School Uniform Policy

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Boys should be properly attired in the school uniform while travelling to and from school, and during the school day. While travelling to and from sport they should wear either the school uniform or the sports uniform. While playing sport they should wear the correct attire for the activity. Junior students may wear their sports uniform to and from school on the day on which they have their on their sports afternoon.

The school uniform consists of trousers or shorts of acceptable quality in the approved school grey. If a belt is worn, it should be of black leather. Shorts should be tailored in a fabric similar to the approved school trousers.

All boys may wear the school blazer (There are strict rules for adornments and boys should consult the Badges Regulations).

Shirts are to be pale blue for Years 7-9 and white for Years 10-12. They are to be of business shirt style and are to be tucked in at all times. Socks worn with long trousers should be grey or black. If shorts are worn, long grey school socks (pulled up) are to be worn.

Shoes are to be of standard design in black leather. Sneakers or joggers, even in black, are not allowed.

The tie for Years 7-9 is the standard chocolate with stripes in sky blue. Boys in Years 10 - 12 wear the Senior School tie. In addition, Prefects may wear the Prefects’ tie, CHS champions may wear the CHS tie and GPS first-grade premiers and representatives may wear the GPS tie. The GPS Old Boys’ tie is not for school wear.

The school pullover is plain sky blue with an embroidered crest.

The wearing of the school cap is encouraged for sun protection. The school beanie or scarf are permitted in colder weather.

School bags, backpacks with the school emblem, are available from the High Store.

The Uniform requirements for physical education lessons are: shorts - black "rugger" style, sports shoes. The Sports T-shirt is available from the High Store.

The Uniform for Saturday sport should be appropriate to the sport being played. Further details will be given at school.

All clothing items should be labelled with the owner’s name.

School uniform and sports uniform MUST not be mixed.

A student not wearing full school uniform is required to report to the appropriate Deputy Principal. He should have a note of explanation from his parents indicating why he was out of uniform and when the problem will be resolved.