Homework Policy


Homework helps students by complementing and reinforcing classroom learning, fostering good habits of lifelong learning, self-discipline, concentration and study; and by providing an opportunity for students to be responsible for their own learning. Homework is a valuable part of schooling. It allows for the practising, extending and consolidating of work done in class. It challenges gifted students to explore open-ended tasks. It provides training for students in planning and organising time and develops a range of skills in identifying and using information sources. Students need to revise each day's work as well as completing set homework. Pre-reading homework prepares students for work that will be covered in future lessons.

Homework develops and extends the core learning skills of inquiry and independent study. Homework serves to strengthen the partnership between home and school. It provides parents and caregivers with insights as to what is being taught at school. It needs to be balanced with family, social and extracurricular activities. Parents should be advised of homework expectations at the beginning of the school year and be provided with a copy of the school's homework policy. Failure by students to complete homework on a regular basis should be followed up with parents.

The regular setting of homework by teachers is school policy. The nature, frequency and volume of homework set are left to the professional judgement of teachers in consultation with Head Teachers and students. Homework tasks should be coordinated across teachers in different faculties to avoid unreasonable workloads being placed on students. Teaching practice should comply with the guidelines set out in the following Homework Policy. Staff are encouraged to use the School Diary to monitor homework completion. Homework will generally range from 45 - 90 minutes a day in Years 7-9. In Years 10 to 12, homework will generally increase, and require from 1-3 hours per week night, with up to 6 hours on weekends during peak assessment periods.

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