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Sport: SHS v TSC
High play The Scots College (Football) (Home) and (Rugby) (Home) on Saturday 15 August.

Cross Country: TBC

Google Map for Sydney Boys High School, Moore Park West and McKay Playing Fields, Mission Fields (Centennial Park), Queens Park, Heffron Park, Dave Phillips UNSW, Turruwul Park, ES Marks, Maroubra Junction PS, Pioneers Park, Bat and Ball
Google Map for Scots College, Hensley Field, Christison Park, KGV Courts, Rose Bay Secondary College, St George Stadium, Rushcutters Bay, Eastcourts, Cahill Park

Google Map for Trinity Grammar School, Flockhart Park, Strathfield Park, Haberfield Tennis Centre, Bressington Park

Fixtures for Saturday 15 August 2020

Last Updated: Mon 17 August 2020 21:25

Team Opponent Venue Time
1st SHORE CP Field #4 00:00
2nd SHORE CP Field #4 10:00
3rd SHORE CP Field #4 09:00
4th SHORE CP Field #4 08:00
5th SHORE CP Field #3 12:00
6th REDDAM Parade Ground No.6 CP 12:00
7th REDDAM Parade Ground No.6 CP 11:00
8th KINGS CP Field #3 13:00
16A SHORE CP Field #10 08:00
16B SHORE CP Field #10 09:00
16C SHORE CP Field #3 08:00
16D SHORE CP Field #3 09:00
16E SHORE CP Field #3 10:00
16F KNOX CP Field #3 11:00
15A SHORE Northbridge D 08:00
15B SHORE Northbridge D 09:00
15C SHORE Northbridge D 10:00
15D SHORE Northbridge D 11:00
15E SHORE Northbridge D 12:00
14A SHORE CP Field #9 08:00
14B SHORE CP Field #9 09:00
14C SHORE CP Field #9 10:00
14D SHORE CP Field #9 11:00
14E SHORE CP Field #9 12:00
14F TRINITY CP Field #9 13:00
13A SHORE CP Field #10 13:00
13B SHORE CP Field #10 12:00
13C SHORE CP Field #10 11:00
13D SHORE CP Field #10 10:00
Team Opponent Venue Time
1st XV SHORE Northbridge A 13:00
2nd XV SHORE Northbridge A 11:00
3rd XV SHORE Northbridge A 10:00
16's SHORE Northbridge B 11:00
15's SHORE Northbridge G 11:00
14's SHORE Northbridge C 11:00
13's SHORE Northbridge G 08:00
Cross Country
Team Opponent Venue Time
Juniors (U14) 14:00
Intermediate (U16) 14:40
Opens 15:30
Volley Ball
Team Opponent Venue Time
1st? KINGS ?SBHS Gym Court #1 10:30
?2nd KINGS SBHS Gym Court #1 09:00
?3rd KINGS SBHS Gym Court #1? 00:00
?4th v 16B ??????? ?High v High SBHS Gym Court #2? 12:00
16A KINGS SBHS Gym Court #2 09:00
15A KINGS SBHS Gym Court #2 12:43
14A KINGS SBHS Gym Court #3 12:37
13A KINGS SBHS Gym Court #3 10:00
7A v 7B High v High SBHS Gym Court #3 12:45
8B v 8C High v High SBHS Gym Court #3 12:00