PD/Health/PE - Assessment: Rugby

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Assessment: Rugby

Task Description:

Students will be required to:

  1. Catch a high ball
  2. Run with a partner and give a pass, not a “spiral” pass.
  3. Receive a pass
  4. Run right then left of the agility poles, keeping the ball away from the "defender"
  5. Run and place the ball on the ground
  6. Complete a tackle on a tackle bag
  7. Get to their feet, run and pick up the stationary ball
  8. Repeat slalom run right then left
  9. Punt kick and regather the ball
  10. Score a try over the finish line
  11. Task to be completed in the quickest possible time

Watch the video to see the rugby assessment in action.

Common Errors:

  • High ball not caught
  • Inaccurate pass the partner - behind partner, too far in front, too high, too low
  • Pass between markers
  • Forward pass, spiral pass
  • Being in front of partner for return pass
  • Fumbled catch of a good return pass from partner
  • Fumbled ball put down, ball does not remain in the "target" area
  • Poor tacking technique - tackle too high, not wrapping with both arms around the bag, not tackling with the shoulder, head not to the side of the bag, not driving with the legs in tackle, not leaving the ground when tackling, not holding onto the bag during the tackle, 'flopping' on the bag
  • Fumbled pick up of stationary ball
  • Kicking the ball after the first marker
  • Kick too low
  • Kick not regathered between the last marker and the finish line.
  • Kick not regathered cleanly
  • Fumbled ball placement when scoring the try

Time requirements:

Marks Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10
Time Time Time Time
10 < 24s < 23s < 22s < 21s
9 25s 24s 23s 22s
8 26s 25s 24s 23s
7 27s 26s 25s 24s
6 28s 27s 26s 25s
5 29s 28s 27s 26s
4 30s 29s 28s 27s
3 31s 30s 29s 28s
2 32s 31s 30s 29s
1 > 33s > 32s > 31s > 30s