Anti Bullying Policy


The school regards bullying of any kind – harassment, teasing, intimidation, cyber-bullying, rejection, intentional harming or hurting of a person or their property - as a most serious matter. Boys who feel they are being bullied are encouraged to tell any member of the staff, a prefect or a peer support. ALL such reports will be investigated and dealt with according to the school discipline procedures.

Purpose: To protect students from bullying and foster a school culture where bullying is unacceptable

Definition: Bullying is repeated repression, physical, verbal or psychological, of a less powerful individual by a more powerful individual or group


  1. Students have been victims or perpetrators of bullying at SBHS
  2. Staff and students need to be aware of strategies to identify and respond to incidents of bullying
  3. The procedures should meet Department requirements


  1. To implement and maintain a whole school approach to address the problem of bullying
  2. To increase self-esteem and to build self-efficacy
  3. To enhance learning readiness and the learning environment
  4. To empower students to be proactive in problem solving associated with bullying
  5. To heighten awareness at a whole school level


Policy in Action

Student Program:

Staff Program:

Procedures for staff dealing with bullying incidents:

  1. Teachers respond to all incidents of bullying
  2.  All incidents to be forwarded to both the Year Adviser and relevant Deputy Principal for follow up. All incidents will be entered into SAD
  3. Deputy, HT Welfare or Year Adviser to inform Counsellor of all major concerns. All referrals, apart from self-referrals, need to go through the Year Adviser
  4. If a pattern of bullying emerges through SAD, parents are interviewed and a plan of action implemented
  5. All physical forms of bullying will result in detention/s and possible notice of intention to suspend and go through the Deputy Principals.

Procedures for students:

  1. Any form of bullying is not acceptable
  2. Two options are available for victims and witnesses - 
    1. report the incident of bullying to your class teacher, teacher on playground duty, Year Adviser or Head Teacher Welfare
    2. Peer Mediation is an alternative if preferred. You can request a mediation through the Peer Mediation Co-ordinator. The incident is not reported on the RISC system and remains confidential.

Procedures for Parents:

If you suspect your son is a victim of bullying please :

  1. Contact Year Adviser and they will liaise with counsellor and HT Welfare to address your concerns
  2. The school will liaise with parents on a regular basis until your son feels safe.