High Notes, Vol 10 No 8, March 20 2009

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From the Principal

High Talent
Well done to Daniel Fang (Year 7) who was chosen in the NSW Public Schools Dance Ensemble. Hundreds of dancers audition for these places. Congratulations to Frank Zhang (Year 8) Simon Hoang and Kent Nguyen (Year 12) who have been chosen to represent Sydney East Region at the NSW Schools Tennis carnival.

Laptops for Learning –update
Teachers will get their laptops in June and July. Professional learning programs are being prepared for teachers. English, Science, Languages and Technology teachers will be trained first in teaching and learning strategies

What does an effective laptop learning environment look like? Research suggests “laptops provide the motivation to engage students in their learning and see a connection between what they are learning and the world beyond the classroom.” Students appear to change their attitude and work habits. Laptops “increase opportunities to apply knowledge and encourage students to think creatively.” They prepare students for life in the twenty-first century (Zucher and Hug, 2008). Students tend to: spend more time giving presentations, write better quality texts, research more and in depth, revise their work, help each other more, take more initiative outside the classroom and work harder. [If these outcomes came true at High, what a pleasure it would be to take Year 9 laptop classes!]

The Laptop User Agreement. Year 9 students will be expected to bring their laptops to school with a fully charged battery. They will be responsible for the safety and security of their laptops. A technical officer will be responsible for dealing with technical issues. Laptops not working will be replaced. Laptops will be loaned to students whose machine is undergoing repair. Personalised ‘skins’ will be used to identify laptops. DET owns the laptops until the ownership is transferred at the end of Year 12.

Asbestos Management Plan
On occasion, asbestos has been found in tiles in landfill around the gym in particular. All surface suspected asbestos tile pieces were removed by DET last April. In response to an inquiry from my P & C re building rubble samples found on site, I revisited the Parsons Brinckerhoff report to DET dated July 2008. After the ground inspection report of April 15, 2008 it proposed remediation measures: extending concrete footpaths at the front of building E, encapsulating all other bare area with hard standing material and installing appropriate drainage to divert storm water and reduce further erosion. These works have not been carried out. I have sought and received assurances from the Assets Management Unit that the matter will be put on DET’s Health and Safety Program. I will keep the school community informed as to DET’s response.

The school’s Occupational Health and Safety Committee met this week to discuss the issue of regular inspections of the problem areas on the school grounds in respect to suspect material. It resolved to challenge DET on its accountability to do these inspections and to carry out the remediation works.

I trust we have your support in our actions. Lack of proper drainage is an issue, particularly where the erosion from water flowing in storms from the SGHS tennis courts is undermining the driveway next to the far side of the gym.

Bad Bus Behaviour
Sadly, after two inspiring emails on great behaviour, I have to share with you the following commuter’s complaint. I would appreciate parents and teachers supporting the school in its endeavours to impress upon our boys the need to behave appropriately and thoughtfully on buses.

When not on a ‘school service’ bus the expectations of your demeanour and manners are even higher than usual.

“I work for the Department of Defence at Randwick and travel daily on the 393 bus from Eddie Ave Central where a lot of your students are waiting for buses…On numerous times the boys will push in front of adults to enter the bus to obtain a seat which is not right since they only travel a short distance. The ones who stand up in the aisle wear their back packs (bags) and turn around and move up and down the aisle, hitting people with their bags and don't say sorry. I have been hit in the face a few times and then said something to the person only to get a smart comment and a look from the child. I am wondering if this is part of their learning at your school. As they wear your uniform and represent your school I thought they would have some manners.”
Dr K A Jaggar

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Handwriting at High School

Handwriting is something that all our students have worked on at primary school and it is something which they do not expect to continue having to practise and refine in high school. Recent trends in technology, however, mean that often our students are not handwriting as much as they once would have and this appears to be feeding into a trend of students arriving at high school with poorly developed handwriting skills. The most obvious example of this is that a number of boys in the junior school are not using cursive or running writing on a regular basis and are instead printing.

This trend will have important ramifications for later years at high school, when the ability to write quickly and fluidly will be a determining factor in how well each student does in the HSC.

Gifted students can have difficulty with handwriting simply because their minds often work ahead of their level of physical maturity. As a result they often skip the slower stages of adopting handwriting when younger and jump to writing lots before they are physically ready. This can result in poor habits forming; such as poor pencil grip and hand positioning. Some boys in high school say they will not running write because it is too messy or writing that quickly hurts their hands. Some of this is simply that, like any other physical feat, writing well requires training and regular practice. Some, however, may require professional intervention from an Occupational Therapist (OT) to help correct pencil grip and hand positioning and to help them to overcome unclear or slow writing. If your son is using a pencil grip that requires him to move any part of his hand/wrist instead of just his thumb and first finger to form a letter, or if his wrist is hooked, his pencil grip may not be effective and this may cause pain.

If your son is not using cursive or running writing in his class exercise books, or if he complains of pain in his hands when writing quickly, seeing an OT now is an investment in your son’s ability to do well in the senior years. It is better to be spending the time doing this now rather than in Year 12 when other study issues will be more pressing.

In the Social Science Faculty where our senior students need to be able to write well for the HSC we are helping the boys by asking that assignments be hand written in cursive in the junior school to give them an opportunity to practise. A sheet of handwriting tips is available from the Social Science staffroom if any boy would like a copy.

Some websites that may be helpful:




This article prepared with the assistance of Kate Broderick of Sydney Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy.
Dr Celia Finnie

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Preliminary English Information Evening

Information Evening: SBHS Year 11 Preliminary HSC English
The English Faculty invites interested Year 11 students and parents to an information evening on Tuesday 24th March 6.30 - 8.00 pm in Room 204. The purpose of this evening is to provide an overview of Preliminary and HSC English Courses with a specific focus on requirements for Extension English in Year 12.

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From the Andrews (Jnr) Library

No more overdue notices to class- Use the Portal, not USBs
The library is taking a great leap of faith and relying on the essential student portal to remind students that they have library over-dues.

When library users borrow books from any other library they are responsible for returning books on time. Overdue reminders are emailed out.

Boys are reminded that 2 methods of reminding students of over-dues already exist at High – the Portal and DET emails.

The most reliable method for boys to have schoolwork on hand is to always go into the Portal from home and save everything to your H drive. They can then check their library books, the Library Catalogue, absences, variation of routine and exams.

Boys do know this as they have all received instruction from the Librarian as an Introduction to Library functions on the Portal when they arrive at this school.

Every parent should ask their sons to show them the portal
Parents need to know where to find the important information the portal contains.

No more borrowing if you have overdue books
You can still renew at the desk. Because the library is worried that without notices boys will not return books, boys will no longer be able to borrow if they have over-dues.

Detentions and see Librarian immediately warnings- Whoops!
Boys who have ignored the Portal and DET email warnings will get a request to leave class and see the librarian. Boys will then be warned that a School Detention is imminent if they continue to ignore overdue notices on the Portal. School Detentions will then be in operation three days after that. Parents will be informed.

One Month Loans- fabulous! Renew once only
As our Library loans are now for a month loans will now only be renewed once. Books will then have been out for 2 months. That is enough time for anyone to have a library book.

By the way we are still a friendly Library! Doesn’t sound like it does it? Try us- we are nice really!.

Newest books- Covers now displayed on windows. Great books!

Colour Printing
Some really good assignments are being printed at the moment. Congratulations to the 7s and 8s who are figuring out how to pay for printing- $10 at the office and onto your account - and to use the colour printer/copier. It is an IQ test!
Mrs Crothers

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From the Canteen Team

We have a wide range of hot food on offer and limited oven space. While we try hard to second guess what all you boys (and teachers) will want to eat on a given day, it is very hard to get it right without your input. Which is why we want to thank the many boys who have made good use of the lunch order system(order between 8.30 - 9.00 am) Their favourites are there waiting for them at lunch time, reserved, so the boy just ahead of them in line won't get the last one.

Even as we enter week 9 of term it is fantastic to report we are still welcoming new volunteers to the canteen. It's never too late to join us. You are always welcome irrespective of whether you joined the school this year or in previous years. Call Tracey or Karen on 9360 4027(not during recess or lunch breaks) so they can help you work out a day to suit.
Christina on behalf of The Canteen Team

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High Store

Art paints are NOW in stock for any Year 7 boys who missed out. $22

There is a small quantity of soccer & rugby boots still available for $10. This price is only valid till the end of Term 1. So be quick not to miss out & pay higher prices next term!

Old style tracksuit jackets & pants, pre- loved on sale for $20 & $10

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SHS Debating

Eastside Competition Round 4, Friday 20 March
This week we are debating against Sydney Girls High School for our first home debates for the Eastside competition. The Eastside topic for this week is Science and Technology.

Chair people are required for the Senior debates which start at 8pm. If you are interested in taking this role please email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . As always watching senior and more experienced debaters is a great way to see the structure and matter knowledge of our top representative debaters and an enjoyable learning experience

FED Competition Round 2, Friday 20 March
After a fantastically successful set of home debates against Barker our FED competition is away at Newington this week to debate the topic area Current Affairs. Newington have a lot of students involved in their debating program and in turn we have the fantastic opportunity to run a large number of social debates. I would strongly urge all debaters to support our school and teams by watching an earlier or later debate (depending on their own debating time). Having plenty of friendly faces in the audience makes for a supportive positive speaking environment and shows our opponents what a quality squad we have at Sydney Boys!

Debating Squirrel says- Always ask yourself is your argument providing a solution to the key issue of the debate.

Most debates focus on a central problem or concern with the Affirmative team responsible for developing a way, or model, to fix the problem. For the negative team you can either dispute the problem OR if you accept that there is a problem then you need to convince the audience that your solution provides the better outcome. Be clear in your arguments. Even if you are relying on the status quo a strong message at First Neg will be a solid foundation to your team’s case
Stay tuned for more tips from Debating Squirrel!

Dana Quick
Debating Coordinator

More information can be found at www.sydneyhigh.org/debating  and will be emailed to you on a weekly basis. Please CHECK YOUR EMAIL regularly and ensure we have current contact details for both students and parents.

PARENTS: If you are not receiving weekly emails about debating please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and ask to be added to the parent group for your child’s year.

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Music Notices

Music Tour 2010 to France
We have had a wonderful response to the Music Tour to France next April. Our next meeting will follow the Music Supporters Group meeting on Monday 6th of April in the Great Hall. The tour is open to students in the Music Performance Program and also VISUAL ARTS Elective students (please see Ms May in the Art Staffroom if you are interested). This is a magnificent opportunity for all our musicians who will have the opportunity to perform in some of the most important ceremonies and venues for Anzac Day in Europe.

If you haven’t submitted your Expression of Interest Form and wish to participate in the tour, please speak to the Music Staff ASAP. The tour deposit is already due but if you would like to attend, please see the Music Staff to make arrangements. Please make payments to Sydney Boys High School at the Main office and attach with a note ‘Music Tour to France 2010’.

Encore Concert
The Prestigious Encore Music Concert was held last Monday evening at the Sydney Opera House with all Senior Elective Music Students in attendance. Encore showcases outstanding performances and compositions of HSC music students from all over NSW and last year we earned five nominations – an excellent achievement by our HSC music students. Zhi (George) Zu (who was also nominated in 2007 for his outstanding performance) was selected to be a part of this honourable showcase concert. He performed with great musical style and dazzled the audience with his interpretation of Rachmaninov’s Prelude in G minor.

Meet the Music Concert
Last Wednesday evening, elective music students were greeted by a surprisingly interesting repertoire at the Meet the Music concert, featuring works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Georg Philipp Telemann and Felix Mendelssohn. The “soloists”, St Thomas Boys’ Choir, based in Leipzig consisted of boys ranging as young as 10 up to 18 years old. The prestigious choir accompanied by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, performed stunningly under the directorship of Georg Christoph Biller. In a later choral work by Mendelssohn, solo soprano Jacqueline Porter performed with the choir. Mendelssohn claimed this sacred Psalm to be his best piece of music. Overall, a very beautiful and most enjoyable performance with special thanks to the music staff for organising for us to attend (we wouldn’t have been there otherwise).
By: Marcell Rozsa and Leon Sheldon (Yr 10)

Cabaret Night – Please Note Change of Date
Cabaret Night has been changed to Saturday the 27th of June 2009 (TERM 2) with the Jazz workshop held on Friday the 26th of June for all members of the Stage Band. Please make a note of this change in your diary. All members of Stage Band, Senior Concert Band and Symphony Orchestra will be involved on Cabaret Night.

Workshop with Ronald Prussing
Principal Trombonist of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra Ronald Prussing will be giving a free workshop this Sunday the 22nd of March. Please contact Jon Mayne at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or phone 9558-4591 for further information. This is a highly valuable experience and an exceptional opportunity for young brass players to see a notable and well regarded musician ‘close-up’. We encourage all brass players to attend this workshop as it will be very exciting and informative.

Marching Band
Marching Band rehearsal is held on Tuesday afternoons from 3.30 – 4.30pm (Basketball Courts) and Friday mornings from 8.00 – 9.00am (Moore Park West) for all concert band members in Term 1 and Term 4. Extra rehearsals will be held in the holidays leading up to ANZAC Day. It is compulsory for ALL Members of the Intermediate and Senior Concert Bands to participate in Marching Band rehearsals and attend the ANZAC Day March.

Music Supporters Group (MSG) Meeting
Our next MSG meeting for 2009 will be held on Monday 6th April at 6:30pm in the Staff Common room, followed by the Music Tour to France 2010 meeting in the Great Hall.

There is a new position available on the committee as catering coordinator. This involves organising coffee & tea at concerts and sausages sizzle BBQ at workshops and post music camp. Please contact Debbie Street or Debbie Dukes is you are interested in this position at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

State Music Camp
State Music Camp forms are now available from the Performing Arts Unit website at http://svc063.wic017v.server-web.com Click the Music link to download an application form. Entries close on Friday 3rd April 2009. The camp will be held between the 4th and 9th of July 2009.

Jazz Workshops
Jazz workshops Australia will be holding workshops in the April school holidays this year. Please see the Music Staff for more information (notes available outside the music staffroom) or alternatively visit: www.jazzworkshop.com.au

Ensemble Rehearsal Schedule for 2009.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Intermediate Concert Band Room 201 Chamber Choir Room 201 (7:45am) Chamber Choir Room 202 (7:45am) Senior Concert Band Room 201 (7.45am) Symphony Orchestra Room 201 (8.00am)
Junior String Ensemble Room 204   Intermediate Stage Band Room 201  (7.45am) Junior Percussion Ensemble Room 101 (7:15am) Senior Percussion Ensemble Room 102 (8.30am)
Senior  Stage Band Room 101 (7.45am)   Junior Stage Band Room 101 (7.45am) Senior Strings Room 204 (7.45am) Guitar Ensemble Room 204 (7.30am)
Junior Concert Band Rm 101 (7:45am) Term 2, 3, 4   Philharmonic Orchestra Room 204 (7:30am)   Marching Band Term 1&4 MPW (8.00 – 9:00am)
  Marching Band Term 1&4 Basketball Courts (3.30 - 4.30pm)     Junior Jazz Ensemble Room 101 (8.30 – 9.30am)
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World’s Greatest Shave

Firstly, thank you and congratulations to all the boys who participated in this year’s World’s Greatest Shave! It is, of course, that manly baldness that keeps these things running. But, in all honesty, the WGS is not just about us (as we keep telling ourselves), but you as the sponsors, and the money we can raise as a school group. Our donations and support will help the Leukaemia Foundation continue to provide practical care and support, such as free accommodation, transport and education programs, to patients and families living with leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma and related blood disorders.

Our spontaneous collection on Monday, saw a total of $485.15 collected, bringing the Sydney High team’s total to an astounding $4345.15!!!! We noted some of you missed out on the opportunity to donate, but fear not! Through either the website (credit card) or the WGS members (cash), you can still donate until 3rd April. As an added incentive, there isn’t even any fine print! http://my.imisfriendraising.com.au/TeamPage.aspx?teamID=32624&LangPref=en-CA 

A special mention must go to those boys who helped with the collecting and counting of money on Monday: Johan Santoso, Michael Sin, Jamian Vuong, Shuming Wang, Isnad Zaman, James Lee and Leonard Teng.

Also Christian Katsikaros from Year 12 has volunteered to shave his beautiful golden locks in early April in an attempt to raise final donations. Donations will be collected during lunch outside the High Store where the event will take place. Further details will be published at a closer date.

So finally, one last thank you and congratulations to the SBHS community for this phenomenal result and display of generosity and courage. The efforts of all involved are greatly appreciated not only, the shavers and dye-ers but also those who sponsored or donated.
James Lee & Leonard Teng

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Free Concert- Australian Army Band

United World Concert Tours would like to invite our Staff, Students and Parents, to attend the 2009 Sydney Youth Musical Concert at the Opera House

This is a FREE ADMISSION introduction to music for all students concert

Monday 22nd June 2009

11:30am till 1:50pm

The Australian Army Band (Sydney)
Castilleja School Orchestra and Choir (Palo Alto, California)
Musique Sur La Mer Youth Orchestra (Los Alamitos, California)

As Admission to the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall is strictly by ticket holders only Tickets may be ordered by EMAIL to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Please include in the Email
Contact Name
Postal Address
Number of Tickets required

All bookings will be confirmed by return Email Tickets will be express posted to the address provided

We encourage large groups, up to and including your entire school, for a wonderful and educational field trip. We only require that you use all of the tickets that you request.

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Youth Mental Health

Generation Next is a new national seminar series exploring the pressures, needs and healthcare and sociological challenges facing Australian adolescents, parents and those working with young people.

The seminar series will be held in Sydney (23 and 24 May), Melbourne (13 and 14 June), Brisbane (5 and 6 September), Adelaide (27 June) and Perth (28 November). Tickets are $45 and are available through Ticketek.

Generation Next is being conducted by Healthed, a Sydney based provider of medical education conferences, in partnership with beyondblue, the national, independent not for profit organisation working to address issues associated with depression, anxiety disorders and substance abuse in Australia. The seminar series approach will be to focus on problems relating to drugs and alcohol, cybersafety, mental health and sexuality, and on constructive solutions to these problems. .

Presenters for the series include: Dr Michael Carr Gregg, adolescent psychologist and media columnist, on 'Building a resilient young person in the age of the internet and instant gratification'; Julie Gale, founder of the Kids Free 2 B Kids advocacy group and comedy writer/performer, on ‘Sexualisation of children in the media'; and Paul Dillon, from Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia, on 'Teenagers, alcohol and drugs'. Dr Sally Cockburn, media health commentator, and Susan Mclean, Cybersafety expert

For further information, contact: Healthed's Dr Ramesh Manocha, ph: 1300 797 794 email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; or visit the Generation Next website http://www.gennextseminars.com

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School Student Transport Scheme

School Student Code of Conduct
Students travelling on buses must

  • Dip school bus pass or pay the fare when joining the bus. This is particularly important as the data collected from the on bus fare collection system may be used for service planning purposes
  • Use school specials when provided
  • Vacate seats for adults
  • Follow the driver’s instructions about safety on the bus
  • Respect the needs and comfort of other passengers
  • Behave appropriately at all times (e.g. no offensive language, no throwing things)
  • Protect bus property (e.g. no vandalism)

Students are reminded to

  • Only use the school bus pass for its intended purpose i.e. for travel between home and school (does not include travel to and from sporting activities)
  • Maintain possession of the school bus pass at all times.

During 2009, authorised officers will be deployed to inspect Code of Conduct compliance on school bus services in the Eastern Region. Students who are found to have breached their obligations may lose their travel entitlement and possibly incur an infringement.

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Sydney High School Cadet Unit

Brigade Promotion Courses
Singleton NSW

A number of our cadets are off to Singleton in the Hunter Valley during the April holidays to attend the NSW AAC Brigade Promotion Courses. These week long courses are designed to prepare the cadets for leadership roles within the unit. While not the sole criteria for promotion, successful completion of the appropriate course is a requirement for consideration for promotion.

Going to Singleton are:

Junior Leader Course
Cadets Nicholas Ooi and Dominic Tran
This course is one of the requirements for promotion to Corporal.

Senior Leaders Course (Module 1)
Corporal Michael Do

For promotion to Sergeant Senior Leader Course (Module 2)
Staff Sergeant Johan Santoso and Sergeant Aditya Hatle

Successful completion of Module 2 is a requirement for promotion to Warrant Officer and Cadet Under Officer ranks.

All the courses are intensive and require hard work to demonstrate achievement of the skills, knowledge and attitudes required for successful qualification.

As well as parade ground work and classroom study, the candidates will be required to demonstrate their grasp of the practical skills of navigation and living in the field.

Adventure Training Assessment
Cadet Under Officers (CUO) Denis Stojanovic and Jack Wachsmann
are anxiously waiting acceptance of their nomination for the 2009 Adventure Training Assessment. Both senior cadets are hopeful of a place at this year’s assessment.

Held somewhere in the rugged bushlands of Victoria or Tasmania (the actual location is classified) this demanding week long assessment is designed to test the mental and physical stamina of senior cadets during an extensive patrol in rugged bush land. Moving on foot in full patrol order, carrying an F88 Austeyr rifle, the assessment will involve navigating with map and compass over a 20 km course, searching ground, casualty evacuation over difficult terrain, rope work, night operations aided with night vision equipment and water crossings utilising self flotation aids and field engineered flotation equipment.

All aspects of the assessment involve demanding physical activity with continuous, close assessment of the candidate’s ability to meet the mental and physical challenges.

Before lodging their nominations, Denis and Jack had to undergo tough barrier testing involving physical fitness, swimming ability, map reading and navigation skills, practical first aid , radio communication skills and their ability to operate and live in the field.

The ATA is about as tough as we can make it in cadets; the pass rate is low (a fail to qualify in any discipline means a march off from the rest of the assessment); only the fittest, best prepared cadets will qualify to wear the coveted ATA badge.
Good luck Denis and Jack!

New Enrolments
We are now enrolling recruits for the training year 2009. Boys who believe they are suitable material for the School’s premier leadership programme should apply for enrolment without delay.

To obtain the necessary forms call at the unit orderly room during any lunch break next week.

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SHS Basketball: Shootin' Hoops

High vs Grammar 2008 Term 4 (Last time)

2nd WIN 63-36 E NAAR 20
3rd WIN 56-30 C NGUYEN 12
4th WIN 59-14 B YANG (MVP)
6th WIN 26-8 I LU 14
7th WIN 51-13 S KE 10
16B WIN 25-21 A LI 7
16E WIN 30-15 D NGUYEN 13
15D LOSS 18-44 T CHIM 12
15E WIN 41-21 L FANG 17
15F WIN 40-16 J LO, A.CHAN 8
14B WIN 27-18 K HO 6
14C WIN 19-12 B HE 6

High vs Grammar 2009 Term 1 (This time)

1st WIN 92-43 S LLEWELLYN 26
2nd WIN 43-34 J SUTTON 13
3rd WIN 56-26 A YANG 18, H.LI 3’S!
4th WIN 48-23 J WONG 15
5th WIN 20-10 B CHEN 4
7th WIN 39-24 D HI 8
16A LOSS 27-29 N AUTAR 13
16B WIN 53-35 A YE 25
16C LOSS 35-25 J CAI 4, 4 REB
16D WIN 21-16 MVP D CHEN 6
16E LOSS 15-13 K TIAN 3
15A WIN 51-33 M CULLEN 13
15C LOSS 35-29 J NGUYEN 8
15E WIN 21-19 H HEO 7 (AND 1)
15F WIN 41-13 F LI 14
14A LOSS 30-36 E KELLY 9, 13 REB
14B WIN 23-32 D DOUNG, J LAM 6
14D WIN 40-21 S DU 12
14E LOSS 25-9 L ZHANG 6
14F LOSS 46-13 E HO 7
13A LOSS 46-20 GLANDEN 7
13E LOSS 46-7 D SHAO 6

First Grade Stats

S. Higgins 6/15 4/11 1/2 17 0 7
S. Llewellyn 9/15 6/10 2/2 26 1 3
J. Chow 3/5 2/3 0/0 8 0 2
L. Gordon 1/2 0/0 1/2 3 1 2
C. Jurlina 3/7 0/1 0/0 6 3 9
D. Jones 3/3 0/0 2/3 8 1 1
M. Jones 0/8 0/1 2/4 2 9 4
J. Meaney 8/17 0/2 1/1 17 2 5
E. Naar 2/8 1/6 0/0 5 1 1

By Chris Chiam

AAGPS 2nd Grade Table!
2nd Grade can still potentially take out the premiership this year, so barrack for them this Saturday at Kings!

  Played Won Lost For Against Points
1. St. Ignatius' 13 11 2 735 512 24
2. High 13 10 3 656 532 23
3. Shore 13 8 5 569 511 21
4. Newington 13 6 7 527 493 19
5. Kings 13 6 7 590 594 19
6. St. Joseph's 13 6 7 601 618 19
7. Scots 13 5 8 464 624 18
8. Grammar 13 0 13 428 686 13

Don't forget to check Hayman Cup results at http://www.sydneyhigh.org.au/basketball/
By David Li Wang

14As Match Report Against Grammar
Result: LOSS 30-36
Top Scorer: Eamon Kelly

Grammar was too good inside and out for the first half. Down 5-20 with 1 minute to go in the first half, Ivor Metcalfe made two consecutive steals to put High 9-20 at half time. The second half showed a different type of game where we patrolled the lanes and read the Grammar half court offense, making good decisions with our passing with floor balance and going defensive stop after another and getting transition baskets off the trap and off good outlets. It was 27-33 when Eamon drove middle to the hoop and dropped a 3 point play with a finger roll to make it 30-33 with 90 seconds to go but alas two key turnovers from passing inbound gave the game away 30-36. Big improvement from our players from the 50-22 scoreline last term. Grammar have 4 6-foot players, 2 of which have an all round game
By Mian Wang
Coach of 14As

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SHS Rowing Committee

Kings/PLC Regatta results
Very disappointing. Unfortunately, High crews did not row to their potential and did not fare well. We hope they are fired up for this week!

Gold Cup at Riverview
This week, on Saturday, 21st March, we are competing in the Riverview Gold Cup. This is the final day of competition for the Year 8 and Year 9 rowers so we hope they enjoy it and do well. Our Year 10 Eights and School Fours and Eights will compete in the Gold Cup this week, followed by the Head of the River the following week.

Head of the River- Saturday 28 March 2009
Only one week until the HOR and we are looking forward to it. It is the day everyone works towards, a day filled with history and tradition, where all schools congregate with school pride. We are there too, with our Stage Band, High chants, colours and banners. If there is one day you should experience while at High it is the Head of the River!

Con’s Party!
On the night of the HOR, anyone involved with High Rowing since the season of 1984/85 is invited to celebrate the 25 years service by Master in Charge, Mr Con Barris.

He attended and rowed for High from 1967 until 1971, and then 14 years later, with his experience and love of rowing, took on the role of MIC which he held for a staggering 25 years. During this time his wife, Allyson, was there supporting him and involved in High rowing, particularly while their sons, Kerry and George, rowed for High from 1996 until 2001.

We hope you can join us at the Outterside Centre to help Con celebrate this achievement. Details can be obtained from Julie Blomberg at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or on 0416 061 759.

Clean Up – Sunday 29th March 2009
Every year it is the parents’ responsibility to clean the sheds at the end of the season to ensure they are ready for hire by different groups during the off season. First up, we have the annual ‘models’ coming to occupy the sheds through Easter for the wool fashion parades.

The committee is hoping we have a good representation of volunteers from across the Years helping clean and tidy the sheds. More detail will follow.
Julie Blomberg
President Rowing Committee

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Athletics 2009

Information for Athletes and their Parents
I would like to warmly welcome all athletes, new and old, and their families to the 2009 season.

Sydney Boys High School offers boys the opportunity to compete in the prestigious GPS Athletics competition. The GPS Athletic season is run in the last two weeks of Term 1, the two weeks of the holidays and the first three weeks of Term 2 (a seven week season). The season culminates in the AAGPS Athletics carnival held at Homebush. Here the nine GPS schools compete against each other in two different age divisions (senior and junior). Boys from each Year group represent Sydney Boys in these divisions. They compete in front of nearly 10,000 spectators. The nature of GPS Athletic competition is team oriented with a points system designed to reward a good all round performance from a team rather than one strong individual performance. The coaching staff stresses the importance of this aspect of the competition.

Athletics at High welcomes all athletes regardless of ability and it is our aim to develop you as an athlete in your discipline. The strength of our team lies in the enthusiasm of all athletes challenging each other for a place to represent the school at the AAGPS Athletics Finals.

There are tremendous benefits to be gained from athletics training; these include physical, mental, social and educational rewards. I hope that you become involved in High Athletics and that it is a rewarding experience in all these ways. The Athletics coaching staff are here to encourage, challenge and support you in your endeavours. Good luck in the up coming season.

GPS Athletics
The Athletics season is short, but intense, and the boys involved always enjoy the experience. Boys (and parents) considering Athletics in 2009 should be aware of the following points

  • Athletics does not compete with Soccer and Rugby. Boys are encouraged to do Athletics and another Winter GPS sport during the season
  • Sprint training for Athletics is held after school on Mondays on Moore Park West and Tuesdays for longer distance training at the same location
  • Athletics does not continue as a regular sport after the GPS Championships – 16th May
  • Boys are expected to take responsibility for their own training outside these times
  • High will host an Invitational carnival this year at Homebush on Saturday 2nd May.
  • If your son is competing in the 2009 season please make yourself available to help at this carnival

The Student Award Scheme and Athletics Athletes need to satisfy the following 4 criteria if they wish to get the student award scheme for athletics.

  1. Athletes need to compete in at least 3 of the 4 invitational carnivals
  2. Athletes must complete two athletics training session per week for the 5 week season
  3. They must also complete another sport’s training session or a weights session
  4. Athletes must complete three of the four holiday training sessions at ES Marks

This may seem a lot of training but in relation to winter or summer sports it is relatively light. This year I am looking for a greater commitment from all athletes so we can challenge our rivals

Training has begun but is optional for those boys still heavily committed to summer sports. Registration for 2009 remains open for the rest of the term. Any queries about Athletics will be answered promptly at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Athletics Carnival

The School Carnival: E.S. Marks Field – Kensington (Monday 30th March & Tuesday 31st March)

Program of Events- Monday 30th March

8.55am Roll Call 8.55am Roll Call
9.00am 1500m Finals
14 yrs & under, 15 yrs, 16 yrs & 17 + yrs
9.00 am 17+ yrs Shot Put
16 yrs Long Jump
15 yrs Javelin
14 yrs Discus
13 yrs-no event
12 yrs High Jump
10.00am 100m Heats
12 yrs. 13 yrs, 14 yrs, 15 yrs, 16 yrs, 17+ yrs
10.00am 17+ yrs Long Jump
16 yrs Javelin
15 yrs Discus
14 yrs-no event
13 yrs High Jump
12 yrs Shot Put
11.30am 200 m Heats
12 yrs. 13 yrs, 14 yrs, 15 yrs, 16 yrs, 17+ yrs
11.00am 17+ yrs Javelin
16 yrs Discus
15 yrs-no event
14 yrs High Jump
13 yrs Shot Put
12 yrs Long Jump
1.00pm 800 m Heats
12 yrs. 13 yrs, 14 yrs, 15 yrs, 16 yrs, 17+ yrs
12.00noon 17+ yrs Discus
 16 yrs –no event
15 yrs High Jump
14 yrs Shot Put
13 yrs Long Jump
12 yrs Javelin
2.00pm 100m Semi-Finals
12 yrs. 13 yrs, 14 yrs, 15 yrs, 16 yrs, 17+ yrs
1.00pm 17+ yrs –no event
16 yrs High Jump
15 yrs Shot Put
14 yrs Long Jump
13 yrs Javelin
12 yrs Discus
2.30pm 400m Heat/Finals
12 yrs. 13 yrs, 14 yrs, 15 yrs, 16 yrs, 17+ yrs
2.00pm 17+ yrs High Jump
16 yrs Shot Put
15 yrs Long Jump
14 yrs Javelin
13 yrs Discus
12 yrs –no event
3.00pm Roll Call 3.00pm Roll Call

Program of Events- Tuesday 31th March

8.55am Roll Call 8.55am Roll Call
9.00am Hurdles : Heat/Finals
12 yrs. 13 yrs, 14 yrs, 15 yrs, 16 yrs, 17+ yrs
9.00 am 17+ yrs Triple Jump  
10.00am 200m Finals
12 yrs. 13 yrs, 14 yrs, 15 yrs, 16 yrs, 17+ yrs
9.45am 16 yrs Triple Jump
10.30am Roll Class Shuttle Relays
(Time Permitting)
10.30am 15 yrs & under Triple Jump   
11.00am 100 m Finals
12 yrs. 13 yrs, 14 yrs, 15 yrs, 16 yrs, 17+ yrs
11.30am House Relay Finals
12 yrs. 13 yrs, 14 yrs, 15 yrs, 16 yrs, 17+ yrs
11.55am Presentation of House Shield to winning House Captain
12.00 noon: Return to school for barbeque and X-Country

Aims of the Carnival

  • Promote maximum student participation
  • Promote fair competition between athletes and houses
  • Promote a sense of pride in the achievements of fellow athletes and the school community.

Banned Items & Activities

  • Normal school rules apply
  • No footballs or Frisbees on the days of the carnival
  • Do not take valuables to this event, as theft at the carnival is a common occurrence
  • Athletes are not allowed to run in bare feet

House Rules & Events

  • Athletes must run in a least two track events and participate in one field event to get a Student Award Scheme point
  • Students must bring their ID cards so that they can be scanned to record their attendance
  • Athletes must come to the carnival in house colours or athletic singlets. All athletes must run in house colours. No house colours, no house point. One point will be allocated for each student in house SHIRTS OR ATHLETIC SINGLETS
  • House captains and vice-captains will be asked to organise their respective houses for formal events during the day.

Points will be awarded for the following places

1st – 10pts
2nd - 8pts
3rd - 6 pts
4th - 4 pts
5th - 2 pts
6th and all finishers – 1 pts.
Double points for relays

Age Champions: The athlete with the most points in any Age Group will be declared the Age Champion.

Champion House: The house with the most points will be declared the Champion House.

Age Groups: An athlete ceases to be under 14 on the 31st December of the year in which he reaches the age of 14 years.

School Team: The school athletics team to compete at the GPS and CHS competition will be selected on the basis of performances at the school carnival, training sessions and the GPS invitational carnivals.

Lane Draws: Will be determined by Marshals for all Heats and Heat Finals. Lane draws for Semi-Finals and Finals will be based on times and announced by the Recorders.

100m Heats/Semi/Finals: The fastest 16 competitors will contest the Semi-Finals. The Fastest 8 will progress to the finals. No points will be awarded for places in Heats or Semis – entry points only.

200m Heats/Finals: The fastest 8 will progress to the Finals. No points will be awarded for placing in the Heats.

1500m, 800m, 400m Heat/Finals: These will be conducted as Heat Finals. Where there is more than one heat, placing will be determined on times. Athletes are advised to run these races to the clock as Heat speed may vary.

Relays: House relays will be conducted as 4×100m. House captains and vice-captains are asked to organise the house relays well in advance of the scheduled start.

2009 Athletics Carnivals
School Carnival - Monday March 30th & Thursday March 31st 2009

GPS Season
1st GPS NC/TSC Invitational Carnival – 9.00am-4.00pm Saturday April 4th 2009

2nd GPS SJC/TKS Invitational Carnival – 4.00pm-9.00pm Friday 24th April 2009

3rd GPS High Invitational Carnival – 1.00pm-5.00pm Saturday May 2nd 2009

4th GPS Shore Invitational Carnival - 1.00pm-5.00pm Saturday May 9th 2009

Athletics Dinner (Great Hall) 6.30pm Thursday May 14th 2009

GPS Athletics Assembly, Great Hall, 11:30am Friday May 15th 2009

AAGPS Athletics Championships, SIAC 1 & 2 (Homebush) 10.00pm-5.00pm Saturday May 16th 2009

CHS Season
Eastern Suburbs Zone Athletics, (ESMarks) (8:00am - 3:15pm) Thursday 18th June 2009

Sydney East Area Athletics Carnival, SIAC (Homebush) (pm) Tuesday 11th August 2009

Sydney East Area Athletics Carnival, SIAC (Homebush) Wednesday 12th August 2009

CHS Athletics Championships, Homebush 3rd, 4th & 5th September 2009

School Knockout Competition, September 2009

NSW All-Schools, September 2009

Pacific School Games/Australian All Schools Athletics Championship, November 2009

Robert Devlin
MIC Athletics

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Cross Country Carnival

Annual Cross Country Carnival
Bat & Ball, Mount Steele

Student Information

Your son will be dismissed earlier than usual on Tuesday 31 March 2009


1.30 pm 17+ & OPENS 3 km 3 Loops
1.45 pm 16 years 3 km 3 Loops
2 pm 15 years 3 km 3 Loops
2.15 pm 14 years 2 km 2 Loops
2.25 pm 13 years 2 km 2 Loops
2.35 pm 12 years 2 km 2 Loops


  • After the Athletics Carnival, students are to walk back to school.
  • Students are to cross the road at lights only
  • Stay in school grounds, then move over to the venue when the bell rings
  • When your race is called go to the starting area whether you are running or not.
  • Non runners will stay in the starting area until directed to move by the Marshals
  • At the finish you will be given a place ticket
  • If you are in the first 15 places you go to the first 15 table to have your position recorded, then proceed to your House Roll Table
  • All runners to proceed with finish ticket to your House Roll Table
  • Tell the teacher your name, roll class and finishing position
  • After the race you will be dismissed by a teacher
  • NON RUNNERS will have their attendance recorded at a separate table


  • Everyone attends
  • You must run in shoes
  • Stay on the course and follow directions from course marshals
  • Spectators must stay within 20m of Cleveland St and are not permitted on the course
  • Winning house determined by the lowest total of the first ten runners to finish
  • To qualify for the Award scheme you must compete & finish
  • Top ten runners will comprise the provisional school team to compete at the zone.
  • Only the first 15 places will be timed
  • Cross Country Champions will be selected from this event
  • Any MIC ruling is final

Additional Info
The School Cross Country is the first qualifying event within the CHS Competition. The first 10 runners for each age division will make up the school team for the Eastern Suburbs Zone Carnival. The first 10 runners at the Zone Carnival will compete at the Sydney East Regional Carnival and the first 10 runners from Regional Carnival go on to the NSW All Schools Carnival.

You are also invited to join the Sydney High GPS Cross Country Team. GPS Cross Country is a Winter Sport and three age divisions (U14, U16, Opens) compete on Saturday mornings. The season spans across terms 2 and 3 and involves 11 Saturday morning carnivals. All are welcome to join.

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The 2009 SBHS Cricket Dinner

SBHS Cricket will celebrate the efforts and achievements of our boys as well as acknowledge staff, coaches and supporters at the SBHS Cricket dinner on Friday 3 April 2009.

Players are asked to take responsibility on a team-by-team basis for any end-of-season gifts to their team’s coach.

The dinner will be held on
Friday 3 April 2009
In the Great Hall at 6.30 pm

The cost of the dinner will be $25 per adult and $20 per student.

Please pay at the Main Office by Friday 27th March 2009. Tickets are limited.

Boys are to wear school uniform at the dinner.

Please detach the form below and hand it in with your payment at the Main Office

A printable form to purchase tickets for the Cricket Dinner is available in the PDF version of the High Notes

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SHS Cricket


The final day of the GPS Competitions arrives this Saturday 21st March and we have the job to do to finish on a great note “if” we commit to basics and demonstrate the potential we have shown to be in the top echelon of the premiership tables. I believe the HIGH spirit is alive and well in the dedicated cricketers who put a lot of time into the game and wish them all the best of luck for this Saturday. (and we need just a bit of that!!)

As advertised is on FRIDAY 3rd APRIL at 6-30pm for 7-00pm in the Great Hall at Sydney Boys. Dinner ticket order forms appear in HIGH NOTES and also you can find an order form on the Cricket Website.

To our parent managers and cricket coaches our thanks for your efforts throughout the season with the transport of kits. All kits need to be handed in at the completion of this Saturday’s matches together with all practice, used match balls and remaining new balls. Drop off is at the gymnasium and they will be handled by us for storage. On Monday if you are dropping students to school I will be on-site to receive kits as well as at our last sports day on the Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th March from 12 noon – 5-00pm.


1st XI HIGH 9 - 88 - versus - GRAMMAR 10 – 89 (CLIFF HANGER) (Day 1)
From the high of our last round win to the back to earth reality that we have a match to win from our present position. The coach has reviewed this performance and details of the match. See Website – full Match Report.

2nd XI HIGH 10 - 111 - versus - GRAMMAR 5 - 100 (TEAM DECISION TIME) (Day 1)
After an encouraging start High self destructed with poor shot selection and completed the innings with a whole lot of excuses. However its results that determine who will win and I’m interested to see if we have the fortitude to get back in and win this match. See Website – for Match Report.

3rd XI HIGH 0 – 20 - versus - GRAMMAR 10 – 139 (MUST BAT SENSIBLY) (Day 1)
Wicket takers were Anthony HOPKINS 4 /5 (4), Timmy LIM 2 /30 (9) and David CHAU 1 /16 (4). Run scorers at stumps were Daniel MORGAN (15n.o) and Shantiban SHANMUGAN (4n.o). See Website – full Match Report

14A HIGH 10 -97 - versus - GRAMMAR 4 – 42 (NEED EARLY WICKETS) (Day 1)
Run scorers were Kritman DHAMOON 9 17), Khushaal VYAS (14) and Safat SUFIAN (10). Wicket takers – Anirudh RAMESH 2 /15 (3), Kritman DHAMOON 1 /6 (3) and Michael LIU 1 /16 (4). See Website – full Match Report

15A HIGH 10 – 57 - versus - GRAMMAR 7 – 101 (UPHILL BATTLE) (Day 1)
Run scorers Sudam DIAS (24), Krishnendu DUTTA (11) and Shumit HOQUE (8). Wicket takers were Shumit HOQUE 3 /16 (5), Tom CONNELLY 2 /15 (5), Sudam DIAS 1 /20 (5) and Dhruv GUPTAA 1 /9 (1). See Website - full Match Report

16A HIGH 3 – 11 - versus - GRAMMAR 10 – 146 (NOT IMPOSSIBLE)
Wicket takers were Shimon DANZIGER ( 3 /17 (9), Hashan SUBASINGHE 2 /27 (9) , Abdullah SARKER 2 / 27 (9) and Kumudika GUNARATNE, Krishan SIVAYOGARAYAN and Leon LI took one wicket each


4th XI HIGH 4 - 98 -defeated GRAMMAR 10 - 97 (WIN)
Wicket Takers were Ben ENCEL 4 /14, Angud CHAWLA 2 /10 and Arun SURENDRAM 2 /19. Run scorers were Angud CHAWLA (26), Julian UBALDI 20n.o.) and Anirban GHOSE (9). See Website - full Match Report.

16B HIGH 10 – 110 - defeated - SHORE 8 - 94 (WIN)
Run scorers were Ishman BARI (13), Pasan PANNILA (12) and Derek WEI (12n.o). Wicket takers Vinod -ANANADASELVAKUMAR took 2 /11 (3), Pasan PANNILA 2 /19 (5) and Ragav SIDDIQUEE 0 / 1 (5). See Website – full Match Report.

15C GRAMMAR 1 - 105 -defeated - HIGH 10 – 105 (LOSS)
Run scorers were Shubash QUAZI (36), Abhi DUTTA (19) and Mathew CHAN (7). The only wicket taker was Shuman PRUSTY . See Website – for Match Summary

13A GRAMMAR 4 – 157 (32) - defeated - HIGH 10 – 116 (32) (LOSS)
Each week the team score is going upwards and the opposition is coming back to High’s field of play. Well done to all of the boys for their commitment. Run Scorers were Ned ANSON (50), L de Fonseks (230 and Jesse COOPER (9). Wicket takers were FARRUGIA 2 /28 (5), Ned ANSON 1/24 (5) and L de FONSEKA 0/12 (5). See Website – full Match report.

13B GRAMMAR 5 – 185 - defeated - HIGH 10 – 53 (LOSS)
What an improvement by these boys who have gained strength each week as a team. A credit to their commitment and results. Wicket takers were Yiu Tao WONG 2 /22 (5), Howard GU 2 /24 (5) and Mchael YU 1 /32 (6).. Run scorers wer David FENG (18n.o), Michael YU ( 6), Samuel GALLAGHER (6) and Jesse COOPER (4)
Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket

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SHS Tennis Report

14 March 2009

1st Grade
The penultimate week of GPS tennis saw High encounter Grammar. The High – Grammar rivalry has seen competitive matches over the years and this match was no different. Grammar got off to an early lead winning two of the three doubles games. The combination of George Panas and Simon Hoang recorded another doubles win with some well played points and well placed reflex volleys. They made easy work of the Grammar players, winning in straight sets.

Hau Neo, the number 1, showed glimpses of brilliance in his singles, but was easily disposed of by a very good Grammar number 1. George Panas easily accounted for the Grammar number 5, winning convincingly in straight sets. Kent Nguyen accounted for an over-emotional Grammar 3 with some clever play in the first set and more of the same in the second. Simon Hoang was not in top form and struggled in his singles and was easily accounted for. Victor Lim, not playing his best tennis, lost handily in 2. Frank Zhang had a difficult and sometimes frustrating match against Grammar 2. His opponent, often infuriated at himself, the ball, his racquet and his opponent made it a tough and intimidating time for young Frank. Frank, unphased by the circus on the other side of the court came back from losing the first set to win in an epic 3 setter.

High left empty handed again with one match proving the crucial difference, Grammar winning the tie 5 matches to 4. Although we did not come close to winning the pivotal 5th match, it was an encouraging day for High and something to build on against King’s this weekend.
Kent Nguyen

16s Report
Not the best week we have had so far, losing 3-1 overall, but improvements were made, especially in the Ds. The Ds won 4 out of their 6 games, with scores such as 6-1 from D3 and 6-0 from D4, showing huge improvements on the parts of these players. Cs didn’t quite live up to the high standard of the D team this week despite the great efforts of Andrew Chan, who came the closest to winning in the Cs when he lost in the tiebreak. The B team lost all around; as did the As (except for Jacky in A2 who won 6-1 – good effort) so it only shows that we have room to improve.
Marcell Rozsa

It was a hot and sunny day at Sydney High when the 13As arrived to play against Grammar. Doubles 1, Jet and Joseph suffered a 6-1 loss although both played well. Again we could not finish those vital points. Andrew and Julian were more successful in doubles 2 winning 6-4. Singles did not go so well with both Joseph and Andrew losing 6-0. Andrew’s game was very closely contested and he probably won an even share of points. Although Julian dominated the first two games his opponent won six games in a row resulting in a 6-2 loss for us. Unfortunately the last singles game was not finished as it went for about an hour. The game ended at 7-8 in a tie-break. We hope to do better next week.
Jet Lee

Words could not describe our determination to beat Grammar. However, determination did not pull us over the line of victory for a 3 all draw. In the first doubles match, D1 and D2 put up a solid performance with great serving and volleying. In the doubles match of D3 and D4, High did nothing wrong except some serves which Grammar took for granted. None of the Ds had a cosy match in their singles. D1 was unfortunate to lose his singles although his opposition had broken his racquets strings. The other loss was D4 where Grammar dominated the match.D2 also had a tough game. After trailing 4-2 he made a miraculous comeback to win the match in a tiebreaker.D3 also won in a tiebreaker.

Other tennis notices

  • Congratulations to 1st Graders Frank Zhang, Kent Nguyen and Simon Hoang who have all won selection in the CHS Sydney East team, which will compete against other regions from around NSW on 23 March at Penrith.
  • We still require parental help in particular for the parking event allocated to tennis - the NRL match between the Roosters and Eels on Friday 3 April. Please email Peter Pereira if you are available at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Boys who wish to contribute a match report for their age group are invited to do so. Subject to editing, the contribution will then be submitted for the weekly High Notes.

This Week’s Fixtures – TKS v SHS
1st Grade: TKS at 12:15pm
2nd Grade: SHS at 12:15pm
3rd – 6th Grade: TKS from 12:15pm
16s: SHS from 8:30am
15s: TKS from 8:30am
14s: Moore Park from 8:30am
13s: TKS from 8:30am

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SHS Volleyball

1st Grade Volleyball off to a good start
Our first grade Volleyball team travelled to Olympic Park on Sunday to compete in their first tournament for the season. The field of 11 teams was large for this time of year and gave all teams a busy draw. After a preliminary match and a short break, High played 5 consecutive matches culminating in the final against Great Lakes Secondary College from the Forster area. The match went to a 3rd set with High finishing the victor and taking the gold medal.

Fitness and blocking have been focus areas this year and improvements were evident on Sunday.

The boys also did well at the Sydney East Region team selections with 9 of our 10 players being selected.

Volleyball for all grades will commence with winter sport in week 10.
M Kay
MIC Volleyball

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P&C- High Society

The Bulletin Board for Sydney Boys High P & C
Julie Connolly P&C President

This week’s P & C meeting was well attended and discussed several critical school issues including sun-safe policies, the School’s building and refurbishment program and ways to increase the percentage of families who pay their annual Library and Building fund contributions to the School. The meeting also endorsed the P & C’s priorities for 2009. A full report on the P & C meeting will appear in next week’s High Society.

  1. Sub-Committee Activities
    • Identify role of Sub-Committees
    • Identify common issues and successful approaches
  2. Finances
    • Increase percentage of families making Library and Building Fund contributions
    • Strengthen and support telephone campaign for Monthly Giving Program
  3. School Environment
    • Build upon recycling initiatives and increase awareness of need to reduce rubbish around the School grounds
    • Identify priority list for building maintenance, facility and grounds improvements
  4. P&C Operations
    • Establish central P&C records
    • Establish P&C templates for various events and systems for future reference
  5. Public Affairs

Upcoming Parent Meetings & Events (details in High Notes)

  • Year 9 Parent Group Meeting – 7.00pm Monday 23rd March Staff Common Room
  • Information Evening re: English Extension 1 and 2, for Year 12, 2010 – 7.00pm Tuesday 24th March Room 204
  • Basketball Annual Dinner – 6.30pm Friday 27th March Great Hall
  • Rugby Committee Meeting – 6.00pm Wednesday 1st April Room 901
  • Tennis Annual Dinner – Thursday 2nd April Great Hall
  • Cricket Annual Dinner – Friday 3rd April Great Hall
  • Music Supporters’ Group Meeting – 6.30pm Monday 6th April Staff Common Room

If you would like to have any parent community news or upcoming events included in High Society, please contact Julie Connolly, P&C President, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; 0418 470 203.

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