High Notes, Vol 10 No 2, February 06 2009

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From the Principal

High Talent
Congratulations to Mark Lucchitti (Year 12) who came first in Italian Preliminary (2008) at the Open High School. At the Australian Chess Championships (Open), Ben Encel (Year 11) ranked equal 22nd in the Open section. Dawen Shi ranked 3rd in the Under 16 section – two very good results against all comers in adult competition.

Chinese New Year
All boys should have brought home the flyer advertising Chinese New Year celebrations at High. When? Saturday, February 21. Time? 6:30 pm. Last year’s inaugural event was very popular but people delayed booking and paying and in the end some people had to be turned away because the Hall was fully booked. Great food and entertainment are assured. Prices are good value at $35 for adults and high school students and $20 for primary kids.

Senior Library Opening
Even though the new senior library space will not be completed, we will be opening the area for the use of High Senior School boys as from Monday, February 9. All those using the Library will be under the supervision of the Librarian, Mrs Morscheck, or the teachers assigned to cover her lunch breaks (Mr Carson and Mr Hannon), and will need to comply with the acceptable usage requirements that she has drafted. We want you reading, writing and researching in this space. Troikas and study teams have produced great results in geography and legal studies particularly in recent HSC results, demonstrating the value of cooperative learning for seniors. Time on academic tasks translates into higher UAIs.

Uncollected Reports
Regrettably, I am still holding a large number of uncollected reports. It is your responsibility to complete your Clearance Form, come and see me and discuss your progress. Negative consequences will follow in week three if you haven’t shown you care enough about your learning to collect your report from last year to take home to your parents.

School Contributions – Early Bird Discount
A reminder to parents that if you pay the total invoice for 2009 by February 27, you get an automatic 10% discount off the school contribution component , saving $74. We encourage you to pay early so we can spend the money on goods and services to benefit your son for as much of the year as possible.

School Uniform
Our expectation is that boys in Years 7 and 8 should be wearing blue school shirts with the High logo on them. For the senior School, boys in Years 10 and 11 should be wearing school shirts with logos. I urge you to buy approved uniform from the High Store for two reasons. First, it has the only patented logo shirts. Second, your money helps the school. Please do not try to copy the logo onto shirts purchased elsewhere. Unfortunately I had to write to a couple of parents last year warning them that to copy a logo which was patented was an illegal act.

Literacy Standards Decline Among the Gifted
Students seem rarely interested in the subtleties and nuances of our language, due in part it seems to government policy that stresses literacy as effective communication for vocational purposes. Many high achieving students have underdeveloped literacy skills. In the highest band of the PISA student percentages in Australia at the highest level have slipped from 17.6% (2000) to 8.6% (2006). In highly successful PISA countries like Finland, teacher training, pedagogical freedom and explicit teaching of literacy skills work well in combination. I urge all teachers and students to evaluate their personal attitudes towards literacy and focus on raising their expectations as ‘literate’ persons. The higher band achievers in the HSC have worked hard to develop and refine their literacy skills.

Weights Training and Monday Sprints
All boys desirous of competing in 'A' teams in winter sports should be signed up for weights training. For 2009, the charges remain unchanged at $50 per term or $150 for the year. For boys who are serious and train hard this cost per session is minimal over a year. For the third training session each week to be recorded in logbooks, many boys need to participate in Monday afternoon sprint training. These sessions are free and valuable for technique work and sharpening speed. All athletics boys should be doing this training as well as cricketers, sailors, water polo players, tennis players, basketballers (3 to 8) and rowers. Get involved and get fit to play!

January Parking
Thank you so much to all staff, parents and students who gave up time during the long vacation to help raise money for school activities. The weather was hot but the number of sporting events was high. Serdar organised the big test match days really well. Volunteers used ice from our machine to keep cool. More than $22k has been credited to co-curricular accounts so far. Well done to all concerned. If you are in a co-curricular activity have you done a parking day?
Dr KA Jaggar

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Year 12 Parents Surviving the HSC seminar

The P&C is organising a seminar for Year 12 parents on stress and the HSC. The guest speaker, Jane Sleeman is an experienced psychologist and school counsellor.

Jane gives lots of good advice and practical tips such as how to:

  • handle stress (both you and your son's stress!)
  • understand the HSC & other issues facing Year 12 students
  • support and encourage your son
  • how to avoid nagging!

Jane allows lots of time for answering questions and talking to people afterwards.

Many of last year's Year 12 parents found this seminar very helpful.

The Seminar is on Wednesday 25 February in the Great Hall. It starts with drinks and plenty of finger food (including Halal & vegetarian) at 6:15pm, with the presentation beginning at 7pm sharp.

The seminar costs $10.00 payable at the door.

Please RSVP: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Toni Lindeback 0403 923 359
Toni Lindeback & Megan Eriksson
Year 12 P&C parent representatives

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Message from the High Store

Welcome to all new students & their parents. Thank you for supporting your school store. All profits go back to the school & benefit you!

SPECIAL THANKS go to my volunteers Christina Chow, Jenni Rajendram, Kate Price & Agnes Leo who helped throughout the back to school holiday queues. We need more dedicated helpers like these wonderful ladies.

To volunteer for The HIGH STORE call Michelle on 9331 7075.

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Lockers - Procedures for 2009

Year 7
All students in Year 7 will be allocated a locker and issued with a combination lock without charge in the week beginning 2 February.

Year 8
From Wednesday, February 4, Year 8 students only who require a locker for the year must register with Mr Beringer. They must pay a [non-refundable] fee of $10 to the office and show the receipt to Mr Beringer by Friday February 6. They will then be allocated a locker.

Years 9 – 12
Lockers remaining will be available to students in Years 9, 10, 11 and 12 on a first come, first served basis. Students requesting a locker must register with Mr Beringer first from Monday February 9. The $10 locker fee must be paid by Tuesday February 10, and upon presentation of the receipt to Mr Beringer, a locker will be allocated.

Special Cases
Boys in Years 8 – 12 who have a medical or other reason which they believe requires them to have the use of a locker should make a case to Mr Beringer as soon as possible.

Only the combination locks supplied may be used. Locks will be collected during the clearance process at the end of the year.

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From the Library

Do we have any current parents who work at Telstra?
Not last year but for the three previous year Sydney Boys High Library has successfully applied for Telstra Grants of approx $1200 to finance small programs like our newspaper table or our Literacy Circles Books.

This does relieve stress on my budget and allows in depth library purchases in other areas.

If you are a Telstra Parent and could vouch for our grant application please contact Veronica Crothers at the Library. 9361 6970 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
V Crothers

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Chinese New Year Interview

High Notes: The Chinese New Year function last year was a fantastic sold out event. What are you planning this year?

Charles Ovadia: It is actually fortunate that Chinese New Year coincides with the start of the school year. It helps start the year on a positive, colourful and prosperous note. This year there will be competition pole lion dancing which is bigger than last year, music, recitations, games, raffles, auctions (bring your money!) and wonderful food better organised than last year.

It is a great show that is heavily dependent on the generosity of all the performers and providers. If we had to pay the full price for all of it the tickets would be $70.

High Notes : If the tickets barely cover the costs, then how do you cope?

C.O: Our raffle and auction prizes are fantastic and as evidence of the support we have our major item is a chance to sail with the Principal, Dr Jaggar, one afternoon for 4-6 people. Some people may not know that he sailed around Australia, and he said he will make it as exciting or as sedate as the winners would like.

Also, we have hotel accommodation, dinners, food vouchers, movie tickets, bags, white water rafting and jewellery, many donated by parents at the school.

High Notes : How much are the tickets?

C.O: The tickets are in fact $35/$20 with all food and soft drinks provided but BYO alcohol. All the boys will have been given a red flyer with the information to take home.

High Notes: How has all this been organized?

C.O: The evening and its organization are great examples of the cooperation and goodwill that exists at the school from the top down: the Principal, as I said, the parents committee and P&C, the Music Department, the Chinese Language Department, The Visual Arts Department, the Prefects and students who help and the parents who donate generously.

High Notes: A final message?

C.O: Please come. Book early.

SBHS Chinese New Year Dinner

Back by popular demand

With a sell out hall of about 250 people at last year’s CNY Dinner, the P&C Development committee have organised this year’s CNY dinner again with more exciting and spectacular food and entertainment.

We would like to invite you to join us in this celebration and welcome the year of the Ox in 2009.

Tickets are now available for sale through the main office.

It is essential to book and pay by Monday the 9 February 2009 as we need to confirm numbers for catering

When: 6.30 pm Saturday 21 February 2009

Where: Great Hall, Sydney Boys High School

Cost: $35 per adult & high school student
$20 per primary school student

Food: Delicious Asian food by Gourmet Caterers
Drinks: Soft drinks

Entertainment: Competition Lion Dance Performance
Chinese Poem Recitations and Music Performances
Chinese New Year artwork display by Sydney High students
Trivia, Games, Lucky door prizes, Raffles and Auction prizes.

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Music Notes

Instrumental Recruitment Night
The instrumental recruitment night was held last Monday evening with a great turnout. All Year 7 students are encouraged to learn an instrument which enables them to join the various music ensembles available at High. If you were unable to attend, please speak to the Music Staff for more information about choice of instruments available and the performance program.

Music Tour 2010 to France
The Music Performance Department and Music Supporters Group is planning a Music Tour to France in 2010. The tour will be held in the holidays between terms 1 and 2 next year to coincide with ANZAC Day. The Marching Band will be performing at ceremonies in the Somme and we are looking to take an orchestra and stage band. There are also performances scheduled in some of the most beautiful venues in the heart of Paris. We envisage that all marching band members and string players will participate in this wonderful tour.

The information evening was held last Monday in the Hall but if you were unable to make it to the meeting, please speak to the Music Staff for further information. Expressions of Interest Forms are available outside the Music Staffroom and need to be completed and returned to the Music Staff by Wednesday 11 February as final numbers need to be given to the organisers.

Music Supporters Group (MSG) Meeting
Our first MSG meeting for 2009 will be held on Monday 2 March at 6:30pm in the Staff Common room. We would like to especially invite all new Year 7 parents to attend the meeting.

The SBHS Music Supporters Group assists the Music Department with financial and practical support to help enable them to offer this program. The group also assists in organising the showcase concerts throughout the year, including the Cabaret Night – an evening of Jazz and dancing and the Annual Music Camp. We also provide barbeques for the boys at some music events through the year.

Being a SBHS Music Supporter does not require a huge commitment of your time. The group meets prior to musical events, usually on a Monday evening in the Staff Common Room. Discussion is usually focused on instrumental requirements, fundraising and planning for upcoming performance events. You may have experience or contacts to help our fundraising for the music program or you may just like to attend to learn more about your son’s performance music experience at SBHS. As a supporter you may volunteer your time once or twice during the year to assist with our fundraising parking, help on a barbeques or assist at a performance event.

Ensemble Rehearsal Times for 2009

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7.30am Intermediate Concert Band
Room 201
Chamber Choir
Room 201 (7:45am)
Chamber Choir
Room 202 (7:45am)
Senior Concert Band
Room 201 (7.45am)
Symphony Orchestra
Room 201 (8.00am)
  Junior String Ensemble
Room 204
  Senior  Stage Band
Room 201 (7.45am)
Senior Strings
Room 204 (7.45am)
Senior Percussion Ensemble
Room 202 (8.00am)
  Junior Percussion Ensemble
Room 102
  Junior Stage Band
Room 101 (7.45am)
  Guitar Ensemble
Room 204 (7.30am)
  Junior Concert Band
Rm 101 Term 2, 3, 4
  Philharmonic Orchestra
Room 204
  Marching Band
Term 1&4
MPW 8.00 – 9:00am
  Marching Band
Term 1&4
Basketball Courts
(3.30 - 4.30pm)
    Junior Jazz Ensemble
Room 201
(3.30 – 4.30pm)

Marching Band rehearsal is held on Tuesday afternoons from 3.30 – 4.30pm and Friday mornings from 8.00 – 9.00am for all concert band members in Term 1 and Term 4. Extra rehearsals are held in the holidays leading up to ANZAC Day. All students in the Intermediate and Senior Concert bands are expected to participate in Marching Band and attend the ANZAC Day March.

As of term 2, Marching Band members will attend their normal ensembles i.e., intermediate concert band on Mondays 7:30am in room 201 and senior concert band on Thursdays 7:45am in room 201.

Parents of all music ensemble members, could you please provide the music staff with your contact details by filling in the below slip and returning it to the music staffroom as soon as possible so that we are able to contact you about any upcoming events involving your son’s participation. This will enable the parent committee to communicate with you more effectively and efficiently. Thank you very much. (Please print the information.)
Kind regards
Music Staff

Student’s Name: ____________________________________ Roll class: ___________________________

Parent’s Name: ____________________________ Contact No: _____________________________________

Email: ______________________________________________________________________________________

Music Ensemble(s): __________________________________________________________________________
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SBHS Debating

How to Join Debating in 2009

There will be an information session and introduction to Debating meeting in the Staff Common Room at 6:30pm on Tuesday Feb 3. All parents and/or students are invited to attend. It is optional, and will provide in-depth information on all aspects of debating.

To join debating you need to do TWO things. In Year 7, Debating is free.

  1. GO TO COACHING: this starts on Friday of week 2 of school (Feb 6). If you miss the first week that is OK, but you MUST attend a coaching session in Term 1 to join debating in 2009. The rooms for coaching will be put in the daily “mango” sheet.
  2.  SEND AN EMAIL TO [email protected] with the subject “I am in Year 7 and want to start debating”. In the body of the email tell me if you have ever done debating. More information will then be sent to you via email.


To join for the first time in 2009:

  1. PAY YOUR CO-PAYMENT at THE MAIN OFFICE.  The co-payment for debating in 2009 is $100 for 25 weeks of coaching. Take your receipt with you to coaching.
  2. GO TO COACHING: this starts on Friday of week 2 of school (Feb 6). If you miss the first week that is OK, but you MUST attend a coaching session in Term 1 to join debating in 2009. The rooms for coaching will be put in the daily “mango” sheet.
  3. SEND AN EMAIL TO [email protected] with the subject “I am in Year X and want to start debating”. In the body of the email tell me if you have ever done debating and why you want to join.

To continue debating in 2009:

  1. PAY YOUR CO-PAYMENT at THE MAIN OFFICE.  The co-payment for debating in 2009 is $100 for 25 weeks of coaching. Take your receipt with you to coaching.
  2. GO TO COACHING: this starts on Friday of week 2 of school (Feb 6). If you miss the first week that is OK, but you MUST attend a coaching session in Term 1 to join debating in 2009. The rooms for coaching will be put in the daily “mango” sheet.
  3. SEND AN EMAIL TO [email protected] with the subject “I am returning to debating and I can follow instructions”.

DSG MEETING: The first Debating Supporters Group Meeting will be held in the Staff Common Room on Tuesday Feb 3, 2009 at 7:30pm.

More information can be found at: www.sydneyhigh.org/debating

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High Society

The Bulletin Board for Sydney Boys High P & C

P & C Meeting - 7.30 pm Wednesday 18 February 2009, Great Hall
The first P & C meeting for 2009 will feature a talk by Mr Ayre, Head Teacher Sport, on the PE and Sport curriculum at High.

We particularly encourage all new parents to the school, to come along and hear directly from our Head of Sport. If there are particular issues or questions regarding sport at High that you would like addressed at the evening, just come along or email your questions to Julie Connolly at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

P & C general business will be conducted following Mr Ayre’s address, so please come with any concerns or issues you would like the P & C involved in.

Upcoming Parent Events (details in High Notes)

Don’t forget to purchase your tickets to the very popular

  • Chinese New Year Dinner - Year of the Ox
    Saturday 21 February 2009 Great Hall
  • New Parents Welcome
    Tuesday 24 February 2009 Great Hall
  • Year 12 Parents 2009 – Surviving the HSC
    Wednesday 25 February 2009 6.15 pm Great Hall

Upcoming Supporter Group Meetings (details in High Notes)

  • Music
    Monday 2 March 6.30 pm Staff Common Room
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New Parents Welcome Party 2009


You are cordially invited to attend the Sydney Boys High School New Parents Welcome Party 2009

to be held in the Great Hall, Sydney Boys High School
Tuesday 24 February 2009
6.30pm to 8.30pm

This will be a great opportunity for new parents to meet each other and to meet other members of the School Family.

Please note this is a function for the parents, not children, so please leave them at home.

For catering purposes please RSVP by 17th February 2009 by completing the form below and returning it to the School Office.

(If you have previously responded to the invitation recently posted to you, there is no need to complete the RSVP form below.)

RSVP - Welcome Party

I/we will be able to attend the Welcome Party for the Parents of New students 
2009 to be held on Tuesday February 24th 6.30pm in the Great Hall, Sydney Boys High.

Please print below names of persons attending and your son's name and class.

Mother's name:  ___________________________________________________________

Father's name:  ___________________________________________________________

Son's name:     ___________________________________________________________

Son's Class:    ___________________________________________________________

Please return to school Office by February 17th in an envelope marked WELC0ME PARTY RSVP

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Basketball: Shooting Hoops

High VS Kings

2008 Term 4 (Last time)

1st LOSS 62-53 C.JURLINA 16 REB
2nd WIN 57-44 E.NAAR 17
3rd WIN 39-26 M.LI 10
4th WIN 23-20 MVP B.YANG
6th WIN 41-4 H.ZHUANG 11
7th WIN 22-19 S.KE 6
8th WIN 45-12 S.BURNHAM 18
16A WIN 29-21 A.YE 9
16B WIN 24-16 D.CHEUNG 6
16C WIN 17-10 Y.WONG 12 REB!
16D WIN 26-16 MVP; K.LI 8 PTS
15D WIN 23-17 T.CHIN 7
15E WIN 45-14 L.FANG 19
15F WIN 23-22 J.LO 6
14B WIN 18-31 J.LAM 6
14C WIN 23-26 J.ZHONG 6
14D LOSS 20-14 S.DU 4
14E LOSS 41-10 T.OW 6

2009 Term 1 (This time)

1st See the Table Raschke Cup
2nd See the Table Raschke Cup
4th WIN 44-26 J.WONG 13
6th WIN 33-19 B.WONG 8
7th WIN 38-17 B.LOU 9
8th WIN 58-4 S.BURNHAM 20
16C LOSS 14-33 Y.WONG 6
16E WIN 32-8 D.CHEN 18!
15A WIN 75-24 M.CULLEN 20!
15D WIN 67-13 T.CHIN 26!
15E WIN 43-13 L.FANG 30!
15F WIN 39-9 J.LO 8
14A LOSS 33-35 O.KIRK 7pts
14B LOSS 15-28 D.DOUNG  4
14C LOSS 9-18 H.ZHANG 4
14D LOSS 18-35 J.MA 10
14E LOSS 14-46 K.LIU 4
14F LOSS 15-36 E.HO 8

Basketball's Back: Time to get rid of the rust!
The first half of the season was remarkable; ending last year with an awesome Coaches vs Students basketball game. The 16s game, which the As and Bs played the first half and I along with some other Cs, Ds and Es players, allowed us to watch the great coaches, who we are fortunate to have at High, showcase their skills, winning 53-39. The 16s had incredible 3 pointer shooting accuracy in the game, as 5 out 7 3s found their way in. But after a 6 week break, it’s evident for some teams that we can clearly do better. Hopefully the 2009 half of the season will be even better than the first half. The 15s (apart from Bs due to absentees) and Opens are already on a roll. Regardless, start practising now when there is no exam pressure and clear off that rust! We can dominate for the rest of this season! Especially with some squad modifications:

Congratulations to Emmett Naar and Daniel Jones on their selections in the first grade side! Congratulations to Craig Moller and Chris Morrow (now dunking a lot!!!) for their selection in the second grade side!
By David Li Wang


First Grade

Pool A P W L Pts
Newington 3 3 0 6
High 3 2 1 5
Shore 3 1 2 4
Scots 3 0 3 3
Pool B P W L Pts
St. Ignatius' 3 3 0 6
St. Joseph's 3 2 1 5
Kings 3 1 2 4
Grammar 3 0 3 3

Second Grade

Pool A P W L Pts
St. Ignatius 4 4 0 8
St. Joseph's 4 4 0 8
Kings 4 2 2 6
Scots 4 2 2 6
Armidale 4 0 4 4
Pool B P W L Pts
High 3 3 0 6
Shore 3 2 1 5
Newington 3 1 2 4
Grammar 3 0 3 3

1sts were unlucky and did not make the finals as they were placed in the same pool as Newington’s 1sts, who are at the top of the table in this season’s regular competition. But High’s 2nds were way too good in their pool and made it into the final against Iggy’s (also top in the regular 2nds competition). Unfortunately 2nd Grade narrowly missed out on taking the top honours, losing 21 to 29 in the final. Nevertheless they must be congratulated for their outstanding performance throughout the tournament and for winning the Newington Classic!
Also By David Li Wang

~ Go High Basketball!
~Play Hard, Play Smart and Play Together!
~ Brought to you by the editors, David Li Wang and Chris Chiam
~Thank you to Mr Hayman for all his contributions to basketball and information

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Sydney Boys High Cricket

Welcome to our Year 7 cricketers and to all new players joining the various Years at High. I trust that you will enjoy your sojourn at High both academically and in your cricket. Your information centre for playing rules, GPS ground locations, awards conditions, fixtures, team selections, results and news is the Cricket Website which you will find at www.sydneyboyscricket.info.

The AAGPS Competitions Group 1 (two day) fixtures commenced last Saturday and our results were encouraging in our first hit-out. High is in a position with sensible cricket and application to achieve wins in the 1st XI, 3rd XI, 16A and 15A matches. The 2nd XI and 14A teams are up against the odds but could minimize the result with the same application.

The Group 2 (One Day 30/30) teams produced our first two wins in the 16 B and the 14 D teams with latter supported by 4 new Year 7 players. Well done to all concerned.

Unfortunately we had too many nominated players who failed their commitment to several of the teams last Saturday. As a result these boys will be placed in rotation groups as it is important for teams to have reliable selections to allow them to compete at the most competitive level as a group.

I would like to place on record the sportsmanship displayed by members of several King’s teams who substituted and enabled those players present to play. Our thanks to King’s Coaches and players.

All players are advised that cricket shirts, floppy cricket hats (Greg Chappell style), school caps are available at the High Clothing store. It is a requirement that when you go on the field and represent High you do so in the correct attire. I would expect to see an improvement this week.

I have spoken with Serdar Bolen, Parking Supervisor re this fixture and he has advised that we require a total of 16 operatives to successfully handle an expected bumper crowd to attend. He has indicated 6 ADULTS and a further 10 Parents/senior players and Volunteers to be on-site at 4-30PM. This is a vital source of income for the cricket budget and please advise your availability to David McDonald, the Cricket Committee President / Parking Co-ordinator; his details are on the cricket website.

Due to the space allocations for all sporting groups in publications the full match reports will be posted on the cricket website with team scores and the main batting and bowling figures being published in High notes. I encourage all to view the match reports that give you a feel for how games went and any special occurrences

GROUP 1 TEAMS (Two Day fixtures)

1ST .XI (Day.1) HIGH 2 /50 -V- ST JOSEPH’S 8 decl /243
Bowling – Razeen AHMED 4- 47 . Batting – Kerrod McPHERSON (20n.o) and Brian KELLY (10n.o.)

2ND XI (Day.1) HIGH 10 /78 -V- ST JOSEPH’S 6 /230
Batting -Samuel LANE (31) and Ritam MITRA (12) Bowling -Nakul BHAGWAT 4- 41 (8), Sam LANE 1- 42 (8), Ryan McDONALD 1- 22 (6) and Ashwin RAMESH with 0- 30 (11)

3RD XI (Day.1) HIGH 8 /229 -V- ST JOSEPH’S to bat
Batting -Avish SHARMA (73n.o), Nafeez CHOWDHURY (39), Siva VALLIAPPIAN (33), Hugo RICHARD (23) and Anthony HOPKINS (14)

16A (Day 1) HIGH to bat -V- ST JOSEPH’S 4 /251
Bowling –Shimon DANZIGER 1- 6 (5), Kumudika GUNARATNE 1- 21 (10), Subodh WEERATUNGE 1- 41(11) and Oliver PIERCE 0- 20 (10)

15A (Day 1) HIGH 2 /55 -V- ST JOSEPH’S 10 /248
Bowling -Sudam DIAS 3 /43 (8), Tom CONNELLY 3 /30 (7) and Dhruv GUPTA 1 /15 (3) Batting -Owen DUFFY (21), Krishnendu DUTTA (13) and Alexander HUGHES (10n.o)

14A (Day 1) HIGH 10 /81 -V- ST JOSEPH’S 4 /243
Batting – Kevin PHAM (14), Thilan SUBASINGHE (14) and Agnish NAYAK (10) Bowling – Michael LIU 1 /38 (6) and Kritman DHAMOON 1 /44 (7)

GROUP 2 TEAMS (One Day-30/30 matches)

4TH XI KINGS 3 /136 - defeated - HIGH 3 /135
Batting – Ben ENCEL(53n.o), Angud CHAWLA (19), Julian UBALDI (18), Rafat KAMAL (13) Bowling – Arun SURRENDRAN 2 wkts and Michael CARR one wkt.

16B HIGH 2 /52 - defeated- KINGS 10 /51
Bowling – Andrew HUYNH 6 /14 (5), Pasan PANNILA 2 /11(2) and Shanaz RAZEEN 1 /0 (3) Batting – Prashan PRABAHARAN (27n.o), Pasan PANNILA (9) and Shanaz RAZEEN (7)

16C and 16D – the opposition school did not have teams in these divisions for this week.

15B KINGS -defeated- HIGH
Batting - Christopher OEI (50n.o) Bowling – Christopher OEI 3 wkts, Sachin DHINGRA 2 wkts

15C KINGS 4 /104 - defeated - HIGH 7 /31 Batting – Vincent WANG (23) Bowling – Vincent WANG 2 wkts and Aman SAKSENA 1 wkt

14B KINGS 3 /213 (25) - defeated - HIGH 7 /82 (23.3) Bowling – Victor HO 1 /9 (3), Nicholas LIN 1 /36 (5) and Danny VO 1 /29 (3) Batting – Chris MAO (19), Nicholas LIN (17) and Kevin GIANG (9)

14C KINGS 1 /168 -defeated- HIGH 10 /68 Bowling Darryl CHAN 1 wkt and 1 catch 4 players did not attend. Kings sportingly provided substitute fielders and we thank them for this.

14D HIGH 7 /107 - defeated - KINGS 7 / 105 Bowling – Allen CHEN 2 /15 (3) and Sameer NENE 1 /10 (3) Batting – Michael HUGHES (29), Jason ZHANG (15) and Ricky CCHEN (11)

All players, seniors and juniors are required to provide their own batting gloves and protectors. Protectors are a health and Hygiene consideration and individual batting gloves provide correct fittings in lieu of players having to substitute available sizes which on many occasions don’t fit. We provide a variety of sizes which are dwindling through lack of care when used by cricketers which has brought about this situation. A reminder that all clothing and equipment should be identifiable with your name on each item. If lost it is easier to trace.
Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket

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Sydney Boys High School Rowing Committee

Happy New Year to all High Rowing Families

January holidays are always a busy time for the rowing boys as they prepare for the Term One GPS regattas. 2009 is no different, and the boys will compete at a series of regattas on each Saturday with the first one hosted by Grammar this Saturday, 7 February. Juniors are at Hen and Chicken Bay and the seniors at SIRC Penrith. I have attached the Term One calendar for your information.

The junior crews finish the season with the Riverview Gold Cup on 21 March and the senior rowers compete in the Head of the River on Saturday 28 March. Some crews will also compete in the NSW CHS Championships at Grafton on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 April.

This year the Sydney High Regatta will be held on Saturday 28 February. We will need to provide barbequed bacon and egg rolls and refreshments to rowers and spectators from all GPS schools, and will soon be asking for volunteers to help on the day.

Senior Rowing Formal
The senior boys (Years 11 and 12) celebrated the beginning of the competitive season with a ‘Rowing Formal’. It was a sit down dinner/dance held last Friday night, 23 January, at the sheds. The boys looked fantastic in their formal attire and the girls sparkled in their summer dresses. The night was enjoyed by all thanks to the organisation by Jason Nguyen (Year 12), guided by Mr Barris (MIC) , and caterer, Steve Denny, who prepared a delicious 3 course meal! Year 10 rowers, Jonah Petrie, Allen Liao and Tim Gollan were the very professional waiters of the night.

Year 10 Melbourne Trip
The Year 10 VIIIs are going to Melbourne in Week 3 with Mr Barris for the annual racing against Melbourne High on the Yarra. This will be quite a different experience to the busy Parramatta River and competition will be tough. The boys are billeted and looked after by Melbourne High.

Thank you to all the parents and boys who helped with the parking for the cricket test early January. Parking cars on our school grounds for events is an important fundraiser and all rowing families should make an effort to help at least once during the year please.

Our next parking days are Sunday, 8 February and Friday 6 March. If you are able to help park cars at the school on those days can you please contact Katharine Deacon on 0435 207094.

Each season all senior rowing families are asked to contribute to their rowing camp costs using an ASF tax deductible donation form. Some of this money also goes to maintenance costs at the sheds, for example, 2 tonnes of sand has just been needed to fill in the dropped ground level next to the seawall. This season we have also had some urgent pontoon maintenance required. All junior rowing families received a letter asking for a voluntary donation to contribute to these costs.

On behalf of the committee I would like to thank all the junior and senior families who have made a donation, however, it would be great to see some more come in. I hope you enjoy the upcoming GPS regattas. It is exciting and enjoyable watching the boys race after their hard training and preparation.
Julie Blomberg
President Rowing Committee

S.H.S.Rowing Calendar 2008-9

Rowing codes used in this calendar are as follows
Senior A Rowers who are in the first or second VIII, These boys are in year 11 & 12 in 2009
Senior B Rowers who are in the IVs, These boys are in year 11 & 12 in 2009
Senior C Rowers who are in the Year 10 VIIIs, These boys are in year 10 in 2009
D, E Rowers who are in the Year 9 Quads, These boys are in year 9 in 2009
F Rowers who are in the Year 8 Quads, These boys are in year 8 in 2009
OCMC Outterside Centre Management Committee

Sat 7 State Championships SIRC
  SGS Regatta Hen & Chicken
Mon 9 Camp A Abbotsford
Wed 10 Row B Abbotsford
Wed 10 Yr 10 Melbourne Melbourne
Thurs 12 Row D,E,F Abbotsford
Thur 12 Yr 10 Melbourne Melbourne
  Camp A,B Abbotsford
Fri 13 Yr 10 Melbourne Melbourne
Sat 14 Yr 10 Melbourne Melbourne
  SJCRegatta Iron Cove
Mon 16 Camp A Abbotsford
Wed 18 Row B, C Abbotsford
Thurs 19 Row D,E,F Abbotsford
  Camp A,B Abbotsford
Sat 21 SRC Regatta SIRC
  Newington Regatta H&C
Wed 25 Row A B,C Abbotsford
Thurs 26 Row D,E,F Abbotsford
  Camp A,B Abbotsford
Sat 28 SHS Regatta Hen & Chicken
Mon 2 Camp A,B Abbotsford
Tues 3 Rowing Committee Meeting 7.30pm School
Wed 4 Row B,C Abbotsford
Thurs 5 Row D,E,F Abbotsford
  Camp A,C Abbotsford
Sat 7 Scots Regatta Hen & Chicken
Mon 9 Camp A,C Abbotsford
Wed 11 Row B,C Abbotsford
Thurs 12 Row D,E,F Abbotsford
  Camp A,B Abbotsford
Sat 14 Kings/PLC Regatta SIRC
Wed 18 Boatshed Dinner Great Hall
  Row A,B C Abbotsford
Thurs 19 Row D,E,F Abbotsford
  Camp A,C Abbotsford
Sat 21 Gold Cup Riverview
Mon 23 Camp A Abbotsford
Wed 25 Row B,C Abbotsford
Thurs 26 Row D Abbotsford
Thur 26 Camp A Abbotsford
Fri 27 Camp A,B,C Abbotsford
  Rowing Assembly 11.30am Great Hall
Sat 28 GPS Regatta SIRC
Sat 4 CHS Regatta Grafton
  CHS Regatta Grafton
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From the Canteen Team

We welcome the many parents who have joined us as new canteen volunteers. A roster for 2009 has been mailed to you. If you have volunteered to help at the canteen but not received a roster please call Karen or Tracey on 9360 4027 (not during recess or lunch breaks) to check they have your correct mailing details. To our continuing volunteers we thank you for supporting us again.

Reminder - if you are unable to attend on any of your rostered days, please arrange a swap with another volunteer in the roster.

Once again thank you for being a canteen volunteer. ALL canteen profits are channelled back to the school to help fund projects and facilities which benefit all our sons.
The Canteen Team

Canteen Price List 2009

The canteen price list is available on the school website: http://www.sydneyboyshigh.com/school/parents-students/canteen

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