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SUMMARY:Sport: SPX et al v SHS (Trials)
DESCRIPTION;ENCODING=QUOTED-PRINTABLE:Trial games for Rugby v St Pius X on Saturday 15 May.=0A=0AGoogle Map for S= ydney Boys High School, Moore Park West and McKay Playing Fields, Mission F= ields (Centennial Park), Queens Park, Heffron Park, Dave Phillips UNSW, Tur= ruwul Park, ES Marks, Maroubra Junction PS=0AGoogle Map for St Pius X Playi= ng Fields, Oxford Falls=0AGoogle Map for The King's School=0AGoogle Map for= St Joseph's College, Hunters Hill, Riverglade Reserve, Ryde Tennis Centre= =0AGoogle Map for St Patrick's College, Cabarita Pool, Powells Creek Reserv= e, Mason Park, Hudson Park, Ashfield Pool, Bark Huts, Airey Park=0AGoogle M= ap for Knox Grammar School, Lawson Centre, Gillespie Fields, Curagul Field,= Samuel King Field=0A=0A=0A=0A=0A =0A table.fixture-table th {=0A padding-top: 6px;=0A padding-bottom: 6px;=0A font-s= ize: 110%;=0A }=0A =0A table.fixture-table td {=0A font-size:= 90%;=0A }=0A =0A table.fixture-table {=0A text-align= : center;=0A max-width: 100px;=0A }=0A =0A table.fixture-tabl= e tr.hilight {=0A background-color: LemonChiffon;=0A }=0A =0A = =0A =0A =0A =0A =0A Fixtures for Saturday 15 May 2021=0A=0A = =0A=0ALast Updated: Wed 12 May 2021 08:42=0A=0A =0A =0A = =0A =0A Football =0A =0A =0A = Team=0A Opponent=0A Venue=0A Time=0A = =0A =0A 1st=0A SCO= TS=0A Kings=0A =0A 11:30 = =0A =0A =0A 2n= d=0A SCOTS=0A Kings=0A = =0A 10:00 =0A =0A = =0A 3rd=0A St. Joseph's= =0A Lower Park=0A =0A 10:0= 0 =0A =0A =0A = 4th=0A Reddam=0A Parade Ground #6=0A= =0A 12:00 =0A= =0A =0A 5th=0A = St. Patrick's=0A Mason Park #1=0A = =0A 12:30 =0A =0A = =0A 6th=0A St. Joseph's=0A = SJC #3=0A =0A 09:00 = =0A =0A =0A 7th=0A = St. Patrick's=0A Mason Park #1=0A = =0A 11:30 =0A = =0A =0A 8th=0A St. Pa= trick's=0A Mason Park #1=0A =0A = 10:30 =0A =0A =0A = 16A=0A St. Joseph's=0A Low= er Park=0A =0A 09:00 = =0A =0A =0A 16B=0A = Reddam=0A Parade Ground #6=0A = =0A 11:00 =0A =0A = =0A 16C=0A St. Joseph's=0A = SJC #3=0A =0A 10:00 = =0A =0A =0A 16D=0A = St. Joseph's=0A SJC #3=0A = =0A 11:00 =0A =0A= =0A 16E=0A St. Patric= k's=0A Mason Park #2=0A =0A = 11:30 =0A =0A =0A = 16F=0A St. Patrick's=0A Mason = Park #2=0A =0A 10:30 = =0A =0A =0A 15A=0A = St. Joseph's=0A Lower Park=0A = =0A 08:00 =0A =0A = =0A 15B=0A St. Pius=0A = CP Field #9=0A =0A 11:00 = =0A =0A =0A 15C=0A = BYE=0A =0A =0A= 10:00 =0A =0A = =0A 15D=0A St. Joseph's=0A = SJC #3=0A =0A 08:00 = =0A =0A =0A 15E=0A = St. Patrick's=0A Mason Park #2=0A = =0A 13:30 =0A = =0A =0A 15F=0A St. Pat= rick's=0A Mason Park #2=0A =0A = 12:30 =0A =0A =0A = 14A=0A St. Joseph's=0A CP F= ield #9=0A =0A 10:00 = =0A =0A =0A 14B=0A = BYE=0A =0A =0A = =0A =0A =0A = 14C=0A Reddam=0A Parade Ground #6= =0A =0A 10:00 = =0A =0A =0A 14D=0A = St. Joseph's=0A CP Field #9=0A = =0A 09:00 =0A =0A = =0A 14E=0A St. Patrick's=0A = CP Field #9=0A =0A 08:00 = =0A =0A =0A 13A=0A= St. Joseph's=0A CP Field #10=0A = =0A 10:00 =0A = =0A =0A 13B=0A BY= E=0A =0A =0A = =0A =0A =0A 13C=0A = Reddam=0A Parade Ground #6=0A = =0A 09:00 =0A =0A = =0A 13D=0A BYE=0A = =0A =0A = =0A =0A =0A 13E=0A = St. Joseph's=0A CP Field #10=0A = =0A 09:00 =0A =0A = =0A 13F=0A St. Patrick's=0A = CP Field #10=0A =0A 08:00 = =0A =0A =0A =0A = =0A Rugby =0A =0A =0A = Team=0A Opponent=0A Venue=0A Time=0A =0A= =0A 1st XV=0A St. Piu= s=0A Chaplain #1=0A =0A 12= :30 =0A =0A =0A = 2nd XV=0A St. Pius=0A Chaplain #1= =0A =0A 12:30 = =0A =0A =0A 16's=0A = Training=0A McKay Oval=0A =0A = 09:00 =0A =0A = =0A 15's=0A St. Pius=0A C= haplain #1=0A =0A 10:30 = =0A =0A =0A 14's=0A = St. Pius=0A Chaplain #1=0A = =0A 09:30 =0A =0A = =0A 13's=0A St. Pius=0A = Chaplain #2=0A =0A 12:00 = =0A =0A =0A =0A = =0A Volley Ball =0A =0A =0A = Team=0A Opponent=0A Venue=0A Time=0A = =0A =0A 1st=0A Knox=0A= Lawson #1=0A =0A 10:00 = =0A =0A =0A 2nd= =0A Knox=0A Lawson #1=0A = =0A 08:30 =0A =0A= =0A 3rd=0A Knox=0A = Lawson #1=0A =0A 11:30 = =0A =0A =0A 4th=0A= Knox=0A Lawson #1=0A = =0A 12:30 =0A =0A = =0A 16A=0A Knox=0A = Lawson #2=0A =0A 12:30 = =0A =0A =0A 16B=0A = Knox=0A Lawson #2=0A = =0A 11:30 =0A =0A = =0A 15A=0A Knox=0A = SBHS Gym Courts=0A =0A 10:30 = =0A =0A =0A 15B=0A= Knox=0A SBHS Gym Courts=0A = =0A 09:30 =0A = =0A =0A 14A=0A Knox=0A= SBHS Gym Courts=0A =0A 09= :30 =0A =0A =0A = 14B=0A Knox=0A SBHS Gym Courts=0A = =0A 10:30 =0A = =0A =0A 13A=0A = Knox=0A SBHS Gym Courts=0A =0A = 09:30 =0A =0A =0A= 13B=0A Knox=0A SBHS Gym C= ourts=0A =0A 10:30 = =0A =0A =0A =0A =0A = Cross Country =0A =0A =0A Team=0A = Opponent=0A Venue=0A Time=0A =0A = =0A Senior=0A Knox Invitational= =0A UpJohn Park=0A =0A 09:= 00 =0A =0A =0A = Intermediate=0A Knox Invitational=0A = UpJohn Park=0A =0A 09:00 = =0A =0A =0A Junior=0A = Knox Invitational=0A UpJohn Park=0A = =0A 09:00 =0A = =0A =0A =0A=0A =0Awindow.setTimeout("location= .reload()", 300000);
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