High Notes, Vol 10 No 10, April 03 2009

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From the Principal

High Talent
Congratulations on the performance of our swimmers. In the zone swimming carnival the 13 years 200m relay team of Dominic Mah, Yu Peng Man, Eugene Lee and Steve Comninos broke the record set in1992 by 11 seconds to swim 200 metres in 2:09:37. They also finished second at the Regional Carnival and now go to the CHS State. Patrick Zhou (14 Years), Max Chien (15 Years) and Jack Musgrove (opens) were crowned zone champions. Jeffery Jiang (Opens), Max Chien and Ennes Mehmedbasic (15 Years), all breaststrokers, were selected in the GPS team to compete in the CIS carnival over the coming weeks. Well done boys!

In the holidays, Cadets Nicholas Ooi and Dominic Tran have been invited to attend the Junior Leaders Course (for promotion to corporal) held at Singleton. Corporal Michael Do is going to the Seniors Leaders Course Module 1 (for promotion to sergeant). Staff Sergeant Johan Santoso and Sergeant Aditya Hatle have qualified for the Senior Leaders Course Module 2 (for promotion to warrant officer/cadet under officer).These boys are developing their leadership skills well. In representative basketball, Spencer Llewellyn was chosen in combined GPS firsts; Jackson Meaney, Matthew Jones and Sam Higgins were selected in GPS seconds. A great result for High basketball! A terrific achievement by Ivor Metcalf (Year 8) this week. He has been selected in the NSW Little Athletics State team. He will attend training camps in April before competing in Adelaide at the national championships on April, 26.

Head of the River
At the Head of the River regatta High has set benchmarks for its rowers to aspire to attain. The first one is to row within 10% added to the winning crew’s time. The second level is 7.5%. An excellent row for us is within 5% at the third level. Highly competitive rowing is inside 4%. Since 1999, only 5 crews have bettered this mark and of these, three were in the Year 10 eights in the same year, 2003. On Saturday, the big performance was from the second VIII rowing at 6.69% (1.6% below the long term average). Next best was the 1st IV finishing 7.8% behind the winner and 0.56% below the school average. The first VIII just made the benchmark at 9.8%. Congratulations to all the competitors, coaches, parents and to the six busloads of High supporters. It was gratifying to receive such a complimentary email from the management of Nepean Shores, praising the rowers for their ‘fantastic behaviour’. They brought great credit to the school.

Athletics Carnival
I was extremely impressed with the support of the school at this week’s athletics carnival. An unprecedented 970 boys attended on Monday and 910 on Tuesday. There were up to 15 heats in many races. The vast majority of boys supported each other and treated the carnival as a serious test of their athletic ability. Thank you to Mr Devlin and his team for the organisation of the event.

The Centenary Building Fund
When paying their school contributions, families also pay $125 to the Centenary Building Fund, managed by the Sydney High School Foundation. What happens to this money? There is an agreed formula for distributing the capital donated by parents.

Year 7 parents have all their donations saved for ‘future’ projects’. Year 12 parents have all their donations spent in the ‘current’ year on capital maintenance works. For Year 8 parents, 75% of donations are saved and 25% spent on current requirements. In the case of Years 9 and 10 the split is 50/50.

For Year 11 parents, 25% is retained for the future and 75% spent in the current year. Under the arrangements, the Foundation retains a little over half of the ‘current’ expenditure on capital maintenance which it uses to insure and maintain the Outterside Centre and Fairland Pavilion – its major assets held for use by our students. Since the agreement began, more than $155,000 has been spent on capital maintenance items at the school from the Centenary Building Fund.

All the ‘future’ capital is donated to the Sydney Boys High School Building Fund. Since 2004, the bulk of this money is then invested in term deposits towards our Library / Multipurpose Centre project, currently standing at $670,000. The Centenary Building Fund has been responsible for raising 54% of the capital currently in term deposits. The table below sets out the sources and application of funds donated to the Centenary Building Fund since 2002.

The Centenary Building Fund

Year Total donated Future Projects Current Projects
2002 88,868 45,394 43,474
2003 88,266 43,998 44,268
2004 87,600 45,806 41,794
2005 109,153 61,614 47,539
2006 89,022 46,142 42,880
2007 105,105 58,951 46,154
2008 110,460 60,073 50,387
Totals 678,474 361,978 316,496

The figures above show that our parents support the Centenary Building Fund consistently from Year 7 right through to Year 12, hence the similarity of the figures for current and future projects. The Sydney High Foundation has retained just $23,000 per annum to maintain well over $5,000,000 in assets, representing less than 0.5% of their value. The donations also show that if, say, 1100 families can afford to pay then in 2008 the take up rate was 80%. If all 1100 families paid the total would be $137,500. If just 5% more families paid in 2009 it would make quite a difference. I urge you to support the school and join with the great majority of parents who believe in the future of public education and are prepared to make a difference.
Dr K A Jaggar

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Drama Showcase

When: Wednesday 8 April 2009 6:00 -7:30pm
Where: Drama Studio (Room 204)

This promises to be an exciting theatrical experience with original work presented by students from the Junior Drama classes and School Circus Troupe.

Students will be presenting Group Devised Performances, Improvising and Demonstrating Circus Balances.

The evening will be the first of many upcoming performance events hosted by the Drama Department. Your support and attendance at the Showcase is greatly appreciated.

AUDITIONS for the School Drama Ensemble will be held on Monday 4 May from 3:30 – 5:00pm in room 204. Any student interested in Auditioning should see Ms Rohr in the English Staffroom.

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Year 7 Family Picnic

There is a distinct possibility of rain on Saturday in which case the picnic will be postponed to Term 2. A decision will be made Saturday morning and parents notified by email (only if cancelled) by 12 noon. Any queries, please call me on 0423172762
Year 7 Parent Coordinator

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From the Canteen Team

The winner of the March volunteer Thank You Voucher is Adele Horin. Like so many others, Adele has been helping us once a month from the time her son started in Year 7. We really appreciate your generosity in giving us your time, Adele. We are sure her son Jeremy (Year 12) will make good use of the voucher.

As Term 1 draws to a close we trust you will understand if we run out of some lines in the last week of term. Because Karen and Tracey very expertly manage the canteen supplies to ensure everything we sell is fresh, some supplies may not be replenished until next term.
Christine on behalf of The Canteen Team

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SBHS Debating

A sincere thanks to all boys, coaches and parents for their support for the debating program throughout this term. Already we have a promising start for next term (see below!) and I look forward to working with you all for the rest of the year. Happy Easter!

Holidays Happenings
There are no more competition debates until Friday 1 May (Week 2, Term 2). COACHING ONLY for Friday 3 April. Coaching ends at SBHS at 4.45pm.

Eastside SEMI FINALS, Friday 1st May
The semi finals are on us and our boys have done us proud by making the semi finals for Years 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 – Congratulations to all for a fantastic start to the debating year! The final points were particularly close and each speaker played a vital role in the final standings.

Boys! Now there is no excuse for the holidays and you all should be reading the papers and keeping up to date with your current affairs as the topics for the semi final debates will be developed from newsworthy items!

The debates will be held at Grammar and debates are as follows:

Year 7
Grammar v Reddam
Sydney Girls v SCEGGS

Year 8
SCEGGS v Grammar
Sydney Girls v Sydney Boys

Year 9
Sydney Girls v Sydney Boys
Grammar v SCEGGS

Year 10
Grammar v Sydney Boys
SCEGGS v Sydney Girls

Year 11
Sydney Boys v Sydney Girls
Grammar v SCEGGS

Year 12
Grammar v Sydney Boys
SCEGGS v Sydney Girls

More information can be found at www.sydneyhigh.org/debating and will be emailed to you on a weekly basis.

Please CHECK YOUR EMAIL regularly and ensure we have current contact details for both students and parents.

PARENTS: If you are not receiving weekly emails about debating please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and ask to be added to the parent group for your child’s year.

Dana Quick
Debating Coordinator

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Music Notices

ANZAC Day Marching Band
Marching Band rehearsal is held on Tuesday afternoons from 3.30 – 4.30pm (Basketball Courts) and Friday mornings from 8.00 – 9.00am (Moore Park West) for all concert band members in Term 1 and 4. It is compulsory for ALL Members of the Intermediate and Senior Concert Bands to participate in Marching Band rehearsals and attend the ANZAC Day March.

Holiday Rehearsals:
1st Week – 14th April 9am-12pm (with break)
2nd Week – 23rd April 9am-12pm (with break)

Please bring your hat, sunscreen and a bottle of water to the holiday rehearsals as practice will be held outside on Moore Park West. Please note that the rehearsal in the 2nd week is a FULL Dress Rehearsal; students need to wear their school uniform (with BLAZER). If you do not own a blazer, please organise to borrow one for the 2nd holiday rehearsal and ANZAC Day.

Students need to attend both rehearsals in the holidays and have music MEMORISED by the beginning of the holidays. Please notify Music Staff if you are unable to make any of these sessions.

Music Parking
Thank you to all the Students and parents who helped out with the music parking last Friday evening. Your support and enthusiasm is greatly appreciated and helps raise much needed funds for the Music Performance Program. There will be a Music Parking next Friday the 10th of April from 4:30pm-7:30pm. Please let the Music Staff know if you are able to attend. Award Scheme Points apply. The Music Tour Committee is also fundraising by selling soft drinks at the parking and we encourage boys or parents attending the tour to come along and help out.

Music Tour 2010 to France
We have had a wonderful response to the Music Tour to France next April. Our next meeting will follow the Music Supporters Group meeting on Monday 6th of April in the Great Hall. The tour is open to students in the Music Performance Program and also VISUAL ARTS Elective students (please see Ms May in the Art Staffroom if you are interested). This is a magnificent opportunity for all our musicians who will have the opportunity to perform in some of the most important ceremonies and venues for Anzac Day in Europe.

If you haven’t submitted your Expression of Interest Form and wish to participate in the tour, please speak to the Music Staff ASAP. The tour deposit is already due but if you would like to attend, please see the Music Staff to make arrangements. Please make payments to Sydney Boys High School at the Main office and attach with a note ‘Music Tour to France 2010’.

Music Supporters Group (MSG) Meeting
Our next MSG meeting for 2009 will be held on Monday 6th April at 6:30pm in the Staff Common room, followed by the Music Tour to France 2010 meeting in the Great Hall.

There is a new position available on the committee as catering coordinator. This involves organising coffee & tea at concerts and sausage sizzle BBQs at workshops and post music camp. Please contact Debbie Street or Debbie Dukes if you are interested in this position at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Cabaret Night – Please Note Change of Date
Cabaret Night has been changed to Saturday the 27th of June 2009 (TERM 2) with the Jazz workshop held on Friday the 26th of June for all members of the Stage Band. Please make a note of this change in your diary. All members of Stage Band, Senior Concert Band and Symphony Orchestra will be involved on Cabaret Night.

20th/21st Century Concert
Following our huge success with the Night at the Movies Spring concert last year, our theme for the first concert of this year is 20th/21st Century and will be held on Saturday the 9th of May (Term 2, Week 2) in the Great Hall at 6:30pm. All ensembles will be performing and tickets are available through the Main Office. There will be refreshments on sale during the interval of the concert. Single: $12.00 / Family: $28.00

State Music Camp
State Music Camp forms are now available from the Performing Arts Unit website at http://svc063.wic017v.server-web.com Click the Music link to download an application form. Entries close on Friday 3rd April 2009. The camp will be held between the 4th and 9th of July 2009.

Jazz Workshops
Jazz workshops Australia will be holding workshops in the April school holidays this year. Please see the Music Staff for more information (notes available outside the music staffroom) or alternatively visit: www.jazzworkshop.com.au

Piano For Sale
2003 Boston (Steinway 178 model) for sale in very good condition, $22,000 (ono). RRP for second hand is $25,000. Please see the Music Staff if you are interested or contact 0416 740 813.

Ensemble Rehearsal Schedule for 2009.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Intermediate Concert Band Room 201 Chamber Choir Room 201 (7:45am) Chamber Choir Room 202 (7:45am) Senior Concert Band Room 201 (7.45am) Symphony Orchestra Room 201 (8.00am)
Junior String Ensemble Room 204   Intermediate Stage Band Room 201  (7.45am) Junior Percussion Ensemble Room 101 (7:15am) Senior Percussion Ensemble Room 102 (8.30am)
Senior  Stage Band Room 101 (7.45am)   Junior Stage Band Room 101 (7.45am) Senior Strings Room 204 (7.45am) Guitar Ensemble Room 204 (7.30am)
Junior Concert Band Rm 101 (7:45am) Term 2, 3, 4   Philharmonic Orchestra Room 204 (7:30am)   Marching Band Term 1&4 MPW (8.00 – 9:00am)
  Marching Band Term 1&4 Basketball Courts (3.30 - 4.30pm)     Junior Jazz Ensemble Room 101 (8.30 – 9.30am)
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North East Zone SRC Meeting

The first North East Zone meeting for the SRC of 2009 was held on Tuesday 24th of March at the Matraville Sports High School. Dale Chen, president of the SRC, Nelson Wang, vice president of the SRC, and Anirban Ghose, secretary of the SRC, attended with Ms Collignon. The meeting is organised to facilitate the sharing of ideas and projects between the SRCs of neighbouring High Schools. It is a good social platform allowing members from all the schools to report what they have accomplished, what they are working on and what they wish to achieve in the future. The meeting was structured in a similar manner to our lunchtime meetings, with a brief agenda and school reports. It was evident from the beginning that local schools, such as Randwick High School, have highly active SRC bodies which are taken very seriously. The meeting began with a group of “get to know each other” exercises. This led into the actual meeting where numerous topics were discussed. Schools reported on their schemes, such as Enviro Enspiro. This scheme allows schools to compete in an Environment awareness campaign where the winning team wins a $3000 grant. Another common event among the schools was the bushfire appeal. The other SRCs from the schools also form the core leadership body; many SRC Presidents are also the school captains. This is in contrast to our school where there are numerous leadership bodies. The day allowed our SRC to understand their role in the school community better and realise our potential. At our internal meeting this Friday, we will be looking at putting the new ideas into some solid proposals and ideas.
Anirban Ghose Yr 11

The Inaugural ‘Jaggar Gift’

The Race for Champions
Sydney High Athletics, Cross Country and the PD/Health/PE Department are holding the inaugural “Jaggar Gift” on Moore Park West. The race will be run as a handicap to give all competitors an equal chance of success. The top fifteen 1.6km athletes from each Year in the junior school (Years 7, 8 and 9) and the senior school (Years 10, 11 and 12) will be given the opportunity to participate in this race. The top 15 athletes from the 1500m race at the school carnival in both Year 11 and in Year 12 will be asked to participate in the Jaggar Gift. Dr Jaggar and Mr Devlin may nominate wildcard entries. The junior race will run first, following a 3 minute interval the senior race will commence. This new event will be incorporated into the school calendar from 2010 onwards. The inaugural ‘Jaggar Gift’ will take place on Tuesday 7th April 2009 on a modified 1.6k course on Moore Park West.

Brief history of ‘Gift Races’
The earliest record of athletics competition in Australia was from 1810 in Hyde Park, Sydney where Dicky Dowling won a sprint race over 50 yards. Professional athletics grew considerably around this time. Stories of huge crowds placing enormous wagers on the success of incredible feats of athletes paint a colourful picture of the sport in these early days. Professional foot racing boomed during the mid 1800s particularly in the gold rush towns of New South Wales and Victoria. Miners raced against each other in handicapped races for the gift of a gold nugget offered by the mine owner. ‘Gift’ races were born.

How does the race work on the day?
We will compute your handicap according to the 1.6k runs you have completed over the last year to determine your starting time. A list of runners will be posted around the school over the coming weeks. The runner with the largest predicted handicap starts first. For the start, the clock is set at this number of seconds and begins counting down. Other runners start when their handicap time (written on their race number - bib) comes up on the clock. When the clock reaches zero, all runners have started.

When: Lunch Time - Tuesday, 7 April, 2009
Where: Moore Park West

Senior Prizes
1st $40
2nd $20
3rd $15

Junior Prizes
1st $40 
2nd $20 
3rd $15

Instructions to competitors

  • Juniors and seniors will pick up their race number (with handicap time), safety pins and be marked off the race list from the History Staff room after the school carnival.
  • You must wear the proper PE/Athletics gear. Runners who turn up in the wrong gear will NOT race.

Race Rules

  1. Race numbers must be affixed on the front with a safety pin on each corner. Do this well beforehand.
  2. BE ON TIME and REMEMBER YOUR HANDICAP. The first race will Start at 1:05pm SHARP with or without you, outside the Main Building on Moore Park West.
  3. No pushing or shoving particularly as the faster runners make their way through the field past younger runners. Any interference with another runner will result in disqualification.
  4. Runners on the tougher handicaps must take particular caution when passing runners in front of them. There are some points on the course that are not ideal for overtaking. A runner in front of another runner must not hinder a runner coming from behind who is trying to overtake.
  5. At the completion of both races you will have approx 15 minutes to recover and change to be ready for period 5. Do not be late to class.
  6. Race times and places will be published in High Notes.

For additional information please contact Mr Devlin on 0403829344 or by email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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SBHS Building Fund

2009 Fundraising campaign
Multi-Purpose Centre We are looking again this year for volunteers to assist with the Sydney Boys High School Building Fund fundraising efforts. The funds we raise through this campaign go directly to supporting the project to build a new Multi-Purpose Centre. The Centre will serve musicians, public speakers, debaters, drama students or any boy sitting for examinations. Help us to raise the facilities and profile of the Arts at High.

All materials and instruction supplied, easy work in your own time, for one or two weeks in May!

If you haven’t found a way to volunteer in the school yet, this is a great opportunity to assist in a very tangible way toward the building of High's new performance facilities.

For more details, please contact
Steve Saunders
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Mob: 0411-851-412

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Swimming News

Zone Swimming Carnival
At the recent East Zone swimming carnival SBHS was crowned zone champions. Out team was outstanding on the day with over 60% of participants gaining a place in the zone team to participate at the regional carnival. The most outstanding results were achieved by:

  • 13s - 200m free relay team who broke a record set back in 1992 by another SBHS relay ream. They swam the distance at 2:09.37, 11 seconds faster than the previous record. Well done Dominic Mah, Yu Peng Man, Eugene Lee and Steve Comninos.
  • Patrick Zhou is the 14 years zone champion
  • Max Chien is the 15 years zone champion
  • Jack Musgrove is the 17+ years zone Champion

Regional Swimming Carnival
At last week’s regional carnival a strong contingent of SBHS students represented the zone. The carnival was highly competitive. The following boys progressed to attend the CHS State carnival to be held in a few weeks time.

  • Max Chien in Breaststroke events and
  • 13 years old 200m free style relay team

GPS Swimming Season
The GPS season is now over. The GPS team performed well throughout the season. It was pleasing to see that we now have 80% of the team participating in swim squad training. Over 40% of swimmers managed to beat their personal best time which is a marvellous achievement. Some of our swimmers were selected in the GPS team to attend the CIS carnival to be held over the next few weeks. Well done all and to the following who made the GPS team:

  • Jeffery Jiang – 200m breaststroke
  • Max Chien – fastest time in 50m, 100m and 200m breaststroke
  • Enes Mehmedbasic – 50m breaststroke

P Loizou
MIC Swimming

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SHS Basketball: Shootin' Hoops

The Hayman Cup Results
As promised in last week’s issue, I will announce the winner in this week’s edition, which is the last for this term as we enter the winter season. Once again all teams must be commended on an outstanding season, where we made massive achievements. And the winning team of the Hayman Cup of Term 1 2009 is …. 1ST GRADE!

They will receive pizzas as their reward for their victory, achieved by defeating 4 GPS schools by over 20 points, earning them a lot of bonus points. The Week 7 (last week’s) table:

Team Previous Pts Pts this week Total Pts Team Previous Pts Pts this week Total Pts
1st 36 12 48 15C 8 6 14
2nd 26 4 30 15D 16 2 18
3rd 16 2 18 15E 20 4 24
4th 22 2 24 15F 16 4 20
5th 16 2 18 14A 8 4 12
6th 14 2 16 14B 16 4 20
7th 14 2 16 14C 11 0 11
8th 16 4 20 14D 2 0 2
16A 0 4 4 14E 4 0 4
16B 14 4 18 14F 5 0 5
16C 2 0 2 13A 0 0 0
16D 12 6 18 13B 0 0 0
16E 6 2 8 13C 0 0 0
15A 28 4 32 13D 0 0 0
15B 5 4 9 13E 6 0 6

The Basketball Dinner
The annual basketball dinner was on last Friday and was an entertaining night due to the attendance of special guest Jason Smith (Australian Basketball Legend), the video footage, the humorous speeches made by coaches and the presentations. Jason Smith spoke of how he got into basketball after being an AFL fanatic. He also told of how NBA star Andrew Bogut got up, after being elbowed down to the ground by Chris Anstey (also in the Australian team) and got his revenge, never giving up, and that attitude led to his later success in basketball. If you missed out this year, make sure you don’t next year!

Congratulations to Jackson Meaney, Sam Higgins, Matthew Jones and Spencer Llewellyn on their selection in GPS representative teams! They’ll be playing CAS @ Grammar April 8!

That’s all for this season and remember to train in the off season and play hard, play smart and play together!
David Li Wang

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SHS Rowing Committee

What a busy and exciting week to finish off the High Rowing Season! With the Head of the River behind us, we are now looking forward to the NSW CHS Rowing Regatta in Grafton this weekend, 4th and 5th April. (Cancelled due to flooding – Ed)

Rowing Assembly
The school rowing assembly last Friday was a memorable occasion with all crews representing High at the GPS Head of the River formally introduced to the strong gathering of boys, teachers and parents. The assembly was highlighted by the occasional address by Dominic Grimm, 2005 VIII, current member of the winning NSW VIII at the National Titles, and targeted rower for the Olympic VIII. He spoke about his time rowing for High and how the HOR is up there as a unique experience with the King’s Cup. He told the rowers to savour the moment, take it all in, and enjoy the experience as it was not likely to be repeated.

Head of the River
The boys were well prepared, feeling a little nervous, but in good spirits for the big event. Unfortunately, all crews had to battle hard in races against classy fields of oarsmen. We boated two Year 10 VIIIs, two School VIIIs, and for the first time in a number of years, 4 School IVs.

Our Year 10 VIIIs for 2009 are:

1st Year 10 VIII – Jonah Petrie, Allen Liao, Eric Ovadia, Ryan Caetano, Leo Lu, William Stefanidis, Koren Fang, Tim Gollan, Anthony Chung (c).
2nd Year 10 VIII - Duy Nguyen, Dennis Kim, Iyla Bonch-Osmolovskiy, Declan Gorey, Andrew Gaffney, Isaac Eveleigh, Sean Martin, Raymond Zhai, Francis Lin (c).

These boys have talent and will benefit from the experience as they move into the senior crews.

All senior Fours rowed well and it was unusual for us to be disappointed with the 1st Four’s close up 8th. They have been the form crew all season beating three of the other schools in lead up regattas. Similarly the 2nd IV and 3rd IV showed potential during the season but were unable to pull it together at the big event.

The School IVs are:

1st IV – James Eriksson, Max Kite, Tom Peters, Alex Lazarou, Hayden Schilling (c).
2nd IV – Walter Santucci, Alan Low, James Lee, Ben Li, Peter Tran (c).
3rd IV – Alexander Saunders, Andrew Banh, Nam Nguyen, Puneet Baweja, Erick Wong (c).
4th IV - Pravin Radhakrishnan, Tian Li, Sean Kim, Hong Lu, Brian Jian (c).

The exciting race of the day was the 2nd VIII who battled with Grammar all the way down the course to finish ahead, and then also pass the Scots crew, to finish in 6th place. This was our best result of the day.

The 2nd VIII are – Dale Chen, Michael Ambrose, Neil Street, Sam Binns, Jack Musgrove, Jason Nguyen, Alex Belokoptov, Andrew Blomberg, Gareth Deacon (c).

The school supporters responded with a display of emotion, feting the boys as if they had been the race winners. They rushed to meet them, swamping them and lifting them shoulder high. This display left other school supporters amazed. That High spirit, which shone through all morning, reached fever pitch as the 2nd VIII joined the throng to watch the 1st VIII.

Unfortunately, the 1st VIII were disappointed with their performance after such an extensive preparation, but a further display of empathy and emotion by school supporters lifted all spirits as the crew were clapped and cheered off the river with the singing of the school song. David Daish, caretaker of our boats since 1993, was moved to say he had never seen such an emotional exhibition.

School 1st VIII are – Vlad Boulavine, Clive Chen, Dom Edgtton, Jack Wachsmann, Shahar Merom, Matt Ling, James Whiting, Nelson Ridges, Pat Desmond (c).

The crews moved onto a season end at the sheds when the coaches, mostly old boys, were presented with gifts of thanks. David Daish was presented with a special gift of thanks as he leaves us after 17 years of keeping our fleet afloat with almost unbelievable dedication. Matt Ling, Capt of Boats, and the crews presented gifts of appreciation to the rowing committee members and special mention was made of Bernie Desmond who, as a Year 12 parent, is leaving us this year after an outstanding contribution to SHS Rowing. All rowers and parents will miss Bernie’s catering and cooking skills.

Con’s 25 Years Party
Following on from the day’s activity, an event was held to mark 25 years of Mr Barris’ reign as MIC Rowing. This was attended by close to 200 people who have been involved in the journey and came to pay tribute to an outstanding achievement. Speeches were at a minimum as attendees mingled and shared memories of those 25 years. It became apparent that the strength of the character of Mr Barris had made a significant impact on those present and judged by messages received many more that couldn’t attend. It is a contribution that may never be matched and hopefully High Rowing will survive and grow from the legacy he has left.

Outterside Centre Clean-up
The following day it was the annual end-of-season sheds clean up, and it was terrific to see so many parents and boys attending and cleaning the sheds to ‘pristine’ condition for the offseason hirings. Thank you to all those parents and boys.
Julie Blomberg
President Rowing Committee

Sydney High 2nd VIII Report
Quite calm as we race for the final time. Smooth surge rowing up to the line. Prepared to hit that target time. All in to get across the line. Sydney Grammar School...Sydney Boys High...Attention...Row. Legs locked on, boat not quite set. Two, three, four. We’re flying. Out of the blocks at 45. Gareth ‘Gazu’ Deacon calls ‘6 seat! I’ve got the Grammar 6 seat!’. There’s no way they’re passing. We are terrified. We won’t let them through. “5/2/5 in 2. That’s 1. That’s 2. 5/2/5!”

We surge ahead. We’re on the Grammar 2 man. We knew they couldn’t come through. Hit the final 300 we wind to 39. The crowd goes wild. Helping us push through the pain. Grammar right there, in our peripherals. We got there. It meant so much. Gaz says, ‘I think we got it!’ Arms fly into the air unsure but victorious. Scots hadn’t drifted as far as we, did we beat them? We raced like nothing else. We cut 20 seconds off our pb. And the crowd matched our efforts. We got our boat off. Coach Gerofi, “You rowed a 6:24 and beat Scots and Grammar.” We were elated, as was the crowd. We ran over to the cheers of “2nd VIII!”

We jumped up, celebrated and were lifted on shoulders. It all came together, the day it needed to. We led the chants for the Eight. And led the cheers when they came off the pontoon. A huge thank you to the crowd, you were amazing. We really appreciate all you did for us. A huge thank you to Gerofi and Robbie Girdler for their coaching, support and hard words after the Gold Cup. One massive thank you to Mr Barris, without him it all just wouldn’t be possible.
Neil Street

I’ve witnessed some great things over the past few days, and I’m writing this letter as a means of saying thank you to all those who involved themselves in High this week. The 2009 Head of the River was held last Saturday, and as a member of the Rowing community, it was great to see such a large and loud crowd this year. Just over 300 students from High - along with parents, friends and teachers - made the trek out to Penrith to watch the day’s events, and to all these people, I speak a sentiment shared by all rowers when I say, thank you.

I’ve been to many Head of the Rivers over the years, however the unity, spirit and intensity that was evident in this year’s crowd was outstanding. There was vigorous support offered to all High crews on the day, with High boys getting there as early as 8.30 to show their dedication. However it is the response to the 2nd VIII race that stands out in my mind as one of the truest displays of High Spirit. This was followed by yet another exemplary display of High Spirit, when the whole crowd moved off to the boat loading pontoons and cheered the 1st VIII off the water. As a member of that crew, it was an absolute highlight of my rowing career to see such a display of emotion and spirit, and it stands to point that I am greatly inspired by the crowd that was present on the day.

For those of you who were not there, it is a shame that you missed such a great event. The rowers and supporters alike shared a day of immense emotion and I am heartened greatly by the evident High Spirit that still runs strongly through a large portion of the school. The Head of the River is a unique event in the school calendar, and every High boy should experience at least one HOTR during their time at High. Past this however, the recent Athletics Carnival has turned out to be yet another great display of High Spirit.

This year’s carnival saw more High boys competing than ever before and the large number of Year 12 competitors was especially notable. It was also good to see so many boys cheering strongly during some of the events with high jump receiving noticeable attention during the first day of events. Such actions create a sense of pride within the school, and it is these elements that establish the foundation for High Spirit. I close by once again saying a huge thank you to all of those at Head of the River on Saturday, your presence was inspirational. And to all the boys who involved themselves with this year’s Athletics Carnivals, I commend your participation and hope that such school-wide High Spirit will remain ongoing during your time at High.
Pat Desmond
School Captain 2009

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GPS Athletics Season

The GPS Athletics season starts this Saturday with the Newington/ Scots Invitational at Homebush. Events start at 9.00am. Training commenced at the start of the term one with sprints and endurance training on Moore Park West but it is not too late for boys to register for the season ahead. Please note that there is a Twilight Carnival scheduled for the last Friday of the holidays. Important dates in GPS Athletics include:

May 2nd High is hosting a Carnival at Homebush. We will need to supply at least 30 adult officials at this Carnival. You do not need to be experienced to volunteer your services! Parents can volunteer via e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

May 16th The GPS Championships at Homebush. One of the truly great events on the GPS calendar. The Athletics Captains for 2009 have been chosen. As MIC I couldn’t be happier with the boys who will occupy these roles- all are disciplined athletes and great team players. They are: Jeremy Ireland (Captain) Harrison Lane (Vice Captain) Chris Morrow (Junior Captain) Sam Lane (Junior Vice Captain).

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School Athletics Carnival 2009

Over one glorious day and rainy morning this week the School Athletics Carnival was held at nearby E.S. Marks field. The Carnival is designed to cater for all standards and boys are encouraged to participate in at least three events on the day. The Carnival went very smoothly thanks largely to the efforts of staff, student volunteers and willing competitors. Particular thanks once again to our Data Team consisting of James Rudd and helpers who donated their skill and computer expertise over two days. Our Carnival is now one of only a few large school Carnivals held at the track and it continues to be a great spectacle when it is in full swing. Senior boys in particular seem to appreciate what, for most of them, will be the last such event they participate in.

Congratulations to the Age Champions
Joshua Lee (12 Years)
Anton Brokman (13 Years)
Lloyd Perris (14 Years)
Michael Phung (15 Years)
Chris Morrow (16 Years).

Special Awards from the Carnival include
The A.M. Eedy Cup for 100m Champion: Joshua Tassell
The McArthur Memorial Cup for 1500m: Jeremy Ireland
The Frank Albert Cup for Senior Athletics Champion: Joshua Tassell

The Zone Carnival is scheduled for Thursday 21st May at Centennial Park. Cross Country Champions will be determined from the Zone Cross Country results. Information and permission forms will be issued early next term.

Program for Saturday’s Carnival

Time Event Age Group
Track Event    
8.30 am 3000 m  
8.50 am Hurdles U/13 – Open
9.40 am 600m U/13 – Open
10.30 am 150m U/13 – Open
11.30 am 1000m U/13 – Open
12.00 pm 60m U/13 – Open
12.30 pm 300m U/13 – Open
1.00 pm 4 x 100m U/13 – Open
Time Event Age Group
Field Events    
8.30 am SP Open
  LJ U/17
8.45 am LJ Open
  HJ U/13
  HJ U/14
9.30 am SP U/16
  SP U/17
9.45 am LJ U/13
  LJ U/14
10.15 am HJ U/15
  HJ U/16
10.30 am SP U/14
  SP U/15
11.15 am LJ U/15
  LJ U/16
  HJ Open
  HJ U/17
11.30 am SP U/13


Please come and support your son his weekend

Zone Cross Country Team
Due to the cancellation of the School Cross Country Carnival, the Zone team will comprise of runners who competed at zone last year. Any other student from Years 8-12 who wishes to nominate for Zone needs to see Mr Prorellis or Mr Kesting. Year 7 students who wish to compete, particularly students who ran the 1500 at the Athletics also need to see Mr Prorellis or Mr Kesting.

Zone Athletics - 2009

  • All the below athletes should make themselves available for the Sydney Boys Zone Athletics Team
  • 3 Competitors are allowed for 100m and 200m sprints
  • All other 3rd placed athletes are reserves
  • Carnival is held at ES Marks Fields (8:00am - 3:15pm) on Thursday 18thJune 2009
  • Selections are subject to change

School Athletics Carnival Results 2009
Full results of the Carnival are published herein. McKay was the winning House this year
Robert Devlin
MIC Athletics



100 M

Anthony Yuan Philip Lam Joshua Leo 14.36s
200 M Anthony Chen Anthony Yuan Joshua Leo 30.20s
400 M Pinyan Gao Joshua Leo Anes Karahasan 1'11.92m
800 M Joshua Leo Anes Karahasan William Du 2'58.16m
90 Hurdles Joshua Leo William Wu Henry Feng 18.68m
High Jump Henry Feng William Yang Andy Bao 1.20m
Long Jump Joshua Leo Henry Feng Bowrun Hou 3.84m
Shot Put Anthony Chen Andrew Liu Bevan Xie 8.08m
House Relay Torrington Ruby McKay 64.68m
Champion Joshua Leo


100 M Maurice Lam Hayden Lam Vasu Bhakri 13.17s
200 M Maurice Lam Vasu Bhakri Anton Brokman 26.93s
400 M Anton Brokman Eugene Lee Vasu Bhakri 1'04.92m
800 M Anton Brokman Ned Anson Andrew He 2'35.99m
90 Hurdles Anton Brokman Amarbir Singh Dominic Mah 17.01s
High Jump Joseph Lui Amarbir Singh Eugene Lee 1.44m
Discuss Andrew He Steve Comninos Anthony Chen 19.86m
Javelin Brendan Guan Kavan Chen David Evans 18.01m
Long Jump Anton Brokman Maurice Lam Joseph Lui 4.54m
Shot Put Kavan Chen Anton Brokman Steve Comninos 9.01m
House Relay Ruby Torrington   61.05s
Champion Anton Brokman


100 M Emtiazul Hoque Edward Zhang Ming Chin 12.86m
200 M Emtiazul Hoque Ming Chin Edward Zhang 26.11m
400 M Lloyd Perris Max Jones Ming Chin 1'02.17m
800 M Lloyd Perris Siddharth Sethi Jonathan Clements-Lendrum 2'23.14m
1500 M Lloyd Perris Arjun Punekar Oliver Kirk 4'47.69m
100 Hurdles Ivor Metcalf James Chotiyanota Patrick Krakovsky 14.25s
High Jump Ivor Metcalf Harry Heo Patrick Krakovsky 1.68m
Discuss Tony Li Harry Heo Brian he 21.80m
Javelin Lahiru Katupitiya Jasper Garay Dong Ko 24.57m
Long Jump Harry Heo Ivor Metcalf Max Jones 4.90m
Shot Put Julian Edgtton Allen Fu Tony Li 9.53m
House Relay Saxby Torrington McKay 53.80s
Champion Lloyd Perris


100 M Michael Phung Slava Reiyder Tian Ling 12.11s
200 M Michael Phung Slava Reiyder Prashan Prabaharan 25.11s
400 M Prashan Prabaharan Adam Booth Emmet Naar 1'00.61m
800 M Adam Booth Pasan Pannila Prashan Prabaharan 2'17.52m
1500 M Adam Booth Pasan Pannila Prashan Prabaharan 4'47.83
100 Hurdles Kevin Tian Kumudika Gunaratne Tian Ling 16.26m
High Jump Scott Renzenbrink Daniel Jones Christain Jurline 1.55m
Discuss David Nguyen Christain Jurline Scott Renzenbrink 32.01m
Javelin Shumit Hoque Sangeeth Subramaniam Gabriel Garayalde 22.79m
Long Jump Michael Phung Gabriel Garayalde Tian Ling 5.63m
Triple Jump Scott Renzenbrink Tian Ling Marc Paradeza 10.83m
Shot Put David Nguyen Danny Chandra Vinodan Anandaselvakumar 12.12m
House Relay Fairland McKay Saxby 52.14s
Champion Christopher Morrow


100 M

Brian Kelly Dominic Cheung Isnad Zaman 12.33s
200 M Brian Kelly Shadman Ali Isnad Zaman 24.11s
400 M Brian Kelly Giancarlo Romeo Samuel Lane 58.02s
800 M Samuel Lane Laurence Liu Clinton Jiang 2'17.54
1500 M Samuel Lane Vlad Boulavine Vivin George 4'44.70m
110 Hurdles Christopher Morrow Benjamin Li Bach Trang 15.92s
High Jump Christopher Morrow Andrew Huynh Benjamin Li 1.85m
Discuss Mohit Tugnait Dale Chen Alex Feng 23.37m
Javelin Sean Kim Vlad Boulavine Ryan Caetano 27.37m
Long Jump Christopher Morrow Derek Trang Andrew Huynh 5.48m
Triple Jump Christopher Morrow Yixin Liu Ryan Caetano 11.87m
Shot Put Michael Wang Frank Li David Ma 11.23m
House Relay Ruby Torrington Fairland 50.64s
Champion Christopher Morrow


100 M Joshua Tassell Kent Nguyen Kerrod McPherason 11.37s
200 M Joshua Tassell Kent Nguyen Jeremy Rajendram 22.86s
400 M Joshua Tassell Timothy Siu Jeremy Ireland 55.48s
800 M Jeremy Ireland Matthew Ling Harrison Lane 2'08.02m
1500 M Jeremy Ireland Harrison Lane Samual Binns 4'37.50m
110 Hurdles Joshua Tassell Christopher Morrow Matthew Osinki 17.33
High Jump Jeremy Rajendram Nelson Wang (J/W) Alasdair Brown 1.65m
Discuss Maximillian Kite Nicholas Dimitropoulos Leonard Teng 36.05m
Javelin Alasdair Brown Mooustafa Taleb David Tran 38.54m
Long Jump Jeremy Rajendram Tony Xiao Sam Darcy 6.11m
Triple Jump Christain Katsikaros Jeremy Rajendram  (J/W) Joshua Tassell 11.66m
Shot Put Maximillian Kite Jackson Meaney Alden Kwok 13.52m
House Relay Eedy Fairland McKay 47.52s
Champion Joshua Tassell
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High Society

The Bulletin Board for Sydney Boys High P & C – Julie Connolly P&C President

Head of the River
What a spectacle. Any parent privileged enough to attend the Head of the River last Saturday, witnessed High Spirit at its purest and finest. Congratulations to all our rowers who performed with great dedication and pride, capping off a season of determined training and racing.

The Head of the River is the culminating event in the GPS rowing calendar and is attended by bus loads of students from all GPS schools, lining the banks of the International Regatta Centre at Penrith, in full uniform and full voice. Marquees are set up by each School and become the focal point for the day’s festivities. The High Marquee was a stand out with the joyous sounds of our GPS Band lending support to the rowers.

Our 2nd Eight rowed to a recent historic victory over Sydney Grammar and Scots. The crew no doubt drew upon the cheers and urging of over 300 High boys pacing the shores alongside the boat, willing them over the finish line. It was a sight to behold as the School as one, rose in collective brown and blue spirit, to cheer our rowers home and welcome them ashore with High pride songs and rower-style crowd surfing. It was a goose-bump moment that every High boy should remember with pride.

But the best was yet to come.

Our 1st Eight did not perform to their own high expectations. The High Boys - still as one - thronged to greet the crew dockside. In full collective spirit and voice the High boys paid tribute to the determination and dedication of the 1st Eight. With a background rumble of supportive and respectful High slow claps, the 1st Eight crew lifted their boat from the water for the last time and walked through the impromptu High Guard of Honour. The School as one demonstrated such an intensity of pride and empathy in what it takes and means to be a High competitor – the purest and finest demonstration of High Spirit.

Parents and students alike, walked away from this year’s Head of the River emotionally spent but rejoicing in the talent, resilience and depth of pride in Sydney Boys High School.

Upcoming Parent Meetings & Events

  • Cricket Annual Dinner – 6.30pm, Friday 3rd April, Great Hall
  • Music Supporters’ Group, followed by Music Tour to France – 6.30pm, Monday 6th April, Staff Common Room
  • Debating Supporters’ Group – 6.30pm, Tuesday 7th April, Staff Common Room
  • Rugby Committee – 6.00pm, Wednesday 29th April, Room 901
  • Try Rugby Day – 9.00am – 12.00noon, Saturday 2nd May, McKay Oval

If you would like to have any parent community news or upcoming events included in High Society, please contact Julie Connolly, P&C President, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; 0418 470 203.

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