High Notes, Vol 10 No 38, November 27 2009

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From the Principal

High Talent
Congratulations to James Han (Year 11) on his selection in the Forty Second ANU-AAMT National Mathematics School, to be held in January. He will be one of seventy-seven students in Australia who has earned the right to attend. Well done to Alexander Belokopytov and Tom Peters (2009) who were short listed for the prestigious Malcolm Chaikin Foundation Scholarship at UNSW. Congratulations to our ever reliable first grade volleyball team. They won the final of the NSW Volleyball All Schools Tournament. They have achieved a clean sweep of the tournament series – CHS, GPS, All schools. Next week they will represent us at the Australian Schools Volleyball Cup in Melbourne. Well done to Samir Kinger (Year 10) who has been invited to attend Parliament House next week for the final NSW Youth Advisory Council meeting of the year. In the Premier’s Reading Challenge William Du (Year 7) received a special Gold Award for having four successful years in the challenge. Timothy Nguyen (Year 7) and Gananatha Minithantri (Year 9) were recognised with Certificates.

Solar panels and tracking software
Our 6KW solar power station has been installed and commissioned. The software is working on the network and the power generation and supply to the grid. The Commonwealth Government granted us $50,000 for the project and the P & C donated a further $10k. I am hoping that our students will take on board the challenge of monitoring what impacts certain interventions have on our use of energy and water. We have a bore, a run-off tank and now a solar power generator. There are many data sources for authentic, rich tasks for students in geography to do.

Refurbishment of McDonald Wing Labs
The refurbishment of our ageing laboratories has commenced. There will be some noise and disruption to routine while the major demolition works are taking place. I am sure the short term pain will be quickly forgotten while we enjoy the long term gain of having modern science facilities. The Killip Wing labs will get a makeover to bring then up to ‘code’. The project is timed for completion by the second week of January so the beginning to our year should not be disrupted.

Year 7 Reports
All Year 7 boys should have their reports. Please ask your son to give you his report. If he has not brought one home, ask him to go and make an appointment with the Principal to discuss his progress and receive his report. If his Clearance Form has not been signed off, please identify the hold up and let us know if there is any problem.

High Junior School – Curriculum 2010
The focus of our pedagogical discourse in the Junior School is on ‘personal development’. Board of Studies Stage 5 courses in geography and history are designed for the full range of student abilities. They are not specifically designed for the needs of gifted learners. They are mainly content driven. They are compulsorily examined at the School Certificate Reference Tests. Our school has a responsibility to differentiate the curriculum to meet the needs of able learners. Differentiation includes “understanding individual differences and devising institutional strategies to cater for students’ needs.” Differentiation involves offering appropriate challenges for all students. Differentiation needs to be implemented at the school, faculty and classroom level in order to be effective.

Differentiated choices can be provided through accelerated progression, curriculum compacting or projects involving intellectual challenges designed for older students. High has a demonstrated commitment to flexible provision.

Our program in subject acceleration continues to grow in variety and popularity. It is meeting the demonstrated needs of at least one quarter of our students in Year 10 for more challenging courses. In recent years, stage 5 curriculum has been compacted by teachers in history and geography to prepare students to undertake accelerated courses in history, geography and business studies. The logical progression of such a curriculum design is for that compacted curriculum to be examined at the end of Year 9. NAPLAN testing is targeted at Year 9. Year 9 marks the end of the High Junior School. We hope that students will then have the skills, knowledge and maturity as learners to undertake the discourse of academic achievement which characterises the High Senior School in Years 10-12.

The stage 5 courses in history and geography have always been plagued by delivery issues. If the courses are semesterised and delivered in a 6-period per cycle block, students in Year 10 will not have studied either history or geography for half the year, yet are examined on them both in November. If the courses are delivered all year with 4 periods per cycle, the frequency of contact with the students is diminished and the experience is sub optimal for teachers and students. Students have a low regard for the School Certificate Tests, at least in the history and geography components. We know that by the end of Year 10 the boys are impatient with the constraints of content testing. Many have been exposed to concepts and skills at stage 6 level. Three quarters of the candidates leave the exam room early during these history and geography civics tests.

The school intends to enter all Year 9 students in geography and history in the Year 10 School Certificate examinations in 2010. We will provide increased teaching time (6 periods per cycle) to deliver compacted, stage 5, one-year courses in history and geography. Teachers will be given time to differentiate the curriculum and write appropriate programs. We are hoping that students will take the challenge of compaction and differentiation seriously. We will urge them to try their best to master the courses in the limited time available and be motivated to exhibit that mastery at the School Certificate examinations.

In Year 9, period allocations to English, mathematics, science and PDHPE, will remain unchanged. However, this decision impacts on the teaching time available for elective courses. In 2010, boys will study history and geography and two electives. In Year 10, 2011, students will have access to three electives. History and geography core will not be taught.

No elective history courses will be offered in Year 9. Elective geography and history will be offered as compacted, one-year, stage 5 courses with eight periods in Year 10. Not all students who want to do commerce will be able to do it in Year 9. However, the same compacted, one-year, stage 5 course will be available in Year 10. For those students who do commerce in Year 9, the current, advanced commerce course will be available for them to take in Year 10. Students who wish to be considered for acceleration in history or geography will have studied stage 5 in Year 9. Students wishing to be considered for accelerated business studies will either have studied commerce in Year 9 or have qualified through an all round academic achievement pathway. Students in Year 9 used to have three electives. In 2010 they will only have two. The impact of this decision on student participation in Creative and Performing Arts, Industrial Arts and Languages elective courses, needs to be minimised. We want High to have variety and richness in its curriculum offerings. As in all previous years, decisions about allowing courses to run will be governed by: student choices, numbers possible in each class, staff availability and curriculum balance. For Year 9 in 2010, the reduction in electives from 3 to two overall will mean that history will lose two classes, commerce one, film making one and design and technology one.

In 2010, we will be investigating other delivery models which involve students in Independent Learning Projects as an alternative elective in Year 10. If you have feedback on this curriculum design please email me, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Dr K A Jaggar

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One Hundred Years of The Record

This year marks the 100th anniversary of “The Record” – the magazine of the Sydney Boys High School – which was first published in December 1909. To commemorate this milestone, “High Notes” is publishing a selection of editorials from the various editions published over the past century.

This week we are publishing the editorial from the issue of June 1928. The School had just relocated, in April 1928, to its new premises in Moore Park, having spent the previous 36 years in inadequate accommodation in Mary-Anne Street, Ultimo. This editorial was written under the pseudonym, “Floreat Schola”.

The new school
The new Sydney Boys High School has been completed and is now occupied. Anticipation has been succeeded by realisation, and realisation has far outrun anticipation. The cherished dreams of years have materialised, and the vivid word picture of two decades ago by Mr J Dawson, MA, Chief Inspector of Schools, on the occasion of an Annual Speech Day ceremony, has become a reality. The main building, facing the open park, with the gymnasium attendant and supported by sentinel fig trees and graceful palms, is a gem set in an harmonious environment.

How inspiring the colonnades, vestibules and marathon corridores! How satisfactory the well-lighted and flawless class-rooms! And the playing grounds! With what delight we seek their hidden treasures, and play wholeheartedly in their open spaces!

Such blessings, however, connote corresponding responsibilities, and it should be the aim of every member of the school to devote himself wholeheartedly to the happy toil assigned to him.

It is therefore, opportune at this juncture to place on record changes in the organization of the School with a view to a greater efficiency and a wider field of educational endeavour.

Instead of the old 45 minute periods of teaching, seven periods daily, 40 minute periods have been substituted, making eight periods daily. The old arrangement necessitated shortened periods both on religious instruction mornings and on the day set aside for a “culture” period. The new arrangement provides for both of these, and an additional free period as part of the regular time-table. The “culture” period as heretofore permits the school to divide itself into sections, where the groups of boys are associated in activities chosen by them. Such groups include the school choir, class debating socieites, class dramatic societies, science research, wireless, lecturette club, camera club... To these it is intended to add a workshop group, surveyor’s group, gardening group. In fact, any useful activity of an educative value, which can be satisfactorily supervised, will be considered. At the old school this culture period functioned under almost crushing difficulties, but with the ideal conditions now existing we hope to make this feature of our work highly effective.

The additional free period is a new departure, and constitutes the main reason for the change in the length of the teaching periods. The aim is to give pupils a knowledge of things intimately related to their living, and not specifically a part of their school course of studies. A programme will be drawn up, by which each week the pupils will be assembled in the Hall to listen to what has been provided for their entertainment. Programmes will consist of lecture concerts by visiting artists, cinema shows of educational films, health lectures by specialists, talks on art and architecture, music and drama, trade and industry, politics and social questions, community singing. By watching current events we shall be able to capture visiting celebrities to visit us and address the school. The free period will be elastic enough to allow us to seize any opportunity for a 40 mintues’ get together in order to exploit this path to knowledge. The programmes will be so varied in kind and the subjects so varied in matter that even a weekly period will not exhaust the possibilities nor make staleness a likely result.

A sacrifice is being made in the time devoted to formal studies; but it is hoped and earnestly desired that all will give this experiment a fair trial. If the free period is a success and is appreciated, pupils should ensure its continuance by extra zeal in studies in order to maintain the same progress as heretofore.

It is apparent that the pupils of the Sydney Boys High School have now a golden opportunity for educational advancement. Hindered no longer by faulty buildings and unsuitable environment, and with a fine tradition of academic excellence to maintain, the future should reveal a high standard of individual edeavour, combined with a unity of spirit in all that affects the body corporate.
- “Floreat Schola”

SHS Old Boys’ Union

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From the Andrews Library

END OF YEAR STATISTICS – demonstrate that If laptops meant the end of our Libraries, our students would lose very significant peer motivation to succeed at school.

At the end of each year it is always interesting to reflect on the part that our Libraries play in the life of our students. Last week we were quite delighted to realise that despite losing our Senior borrowers so totally, our Juniors by themselves who have also filled our little Junior Library each day are borrowing nearly as much as the Seniors and Juniors together borrowed last year. 2008 – 11,542 loans and 2009 – 10,444. The moral being if you can fill the library you can loan the resources?

Andrews Library only. (If Senior’s use was counted this would probably more than double) Andrews Library gate counter has revealed that an average of 3,514 students use the Andrews Library every week. Altogether 140,000 users have an Andrews Library experience every year.

before school, recess and lunch use. 978 juniors per week still choose to use the Andrews Library at public times. This translates to a healthy 39,120 self directed junior learners per year.

Find out next week – the library use survey is now entered onto Excel and now needs to be analysed. It will be interesting to see how our Juniors think our Library should be used. Of particular interest will be exactly what the Year 9s do with laptops in the library.

This newest reading program is run in conjunction with the English Department’s Wide Reading unit. Any student can review the latest Library purchases and submit a book blog. This is already on Moodle and Mrs Crothers is now editing to transfer on to the Library Website.

The oldest book we may have ever found was discovered today in the LOTE section of the Andrews Library. It was dated 1904 – The Works of Flaubert. In all 42 books from the LOTE section were put aside for potential removal! (They were undisturbed because they were Ancient Greek or Latin but!!!!) Some of our more venerable dictionaries will get a “heave ho” as well. The Andrews Library has had a 15 years or younger policy for some time.

The Andrews Library is right now putting the “Alan MacLeod Collection” on our shelves. This collection was sent all the way from America thanks to Alan MacLeod Old Boy and Professor of Literature. This is a valuable Collection to this Library as it consists of the American “classics”. We did not have them. I would recommend this collection to the boys these holidays as it contains all those magic Faulkners and Salingers.


Ludmila’s Broken English
, DBC Pierre; Deadly Intent, Lynda La Plante; Catch 22, Vintage Heller; The Tricking of Freya, Christina Sunley; Mathematical Ecology of Populations and Ecosystems, John Pastor; Mortal Prey, John Sandford; Marketing Channels, Anne T. Coughlan; Into White Silence, Anthony Eaton; The Slap, Christos Tsiolkas.

Elric, Michael Moorcock; Condemned By Fire, Warhammer; Climb A Lonely Hill, Lilith Norman; The Book of Unholy Mischief, Elle Newmark; Comfort of Saturdays, Alexander McCall Smith; The Declaration, Gemma Malley; John, Niall Williams; Castle Waiting, Jean-Claude Mourlevat; Winter Song, Linda Medley; Steppenwolf, Herman Hesse;

Senior Text Types, Elli Housden; The Future of Management, Gary Hamel; Swim With the Dolphins, Connie Glaser et al; Ecology of Insects,Martin Speight et al; The Chinese Army; Marketing Channels, Anne T Coughlin et al; Age of Constantine, ed by Noel Lenski

Medieval Warfare – Source Book, David Nicolle; The Oxford Illustrated History of Modern War, Charles Townshend

I have just discovered Byatt’s, The Children’s Book, and I can see why it is so popular.
Mrs Crothers

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Sports Donations

GPS sports competition is very demanding on people and resources. At High we have ongoing needs for facilities development, equipment and development through expert coaching. If you would like to help through a tax deductible donation for a particular sport, the appropriate form can be posted to you by calling 9361 6910. Alternatively, you can go to our website www.sydneyboyshigh.com click on Sport /Sports Donations to download either Development Donation Form or Equipment and Facility Donation Form.

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Music Notes

Music Awards Assembly
Our Annual Music Assembly was held last Tuesday 24th November 2009 in the Great Hall. This assembly acknowledges the high accomplishments of our music students from both the Music Performance Program and HSC Elective Music Courses. The assembly featured performances by our Year 12 Encore nominees - Alexander Belokopytov on piano, Ivan Lim on violin accompanied by Paul Pang, Brian Lau on piano and concluded with Lachlan Brown’s fantastic rendition of John Williams Darth Vader Theme on drum kit, which ‘brought the house down’. Our guest speaker, Esteban Insausti spoke about his love of music despite making Architecture his career and inspired the audience through his experiences as an enthusiastic young student heavily involved in music at school.

This year we received outstanding achievements in the HSC culminating in seven Encore nominations from all three courses in both performance and composition. Well done to all our elective HSC music students for their hard work throughout the year.

Congratulations to all our musicians throughout the year for their efforts and commitment in the Music Performance Program, especially to the prize recipients, Music Prefects 2010 (Andrew Blomberg, Andre Brokman and Justin Chan) and our Musician of the Year, Andrew Blomberg.

Tapas & Jazz in the Courtyard and Matinee Concert
Our Tapas & Jazz in the Courtyard and Chamber Ensembles Concert held last Sunday was a great success despite the scorching weather. The Stage Bands, led by Eamon Dilworth and Dave Panichi played very well in the humidity and entertained the audience.

Following the Tapas & Jazz, was the Chamber Ensembles Matinee Concert held in the Great Hall. The String Ensembles, Philharmonic Orchestra, Junior Percussion Ensemble, Chamber Choir, Training Concert Band, Guitar Ensemble and Year 7 Rock Band all performed enthusiastically.

Thank you to all who came along and showed their support to the efforts of our aspiring musicians.

Music Parking
There is an upcoming Music Parking on Saturday the 5th of December from 4pm-7pm. Please let the Music Staff know if you are able to help out even for a portion of the parking.

We would greatly appreciate any assistance as funds raised go towards supporting the Music Performance Program @ SBHS.

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Academic Achievement Semester 2

Year 11 Year 9 Year 7
CHAN Gareth
CHAN Justin
DING Jason
DU Jonathan
FIO Oliver
GHOSE Anirban
HSIAO Patrick
JIANG Clinton
JIANG Jeffery
KUMAR Shejil
LAM Jeffrey
LE Michael
LEE Ronald
LI Ivan
LIU Andy
MA Robert
MOHAN Vithushan
NGUYEN Phillip
TRAN Aaron
WANG Nelson
WONG Christopher
WU Oliver
ZHANG Adrian
ADHIKA Jonathan
CHIN Timothy
DANIELS Bartholomew
DUTTA Krishnendu
HEO Harry
HO William
HOQUE Emtiazul
HUA Raymond
KHAN Abeer
LAU Kenny
OOI Nicholas
PAN Ming
PARK Jun-Hyuk
QUAZI Shubash
SETHI Siddharth
SHAH Vivek
TANG Nathan
WONG Kah-Yang
WU Peter
WU Yujin
ZHOU Jerry
ZHU Michael
CHUNG Steven
DU Tom
DU William
FENG David
FENG Henry
GONG Wenbo
GU Howard
HAUSER Michael
KONG Brendan
KWOK Gideon
LALEE Mesbaah
LAM Philip
LAU Kohen
LE Jason
LEE Eugene
LEE Lokgei
LEO Joshua
LI Darren
LUI Joseph
PHAM Samuel
SHI Charlie
TAN Robert
TANG Julian
TRAN Steve
WANG Christopher
WANG Edric
WANG-LY Nathan
WONG Aaron
WU William
XU Harrison
YU Michael
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The National Young Leaders Day 09

Attending: D Chen (12), M Wong (10),S Beston (10), S Kinger (10), Y Wong (10), H Tran (10), I Zaman (10), K Wong (9), J Vuong (9), L Nguyen (9), S Do (9)

On Monday 23rd of November, 11 SRC students from Years 9-12 were chosen to represent SBHS at the National Young Leaders Day. The National Young Leader’s Day attracts thousands of students from across the state each year, with the event in 2009 being held at the Sydney Convention Centre. The day brings together students and high-profiled figures to discuss the differing perceptions of leadership and how as individuals, we can make a difference in the world around us.

This year’s event saw a wide range of speakers, each coming from differing backgrounds, upbringings and experiences. Much to the delight of the attendees, the main draw card speakers included David Koch from Channel 7’s ‘Sunrise’ program, Bridie Carter from McLeod’s Daughters and Julian Morrow from the Chaser.

Each speaker offered a unique insight into their own perceptions of a ‘leader’ and inspired many with their personal stories showcasing their tireless efforts in the community. The key messages taken away by all those who attended will hopefully be translated into action within communities, as young people begin to realize the potential for them to make a difference.

Fortunately for Sydney High, we were gifted the responsibility of thanking Julian Morrow on stage on behalf of all the delegates. Dale Chen (Year 11) and Samir Kinger (Year 10) offered the vote of thanks, fortunate enough to personally meet the Chaser star. On behalf of the SRC and in particular those who attended, we would like to thank Ms Collignon for organising it and for supervising us on the day and to the school for giving us this great opportunity.
Samir Kinger
SRC President 2010

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Basketball: Shooting Hoops

High VS Grammar

Term 1 (Last time)

1st WIN 92-43 S LLEWELLYN 26
2nd WIN 43-34 J SUTTON 13
3rd WIN 56-26 A YANG 18, H.LI 3’S!
4th WIN 48-23 J WONG 15
5th WIN 20-10 B CHEN 4
7th WIN 39-24 D HI 8
16A LOSS 27-29 N AUTAR 13
16B WIN 53-35 A YE 25
16C LOSS 35-25 J CAI 4, 4 REB
16D WIN 21-16 MVP D CHEN 6
16E LOSS 15-13 K TIAN 3
15A WIN 51-33 M CULLEN 13
15C LOSS 35-29 J NGUYEN 8
15E WIN 21-19 H HEO 7 (AND 1)
15F WIN 41-13 F LI 14
14A LOSS 30-36 E KELLY 9, 13 REB
14B WIN 23-32 D DOUNG, J LAM 6
14D WIN 40-21 S DU 12
14E LOSS 25-9 L ZHANG 6
14F LOSS 46-13 E HO 7
13A LOSS 46-20 GLANDEN 7
13E LOSS 46-7 D SHAO 6

Term 4 (This time)

1st WIN 87-50 E.NAAR 34 PTS,
2nd WIN 50-32 J.GARAY 23!
3rd WIN 49-21 M.WONG MVP
5th WIN 37-19 K.LU 12
7th WIN 28-23 S.ALI 9
16C LOSS 46-29 M.ZHU 12
16D WIN 29-19 J.DO 8
16E WIN 49-12 V.CHEN 18
16F WIN 36-26 A.LAU 13
15A WIN 33-31 K.KUANG, E.KELLY 10
15B WIN 43-10 J.CAO, D.DUONG, J.LAM 10
15C WIN 30-16 J.CLEMENTS-L 10
15D WIN 26-13 J.GAO 13
15E WIN 22-13 L.ZHANG 10
15F WIN 9-8 A.XU 5
14A LOSS 33-46 B.CHEN 14
14B WIN 32-30 B.TRUONG 11, P.GAO 10
14C LOSS 21-28 W.LIU 12
14D LOSS 23-30 M.FUNG 6
14E LOSS 42-18 C.ZENG 8

Mr Hayman’s Team of the Week: 15As
This side had a huge comeback with T Chin scoring the last 13 points for his team to take the win! Eamon Kelly and his crew of superstars defeated Grammar for the first time on Saturday by one point. As you can see from the results in term one, they have converted a narrow loss into a narrow win. Great improvement, boys!!

Congratulations to Eamon on his hard work at junior firsts, which has resulted in a call up to train with first grade!!!! All ‘A’ grade players are encouraged to attend junior firsts.
By Mr Hayman

High Culture In Lower Grade Teams
After watching junior games at E and F levels, I feel compelled to write this piece as a testimonial to these team’s hard work at their game.

Obviously players in these teams aren’t the best in their Year; in fact, many of them had never played basketball before joining SBHS. What has struck me, however, is the dedication and spirit in which these teams play, regardless of whether they be winning by one point or losing by forty. The teams I have watched have embodied a “never say die” attitude, an attitude that I believe is an integral part of High basketball. The teamwork they show when playing is incredible, and even when watching from the sideline players actively encourage and support their team.

Under the guidance of excellent coaches I have seen them improve week by week, and at the moment the sky’s the limit. If these players put effort into training and fitness then one day these guys may be playing in firsts or seconds. I would like to congratulate them on their marvellous effort in promoting the High basketball program as the best in the GPS, and remember, play hard, play smart and play together!
By Chris Chiam

15s CHS Knockout Win!
Once again, congratulations to the 15s Knockout team! They have received a lot of praise recently, and certainly deserve it. The team was unbelievably impressive, undefeated throughout the tournament, and eventually defeating Westfield Sports High, a repeat of last year’s success. Next week’s Shootin’ Hoops will feature Christian Jurlina’s report on the tournament! Stay tuned!
By David Li Wang

~ Go High Basketball!
~ Play Hard, Play Smart and Play Together!
~ Don’t forget to visit the Sydney High Basketball Website!
~ Brought to you by the editors, David Li Wang and Chris Chiam
~ Thank you to Mr Hayman for all his contributions to basketball and information

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SHS Rowing Committee

GPS Sculling Trials Results
Our top eight scullers competed in the GPS Sculling Trials last Saturday at SIRC for a seat in the Combined GPS VIII. Those representing High Rowing were – Michael Ambrose, Andrew Blomberg, Vlad Boulavine, Ryan Caetano, Dominic Edgtton, Tim Gollan, Alex Lazarou and James Whiting.

Congratulations to James Whiting finishing in 21st position overall and High’s most outstanding sculler.

First Aid Course for Parents
It’s very important for parents to attend the First Aid course being offered to you this Saturday 28th November, 11am until 1.00pm.

We, as parents, are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of all the boys while they are in rowing camp each week. This course will give an outline of CPR, and a rundown of what to do in with minor injuries that can occur.

Please don’t miss this special event being organised by Dr Charles Ovadia, assisted by Dr David Blomberg and Peter Ambrose, SLSA CPR accredited. Participants will be presented with a certificate at the conclusion of the mini course.

Fire drill routines will also be outlined.

Parents Working Bee
Thank you to the many parents who helped work on the various projects around the sheds last Saturday. We again achieved some progress with the pontoon work thanks to George Comninos, Peter Ambrose and Steve Whiting.

Jaeho Sim and a group of parents put the second coat of lacquer on the storage cubby holes before they were installed in the dormitory. They look fantastic and are already being used by the boys. Thank you, Jaeho!

There will be another working bee this Saturday, 28th November from 7.30am to finish off some gardening, the pontoon painting, and the final coat of lacquer for the cubby holes. If you have the time, please come and help.

Family Regatta Day – Saturday 5th December
This is our social day of the season. All parents and families are invited to the rowing sheds for a social row with the boys and/or a delicious barbecue lunch by the river. All details are on the flyer included in High Notes.
Julie Blomberg
President High Rowing  

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Family Regatta Day

The Rowing Committee extends an invitation to the entire Sydney Boys High School community to come to the annual open day at the rowing sheds on

Saturday 5th December 2009

From 10am until after lunch at The Outterside Centre, 5 Teviot Avenue, Abbotsford

We hope to see all the current rowing families, as well as the 2010 new intake of students and the wider School community, enjoying our open day.

The Family Regatta Day is a relaxed, informal occasion where you can explore the ‘Sheds’, have lunch by the water, try your hand at rowing, or just simply sit and watch the action. Also worth seeing at The Outterside Centre is the large display of memorabilia from High Rowing’s fascinating, long history. A delicious barbecue lunch of kebabs, homemade salads and desserts, coffee and tea will be available at a reasonable cost. 

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High Cricket Bulletin


BILLETS: We urgently need some additional billeting support for 2 nights for 6 members of the Brisbane State High during their visit this coming weekend, arriving at 11.50am Sunday, departing 6.35pm Tuesday. We are returning the courtesy that their school extended to High boys when we visited them in Dec 2008 with an U15 and U14 Team. IF you can assist with one or more billets for 2 nights it would be greatly appreciated. Mrs Julie Connolly is the Billet Co-ord for the Under 15 players. Her contact number is on the Cricket Website.

1st XI (Day 1) HIGH 10 - 254 (86) -V- GRAMMAR 0 – 45 (15)
The match plan from Coach dictated batting first and that High did with Brian Kelly (73), Avindu Vithange (70), Nakul Bhagwat (32) and Sam Lane (29) contributing to the bulk of the team total. A late lower order mini meltdown saw High finish just short of the target set. A welcome return to form within the team and a great opportunity to focus and work towards an overdue win.

2nd XI HIGH 10 – 49 and 0 – 13 -V- GRAMMAR 4 decl 121
The pre- match practices and plans emphasized application and consistency but unfortunately some players in this group are not taking responsibility for their own performances which is affecting the team’s competitive edge. Newcomers Subhodh Weeratunge (11), Daniel Smith (7n.o) contributed valuable runs while Shejil Kumar 2/37 and Caspar Price 2/19 were the main wicket takers. A strong 2nd innings performance and lead, could see this result swing our way if High shows some real grit.!! 3rd XI HIGH 2 – 73 -V- GRAMMAR 10 - 215 After a workman like performance in the field the High bowling attack maintained pressure on Grammar and rolled them for 215. Wicket takers were Abdullah Sarker 4/32 (6), Iftiar Khan 2/16 (10) and Veeral Patel 2/39 (7). High after the loss of early wickets have steadied with Henry Sit (24n.o), Ishman Bari (16n.o) among the runs. The promise of an interesting Day 2. See Website report.

16 A (Day 1) HIGH - V - GRAMMAR
No match report received

15 A (Day 1) HIGH 2 – 18 -V- GRAMMAR 9 decl – 196
A marathon bowling performance from Owen Duffy 3/46 (18) and Anirudh Ramesh 3/20 (7) kept High in the match until the declaration. The loss of 2 early wickets has made the task harder but with good application and old fashion grit, the match is winnable. See Website report 14 A (Day 1)

HIGH 10 - 114 - V - GRAMMAR 1 - 105
In only their 3rd outing on turf surfaces the lack of exposure made it difficult for our boys to gather momentum against more experienced turf trained Grammar boys. Lasith De Fonseka (37), Phillip Lam (10 ) and George Farrugia (14n.o)) put in solid efforts with the bat and achieved restricting Day 1 to an even finish. The ball is now in Grammar’s court if they want a big win.

5th XI BARKER 4 - 215 defeated HIGH 10 - 159

With a full team the Fifth’s would have walked this one in, but the no shows from the team list left them short in the field costing valuable runs. In a swashbuckling batting performance they tried hard to reach the total but ran out of overs. Adarsh George 2/15 (3) the main wkt taker with Nafiz Chowdhury (50 ret), S .Ali (26 ret) and Daniel Morgan (15) the run scorers. See Website report 4th XI HIGH 5 – 153 defeated GRAMMAR 10 – 149 A good win from a reasonably settled and focused team. Runs from Angud Chawla (40) and Anirban Ghose (18) and sound bowling from the wicket takers Tony Wang 3 wkts, Robert Ma 3 wkts and Liam Aylmer 2 wkts.. See Website report

16 B HIGH 9 – 111 defeated GRAMMAR 10 – 63
A convincing win for High with our bowlers Lee Ming 3/13, and Derek Wei 3/15 taking the bulk of the wickets. Lee Ming (30) completed a great double with bat and ball and Andrew Huynh (21) added the icing on the prize win.. 16 C HIGH 3 - 70 defeated GRAMMAR 10 - 69 Grammar chose to put High in the field, 4 players short. so the U.14C team came to the rescue and until 3 late players turned-up to make a full 16C team. In the meantime Suman Prusty 6/10 (incl.double Hat trick) was destroying Grammar’s line-up, with Shubash Quazi and Marc Paradeza taking 1 wkt each. Allen Fu (45). Abhi Dutta (18) and Jeremy Yao (7) then put together the required runs.

15 B GRAMMAR 7 – 147 (24) defeated HIGH 8 – 145 (32)
Match report not received.

15 C ST. PATRICK’S 9 – 133 (20) defeated HIGH 2 – 70 (20)
High took 9 of the St.Pat’s wickets as they put together a well constructed 133, Wicket takers were High struggled to score against a steady attack which restricted scoring but used their quota of overs with 8 wkts in hand

14 B GRAMMAR 2 - 109 (28) defeated HIGH 6 108 (30)
High lost early wkts and at 2 - 8 were in trouble. Coach Bickram called on his team to bite the bullet and a marvelous comeback through Peter Stephens (36n.o), Jackson Huang (21) and Eric Yu (8) saw them reach 109 their 1st time over the 100run mark. High’s bowlers then stuck to their task and held them Grammar until the last two overs before passing High. Jackson Huang 2/17 (5) took both wkts
Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket

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SBHS 15 years Basketball

Undefeated NSW CHS State Champions:
Congratulations to our boys who did the best the school has ever done in this competition. They defeated Liverpool 103-41, Kingscliff 112-25, Port hacking 92-22 and Westfield Sports High School 97-37 in the Grand final. Despite the score lines our boys played with respect for their opponents and in the spirit of the game. All members of our team heavily contributed to the success. This is the third year in a row our boys have made the final and second year running the boys have won it for the school. Several boys in the team are already in negotiations with USA Colleges and the AIS after SBHS. Christian Jurlina was named MVP of the Grand Final.
Mr B Hayman
MIC Basketball  

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First Grade Volleyball

1st Grade Volleyball won last Sundays NSW All Schools tournament. They completed the 2009 5 tournament series undefeated to rank first in NSW.

The biggest test for the boys starts on December 7 at the Australian Volleyball Schools Cup where they will be competing with around 60 Open teams. The AVSC runs for 6 days in Melbourne at two venues.

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Tennis Report

Under the regime of new head coach, David Deep, High Tennis is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in GPS Tennis. David, who is a former Tennis NSW State Squad Coach, Tennis NSW State Squad Touring Coach and Tennis NSW Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, has brought High Tennis forward in terms of training, competitiveness and attitude. His first step was to implement a new training schedule.

With the implementation of the new logbook system, and under the guidance of strength and conditioning coach Jason Tassell, all 1sts and 2nds tennis players must attend two weights sessions a week, one sprints session a week as well as three training sessions, where the boys work on drilling, technical and tactical elements of their tennis and match play.

The results of the rigorous training have shown during the GPS trials. Whilst not spectacular, the results have generally been positive and more importantly, the boys are playing smarter and better tennis than before. Our second grade no.1 Edward Qui, recently defeated his opposite Grammar number in straight sets, the very person who defeated many of our current first grade players during last year’s season. Our doubles combination of ‘The Russians’ Ben Soroka and Boris Kogan continually deliver solid results as they work together as a cohesive unit week after week, setting up points from the baseline and finishing them off at the net.
Mark Pavone
HT Sport

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From the Canteen

Do you have any special dietary needs eg vegetarian?
Here are just a few things from our menu to tempt you…

Toasties – cheese/tomato etc; spinach and ricotta rolls; macaroni cheese; rice boxes; spinach pides; salad boxes; tabouli; sushi; garlic bread; fruit salad boxes and more…..just ask!

Due to our wide range of freshly prepared foods we can make a variety of sandwiches, wraps, rolls to order – your choice of bread or filling, toasted or untoasted. All you need to do is check our menu or ask if we can do it – and then just order it!!

Remember the best way to guarantee any of your favourites are available for lunch is to place an order before school (from 8.30 am to 9.00 am)

With many Year 12 parents leaving, we are actively seeking new volunteers. We cannot provide the service and range of food we do to your boys unless we have volunteers to help our canteen managers.

If you have never tried helping in canteen, why not give it a go? Helping in the canteen is a great way to network with other parents and to feel part of the school – you can also guarantee you will get to see your son when he shows up to buy food!! It’s a great way to also help make a really substantial financial contribution to our school. No need to wait until next year….introduce yourself now! Please give Karen or Tracey a call on 9360 4027 to see what days they need help the most – any time that you can give us is most appreciated!!

2009 canteen volunteers – please note in your diaries. Tuesday night, 8 Dec for the school Thank You Cocktail party – invitations are on their way!!

Holidays fast approaching
Boys – in case you haven’t noticed, it’s that time of year again and we hope you will all understand that not all your usual favourites will be available in canteen right through to the end, as we are running down stock in preparation for the long summer break. The Canteen Team

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Year 10 Parents Group Dinner

It has become a tradition for us to end the year on a joyous note with an informal dinner for parents. We invite all Year 10 parents to join us on

Wednesday 2nd December, 7pm, at
Non La Vietnamese Restaurant
59 Fitzroy Street, Surry Hills

The cost is $35 per person for a 7 course banquet, BYO beer/wine.

To confirm numbers please RSVP by 28th November by either emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by phoning Fabienne Ovadia on 93861222

We hope to see you there in great numbers

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High Store Reminder for Year 9

Come to the High Store NOW to purchase your senior uniform & avoid standing in line with all the new Year 7 students in Back to School caps.

Senior Tie $28 (NO junior tie to be worn on senior shirt)

COMPULSORY White shirt with S.H.S crest

Short sleeve 14-$24, 16-22 $26, 24-28 $28

Long sleeve 14-$26, 16-22 $28, 24-28 $30

Trouser $65

Complete High Store prices are also available on school website on about, then High Store

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High Society

The Bulletin Board for Sydney Boys High

P & C Julie Connolly P&C President

The Bulletin Board for Sydney Boys High P&C
P & C Annual General Meeting The P&C executive team for 2010 was elected at the P&C AGM held last Wednesday. Congratulations and thank you to the following parents who have volunteered to fill these important positions on behalf of all Sydney Boys High parents. Please make contact through the P&C website at anytime if you wish to raise an issue or make comment to your P&C.

P&C Position Elected for 2010
President Julie Connolly 
Vice President   Geoff Andrews    
Vice President Seh Hang H’ng
Treasurer Louisa Chan
Secretary Deborah Cassell
Assistant Secretary Anne Wall
Welfare Committee Representative Fabienne Ovadia 
Parking Coordinator Alice Paul
P&C Catering and Event Coordinator Barbara Taylor, C
P&C Website Coordinator Steve Saunders
P & C Representative to SBHS Foundation  Geoff Andrews
P & C Representative to SBHS Foundation  Julie Connolly  
P & C Representative to SBHS Foundation Mark Paul
P & C Representative to SBHS Foundation Ish Rajendram
P & C Representative to SBHS Foundation Shane Brown
P & C Representative to SBHS Foundation David McDonald
P & C Representative to School Council   Julie Connolly    
P & C Representative  to School Council Charles Ovadia
P & C Representative  to School Council Geoff Andrews
P & C Representative  to School Council Anne Wall
Alternate P & C Representative to School Council Seh Hang H’ng
Alternate P & C Representative to School Council Julie Blomberg
Alternate P & C Representative to School Council Deborah Dukes
Alternate P & C Representative to School Council Fabienne Ovadia

A Date for Your 2010 Diaries
Please put aside Saturday 20th March 2010 for the Sydney Boys High Food & Music Festival – the P&C family event to kick off the new school year. Of course more details will follow, but it would be terrific for as many students, staff, parents and extended family that can, to join in this whole school event, so please mark your diaries now.

Upcoming Parent Meetings & Events
(details in High Notes)

Saturday 28th November – Rifle Shooting Annual Dinner, Outterside Centre

Saturday 5th December – Rowing Family Day, Outterside Centre

Monday 7th December 6.30pm – Music Committee AGM, Staff Common Room

If you would like to have any parent community news or upcoming events included in High Society, please contact Julie Connolly, P&C President, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; 0418 470 203.  

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SBHS Supporters Reception

The President of the P & C, Julie Connelly and I would like to invite ‘All Supporters of the School’ to our annual

SBHS Supporters Reception

which, by tradition, is held jointly with

Our Annual Visual Arts Exhibition

of artworks by students from throughout the school

Music performances by Encore nominees & outstanding music students of SBHS

6.30 - 8.30 pm Tuesday 8 December 2009 (Exhibition doors open at 5.30 pm)

The Great Hall
Sydney Boys High School
Cleveland Street
Moore Park, Surry Hills

Dr Kim Jaggar

Julie Connelly
P & C President

4 December 2009
Ph: Cathy Northey 9361 6910 Ext: 150 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

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