High Notes, Vol 10 No 32, October 02 2009

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From the Principal

High Talent
Congratulations to Rachel Howland (English) on her appointment as Year 7 Adviser for 2010 and to Jamie Kay (Social Science) as her Assistant Year Adviser. Well done to Nakul Bhagwat (Year 10) who has been selected to trial for the Junior State Debating team. Thank you to the team of Year 10s who have established contact with the KRMV school in Sri Lanka as part of our Year 10 community service project. Volleyball continues to thrive with Open and 16A teams having gold medal, straight sets wins in their recent tournament.

School Uniform Policy
Going into summer and looking forward to 2010, all boys should now be wearing school shirts with school logos. We have had a phasing in policy for two years to avoid boys buying unnecessary shirts but from next year I expect all boys will be in the correct uniform. It has also been brought to my attention that some boys in Years 10 and 11 are still wearing junior ties. Seniors need to wear senior ties to comply with the dress code. For next year, school caps will be compulsory for PE for Years 7-9.

The Policy on Lines
Students wishing to purchase lines or strips need a signed note from the Head Teacher of Sport. That note needs to be presented to the manager of the High Store to be processed. The reasons for having a single supplier of additional elements to adorn blazers are: uniformity of design and presentation; recording of all applicants' names; security to avoid fraudulent adornments by unqualified students; and finally that the business stays within the school, benefiting students in the long run. All boys need to comply with this policy.

Year 12 Farewell
This week we said farewell to our Year 12 students who ended their years at High in a happy, collegial atmosphere, full of recognition of their achievements and hope for the future. My speech to the class of 2009 is reprinted below:

Good afternoon to all the parents, staff and family who have come to share our Farewell Assembly for Year 12, 2009. On this special day, we celebrate the ceremonial completion of secondary schooling by reminiscing about the people who featured in our lives, the experiences we enjoyed, the challenges we faced and the disappointments we endured. Our Year 12 students often have mixed feelings about leaving something known, comfortable and structured and facing something uncertain and open ended yet to come. These days evoke strong emotions of needing to seize the moment. We provide a booklet to preserve your before and after images, as well as to express our best wishes, you take away your experiences of the years and a sizable number of group photographs.

I believe Year 12, 2009 has many accomplishments to be proud of. I predict that the cohort's overall academic results will be on a par with last year's good ones. You boys were the first at High to experience a senior library facility. You have led the way in cooperative learning. I urge you to persist with your collaborative efforts in the weeks ahead.

Year 12, 2009 has delivered the best all round sports performance seen by High for a long time. In GPS competition the performances of teams in basketball, volleyball, football and cricket were excellent. Athletics continues to improve as a sport that High can compete in with success. Our rifle shooting team won a co-premiership. Rugby won a first grade match. At CHS competition High had great individual and team successes in a variety of sports, headed up by volleyball regaining its CHS knockout title. The class of 2009 will be remembered for having two Australian schools representatives – Spencer Llewellyn in basketball and Balraj Ougra in volleyball. Congratulations to all Year 12 boys who contributed to the successes enjoyed by High sports this year.

I want to thank the School Prefects and their leaders, Pat, Clive and Nelson; they have served you well. You were the first group of Prefects to have to earn their badges by doing their duties satisfactorily over several terms. The intern system worked well and produced positive benefits in school service and better compliance with canteen responsibilities.

This year's cohort has displayed great ‘High Spirit'. Support for our teams, even under sometimes trying circumstances has been unwavering. I congratulate the eighty-one boys who engaged in two seasons of GPS sport, your commitment is a credit to you. In particular, I want to draw attention to the ‘triple firsts' listed in my Principal's Message – Alasdair, Sam Higgins, Kerrod, Shahar and Matthew. Your dedication to training, travelling, competing and balancing studies and life, is most impressive. Likewise, we applaud the efforts of the ‘double firsts'- Alexander, Sam Burnham, Justin, Stephen, Jeremy, Harrison, Jackson, Kent and Nelson. Thank you to the ‘one-two club' members – Sam Binns, Clive, Simon, Ritam, Jason, Balraj, Avish, and Jack. Well done Neil – our sole ‘double –two' for the year. The foundation of our sporting performances is the group of athletes prepared to compete in multiple sports.

I hope to look back on 2009 as the start of the rebuilding of rugby at High. I really appreciate the efforts made by all involved with rugby to cope with the amalgamation with SGS and the disruptions to the fixtures caused by the agreement. I apologise for the length of time it took to get our home games played at McKay.

The year 2009 will be seen as the turning point year, when High started to take fitness, physical preparation and training more seriously. It is the year of the logbook. Most GPS sports have taken responsibility as teams for the strength and fitness of their members. Individuals are now accountable for what they do to prepare themselves for competition. Our school will perform better as a result of this change in culture, pioneered by the class of 2009.

I want to thank all the Year 12 leaders in co-curricular activities. In music performance, debating, SRC, community service and all the activities that make our school so dynamic, thank you for being such good role models.

In saying farewell to the class of 2009 I want you to consider the words of the major English poet Phillip Larkin, who discussed the differences between his assumptions about what should happen with his life and that those of a university friend, Dockery. …"Where do these Innate assumptions come from? Not from what We think truest, or most want to do: Those warp tight-shut, like doors. They're more a style Our lives bring with them: habit for a while, Suddenly they harden into all we've got And how we got it; …"

Much of what you are now was ‘tight shut' in you when you came here. Your personalities, beliefs and attitudes you carried into Year 7. We hope to have affected your assumptions about the world and its people in your years at High. Your teachers have exposed you to a range of concepts, taught you skills and built your capacity to make informed choices, evaluations and judgements. Teachers and students model behaviours and cooperate to serve you and others in ways that might influence you. We hope that the training in thinking and feeling instilled in you by teachers here, 'how you got it', shapes you positively as people, capable of growing and influencing others. In a sense, you will become your choices, you will live your assumptions. They will become ‘the style of your lives'. One of the great benefits of education is to give individuals the capacity to always question assumptions – theirs and others. I trust your experiences of the total curriculum offered at High have equipped you for further education in its widest sense. As Larkin observed about life: ‘whether or not we use it, it goes'. You have an opportunity to use the next few weeks of your lives very profitably by chasing your academic goals. When your schooling is over I am most confident that you will all use your lives well. High alumni have a reputation for doing so.

I am honoured to have been your Principal while you prepared yourselves for the future.
Dr K A Jaggar

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Canteen AGM

Sydney Boys High School Canteen Committee
Annual General Meeting
Friday 23rd October, 2009

The Canteen Committee will hold its Annual General Meeting in the Boardroom on Friday, 23 October 2009 at 2.45 pm.

All office bearer positions are declared vacant and available for nomination and election. We look forward to welcoming all interested parents.

Christina Chow

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SHS Old Boys' Union

When World War I was declared, on 4 August 1914, preparations were being made for the School's Annual Athletic Carnival. At a special meeting, a motion was proposed, and carried unanimously, that the money raised for sports' prizes – about £35 – should be given as a donation to Red Cross funds. To commemorate this act of spontaneous sacrifice, much cheaper enamel medallions, bearing the words "Pro Patria", were struck, and instead of prizes, the winners of championship events each received a medallion.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of "The Record" – the magazine of the Sydney Boys' High School – which was first published in December 1909. To commemorate this milestone, "High Notes" is publishing a selection of editorials from the various editions published over the past century.

This week we are publishing the editorial from the issue of September 1914. World War I had just commenced in August 1914. From then, until November 1918, over 600 old boys enlisted in the conflict. This represented more than one in five of all those who had been enrolled from 1883 until 1918. Of these, one in ten did not return.

The Editor for this issue was Raymond Newton Kershaw, who went on to be awarded the Military Cross for service with the AIF in France. After the war, he studied at Oxford, as a Rhodes scholar and, having served as a member of the secretariat for the League of Nations, became economic adviser to the Governors of the Bank of England, 1929-1953.

It is in times of great national crisis that we realise most clearly the reality of the invisible links of Empire. When the awakened life blood leaps in the nation's veins, and its pulse throbs in united effort, the petty, miserable talk of independence sinks into its merited insignificance, born, as it is, in the minds of knaves and fools, nurtured with the bitter milk of ingratitude and the sluggish current of ignorance, cradled in the arms of ruin and anarchy.

It is a time of self-denial – this of war – and it is fitting that we, as a school, should have our share in the general renunciation. Of what sacrifices we have made, let us say "It was our duty," nay, more, "It was our privilege"; of what unknown, and perhaps greater sacrifices may come, let us say, not only it is our duty, not only it is our privilege, but that it is our opportunity of fulfilling those obligations to our country and Empire, to which a thousand material kindnesses have given birth.

The time has come to show that patriotism consists, not in empty demonstration, but in willingness to give freely of our best, in eagerness to work strenuously for success, in calmness to meet success or reverse. Our part, as a school, cannot be a very great one in this universal outburst of national feeling; but it is none the less a part. What we do, let us do thoroughly; what we give, let us give ungrudgingly; what we sacrifice, let us sacrifice uncomplainingly; and, if circumstances prevent us rendering any great material assistance, we must remember that there is a fund to which we can all contribute, and all in equal measure. We can all pour our heart's richest feelings into the great treasury of national consciousness; we can spread abroad the uncounted gold of a cheerful forbearance, of a calm confidence, of optimism, of patience under difficulties, should they arise. Such a treasury of true patriotism is as necessary as that other more tangible evidence of patriotic feeling. And while we have done, and will continue to do, our material part, it is into that other vaster fund that our richest offering must be poured, unrecognised perhaps, yet none the less effective, merged in the common inpouring, yet none the less having its influence on the whole.

Let us realise that it behoves each one to cherish and to nourish in his heart the instincts of true patriotism – to cherish and to nourish – not vauntingly, yet proudly; not ostentatiously, yet openly; not boastfully, yet confidently – to the upholding of the honourable traditions of this school, this country, and this Empire.

SHS Old Boys' Union

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From the Andrews Library

SMH Subscription
$45 for your own Sydney Morning Herald daily including weekend papers.

Cheap! Cheap! Could all years ask your parents to go into http://heraldeducation.com.au/hsc and fill in your details and pay with a credit card online for the HSC package.
Fourth Term is the time your yearly payment online for next year and this term is now due.

Year 12 especially please note! – pick up papers from your Library. From only $35 a year, or roughly 18 cents a day, you can get a head start on your HSC studies. Your HSC Success Pack includes:

  • Your very own copy of The Sydney Morning Herald conveniently delivered to your school Monday to Friday during the school year
  • A FREE copy of the Herald Education HSC Perspectives booklet (valued at $15)
  • FREE entry to The Sydney Morning Herald HSC & Careers Expo in 2010 (valued at $10)
  • FREE and EXCLUSIVE access to the Herald Education HSC Success Website
  • FREE access to our HSC School Archives and much more.

For an extra $10, you can have Saturday's Sydney Morning Herald and The Sun-Herald delivered to your school each Monday during the school year.

Open Day Strictly Amateur Chess Competition
Chess has been played for years in the Andrews Library but had to be moved out into the corridors when the Library became too successful and overcrowded. It has returned now that we have two Libraries and is just as popular. The Open Day Strictly Amateur Chess Competition was fiercely fought and turned out to be lots of fun for the boys who are not playing competition chess. The Andrews Library would like to make sure this is an annual event as it was so well contested and created such interest.

The winner was: Sai Vimulanathan Year 7 who played a close game with Anthony Xu from Year 10. Well done to Edric Wong (7), Krishna Visvaa (7) who played out the semis.

Big thanks to Jacob Cao and Charley Peng Year 12 who supervised beautifully off the cuff.

Reminder Its Holidays – so Borrow! Borrow! Borrow! And Read! Read! Read!
YEAR 12. Congratulations. You have been great Library Book Users right to the bitter end and you still have approx $3000 worth of books out. Please remember to return them. Best wishes for your HSC. Any Year 12 wishing to add to the dual Library's stock of Study Guides - we love donations!
Mrs Crothers

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Senior Library

What's Up in the Senior Library
As the newest teacher librarian in charge of this new, exciting and still developing media and resource centre I have learnt much in the past few weeks about what and how excellent learning and teaching happens in the libraries and at SBHS. It has been a pleasure getting to know students, teachers and staff at this great school.

The Senior Library has been operating since the beginning of the year and provides a space and tools to help senior students research, read, discuss, and at times relax. I am looking to further enhance access to good quality resources by developing the online resources and providing improved access to the terrific resources we already have available and to provide links to other useful resources also available outside SBHS libraries.

Currently within the library students have access to magazines and newspapers as well as online access to Library Enquiry and the Internet. Recently we have started adding top quality reviewed and relevant websites to the library catalogue. Students should check these out when doing their assignments and research by just clicking on the links which come up when searching. They will eventually be listed under subjects they relate to so that they are easily accessible.

When a student uses Library Enquiry (Library catalogue) to search for information many different kinds of materials including websites, books, DVDs etc will be listed giving quality information resources. Good quality research does not come from use of Wikipedia alone. Especially as the information listed in this website can be edited by anyone and is generally not authoritative ("Of acknowledged accuracy or excellence; highly reliable" from Answers.com).

Finally I would like to wish all Year 12 students the very best for their final days at SBHS and in the HSC. To support you in your studies and preparation for the examinations the Board of Studies has prepared an excellent web resource called NSW Students Online.

You will need to login to this URL: http://studentsonline.bos.nsw.edu.au/ for access to past HSC exam papers, course syllabuses, instant multiple choice quizzes and more.

You can also find the Board of Studies link for other useful resources in Library Enquiry through the school links to sites listed in the school Intranet.

I have enjoyed my first term at Sydney Boys High and looking forward to getting to know more students, teachers and staff in term 4. Enjoy the break and I hope to see many of you in the Senior Library next term.
Ms Suzanne Gordon
Teacher Librarian
Senior Library

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2009 Creative Problem Solving Competition

Enquiries (02) 9415 1860

Open to all Mid Primary to junior Secondary Students in NSW, VIC, QLD & WA

This year the competition will be held on

Saturday 24th October 2009 12.45pm – 1.45pm

and is divided into six age groups for Year 3 through to Year 8 students

Aim: To provide a challenging and exciting opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in the area of creative problem solving. To foster further development through recognising achievement

Venue: North Shore Development Centre schools: In New South Wales – Ashfield, Bankstown, Berala, Blacktown, Burwood, Cabramatta, Campbeltown, Castle Hill, Chatswood, Chinatown, Epping, Hurstville, Kogarah, Parramatta, Randwick, Rosebery & Wahroonga

Format: A Written test of 40 Minutes duration (mostly multiple choice)

Awards: Individual as well as top school awards. The top three students in each group will each receive prizes worth $500 for first, $200 for second and $100 for third, together with a trophy and gifts. Winning schools will receive $500 worth of library books (of their choice).
Entry forms are available from Mr Walker's office

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Music Notices

Music Parking
Thank you to all the students and parents who help out with parking. Your assistance is much appreciated in raising funds that go towards supporting the Music Performance Program at High.

We have an upcoming parking for Park Life music event on Sunday 4 October (last week of the term) and will require plenty of volunteers from 10am – 6pm. Please let the Music Staff know if you are able to attend a few hours to assist (whole day not required) or email Debbie Dukes at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   or Lynda Brown: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Rock Band
Congratulations to the Year 7 rock band - Generation Resistance - who came 3rd in a band competition last weekend. Samson Lou has been working with them all year and deserves congratulations for this result. Have a look at them on YouTube.

Ensemble rehearsals
A reminder to ALL students in the performance program an 80% attendance rate is required for award scheme points. If you are unable to attend a rehearsal, you must notify your ensemble director.
Music Tour Band MembersMUST attend every fortnight rehearsal (stage band – every Wednesday.) We have very high expectations to meet and with the amount of demanding repertoire and limited time, we require your co-operation and support.

Holiday rehearsals
There will be a holiday rehearsal for all members in the Music tour ensembles on Sunday 18 October from 10.00 – 2.30pm (weekend before Term 3). It is very important that you attend every rehearsal, so please ensure you are available on this day.

Music Tour 2010
Please return the Music Tour forms given out at the last meeting to the Music Staff as soon as possible. All documents need to be collected by the end of this term with passports and travel insurance organised. Please see the Music Staff if there are any concerns.

Parents wishing to be involved and travel with/parallel to the tour need to contact Angas Travel (Jackie) as soon as possible as they need to make plane bookings for you.

The 2nd instalment of $2000 is now OVERDUE, please make payments DIRECTLY to Angas Travel and they will provide us with receipt of payments. If you have not been able to arrange this, please see the Music Staff ASAP

Please Mail to: ANGAS Travel, 303 Angas St, Adelaide, South Australia, 5000
OR Call Toll Free no. 1800 671 331 to make arrangements.

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P&C: High Society

The Bulletin Board for Sydney Boys High P & C
Julie Connolly P&C President

Please note the October P & C Meeting is postponed and will now be combined with P & C AGM in November
It has been brought to our attention that the next P & C meeting is scheduled for the first Wednesday back at school in Term IV. This does not give sufficient time for members of the P & C to complete various projects they are working on and report back to the P & C meeting. We are therefore combining the October P & C meeting with the P & C Annual General Meeting which is scheduled for Wednesday 18th November. We apologise to parents and community who were intending to attend the October meeting, but we look forward to seeing you at the P & C AGM in November.

P & C Website
The P & C website is now up and running and can be accessed through the school website www.sydneyboyshigh.com.au., following the P&C links. We are particularly seeking feedback through the P & C's gmail address - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it - on any issues or comments you would like brought to the attention of the P & C. We are also seeking input from parents and the community on what additional information they would like to see on the P & C web pages.

Volunteer Organisers Needed
We are seeking a group of parents to form the organising committee for next year's Parent social function to mark the start of the new academic year. We need to form this group now so that bookings can be made, themes and catering decided and we can all set aside the date for March next year. Maybe even get a couple of friends together to join the Committee.

Please contact the P & C via gmail address - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it - or Julie Connolly This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you would like to be involved. No special skills are needed and most of the organising is done through email communications rather than face-to-face meetings.

New Parent Mentors
Charles Ovadia co-ordinates the highly successful and very useful New Parent Mentor Program, where current parents make contact with incoming parents (usually by telephone) to welcome them and offer any "settling in" assistance they may need.

In preparation for our intake of new students for 2010, Charles is seeking to recruit current parents to mentor our new parents. Ideally the majority of new parent mentors will have a son currently in Years 7 or 8 as they have the most recent experience to pass on to new parents of Year 7, 2010. However we welcome parents as mentors from all Years! Volunteers who speak a language other than English would also be terrific.

Please contact Charles Ovadia directly This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you can volunteer as a New Parent Mentor. Thanks everyone.

Upcoming Parent Meetings & Events (details in High Notes)
Monday, 19 October – School resumes

If you would like to have any parent community news or upcoming events included in High Society, please contact Julie Connolly, P&C President, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; 0418 470 203.  

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National Art School courses

A range of art courses for students in years 9-12 is available from the National Art School. A flyer with information is available in the PDF version of the High Notes. For further details, see the Art Department

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SHS Basketball: Shootin' Hoops

Holiday Training Guide (Mainly for Juniors)
It is highly recommended for you to train with a few team mates this holiday if possible. I find training with a friend, compels you to work harder due to the competition and it's often more fun. Playing 1 on 1 against a friend or 2 on 2 etc with a few more people without resting for an hour is also good for your match fitness. To warm up, run 3 or 4 laps around the court and then make some lay-ups or try the egg-beater if you're in a group. Tip: Look at the weights room timetable and see when the gym is open...

Two lines directly under the backboard facing halfway. Each line has a ball at the front. One player comes to the front of the left line and faces the player at the front of the line. Rules: If you make a pass you cut behind the player you passed to and look to receive the ball from the other line. After receiving the ball from the other line you must shoot it (start close to the basket). After shooting the ball, get your own rebound and pass the ball back to where you received it from. Keep the drill continuous by knowing your role, making simple shots, passing the ball on and cutting when required.

When you're shooting, just remember BEEF!

B alance the knees and stabilise the body with feet shoulder width
E lbow in line with shoulder
E yes focused on target
F ollow through flicking the wrist and pointing at target

Areas you should practise are: the free-throw line, the elbow and all around the key. Once you've achieved over 50% accuracy, practise some 3s. Also try different types of shots like jump shots and hook shots.

Brought to you by David Li Wang and Chris Chiam

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SBHS Rowing Committee

Saturday 24 October 2009
From 8.00 am at the Outterside Centre
5 Teviot Avenue, Abbotsford

It is 50 years since the golden years of Sydney High Rowing when we won the 1953, 1957 and 1959 Head of the River.

Members of the mighty 1959 Sydney High Head of the River VIII will attend the day and speak with the fellowship of SHS Rowing 2009-10.

All old boys, current rowers, and their families are invited to this special 50 year celebration regatta and shed barbecue.

Regatta Events on the morning are:

  • Old boys VIII challenge High 1st and 2nd VIIIs
  • Old boys, parents and friends challenge
  • Presentation and barbecue.
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SBHS Cricket

The Term 3 vacation period is now upon us and at cricket many will be in pre-season practice and training mode over the holidays. The Opens Squads will move into camp this coming Saturday for three days of solid workouts and skills session. There is also a series of Trial matches that give us the opportunity to trial many players in match conditions.

There will also be a Two day Cricket Clinic for our Years 7 and 8 cricketers, details for which appear herein. The schedule of Trial Matches and details of the Years 7/8 Cricket Clinics will be available on the cricket website. All players are urged to check to see what they can do cricket-wise over the break.

Whilst registering on the cricket website was introduced this season in lieu of distributing forms at sport, there is no excuse such as "I was not told or didn't know about it." when it has appeared regularly in these Notes , Mango Sheet with specific reminders and announcements at sport. These forms provide information for car pooling (suburbs), age qualification cut offs (for rep teams), mobile contacts (late changes), and email addresses for team/general information. The registrations also identify those players in group 1 teams against which attendances at sprint and strength training sessions are recorded enabling them to qualify for selections. Unfortunately, the senior Years are letting down the administration team being by far the lowest registered group at cricket. Congratulations to Years 7 and 8 who are showing up there senior counterparts. It looks like we will have a lot of new registered faces in our Group 1 teams this season.

Players have been placed in teams as a result of the limited net exposure through the volume we have had to accommodate due to the lack of grounds. With the final training sessions and some trial matches during the vacation period a further assessment will occur and players may be changed based on their form and ability. I would not like to see players with heads down through being in a "B" or "C" team to start because exposure and time may see you selected in the team you considered you could be in. So in the short term the player's application will have a bearing on which team they will play their in first GPS match.

A total of 30 players have been invited to attend this squad's camp identified by the 1st and 2nd XI coaches and selection panel. The decisions were difficult based on the number who tried for the squads and potential who did not make the initial camp. Some 49 players submitted Expressions of Interest in the first instance and of course in that number there were several looked at for the same category. For instance 6 wicketkeepers were assessed for 2 positions, as well as a number of off and leg spin bowlers. It is unfortunate that keen cricketers have to miss the opportunity for selection in the 1st and 2nd XIs but this year to add incentive the 3rd XI will be the tier of players pushing both the senior XIs for their spots. A pre-selection factor in the three senior XIs will be those who meet the criteria of four elements and without compliance (or specific reason non attendance) selection will not occur.

I wish all of our trial lists at all levels my best wishes that they do well in their endeavours and achieve their goals.

It has been highlighted in the absence of several players vying for senior XIs selection from either sprint or strength training sessions through reports submitted to me and comments during cricket briefings. I remind all players that to be selected that this applies to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 16A, 15A and 14A teams. To remind all, this policy has been set by the Principal that a player must (a) attend sport afternoon, (b) a separate team practice, (c) sprint training and also (d) a strength session. I trust that these conditions are very clear to you all as it applies to all sports in respect to Group 1 teams so the responsibility rests with individuals. For players in "B" teams you should also attend these sessions if you are seeking selection in an "A" team and displacing an out of form, injured or non-available player.

Will be conducted in the school nets and adjacent areas during the vacation period between 10.00 am – 3.30 pm on Thursday 15th and Friday 16th OCTOBER. Players will be given the opportunity to nominate for the Clinics via the cricket website. Players will be exposed to batting, bowling and fielding skills and techniques as well as match condition scenarios. Details will also be available for the Under 14A and Under 15A teams who are scheduled to play Trial matches against Newington College
Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket

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School Student Transport Scheme

School Student Code of Conduct
Students travelling on buses must

  • Dip school bus pass or pay the fare when joining the bus. This is particularly important as the data collected from the on bus fare collection system may be used for service planning purposes
  • Use school specials when provided
  • Vacate seats for adults
  • Follow the driver’s instructions about safety on the bus
  • Respect the needs and comfort of other passengers
  • Behave appropriately at all times (e.g. no offensive language, no throwing things)
  • Protect bus property (e.g. no vandalism)

Students are reminded to

  • Only use the school bus pass for its intended purpose i.e. for travel between home and school (does not include travel to and from sporting activities)
  • Maintain possession of the school bus pass at all times.

During 2009, authorised officers will be deployed to inspect Code of Conduct compliance on school bus services in the Eastern Region. Students who are found to have breached their obligations may lose their travel entitlement and possibly incur an infringement.

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Wine Tasting Fundraiser

Please join us for an afternoon of wine tasting and music in the Great Hall to raise funds for the 2010 music tour to France. Entry will be $10 at the door with a variety of wine and nibbles available, with around 30% of each wine order going toward the tour funds, so come along and invite your friends!

Sunday 18th October
3:00pm to 5:30PM
Sydney Boys High School, Cleveland St, Moore Park


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