Where: The Armidale School (TAS)
RUGBY:1st XV, 2nd XV, 16A, 16B, 15A, 15B, 15C, 14A, 14B, 14C,13A, 13B, 13C, 13D
TENNIS: 1st Grade, Year 9/10, Year 7/8
BASKETBALL: Senior & Junior (7-9)

TRAVEL will be by luxury coaches (Pegasus Coach Tours) departing at 8am Friday 21 May (Driver Avenue) and arriving back at SBHS approx 5pm Sunday, 23 May, 2010 ANZAC PARADE BUS ZONE.

The coaches are 5 and 6 Star with reclining armchair seats, air con, DVD/Video, Seat Belts and Rest Room equipped.

SUPERVISION will be by the SBHS Staff including-Mr Stein, Mr Hannon, Mr Scrivener, Mr Smith, Ms Meaney, Mr Moody, Mr Cipolla, Mr Storey, Mr Barris. (Stein, Meaney, Smith, Barris and Pavone have First Aid & CPR qualifications)

ACCOMMODATION: Boys will be sleeping on mattresses in the TAS Gymnasium (heated), the Green Room and Moyes Block. ALL boys are required to bring sleeping bags and pillows, towel, soap, casual clothes, waterbottle, tracksuit, swimmers and formal school uniform for first and second teams for official post match functions. Air beds are optional.

BOYS are required to bring money for lunches on Friday (forward journey) and Sunday (return) only. ALL other meals will be provided by the Armidale School.

The cost of the excursion is $110.00.
Payment is due by recess, Wednesday, 19 May, 2010.
Medical information will be taken from school records. Please ensure your son’s medical records are up to date.

Students are to collect the 2010 Armidale Sporting Exchange note from the main office and return the permission slip and money to the main office by Wednesday 19 May. Teams for Senior Tennis, Year 9/10 tennis, Year 7/8 tennis and Senior and junior Basketball will be made up of students from the other sports.
Mark Pavone
Head Teacher - SPORT.

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Wet Weather Information

Saturday Sport
For regular updates on Saturday sport during times of inclement weather, parents and students are asked to check the school’s website throughout the day. The information can be found by going to the school’s website at www.sydneyboyshigh.com then by clicking on the fixture details under the heading of ‘Upcoming events’ i.e. Saturday, May 15 SHS v a variety of schools. Cancellations can then be found by scrolling down the page to the specific sport and team. If there is no information specific to sport cancellations then assume by default that sport will go ahead. Please note that the current ‘Sports Wet Weather line’ is inoperable.

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Changes to Sport Policy

Students and parents should read the changes to the School’s Sport Policy which is detailed on the school’s website and outlined below:

Sport Policy

Sydney Boys High encourages participation in team sports for educational reasons. Team sports build a sense of belonging in boys, a connectedness with the school; teamwork skills are developed; individual self-confidence and self-esteem are enhanced through group endeavour; and socialisation at school is fostered through ready topics of conversation among team members. Teams help and protect their members.

Sydney Boys High is unique among NSW state secondary schools due to its membership since 1906 of the Athletic Association of Great Public Schools, formed in 1892 to order and regulate sporting fixtures for schools with senior students. The other eight members of this Association (commonly called the 'GPS') are private schools.

The school expects students to engage in at least one GPS sport per year. This commitment includes Saturday competition. We encourage boys to get involved in aerobic fitness activities (the athletics and cross country programs) to help them in their chosen sports. To help their strength in anaerobic activities we offer supervised weights training.

The policy of the school is that sport is compulsory all year for students in Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11 and up until the Trial HSC exams in Year 12. Those students who are unable to participate in Saturday sport are to address this in writing with complete details to the Head Teacher-Sport at the beginning of the year.

It is the policy of the school to support GPS sports in the season that they are contested by the members of the Athletic Association of the Great Public Schools.

This means that equipment costs, venue hire, travel to certain venues, particular coaching fees, competition entry fees, charges for referees or umpires, capitation fees and entry fees for knockout competitions, are paid for from school funds. Competition entry fees for representative teams for all sports are paid for from school funds. The school charges parents a global fee and in addition, a sports levy, to cover these costs.

Saturday Sport Absences
During the recent summer season it was noticed that a number of students were absent from sport on Saturdays with no explanation. These led to a number of embarrassing incidents, where teams were left short and apologies were made to the opposing school. For Sydney Boys High School to be recognised as a serious opponent in the AAGPS, then a number of changes have been made to rectify this problem for future Saturday fixtures.

Students and parents are asked to communicate known absences to the Master in Charge (MIC) and to their specific team coach in the week leading up the match. If a student is ill, it is expected the illness will be communicated directly to the coach and Master in Charge (MIC) on the day of the match. Students who do not communicate illnesses or absences will be given a warning ‘Yellow Card’. A further breach in terms of an unexplained absence will mean a red card in which the student will be suspended from the sport for 2 weeks. If a third unexplained absence occurs, then the student will be removed from the sport for the remainder of the season. For a student to receive credit towards their Half Yearly and Yearly Reports, 100% attendance or full communication of absences is expected.

In summary:
First unexplained absence = warning, Yellow Card

Second unexplained absence = Removed from the sport for two weeks, Red Card

Third unexplained absence = removed from the sport for the remainder of the season

100% attendance = credit given for participation on Half Yearly/Yearly Reports

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Sydney Boys Zone Athletics Team

2010 Thursday 29th June

Thursday 29th June all day (8.00am – 3.15pm).

If you do not wish to compete at the Zone Carnival you must let Mr Devlin know immediately

EVENT 1st Competitor 2nd Competitor 3rd Competitor (C) or reserve (R) C or R
12 YEARS        
100 M Johnson Tran Calvin Zhou Kevin Robinson C
200 M Calvin Zhou James Tinker Kazuo Nakamura C
800 M James Tinker Chris Lee Andrew Nam R
90 Hurdles James Tinker Kelvin Liang William Chang R
High Jump Chris Lee James Tinker Kevin Robinson R
Long Jump Chris Lee Kevin Robinson   R
Shot Put Kazuo Nakamura Johnson Tran Bill Zhuang R
Relays Johnson Tran Calvin Zhou Kevin Robinson James Tinker
13 YEARS        
100 M Anthony Chen Joshua Leo Philip Lam C
200 M Joshua Leo Leonard Mah Anthony Chen C
800 M Joshua Leo Philip Lam Leonard Mah R
90 Hurdles Joshua Leo Henry Feng Luke Hoad R
High Jump Joshua Leo Leonard Mah Carl Yang R
Discuss Henry Feng James Lian   R
Javelin Andrew Liu Zhang, Tyson Yi, Rex R
Long Jump Lam, Martin Andrew Liu Zhuang, Wei Li R
Shot Put Joshua Leo Henry Feng William Wu R
Relays Anthony Chen Joshua Leo Philip Lam Leonard Mah
14 YEARS        
100 M Terence Pham Maurice Lam Anton Brokman C
200 M Anton Brokman Maurice Lam Vasu Bhakri C
400 M Anton Brokman Eugene Lee Dominic Mah C
800 M Anton Brokman Eugene Lee Ned Anson R
1500 M Anton Brokman Ned Anson Steve Comninos R
100 Hurdles Dominic Mah Eugene Lee Liu, Kenny R
High Jump Terence Pham Dominic Mah   R
Discuss Brendan Guan Terence Pham Steve Comninos R
Javelin Brendan Guan Chris Mao Allen Chen R
Long Jump Maurice Lam Anton Brokman Byron Chen R
Shot Put Steve Comninos Howjer Gu Ray Fang R
Relays Terence Pham Maurice Lam Anton Brokman Vasu Bhakri
15 YEARS        
100 M Edward Zhang Ollie Meroni Ming Chin C
200 M Ming Chin Ollie Meroni Edward Zhang C
400 M Lloyd Perris Lahiru Katupitiya Ming Chin C
800 M Lloyd Perris Ollie Meroni Siddharth Sethi R
1500 M Lloyd Perris Ollie Meroni Oliver Kirk R
3000 M Lloyd Perris Ollie Meroni Oliver Kirk R
100 Hurdles Ivor Metcalf Patrick Krakovsky Jonathan Clements-Lendrum R
High Jump Ivor Metcalf Harry Heo Patrick Krakovsky R
Discuss Eamon Kelly Tony Li Jaspar Garay R
Javelin Jaspar Garay Allen Fu Dennis Duong R
Long Jump Patrick Krakovsky Ivor Metcalf Harry Heo R
Shot Put Eamon Kelly Dennis Duong Jaspar Garay R
Triple Jump Patrick Krakovsky Ivor Metcalf Anton Brokman R
Relays Edward Zhang Ollie Meroni Ming Chin Lawlex Chung
16 YEARS        
100 M Scott Renzenbrink Michael Phung Andrew Fong C
200 M Scott Renzenbrink Michael Phung Andrew Fong C
400 M Michael Phung Andrew Fong Prashan Prabaharan C
800 M Adam Booth Pasan Pannila Jeremy Dobrowolski R
1500 M Adam Booth Pasan Pannila Jeremy Dobrowolski R
110 Hurdles Kumudika Gunaratne Jesse Moffat Andrew Fong R
High Jump Scott Renzenbrink Jesse Moffat   R
Discuss Scott Renzenbrink Ben Wilcox Subramaniam, Sangeeth R
Javelin Jeremy Dobrowolski Scott Renzenbrink Benjamin Laird R
Long Jump Scott Renzenbrink Tian Ling Michael Phung R
Shot Put Danny Chandra Leo Lu Jesse Moffat R
Triple Jump Scott Renzenbrink Tian Ling Kumudika Gunaratne R
Relays Scott Renzenbrink Prashan Prabaharan Andrew Fong Michael Phung
100 M Brian Kelly Jeremy Rajendram Anosh Kanagaratnam C
200 M Jeremy Rajendram Brian Kelly Anosh Kanagaratnam C
400 M Anosh Kanagaratnam Jeremy Rajendram Francis Torok C
800 M Francis Torok Samuel Lane Laurence Liu R
1500 M Francis Torok Samual Lane Lachlan Perris R
3000 M Francis Torok Samual Lane Lachlan Perris R
110 Hurdles Christopher Morrow Stephen Yoon Austyn Guo R
High Jump Christopher Morrow Andrew Huynh Maximillian Kite R
Discuss Maximillian Kite Alex Feng Mohit Tugnait R
Javelin Maximillian Kite Raghib Siddiquee James Han R
Long Jump Tony Xiao Jeremy Rajendram Anosh Kanagaratnam R
Shot Put Maximillian Kite Jack Musgrove Iftiar Khan R
Triple Jump Christopher Morrow Maximillian Kite Anosh Kanagaratnam R
Relays Brian Kelly Jeremy Rajendram Anosh Kanagaratnam Joshua Tassell

Please Note

  • If you cannot make the day inform Mr Devlin immediately
  • 3 Competitors are allowed for 100m, 200m & 400m.
  • All other 3rd placed athletes are reserves.
  • Carnival is held at ES Marks on Thursday 29th June all day 8am -3.15pm.
  • Students are to make there own way to the fields (see attached map).
  • Selections are subject to change

Eastern Suburbs Zone Secondary Schools

Annual Athletics Carnival – 2010

Dear Parent

The Eastern Suburbs Zone Athletics Carnival will be held at ES Marks, Sydney Athletics Field, Anzac Parade, Kensington on Thursday 29th June all day (8.00am – 3.15pm). Your son has been selected to represent Sydney Boys High at this carnival. Senior athletes need only attend for their events (they may go back to school to attend their normal classes). The boys will need shorts (Light Blue or Black) and a High athletics Singlet or a House PE shirt.

Athletes will bring their own food on the day and there will be a canteen at the grounds. Theft at carnivals is a common occurrence so please ask you son not to take valuables to this event.

Any athlete who finishes first or second in this event will be selected in the zone team to compete at the Sydney East Area Carnival on the 3rd and 4th August.

Getting to ES Marks Athletics Field go to Trip planner and timetables: Contact Transport Infoline, visit www.131500.com or call 131 500.

No athlete will be allowed to attend this event unless he has returned his permission note to Mr Devlin.

Please complete the permission slip [available in the PDF version of this issue of High Notes] and return to Mr Devlin ASAP.

Mr R.Devlin
MIC Athletics

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2010 Cross Country Team for Zone Carnival

20th May at Centennial Park
Students need to collect information and permission notefrom Mr Prorellis or Mr Kesting

ARUDSELVAN Supan        
BEARE William Wesley    
CHANG William           
CHEN Yu-Fan             
HOAD Luke       
HUSSAINI Ibrahim        
LEE Chris       
LI Shane Shangxuan      
LIN Rolland     
TAING Anthony   
TINKER James    
ZHOU Calvin     
ZHUANG Bill     
ANSON Ned       
DU William      
FENG Henry      
HE Andrew       
KONG Brendan    
LEE Eugene      
LEE Lokgei      
LEO Joshua      
SHI Andrew      
WU William      
YU Michael      
ANGELL Braden   
BHAKRI Vasu     
CLEMENTS-LENDRUM Jonathan       
KIRK Oliver     
MAH Dominic     
MAI Han Lin     
MERONI Oliver   
STOJANOVIK Marco        
TANG Nelson     
WANG James      
BOOTH Adam      
CHIN Ming       
FANG Lucas      
FONG Andrew     
JONES Max       
KATUPITIYA Lahiru       
LEE Oscar       
MEHMEDBASIC Ennes       
PERRIS Lloyd    
PURCAL Andreas  
SETHI Siddharth 
WONG Kah-Yang   
YE Vincent      
ZHOU Jerry      
BESTON Samuel   
DIEP Thomas     
DOBROWOLSKI Jeremy      
GOLLAN Timothy  
LANE Samuel     
PANNILA Pasan   
TOROK Francis   
WONG Yale       
CARR Michael    
CHEN Dale       
CHEUNG Brendan  
DEACON Gareth   
LAZAROU Alexander       
LIU Laurence    
LUO Daniel      
NIU Guangzhi    
PAUL Antony     
PERRIS Lachlan  
SAUNDERS Alexander      
SCHILLING Hayden        
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TheatreSports Challenge

Impro Australia proudly presents the TheatreSports 2010 Schools Challenge

During May and June, over 100 schools from NSW will be taking part in the TSC.

They’re all trying for a place in the TSC Grand Final at the Enmore Theatre on June 20th.

Date: Thursday May 20th
Time: 7pm
Venue: Sydney Boys High School, Moore Park Surry Hills
Tickets: $5, available at the door

Heat 6 SENIOR teams are…
Sydney Boys High School
Waverley College
Newtown High School
Randwick Girls High School
Sydney Girls High School
The Scots College

Check out all the 2010 TSC heats and teams info at www.improaustralia.com.au 

For more information, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

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Art & Photo Competitions

MyPlace_MyFace Compeition

Foto Riesel is proud to support the MyPlace_MyFace Photo Competition

MyPlace_MyFace is a joint initiative between Wesley Mission, Australian Centre for Photography, the City of Sydney's Homelessness Unit and Pine Street Creative Arts Centre. With the generous support of Australian Photography Magazine, Crumpler and Foto Riesel.

You are invited to submit a photograph of yourself, friends, family or pet in a place that means something to you, accompanied by a 150 word written submission. Entries open May 3 and close July 12 2010.

Your mum's old lounge. The backyard shed. The best tree in the park. The local cafe. Your cubby house.

MyPlace_MyFace is open to entries from Under 18s and Over 18s in two distinct categories:

  • 'Homeless' for those people who are currently homeless, and
  • 'Housed' for those people who are currently housed.

A range of great prizes are on offer including classes or private tuition at the Australian Centre for Photography, creative arts course at Pine Street Creative Arts Centre, camera bags from Crumpler and vouchers from Coles.

Winning and highly commended entries will be featured in an exhibition at Pine Street Creative Arts Centre, which will travel to Wesley Mission where the photos will be auctioned to raise money from Wesley Mission Fundraising. Proceeds of sales at the Charity Photo Auction will be split 50/50 between the Photographer and Wesley Mission.

The enter, or fund out more about the MyPlace_MyFace competition visit www.wesleymission.org.au/myplacemyface. Alternatively, you can email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call (02) 9245 1503.

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High Book Fair

Friday 28 May 2010

What's Your Book?

Find out at www.sydneyboyshigh.com/bookfair

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