High Notes, Vol 10 No 27, August 28 2009

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From the Principal

High Talent
Great results from the Sydney East Region CHS Athletics competition last week were headed by Chris Morrow’s new high jump record for 16 years, set at 1.93m. He also won gold in the triple jump and silver in the 16 years 110m hurdles and 400m hurdles. Other gold medals were: Anton Brokman (13 years 800m), Edward Zhang (14 years 100 m), Ivor Metcalf (14 years High Jump) and silver in 14 years 100m hurdles , Lloyd Perris (14 years 800m and1500m), the 14 years 4 X 100m relay and the 17 years 4 x 100m relay. Silver medallists: Adam Booth (15 years 1500m walk) and bronze (15 years 1500m and 3000m.), Joshua Leo (12 years 80m hurdles), Joseph Lui (13 years high jump), Isnad Zaman (16 years 200m), Stephen Yoon (17+110m hurdles), Max Kite (17+ shot put), Sam Higgins (17+ high jump), Jeremy Rajendram (17+ long jump), Christian Katsikaros (Open 3000m walk), 12 years 4 x 100m relay and 13 years 4 x 100m relay. Bronze medallists: Kerrod McPherson (17+ 100m and 200m), Dominic Mah (13 years 90m hurdles), Maurice Lam (13 years 100m.), Scott Renzenbrink (15 years high jump), Kumudika Gunaratne (15 years 100m hurdles), Tim Siu ( 17+ 400m hurdles), Harrison Lane (17+ 1500m) and the 15 years 4 x 100m relay. Well done to all our competitors. With 9 gold, 14 silver and 11 bronze, these results were the strongest I have seen this century at High.

Congratulations to our PDC/Karl Cramp Year 11 debating team who defeated James Ruse last week to progress to the state final of the competition to be held on September 7. Max Phillis, Antony Paul, Justin Chan and Angud Chawla will represent High in the final. Well done again to our GPS first grade debating team who are undefeated so far. Fingers crossed!

Retaining the Moral High Ground
At High we pride ourselves on our sportsmanship and courteous conduct. Our teams are occasionally challenged to remain calm in the face of significant sledging and racist abuse from opposing players and /or spectators at away fixtures. Most of the time when these regrettable events occur we sensibly resist the temptation to retaliate after verbal provocation to our teams. I was therefore saddened to witness a complaint by an opposition parent about the language used by some of our students at a recent junior rugby match. To retain the moral high ground we must ourselves behave in a manner that is beyond reproach. We want to show that we play sport for the fun of it. We play hard to win but do so in a spirit of fairness and respect. In addition, referees are subconsciously influenced by crowd behaviour as we have witnessed at basketball games. I again appeal to High boys to remember the importance of appropriate behaviour at home as well as at away fixtures.

Winter Sport Responsibilities
Next week is the last week of winter sport. The season ends in the traditional way when we compete against Sydney Grammar School. Good luck to all teams involved. Captains of teams should be reminded that it is their responsibility to write up the season report for inclusion in The Record. Penalties exist for non-compliance. Mrs Trompetter, as Editor of The Record, will expect to see sports and co-curricular reports flooding in after the September 5 last fixture. Teachers and coaches have an obligation to verify student participation in the winter season activities by sending through edited rolls for inclusion on the end of year reports for all students. I need to stress that for members of A and B teams, or first and second grade GPS teams, accountability for training through logbooks is important. . Students who have not met the training and playing requirements of their coaches will not have their names recorded as having participated in the season of sport. Similarly, for co-curricular activities, the teachers/coaches in charge need to be satisfied that all their expectations for training and participating in their activity were met by each individual student.

Unless completely satisfied, please omit names from the rolls to be emailed through to Mr Dowdell. It is important that the requirements for each category of the Student Awards Scheme are respected by everybody so that the resulting acknowledgements retain their status in the eyes of the staff and students.
Dr K A Jaggar

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Year 12 Parents Farewell Dinner

7pm Tuesday 22 September

1st Floor, 468 - 472 Cleveland Street (near SBHS)

Banquet Menu $30 per person
BYO alcohol

RSVP Toni Lindeback 0403 923 359
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Please indicate if you would like a vegetarian meal.
Toni Lindeback & Megan Eriksson
Year 12 P&C parent representatives

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From the Andrews Library

Last year for the first time I conducted a comprehensive survey to tell us exactly what students did when using the Library at “public” times – before school, at recess and at lunch when they had the opportunity to be totally self directed learners.

This year the survey will do exactly the same thing and will reveal the impact of laptops on the Junior Library. So it should be quite interesting. It should also reveal the differences in library usage between a Junior Library and a Combined Senior and Junior Library.

The survey is anonymous but asks for student’s year, the purpose of the activity – fun, homework, study etc and the activity they are engaged in. The students themselves define their activities not the researcher.

Student participants are asked to be patient with the librarian who is conducting the research and to be scrupulously honest. The survey will reveal what happens in one week in the library. Last year it took three weeks to complete as only one area could be surveyed at one time. Last year also the results were gratifying and surprising and revealed the importance of the library as a peer influencing starting point for Test Revision, Reading, Homework and Assignments.

Every library is an inexpensive source of self-help resources ranging from weight loss or exercise DVDs, to study skills, to anger management resources, to books about depression, death in the family, divorce, drug abuse or drug information or bi polar disorder. A big list of these resources in our Library can be found under the subject heading “Welfare” or “Values Education” or just “google” the problem on the OASIS catalogue. SO HELP YOURSELF!

Seniors just outside your Library door there is a board with new resources on it which changes weekly and displays the resources listed below.

Suiting Themselves-How Corporations Drive the Global Agenda Sharon Beder,
1 Environment Policy in an International Context Pieter Glasbergen and Andrew Blowers,
Jewish Philosophy A-Z Aaron W. Hughes,
Rescued by Angels Alexis Bilindabagabo and Alan Nichols

The Moon is Down John Steinbeck,
The Grapes of Wrath John Steinbeck,
The Portable Steinbeck Collection of Stories by Steinbeck,
The Appeal John Grisham,
Christ the Lord out of Egypt Anne Rice

The Beatles David M. Haugen,
Soul and R &B, Blues, Country, Rock, Jazz,-A History of American Music Christopher Handyside, 
Heroes and Villains- Louis Pasteur Elizabeth Silverthrone,
Natural Gas in Australia Greg Pyers,
Flood, Cyclone Lara Whitehead

Odd Thomas Dean Koontz,
The Treasured One David & Leigh Eddings,
The Younger Gods David and Leigh Eddings,
Assassin’s Apprentice Robin Hobb,
The Tales of Beedle the Bard J.K.Rowling
The Man In The Brown Suit – Agatha Christie,
KEEPINITREAL ­– Don Henderson,
Dark Water – Koji Suzuki,
The Overlord Protocol – Mark Walden,
Teen, INC. – Stefan Petrucha,
Assassin’s Apprentice – Robin Hobb,
The Tales Of Beedle The Bard – J.K.Rowling,
The Treasured One – David & Leigh Eddings,
Odd Thomas- Dean Koontz

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Drama Showcase

The long awaited but at the same time stressful Drama Showcase was held on Wednesday night 12 August. Emotions were running wild and stress levels were at an all time high but all went to plan and the showcase was a success.

The program included consisted of Year 9 Australian Duologue Works and two original self-devised plays by Mark Iskander and Ming Pan, a Year 10 ‘Mumming Show’ and a Drama ensemble group devised performance ‘Circle of Life’ which included students from every year group.

The plays were performed to a great audience who were pleasantly appreciated by the nervous but exceptional drama students. Another spine-tingling act of the showcase was the Year 9 Group Performance – ‘Chair of Fear’. Incorporating a main theme of fear and using only body movements and percussion in this act, the audience was intrigued by the unique costumes and actions that were displayed, in particular the face masks worn.

A major crowd pleaser was the ‘Circle of Life’ performance. Involving the perfect balance of humour and creative genius, this act was based around a shapes theme. A journey of a circle, Cumference, played brilliantly by Khushaal Vyas (Yr 8), who rediscovered his importance in society, was told through a series of scenes where the circle was excluded from his class mates in everyday situations such as a school classroom.

The Australian duologues performed were: Two Weeks with the Queen (Mark Iskandar & Aman Saksena), Gary’s House (Campbell Kwan & Branavan Jeyarasa), All Stops Out ( Sachin Dhingra & Ming Pan), The Removalists (Marc Paradeza & Jamian Vuong), Norm and Ahmed ( Adam Booth & Krishna Visva) and A Property of the Clan (Nayan Rahman & Edward Nuomov)

It was such a relief to see all the hard work and effort paid off for all of the students and special thanks must go to Ms Rohr for all her time and effort. Nothing could or would have been achieved without her and on behalf of all the Drama students, Thank-You!

A special mention must go to Blake McGlenchy and Lalitha Katupitiya (both Yr 9) who were the hosts all through the showcase. Their quirky jokes and peculiar costumes, in particular Blake’s, were just what the audience needed to see. They held the showcase together in terrific style.
Adam Booth & Sam Marques
Year 9 Drama

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Economics and Business Studies Competition 2009

Congratulations to the following 22 senior boys for gaining a prize ($50-$150) in the UNSW Economics and Business Studies Competitions. The presentation of prizes will take place at the UNSW on Monday 7th September at 6pm (Leighton Hall, Scientia) and I urge all prize recipients to attend.

The Economics competition tests knowledge associated with current economic events, policy and theory. Prize recipients for the Economics competition were: Bohan Tang, Kang Lim, Liam Aylmer, Nathan Kok, David Nam, Tian Yu and Frank Li.

The Business Studies competition tests business knowledge relating to management, marketing, accounting, employment relations and global business. Prize recipients for the Business Studies Competition were: Tian Yu, Patrick Hsiao, Barry Chen, Eric Feng, Clinton Jiang, Andy Lu, Stephen Yoon, Yixin Liu, Jun Gao, Daniel Huang, Jimari Bastable, Dale Chen, Leo Gordon, Walter Santucci and Machael Wang.
P Loizou
HT Social Science

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Football dinner slideshow

All SBHS Football Teams
Please send in your action photos! At the end of season Football Dinner on Sept 10th, we’re aiming to have a photo slideshow of action shots from every team in every age group, taken during the current season. Please take your cameras to the upcoming games, email your photos to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Thank you!

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Updates: Term 3
The SRC has set out specific goals for Term 3. Our first goal is to successfully organise the upcoming SRC Trivia Night, being held on Wednesday afternoon 9th of September. Mathew Fung and the Executive are in charge of the organisation for the night. Posters are in the process of being printed and will be stuck up soon. These will have more information, so keep an eye out. This year there will be food and games to complement the trivia, similar to last year. The success of the Talent Quest has inspired us and taught us valuable lessons about event organisation.

The Environment Committee has finished working on the Rubbish Problem at the school, as suggested by Dr Jaggar. A week long survey has been conducted and the recommendations have been put forward in a report to the Principal. The SRC has recommended that enclosures be placed around the bins to stop birds getting at them, without the need for lids. Our surveys revealed students preferred having bins without lids as they were a hindrance. We also conducted detailed surveys of the common lunch areas and outlined places where such enclosures would be most effective.

The SRC has also taken the initiative to help with the development of the new award scheme. It has been a point of great debate on the online forums and in the meetings. Austyn Guo attended a staff committee meeting last Friday to give some student input on behalf of the SRC.

Currently SRC online forums and weekly meetings have been alive with a number of topics that are being hotly debated. One concern that has risen is that the crowd participation at GPS events is not satisfactory. Policing these events has been put forward as a possible solution. Committees have been created to tackle the awareness of what goes into the recycling bins, the slippery stairs around the school and sun protection for students. We are working hard on these new projects and hope to finish certain projects by the end of this term.
Anirban Ghose
Yr 11 SRC Secretary

EVENT NEWS 2009 NSW State SRC Conference
On the 11-14 August I represented High at the 2009 NSW State SRC Conference. The NSW State SRC Conference is the peak student leadership conference supported by the Department and was held at Vision Valley. Up to one hundred and thirty secondary student leaders, elected by their peers at inter-school and regional SRC meetings, including ten targeted Aboriginal student leaders, participated. I was nominated at an interschool regional meeting and selected, after conducting a short speech, to represent the 229 schools that make up the Sydney region by other schools in the region.

Each day at the conference was filled with fun and motivational activities, such as student leadership skill development workshops, theme related activities, a dance and the student forum. At the student forum we debated recommendations forwarded from school and inter-school SRCs such as moving that the 2010 NSW SRC create a resource to be used by SRC leaders in better educating upper primary school children about racism. This year’s conference theme was: Support, Respect, Connect (SRC).

The conference:

  • Focused on ways for students to be more involved in school and community life.
  • Explored options to enhance school/community links.
  • Provided students with opportunities to enhance their personal leadership skills.

A typical day would usually begin with a 6:30am wake up. After daily washroom duties, breakfast took place at 7:30am for those not on duty, 7am for those on. After breakfast we would be split up into regional groups to prepare our recommendations for the student forum at 8:30am, which was usually followed by the regional presentations of an SRC region at 9am. We would then attend a themed “flexi-shop” where we would learn about different subjects such as day for change (a UNICEF run event), making positive connections, countering bullying, values respect and relationships, homophobia etc. and how they would impact a well functioning school society. Morning tea took place at 11am followed by another ‘flexi-shop’ at 11:30am, then lunch at 1pm. Physical activities were next which ranged from canoeing, soccer, touch footy, novelty games etc. till afternoon tea at 3:30pm. We would then divide into “colour groups”, pre determined work groups of 8 members and 2 student conference action team leaders, and discuss further what was learnt that day and the theme of support, respect, connect and its relationship to the school community. Free time took place till dinner at 6pm, after which entertainment was provided till supper at 9:30pm, which included a trivia competition won by my colour group, and a drum beats competition. On the last day entertainment was classified as a dance party that lasted till 10:30pm organized by the CRUSH Dance Party organization. All in all it was an incredible learning experience where I learnt about the varying school cultures all across the state. It was a fun time and I got to know a large number of school leaders and future leadership figures.
Dale Chen
Yr 11 SRC President 2009

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Open Day Parent Volunteers Needed

Sydney Boys High Open Day

Thursday 24th September 9.30am to 12.30pm

Can you come and help the P & C to welcome prospective parents to the School? We need volunteer parents to help serve morning tea and chat to visiting parents, answering their questions, such as:
“How did your son settle in?”
“What sport does your son play?”
“Is your son involved in music?”

It’s a very enjoyable morning and all you need bring is your friendly smile.

Please contact Barbara Taylor This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 0410 268 444 if you are able to help out. Thank you

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Year 12 Meeting

Re: References Wednesday 9 September in The Great Hall

Please ensure all documents are to be returned to the Ante Room by Friday 18 September

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School leaving age

From next year all NSW students by law, must remain at school until the end of Year 10 and must be in fulltime paid employment, education and training, or a combination of the two until the age of 17. This brings NSW into line with all other Australian states and territories. More information is available at: www.schools.nsw.edu.au/leavingschool/schoolleaveage/index.php

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School zone road safety

A reminder to parents that from 1 July 2009 the government has increased fines and loss of demerit points for all driving offences occurring in school zones. We are committed to providing a safe environment for all our students and visitors, so please observe the 40km/h speed limit during school hours and stop in designated drop off areas only.

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Primary school: starting school

If you have a child starting school next year it’s important to enrol your child and to attend Kindergarten orientation later in the year. Watch a vodcast on starting school and Kindergarten orientation at www.schools.nsw.edu.au/news/ezine/yr2009/issue03/watch/index.php. You might know of other families that would like this information.

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From the High Store


Sydney High Number Plate Cover
Available for all plate sizes
10% OFF Normally $39.95 NOW $36

Foldable Polyester Chair with arms & S.H.S crest. Great for Dad to watch your Saturday cricket games in comfort.

30% OFF Normally $50 NOW $35
Free Gift Wrapping included
High Store

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Music Notices

Music Parking
Thank you to all the students and parents who help fundraise money for the Music Performance Program through parking. Our next parking will be on Friday 4th of September starting from 4:30pm to 7:30pm. We require students and parents of the Junior ensembles to assist with this very busy parking event. (Training and Intermediate Concert Band, Junior String Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble).

We need 10 parents and 10 students to help as it will be a West Tigers vs. Eels game and we anticipate many cars.

Please contact Debbie Dukes to register your participation at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Piano Competition

Well done to all the students who competed in the 4th Annual Piano Competition and a huge thanks to our two Music Prefects; Alexander Belokopytov and Brian Lau for taking time out of their busy HSC schedule and adjudicating the competition. Congratulations to the prize winners in the Junior and Senior categories. Awards and prizes will be handed out at the Music assembly later in the year. Participants may pick up their competition reports form the music staffroom.

Junior Division

1st Place - Darryl Fong
2nd Place - Cosmo Liu
3rd Place - William Baxter, Ennes Mehmedbasic, Allen Feng (Tied equally.)

Senior Division

1st Place - Evan Wong
2nd Place - Guangzhi Niu
3rd Place - James Han

Music Tour
A meeting was held last Monday evening 24th of August in the Great Hall for all parents and students attending the tour to France next year. If you were unable to make it, please contact the Music Staff as soon as possible to collect the information handed out at the meeting. We also sent out an email the following day and if you did not receive it please let us know so we can update your contact details.

The 2nd instalment of $2000 is now due, please make payments DIRECTLY to Angas Travel and they will provide us with receipt of payments. If you have not been able to arrange this, please see the Music Staff ASAP.

Please Mail to: ANGAS Travel, 303 Angas St, Adelaide, South Australia, 5000
OR Call Toll Free no. 1800 671 331 to make arrangements.

HSC Composition Recordings
HSC Music students will have their composition recorded this Friday in Room 201. We wish them all the best in all their upcoming examinations.

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SBHS Debating

GPS Round 4

    v Joeys v Iggies v Kings v Scotts v Newington v Grammar v Shore
Year 7 A 0 0 0 1      
  B 1 1 0 0      
Year 8 A 1 1 1 0      
  B 1 0 1 0      
Year 9 A 1 1 0 1      
  B1 1 1 1 1      
Year 10 A 1 0 1 0      
  B 1 1 1 0      
Seniors Firsts 1 1 1 1      
  Seconds 0 0 1 1      
  Thirds - 0 1 -      

How is everyone else going??
From round 4 the leaders for each year are:
Year 7A: Newington (undefeated) and Kings (3 wins)
Year 7B: Grammar (undefeated) and Shore (3 wins)
Year 8A: Grammar (undefeated) and SBHS (3 wins)
Year 8B: Joeys and Scots both on 3 wins
Year 9A: Grammar (undefeated) SBHS and Scots (both on 3 wins – with us beating them last week!)
Year 9B: Us! (undefeated) , Iggies and Grammar (both on 3 wins)
Year 10A: Grammar (undefeated) and Newington (3 wins)
Year 10B: Scots (undefeated) , SBHS and Grammar (3 wins each)
Seconds: Grammar (undefeated), Iggies and Newington (3 wins)
Firsts: SBHS and Grammar – both undefeated.

These results are all very close which makes the remaining 3 rounds of competition exceptionally important - especially so for our Round 6 against Grammar at home. Save Friday the 4th of September as we want big crowds to support our boys in topping the table for 2009!

GPS Round 5
THIS WEEK we are AWAY at Newington College with the topic area Science and Technology. This could include things like GM Foods, Cloning, Stem Cell Research, Immunisation or Space!

More information can be found at www.sydneyhigh.org/debating and will be emailed to you on a weekly basis.

Please CHECK YOUR EMAIL regularly and ensure we have current contact details for both students and parents.

PARENTS: If you are not receiving weekly emails about debating please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and ask to be added to the parent group for your child’s year.
Dana Quick Debating Coordinator

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2009 Debating Dinner

THE 2009 DEBATING DINNER Friday 25 September
The annual dinner to celebrate debating at High will conclude the debating season. It will be two weeks after the end of the GPS competition. We will also be thanking our staff and coaches for their great work on all of the competitions that High enters.

This year’s Debating Dinner is being held on Friday September 25 in the Great Hall at 6.00 pm.

The cost of the dinner will be $30 per adult/student. A special price for siblings under 10 years of age has been negotiated at $20. Parents BYO


Payment for the dinner can be made at the main office. NO bookings can be accepted after this date as catering numbers must be finalised.

WHAT SHOULD I DO? Detach the form below and pay your money at the main office
ANY QUESTIONS? Email the Debating Support Group This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Can you help with dinner set up? Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Dinner Co-ordinator

A printable form to purchase tickets for the 2009 Debating Dinner is available in the PDF version of the High Notes

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P&C: High Society

The Bulletin Board for Sydney Boys High P & C
Julie Connolly P&C President

P & C Meeting
At last week’s P & C Meeting we discussed:

  • Recommendations from the SRC to install recycling bins in addition to the current garbage bins. The P & C is keen to implement a comprehensive whole school recycling program with assistance from students and teachers, in order to improve the state of the School grounds.
  • The launch of the new P & C website is about to happen which will provide parents with easy access to a vast amount of information about how parents can become involved with the School.
  • The commencement of the renovation project of the Great Hall kitchen which is scheduled for November 2009.
  • Exploring the idea of on-line P& C meetings to broaden parent access to involvement in the P & C.
  • Volunteers needed to work with Barbara Taylor this year and next year and then take over from her, in the organisation of P & C’s involvement in various School functions.
  • The outstanding contribution of Karen and Tracey and the School Canteen Committee in providing a fantastic service and much needed fund raising for the School through the highly successful Canteen operations.

Phillip Day Scholarship Dinner
All parents are warmly invited and indeed encouraged to attend the upcoming inaugural Phillip Day Scholarship dinner - Tuesday 8th September at 7.00pm in the Great Hall. The Phillip Day Scholarship is awarded each year to a highly talented student in a particular area of academic and/or co-curricular endeavour and /or an outstanding all round achiever. Congratulations to this year’s recipient, Alex Belokopytov. Alex will play his HSC piano performance major work at the Scholarship dinner - a fantastic opportunity to hear and see this young man’s incredible talent.

Joseph McIvor (Class of 2001) will deliver the keynote address entitled Capitalism and the Free Market are Dead. Joseph is currently undertaking PhD studies on why free markets will not work without regulation - a very topical area that should promote terrific discussion.

Gather together a table of fellow parents or we can place you on a table, to honour Alex Belokopytov and the memory of Phillip Day (Class of 1965). Tickets are available using the order form in this issue of High Notes.

Tuesday 8th September, 7.00pm - Phillip Day Scholarship dinner, Great Hall.
Wednesday, 9th September, 6.00pm - Fencing Committee Meeting, Staff Common Room
Thursday, 10th September, 6.30pm - Football Annual Dinner, Great Hall
Saturday, 12th September, 6.30pm - Rugby Annual Dinner, Great Hall
Tuesday, 22nd September, 7.00pm –
Year 12 Parents Farewell Dinner, Maya Tandoori, Cleveland Street
Friday 25th September - Debating Annual Dinner, Great Hall

If you would like to have any parent community news or upcoming events included in High Society, please contact Julie Connolly, P&C President, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; 0418 470 203.

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SBHS Football Dinner

The 2009 SBHS Football Dinner

SBHS Football will celebrate the efforts and achievements of our boys as well as acknowledge staff, coaches and supporters at the SBHS Football dinner on Thursday 10th September 2009

The coach of each team will be invited to attend the dinner as a guest. Players are asked to take responsibility on a team-by-team basis for any end-of-season gifts to their team’s coach.

The dinner will be held on
Thursday 10 September 2009
in the Great Hall at 6.30 pm

The cost of the dinner will be $30 per adult and student. For children under 11 yrs old there is a special rate of $20.

Payment for the dinner must be made at the Main Office by Friday September 4th

Boys to wear school uniform at the dinner. BYO drinks.

Please detach the form below and hand it in with your payment at the Main Office

A printable form to purcahse tickets for the 2009 SBHS Foodball Dinner is available in the PDF version of the High Notes

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SHS Rowing

The Sydney High Rowing Challenge Saturday 24 October 2009

Old boys, school community, parents and friends Get back in an VIII/Learn to row Join our ‘Back to the Sheds’ rowing event!

Donation: $300 per seat (in crews of eight) Includes:

  • 5 Saturday dawn training/tuition sessions - 19th/26th September and 3rd/10th/17th October
  • Boat, coach and cox per crew (if required)
  • Post training barbeque breakfasts
  • Regatta Day racing – Saturday 24th October
  • Back to the Sheds Brunch and Presentation (same day)

More information and registration – This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it - Julie Blomberg mobile: 0416 061759

The inaugural old boy crew from last year said they enjoyed getting back on the water in the quiet of the early mornings, the physical activity involved, and all followed by a social barbeque breakfast. They’ll be back to once again challenge the school crews, and take on other old boys, parents and friends.

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SBHS Cricket


Six weeks to go to the start of a great season planned to give rewards for the efforts the cricketers put in, with tours and interstate fixtures which are now becoming part of our seasonal programme. At the coming weekend some instructions will appear for camps and a general advice for the equipment needs of all players and in particular new cricketers

Well done to our parking team on Friday evening last the 21st August. In company with the School’s Parking Coordinator, 2 adults and 11 senior players attended and were kept busy positioning over 300 vehicles. Future parking duty for cricket needs greater input from parents to overcome the responsibility of the students handling monies under pressure and some difficult situations that occur from a percentage of parking patrons. A special thanks to Sunny Chen who added to our numbers and did a great job.

The attendance at the AGM was disappointing considering the programme we have for the boys this season. However, we did achieve a Sub-Committee and I thank those who have undertaken the important support element to the cricket section. The finalized make-up of the committee will be posted over the weekend when all nominations can be confirmed.

We are experiencing ground problems under the control of the Centennial Park Trust with the non-availability to summer hirers for the change-over to sport this Term. At a meeting with the Trust on Wednesday morning our position was put to the responsible officers and we are now required to wait for its decision until consultation occurs with all departments concerned in the Trust.

I believe that we will have a clear direction mid next week, and the result will be posted on the cricket website

The cricket committee has proposed a meeting schedule for the coming season so that all can diarize the dates and make an effort to attend. All meetings will commence at 6-0pm and the location will appear in High Notes.

The dates are as follows, Wednesday 23rd September 09, Wednesday 21st October 09, Wednesday 18th November 09 and Wednesday 17th February 2010.

We are seeking volunteers to assist in managing Under 13, 14 and 15 teams for this season. This is to ensure that there are arrangements for the transport of equipment, the scorebook is available and that the captain (or designated person) prepares the results and report for High Notes. We are also looking for a volunteer for each AGE group, to maintain the statistics for ALL teams in that particular age range. Any assistance whether periodically on a roster or regularly weekly would be appreciated not only by the boys but would assist the coaches with selections. If you can help please email your details to me and I will contact you in return for details.
Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket  

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SBHS Rugby

High Rugby = High Spirit

High Rugby Match Reports Saturday 22nd August

13As rugby
The game between SBHS 13As and Newington 13Bs was INTENSE. With 5 tries in the first half and 2 tries in the second half we put up a mighty defence which Newington couldn’t break. But our conversions were off and we only scored 1 conversion so overall we won 37 to 0. Through that match the forwards learned to use the power of goosh goosh, something Alan Feng uses to unleash his aggroness. The backs perfected their moves with the forwards and the team had a good fun and extremely intense game.
Jeffrey Lu

13Ds rugby
The 13Ds played Shore in an interesting match. Immediately after kick-off, Pinyan Gao scored a try. Later on, Pinyan scored another 2 tries off the scrum. Waylon Lu scored off a lineout and Rex Yi scored off a hard run. One was converted and another just scraped over.

Unfortunately, the Shore Number 8 managed to score 7 tries on his own. He scored 6 times under the post, except when he was stopped short. After a valiant effort, we lost 47-29. Congratulations on a great effort!

14B match report
14Bs 5 lost to Newington 35

The 14Bs showed great improvement this week with much stronger defence then in weeks previous. However, the 14Bs let the referee’s decisions get to them and lost some focus in the game. Despite this the 14Bs showed much improvement and are looking forward to games to come.
Tom Connolly

High 16As vs Newington 16Cs match report
High 16As were prepped for an 8am match against Newington 16Cs. Despite many early warnings beforehand and a lot of effort, many players didn’t manage to arrive early enough for a full warm-up. After hastily going through some set plays, High took to the field against Newington. From the kick off we knew that we were the better drilled and better trained side. High scored 4 unanswered tries in the first half through quick hands and excellent line running by outside centre Nathan Kok. However, High’s careless mistakes eventually led to a Newington try immediately after half time. Despite this, High rallied and scored two more tries before the end of the game, the final score 34-5. Despite a good win, many issues were highlighted such as poor rucking and vision and the High 16As resolved to strive to train and work together as a team in future games.

Scorers: Shadman Ali, Michael Wong, Nathan Kok, Derek Trang (2) tries, Jonah Petrie 2 con.
Frank Li  

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SHS Football: The Onion Bag

End of Season Football Dinner and Awards night
Will be held on Thursday September 10th in the Great Hall, from 6.30 pm. Full details and payment slip is in High notes and available from the IA staff room.

Fixtures this Saturday
The majority of our matches are against Newington at the McKay fields and Moore Park West fields, as well as the Newington sports fields (Buchanan) this Saturday. .

Dolan Cup, Golden boot and Golden Gloves
I’m still awaiting result details from many teams. A team representative needs to see me to find out which match results are missing and provide details to ensure your team Dolan Cup points are up to date. The golden Boot race hotted up with hat tricks to Manfred Deng(16C) and Jerry Zhou(15B). 3rd grade’s Matt Jones bagged a double, as did Jaan Pallandi(14A), Hiram Yu(15B) and Carl Xu(14E)

Golden Boot as of 19/8
 Allan Yang (10ths) 7 Phil Kurts (3rds) 3
Matt Jones (3rds) 6 Manfred Deng (16C) 3
Ian Lu (8ths) 5 Vincent Wang (16C) 3
Victor Ho (14E) 5 Max Chien (15B) 3
Jerry Zhou (15B) 5 Vincent Wang (16C) 3
Jaan Pallandi (14A) 4 Carl Xu (14E) 3


Dolan Cup as of 26th August
P Team Points P Team Points
1st 8th 19 11th 16E 11
2nd 15B 17 12th 15A 10
3rd 16C 17 13th 16A 10
4th 4th 16 14th 7th 10
5th 10th 14 15th 6th 10
6th 3rd 14 16th 15C 9
7th 1st 14 17th 15D 8
8th 5th 13 18th 13C 7
9th 14E 12 19th 14C 7
10th 16D 12 20th 9th 7


Golden Gloves as of 26/8
Anton Brokman (15A) 1
William Lin (4ths) 2
Leon Sheldon (16C) 4
Brandon Huynh (13C) 5

GPS Points Tables
Following a number of surprise results last Saturday, the High 1st XI has the chance of an elusive premiership with 2 matches remaining. First they must overcome Newington this Saturday at 1.15 pm on McKay 1. It would be great to see a huge home crowd there to lift the boys in perhaps the most important 1st grade match in the past 10 years.

1st Grade

School W D L F A Total
SIC 4 - 1 14 3 12
SBHS 3 1 1 7 6 10
NC 3 - 2 16 11 9
TKS 2 2 1 9 10 8
SJC 2 - 2 10 5 6
TSC 1 1 2 4 8 4
SHORE 1 - 4 4 11 3
SGS 1 - 4 5 13 3

2nd Grade

School W D L F A Total
NC 4 1 - 8 2 13
SIC 4 - 1 14 5 12
SHORE 4 - 1 6 3 12
TKS 3 - 2 8 6 9
SJC 1 2 1 4 3 5
SBHS 1 - 4 7 10 3
SGS - 1 4 1 12 1
TSC - - 4 1 7 0

Match Reports

1st XI v Scots Won 2-1
While the lead up to this game was less than ideal based on the rising number of injuries and Year 12 trials, the performance of the first grade team was a level above the previous fixture against Kings. High started well and dominated possession throughout the match. The active use of our midfield and better execution of the ball in behind the defence created many chances for the front three. We were finally able to convert one of our many chances when Jarrod Chan latched onto a superb through ball from Anthony Tsialis and slotted the ball into the back of the net as easily as Fernando Torres on a Saturday afternoon at Anfield. Scots clawed one back early in the second half but the never say die attitude of the players and exquisite timing of the pass from Sam Higgins enabled Antony Paul to slot home the winner. A much improved performance with contributions from everyone who took the field. Keep up the good work, team!

2nd XI v Scots Won 2-0
The High second XI secured their first points of the GPS comp with a well deserved 2-0 victory. (Scorers: Kent Nguyen and Nakul Bhagwat.) High created many attacking chances and if not for 4 attempts hitting the cross bar, the score could have been significantly more. With two matches to go, High has the opportunity to finish off the season on a positive note with matches against the strong Newington and Grammar outfits. Continued improvement on from this good performance against Scots should see High in a position to take all three points late into both matches.

16Cs v Scots Won 4-0
This week was about complete and utter domination as we romped Scots four-nil. From the starting whistle, we pressed into their half and set up camp. With High maintaining much of the possession and advancing through defence and midfield, we were almost scoring for fun. Playing with a different formation, allowed for midfielder Manfred Deng to play up front and he presented himself as a target. Scoring a hat-trick of goals put Manfred and the rest of the team on a high and Vincent Wang capped off the half with a great goal. At the half-time break, we were up four-nil.

The second half saw a more scrappy game being brought in, with both teams struggling for control in the centre field desert. With the match ending in a massive 4-0 win, commendations are in order. Henry Lu has proved himself to be the workhorse of the midfield and also a strong tackler. Also Varun Sethi and Marcel Rozca must be lauded for their flawless communication in defence and Ali Mokdad has again demonstrated his versatile ability as a team player, putting in 100% while fasting.
Iftiar Khan, Captain of 16Cs

14As v Scots Won 2-1
The 14As put on a wonderful display of passing football to beat a strong Scots line up. Several early chances to Arjun and Jaan were well saved by the Scots keeper, then, against the run of play, Scots took the lead. Not to be put off, the High boys struck back with a beautifully headed goal to Jaan Pallandi, from a pinpoint corner delivered by man of the match Jackson Lam. The winner was another well constructed goal, neatly finished again by Jaan. The game was won in the midfield with standouts, Conner Robinson and Marcus James fighting hard all match to win valuable possession and snuff out any dangerous Scots attacks.

13Cs v Scots Lost 0-2
With a newly discovered keeper the 13Cs were eager to test Brandon out against Scots last Saturday. However with four players unable to attend, the team struggled to find their usual attack strength. Scots proved to be bigger, stronger and far more experienced which saw them score the first goal of the game. The HIGH defence line fought back valiantly for the remainder of the game keeping Scots at bay and creating several striking opportunities. Brandon pulled out countless tricks managing to keep the score at 1-0 with 10 minutes left in the game. Unfortunately as HIGH grew tired, Scots continued to make substitutions resulting in another goal bringing the score up to a 2-0 loss at the end of the game. Nonetheless HIGH played proudly to the very end. Well done boys!!

Quotes of the Week
“My father was a footballer - he only ate peas because they were round." Fabricio Coloccini

“Stockport usually play at Edgeley Park, but this time they've come to Maine Road, because, um, this is an away game...” BBC commentator

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SBHS Fencing

Schools League – Week 2 Saturday 15 August

SBHS First Grade: Addison Clune, Julian Byrnes, Caillin McKay [Anirban Ghose] (2 -7 Loss, 4 - 5 Loss)
Last weekend the first grade team fenced its toughest opponents. Our first match was against the competition favourites, Oxley. We were beaten soundly by the opposition whose number one fencer is the best fencer in NSW. Addison and Julian, both beat one member of their team hence we came away with two bouts. Our second match was against Sydney Grammar A. This match was stolen from us due to technicalities. The Sydney Grammar team fenced the bouts with the incorrect order for their fencers. Hence according to the rules it is an immediate forfeit, however that rule had been taken away for qualifying. Instead of restarting the match, the logical thing to do, the bouts that had been fenced were recorded and the remainder were fenced. This did not allow our team to substitute fencers and Sydney Grammar had more wins recorded for them. This upset our rhythm and focus, however Caillin won two very close bouts, one going down to a tiebreaker.

SBHS Second Grade: Patrick Hsiao, Warren Dang, Chun Wong, Yixin Liu (3 - 6 Loss, 4 - 5 Loss)
The Second Grade team had an eventful weekend with injuries, forfeits and determined fight backs. Their first match was against Trinity C, a team which, like Sydney Grammar, fenced the wrong people at the wrong time. However, the judge had the common sense to restart the match. Yixin Liu who, after winning his first bout this season in grand style, dislocated his shoulder in his second bout. He revealed some gaping holes in the Schools League first aid, the first aid person’s words of confidence were “This is my first time.” He had to wait for paramedics to arrive and fix his shoulder which had some complications. Patrick, the captain, seeing the match was falling away quickly, rallied the team and dedicating his win to Yixin. However, even with their valiant efforts the team lost the match 3-6. With amends to be made in their second match against Trinity D the team refocused. Chun Wong, who was heartbroken last week after losing his matches each 4-5, finally managed to convert one of them to a win. The match came down to the final bout which was closely contested, however the team lost 4 -5.

The Under 13s
SBHS RED: Ashley Chan [Captain] Kin Pan and Kritman Dhamoon (9-0 Win, 2-7 loss)
Saturday 15th, Sydney High Red won against Edgecliff Prep A;9-0, but we lost to Glenaeon; 2-7. Edgecliff was easy, and they told us that they had only been fencing for a few weeks, so we had an advantage. Glenaeon, on the other hand was really hard, and only Kritman won 2 games. Kin was the man of the match for the Edgecliff match, because his scores were the most epic, having gone to extra time and won 4-3. Kritman was the man of the match for the Glenaeon match.

SBHS Blue: Kenneth Yu, Hardy Zhu and Yiutao Wong (4 - 5 Loss Edgecliff B 4-5 loss St Ignatius)
We started the first game against Edgecliff B badly. It wasn’t very eventful, didn’t go so well and we just lost 5-4. The second game against St Ignatius was much more interesting. There were not one, but two left handed people, making the game very exciting. Our first bout was against a left-hander, but our team won quite easily. I thought my bout would be easy as I saw my opponent, however he was extremely tough, charging straight in and beating my blade hard and consistently. I was barely able to keep my blade pointed at him. After a long battle, it was 4-2, 40 seconds left with me losing. I was in pain from all the hits that were off target and very weary. I overheard one of the other team’s dad say, “Don’t worry there’s only 40 seconds left.” I wasn’t really happy about this and thought that since I’m going to lose anyway, I’m going to charge at him and just keep trying to stab him. Amazingly, it worked and the long battle was over. I felt great and decided to substitute myself out of my next bout; I was so exhausted. We still lost however, according to my team mates, because I substituted myself out and the substitute lost. It was a great match even though we lost.

SBHS Orange: Nicholas Costa, Michael Hauser, Michael Xin [Hawk Ji] (0 - 9 Loss Edgecliff, 4-5 Loss Newington)
The Orange team began their fencing season slowly with a 9-0 loss against Edgecliff. In their second match against Newington Blue the team showed much improvement narrowly losing the match after one contentious call. Men of the Match go to both Michaels who won two of their three bouts.

SBHS Green: Riley Irwin, Christopher Chen, Oliver Long, Gideon Kwok [loss Edgecliff Prep, loss St Aloysius]
Edgecliff Prep are formidable opponents and we did well to steal two bouts. Our match against St Aloysius was contentious and pretty confusing as they had sent in the wrong fencers and so the whole match was fought in a strange order. Hopefully next week will offer much smoother competition.

Schools League – Week 3 Saturday 22 August

The U15s SBHS Blue: Shaun Pak [Captain], Ian Ho, Matthew Chan, Shaun Fletcher [Win 8-1 win against Newington D]
A convincing win from the U15 Blue team. This team won the U13 division last year and are now in with older fencers. Hopefully they will maintain this winning streak and return with a new trophy.

SBHS Red: Albert Nguyen [Captain], Jeremy Dobrowolski, Weicong Huang, Anthony Xu [5-4 Win Newington C, 9-0 Loss St Aloysius B]
A day of mixed results. St Aloysius Bs, as usual, proved just too strong for SBHS but Newington and REDs were more evenly matched. Jeremy fenced his first electric matches and adapted quickly despite nursing a temperature and hacking cough. Albert’s extra training reaped rewards and he showed enormous improvement in his fencing style.

SBHS Green: Ben Hillier, Ming Pan, Hung-Ting Lin (2-7 loss against Newington Blue, 1-8 loss St Aloysius A)
Against Newington Ben managed to win after going into extra time in an exciting bout. Hung-Ting came very close in all bouts getting defeated at the last moment, but he’s still smiling. Ming made a terrific effort. The match against the highly ranked St Aloysius A team was tragic really, with an epic failure from the equipment. Congratulations to Ming for stealing one point from this team.

The Under 13s
SBHS RED: Ashley Chan [Captain] Kin Pan and Kritman Dhamoon vs Sydney Grammar A (4-5 loss)

SBHS Red Vs Syd Gram A Lose On the 22nd of August we lost to Sydney Grammar A. The scores were even throughout the game, until Kritman was the last person to fence. 4 bouts won, and 4 bouts lost, Kritman was the decider, but unfortunately he lost. There wasn't a man of the match, because it was a team effort, and we were equally good. Even though we lost to Grammar, we were able to get to the finals, and hopefully win.

SBHS Orange: Nicholas Costa, Michael Hauser, Michael Xin [Hawk Ji]
Results and report next week

SBHS Green: Riley Irwin, Christopher Chen, Oliver Long, Gideon Kwok (3-6 loss against Newington Blue)
This team showed great improvement over the week with each fencer winning at least one bout. Well done.

Sydney East Regional Athletics

The Sydney East Regional Athletics Carnival was held over two days (11/8/09 and 12/8/09) at the Sydney Olympic Park Athletics Centre. As always, the competition at this regional carnival was hot with numerous records broken (one of them being Chris Morrow in the 16s). Sydney Boys High represented the Eastern Suburbs Zone with most of the athletes from the zone coming from High as we dominated the zone carnival. With the GPS athletics season well done and dusted, a lot of our athletes weren’t at their peak performance but they were certainly close to their best.

In the hurdles which were run on the first day of competition, Sydney High had four qualifiers through to the CHS State Carnival. Joshua Leo ran 2nd in the 12 years 80m hurdles (15:49), Ivor Metcalf ran 2nd in the 14 years 100m hurdles (15:85), Stephen Yoon ran 2nd in the 17+ years 110m hurdles (17:57) and Chris Morrow ran 2nd in the 16 years 110m hurdles (16:93) and 2nd in the 400m hurdles (1:04.18).

In the walks High entered two competitors; both made it through to the state carnival. Adam Booth walked to 2nd place in the 15 and under 1500m walk (12:21.82) and surprise package Christian Katsikaros came 2nd in the 17+ years 3000m walk (19:39.47).

The middle distance races only saw two athletes qualify for the CHS State Carnival. Anton Brokman ran strongly in the 13 years 800m to win (2:18.18) and Lloyd Perris has retained his killer form from the GPS season, winning both the 14 years 800m and 1500m races (2:15.66 and 4:36.04). Samuel Lane, a race favourite, was unlucky going down with glandular fever days before the regional carnival.

High didn’t have much luck in the sprints with a lot of the sprinters from the other regions being in a class of their own – in the 17+ years the winner from Heathcote ran a record 10.78. However, Isnad Zaman in the 200m did have some luck when the runner in second place began to overstride in the last 50 metres and fell before he could cross the line; this placed Isnad in 2nd place, still in a fast time (24.52). Edward Zhang ran extremely well in the 14 years 100m to cross the line in 1st place (12.23). Brian Kelly, the sprinting sensation, was unfortunately struck down by a hamstring injury which prevented him from competing – however, he did manage to compete in the 400m.

The boys did fairly well in the field events with six going through to the state carnival. Ivor Metcalf displayed his amazing height-jump ratio claiming 1st place in the 14 years high jump (1.72m), Joseph Lui jumped to place 2nd in the 13 years high jump (1.48m), Sam Higgins placed 2nd as well in the 17+ years high jump (1.70m) and a very special mention must go to Chris Morrow who jumped 1.93m to claim the Sydney East record in the 16 years high jump (Chris has also previously jumped 1.95 and came close to jumping 1.96m at this carnival). In the 17+ years long jump Jeremy Rajendram was only 2cm from first place jumping 5.97m. Big Max Kite did well in the 17+ years shot put coming 2nd with a throw of 13.13m. Chris Morrow was also our only triple jump qualifier winning with a jump of 12.21m.

Once again our relays were our strongest event with the 12, 13, 14 and 17+ years 4x100m relays all making it through to state. The 12 years relay ran 56.91 coming 2nd, the 13 years relay ran 51.64 being narrowly beaten and coming through in 2nd place, the 14 years relay crossed the line in a blistering 48.35 in 1st place and Kerrod McPherson ran down Woolooware’s anchor runner to take 1st place in the 17+ years relay in 46.05.

Overall the Sydney East Regional Carnival was a highly successful one with plenty of Sydney High participants and plenty going through to the CHS State carnival. Let’s hope we can go even better with the CHS Finals next week.
Michael Phung

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Senior Rugby

Senior Rugby players, which include the 16s, have been involved in working together to improve the standard of Rugby played at High. The key strategic areas we can improve upon are

  1. Strength
  2. Fitness
  3. Skills (Defence and attacking guides.)
  4. Vision.

Each individual senior player can check their Strength and Sprint training attendance on spreadsheets posted on the SNR Rugby Notice Board located in the Canteen Area. The Years 12 and 11 Rugby players can also check their attendance to Rugby Training sessions. A Total of 33 Rugby sessions has been held throughout Term 2. A number of 16s and 2nds players will need to improve their attendance to these sessions if they are to be considered as 1st and 2nd XV players next year. A number of skilful players are inconsistent with their Strength, Fitness and Rugby training.

The following players have been regular with their Strength and Sprint training and as a consequence their rugby has also improved.

16s - Shimon Danziger, Lee Ming, Jonah Petrie, Oliver Pierce, Sheikh Siddiqui and Michael Wong. Both centres Michael Wong and Nathan Kok had very good games against King’s and Shore. Lee Ming’s clearing pass at half back is text book. Jonah Petrie and Oliver Pierce have been rewarded by being selected to play 1st and 2nd XV this season. Many of the 16s should be congratulated for supporting the 2nds as bench players.

2nd XV- James Eriksson, Jason Nguyen, Neil Street, Frank Li, James Whiting, Gareth Deacon and Stephen Yoon. Most of these players who are logging well have experienced game time in 1st XV. It was fantastic to see 2nds win another game this season against an enthusiastic Joey’s side. Many of the coaches were delighted to see attacking plays such as Ruck ducks, Doubles, Tip-ons and Izzy come into fruition. The 2nds were also very good at Reloading and Taking space in defence. This displayed great character and determination to consolidate a win. Congratulations to James Eriksson for captaining the winning sides.

1st XV - Michael Ambrose, George Denny-Smith, Alex Koerber, Greg Shargodsky, Jack Musgrove, Bill Wang, Alexander Belokopytov, Alden Kwok, Nelson Ridges and Kerrod McPherson. The 1st XV as a team are improving every week. It seems a win may be just around the corner. The players are executing their attack and defence patterns in the game and are enjoying success at being able to complete them in a game. It is particularly pleasing to the coaches when other schools compliment on how well organised and competitive the team is. Much of the credit must go to the players themselves who are beginning to take pride in their defence and attack record.

Beginning Monday 24/8 the 1st XV had a combined training session with TJ and the Rugby coaches. This will allow the players to take Thursday afternoon training session off. This will continue to the end of the season if all 1st XV players attend the combined session on Monday afternoons.

A small number of players have indicated they want to play rugby but cannot follow the strict training schedule for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, the school cannot provide sporting references or student sporting awards to the senior students who have played limited rugby or do not log consistently. Many institutions (eg Sydney University) are now seeking students who not only perform academically but respond strongly to sporting challenges. Please check your logging before you think you should be awarded Rugby on your reference or sporting awards scheme.
Senior Coaches - Mr Aldous, Mr Hannon, Mr Scrivener, Mr Storey, Mr Tassell

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2009 Rugby Dinner


Help celebrate another great year of High Rugby by attending the 2009 End of Season Rugby Dinner.

WHEN? Saturday, 12 September 2009, 6.00 pm. for 6.30 pm

WHERE? Great Hall, Sydney Boys High School

WHO? Players, parents, coaches, friends and supporters

WHY? To acknowledge the commitment and achievements of all our players and because friendships made through High Rugby last a lifetime

COST? $30/person. Payable to the school office by Friday 4 September. Maximum seating 220.
Please note this is a BYO alcohol function for adults.

A printable form to purchase tickets for the 2009 Rugby Dinner is available in the PDF version of the High Notes

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Student laptop information

Digital Education Revolution - NSW
Information for parents and carers

Learning in the present: Preparing for the future

Year 9 Laptops
From Semester 2 2009 all Year 9 students in NSW government schools will receive a Lenovo laptop. This has been funded by the National Secondary School’s Computer Fund which is part of the Federal Government’s Digital Education Revolution.

All laptops will come with Microsoft and Adobe software, giving NSW students and teachers access to the largest and most comprehensive distribution of software in any education system worldwide.

The Department of Education and Training is also investing in wireless networking and technical support for all secondary schools as well as professional learning for teachers.

The Digital Education Revolution is part of a global movement towards providing every student with a wireless enabled computer. Studies where each student has access to wireless computing show:

  • increased student motivation, engagement, interest, organisation and self directed learning.
  • improved academic achievements and student attitudes and work habits.
  • improvements in information and communication skills.

Laptops allow students to learn anytime, anywhere. The laptop weighs just over 1kg and fits easily into a school bag. To increase security, students will be asked to keep their laptops out of sight when travelling to and from school.

Students will be able to use the laptop for school work when they are at home. They will also be able to access the Internet provided there is Internet service at home.

Students must charge their laptop overnight to ensure it is ready for each school day.

Students may keep the laptop if they complete Year 12. If a student leaves school prior to completing Year 12 or moves to a non-government school, interstate or overseas, the laptop must be returned to the school.

The school will provide information regarding requirements, ownership, damage or loss of laptops, laptop care and acceptable computer and Internet use. The school can also provide advice on best academic use of the laptop, safe Internet use, copyright, plagiarism and ergonomics.

Laptop User Charter
Parents or carers and students will be asked to return a signed Laptop User Charter before being issued with a laptop for home use.

This charter must be signed by the student and by a parent or carer to certify that they agree to comply with the conditions in the Laptop User Charter.

They will also certify that they understand that non compliance may result in recall of the laptop or loss of access for home use or other disciplinary action consistent with Department of Education and Training policies.

The Laptop User Charter states that:

  • All laptops and batteries are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty covers manufacturer’s defects and normal use of the laptop. It does not cover negligence, abuse or malicious damage. Any problems, vandalism, damage, loss or theft of the laptop must be reported immediately to the school.
  • In the case of suspected theft a police report must be made by the family and an event number provided to the school.
  • In the case of loss or accidental damage a witnessed statutory declaration signed by a parent/ carer should be provided.
  • If a laptop is damaged or lost by neglect, abuse or by a malicious act, the Principal will determine whether replacement is appropriate and whether or not the student retains access to a laptop for home use.
  • Students will be required to replace lost or damaged chargers.
  • When a laptop is replaced it is replaced with one of a similar age.

The student is responsible for following the Online Communication Services: Acceptable Usage for School Students policy. This includes cyber safety and correct online behaviour.

Go to: https://www.det.nsw.edu.au/policiesinter/category.do?level=Schools

Then click the link to Internet and Online Communications Services (Students)

Please contact your school if you have any inquiries.

Telephone Interpreter Service
If you would like further information and require assistance in contacting the Principal of the school please call the Telephone Interpreter Service on telephone 131 450 and ask for an interpreter in your language. The operator will call the Principal and the interpreter will stay on the line to assist you with your conversation. You will not be charged for this service.

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