High Notes, Vol 10 No 37, November 20 2009

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From the Principal

High Talent
Congratulations to the U15 basketball team that won the CHS Knockout Competition convincingly in Terrigal this week. They were undefeated in the tournament, scoring 404 points in four games! A great job by Ben Hayman and the basketball coaches. Well done to Dale Chen, representing High at the Sydney Region Student Representative Council. John Aclis and Hayden Schilling attended ‘Vote Formal’- a civics and citizenship program on behalf of the school. Thank you, boys. At the Eastern Suburbs Public Speaking Competition, Khusshal Vyas (Year 8) placed 2nd in the Junior Section and John Aclis (Year 11) was third in the Senior Section. Congratulations to the second XI for holding out Shore in the second innings at McKay last Saturday.

Year 11 Reports
I am still trying to give out the remaining few Year 11 reports. Students have been told that they have not completed Preliminary requirements and will not be able to sit placement assessments for their HSC courses until their Clearance Forms have been signed off by the Principal and their reports discussed with him. Despite our best efforts there are still boys who think that they are not accountable. Please ask your son for his report and discuss it with him.

Prefect Interns 2009-2010
Our leadership program is broadly based but the most prestigious roles for students are those of School Prefect. I was made aware by the P & C that I had neither published, nor publicly acknowledged the election of our School Prefect Interns. I offer my apologies and a belated congratulations to our Prefect Interns for 2009-2010: Shadman Ali, Michael Ambrose, Puneet Baweja, Andrew Blomberg, Joseph Braverman, Andre Brokman, Justin Chan, Barry Chen, Dale Chen, Gareth Deacon, George Denny-Smith, Dominic Edgtton, Anirban Ghose, Leo Gordon, Austyn Guo, Rafat Kamal, Brian Kelly, Alex Koerber, Shejil Kumar, Benjamin Li, Frank Li, Merlin Li, Andy Liu, Yixin Liu, Jim Nguyen, Antony Paul, Maxwell Phillis, Matthew Phung, Jeremy Rajendram, Hayden Schilling, Joshua Sutton, Kieran Taylor, Avindu Vithanage, Guoxi Bill Wang, Nelson Wang and Stephen Yoon. The Prefect Executive is: Antony Paul (School Captain), Dale Chen (School Vice Captain) and Max Phillis (Senior Prefect). The Prefects must serve an internship that tests their ability to meet their responsibilities as representatives of the school Dr K A Jaggar

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One Hundred Years of The Record

This year marks the 100th anniversary of “The Record” – the magazine of the Sydney Boys High School – which was first published in December 1909. To commemorate this milestone, “High Notes” is publishing a selection of editorials from the various editions published over the past century.

This week we are publishing the editorial from the issue of June 1926. It was written at a time when the School was riding high on the back of winning the Head of the River two years running, and the Yaralla Cup (for the 1st IVs) in 1924.

The Editor for this issue was Colin H Hargreaves.

Is the location of our motto, “extremos pudeat rediise” known throughout the School?

The motto was selected before the idea of participating in rowing activities had ever entered one solitary mind, perhaps, so it is incidental that if forms the very words of encouragement to a crew as it raced for the winning post in Aeneid V, 195, sqq.

The passage certainly seems prophetic – Sydney High School is “Head of the River” once more.

This fact gives rise to a vital question, however – why do we really hold this all-important GPS premiership when our football and our cricket as a whole have not reached a sufficiently high standard? It cannot be wholly and solely that these teams are too light and too young, for tactics on the part of a light side can and often do overwhelm a heavy opposition.

The reason seems to be, “miserabile dictu,” that the necessary school spirit and enthusiasm is lacking. The school is what we make it, and the esteem in which it is to be held depends on, and will be the result of our own efforts to make it worthy of esteem. Love of school engenders interest, and interest can be manifested in many and varied ways to the betterment of school activities.

Among the foremost is attendance at matches. We have been for many years in the unfortunate situation of having no ground of our own for Saturday matches – this difficulty, we are pleased to say, will soon be eradicated – but, even then, if the footballers can spare the time to play, why cannot others do the same to watch and encourage them? There is nothing more disheartening to a team than to hear the incessant roar of opposition barrackers, while there is nothing of greater encouragement than a cheer of “High!” from out of the deep recesses of a timid throat, in opposition, however feeble it may be. It is to be admitted that there are a loyal few who make strenuous efforts to be present at every match. It appears to be the same with all departments of the community – the responsibilities are left to a few who are willing to bear then and who do so without interruption.

But would it not be better to help the “loyal few”? The trend of argument now seems to be, “There’s hardly a chance of a win, I don’t think I’ll go”; or, “Well, to-day’s should be the easiest match of the season – I’ll go”; whereas it is in the first case that the encouragement is needed to the greater degree. A striking example of the results obtained from such sentiments may be had from a comparison between the crowd (?) of supporters at the King’s, or even the Joeys’ match last year and that at Grammar or Scots’.

It is not playing the game.

Then, the Debating Society is in the same position. Do you want to see it abandoned? Evidently so. Now this is an important branch of school life and, as well, an inter-GPS competition; for the honour of the School – perhaps that does not appeal to some – it cannot be let slide as we are one of two schools which have won the Louat Shield twice during the six years since its presentation.

Debating is one of the best means of literary development and delivery. Perhaps the revelation that most enjoyable evenings are spent at these debates will lure some on?

The support received by the editorial staff of the Record in this issue is evidently a genuine reflection of the interest taken in it. This sordid, disinterested spirit which prevails must be extirpated. Everyone must do his part and not leave all to a chosen few. By no means the least of the offenders is the Fifth Year itself, who should set the example for the Junior School to follow! What a noble example! For, after all, we are yet training for the race of life, and just as in training we must give of our best, so now we should lay the foundations on which we are to build as we grow older.

By entertaining a pride, by no means false, in our School, by showing our interest in its activities, by helping to bear its burdens, we are developing a character which should not be found wanting in its entirety in later life.
SHS Old Boys’ Union

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Orientation Day

Many thanks to the students who participated in Orientation Day and helped our 2010 students and families feel welcome.

I would especially like to thank the senior students who assisted our Administration Staff in and around the Common Room. Your help was invaluable and allowed us to move through the enrolment process faster than in previous years.

There were many compliments given on the evening by both staff and new families regarding our senior students. Thank you for doing such a fantastic job and for showing our new families that SBHS “turns out” fine young men.

Thank you also to Mr Con Barris, Ms Rachel Howland and Mr Jamie Kay for organising the students and activities.

A special thank you must go to our Administration Staff for their fantastic efforts on the day. In particular, to those who gave up their evening to help make this event a success.
Sharon Kearns
School Administrative Manager

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Sports Donations

GPS sports competition is very demanding on people and resources. At High we have ongoing needs for facilities development, equipment and development through expert coaching. If you would like to help through a tax deductible donation for a particular sport, the appropriate form can be posted to you by calling 9361 6910. Alternatively, you can go to our website www.sydneyboyshigh.com click on Sport /Sports Donations to download either Development Donation Form or Equipment and Facility Donation Form.

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From the High Store

Come along to the High Store to purchase your senior uniforms. Don’t wait for the holidays. Avoid long queues and the back to school rush by purchasing now! !

Senior Tie $28.00
Short Sleeve Shirt with Logo
    Size 14 $24,
    Size 16–22 $26,
    Size 24–28 $28
Long Sleeve Shirt – additional $2.00
Trousers $65.00

NEW: Basketball metal badge for your blazers $7.70

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Gute Reise

On November 5, the SAGSE Celebration Dinner was held at the Harbour’s Edge in Darling Harbour. SAGSE – the Society for Australian-German Student Exchange – presented the students with their scholarships and I was very lucky to be invited by our scholarship winner (André Brokman - Year 11) to this event.

Thirteen young persons from NSW will be leaving on November 22 for a ten-week stay in Germany, experiencing a winter Christmas, German family and school life and German culture – possibly for the first time. And their teachers expect them to come back with nearly fluent German!

But André is not the only one setting off for the country of the gingerbread houses and fairy castles – Sean Martin (Year 10) is also leaving for an extended period – and I have high hopes for him, too, and then there is Patrick Horton (Year 12) who will be attending an intensive Goethe Language Course in Bonn. And although he is no longer a student at SBHS having completed the HSC right now, I still look forward to his return and a deep and meaningful conversation in German. To all the travellers: gute Reise und viel Spass!

PS. Look up the SAGSE website – you might be interested in applying yourself!
Isabell St Leon

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Music Notes

Tapas & Jazz in the Courtyard and Matinee Concert
Our Tapas & Jazz in the Courtyard will be held on Sunday the 22nd of November 2009 at 12pm followed by our Matinee concert at 1pm featuring all the small ensembles. Students in Stage Bands and Junior Jazz Ensemble are required to be at school from 11am for set up and a run through. Other ensemble members please be at school by 12:30pm.

The Matinee concert following will include the String Ensembles, Philharmonic Orchestra, Percussion Ensemble, Chamber Choir, Training Concert Band, Guitar Ensemble and Rock Band.

We would like to invite you and your family to come along to both these musical performances and enjoy the wonderful array of music.
Please bring along a blanket and picnic basket to enjoy at the Tapas & Jazz.

Music Parking
There is an upcoming Music Parking on Saturday the 5th of December from 4pm-7pm. Please let the Music Staff know if you are able to help out even for a portion of the parking. We would greatly appreciate any assistance as funds raised go towards supporting the Music Performance Program.

Music AGM
The Music AGM will be held on Monday the 7th of December at 6:30pm in the Common Room. We would like to invite ALL parents of boys in the Music Performance Program to attend and give input to the 2010 Music Program. We look forward to seeing you there. Please do not hesitate to contact us in the Music Staffroom if you have any further queries: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Music Tour Wine Fundraise
Following the success of the two wine tastings, we have a selection of wines available for purchase with funds raised going towards supporting the Music Tour to France.

Please collect an order form from the Music Staffroom if you would like to purchase from our selection with a special SHBS Music Tour label, wonderful for a special occasion or a lovely gift.

Ensemble rehearsals
A reminder to ALL students in the performance program an 80% attendance rate is required for award scheme points. If you are unable to attend a rehearsal, you must notify your ensemble director.

Music Tour Band Members – MUST attend every fortnight rehearsal – Week As (Stage Band – every Wednesday.) We have very high expectations to meet and with the amount of demanding repertoire and limited time, we require your co-operation and support.

Music Tour 2010
Parents wishing travel with/parallel to the tour need to contact Angas Travel (Jackie Male) as arrangements need to be made immediately. Josie Tayeh (Yr 7 parent) is trying to determine number of parents travelling. Please contact her on her email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

The 2nd instalment of $2000 is now OVERDUE – 10th of November, please make payments DIRECTLY to Angas Travel and they will provide us with receipt of payments. If you have not been able to arrange this, please see the Music Staff ASAP.

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From the Andrews Library

Library Borrowing Figures
The Andrews Library is holding its own with resources borrowing at an amazing 10,444 for the year so far. Last year when both seniors and juniors used the library, borrowing for the same period was at 11,542. Congratulations all you good readers!

New Resources This Week
The library is now processing new resources just arrived this year just in time for boys who are finishing exams who would like to relax with a good book.

Junior Fiction
Horizon Story; Kevin J. Anderson; The Eye of the World; Robert Jordan; Inkheart; Cornelia Funke; Skeleton Creek; Patrick Carman; Brilliance of the Moon; Lian Hearn; Lord of Chaos; Robert Jordan; The Dragon Reborn; Robert Jordan; The Shadow Rising; Robert Jordan; Son of a Witch; Gregory Maguire; The Dragon Keeper; Robin Hobb; Bloodflower; Christine Hinwood; The Ionian Mission; Patrick O’Brian; The Minpins; Roald Dahl

Senior Non Fiction
Get That Job: CVs; Get That Job: Interviews

Teacher Reference
Supersubs Religious Education; Judith Lyons and Jenny Nemko; Sex Education; Roger Morgan and Steph Yates; Fabulous Fiction; Fran Knight; Enrichment Activities for More Able Students 2; John Morton and Lisa Fabry; Re Short Course: Questions About Faith and Mortality; Carole Knill and Steph Yates; Enterprise in Action; Allan and Eileen Sutherland; Exploring Ideas Of God; Christine Moorhouse and Rob Taylor; Topics in Comparative Religion: Founders and Leaders; Kathryn Yates and Steve Eddy; Enrichment Activities For More Able Students 1; David George and Kathryn Hughes; Anaphylaxis; NSW Department of Education and Training; Applying ICT to Geography; Ann Kenward, Janice Brown, Janice Whittington and Tim Bax; Making the Net Returns Worthwhile; National Professional Development Program
Veronica Crothers

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High Society

The Bulletin Board for Sydney Boys High P & C

Julie Connolly P&C President

Orientation Day
A special thank you to the generous and hardworking team who helped run the P&C refreshment stall at Orientation Day: Nina, Soogie, Min, Iris, Annette, Eileen, Luo, Glendon, Virginia, Vincent, Sachiyo, Kim, Alice, Katharine, Barbara Wonderful teamwork! Thank you.

A Date for Your 2010 Diaries
Please put aside Saturday, 20th March, 2010 for the Sydney Boys High Food & Music Festival – the P&C family event to kick off the new school year. Of course more details will follow, but it would be terrific for as many students, staff, parents and extended family that can, to join in this whole school event, so please mark your diaries now.

We have formed an organising committee, but we would welcome the help of additional parents. If you would like to be involved, please reply asap to Julie Connolly at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Charles Ovadia at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

2009 Annual Report from the P&C
The P&C Annual General Meeting held this week, recorded the P&C’s warmest thanks to all our parent volunteers for their contribution to the High community through out 2009. More than any other GPS school, the ability of Sydney Boys High to achieve its objective of developing scholar sportsmen, depends on the involvement of parents. Because of the increasing contribution of parents in school activities, the 2009 year has been very successful for SBHS P&C. Highlights include the second successful Chinese New Year High community function hosted by the P&C, the launch of a comprehensive P&C website linked to the School’s website and record profits contributed to the School, through the P&C, by the Canteen.

The School community appreciate tremendously, the efforts and contribution of the P&C Executive. Thank you to Geoff Andrews (Vice President and Treasurer), Seh Hang H’ng (Vice President), Shirley Tickner (Secretary) and Deborah Cassell (Secretary) for their time and energy throughout the year. Thank you to Fabienne Ovadia (Welfare Committee Representative) and Alice Paul (Car Parking Co-ordinator) for their valuable contributions in these capacities. Year Group (7 to 12) parent representatives also attend P&C Executive meetings each month. Their contributions and support have been invaluable in assisting the P&C to identify specific year issues and to advance the best interests of the School and its students.

P&C Funding Contributions to School Programs
Over $130,000 has been donated by the P&C to the School during 2009 and this figure does not include funds raised by the P&C’s co-curricular sub-committees for the direct support of the sport or activity they are working for. This unprecedented level of financial support to School programs has been made possible through a combination of P&C membership fees, provision of event car parking within the school grounds, funds raised by whole School community events and profits from the School Canteen.

Special thanks to the Canteen Sub-Committee, led by Christina Chow, who together with the permanent Canteen staff and our large group of parent volunteers, have delivered record profits back to the School. The dedication and energy of the Canteen team continue to produce outstanding dividends from year to year.

The P&C has contributed to School programs including: installation of data projectors and sound systems in classrooms ($15,000); replacement of textbooks ($18,000); fourth annual repayment of the loan for the tennis court redevelopment ($10,000); fund for replacement of the school bus in 2010 ($25,000); replacement of data logging equipment for senior science classes ($7,000); new sporting equipment ($17,000); solar panelling and electrical infrastructure ($10,000); new photocopier ($8,000) and contribution to the SBHS Building Fund for the new Library & Multi-Purpose Centre ($22,000).

There is a growing band of committed members of the P&C who have assisted in exceptional and numerous ways to make these P&C funding contributions possible. Particular mention and our warmest thanks to Barbara Taylor, who continues to contribute in many capacities ‘behind the scenes’. Thank you to Charles Ovadia, Seh Hang H’ng and their team of organisers for delivering another successful Chinese New Year High community celebration. Their efforts and all those who attended have helped further enrich the High community.

Co-Curricular Sub-Committees
Parent involvement is the backbone of the organisation and fundraising for the many sports and co-curricular activities available to High students, which are not available at other public schools. Thank you to all the Co-Curricular Sub-Committees and their parent volunteers, for their exceptional efforts throughout 2009.

Co-Curricular Sub-Committees raised substantial car parking revenues to provide coaching, equipment and facilities for each activity. Significant progress has been made in the organisation of Co-Curricular activities to keep parents involved and informed - in particular through the use of Gmail accounts specific to each group. Involvement in Co-Curricular Sub-Committees continues to provide parents with opportunities to maximise their contribution to their son’s education, from volunteering for car parking or BBQ rosters through to chairing a Sub-Committee.

Early in the year, the P&C hosted a combined meeting for all Co-Curricular Sub-Committees which produced guidelines for consistent Sub-Committee organisation, fundraising efforts and interfaces with the School. Ongoing communication and cooperation between Co-Curricular Sub-Committees to identify common issues and successful strategies, is a key to the P&C’s support of High as a GPS school.

P&C Website
The P&C through the year, identified that an important need was a central information resource for parents to access, to avoid ‘reinventing the wheel’ when new volunteers took on Sub-Committee roles such as car parking coordination or the organisation of a particular P&C event such as the ‘Welcome to New Parents’ evening. The P&C, with the invaluable guidance of Steven Saunders, David Isaacs and James Rudd, established a P&C website directly linked to the School’s website. An intranet Parents Portal accessed via password through the P&C website is now the archive for all P&C and Co-Curricular Sub-Committee information for parent volunteers. The P&C will progressively add to this archive. Thank you to all, for your time and energy in establishing this resource.

Ongoing P&C Projects
The P&C Executive and Year Group representatives worked hard through the year on several ongoing P&C projects that will carry over into 2010. These include:

  1. Broadening recycling within the School, in cooperation with the SRC and School Council.
  2. Refurbishing the Staff Common Room, in cooperation with the School Council and High Staff.
  3. Increasing community participation in whole School events.
  4. Expanding central P&C archives and Co-Curricular Sub-Committee information database that is accessed through the School intranet-based Parents Portal, for use by volunteer parents.

P&C Representation on the Sydney High School Foundation
Another key area of activity for the P&C is its representation on the Sydney High School Foundation. Sincerest thanks for the tremendous contributions made to the business of the Foundation by P&C representatives Shane Brown (Foundation Chair), Mark Paul, David McDonald (Foundation Secretary) and Geoff Andrews. They identified parent community requirements in the planned refurbishment of the Great Hall kitchen and made significant input to establish marketing and operations models that maximise volunteer input, for each of the Foundation’s assets.

P&C Representation on the School Council
Thank you to Charles Ovadia, Steven Saunders and Seh Hang H’ng who represented the P&C at School Council meetings. At Council, the P&C contributed its views on the School’s sun-safe policy and the new Senior Library. Through the Council, the P&C identified Staff requirements in the refurbishment of the Staff Common Room and worked with the SRC on broadening the School’s recycling commitment.

During the year, the parent community also participated on selection panels for the appointment of two important executive positions within the school – Deputy Principal and Head Teacher-Sport.

There is a tremendous level of cooperation and common purpose between Dr Jaggar, the School Executive and Staff, the School Council, the Foundation, the SHS Old Boys Union and the P&C. The P&C thanks all of these individuals and organisations for their interest and support of the P&C throughout the year and look forward to our combined efforts during 2010.

Thank you to all in the High community who have assisted in some way throughout the year. Every contribution great or small is vital, significant and valued. Our School community is noticeably and directly benefitted by your involvement.

On behalf of the P&C, I extend our warmest thanks to Dr Jaggar and the Staff at High who continue to provide a stimulating and enriching school environment for our sons and to guide the School in our shared ethos to develop scholar sportsmen.
Julie Connolly, President

Upcoming Parent Meetings & Events (details in High Notes)

Sunday 22nd November
Tapas & Jazz Great Hall Courtyard

Saturday 28th November
Rifle Shooting Annual Dinner Outterside Centre

If you would like to have any parent community news or upcoming events included in High Society, please contact Julie Connolly, P&C President, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; 0418 470 20

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Basketball: Shooting Hoops

High VS Riverview

Term 1 2009 (Last Time)

2nd WIN 47-46 C.MOLLER 20
4th WIN 67-65 J.WONG 14
5th LOSS 44-29 B.CHEN 8
6th LOSS 39-24 I.LU 9
7th WIN 36-20 A.LE 10
8th WIN 41-27 S.BURNHAM 17
16B WIN 32-26 A.YE 20
16E LOSS 29-21 M.LIU LI 6
15A WIN 51-41 M.CULLEN 16
15D WIN 28-17 L.FANG 8
15F WIN 30-18 B.CHAU 8
14B LOSS 16-18 B.LEUNG 6
14C LOSS 10-27 H.LAM, N.AUTAR  4
14E LOSS 14-49 K.LIU 4
14F WIN 18-16 E.HO 6

Term 4 2009 (This Time)

1st WIN 77-52 C.MOLLER 18 PTS, 10 REBS, 6 ASSISTS!!!
2nd LOSS 50-51 J.GARAY 18
3rd LOSS 18-26 A.KUGENDRAM 6
5th LOSS 24-10 K.LU 8
6th WIN 40-14 B.LY 9
7th WIN 59-12 S.ALI 13
16E WIN 38-19 V.CHEN 10, 8 STEALS
16F WIN 39-17 A.LAU 13
15A LOSS 31-37 E. KELLY 10
15B WIN 26-18 J. LAM 9
15C LOSS 19-21 N.AUTAR 4
15E WIN 42-4 H.ZHANG 12
14A LOSS 30-47 C.SHI 12, A.CHEN 8
14D LOSS 28-19 J.NG 9
14E WIN 24-17 J.HUO 10

High Cricket Bulletin


Congratulations to the winning 5th XI and 16B teams, when both teams held their nerve in tight and exciting finishes, and the latter earning the right to be promoted to the 16A ranks. The senior 1st XI and 2nd XI can reflect on their games as ones that got away through lack of concentration and poor shot selection processes, with this phase of their cricket very much an area for self examination.

We approach Round 3 with the need to stand up and be counted or we will fall out of the premiership race and I call on all of our cricketers to finish Term 4 with the results I have seen developing over the past 4 weeks.

During the next 7 days new items and news will appear on the cricket website which will include programmes to address our player skills development , cricket education, captaincy roles and future plans for tours and interstate exchanges. These items will be of interest to not only our players but also for parents as your participation can expedite the occurrence of some of those plans. Of interest, since the commencement of the cricket season there have been some 11,700 visitor hits on the site.

GROUP 1 (Two Day matches)

1st XI SHORE 7 decl. – 157 defeated HIGH 10 – 56 and 10 – 86 Loss Outright
Day 2.
A disappointing result from our potentially strong premiership contender, where shot selections by experienced players left Coach Davison shaking his head in disbelief after the emphasis placed on this area in the match plan before the start of play on Day 2. In a very average performance against a consistent Shore attack saw Ashwin Ramesh (20) put together the only innings of note. See Website report

2nd XI SHORE 4 decl. – 159(37) defeated HIGH 10 – 86(46) and 8 – 159 (69) Loss on First Innings
Day 2
. What could have been for the 2nd XI with some sensible shot selections and display of skills in the 1st innings could have seen High take this fixture from Shore. This is one that definitely got away from us and I’m hopeful that this team now realizes its potential to win matches. Wicket takers were Tom Connolly 2/21 (8), Sudam Dias 1/38 (9) and Shejil Kumar 1/55 (10). Run Scorers maiden half century in Seconds by Sangeeth Subramanian (56n.o), Sudam Dias (33) and Krishnendu Dutta (14)

16A SHORE 10 – 262 defeated HIGH 10 – 54 and 10 – 72 Loss Outright
Day 2.
1st innings the only score of note came from Subhodh Weeratunge (20). In High’s 2nd innings was again Subhodh (12) and Shanaz Razeen. Wicket takers were Subhodh Weeratunge 4/15 (6), Andrew Huynh 1/41 (9) and Pasan Pannila 3/82 (16) See Website report.

14A SHORE 5 decl. – 268 defeated HIGH 10 – 82 Loss on First Innings
Day 2.
Chasing a huge score, High showed grit and patience with Andrew Dao (18), Jesse Cooper (13), Lasith De Fonseka (10) and stubbornness from Phillip Lam using up overs to restrict the home team’s points Wicket takers, Sai Sivayogarayan 2/34 (7),Lasith De Fonseka 1/40 (8), Andrew Dao 1/26 (4) backed by George Farrugia 5 runs (4) and Phillip Lam 0/24 (7) See Website report

GROUP 2 (One Day matches)

5th XI HIGH 8 - 131 defeated St. IGNATIUS (RIVERVIEW) 10 – 128
A tight bowling performance backed up by good fielding saw HIGH hold their nerve and take the final wkt with the Visitors 3 runs short having needed only 6 runs with 3 overs left. Runs came from Josh Tassel (31n.o), Shimon Danziger (31) .and wickets were taken by Josh Tassel 3 wkts , Shimon Danziger and Arun Surendran 2 wkts each. See Website report

4th XI ST.IGNATIUS 10 -132 (26) defeated HIGH 10 - 119
With some great fielding and run outs from Tony Wang and David Ma High dismissed the visitors in the 26th over. David Ma with 3 wkts led the wicket takers with Robert Ma, Angud Chawla and Tony Wang with one wkt each. High looked on the way to a victory but a middle order batting collapse and a tight finish saw High all out in the 28th over. Main run scorers were Oliver Fio (28) and Anirban Ghose (14) See Website report

16B HIGH 6 – 119 (28) defeated St.IGNATIUS 6 – 118 (30)
Three wins from 4 starts from this team and a solid bowling and fielding performance saw High hold the opposition to only 118 in their 30 overs. Chasing 119 to win after a slow start saw a 45 run partnership bring the run rate to a gettable level and contributions from all achieved a well deserved win with 2 overs to spare. Wickets from Ahdil Ansareen 2/16 (5), Lalitha katupitiya 2/17 (4) and Aman Saksena 1/10 (5). Runs came from Lahiru Katupitiya (30n.o), Ahdil Ansareen (26) and Daniel Smith (22) See Website report

16C ST. IGNATIUS 4 – 95 (19) defeated HIGH 10 – 92 (22)
Riverview chose to bowl and after a frantic start by High batsmen with Shubash Quazi (22) and Emtiazul Hoque (22) the effort fell away in the middle order and we ended with a creditable 92, Riverview’s scoring rate was constant and they reached the total in 19 overs. Wicket takers Shubash Quazi 2/21 (5), Suman Prusty 2/12 (3) and Jeremy Yao 0/7 (3). See Website report

15B and 15C
Scores and reports not submitted

14B St IGNATIUS 5 – 245 defeated HIGH 10 – 40 (26)
St.Ignatius batted first and retired several players in amassing their total and finished with 5 – 245 which was helped by our missed catches and misfields Our boys were a credit, knew they were outclassed, but didn’t give the opposition the satisfaction of seeing the High spirit dented. Best run scorers were Michael Yu (8), Peter Stephens (7) and Samuel Gallagher (6) who held out to 26 overs. See Website report

14C HIGH versus St. IGNATIUS (RIVERVIEW) No Result Another disappointing performance with the lack of commitment and loyalty to High cricket by some 4 boys who were absent from the team list. In a gesture of sportsmanship the Riverview Coach and Under 14 team suggested a mixed team match where an enjoyable 8-a-side-match was played to ensure all boys participated in a match. Our thanks to Riverview, well done. Laurie Heil MIC Cricket

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Subject evaluation and Yearly reports
As the reports are being written and we are able to assess how the students have progressed through the year. I’m sure many of our students are fitter and more skilful now than they were at the start of the year. This is partly due to their efforts in PDHPE as well as being involved in the extracurricular activities offered by the school such as Saturday sport and the fitness training facilities and services.

In the faculty we encourage personal bests and any student who has received a High Distinction (A in Year 10) or a Distinction (B in Year 10), can consider themselves well skilled in the assessed sports of basketball, rugby, soccer and cricket as well as having maintained a higher than average fitness level for their age. The final grade distribution is outlined in the table below.

  Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Total
HD 9 (5%) 25 (14%) 20 (10%) 28 (14%) 82 (11%)
D  27 (15%) 44 (24%) 49 (25%) 69 (34%) 189 (25%)
C  55 (31%) 47 (26%) 64 (32%) 65 (32%) 231 (30%)
M  51 (28%) 37 (21%) 32 (16%)  35 (17%) 155 (20%)
P  38 (21%) 27 (15%) 33 (16%) 6 (3%) 104 (14%)

Many students have received an “Excellent” grade in their “Effort” assessment which reflects a perfect uniform for the whole year. Congratulations to all those who maintained that high level of personal responsibility being prepared for every lesson. Historically the majority of students had a perfect uniform. In 2006 = 67% of students had a perfect uniform record, 2007 = 47%, 2008 = 63% and in 2009 = 61%. Uniform can impact on a student’s final grade as marks are deducted from those students who are unprepared for class. Looking back at the records only a few students have lost a grade due to uniform issues over the years. In 2006 it was 26 students, 2007 = 12 students, 2008 = 13 students and in 2009 = 13 students. In 2010 a cap becomes part of the practical uniform when classes are outdoors, in line with the OH&S recommendations in relation to skin cancer prevention. I’m sure that this will not be an issue for the majority of our students.
G Stein HT

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SHS Rowing Committee

Regattas –
Over the past two weeks High Rowing has competed in the ‘Head of the Parramatta’ and the Loretto-Normanhurst Regatta at SIRC. The boys have rowed creditably while getting good practice at racing.

Upcoming events and regattas are …

  • GPS sculling trials at SIRC where our best scullers will have the opportunity to row for seats in the combined GPS crews – Saturday 21 November
  • ‘Junior Head of the Parramatta’ on early morning - Saturday 21 November
  • NSW Sprint Regatta at SIRC – Saturday 12 December

Good luck to all boys competing!

First Aid – Saturday 28 November
The parents on rowing camp duties are responsible for all the boys staying at the sheds so it is important we all know what to do in an emergency.

The Rowing Committee have organised a First Aid inservice course for all parents and coaches on Saturday 28 November 11am until 1pm upstairs at the sheds (while your sons are rowing).

Please make sure you can attend.

Family Regatta Day – Saturday 5 December
Bring the family for the opportunity to have a go at rowing! High rowers will be on hand to teach the skills involved. Otherwise watch the action, have a look around the High Rowing Sheds, and enjoy our end of year social lunch.

As per the flyer in High Notes, it’s on Saturday 5 December, and a delicious barbecue lunch including kebabs, salads, bread, dessert and coffee/tea will be available for purchase.
Julie Blomberg
President Rowing Committee

Family Regatta Day

The Rowing Committee extends an invitation to the entire Sydney Boys High School community to come to the annual open day at the rowing sheds on

Saturday 5th December 2009

From 10am until after lunch at The Outterside Centre, 5 Teviot Avenue, Abbotsford

We hope to see all the current rowing families, as well as the 2010 new intake of students and the wider School community, enjoying our open day.

The Family Regatta Day is a relaxed, informal occasion where you can explore the ‘Sheds’, have lunch by the water, try your hand at rowing, or just simply sit and watch the action. Also worth seeing at The Outterside Centre is the large display of memorabilia from High Rowing’s fascinating, long history. A delicious barbecue lunch of kebabs, homemade salads and desserts, coffee and tea will be available at a reasonable cost.

End of Season Rifle Dinner 2009

Help celebrate a great year for High Rifle Shooting by attending the 2009 End of Season Rifle Dinner.

WHEN? Saturday, 28th November 2009, 5:00pm

WHERE? The Outterside Centre, Teviot Ave, Abbotsford

WHO? Students, parents, coaches, friends and supporters Dress - smart casual

WHY? To acknowledge the commitment and achievements of all our shooters and because friendships made through sport last a lifetime

COST? $30/person. Payable to the school office by Friday 6th November. Please note this is a BYO alcohol function for adults.

A printable form to purchase tickets for the Rifle Shooting Dinner is available in the PDF version of the High Notes

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