High Notes, Vol 10 No 39, December 04 2009

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From the Principal

High Talent
Michael Hauser (Year 7) came first in NSW in ‘The Great Race Challenge’. The Great Race challenges students to use their research, analysis and interpretation skills and library resources to race students from other schools all over Australia and New Zealand to answer questions related to the social sciences. Well done, Michael! Old Boy William Clegg, earned the University Medal in Government at the University of Sydney. Congratulations, William!

Successful Acceleration Applicants
As foreshadowed in an earlier edition of High Notes, I have examined the list of applicants for subject acceleration supplied by Head Teachers for final approval. In this edition there is a list of students who were successful in applying to enter subject acceleration. Unsuccessful students would be those who were not in the first half of their cohort, those who did not score highly in the subject they intended to accelerate in relative to their other subjects, or those whose overall academic standing was too low. I have denied all applications for double acceleration this year. Only exceptional boys can handle the high levels of autonomy and personal management skills required to succeed. I will consider appeals in writing.

A further change from previous years involves the Individual Learning Plans submitted by approved accelerants. This year I want all approved accelerants to download the appropriate form from the student drive, complete it, have it signed by their parents and submit to my office before the end of the year. Students who fail to comply with this step in the process may be removed from the course.

Misuse of Government Issued Laptops
Students and parents are advised that access to laptops is a personal benefit that has responsibility attached to it. The ITD Security Unit within the Department of Education is monitoring unauthorised use of laptops by students and unauthorised changes to the configuration of laptops which are in breach of the NSW DER User Charter. So far, three students have been detected breaching the User Code. I have sent a warning letter to the parents of these boys, informing them that violations of the User Code will attract penalties. The sorts of activities are:

  • Disabling or bypassing internet filtering
  • Installing and running unauthorised programs
  • playing unauthorised games
  • cracking the local administrator’s password and enabling the Administrator Account
  • running remote desktop applications

As from the beginning of 2010, the first breach of the User Code will result in a withdrawal of 24/7 access of the laptop issued. Students in breach will have to collect their laptops from the Technical Support Officers (TSOs) each day and return them before leaving school for the day. A second breach will lead to confiscation of the laptop for up to a term. Access rights may be granted during school hours. A third offence will lead to confiscation of the laptop for a calendar year.

Investigations by the TSOs have uncovered non-warranty damage caused by negligence, malice or wilful disregard. We have zero tolerance for this sort of behaviour. Our policy is of restitution – ‘you break, you pay to fix’. The school will not be absorbing the cost of repairs to student laptops damaged in this fashion. The school will cover warranty-related issues. Parents of boys detected misusing the DET laptops will be invoiced for the cost of repairs up to $390. Repairs costing more than that sum will result in the unit being declared ‘beyond economic repair’ and the parents required to purchase a new laptop for c.$450. Boys, please take notice of these penalties.

All boys in Years 7, 9 & 11 should have received their reports from me. Year 10 boys have their Clearance Forms and should be booking in for an interview on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday next week. There will be no interviews on Thursday. Boys will be expected to come to the school and collect their School Certificates from the Main Office. The credentials of boys who have not fulfilled requirements by that time will be in the Principal’s Office and available for collection by appointment in the last week of term.

Fairland Pavilion Security
Due to frequent breeches of security at the Pavilion and unauthorised usage by persons with keys, I have instructed Brett Harrison to change the locks. Entrance to the Reception Area, kitchen and Kiosk will be tightly controlled. A different key will allow access to the change rooms, lean to and first aid room. A key register will be established and a security system commenced where keys will not be able to be cut without a letter signed by the Principal personally. Keys will need to accounted for by annual stock take and may be recalled at the end of each sporting season. Let me clearly reaffirm that the Fairland Pavilion does not belong to the school. No staff, coaches, or persons associated with the school have any rights to enter the premises without a booking. Bookings for any purpose need to be made through Laurie Heil, our Centennial Parklands Liaison Officer.
Dr K A Jaggar

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Acceleration 2010

Name Subject
ADHIKA Jonathan Business Studies
CHIAM Christopher Business Studies
DUTTA Krishnendu Business Studies
FENG Shi Business Studies
KRAHE Kevin Business Studies
LAU Kenny Business Studies
PINIDIYA Nicky Business Studies
SAMARASINGHE Gamitha Business Studies
TANG Nathan Business Studies
TRANG Stephen Business Studies
WU Peter Business Studies
ZHOU Jerry Business Studies
ZOU Jack Business Studies
MOHAMED RIZVI Safar Geography
PRAKASH Sooraj Geography
PRUSTY Suman Geography
QUAZI Shubash Geography
SAKSENA Aman Geography
ZHOU William Geography
PURCAL Andrewas German
SCHWARZ Michail German
BIRCH Maximilian Modern History
BOOTH Adam Modern History
BROKMAN Anton Modern History
DIAS Sudam Modern History
EDGTTON Julian Modern History
HOQUE Emtiazul Modern History
JONES Max Modern History
MINITHANTRI Gananatha Modern History
NGUYEN Vincent Modern History
OOI Nicholas Modern History
PINTO Christopher Modern History
RENZENBRINK Scott Modern History
SETHI Siddharth Modern History
SHAH Vivek Modern History
USEELANANTHAN Rukshan Modern History
VISVAA Krishna Modern History
YEUNG William Modern History
FONG Daryl Music
FUNSTON Toby Music
HILLIER Benjamin Music
WILCOX Ben Music
STACK Conor Visual Arts
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Sports Donations

GPS sports competition is very demanding on people and resources. At High we have ongoing needs for facilities development, equipment and development through expert coaching. If you would like to help through a tax deductible donation for a particular sport, the appropriate form can be posted to you by calling 9361 6910. Alternatively, you can go to our website www.sydneyboyshigh.com click on Sport /Sports Donations to download either Development Donation Form or Equipment and Facility Donation Form.

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One Hundred Years of The Record

This year marks the 100th anniversary of “The Record” – the magazine of the Sydney Boys High School – which was first published in December 1909. To commemorate this milestone, “High Notes” is publishing a selection of editorials from the various editions published over the past century.

This week we are publishing the editorial from the issue of November 1963. Written at the time of the School’s 80th anniversary, it reflects not only on the past but on the future of the School under the newly introduced Wyndham Scheme for secondary education. By 1963, the first class to sit the Higher School Certificate had already entered the second year of the new six-year program and thoughts were already turning to the new order.

This editorial was written over the initials AAH.

The years ahead

There will be few readers of this 80th Anniversary issue of the “Record” who are not familiar, at least in broad outline, with the history of Sydney Boys’ High.

Its foundation in 1883 as the first boys’ high school to function as a result of the NSW Government’s newly assumed responsibility for secondary education; its removal in 1891 from Elizabeth St (where David Jones’ store stands now) to Mary Ann St, Ultimo; its further transfer in 1928 to the present site in Moore Park to rejoin its sister school; each of these stages in the school’s history is well-known.

Equally well-known is the contribution made by former pupils of the school in every sphere of public life – the members of government, military leaders, churchmen; the professional men – lawyers, doctors, engineers, architects, University and school teachers; the sportsmen of local, national and international repute; the businessmen in all spheres of the city’s commercial life.

In the life of these, as of every one of the many thousands of men who have passed through the school, the years spent at High have been formative ones, and each of these Old Boys shares in greater or smaller measure something of the character of the institution that is Sydney High.

However, it is not these who have gone before who determine the present character of the school; nor is it the Headmaster and staff alone who dictate its present role. High depends largely for its character upon the type of pupil it enrols, and this enrolment is dictated by the policy of the State Education system.

Hitherto this policy has provided the school with its main strength, for it is the only one of the Great Public Schools that draws its pupils from such a variety of diversified environments – from families of widely differing interests, in all walks of life, of all nationalities and of all confessions. It is this same diversity that has provided the strength of the Parents and Citizens’ Association, without whose strength the school could not continue to meet its commitments.

In the last decade, the territory from which High culls its pupils has been constantly narrowed, and this has changed the nature of its enrolments. In this period of change, the sons of former pupils have provided a constant in the school’s population, who are conscious of the tradition that is so large a part of the heritage of the school.

NSW Secondary Education is at present undergoing a greater revolution than ever before in its history, a revolution that cannot fail to bring ultimate benefit to the community at large.

The role of Sydney High in this metamorphosis is as yet not clearly defined; but it must be the fervent desire of every pupil present and past that changing conditions will continue to populate High with pupils of such a calibre that the academic, cultural, sporting and character-forming traditions of the school are preserved for future generations.

SHS Old Boys’ Union

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Last Day for Year 10

As we have lost a number of rooms due to the renovation of Science Labs, it has been decided to make Friday 4 December the last day for Year 10. Boys were issued with Clearance Forms on Tuesday. On Friday they will be able to book appointment timeslots to receive reports on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. School Certificate results will be distributed (to boys who have picked up their reports) on Thursday of next week. Classes for Accelerated students will continue as usual. Year 10 boys will not be required to wear uniform to school after Friday 4 December.
R Dowdell

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From Languages


What is the name of this famous German person?


One clue: 2009 is an important year! Frau St Leon

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From the High Store

REMINDER for Year 9

Come to the High Store NOW to purchase your senior uniform & avoid standing in line with all the new Year 7 students in Back to School caps.

Senior Tie $28 (NO junior tie to be worn on senior shirt)

COMPULSORY White shirt with S.H.S crest

Short sleeve 14-$24, 16-22 $26, 24-28 $28
Long sleeve 14-$26, 16-22 $28, 24-28 $30
Trouser $65

Complete High Store prices are also available on school website on about, then High Store

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David Chan Trust

At David Chan’s request the remaining $150 in the Trust is to be donated to children’s cancer research at www.ccia.org.au. Thanks to all those beautiful Year 10 boys whose response was so generous , heartfelt and loyal.
Mrs Crothers
Year 10 Adviser

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Music Notes

Encore Nominations
We have just received another confirmation for Encore making this year’s HSC Music nomination a total of seven. This is an outstanding effort on behalf of the HSC elective students. Lachlan Brown also received a nomination for this composition in Music 1 on top of his performance. Congratulations on your wonderful achievements, Lachlan, along with all our Encore Nominees.

Music Parking
There is an upcoming Music Parking on Saturday the 5th of December from 4pm-7pm.

Please let the Music Staff know if you are able to help out even for a portion of the parking. We would greatly appreciate any assistance as funds raised go towards supporting the Music Performance Program @ SBHS.

France Music Tour
There will be TWO FULL Day rehearsal (Week 9A) Monday & Tuesday 14th & 15th December for all students going on the French Music Tour.

These are COMPULSORY rehearsals for ALL students attending the Music Tour 2010.

Music AGM & France Tour Meeting
The Music AGM will be held on Monday the 7th of December at 6:30pm in the Common Room. We would like to invite ALL parents of boys in the Music Performance Program to attend and give input to the 2010 Music Program. We look forward to seeing you there. Please do not hesitate to contact us in the Music Staffroom if you have any further queries: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Following the AGM will be a meeting in the Great Hall for ALL parents and students involved in the Music Tour to France next year. Please advise the Music Staff if you are unable to make this very important meeting.

Ensemble rehearsals
A reminder to ALL students in the performance program an 80% attendance rate is required for award scheme points. If you are unable to attend a rehearsal, you must notify your ensemble director.

Music Tour Band Members – MUST attend every fortnight rehearsal – Week As (Stage Band – every Wednesday.) We have very high expectations to meet and with the amount of demanding repertoire and limited time, we require your co-operation and support.

Music Tour Wine Fundraise
The Music Tour Wine ordered earlier this term has just arrived and is ready to be picked up from the Music Staffroom. Please come up and collect your orders before the end of the term.

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SHS Rowing Committee


At our committee meeting this week, Simon Hoadley, Rowing MIC, expressed how happy he was with last Saturday at the sheds. The boys are rowing particularly well and on track for the GPS regattas in Term One, 2010. Some of the Year 10 and senior rowers will compete in the NSW Sprint Regatta at SIRC on the 12th December and then it is all training until February next year. With exams over for all boys, every rowing and training session counts, and as the boys row in crews, it is important for them to turn up to every session so as not to let their crew mates down.

Crew selection camps will be held later this term and over the holidays –

  • Year 8 (2010) camp – 13th December
  • Year 9 (2010) camp – 14th December
  • Year 10 camps – 19th/20th December and 21st/22nd/23rd January
  • GPS Senior camps – 19th/20th December and 10th to 17th January

Please look out for information and permission notes for these camps. They will be distributed this term.

Family Regatta Day

Saturday 5th December
Outterside Centre
10am until after lunch

Please make the effort to attend our annual end-of-year social event.

  • The boys enjoy showing off their rowing skills and seeing you have a go!
  • The Shed Race will be on at 10am - where all crews compete in a handicapped race down the river finishing at the High sheds.
  • A pleasant barbecue lunch on the waterfront will be available for families with the boys.
  • Try your luck at winning one of the many holiday hampers in the raffle.


The Rowing Committee would like to thank

  • all the parents who have helped with the various working bee projects
  • Charles Ovadia, Peter Ambrose and David Blomberg for conducting the First Aid training course, and of course, the parents who attended.

Julie Blomberg
President Rowing Committee 

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Family Regatta Day

The Rowing Committee extends an invitation to the entire Sydney Boys High School community to come to the annual open day at the rowing sheds on

Saturday 5th December 2009

From 10am until after lunch at The Outterside Centre, 5 Teviot Avenue, Abbotsford

We hope to see all the current rowing families, as well as the 2010 new intake of students and the wider School community, enjoying our open day.

The Family Regatta Day is a relaxed, informal occasion where you can explore the ‘Sheds’, have lunch by the water, try your hand at rowing, or just simply sit and watch the action. Also worth seeing at The Outterside Centre is the large display of memorabilia from High Rowing’s fascinating, long history. A delicious barbecue lunch of kebabs, homemade salads and desserts, coffee and tea will be available at a reasonable cost. 

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Basketball: Shooting Hoops

High VS Scots

Term 1 (Last Time)

1st WIN* 71-67 S.LLEWELLYN 30
2nd WIN* 75-31 D.PENG 17
4th WIN 55-26 J.WONG, D.LO 13
5th WIN 58-26 J.NGUYEN 14
6th WIN 65-14 H.HUANG 13
16A LOSS 18-40 B.OU 5
16B WIN 39-28 A.YE 29!
16C LOSS 17-42 M.YOON 5 + HUSSLE
16D WIN 30-14 V.ZHENG 12
16E LOSS 13-24 S.AMINE 4, J.TANG 4
15A WIN 57-38 M.CULLEN 20
15E WIN 28-21 H.HEO 16
15F WIN 35-5 B.CHAU 7
14B WIN 30-8 D.DOUNG 10
14C WIN 47-5 M.LAM 10
14D WIN 17-50 J.YEUNG 33
14F LOSS 17-28 E.HO 4
13A LOSS 55-8 C.SHI 6
13D LOSS 28-16 W-L.ZHUANG  8 PTS
13E WIN 30-12 D.SHAO 18

Term 4 (This time)

1st WIN# 95-57 C.MOLLER 19
2nd WIN 71-34 J.GARAY 26
5th WIN 45-29 B.CHEUNG 12
6th WIN 27-8 J.HAJJ 8
8th LOSS 23-28 D.CHEN 8
16A LOSS 26-27 J.ZHOU 11
16B LOSS 21-33 NICK 12
16C WIN 84-2 J.YANG 15
16D WIN 36-15 E.LI 10
16E WIN 40-8 B.CHAU 15
15A LOSS 53-25 E.KELLY 7
15B WIN 36-6 D.DUONG 13
15C WIN 36-12 M.LAM 6
15D WIN 54-28 D.CORDAS 18
15E WIN 32-11 L.ZHANG
15F WIN 39-6 E.HO 10
14A LOSS 37-17 B.CHEN 8
14B LOSS 11-15 B.TRUONG 4
14C WIN 17-6 D.DUONG 8
14D LOSS 23-30 J.NG 7
14E DRAW IN OT! 28-28 J.HUO 23
14F WIN 27-26 W.LANG 11

Results handed in by coaches to Mr Hayman

Performance against Scots!
Term 1
; First time we have beaten Scots at Scots in both grades for over a decade!!!
Term 4; "This would have to be the biggest win in First Grade Basketball High School has ever recorded against Scots" - T Ryan (PDHPE)

Best Start to High Basketball Season in 15 Years

First Grade Played Won Lost For Against Points
Newington 7 7 0 537 276 14
High 7 5 2 535 395 12
St. Joseph's 7 4 3 425 465 11
Kings 7 4 3 403 416 11
Grammar 7 4 3 384 425 11
St. Ignatius' 7 3 4 367 439 10
Scots 7 1 6 364 515 8
Shore 7 0 7 334 502 7


Second Grade Played Won Lost For Against Points
Newington 7 6 1 344 259 13
High 7 5 2 368 294 12
Shore 7 5 2 353 286 12
St. Ignatius' 7 5 2 303 260 12
St. Joseph's 7 3 4 314 301 10
Kings 7 3 4 326 324 10
Grammar 7 1 6 251 351 8
Scots 7 0 7 190 374 7

Your continued support is still needed! Cheer them on next year!
By David Li Wang

15s CHS Knockout State Champions Report
It was always going to be hard to defend the title we won in 2008, but we were determined to do it again. With a mixture of new and experienced players, we were a more skilful and better prepared team than last year.

In the round robin, we picked off each team one by one, through outstanding team basketball and we scored over 100 points in a few games. In the semi-final, our bench, who played the last 3 quarters of the game without subs, did an outstanding job of keeping Port Hacking to 30 odd points for the game.

With the comment from last year’s stadium manager of “Don’t bother turning up to the grand final, you should just go home!” still ringing in my ears, Co-captain Emmett Naar and I made sure to pump up the boys and prepare them, to dominate the game against Westfield Sports High.

In the first quarter, we outplayed them in every aspect of the game, keeping them to a 4 points. We continued to dominate the rest of the game, with the final score of 97-37, showing everyone who really is “No 1 in the nation”, 2 years in a row. A special mention and a massive thank you to Mr Hayman for putting his heart and soul into High Basketball, and believing in us to become the best basketballers we can be.
By Christian Jurlina

~ Go High Basketball!
~ Play Hard, Play Smart and Play Together!
~ Don’t forget to visit the Sydney High Basketball Website!
~ Brought to you by the editors, David Li Wang and Chris Chiam
~ Thank you to Mr Hayman for all his contributions to basketball and information

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High Cricket Bulletin


The final Saturday of the GPS for Term 4 provided High with a mixed bag of results, but in amongst the scores are encouraging signs in the intermediate teams of an expanding element of potential senior players. Most of us have our favourite teams in sport in either Rugby, League, Soccer (as we call it in Australia), AFL and many sports and if they are not performing well, we are disappointed and speculate on changes that should be made.!!

My favourite team is High Senior Cricket and unfortunately they are not performing well, and we now have to speculate that the coaches will discuss the reasons, and want to make changes depending on the pre-Term 1 commitment of the players. Should they want to make changes I will support the coaching staff based on the information they provide because they put in week in, and week out, whilst many of our players aren’t putting in, by the reports I’m seeing from the Fitness Centre, and lack of numbers at post school practices. Perhaps the break is the time to reflect, address your commitment to helping High climb back into the top 3 GPS performers for the remaining 4 rounds in 2010.

1st XI (Day 2)
GRAMMAR 5.decl – 363 (76) defeated HIGH 10 – 254 (86) and 4 – 90 (35)
First Innings loss An extraordinary innings by Grammar’s Clem Bromwich (200n.o) when he hit 18 x 6s and 15 x 4s. Wicket taker was Sivasaran Sooriakumar 2/31. Second innings run scorers were Brian Kelly (25) and Avindu Vithanage (19no). An amazing cricket match with a disappointing result considering the improved batting performance from HIGH

2nd XI (Day 2)
GRAMMAR 4 decl - 121 and 2 - 9 defeated HIGH 10 – 49 and 10 - 80
Outright loss If only this team could all put it together on the same day instead of making excuses for poor shot selections and making it a coaching issue. The time has arrived for the 2nd XI to look in the mirror and ask themselves are they committed to High Cricket, and if not step aside for the boys working who want to leave HIGH with 1st or 2nd XI lines on their blazers . Young Yr 9 debutant Daniel Smith (26) top scored and Ryan McDonald took 2/9.

3rd XI (Day 2)
HIGH 6 – 216 Defeated GRAMMAR 10 - 215
First Innings win A batting bonanza in this encouraging performance of many of the school’s aspiring Open Team candidates, that could be valuable statistics when selections are considered for Term 1 in 2010 and Round 4. Run scorers Oliver Pierce (77), Hashan Subasinghe (37), Christopher OEI (37), Raiyan Khan (35) and Iftiar Khan (12). Well done to all for playing to the match plan.

16A (Day 2)
GRAMMAR 6 decl -104 and 6 - 98 defeated HIGH 8 – 100 and 8 – 100
Outright loss A match that got away on High due to 2 players failing to turn up on Day 1 and couldn’t be replaced on Day 2. This is a disappointing aspect for player’s selected in an “A” team who do not appreciate the opportunity and shows a lack of commitment to High Cricket. The upside is, that there are now 2 places that can be filled by other cricketers striving for “A” Team selections

15A No report submitted

14A GRAMMAR 3 decl – 261 defeated HIGH 10 – 114 and 9 95
First innings loss Well done to the boys who tackled the huge task chasing a final score that demonstrated that setting personal goals was more important than full participation by all team members. Our run scorers were Ned Anson (32), Lasith De Fonseka (16) and Jesse Cooper (14). See Website report

GROUP 2 Teams

4th XI
SCOTS COLLEGE 4 – 86 defeated HIGH 9 – 85 loss by 5 wkts
Fielding lapses and dropped catches didn’t help High pull off this one. Run scorers were Angud Chawla (36), David Ma (16) and Anirban Ghose (14). Wicket takers Robert Ma took 2 wkts and Angud and Liam Aylmer took one wkt each. See Website report

5th XI
NEWINGTON 4 – 130 defeated HIGH 6 – 129 (a 25/25 Fixture)
Loss by 2 wkts. Just missed on this one!!. A “Remarkable Team”, or should we refer to it as “Mike Carr’s Weekly Chore” of rustling up players to wield the willow each week. A team with a good attitude, quite a few vacancies each week but pulling off some great wins. The runs came from George Denny-Smith (54), Alex Koerber (24). Wickets from Lachlan Perris, Michael Carr, Josh Tassell and Alex Koerber.

HIGH 5 -104 (19.5) defeated KINGS 10 – 103
A great win for the boys against one of the big players in the GPS . Run scorers were Shanaz Razeen (29), Derek Wei (17), A, Huynh (13). Nice to see Adam Booth 2/24, Lee Ming 1/12, Derek Wei 1/14 and Andrew Huynh 1/16 all get among the wickets. A nice win to savour against Kings

HIGH 16C 10 – 100 defeated 10 - 99 HIGH 16D
Plenty of “big on course betting” for these glamour teams participating in the “$50.00 Pizza Cup Plate” over 3.5 hrs. The on course Totalisator takings reached $3- 87cents, before the course books were closed.!! Scorebook was unreadable and there is a suspicion that the Cream of our 16s teams “contrived” the above result.

SCOTS COLLEGE 8 - 273 defeated HIGH 8 - 69
In a light hearted match where Scots allowed High 3 substitutes there were some moments to behold with new additions of ways to be dismissed, how to bowl making it easy for the batsman, how to make pushes over the boundary look like accidents and how to dodge the Magpies hovering in the area. Well done to the boys who actually found their way to the ground

SCOTS COLLEGE 2 – 70 defeated HIGH 10 – 59
The result was not helped by 3 players arriving late which put pressure on the boys who had met the team arrival time. Run scorers were Eric Yu (8), Sagar Nagaraj (6)
Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket

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SBHS 15 Years Basketball

Undefeated NSW CHS State Champions
Congratulations to our boys who did the best the school has ever done in this competition. They defeated Liverpool 103-41, Kingscliff 112-25, Port hacking 92-22 and Westfield Sports High School (National Champions) 97-37 in the Grand final. Despite the score lines our boys played with respect for their opponents and in the spirit of the game. All members of our team heavily contributed to the success. This is the third year in a row our boys have made the final and second year running the boys have won it for the school. Several boys in the team are already in negotiations with USA Colleges and the AIS after SBHS. Christian Jurlina was named MVP of the Grand Final.

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High Tide

Sydney Boys High School Sailing

Term 4 sailing went all too quickly and sadly last Saturday marked the final racing day for calendar 2009 - but despair not:

THIS SATURDAY 5 December will be a Fun Sailing & BBQ day
All sailors, parents, past SBHS sailors and potential recruits are welcome! Race format for the day will be 'fluid' to say the least, but the aim is to get boys and parents out there and enjoying themselves. Start time around 8.00am

Feel free to bring your supply of BBQ staple fare. Cold drinks are also available from the Double Bay Sailing Club cafeteria (and it's a good opportunity to contribute a few dollars to the Club's kitty... helps pay for the fuel for the boat that they have so kindly taken parents on to watch the racing).

Of interest & definitely something to be proud of...
For those of you who follow the Sydney to Hobart, keep a special eye out this year for sail number 294 Love & War (three-time Sydney to Hobart winner).

Although we have not confirmed with the man himself, Afloat magazine reports that Mr Philip Kurts (Year 12 2009) will be sailing on his father's Love & War!

As you all know, Phil is an exceptionally talented sailor and provides inspiration for many of our boys.

We wish him every success!

Look forward to seeing everyone this Saturday!
Richard James
SBHS Sailing Committee

The President of the P & C, Julie Connolly and I would like to invite ‘All Supporters of the School’ to our annual

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High Store Price List

The price list for the High Store has been updated.

The latest price lists are viewable at:
Canteen: http://www.sydneyboyshigh.com/school/canteen
High Store: http://www.sydneyboyshigh.com/school/high-store 

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SBHS Supporters Reception

The President of the P & C, Julie Connelly and I would like to invite ‘All Supporters of the School’ to our annual

SBHS Supporters Reception

which, by tradition, is held jointly with

Our Annual Visual Arts Exhibition

of artworks by students from throughout the school

Music performances by Encore nominees & outstanding music students of SBHS

6.30 - 8.30 pm Tuesday 8 December 2009 (Exhibition doors open at 5.30 pm)

The Great Hall
Sydney Boys High School
Cleveland Street
Moore Park, Surry Hills

Dr Kim Jaggar

Julie Connelly
P & C President

4 December 2009

Ph: Cathy Northey 9361 6910 Ext: 150 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

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