PD/Health/PE - Assessment: Cricket

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Assessment: Cricket

Task Description:

Students will be required to:

  1. Catch a high ball. The caching skill is not part of the timed test.
  2. Pick up the ball off the cone and bowl for line and length. The test time starts at the beginning of the run up
  3. Run and pick up a ball off a second cone and throw overarm to the keeper on the full
  4. Field a rolling ball cleanly and underarm throw the ball at a wicket, hitting the wicket on the full or after one bounce
  5. Drive a ball off the front foot through a target area
  6. Complete two runs, exchanging the bat in your hands, to keep sight of the ball
  7. Task to be completed in the quickest possible time

Watch the video to see the cricket assessment in action.

Common Errors:

  • High ball not caught on the full
  • Not bowling 'line or length' - ie not hitting the gym mat
  • Bent arm action when bowling
  • Inaccurate overarm return throw to wicketkeeper
  • Fumbled pick up of rolling ball
  • Underarm throw misses the wicket
  • Underarm throw rolls along the ground
  • Drive does not pass between the target markers
  • Turning 'blind' when running between the wickets

Time requirements:

Marks Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10
Time Time Time Time
10 < 27s < 26s < 25s < 24s
9 28s 27s 26s 25s
8 29s 28s 27s 26s
7 30s 29s 28s 27s
6 31s 30s 29s 28s
5 32s 31s 30s 29s
4 33s 32s 31s 30s
3 34s 33s 32s 31s
2 35s 34s 33s 32s
1 > 36s > 35s > 34s > 33s