High Notes, Vol 10 No 11, April 09 2009

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From the Principal

High Talent
Congratulations to Antony Paul (Year 11) who was a member of the successful CHS debating team that debated recently at Parliament House. Thank you to competitors, Mr Devlin and the staff from PE and History particularly, who helped make the inaugural ‘Jaggar Gift‘ a great success. Well done to our 13s 4x50m relay team (Dominic Mah, Yu Peng Man, Eugene Lee and Steven Comninos) who won a silver medal at CHS with a time of 2:06:56.

Rewarding High Quality Teaching
Dr Gerald Calnin (Professional Educator, March 2009) reports on an experiment by the Association of Independent Schools of Victoria (AISV) to develop a model for identifying high quality teachers using a pilot project involving two teachers each from seven independent schools. We need to understand what teachers know and do in classrooms and how that helps students. The pilot program has four elements. First, professional teaching - high quality teachers know their subject and keep up to date with developments in it. Second, high quality teachers engage in lifelong relevant, effective professional learning, leading to improvements in classroom practice. Third, high quality teachers contribute significantly to learning and school communities. Fourth, high quality teachers make a direct, positive impact on students’ learning, as measured by learning growth. Candidates for ‘merit pay’ would demonstrate performance by: a portfolio containing a video of their teaching, lesson plans, assessment tasks and samples of student work; peer and student reviews and an interview.

[There are moves around Australia towards implementing differential or merit pay. I believe the four criteria in this pilot program could form standards against which teacher performance could be gauged when making determinations about merit pay. I would be interested in school community views about this issue of benchmarking and rewarding teacher quality.]

The Sydney Boys High School Building Fund
The Sydney Boys High School Building Fund was established in 2003 to provide a vehicle for capital projects to be carried out at the school, in the same way that the Centenary Building Fund did for The Outterside Centre. In addition, there was an agreed vision for a new Library/Performing Arts Space as a 125th Anniversary Project. Its fundraising also needed a distinguishing entity. The Sydney Boys High School Building Fund adopted the ‘new library’ as its major project. Given its purpose, it wasn’t long before it came to be known as ‘The Library Fund’, thereby confusing it with the Sydney Boys High School Public Library Fund. This Fund has as its objective the everyday running of an existing library and ironically can NEVER be used as a Fund to build a library.

In 2005, the SBHS Parents and Citizens Association entered into an agreement with the school in respect of its parking activity proceeds. In consideration for giving up all but one parking day, it agreed to donate its share of the grounds levy to the Sydney Boys High School Building Fund, but it wanted its donations sequestered into the ‘new library project’. This was because parents who helped raise money for many sports and activities agreed at the time that the ‘new library’ was a worthwhile project. The donations amount to $25,000 per year (say $100,000). Since 2003, the Centenary Building Fund has contributed $316,584. Interest accounts for $95,000.

The remainder of the money ($511,584) has been raised by: the 125th Anniversary Appeal, The Monthly Giving Program, the Tax Year End Campaign and the Year 12 Leavers Campaign.

The table below sets out the sources and application of funds donated to the Sydney Boys High School Building Fund since 2003.

Year Donations/interest Expenditure Balance CF
2003 58,760 32,670 26,090
2004 91,522 8,788 108,824
2005 202,180 0 311,004
2006 239,555 165,359 384,996
2007 201,644 17,144 569,496
2008 245,636 136,062 679,071
totals 1,039,297 360,023  

These funds at 31/11/08 were represented by Term deposit No 1 at $295,000 and Term deposit No 2 at $370,000 and by $14,071 in the school’s No 3 A/c. Where has the Sydney Boys High School Building Fund money been spent?

It is difficult to stay focused exclusively on long term capital projects when so much needs to be done to improve the learning environment for the boys. We are saving nearly 70% of donations for future building plans. The following 2008 list illustrates the diversity of projects funded:

Portable Building – Room 801       $22,833
Data Projector installations    $10,608 
Unisex Toilet conversion        $4,070  
The Art Room store              $3,492   
Cricket Shed                    $1,402
Room 611 established            $18,248
Room 705 wall                   $10,584
Room 204 alcove                 $2,260
Network Storage Server          $2,999
Saw bench and table             $1,184

Corridors and student transit
Students are to use corridors for transit. Boys should keep to their left when moving through corridors and should never run. Corridors are not for sitting around in. The corridors adjacent to the junior and senior libraries need to be kept clear for safety reasons. In wet weather, the lower corridors in Killip and McDonald Wings may be used. In extreme weather classrooms in Killip and McDonald Wings and the main building may be opened and supervised by teachers. Students must keep their corridors clean and tidy. Staff members are asked to remove students from all top floor corridors before and after school and during breaks, and from lower corridors at all times except in wet weather. If staff members provide classroom access to students outside of class times, they must provide supervision. Staff allowing students to use rooms unsupervised, do so at their own risk. Staff are advised that classrooms should be locked by them when they leave at the end of each period of teaching.
Dr K A Jaggar

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Fieldwork – Kosciuszko to Collaroy

Fieldwork is one of the most important elements of education especially for the field sciences like Geography and Environmental Science. It allows students to experience new sites and situations; something that the internet and video can never reproduce. There’s also the social element that means students get to work together for a longer time than usual on common projects. Three fieldwork courses so far this year illustrate this.

The first trip took a combined Geography/Environmental Science group to study wetland and mangrove ecology at Sydney Olympic Park. Using specialist staff from Bicentennial Park we were able to study the development of mangrove areas and the physical and biological parameters under which they survive. Only 5% of the original wetlands remain in NSW and so this was a chance to see an endangered ecosystem and the services it provides. One of the biggest and most ambitious trips was the combined Biology/Geography/Environmental Science 3-day trip to Mount Kosciuszko. Here, over 30 students were able to undertake a range of complex field activities. We started with a presentation about the mountain area and a short walk to examine the vegetation of the lower mountain area. After some very good food at the excellent accommodation site (field students march on their stomachs every bit as much as armies!) there was time for some evening lectures, an introduction to the next day and a chance to continue research using the computer facilities we took with us.

Day two saw us undertake a 14km walk and field study to Mount Carruthers. Each subject had its own speciality studying distribution of plants, their biological characteristics and the physical conditions of the area. The highlight must be the chance to work on the feldmark – an area so rare there’s only about 30ha in this region. It’s that chance to work on this type of habitat that made the trip so worthwhile. After 10 hours in the field, the evening meal was welcome (although the follow-up lectures and research probably less so). Day three was a different area again with the chance to study two river systems before the trip home. We are still following this work with joint discussions by students on the content of the research and the creation of an e-learning site dedicated to the field course. Smaller but no less useful, Year 10 had the opportunity to visit Collaroy for one day as part of their mandatory Geography studies. This gave students the chance to research one of three areas specially designed for us and use sophisticated equipment normally far outside the usual run of school equipment. Again, the chance to work for an extended period in the field (preceded by extensive work in class and online) has enriched student understanding.

Fieldwork is a difficult item to fit in a crowded curriculum but the opportunities to see and work on something totally different is always welcomed (just ask any of the students who go!).
Paul Ganderton
Social Science

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Lost Property

Message to all parents Please label all personal items and school clothing with your son’s full name to ensure that lost property is returned promptly.
Lost Property Office

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SBHS Debating

A fantastic end to coaching last week with our senior teams providing exhibition debates given all our boys a shot at doing their own adjudications. Big thanks to all speakers and chairs as well as our coaches who had the chance to show off their experience in giving the formal adjudications so that all students could test if they had the same issues and reasons for their decisions! Hopefully all boys have started learning how adjudicators think and learn some interesting matter.

Eastside SEMI FINAL TEAMS, Friday 1st May
ATTENTION – please note that the date for the Eastside Semi Finals is Friday 1st of May. This is the FIRST FRIDAY OF TERM 1. Not Friday 8th as previously announced.

Debates are at Grammar and will be on current affairs.

Congratulations to the following boys who will be representing the school in these debates!

Senior A
Stephen Garofano
Max Phillis
Antony Paul

Senior B
Justin Chan
Angud Chawla
Puneet Baweka
Chris Wong

Year 10
Ashwin Rudder
Krishan Siva
Nakul Bhagwhat
Samir Kinger

Year 9
Robert Sternhall
Max Birch
Chris Chiam

Year 8
Calum York
Khushaal Vyas
Jaan Pallandi
Yuan Shi

The Grand Final will be held the following Friday – 8th May 2009.

Happy Easter and researching over the holidays
Dana Quick
Debating Coordinator

More information can be found at www.sydneyhigh.org/debating and will be emailed to you on a weekly basis.
Please CHECK YOUR EMAIL regularly and ensure we have current contact details for both students and parents.
PARENTS: If you are not receiving weekly emails about debating please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   and ask to be added to the parent group for your child’s year.

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Music Notes

ANZAC DAY - Marching Band
Marching Band rehearsal is held on Tuesday afternoons from 3.30 – 4.30pm (Basketball Courts) and Friday mornings from 8.00 – 9.00am (Moore Park West) for all concert band members in Term 1 and Term 4. It is compulsory for ALL Members of the Intermediate and Senior Concert Bands to participate in Marching Band rehearsals and attend the ANZAC Day March.

Holiday Rehearsals:
1st Week – 14th April 9am-12pm (with break)
2nd Week – 23rd April 9am-12pm (with break)

Please bring your hat, sunscreen and a bottle of water to the holiday rehearsals as practice will be held outside on Moore Park West. Please note that the rehearsal in the 2nd week is a FULL Dress Rehearsal; students need to wear their school uniform (with BLAZER). If you do not own a blazer, please organise to borrow one for the 2nd holiday rehearsal and ANZAC Day.

Students need to attend both rehearsals in the holidays and have music MEMORISED by the beginning of the holidays. Please notify Music Staff if you are unable to make any of these sessions.

ANZAC Day - Photos
We are looking for photos of the Marching Band from previous years to use as promotional for our Music Tour to France, if you are able to help us please contact the Music Department at school on 9361-6910 (Ext. 109) or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it We greatly appreciate your help.

Music Parking
There will be a Music Parking next Friday the 10th of April from 4:30pm-7:30pm. Please let the Music Staff know if you are able to attend. Award Scheme Points apply. The Music Tour Committee is also fundraising by selling soft drinks at the parking and we encourage boys or parents attending the tour to come along and help out.

Music Supporters Group (MSG) Meeting
Our next MSG meeting for 2009 will be held on Tuesday 19th May at 6:30pm in the Staff Common room. We would like to encourage parents of students in the performance music program to attend.

Cabaret Night – Please Note Change of Date
Cabaret Night has been changed to Saturday the 27th of June 2009 (TERM 2) with the Jazz workshop held on Friday the 26th of June for all members of the Stage Band. Please make a note of this change in your diary. All members of Stage Band, Senior Concert Band and Symphony Orchestra will be involved on Cabaret Night.

20th/21st Century Concert
Following our huge success with the Night at the Movies Spring concert last year, our theme for the first concert of this year is 20th/21st Century and will be held on Saturday the 9th of May (Term 2, Week 2) in the Great Hall at 6:30pm. All ensembles will be performing and tickets are available through the Main Office. There will be refreshments on sale during the interval of the concert.

Single: $12.00 / Family: $28.00

Jazz Workshops
Jazz workshops Australia will be holding workshops in the April school holidays this year. Please see the Music Staff for more information (notes available outside the music staffroom) or alternatively visit: www.jazzworkshop.com.au 

Piano For Sale
2003 Boston (Steinway 178 model) for sale in very good condition $22,000 (ono). RRP for second hand is $25,000. Please see the Music Staff if you are interested or contact 0416 740 813.

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Term 1 2009
People sometimes ask me what the job of the Head Teacher Student Welfare and the School Welfare team is and I often reply to that question by saying it is mostly about the wellbeing of students. The Department of Education has recently rejuvenated their terminology in this area and officially recognised the term “Wellbeing” as the correct description of everything involved in the welfare area. At Sydney Boys, this term is quite appropriate because our Welfare programs encompass such a wide variety of activities which focus primarily on student wellbeing.

Our Values Education Program is a terrific example of how student wellbeing is a central concern for the decision about material to be included. A review, undertaken by teachers, parents and students, enabled us to create a Years 7 – 9 course which is a blend of performance coaching (study skills, exam preparation, time management), literacy and media study (using Australian Children’s Television Foundation material), leadership development, as well as topics most suitable for encouraging healthy lifestyles. In Year 10 a Senior Transition course extends beyond the junior program to promote leadership in action, planning for success as well as health and safety issues for emerging adults. An outline of the junior program is available on the website under Welfare and the Year 10 course outline will soon be included.

Each year we supplement our Values Ed Program by including visits from Brainstorm Productions (DET approved Theatre in Education Group) to present entertaining and informative plays which challenge students to consider important issues related to adolescent development, relationships and social harmony. In Term 1 we had our first presentation for 2009. All Year 8 students saw the current production of ‘Verbal Combat’ which highlights some of the complex issues surrounding harassment among our youth. The play is not intended to solve the problem of conflict but is a useful point of reference to initiate anti-bullying strategies and discussion. Two of our Year 8 students presented reports about the play:-

“This play has a lot of messages about bullying and its effects. There are two people acting out four characters. The play is funny as well as smart and meaningful. It was about a new girl at school, called Emily, being bullied by two other girls. A character called Katrina was really controlling another girl called Gabrielle but she didn’t notice because she wanted to belong to the ‘cool’ group. There was lots of harassing Emily with hate mail and they stole her diary which contained her private thoughts. When Gabrielle realised that she was being used, she tried to return the diary to Emily, but she ran away in fear and fell over a railing, seriously hurting herself. This play tries to show how everyone is different and needs to be treated with respect. Bullying is wrong because the person being bullied will get hurt and the bully will also get into trouble. This is a worthwhile activity as we saw what it was like to be bullied and we learned that bullying is wrong.”
Nicholas Costa 8F

“Brainstorm productions are all about teaching secondary students about the effects of bullying and harassment. They have turned the tedious lessons of not bullying into a fun way to learn about discrimination for many children. Loud music, school setting, big props and quality voices promise mirth aplenty for children and teenagers. It’s a promise delivered energetically. The new girl Emily is very intriguing and likes to be different from everyone else mainly because she isn’t selected to be in one of the school’s groups. Rocky and Gabrielle discriminate against Emily because she keeps a diary and is isolated from everyone else. I believe that Brainstorm productions are very helpful to the schools that they perform at because they show what’s happening in the real world around them such as the discrimination of races and discrimination of people. What they are trying to say is that you can’t judge people by what they look like but it’s all about what’s in their heart.”
Shuming Wang 8R

As well as Brainstorm Productions, we have a group known as Motivational Media visit the school once a year to present their latest production to all Sydney Boys High students. Their giant screens are 13 metres wide and together with a state of the art sound system they create a spectacular cinema style experience which captures and engages the audience. This year they presented ‘Rebound’ which focused on the issue of resilience. It showed 4 people telling their real life stories about how they reacted to misfortune and hardship and the presentation also related some important philosophies for students to consider (eg. Confucius “Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall.” and Albert Einstein, “In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.”) Another Year 8 student had this to say about the presentation:

“This presentation was effective because it presented quite recent stories and some things were very relevant to us as young teenagers. The most effective and touching stories were the story of Hannah, a girl suffering from depression, the story of Anna Meares and her recovery from her spinal injury, and the story of Ali who had to come back from being an outcast by learning how great it really is to be Australian. In short, these stories are well presented in a way that we can understand, and we can relate to them. This is an effective way of getting the message across that you can rebound from anything, and you can make up for your mistakes.”
Oliver Kirk 8F

Combined with the Motivational Media presentation was a short talk by each of the groups who benefit from the Community Service group fundraising efforts. We heard from representatives of Stewart House (Yr 7), Jeans for Genes (Yr 8), Bogabilla Central School (Yr 9), Sir Roden Cutler Charities (Yr 11) and Oasis (Yr 12). Ms Kaye (Community Service Coordinator) organised each of these people to speak to the school to raise awareness about the need to keep our efforts going to assist with essential research and financial aid to these organisations. On Tuesday 24th March a mufti day and fundraising bar-b-que was held to raise money for Bogabilla Central School and another was held on Tuesday 7th April for Stewart House.

We are also working towards a more effective and inclusive Sun Safe policy and seek the assistance of parents in ensuring their son has a hat and sunscreen in their school bag each day. A combined effort between school and home will help communicate the important message to our young men about the dangers associated with unprotected exposure to the sun. Have a safe and happy Easter break.
John Walker
HT Student Welfare

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Athletics Report

Last Saturday, a record number of boys showed up for the first invitational carnival of the GPS athletics season. Even though there were some interesting distances run, a number of good results were chalked up throughout the age groups. Stand out performances included Pasan Pannila running an excellent 1000m in 2:57.6 minutes to claim first place in the 15s. Harry Heo cleared 1.55m for second in the 14s high jump. In the 16s Giancarlo Romeo ran a blistering time of 18.38 sec in the 150m and Brian Kelly recorded 7.52 sec in winning the 60m sprint. Josh Tassell recorded the fastest 60m of the day running 6.97 sec to win the 17s. In the Open 3000, Jeremy Ireland and Harrison Lane ran an equal time of 9 minutes 30.5 seconds as High filled 3 of the top 4 GPS places. It was a great start to a new season, and with more training and preparation, we can continue to go up from here.

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The Inaugural Jaggar Gift

The inaugural Jaggar Gift was held this past Monday. Students crowded the finish line to cheer on all of the participants who were vying for the grand prize of forty dollars. The Junior race proved to be exciting with people at both ends of the handicap finishing in the top three, with a thrilling sprint at the end to finish the first of hopefully many races to come. The Senior race showed the handicaps really giving an even chance to everybody, with the top three finishers having mid-field starts. Overall the Jaggar Gift is a new and exciting concept that we can all hope to see for many years to come.

Senior Prizes
1st $40 - Vlad Boulavine
2nd $20 - Laurence Liu
3rd $15 - Antony Paul

Junior Prizes
1st $40 - Joshua Leo
2nd $20 - Lloyd Perris
3rd $15 - Andrew Shi

Chris Morrow
Junior Captain of Athletics

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High Store

To volunteer for the High Store please call Michelle on 9331 7075.

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To volunteer for the School Canteen please call Tracey or Karen on 9360 4027

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High Society

The Bulletin Board for Sydney Boys High P & C
Julie Connolly P&C President

Sydney Boys High Marching Band will again be among the 20,000 participants in the Sydney ANZAC Day march on Saturday 25th April. The march begins at 9am in Martin Place and proceeds into George Street, Bathurst Street, then Elizabeth Street and ends in Hyde Park. It is a memorable occasion for all, with the streets of the CBD lined with people acknowledging and supporting the parade of returned service people and marching bands from around the State. All High parents are welcome to attend this special ANZAC day event.

Upcoming Parent Meetings & Events (details in High Notes)

  • Rugby Committee
    6.00pm Wednesday 29th April Room 901
  • Try Rugby Day –
    9.00 –12.00 noon Saturday 2nd May McKay Oval
  • 20th/21st Century Music Concert
    6.30pm Saturday 9th May Great Hall
  • P&C Executive Meeting
    6.00pm Monday 11th May School Board Room
  • Athletics Dinner
    6.30pm Thursday 14th May Great Hall
  • GPS Athletics Assembly –
    11.30am Friday 15th May Great Hall

If you would like to have any parent community news or upcoming events included in High Society, please contact Julie Connolly, P&C President, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; 0418 470 203.

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Sydney Boys High Cricket

Last Friday night 130 attended the Dinner and Presentation of Awards and enjoyed seeing the boys receive their awards for their season’s efforts. The night culminated with the presentations by the Captains of the 1st and 2nd XIs which created some humorous moments as with the Drawing of the multi prize raffle which the Year 7 boys in attendance virtually scooped the pool winning 6 of the 10 prizes. The success of the night can be attributed to Mrs Barbara Taylor, the Dinner Coordinator who did a magnificent job. Our sincere thanks to Barbara.

Below are lists of the Award winners in two categories and the Team Awards are displayed on the Cricket Website

The Aggregate is for the batsman who scores the most runs in the team in which he regularly plays.

13A. Ned ANSON 170 runs
13B. See Cricket Website for Achievement awards
14A. Thilan SUBASINGHE ( [email protected])
14B. Vasu BHAKRI ([email protected])
15A. Owen DUFFY (338 [email protected])
15B. Lalitha KATUPITIYA (156 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )
15C. Abhi DUTTA
16A. Henry SIT (209 [email protected] 23.22 avge)
16B. Ishman BARI (158 [email protected] 31.6 avge)
16C. See Cricket Website for Team Awards
5th.XI Michael CARR
4th.XI Ben ENCEL
3rd.XI Avish SHARMA (147 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )
2nd.XI Nakul BHAGWAT (173 [email protected] 15.70)
1st XI Avindu VITHANAGE (430 [email protected] 47.78)

The Aggregate is for the highest number oft wickets taken by a bowler in the team in which he regularly plays from each team.
13A. George FARRUGIA 4 wkts
13B. See Cricket Website for Achievement Awards
14A. Safat SUFIAN 8 wkts @ 4.5 avge
14B. Anup KALUVE 7 wkts @ 7.7 avge
14C. Jacky ZHU
15A. Sudam DIAS [email protected]
15B. Aman SAKSENA 9 wkts
15C. Suman PRUSTY
16A. Abdullah SARKER 14 wkts @ 16.71 avge
16B. Andrew HUYNH 11 wkts @ 6.18 avge
16C. See Cricket Website for Team Awards
5th.XI Tasneem CHOUDHURY
4th.XI Tony WANG
3rd.XI Siva VALLIAPPAN 12 wkts @ 18.75
2nd.XI Saif HAQUE 13 wkts
1st.XI Razeen AHMED. 17 wkts @ 18.12

Thursday 30th April the Website will be updated and new segments added including the PROVISIONAL DEVELOPMENT SQUADS for junior, intermediate and seniors: New PERSONAL EQUIPMENT POLICY: The 2009-10 SEASON PROGRAMME: .The SCHOOL POLICY FOR “A” and ”B” TEAMS (All Years): REVIEWED AWARD GUIDELINES and a WEEKLY COORDINATOR’S MEMO. .

All players are urged to maintain contact by using the Website as a means of meeting deadlines, return of forms and for planning in advance for the July, August and September 2009 pre- season squads nominations plus training sessions
Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket

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