High Notes, Vol 10 No 28, September 04 2009

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From the Principal

High Talent
Chris Morrow jumped 2 metres at the Trinity Invitational – well done, Chris! First prize in the Short Films – Junior Section, in the Woollahra Council Youth Photographic Award, was won by Samuel Weight and Brendan Hancock, with their piece entitled: “Me, Myself and Him”. Congratulations, boys! Khushaal Vyas (Year 8) has been appointed as the youngest ever member of Fairfield Council’s Youth Advisory Committee. Khushaal will also be helping to present a radio show on Youth Affairs on FM 89.3 on alternate Mondays. An interesting achievement, indeed! High’s first grade rugby team rode their first half luck and toughed it out in the second half to record their first win of the GPS season against Scots third grade last Saturday. Congratulations, boys! In Association Football our first grade boys came back from a goal down to force a strong draw against a Newington all-stars team that spanked us in the trial game. A great result boys – second on the table with one to go!

Review of the Student Awards Scheme
Our Student Awards Scheme is a cutting edge student recognition process that has inspired many boys to become involved in school life and to stay connected throughout their six years at High. We are seeking participation in a cross section of school activities to earn award scheme categories. However, of recent years the intensity of GPS competition and the standard of preparation required to be even reasonably competitive have made the earning of some categories lopsided. In summer or winter sport some boys may be doing 15 hours of training, travelling and playing each week of the season to earn the same category in the Scheme as others who are spending 5 hours each week at a lower level. I have complicated matters by insisting on logbooks for A and B teams in the senior school. [ At this stage these are optional in the Junior School. ] I would like to see the Scheme for High Junior School students retained pretty much in its broad participatory form but the High Senior School Scheme could well be modified to allow for weightings for activities at various levels of commitment. I am thinking about whether we should have 10 points per category (hence 80 points for an award) and having a graded reward depending on participation level. Senior students may then be deterred from taking ‘soft options’. For example, if rugby first XV players were worth 10 points, second XV 7 and third XV 5, there would possibly be more incentive to do the training and reach the level. In football, teams 4-6 would be 3 points and teams thereafter 2. That could work for basketball and tennis. Rowing might be 1st VIII 10, 2nd VIII, 7, first IV 5 and so on. It might work with cricket, too. Sports with lesser time demands and non-GPS sports might carry a maximum weighting of 6 or 7 points to reflect the time commitment required.

Messrs Gainford, Kourtesis, M. Smith and D Smith, on behalf of the Co-curricular Team, are investigating the Awards Scheme and will be making recommendations to the Team for consideration by the Executive [see HN090821]. If you have thoughts about how the Scheme could be made more equitable while retaining its character as a reward for broad participation rather than excellence in one or two areas of endeavour, please give your ideas to these staff representatives. Decisions will have to be made soon!

High Sportsmanship
[It is always a pleasure to receive congratulatory emails such as this one. Thank you to all concerned!]

I wish to make known to you three outstanding students who assisted myself and The Kings 15 E's Football team on the 22nd August 2009. Jasper Garay, Blake McGlenchy and Dhruv Guptaa were enthusiastic Rugby players who volunteered to make up some numbers in our football team. These boys displayed excellent sportsmanship, fairness, service and courtesy. They enjoyed playing in league with our boys and even managed to score a goal.

Our team benefitted through their friendliness and buoyancy, which ensured a friendly and fun game for all. A special thank you to the High 15 D's football team and coach Ken, for their patience and enjoyment of the game. I thank you for producing such wonderful young men. Could you pass on our regards to these boys. Tracy Sheen & Robin Alexander (SBHS class of 2002) [coaches from King’s School]

A History of The Record
Last year Joseph Waugh, OBU President, wrote a series on High Headmasters, published in High Notes, to commemorate the 125th year of the foundation of the school. His interesting vignettes added colour to our weekly publication during our 125th year. This year he has offered a series on the publication of The Record. It is rare for school publications to maintain a long publishing history. High’s annual publication – The Record – is celebrating its 100th year of publication. Thank you to Joseph for his initiative and dedication.
Dr K A Jaggar

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Year 12 Parents Farewell Dinner

7pm Tuesday 22 September

1st Floor, 468 - 472 Cleveland Street (near SBHS)

Banquet Menu $30 per person
BYO alcohol

RSVP Toni Lindeback 0403 923 359
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Please indicate if you would like a vegetarian meal.
Toni Lindeback & Megan Eriksson
Year 12 P&C parent representatives

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Year 12 Meeting

Re: References Wednesday 9 September in The Great Hall

Please ensure all documents are to be returned to the Ante Room by Friday 18 September

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From the Andrews Library



Assassin’s Apprentice – Robin Hobb, The Ask and the Answer – Patrick Ness, The Tales of Beedle The Bard – J.K Rowling, Dark Water – Koji Suzuki, Teen Inc. – Stefan Petrucha, Twister -  Chris Ryan, A Small Free Kiss In The Dark - Glenda Millard,  Escape Velocity – Mark Walden, Treasure Isle – Yozaburo Kanari, Breaking Dawn – Stephenie Meyer, Stargazer - Claudia Gray, Hey Nostradamus – Douglas Coupland, Wildfire – Chris Ryan, Flash Flood – Chris Ryan, Vortex – Chris Ryan,  The Belgariad -  David Eddings, Tom’s Midnight Garden

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From the Canteen Team

Our August $10 Thank You voucher goes to Pauline Chan(Darryl year 8). Thank you Pauline for being a supporter of the canteen. We are sure Darryl will enjoy choosing from our tasty menu!

We are acutely aware of the large number of boys we need to serve during the recess and lunch breaks. The serving window arrangements are in place to maximise serving efficiency and minimise queue times for everyone.

Please be reminded that at recess and lunch, year 12 and 11 purchase hot food, sandwiches and drinks from the window on the far right of the canteen, year 10 and 9 from the middle window, year 8 and 7 from the window on the left(nearest the classrooms). At the window around the corner from the year 8 and 7 window drinks, ice creams and treats can be purchased. Please refrain from asking for hot food from that window or ice creams and treats from the hot food windows. The ovens, fridges and freezers are strategically placed within the canteen to ensure the arrangements outlined above can work well.

It would be great if you can help us help you minimise the time you spend in the canteen queue at recess and lunch.
The Canteen Team

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SHS Old Boys Union: Editorial

The Record
Our readers may not be aware that this is not the first journalistic venture made by the school. Almost a generation ago the torchlight of public review was cast upon the activities of the school in the "High School Chronicle." This paper first appeared in December, 1887, and subsequently once a quarter for two years. Then a mistake was made in handing over the control to the Literary and Debating Society. Full of youthful zeal and enthusiasm, and sanguine of success, the officials of this institution decided to issue it monthly. The resultant strain on the editorial imagination and on the pockets of the subscribers proved too exhausting, and the "High School Chronicle" breathed its last in 1890.

We boys of to-day should look back with pride and envy on the spirit which prompted our predecessors to found so many institutions for the cultivation of a genuine school feeling, especially when we consider that the "Old High" was then in its infancy, and the roll of scholars a modest one. They saw the need for a stimulus to social activity and "esprit de corps," and spared no effort to supply the vital force that was lacking.

Let no one imagine that the idea of reviving the High School journal is due to the ardour of a few boys. For some months past it has been a topic of conversation among the members of the school. Now the bud of literary enthusiasm has burst. Whether it will wither away to nothingness or bring forth fruit in abundance rests entirely with you. If you cordially co-operate with the Editors in supporting "The Record," both with literary matter and ungrudging financial aid, then the organ of our school – the property of the boys themselves – must be a success.

A paper, to be worthy of the name, must be printed with some definite object. And what are the objects to be attained b the publication of "The Record"? They are many and varied, but none the less important. Our magazine should materially help to focus the efforts of our boys on to one common end – the advancement of the school. It should unite the various clubs and school societies by presenting to them a common vantage-ground on which to set forth their opinions, to compare their advancement, and to win encouragement for greater efforts. It should bring the boys of the SHS, past and present, into close touch by giving them a means of knowing more of each other. The interest of the old boys is a most important factor in the up-keep of the school. We value their friendship and help so highly, that both masters and boys must be gratified at the opportunity this paper gives us of becoming more intimately acquainted with them, through the agency of a school press. One other very important object of a paper such as ours is to encourage the boys to write, and thus prepare them to achieve higher literary triumphs later on. If these objects are attained, we may rest content that our efforts have not been in vain.

Ere long this paper will be exposed to the critical, yet, we hope, kindly, eyes of our comrades. To them we plead that it is our first literary production. If it does not correspond in every particular with their idea of what a school magazine should be, let them resolve to lend us a helping hand. It is our wish to produce a readable, interesting, and faithful review of our school life in all its activities; and to do this we must have the willing assistance of the boys, one and all. Though conscious of our journalistic inexperience, and the deficiencies of our maiden effort, we commend this issue to our readers with some degree of confidence, believing that we shall not ask in vain for the hearty co-operation of all students, past and present.
SHS Old Boys’ Union

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Tournament of Minds

‘What High Spirit is all about’
Sydney Boys High is mostly known for emphasising Sport and Academics. We don’t usually get a chance to participate in performing arts unless we’re involved in Drama/Theatre. Tournament of Minds is a great opportunity to be involved in a team focussed competition where groups of 7 combine their individual strengths in acting, preparation, co-operation and leadership to solve a challenge and present their interpretation through a timed performance. This year, we entered 2 teams- one in the Social Sciences and another in the Language/ Literature section. The Regional final was held last Saturday 29th August, hosted by Sydney Girls’ and we competed with teams from across the Sydney East Region.

The Language /Literature team consisted of Gananatha Minithantri, Ming Pan, Sooraj Prakash, Nicky Pinidiya (all year 9 students) and Robert Tan, Henry Feng and Riley Irwin (year7 boys)

The Social Science team included Samir Kinger (year10) , year 9 students Christopher Chiam, Vivek Shah, Suman Prusty and Allan Feng (year8) Ryan Rawnak and Andrew Zhang (year7).

The students were selected after training and impromptu presentations over a number of lunchtime sessions conducted by Anirban Ghose and Andre Brokman who worked as facilitators for the teams and shared their experience and enthusiasm.

The challenge is published 6 weeks prior to the event and the teams are not allowed to have outside assistance after this date. This does not leave much time to produce a performance that satisfies all aspects of the requirements. You need to solve the problem and demonstrate this in a creative performance. This includes a script, costuming and props (none of which can be beyond a minimal budget so you have to be resourceful). Things were further complicated for the Social Science team who were required to choreograph their performance!! Initially, the students were horrified. However, they proved that with commitment you can overcome anything- even something that you didn’t want to do! (i.e. dance in public)

We all agree that it was time-consuming and the meetings were at times intense but the end result was amazing. We got lots of positive feedback from the judges, and were disappointed that we didn’t make it to the State final.

It was a great opportunity to extend ourselves out of our comfort zones. It’s good for confidence, building friendships with students outside your year group that you might not otherwise have gotten to know and for learning how to work as a team under pressure. We’re all looking forward to next year when we can have another chance at making it to the next level. Experience is a real advantage. If you get a chance to compete, DO IT-trust us-you won’t regret joining in.
Gananatha Minithantri. Year 9

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Volleyball Report

High’s Second grade volleyball remains untouchable with Scot’s proving no match against High’s consistency. Despite being the shortest player in the team, Hugh Huang played many trick shots which succeeded in confusing the opponents blocking system. Hugh was ably supported by Jonathan Mok Once again High prevailed with a straight sets win.
Brendan Cheung
Captain of Second Grade

Volleyball Results for Saturday 29 August
First Grade defeated Scots 3-0
Second Grade defeated Scots 3-0

The Saturday is the final round for GPS Volleyball. High play Grammar at High
9:00 am 2nds
10:00am 1sts

Both teams will be trying to defend their unbeaten record.

Seconds haven’t lost a set and will be keen to keep their record intact.

Firsts need to defeat Grammar to avenge their loss in the same match last year and earn the “2009 Champions” title.

Junior Tournament Results
7/8 Division – 1st Place: Grammar, 2nd Place: High 1, 3rd Place: High 2
9/10 Division- 1st Place: High, 2nd Place : Grammar, 3rd Place : Newington.

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SBHS Debating

GPS Round 5
Once again a fantastic result last week at Newington debating topics as laptops for students, animal testing and genetic privacy/insurance company profitability!

    v Joeys v Iggies v Kings v Scotts v Newington v Grammar v Shore
Year 7 A 0 0 0 1 0    
  B 1 1 0 0 1    
Year 8 A 1 1 1 0 1    
  B 1 0 1 0 0    
Year 9 A 1 1 0 1 1    
  B1 1 1 1 1 1    
Year 10 A 1 0 1 0 1    
  B 1 1 1 0 0    
Seniors Firsts 1 1 1 1 1    
  Seconds 0 0 1 1 1    
  Thirds - 0 1 - -    

GPS Round 6
we are HOME hosting Grammar which is promising to be the most challenging round of the season as both First teams are undefeated! This is also the second last round of the competition and our second last home debate. More than ever I encourage all boys to show their support for our teams – especially Firsts as they work towards a competition winning victory. The topic area is ‘current affairs’ which doesn’t help to narrow things down, but consider: violence in the school yard, NSW politics (public figures, private lives…) or nuclear powers (Iran). Let’s hope it’s not another footballers behaving badly topic!

PDC Debating
The Premiers Debating Challenge is open to all Government schools in NSW. SBHS has teams from year 7-10 and teams contesting the Karl Cramp Trophy (Year 11) and the Hume Barbour Trophy (Years 11 &12).

Our Year 11 boys have performed brilliantly with the support of Ms Berger and will be contesting the grand final against Sefton HS on Monday 7th September at the Botanic Gardens. Our Year 10 team is also progressing well and is currently contesting their second knock out debate on their way to becoming Regional Winners and fingers crossed winners of the Teasdale Cup at the grand final in November. Our years 7 & 8 teams have shot through their initial rounds due to forfeit from the opposing school but I expect greater challenges and successes for later rounds!

Best of luck to Angud Chawla, Antony Paul, Justin Chan, Max Phillis as ambassadors for debating and Sydney Boys High!

More information can be found at www.sydneyhigh.org/debating and will be emailed to you on a weekly basis.

Please CHECK YOUR EMAIL regularly and ensure we have current contact details for both students and parents.

PARENTS: If you are not receiving weekly emails about debating please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and ask to be added to the parent group for your child’s year.
Dana Quick
Debating Coordinator

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P&C: High Society

The Bulletin Board for Sydney Boys High P & C
Julie Connolly P&C President

Thank you so much to all those parents who volunteered to help Barbara Taylor with the P & C on Open Day. We had a tremendous response and we are looking forward to working with these volunteers on Thursday, September 24.

Upcoming Parent Meetings & Events (details in High Notes)

Tuesday 8th September 7.00pm
Phillip Day Scholarship dinner, Great Hall.

Wednesday 9th September 6.00pm
Fencing Committee Meeting, Staff Common Room

Thursday 10th September 6.30pm
Football Annual Dinner, Great Hall

Saturday 12th September 6.30pm
Rugby Annual Dinner, Great Hall

Tuesday 22nd September 7.00pm
Year 12 Parents Farewell Dinner, Maya Tandoori, Cleveland Street

Friday 25th September
Debating Annual Dinner, Great Hall

If you would like to have any parent community news or upcoming events included in High Society, please contact Julie Connolly, P&C President, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; 0418 470 203.

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Open Day 2009

An invitation to prospective parents and students. Please take this opportunity to see our school in action. If you have siblings or friends in years four and five who are interested in attending Sydney Boys High School could you please forward this information:

Sydney Boys High School
Open Day 2009

See our school in action.

Thursday 24th
September 2009

Developing scholar sportsmen is our tradition

Sydney Boys High School
Moore Park, Surry Hills 2010
Phone: 9361 6910

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Sydney Girls High Open Night

Invitation to OPEN NIGHT

Wednesday 16th September 2009

"Leading the Way- Celebrating 126 Years of Public Education"

Sydney Girls High School will be celebrating its Annual Open Night on Wednesday 16th September 2009. Open Night showcases the talents of our students in the academic, sporting and cultural fields. Students, parents, staff and "Old Girls" as well as prospective students and their families are warmly invited to attend the evening. Come along and find out more about the school and the opportunities it offers its students


Displays by all faculties and co-curricular groups in the Main Building/Campbell Hall/Common Room. Debates, multimedia screenings, drama, music, languages and Tournament of Minds performances

Official Ceremony and music/dance performances in the School Hall

Annual Fashion Parade in the School Hall

Anzac Parade, Surry Hills 2010
Phone 9331 2336
Parking: Cleveland Street- Gate 4

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SHS Rowing

The Sydney High Rowing Challenge Saturday 24 October 2009

Old boys, school community, parents and friends Get back in an VIII/Learn to row Join our ‘Back to the Sheds’ rowing event!

Donation: $300 per seat (in crews of eight) Includes:

  • 5 Saturday dawn training/tuition sessions - 19th/26th September and 3rd/10th/17th October
  • Boat, coach and cox per crew (if required)
  • Post training barbeque breakfasts
  • Regatta Day racing – Saturday 24th October
  • Back to the Sheds Brunch and Presentation (same day)

More information and registration – This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it - Julie Blomberg mobile: 0416 061759

The inaugural old boy crew from last year said they enjoyed getting back on the water in the quiet of the early mornings, the physical activity involved, and all followed by a social barbeque breakfast. They’ll be back to once again challenge the school crews, and take on other old boys, parents and friends.

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SHS Basketball: Shootin' Hoops

The High Basketball Season Is Back!
It won’t be long before you’re back on the courts for try outs. Start training with your friends ASAP to get back in form, and practise your shots repeatedly (I know mine have gone pretty bad and need a lot of work). We’re hoping for another great season, after coming 3rd in 1st grade and 2nd in 2nd grade last season and hopefully we can match the effort of last season.

For that to happen, we need you to support the 1st and 2nd Grade teams more than you did last season! Whenever you’re at the same venue as them, don’t hesitate to watch the game, just go watch it and cheer on our teams, especially if we’re home!

I also urge non basketball players to support us when possible, as last season the cricket players gave us support that helped a lot. I thank all the supporters in advance and also don’t forget to buy from our basketball canteen. In addition, the Hayman Cup will be back again with the same point system, and if you’ve forgotten or don’t know about what it is, please visit http://www.sydneyhigh.org.au/basketball/introducing-the-hayman-cup/ to find out.

The Basketball Website
I’ve also recently updated the Sydney Boys High Basketball website, which can be found at http://www.sydneyhigh.org.au/basketball/. It now has a new banner (The banner found in the gym with the play hard, play smart and play together logo), giving it a new slicker look. A web poll has been added (asking What do you think of the new site layout?), and a page on the Sydney High Basketball Themes, Traditions and Rules, written by Mr Hayman has also been posted there. The Hayman Cup information, as well as future tables for the points etc will also be posted there.

Australian Schoolboy Basketball Representative – Spencer Llewellyn
Spencer Llewellyn also made the Australian Schoolboy Basketball team along with many other GPS players, including the National Schoolboy MVP from Newington. This shows if you work with our school’s coaches, anything can be possible. Congratulations Spencer!

1st and 2nd Grade Teams for Term 4 2009

The 1st and 2nd Grade teams were chosen recently and the positions were hotly contested, resulting in very difficult decisions. There may be some changes to the teams. At present the teams are as follows:

SBHS 1st Grade
Leo Gordon (Captain)
Steven Yoon (Vice Captain)
Craig Moller
Josh Sutton
Chris Morrow
Christian Jurlina
Jeremy Rajendram
Emmett Naar
Daniel Jones (Injured)

SBHS 2nd Grade
Antony Paul (Captain)
Yixin Liu
Lloyd Perris
Blake McGlenchy
Matt McDonald
Jasper Garay
Scott Rezenbrink
Shiraz Biscevic
David Nguyen
Nelson Wang
Nikhil Autar (Injured)

Brought to you by David Li Wang and Chris Chiam

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SBHS Football Dinner

The 2009 SBHS Football Dinner

SBHS Football will celebrate the efforts and achievements of our boys as well as acknowledge staff, coaches and supporters at the SBHS Football dinner on Thursday 10th September 2009

The coach of each team will be invited to attend the dinner as a guest. Players are asked to take responsibility on a team-by-team basis for any end-of-season gifts to their team’s coach.

The dinner will be held on
Thursday 10 September 2009
in the Great Hall at 6.30 pm

The cost of the dinner will be $30 per adult and student. For children under 11 yrs old there is a special rate of $20.

Payment for the dinner must be made at the Main Office by Friday September 4th

Boys to wear school uniform at the dinner. BYO drinks.

Please detach the form below and hand it in with your payment at the Main Office

A printable form to purcahse tickets for the 2009 SBHS Foodball Dinner is available in the PDF version of the High Notes

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Football dinner slideshow

All SBHS Football Teams
Please send in your action photos! At the end of season Football Dinner on Sept 10th, we’re aiming to have a photo slideshow of action shots from every team in every age group, taken during the current season. Please take your cameras to the upcoming games, email your photos to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Thank you!

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SHS Cricket


One week closer to the commencement of our preparation for an all out assault on all Group1. opposing schools this season, with the proposed pre-season activities to have us ready to fire on day one of competition. Although we will be restricted with the lack of support facilities until the Centennial Park Trust

The response to the call for expressions of interest in the open squads was encouraging with those nominating prepared to accept the four conditions of participation set by the Principal to gain final selections. Each player has undertaken to train on sport days, attend a separate team practice, attend at a strength or sprint session and participate in teams on GPS Saturdays. A total of 34 student cricketers nominated by the due closing date and time, and we have gauged the interest and commitment of players by those meeting specific time limits and handling instructions which is essential in the learning process and participation in team groups. Three late applications arrived and have been placed on a reserve list due to, as the majority of respondents demonstrated awareness of the oncoming season via High Notes in previous weeks and Mango sheets which would indicate too casual a response

In previous season on day one of the summer sport afternoons we have issued these forms and generally found that there are a variety of reasons that registration does not occur. This season, with the addition of the ability to complete returns using the cricket website all registrations are to be completed on line and will be checked against attendance rolls. The importance of this cannot be stressed as a must for all, as we then formulate the number of teams we will nominate for competition in each of the age groups. The forms also allow us to explore the possibility for car-pooling and replacement of players due to sickness or genuine unavailability on Friday nights or early on Saturdays. The registration form is now on the website so that it can be completed PRIOR to the first day of summer sport in the coming week.

We have the opportunity of external support to conduct a course for wicket keepers and I seek interest from current cricketers and those joining this season, who wish to specialize as keepers for all Group 1 Teams.

The course will cater for 10 wicketkeepers and will be conducted over 2 weeks with 4 sessions and time in between for practice and confirmations. Reports will be prepared at the completion of the course and submitted to the school. The cost is $40.00 per person for the complete package. Those wishing to improve, or take on the role of a specialist keeper for our senior XIs and other Group 1 teams, need to email me with contact telephone numbers expressing their interest by no later than 8-00pm next Thursday 10th September.

The proposed trial programme has had to be we’ll and truly adjusted due to the external unavailability of facilities which I am working on daily looking for substitute areas. In the interim we will be commencing NET TRIALS which will be on a rostered basis until our facility position improves. The proposed met trial s and the allocated groups will appear on the Cricket Website on Thursday 3rd.SEP after 5.00pm.

The cricket website is being updated as we receive information regarding facilities and updates on pre-season planning and will be utilised for announcements in conjunction with the Mango Sheets. All cricketers should regularly check information so there can be no excuses for “I was not told/knowing” something is due or is happening. The responsibility for your game and opportunity for selection in a team lies with you, as does your preparation, application and attention to details to achieve that goal
Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket

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SBHS Rugby

High Rugby = High Spirit

This Saturday 5 September is the last game of the Rugby season. High plays Grammar as follows.
Weigall Ground is at the corner of Nield Avenue and New South Head Road Rushcutters Bay. The Rushcutters Bay ground and Reg Bartley Oval are in Rushcutters Bay Park, across New South Head Road from Weigall. GO HIGH !

Parents, come to the game to see your boy play and cheer his team. Please bring your cameras and send video or still photographs of each team to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it so that they can be shown at the Rugby Dinner. Players, as it is the last game and a traditional rivalry, please try and stay at Weigall to cheer our 1st and 2nd XVs in their biggest games of the season.

SBHS Team Opponent Ground Kick-off Time
1st XV SGS 1st XV Weigall 1 3.15 pm
2nd XV SGS 3rd XV Weigall 1 1.00 pm
16A SGS 16B Reg Bartley Oval 11.00 am
15A/15B SGS 15B Weigall 2 9.00 am
14A SGS 14A Weigall 1 10.00 am
14B SGS 14B Weigall 1 9.00 am
13A SGS 13A Rushcutters Bay 12.00 noon
13B SGS 13B Rushcutters Bay 11.00 am
13C SGS 13C Rushcutters Bay 10.00 am
13D Kings 13H Rushcutters Bay 9.00 am

This week make your bookings for the End-of-Season Rugby Dinner using the enclosed Flyer.
The Rugby Dinner will be held in the Great Hall at the School from 6.00pm to 10.00pm on Saturday 12 September. This is an important and enjoyable occasion at which we celebrate the achievements of all our boys and teams and thank their coaches. There are speeches by the boys and awards for each team. It would be great to see all players and at least one parent for each player come to the Dinner.

Match Reports from last week:
1st XV: With a breakthrough win for the 1st XV against Scots everything seems to be coming together at the right end of the season. Replicating the determination shown in Armidale earlier in the season, initial flashes of brilliance gave us an early lead, but it truly came to the forefront with the final minutes played desperately defending our line with a four point margin. The intensity brought to this game, holds the team in good stead for the upcoming Grammar contest. In what promises to be the toughest game of the season we now have the confidence coming off this gutsy win to challenge a realistically beatable

13Ds: The 13Ds won in a thrilling match on an all but fine day. The 13Ds walked out onto the field with the rain pouring. Tries to Lokgei Lee, Howard Gu and Rex Yi in the 1st half, High went into half time with the score at 19-0. The next half was just as tough as the last with countless tackles on both sides until Pinyan Gao scored. With minutes to go, Scots put in a last effort only to score right before the end of the game. The end score was 24-5. Congratulations boys on a great win.
Nathan Wang-Ly

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2009 Rugby Dinner


Help celebrate another great year of High Rugby by attending the 2009 End of Season Rugby Dinner.

WHEN? Saturday, 12 September 2009, 6.00 pm. for 6.30 pm

WHERE? Great Hall, Sydney Boys High School

WHO? Players, parents, coaches, friends and supporters

WHY? To acknowledge the commitment and achievements of all our players and because friendships made through High Rugby last a lifetime

COST? $30/person. Payable to the school office by Friday 4 September. Maximum seating 220.
Please note this is a BYO alcohol function for adults.

A printable form to purchase tickets for the 2009 Rugby Dinner is available in the PDF version of the High Notes

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SHS Football: The Onion Bag

End of Season Football Dinner and Awards night
Will be held on Thursday September 10th in the Great Hall, from 6.30 pm. Full details and payment slip is in High notes and available from the IA staff room.

Attendance on Saturdays
I am pleased to report that overall attendance on Saturdays has been very good, especially from the year 12 players, who are in the middle of their Trial HSC exams. Good luck to all the year 12 boys in their last match for High this Saturday.

Dolan Cup, Golden boot and Golden Gloves
A difficult round against Newington has seen little change in the Dolan Cup and Golden boot tables. The same can’t be said for the Golden glove award, with several contenders’ chances taking a pounding by some sharp Newington attacks.

With one round to go there are still several chances in all competitions. Good luck to all.

Golden Boot as of 2/9
Allan Yang (10ths) 7 Manfred Deng (16C) 3
Ian Lu (8ths) 7 Vincent Wang (16C) 3
Jerry Zhou (15B) 7 Max Chien (15B) 3
Matt Jones (3rds) 6 Vincent Wang (16C) 3
Victor Ho (14E) 5 Nick Dimitropoulos (1st) 3
Jaan Pallandi 4 Carl Xu (14E 3
Phil Kurts (3rds) 3 Sai Vimalanathan (13E) 1

Golden Gloves as of 2/9
8th grade ??????? 3
Anton Brokman (15A) 4
Leon Sheldon (16C) 6
William Lin (4ths) 7
Josh Sutton (1st) 7
15B ??????? 8
Dolan Cup as of 2nd September
P Team Points P Team Points P Team Points P Team Points
1st 8th 24 6th 1st 16 11th 14E 12 16th 16A 10
2nd 15B 18 7th 7th 15 12th 16D 12 17th 15C 9
3rd 16C* 17 8th 3rd 14 13th 9th 12 18th 15D 8
4th 10th 16 9th 6th 13 14th 15A 11 19th 13C* 7
5th 4th 16 10th 5th 13 15th 16E 11 20th 14C 7

I’m still awaiting result details from many teams. A team representative needs to see me to find out which match results are missing and provide details to ensure your team Dolan Cup points are up to date.

Note: These teams hae not forwarded on all match results: 10th 7th 6th 5th 9th 16E 16A 15C 15D 13A 13B 13D 14A 14B 14D 15E 16B

GPS Points Tables
A 1-1 draw with Newington last Saturday and a Riverview victory means that the 1st XI premiership aspirations are over. Full credit to the boys and coach Andrew Bennie for their efforts in such a demanding and intense competition. The 1st XI now must lift themselves for one last time against the in form Grammar team in the hope of securing second position. High’s 2nd XI are playing for pride and a win will see them leapfrog Grammar and possibly Joeys, who have a game in hand.

1st Grade

School W D L F A Total
SIC 5 - 1 16 3 15
SBHS 3 2 1 8 7 11
NC 3 1 2 17 12 10
SJC 3 - 2 11 5 9
TKS 2 2 2 9 11 8
SGS 2 - 4 12 14 6
TSC 1 1 3 5 15 4
SHORE 1 - 5 4 13 3

2nd Grade

School W D L F A Total
NC 5 1 - 10 3 16
SIC 5 - 1 15 5 15
TKS 4 - 2 9 6 12
SHORE 4 - 2 6 4 12
SJC 1 2 2 4 4 5
SGS 1 1 4 3 13 4
SBHS 1 - 5 8 12 3
TSC - - 5 2 9 0

Match Reports
1st XI v Newington Drew 1-1
The fixture against Newington is traditionally one of the toughest in SBHS football and one that carries the most passion. Newington are long-term rivals of Sydney Boys and the matches played on Saturday highlighted this fact. First grade met a fired up Newington outfit who, at the end of the day, outplayed us at our own game – for the most part – and were rewarded with a goal late in the first half. Their slick passing game and good movement off the ball caused all sorts of problems for our defence and ability to attack. Luckily enough, the fighting ‘never give up’ spirit lies deep within each and every player who appears in the chocolate and sky blue – a feature that was highly prevalent throughout the second half where we scored a late equaliser courtesy of Antony Paul’s now famed right instep. 1-1 was a good result for us on the day. Bring on Grammar!

2nd XI v Newington Lost 1-2
In a fast and physical fixture, High’s 2nd XI lost narrowly 2-1 to a skilled Newington team, in a much improved performance from the trial match earlier in the year. High responded after conceding the lead, to equalise through a goal from forward Sam Burnham, courtesy of a good build up and a well directed early cross from Gianni Wong-Romeo. Newington took the match after another goal mouth scramble where the ball bobbled to free Newington player who simply tapped it home.

15Ds v Newington Lost 2-1
The first half unfolded with High dominating the field putting pressure on the opposition’s goalkeeper. Even though we managed to constantly get passes there defence we still couldn’t find the back of the net. A few shots were close but were either a bit off or were just nudged away by the goalie. Newington tried to attack but our defence stayed tight. At the end of the first half the score was 0-0. Newington opened the second half strongly with many close shots but Allen pulled off some great one on one saves. They opposition managed to counter-attack off our goal kicks and rush past our defence to score. High had a few chances but with some rushed shots and miscommunication, the opposition regained possession and scored their second. Time was running out and it was starting to rain. A brilliant pass from Branavan saw Jason score High’s first goal. The last few minutes were intense as Newington was holding on and High was desperately trying to draw the game.

14As v Newington
The 14As lost 9-0 to a very good Newington side. The boys gave 100% especially our goalkeeper Agnish Nayak who saved 3 point blank shots and bravely challenged their tall players without showing them that he was hurt. He should be considered a fine example of commitment to Sydney High and was such an inspiration to the team. Coach Paul Fasullo.

Quotes of the Week
‘We’re flying on the Concorde. That’ll shorten the distance – that’s self-explanatory’ Sir Bobby Robson
‘I wouldn’t say I’m the best manager but I’m in the top one’ Brian Clough
‘They say Rome wasn’t built in a day, but I wasn’t on that particular job’ Brain Clough again

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