Prefects - Policy and Practice

The Prefects at High are expected to set the highest example in dress, attendance, conduct and involvement in school affairs. Their duties include assistance in the canteen, at school functions of all kinds, and in the conduct of assemblies. They are also assigned responsibilities connected with particular activities, including sports, music, debating and community service.

Prefects are appointed by the Principal. Nominations are invited from interested Year 11 boys early in Term 3 each year. Nominees are required to demonstrate their involvement in school life by having attained (or being on track to receive) Platinum Award status in the School's Award scheme. (Students who have not had the opportunity to receive a Platinum Award will be considered if they have achieved the appropriate level.) Candidates are also expected to have an exemplary record of behaviour over the previous 12 months and to be making satisfactory academic progress. The School Executive meets to vet the list before the plebiscite takes place in which Staff, current Prefects, Year 11, and Year 10 are allowed to cast twenty votes each. The results are furnished to the Principal, who then appoints the top thirty-six candidates.

The Captain and Vice Captain are elected from amongst the Prefects, by the Prefects alone. The Captain and Vice-Captain, with the assistance of the Prefects’ Master, select a suitable Prefect to be appointed as Senior Prefect. The induction ceremony is held at the beginning of term four, in conjunction with the celebration of the founding of the school.

Prefects are entitled to wear a badge, and a navy blue plain tie, and should have the Prefect Pocket added to their blazers.