High Notes, Vol 6 No 5, March 04 2005

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From the Principal

Remembrance service for Mr Fittler
In response to several requests from various people in the School Family, I reproduce my eulogy for Mr John Fittler, delivered at Steele Barracks Chapel, Moorebank on Sunday, 20/2/05.

"This afternoon as we gather to remember the life of John Fittler, I would like to express the deep sadness felt by all those at Sydney Boys High at the passing of a fine staff member and an admired and respected person. Our heartfelt sympathies go to his wife Jeanette and his family. We share your grief. We can feel something of your loss.

"John cared deeply about nurturing the talent of the students at High. He demonstrated his commitment in numerous acts of support and encouragement. I remember the dedication he showed in promoting the major works of his Industrial Technology and Design and Technology students. Some remarkable products resulted from the close partnership of teacher and student. Our stained glass window at the head of the stairs in the main building was an original HSC project backed by John and installed in its intended place by his efforts. There are many other examples. An original aluminium rifle stock, a hard chine sailing dinghy, a land yacht and various furniture designs were created by our students under John's tutelage. He sought out talent in the curriculum areas he managed and argued forcefully to allow his protégés to enter the courses - often despite the objections of senior management. He pioneered whole class subject acceleration at High with the very successful IPT class of 2003. His courage in driving the initiative through to the end was a path finding achievement. Other Head Teachers have learnt from his experience and initiated subject acceleration interventions for their departments too.

"John defended the cause of Engineering Studies as a subject essential for students wishing to follow tertiary studies in Engineering. He argued that in the new HSC with its diminished emphasis on computational physics, Engineering Studies provides the foundation that students in tertiary studies need. John was sensitive to feedback from old boys about the value to them of having studied the subject at High. He took a strategic view of learning. He prepared his students by promoting technical drawing electives in stage 5 studies. He encouraged his staff to challenge students in the discipline and provided them with the tools to do so. High's results over the last five years have been high quality, including a recent first in state.

"John took care of his staff. Once he took possession of a dusty, smelly leaky glorified storeroom in 2001, he turned it into not just a staff room but a retreat, complete with all the home comforts of fridge, stove, microwave, computers, scanners, photocopiers, lounge chairs and TV for Faculty Meetings. The IA staff were envied by others because of all the equipment and extras they had - which always seemed to be the latest and always seemed to work! He formed close attachments to those in his immediate circle, belying the somewhat taciturn demeanour of his public persona. He played his cards close to his chest. He even managed to buffer his staff from many of the accountability requirements that I chased him for, forever engaged on an important mission for the school or its people. He operated on Fittler time, where a year was of a very flexible length. Oddly, he delivered on most things, plus or minus an earth year or three.

"John was a visionary as a Network Manager. He convinced me in 2000 that our deficits in information and communication technology could be remedied if we concentrated principally on building the network backbone. His inspired decision to recruit James Rudd to help him showed his knack for identifying and recruiting talent. His management style was along the lines of the Lone Ranger and Tonto, always on the move, always with a mission to save someone or something in distress, but John and James did the job and brought our infrastructure up to best practice level. John fought the DET for over a year to be allowed to host our own website and to bring School Family web sites onto our server. He scrapped Pegasus in favour of webmail for internal communication. He recently made the decision to protect our network by installing new companion servers. Sometimes staff were frustrated by his single minded dedication to the main game. They complained of computers that did not work, or software that would not function, but John stuck to the core business and saw the job through over the last six years. His achievement will be remembered for a long time at High.

"John was an excellent financial manager. He followed the management principle - trust me, it will be all right by the end of the financial year. In a maddening way for some, it always was. He managed annual budgets for the network, Industrial Arts, cadets and rifle shooting to the value of more than $150k. We never knew what was going on at any given time, but he would sit down with Gayl in November and sort things out to the auditor's satisfaction. He was the consummate car parking organiser. He was the cuckoo who took over any faltering group's nest, mobilising his troops on short notice to do the fourth day of a January test or a sudden expo or international sporting contest. He always managed to get more than his allocated slice of the parking pie because he was motivated, dedicated and available.

"John believed in tradition, history and the GPS. All his staff engaged in GPS sport. He led from the front with dedicated involvement in school affairs. He served on the School Council where he staunchly defended the traditions of the school. He was a vital member of the OH & S committee with his background in cadet and rifle shooting safety management. He single-handedly rescued the archives of the Combined High Schools sporting association from Randwick North and secreted them in all the spare nooks and crannies at High. He had a long association with this organization. His administrative skills revitalised it earlier in his career. He collected cadet memorabilia for the archives and stored shields and trophies he fancied. He felt keenly that an institution's history was bound up in its symbols and records.

"John was an inspirational leader in the sport of rifle shooting. He put a huge amount of time into training the boys. He shot competitively along side them at Malabar. He acted as mentor and guide and father figure and confidant. He was the driving force behind three GPS premierships. He gave some sporting credibility to High in a lean time for premierships. He toured with the boys to country shooting competitions in Lithgow, Canberra or Wingham. He organised biennial tours to Bisley in England for the Queen's Shoot. He arranged for his charges to meet the Duke of Edinburgh on one trip. He was a bundle of nervous energy out at Hornsby on GPS Shoots, peering into his telescope and offering encouragement or advice to sighters or the next shooter to go to the mound. There was always drama, tension and great team discipline surrounding the successes at sport he managed. He was a true believer and he could inspire followers. He was respected both nationally and internationally for his abilities as a rifle shooting coach.

"His work with Cadets saved the activity at High and brought it up to its now robust state. John's paperwork and organisational skills surrounding cadets were first rate. His prime concern was for the safety of the boys. He worked tirelessly to promote their leadership aspirations by nominating targeted boys for training courses. John's latest mission was to unite cadet and rifle shooting efforts. He arranged for a cadet team of rifle shooters to go to Bisley. They were well looked after by the British Army, saving accommodation, transport and ammunition costs for the trip.

"John Fittler was a man of pride and vision. He was a tall, strong man with military bearing. He had a good heart. He was an upright, honest person in every dealing I had with him. I can only speculate that a combination of recent events brought him to the point where he could only see his immediate future as a choice between dying on his feet or living on his knees. He chose the former. I can understand why. We will all miss him. "

Speech Night
A large crowd was on hand to witness the presentation of prizes and awards to our high achieving students last week. The following is a slightly edited version of my address on the evening.

"Professor Coroneo, distinguished guests, prize winners, staff and the class of 2004. On this 121st. occasion we celebrate the achievements of our students and reflect on the progress of the school in all its areas of endeavour. For the future of High, the big event of last year was the settling of our long running legal dispute with STA. After four years we can now plan ahead with confidence, free of the burden of protracted, expensive litigation. Key people in our success were: John Kaldor as Chairman of the High Foundation and Andy Chow as its Treasurer; Graham Hurrell our consulting engineer, Mark Livingston, who helped a lot in the last phase and Bob Outterside and Terry Meakin who were there from the beginning. People will look back on our history and see 2004 as a milestone because of their efforts.

"Another important development was the inclusion of an extended writing task in the Selective Schools Entrance Test. Several of my selective school colleagues and I have been pushing for this inclusion for nearly a decade. Our school wrote a detailed response to the Green Paper on selective schools. Unfortunately, its impact was lessened by the tactic of moderating its score against the English composite school score. Nevertheless, at least having it is a start. I will continue to campaign for extended writing to be made one quarter of the test score as a discrete component (instead of 1/9th). Secondary academic success governed by the new HSC is all about literacy.

"The school embarked on an ambitious plan to build a new library as its 125th. anniversary project. Our fundraising has begun in earnest, spearheaded by the irrepressible Valda Roser, whose efforts I acknowledge this evening. I am confident the project will gain momentum as we approach our celebration year. It would be great if Old Boys took up our cause.

"Staff members were asked to extend their electronic reporting again last year. Our booklets in Years 7-10 reported on outcomes for Character Education classes as well as recording student participation in co-curricular activities each semester. Our Student Awards Scheme continues to flourish as annual evaluations refine its protocols. 413 individuals or 37% of students qualified for an award in 2004. This represents an increase of more than 16% since 2001 when the revised scheme commenced. I thank the class of 2004 for its gift to the school, an honour board currently being constructed, that will showcase the names of students who progressed through the six stages to trophy level. Subject acceleration has become an accepted intervention at High with more than 75 boys sitting HSC papers ahead of their cohort. Unmodified Stage 5 curriculum can be a drag for gifted students. We hope to make the approach to senior school a three year plan in the minds of more boys, thus gaining more effective use of the stage 5 -6 interface when many students lose focus after the School Certificate Tests. Plainly, these tests that are primarily of interest to the government, should be pushed back until after the HSC and a School Certificate only issued to the minority of students needing it as an exiting credential. Effective school time would be increased in term 4. State resources would be saved. Our GPS athletics season was changed to fit between summer and winter sport. We decided to make everyone 'do' athletics. Thanks to the efforts of new MIC Robert Devlin, former High deputy and now retired Principal, Mr Wayne Baldock, and Steve Codey, we were able to manage over 1100 boys engaging in athletics on Wednesdays and Thursdays. We will evaluate and adapt the model for 2005.

HSC results
"In terms of the published League Tables High had an average year but our UAI results were strong. Congratulations to the eighteen students who were placed on the HSC All-round Achievers List for achieving the highest band in courses totalling 10 or more units: Tanvir, Ali, James, Nanshan, Brian, Bishoy, Ivan, Sabbir, Varun, Clement, Terence, Chao, Thomson, Konstantin, Oliver, Isaac, Daniel and Phillip. Well done to Calvin, Konstantin and Kagan, our 2005 UNSW Co-op Program Scholars. Daniel Wodak topped the state in the Philosophy Distinction Course. Terence Law came second in the state in Chinese extension and third in Continuers behind Calvin Liu at second. Our top UAIs Clement and Phillip received 99.95. Mr Dowdell used the UAI Estimator Program and downloaded actual HSC results, then tested these against actual UAIs reported from students to produce the list of 185 results. High averaged 93 UAI, with the highest percentage since the new HSC started at 90 or above, a pleasing 75%. We are still light on at the top end with 25 at 99 or above, but the number of results below 80 shrank to 7.5%.

"For the first time in over a decade, students took up more places at the University of Sydney (66) than at the University of New South Wales (61), with Macquarie (16), newcomer ANU (8) and UWS (5) making up the top 6 destinations. 98% of students accepted university offers. Commercial courses were favoured (56). Various engineering courses were taken up by 33 boys. Combined Law was strong at 25, Arts attracted 23. Health Science and medicine was way up at 21. Most boys were happy with the courses they qualified for.

Old Boy achievements
"We congratulate old boys Anastasios Panagiotelis (Economics), Rhys Hardwick Jones (Engineering) and Hilbert Chiu (history) as recent medallists from the University of Sydney. , Costa Avgoustinos (2001) won third prize overall at Tropfest (2004) for his short film 'Yin', won the Sony Best Young Director Award and won the People's Choice category. Adam Pretty (1996) won his second Walkley Award for film photography.

Competitions In academic competitions the star performer was Ivan Guo. His gold medal award at the Mathematics Olympiad in Athens was very significant, achieved by only 25 Australians. In the UNSW 43rd. Annual Schools Mathematics Competition Ivan Guo won first prize again. His perfect score record stumped the test devisers again. In the senior division Clement Lau and Chen Yang were awarded prizes and certificates. In the junior division Anthony Morris, Vinh Pham and Senthil Thillainadesan were awarded equal third prize. Prize winners in the Australian Business Studies Competition were: Tom Hoare and Pat McDonnell. Prize winners in the 2004 Australian Economics Competition were: Ericson Ho, Krishna Shanthikumar and Senthil Thillaindesan. Vinh Pham and Anthony Morris have been invited to Melbourne for the prestigious summer training school for elite mathematicians.

In the Australian Mathematics Competition, our highest ever participation of 942 also resulted in our highest percentage of awards (credit or higher) at 96%. In the Australian Schools Science Competition 936 boys were tested and 85% received awards. In the English competition a healthy 709 boys entered and 84% gained awards. In computing studies, the figures were 735 at 80% and Geography 341 at 69%.

"The best co-curricular effort of the year came from chess. Ronald Yu was chosen to represent Australia again at the World Junior Chess Championships in Heraklion, Crete. Ilia Zvedeniouk was the mainstay of our chess team that won the state schools title again and for the first time, the National Schools Chess Competition. Ronald, Ilia, Jason Cohn and Anthony Chau were a great team.

"In debating the Hume Barbour team crashed and burned and a talented Sydney Girls team borrowed the trophy for a year. In a NSW Debating Squad of 12, High had three representatives: Tanvir Ahmed, Faraz Amin and Daniel Wodak. Daniel was selected in the NSW Debating Team. Our Karl Cramp team shrugged off their disappointment at throwing away the Commonwealth Junior title last year to come home strongly to win the trophy in the final against Gosford High. Gabriel McManus, Tom Kaldor and William Clegg worked well as a team on the day.

Public Speaking
"Daniel Wodak got to the state final of the English Speaking Union Plain Speaking Competition. Kelvin Yu was runner up in the state and national final of the Legacy Junior Public Speaking Competition - an impressive effort.

The Arts Jing Wang won a prize in a Chinese International Writing Competition and went to Beijing to collect it. Francis Wong won the scholarship for a 'China Experience Programme'- a four-week experience for students in years 10 and 11 studying Chinese, to undertake studies at a Chinese school. The Chinese Eisteddford team won individual prizes in the junior division and third place in the group division. Tom Mittelheuser and Jeremy James (Year 11) spent over 2 terms doing the Gaudi style mosaic in the McDonald Wing courtyard. Anthony Chau was selected as 1st. violin for the Sydney Youth Orchestra that toured Italy. Tanvir Uddin and Senthil Thillainadesan were awarded Certificates of Commendation in the Young Writer of the Year competition. Jack Han won 3rd. prize in the short story section of the Write 4 Fun competition among 6.5k. entries.

"The first grade team had the most impressive sporting results of the year. They were undefeated in GPS competition. The Stan Jones Cup is the Combined High Schools Teams Tennis Championship. In 2003 we were knocked out in the final by Lismore High. In 2004 Michael Hayes, Dejan Bodrozic, Brian Ly, Tim Neville, Peter Pereira and David Cao defeated Smiths Hill High School to take out the prestigious trophy. The top four boys went on to place third in the National Schools Teams Championship and were undefeated in doubles, despite playing against specialist tennis schools. Michael Hayes finished his six years in first grade tennis on a high note!

"In the open division High teams were undefeated premiers at the end of the season in both first grade and second grade. Volleyball is slowly growing in status as an unofficial GPS sport. Our under 16s team qualified in the 'honours' division for the national titles. Our CHS Volleyball representatives were Karl Kruszelnicki and Keith Wong. They represented NSW in the annual Trans Tasman challenge. Karl was awarded a Sydney East blue for volleyball.

"High had a big year in swimming, spearheaded by the fine form of Tom Miller. Tom re-wrote the senior record book at the school carnival, breaking records in four events - one set in 1967! At CHS Andrew Reis won the 200 IM and the 100 breaststroke. Tom won the 17-19, 50 freestyle. Kenny La won the 13s breaststroke. At the CIS meet Andrew Reis won the 15 years 100 breaststroke. Tom Miller won the All -Schools 50m. freestyle championships and competed at the Australian Schools' Swimming Championships in Brisbane. He won a Bronze medal in the 17-18 years 50m freestyle and a silver medal as a member of the NSW medley relay team - a terrific final season of elite competitive swimming! The GPS relay team: Tom Miller, Andrew Reis, Ellis Louie and Barry Dubovsky, had an historic win at the GPS Swimming Carnival. Tom Miller was awarded a Sydney East Blue for swimming.

"Joshua Scharfegger was selected in the NSW quad sculls crew that competed at the Henley Regatta in the UK. He was the star of the CHS championships: rowing in the first VIII for an easy win in the championship VIII, coming second in the championship single scull by half a canvas to a NSW Youth VIII representative, then teaming with Liam Bennett to win the championship men's double scull! High won the championship men's IV. Dominic Grimm won the U-17 single scull. Mischa Steen, Troy Polis, Alex Tiedgen and Liam Bennett took out the championship men's quad sculls. James Tiedgen, Joel Kamerman, Blake Angell and Sandy Cunningham won the U-16 quad sculls. High boys were placed 19 times at the regatta. Liam Bennett was awarded the trophy for the best performance by a male athlete at the CHS Championship for three first places (1st.VIII, quad scull, double scull). He was awarded a Regional Blue and a CHS blue for his efforts - a fine way to conclude his rowing career at High.

"Our first grade soccer team imploded during the season, perhaps as a reaction to being undefeated in 2003 but not winning the GPS premiership. Despite our patchy form our combined GPS soccer representatives were: Sen Mitsuji (1st.), and Matthew Shiner, Kim Dickson, Tom Lung (3rd.)

"At the AAGPS Athletics Carnival Paul Watzlaff had an emphatic win in the open 3000m. In the U-16 shot, Roger Burrell was second. Gehan Karunaratne won the under-14 long jump. Danny Ng was 3rd in the U-14 high jump. Nelson Ridges ran 3rd in the U-13 100m. Our CHS cross country championships representatives were: Paul Watzlaff, Nick Dimitropoulos, Jeremy Brown and Alisdair Brown.

Rifle Shooting
"Despite failing to defend their GPS title at the Hornsby competition High's team had three representatives chosen in the Combined GPS Rifle Team: Michael Li, Chris Budd and Tim Shu.

"Drew Hoare's try against St Joseph's was the highlight of the rugby season for me. While competitive but unsuccessful at first grade level, Rugby had a very encouraging season. Total games played in the season increased by 36% to 125. GPS games played rose by 27% to 80. Total wins improved by 62% to 47, while GPS wins lifted by 187%.

"Our MICs, coaches, parents and committees provide huge support for our boys to compete in their chosen sports. We attempt to perform at the margin of excellence in a large number of activities. Our resources are spread thinly. Our reliance on your help is fundamental. I salute all your efforts!

"In saying a last farewell to the class of 2004, I would like to share with you a story about the famous Russian author Leo Tolstoy, set on a riverbank in the 1880's where Leo was spending some time with one of his daughters, Tatyana. After gazing into the river, Leo reminded Tatyana that life was like a river: it contained all sorts of things, some good, some evil, some very evil. The big thing in life, he observed, was to know the direction in which that river was flowing and get into that river and flow with it. Later, Tatyana fortuitously followed her habit of diarising "What Papa said". She wrote: "I am always happy when Papa speaks because he always speaks to me about the things that matter in life". This little episode is significant, not because of its rather simplistic riverine simile, but because of what it inspired in the listener. If your time at High has had moments of illumination, when you thought that wisdom and understanding were being facilitated, when discussion resolved complexity, or when you understood concepts that were carefully explained, then you have something that matters to take away with you. A sense of having been involved in something productive might well remain with you for a very long time. It's the context of your learning here that will show where the current flows. Do not hesitate to get into the river with Leo, what you have shared, done, learned and been here, will help you stay afloat. Congratulations to all of our prize winners!"

High Talent
The NSW Rowing Championships at Penrith Lakes (SIRC) saw an historic row by our first VIII. I cannot find a record of High having been placed at this regatta at this event. Our boys rowed a wonderful race to break 6 minutes. With a brisk tail wind, Kings won in 5m50.6, with 4.01 to St Josephs and 1.91sec. to High in 5.56.52. In margin of excellence terms the boys are at 1.8% - very competitive in anyone's language. Congratulations to- Sen, Attila, Sam, Jeremy, Karl, Dominic, Joshua, Mischa and Tom for an historic row!

Some successes against Shore and Joeys
After making 214 against Joeys last week, the first XI controversially batted on, adding only 5 runs to their total but using up valuable overs. In form bowlers Fonseka and Robson spearheaded a good fielding performance to bundle out the home side for 94. Following on, Joeys made a respectable 194. High lost quick wickets in an impossible chase for outright victory but left feeling fairly satisfied with a strong points win. In basketball, Shore was too tall for us, frustrating many good shot options and dominating rebounds. The seconds were beaten by 22 points but were always competitive, playing a full press and using enterprising plays at the throw in. They got a lot of useful practice in running tall opponents around - useful even if it reduces their court time. They will be tougher in defence net year as a result of this training. First grade were beaten by some hot outside shooting and a dominance of the boards by Shore. In contrast, our offence was always pressured and the three point shooters could not sink enough to keep us in the game. Fast breaks against a tiring defence resulted in a final whistle blow out that did not reflect the to and fro of the game.

A gutsy selection effort by coaches Carl Nielsen and Ron Boros saw emerging combinations play well in the doubles in our first grade tennis contest at Kingsford. Dejan was ramped up to take on Shore's successful team. He and Peter made easy work of the No. 1 doubles. Brian and Ivan cruised home. Mitchell and Alex had a tough fight after winning the first set and having an opportunity to win the match but went down fighting in three sets against a 3 & 5 doubles combination. Dejan smashed young Duckworth in the first set then 'hacked' his way through the second, losing it in a tie break before storming home to snuff out the youngster's challenge. Brian defeated the number two but made harder work of it than he should have by attempting a power game approach. Mitchell recovered his game to win at three and Peter calmly put away number 4. Ivan came up against another young player. He attempted to hit him off the court and came off second best. Alex did it again, toughing it out to score a point in a three set victory at 6. The boys nearly pulled off a big win, but we settled for 10 - 2, the same margin as Riverview beat Kings! If you want to see high standard tennis, come and see first grade play against Riverview in the battle of the champions at Da Silva's in Kingsford on Saturday afternoon.

Sock it to you fundraiser
Do something for yourself and help the school at the same time. Do as I will and order something from the catalogue to be distributed soon to all roll classes. There are many interesting items in the sockittoyou.com.au range. Find your Easter or birthday gift and help build much needed school assets!
Dr K Jaggar
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Yr10VIII Melbourne High Rowing Exchange

The morning of the 16th for twenty of our young, dedicated rowers had been an eagerly anticipated one even though the dead looks from their 6am faces didn't show it. After all our goodbyes to our mummies & daddies, and to school for the rest of the week, we were finally out of gates in the cramped White Bus when our last remaining rower decided to show up an hour after the scheduled time. Like any road trip, ours was full of chatter, snacks and accidents. Accidents of course being incidents, and that incident being the bus broken down in the border town of Albury. Setting us back another hour, we were eager to reach our billets so they could fill us up with dinner. One thing that wasn't filled up though was the petrol tank in our bus. 20m before our destination point, the bus died again. With the school entrance in our sights, we pushed the bus across the busy road into the driveway where our billets arrived moments later to take us to what would be our home for the next 3 days. Rowing on the Yarra was definitely a welcome change for our coxswains and rowers alike. The Yarra River (although brown) was beautiful in the sense it was dead flat with no current and being more like a creek, couldn't fit anything like our Sydney River Cats. The scenery was just as welcome. We could all see the whole cityscape within a glance from the river and the attention from tourists and local rowers just topped of the day's training/relaxation row. We had the rest of the afternoon off to live a little bit of the Melbourne lifestyle. Most of the groups spent their time in Crown eating, playing or just doing some aimless wandering around. Shopping however was the agenda for a couple of the other guys so they were taken to the infamous shopping district of Chadstone. With only the next day's race on all our minds, it was decided dinner was at home in order to get a good nights rest. Race day brought with it a gloomy mood and cold temperature. That was quickly evaporated by our traditional High spirit in our prep row. We had beaten them 2 out of 3 the last time the Melbournians came to our river but only by the smallest of margins. Not only did they still outweigh us 10kg/person, 15kg/person in 1st's, they were on their home turf and in their own boats. So the scene is set; two 2km races, both our SHS crews were ahead in the exchange winning 2 of the 3 races last time, the Melbourne crews had to win both races to win the exchange and we only needed one. Both a head wind and a cross wind was beginning to build up. This now also became a test for the coxswains to steer the best course between bridge pylons and around tight bends. Our 1sts had a fairly disappointing race getting slow off the mark and trailing bit by bit and ending up two boat lengths behind at the finish. 2nds were also slow off the start but still managed to stay in the lead by a metre for the first 30 strokes before HIGH pushed away and never looked back. The margin in the end was about 3½ boat lengths. The second race began as soon as we paddled back to the starting line. The start for 2nd crew was almost perfect flying half a boat length in front after 5 strokes. Our rhythm found it hard to settle into the boat because the headwind grew stronger and started blowing from all sides. However, the gutsy 2nd crew came away with a well deserved victory of 5 boat lengths. 1sts had a different story though. They too had to overcome the strong head wind but were unfortunate to lose to the sheer force, power and weight of Melbourne. Despite the harsh winds that favoured their opposition, the crew rowed a good race and they put in a lot of heart for most of the row, a definite bench mark for future races. Immediately after we were had to quickly load the boats onto the trailer and headed over to a BBQ lunch on the riverbank. Despite the amounted tension of such a physical morning the SBHS boys and their billets seemed to get on very well. After lunch our rowers and their billets basically headed back home to get ready for a night out in the city. Chapel St. and Crown were the places to be for the Friday night. Melbourne having a young population was buzzing with life, booming music and hot cars all night long. The night for most was very long indeed, each of the rowers have their own stories to tell and I'm sure all of them would be happy to tell and say something along the lines of 4 hours of sleep. Sleep became less of an issue when we were back on the White Bus heading home where we regained our lost sleep. However, 2 of the most vital people of the trip weren't asleep. Thanks to Mr Barris and Chris Watson; for keeping the bus moving when it broke down, they are the first to get out of bed to get the bus moving and are the last to leave, who keep their eyes open when everyone else's are closed and for driving a tedious 24 hours between them. Also, I send an extended thanks to David Daish and always grateful for keeping the boats in top notch condition for us to row in; Tim Wilson for giving his time in towing our boats back and forth, Kathy Jackson for her commitment and picture taking on the trip and also to 2nd crew coaches Simon and Peter Wilson for their dedication to always improving the rowing itself and the experience for all of us. Martin Han Liu - 2nd Yr10VIII (stroke) Thomas Hurrell - 1st Yr10VIII (stroke)
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Year 7 Parents


Thank-you to all the Year 7 Parents and their families who came to the Year 7 Welcome Night on Thursday 24 February. This was a fantastic night and the Year 7 parents were very enthusiastic and we hope that they went away feeling a lot more informed about High.

There are quite a few people who need to be thanked for their tireless efforts in making this the huge success that it was.

Toni Lindeback for just being incredible - we couldn't have done it without you, Vera Dimitropoulos for her amazing organisational skills, Debbie Street and Christina Chow for their attention to detail, Ann Kurts for being our brillant food coordinator, Shane Brown for being drink man and making funny speeches and finally Valda Roser for being Valda.

The following parents we would also like to thank for your help on the night - Sandra Stojanovic, Rosalie Valentine, Dimi Katsikoras, Tony Stevens, Karen Le, Lucy Nguygen, Louisa Chan, Vivienne Bath, Ivan and Anton Jurisevic, Bill Wilson, Jenny Brown, Batool Hopkins and John Evans

Teachers and staff - Dr Kim Jaggar, Colleen Walles, Marilyn Mittelheuser, Tony Hanlon (for the great slides and video), Mr Dowdell, Everett Cohan and Kathy Jackson and all her fabulous musicians.

We were all very proud of our boys who were extremely polite and exceptional waiters on the night - Patrick Desmond, Beau Greenslade, Christian Katsikoras, Denis Stojanovic, Alisdair Brown, Nick Lindeback, Juston Chow, Johan Suntoso, Mathew Chan, Cameron Reeves and Thomas Wilson.

Last but not least (in any sense) thank you so much to all the Year 8 parents and grandparents who provided all the beautiful food - too many to name.

This was a great display of High parents and staff coming together to produce a highly enjoyable evening - thanks again to you all
Suze Greenslade - Year 8 Representative
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From the High Store

NEW LINE AVAILABLE: The High Store has made a special purchase of SHS Lanyards (key holders) for boys to keep their house and locker keys safe. Cost: $6
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(Closing Date for Orders - Monday, 21 st March)
(Delivery of Goods 4-8th April)

Funds raised from the purchase of items from the catalogue will be distributed between the current school projects and the 125th Anniversary Project of the Library and Performing Arts Centre.

Please study the catalogue, make your selection, take to work, show your relatives, neighbours and friends. (Order form can be photocopied for extra orders)

Please make Cheques payable to Sydney Boys' High School.

Wool and cotton products are Australian made from Australian fibers. Making a purchase will support our Primary Producers.

EVERY order over $50 in value will receive one pair of Frog motive socks complimentary.

PRIZE FOR SELLER of HIGHEST DOLLAR TOTAL ORDER (i.e. from self, neighbours, relatives workmates etc.) of HAMPER valued > $100 to include King Single Bed Underlay and other catalogue items.

NOTE : Page 8-9 THE WINTER RANGE Thermal wear Page19 SLEEPING BAGS for those school camps!

Please support our Term One fundraiser to help us help our Sons - No calories involved!!
Valda Roser (Fund raising Co-ordinator)
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Sat 26th Feb - Shore vs High (R5)
WIN 10-2
For Sydney High, this could have been the end of the road. So vital was this fixture with Shore, the third placed team, that a mere win was not enough to remain in the race for the title. With a six point deficit to River- view still in play, we could not afford to drop behind anymore. The D1 was contested by Dejan Bodrozic & Peter Pereira, who were sublime against esteemed opponents. Brian Ly & Ivan Ceriecina were afforded a favourable draw at D2; leaving Mitchell Kelly & Alex Zinzopoulos at D3.The pair dominated the first set and came within a sniff of the second, only to see it disappear, and a 5-2 deficit appear in the third. From here they rallied, peeling off three games to tie the match at 5-5, but un- fortunately could not sustain this pressure any longer, and were bundled out two games later. In the singles Dejan took on his opponent ( in yr 8,) who played well above his weight. He had to grind his way through before winning at three sets. Brian, Peter & Mitchell had breezy straight -sets, leaving Ivan &Alex on the court. The former was beaten by a boy in red hot form, while the latter squandered a second set lead, before coming back to to take the match at three. With 10-2 result against the third - placed team is reasonable, but with Riverview winning by the same margin against Kings' we are no closer to bridging the 6 point deficit. This week we take on our nemesis - the most important match for High in years - and we need to make up the entire 6 point gap. This is certainly achievable, and I am confident that we can produce a performance worthy of a team which is hitting its traps at the right time of the season.
Peter Pereira - 1st Grade Captain

Sat 26th Feb.-Shore vs High (R5)
DI - Shore - 6 - 1, 6 - 2 D2 - Shore - 6-3, 7-5 D3 - High -1-6, 6-3 ,4-6 S1 - Shore -6-0,6-3.S2-Shore-6-2,6-2 S3- " 4-6,6-3,7-5.S4High1-6,6-4,3-6 S5-shore-6-4,6-4 S6-Shore2-6,6-1 f/f S4 2-6,1-4 ; s5 1-6,1-2 Draw
Sydney High exhibited quite an entertaining show against Shore last Saturday. High played with their chins up throughout the day, incentives in mind; TO WIN, after last weeks close loss to St Josephs. David & Daniel lost their doubles, beaten by heir opponents solid performance. Hieu & Hai also lost. So with 2 rubbers lost Martin &Paul continued on playing harder, determined on drilling their opponents down. Eventually winning in 3 sets. Not to forget though, the singles matches were needed to determine the deserving winners. David Cao no1. lost his singles, even though his near success in the 2nd set Was just a little too late.2nd grade captain Martin at no 2. put up a remarkable match, & Ha played 3 sets with remarkable patience, as his opponent was lobbing the ball consistently, to rallies averaging 30 hits within that 2 ½ hr match. Hai unluckily lost, Paul lost his singles in a challenging match at no5.Hieu won his singles game, with all the amazing High support he could render. Daniels match began on a roll but as the match progressed, he suffered an injury to his right shoulder& he had to forfeit the match, at no.6.Inspite of losing to Shore, 2nd grade had learnt a great, performance enhancing match, prepar- ation for the undefeated Riverview next!
Hieu Dang

Other Results

16's   A's    LOSS    0 - 6    Best, A1 Jourdan,3Chapman3-6
       B's    LOSS    1 - 5    Doubles B's Roger/Amadeus 6-3
       C's    LOSS    2 - 4    C4 Robin Chen  6 - 2
       D's    WIN     6 - 0    D3 Owen Han 6 - 0
15's   A's    LOSS    2 - 4    Best, A1 Ben Lee   6 - 4
       B's    LOSS    2 - 4    B2 Albert Kim  6 - 2
       C's    DRAW    3 - 3    C1 James Ip 6 - 5
       D's    WIN     5 - 1    D2 Edwin Montoya 6-2
14's   A's    DRAW    3 - 3    Best,  A1/3 Danny/Victor 6 - 4
       B's    LOSS    2 - 6    B2  Sha Huda 6 - 4
       C's    DRAW    3 - 3    C1 Jeremy Ireland 6 - 3
       D's    DRAW    3 - 3    D4 Harry Hua  6 - 3
3/6th  A's    DRAW    3 - 3    Best, A1 Thomas &4 Daniel T.6-3
       B's    DRAW    3 - 3    B3 Daniel Ong 6 - 3
       C's    WIN     6 - 0    C1  Andric Leong 6 - 4 
       D's    WIN     6 - 0    D1/D3   Will L./Kin Jing 6 - 0

13's   A's    LOSS    2 - 4    A3  Trang     6 - 2
       B's    LOSS    2 - 4    B4  Hui        6 - 3 
       C's    LOSS    2 - 4    C4  Simos     6 - 0
       D's    LOSS    2 - 4    D4  Chan     6 - 2

After a horrendous performance against Joeys last week, the boys worked hard at training under the watchful eye of Ms White.The green pastures of Shores magnificent Northbridge Sports ground was the location for our teams greatest victory. The day started in fine form, with 5TH &6TH grade able to easily dispose of their weaker opponents. In the 3RDS, newly promoted Thomas Wong endured to win 6-4, Nelson Wong also fought well & he &Thomas won their doubles. David Yang &Daniel Thievingsham produced flawless accounting for their opponents.
Manager Daniel Ong

In the A's Shore only won by 2 points in the A1, doubles, A1 singles Qui and A2 singles Tugnait, hence a competitive team building in the A's.

TENNIS BBQ DINNER at OUTTERSIDE CENTRE Date :13th MARCH SUNDAY Time: 5 p.m - 9p.m. Cost: $ 7.00 CELEBRATE with your team, coaches and parents the end of an exceptional tennis season. Last years BBQ was a great one!. All awards presented. Prizes to be won. All the food and drinks you can enjoy.

1STS KINGFORDS COURTS : 12.30 -5.30 PM. This Saturday Riverview will be keen to take the Premiership Shield, which High has held for 2 years. Our team is one of great courage and endurance, but this Saturday they NEED YOU to help them over the pressure to believe without a doubt and win against the tough Riverview team. Most tennis teams finish in the afternoon at 4.30pm, the struggle at Kingsford will still be on- BE THERE! Thanks guys!
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Soccer Committee


The first meeting for the year will take place in Staff Common Room at 5-30pm Wednesday 16th March.

  • Come and meet the new coaching Staff.
  • Elect the Office Bearers for 2005.
  • Discuss this years fixtures and program.
  • Meet new Soccer Parents.
  • Be involved and help support the Schools biggest winter sport.
  • All Parents welcome.
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A day to remember for years to come for our First XI boys who defeated St.Joseph's last Saturday to move into 5th position on the premiership table. Great performances in our 1st innings with Damitha Fonseka hitting 70 n.o and Mark Carroll 43. Better to come in the bowling with Damitha Fonseka taking an incredible 6 for 37 and Sam Robson 3 for 13 cleaning up the first innings and Matthew Fetherstone 2 for 0 and Adrian Jeyendra 2 for 13 in their second dig. To add to the great result is the announcement that Damitha Fonseka has been chosen in the Combined GPS 1st.XI. Congratulations to all concerned.

FIRST XI (Day 2) High 9 /214 and 4 / 30 DEFEATED St. Joseph's 10 / 95 and 10 / 194
The High 1st XI came home with a remarkable win against the mighty St. Joseph's last Saturday. In a demoralizing display of courageous batting which enabled High to reach a defendable total of 219 on Day 1, the High bowling attack achieved a solid start in the pre-lunch session taking 3 / 66. Returning from lunch , we applied ourselves in the field, applied pressure to Joey's and used our conventional attack of Sam Robson bowling his leg spinners from one end, and cycling through the pace men from the other. What occurred was something truly special as the boys took the last 7 wickets for a mere 29 runs. We took the game in a most fashionable manner, rolling arguably the best batting line-up in the GPS Competition for a mere 95 runs, quicker than expected and utilizing only 4 bowlers to do the job. A terrific effort from the boys and a win that I personally will cherish for a long time.
(Report submitted by Damitha Fonseka).

SECOND XI (Day 2) High 10 /125 and 10 /128 FIRST INNINGS LOSS to St. Joseph's 7 /175 and 3 /60
Commencing Day 2 with St. Joseph's at 1 /16 and a simple pre-match plan to bowl at the stumps, make the batsmen play every ball and to vary the pace of the attack High took the field and promptly forgot it. In an undisciplined display of bowling and fielding errors, St Joseph's powered to a 50 run lead declaring at 7 for 175. High batting a second time were all out for 128. In an exciting finish to the match that had everyone cheering and urging from the sidelines Joey's had 75 to get in 8 overs. In a great performance of controlled fast/ medium bowling Gajaba Manamperi bowled 10 balls in 2 overs that the batsmen failed to get a bat to. Joey's were desperate for an outright win… High just as determined to deny them. High Bowling figures 1st INNINGS - Karunaratne 2 for 9, Nathan Frazi 3 for 47 and Suren Wickramasinghe 2 for 72.High 2nd IINNINGS Gajaba Manamperi 2 for 12 High Batting 1st INNINGS Shaheen Kumar 32, Manusha Samaraweera 25 and D'arcy Blaxell 20. High 2nd INNINGS Suren Wickramasinghe made 44

THIRD XI-(Day 2) - High 10 / 117 and 10 / 80 Lost OUTRIGHT to St. Joseph's 4 Decl 190 and 1 / 10
At the end of Day 1, Joey's were 0-64 chasing the High total of 117. Joey's went on to declare with a lead of 73 runs. High batting a second time and were in early trouble losing wickets cheaply. The captain Anisul Islam again performed with the bat scoring 38 of the team total of 10 / 80. Joey's completed the job making the required runs without loss.

FOURTH "XEXTREME" XI - Presumably lost their match or we would be experiencing one of Eddy Blaxell's "short" 3 page reports. (The Editor)

16 A -(Day 2) - High 10 /152 LOST to St. Joseph's 7 for 156
Dismissed at the start of Day 2 and in an incident filled match where sportsmanship took second place our boys showed that the High spirit was the winner on the 2nd day of this match. Louis Yang who scored 31 and Radhesh Baskaran 35 on Day 1 saw High at 1 /80 and after an on field incident, let Joey's tactics get to them and we lost 6 quick wickets, but to our credit batted out the whole of Day 1.Controversial as the second day was High can walk away with the moral victory, and if we had taken the chances we were presented with, we could have recorded an historic win. Now we understand why the Cricket Master hammers us at sport with fielding. Well done boys in difficult circumstances. A full report appears on the cricket website

UNDER 14A (Day 2)- High 10 / 78 and 10 /76 (42 overs) LOST OUTRIGHT to St. Joseph's 6 decl 171
In trouble at 5 wickets for 7 after electing to bat, High ground out the overs finishing at a creditable 10 /78. After an early breakthrough having Joey's at 2 for 6, we left them off the hook and they recovered to 6 /171 at stumps. Joey's declared at their last weeks score and put us into bat. In a spirited batting effort High finally succumbed in the 42 over for 76. Best batting -S.Ali scored 15, Razeen Ahmed 13 and Nakul Pendaker. Our best bowler on Day 1 was newcomer Shadman Ali with 2 for 14.

UNDER 13 A and 13B - No reports lodged as scorebooks were not available in time for publication

CRICKET COMMITTEE and GENERAL MEETING. A meeting to finalize details for the CRICKET DINNER will be held on WEDNESDAY 30th MARCH 2005 at 5-30 PM in Room 901 at the gymnasium. We would welcome more parents to this meeting so that we have arrange for the preparation of the Great Hall and tables for the forthcoming Dinner We need approx 2 hours of your time on the day.

CRICKET DINNER and PRESENTATION OF AWARDS. Will be held on SATURDAY 2nd April from 6-30pm for 7-0pm in the Great Hall at School. DRESS for all cricketers attending is SCHOOL UNIFORM on the night as photographs will be taken. Awards will be presented to each team from 1stXI, through to all of our junior teams for Batting, Bowling and Team Player / Fielding and award winners are expected to be present on the night. Payment for the Dinner is made at the school office and the final date for those attending is THURSDAY 24th.March 2005. The cost of dinner is $30-00 for Adults and $25-00 for the players (including Soft drinks) Liquid refreshments including bottled wine will also be available on the night for adults.
Laurie Heil
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From PD/H/PE


The PDHPE Department has again assessed the physical fitness levels of our junior students. The most important health-related test is the 1.6km run for cardiovascular endurance. Our standard Moore Park West course was used for the assessment.

For an assessment of 90% or better, required a student to run the 1.6km in a time of 6 mins 30 secs, approximately, depending on the age of the student. For an assessment of 50% or better, required a time of between 7 and 8 minutes, depending on age. A result of 10% or less means the 1.6km run was completed in a time greater than 9 mins 30 seconds.

Each student in Years 7-9 should have a copy of their assessment schedule and results for February 2005 in their PDHPE theory books. Parents are encouraged to review their son's results with them.

There were some outstanding performances again this semester including Keiran Taylor (7R) 6m 28s, Jeremy Ireland (8.1) 6m 10s, Alistair Taylor (9.5) 5m 45s, Quan Nguyen (10.4) 5m 29s and Harry Walker (10.3) 5m 28s. * Fastest time is held by Paul Watzlaff of 5m 00s set in 2003.

It is our goal to have all Year 10 students at 50%, or better, (1.6km in 7 minutes) from 2007.

1.6km results for February 2005

Percentile band   No. of students in each percentile band
                  Year 7  Year 8  Year 9  Year 10
90 – 99               2       2       11      24
80 – 89           6       7       17      10
70 – 79           0       4       13      18
60 – 69           11      9       16      13
50 – 59           11      13      19      19
40 – 49           13      15      10      19
30 – 39           11      22      28      31
20 – 29           24      37      38      16
10 – 19           61      40      12      14
0 – 9             30      24      15      12
Non-starters      11      7       1       4

Mean results for each year group 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005.

        2/02    10/02   2/03    10/03   2/04    10/04   2/05
Year 10 53%     60%     65%     72%     58%     63%     56%
Year 9  44%     70%     45%     58%     47%     52%     49%
Year 8  44%     54%     41%     52%     38%     57%     36%
Year 7  32%     43%     31%     43%     26%     44%     32%

G. Stein

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SECOND GRADE Round 12 Saturday 26 February 2005
Score: 66 - 42 (Loss)
Top Points: L. D'Avigdor 16
Second Points: H. Walker 11

High were ready to play the tough Shore side in round 12 of the GPS competition. Arguably the best GPS side in seconds basketball, High was looking for an upset victory. With a solid warm-up and tips from both Vince Salomon and first grade coach Mr. Hayman High were ready to play the daunting Shore side.

The first quarter showed many great signs of teamwork from High but evidently stronger and more skilled in fundamentals Shore were able to easily convert left and right hand hook shots. Being a very fit side Shore played a full court man to man all game and still managed to beat High down the floor in transition and run back to defence. High however were not intimidated and played consistent basketball throughout against a very talented side. Down by 15 points at half time was very disappointing and mainly resulted to many easy baskets in the first quarter as High was shaken and outplayed. The third quarter however once again saw Lewis D'Avigdor a player who carries High in the third quarter by playing like a star. He consistently set up team mates and scored many baskets to close the gap to 10 points. The final quarter showed steady basket from High and a 'pick and roll' play set up by Michael Levi showed signs of promise for games ahead. The game ended with a very well drilled Shore side running away with a 24 point victory.
Written by Raymond Huynh (Second Grade Captain)

Other Results

1st LOSS    80-47   C.CONWAY 10
2nd     LOSS    66-42   H.WALKER 22
3rd     WIN     36-32   Y.HE , K.WONG 8
4th     LOSS            V. NGUYEN 
5ths    LOSS    37-27   Y.KIM 6
6th     LOSS    36-19   J.PHU 5
16A     WIN     26-20   A. VERTOUDAKIS 11
16B     WIN     35-21   W. ZHUANG 7 
16C     LOSS    20-30   M.KELDOULIS 7
16D     LOSS    22-34   P.MALEK 12
15A     WIN     35-34   S.SUGITO 10
15B     LOSS    32-28   D.CHIU 16
15C     LOSS    17-4    K.WANG 6
15D     LOSS    29-14   C.YANG 6
13A     LOSS    27-20   STEVEN 12
13B     LOSS    63-5    MICHAEL 4
13C     LOSS    36-12   J.JIANG 6
13D     LOSS    34-8    I.LU 6 


3RDS - Round 12 Saturday 26 February 2005
3 GAME WINNING STREAK Coming off two strong wins in a row, and playing at home, we were confident that we could overcome Shore, despite having suffered a narrow defeat to the much taller and better drilled side in the pre-season. We came into the game determined to play a tight game defensively, and to give nothing away in attack. The game started as was expected, with Shore pushing hard in offence, scoring a lot of easy baskets off fast breaks and picks. We managed to stick with them, with the points difference never reaching more than 4 points. Going into the break at half time down 21-23, the pace of the game had clearly taken its toll. With some great energy and intensity off the bench in defence, we worked hard to constrict Shore's scoring opportunities. As the pressure built, our more-experienced players took control of the game, with Keith Wong and David Greenup dominating the scoring. Yang's three shooting never went astray; neither did the tireless defence by power-forwards Philip Tripp and William Xu to shut down their 6 ft 6 giants. With persistent effort, our lead pushed out to ten points, at 36-26. A late push by Shore, and some sloppy passing by High, saw them once again get back in the match, and narrow the gap to just 4 points, before cooler heads prevailed, and we managed to hold on to a very deserved win. Final Score; 36-32.
Philip Tripp

15 A's Dominate in style!! The 15 As celebrated a close victory against Shore on Saturday winning by just one point. This was one of the most intense game we've played all year, and definitely the luckiest. In the early minutes of the first half we were down by thirteen points and seemed to be already out of the game. We were missing all of our shots and playing poor defence. Our coach called a time-out, and after a short "pep talk" we picked up our game and evened out the score. By the end of the half we had a lead of six and for the first time, were realising that we could actually win the game. In the second half we increased our lead to twelve points and were certain we would win. With only eight minutes left we became cocky and as a result, started dropping our game. Shore immediately realised this and used it much to their advantage. Our lead began to quickly deteriorate and there seemed to be nothing we could do. We had no more time outs and were falling apart. In the last five seconds we were leading by just one point and Shore had the ball, as they belted across the court. They ripped through our defence and with less then a second left, went in for a lay up. The ball bounced off the backboard, hit the ring at a bad angle and just missed becoming the winning point of the game. All in all it was an intense and very lucky game for the 15 As!!
Michael Bock (15s Age Captain)

16'S - 16B'S REMAIN UNDEFEATED! Last Saturday was somewhat a turn of events compared to last terms efforts against the mighty shore side. Conventionally it is the Ds and Cs which take out the wins, but this week the Bs (who have remained undefeated) and the As managed to pull away with thrilling wins. Two players that stood out as amazing on the Bs side where both Cambridge Wong who tore up the court with amazing steals and lay-ups; and Danny Wong who sunk a 3-pointer while having to size up against a player a foot taller than him. The As could all be very proud of themselves as everyone played excellently except for maybe myself who managed to foul 4 times within 5 minutes(I was then benched for most of the game). A new PB! Hesitant at first considering their team had the likes of a 195 cm player, we sprang onto the courts and managed to keep Shore on their heels as we kept a tight half court trap. With the consistent driving of Alex Vertudakis and the well kept defence of Alex Vulkanovski we managed to pull away from the shore side with a 7 point lead at half time. Into the second half we went and unlike our usual show of fatigue the game just got better. Our mighty point guard Victor Nguyen managed to steal the ball numerous times and sprint down the court and simply defy gravity by dancing in mid air with the ball waving about in his hands. Towards the end shore managed to draw many fouls bu thankfully their shooting wasn't up to scratch and in the last 7 seconds with a 6 point lead and the shore team with 2 free shots it was evident we were in for a 2nd win of the term. Lets keep our heads high and play our best for next weeks game.
Moussa Farhat (16s Age Captain)
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Talent Development


The Gifted Education Research, Resource and Information Centre (GERRIC ) has initiated the following programs which may be of interest to students and parents.

The Australian Secondary Schools Educational Talent Search ( ASSETS )
The goal of Talent Search is to identify by above level testing students who require further educational challenge to realise their talent. Above level testing is an educational procedure in which a test designed for older students is administered to younger academically gifted students in order to assess more accurately the full extent of their abilities. ASSETS participants will be academically gifted Yr 7 - 9 students and they sit the ACT Assessment, designed for Yr 11 - 12 students in the US. Parents of students taking part in ASSETS are provided with a score report and an interpretation guide to assist in analysing their child's results. The guide includes recommendations for curriculum readiness which the school may find useful in planning appropriate curriculum and enrichment. For details and application forms please contact Mr Tom Dolan ( Soc Sc )

Young Leaders of Change
YLOC is another initiative of GERRIC. The program is practical in nature, with a strong focus on each person taking action in their immediate or broader community. Students will develop skills as a leader, but will also have a better understanding of the difficulties they will face when making change in the world. The program works on three levels; • Students will develop an understanding of leadership by looking at the historical and the humanitarian perspectives. • Students will learn about the skills, attitudes, values and behaviours of a leader. • By learning about our society's issues more deeply students will understand what they have to do at various levels to make change happen in their community. This program is open to students in Yrs 9 - 11 who are passionate about making change happen. Most importantly it is for students who want to work for the greater good and understand that leadership is about working towards something bigger than oneself. ( For details and application forms please contact Ms Celia Finnie. Soc Sc )
Tom Dolan.
Talent Development Co-ordinator

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The Dark Side of the Internet

There is No Filter Like Supervision:

  • The Internet should not be used as a babysitter with our children (at school or at home)
  • If children are under 18, do NOT put an internet-enabled PC in their bedroom
  • Place your internet PC(s) in a family area and use it as a family resource
  • Talk to your children about what they do on the Internet, what's acceptable and what isn't
  • As a parent set boundaries
  • Educate yourself about the Internet

Internet Stranger Danger:

  • When we were children, we were told about "stranger danger" when outside
  • E-mail, instant messaging, forums and chat rooms brings "stranger danger" inside …. Only it's capable of being a lot more sinister
  • Hidden behind children's language, a 50 year old man can appear to be 14
  • Teach your children Internet Safety

Child Internet Safety:

  • Never give out personal information like name, home address, phone or school
  • Never send photos without parental approval
  • Be wary of someone who offers something for nothing - either gifts or money
  • Never arrange a face to face meeting with someone you meet on the Internet without telling parents
  • Remember that people on-line may not be who they say they are
  • If you are faced with anything on the Internet that makes you uncomfortable, tell your parents immediately

The Internet Deserves Respect …

  • The Internet is a BIG place. It consists of hundreds of millions of people that you do not know.
  • You expose your PC and YOURSELF every time you go on-line
  • READ the screen BEFORE clicking
  • Take precautions - keep up to date with System Patches, AntiVirus and AntiSpyWare
  • Don't be gullible. Continually educate yourself

Some useful information on children and the internet can be found at: http://www.cybersmartkids.com.au/
Thanks to DET and Stuart Hasic for use of his presentation content
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State of the Arts

Annual music camp
The camp is for all students who play an instrument, even if they are not yet in an ensemble. Music camp is the time to organise the new players into their ensembles and for the existing players to have a great time. We will be playing lots of different music, small groups, music electives, chamber music and string orchestra. Forms are available from music.

Year 7 Instrumental Lessons
There are still a few year 7 students who have not yet picked their instrument. They need to see music this week to choose. There are a few instrument scholarships available. Band for year 7 is Tuesday s 7.15am for jazz Band and 8.00am for Concert Band.

Musicianship lessons begin on Monday at 3.30pm in room 102 with Mr Screen This is for all boys who are interested in the AMEB exam. If you have not yet paid please collect a form from music and pay on Monday. The fee of $200 covers all tuition, the text books, exam papers and the cost of sitting for the exam.

Anzac Day Marching Band is going well. They rehearse every Monday morning at 7.45am. The Drum Major is Victor Wei and he has been working hard with Sargent Robert Young. The drum corps under the leadership of Neil Curry are busy learning their beat patterns. Any seniors who have not yet attended need to commence rehearsals this Monday at 7.45am.

Thank-you to the Sydney High Symphony Orchestra for performing at Speech Night last Tuesday. Also to the Year 9 Concert and Jazz Band who performed at the year 7 parent cocktail party last Thursday evening.

Music performances coming up:

March 19th Saturday GPS Head of the River Year 9 Jazz Band
April 2nd - 3rd Italy Music Tour Camp
April 4th - 6th Annual Music Camp All Instrumentalists
April 6th 6.00pm Music Camp Concert (Great Hall)
April 25th 9.00am Anzac Day City March
May 6th auditions for GPS Music Festival Concert

The festival is on Sat Sept 3, with a rehearsal Friday afternoon.
There is a preliminary rehearsal, on Sunday Aug 14.

Italy Music Tour Update
The music and performers have been finalised. The members are:
Flute - Joon Song
Viola - Julian  Brynes
Oboe - David Fan
Bassoon - Adrian Flores
Clarinet - Phillip Roser, Jeremy Ireland, James Lee, Jun Dai, Christian Katsikaros
Bass Clarinet - Jason Kok, Daniel O'Keefe
Alto Sax - James Mackay, Kevin Kim, Dominic Bowes, Jeremy Luscombe
Tenor Sax - Victor wei, Darcy Blaxell
Baritone Sax - Ping Du
Trumpet - Adam Farrow-Palmer, Alex Vertoudakis, Timothy Joo, Phil Kurts, Justin Chow
French Horn - Robbie Alchin (Trumpet), Lawrence Boikov, Calum Martin (Trumpet)
Trombone - Francis Wong, Chapman Siu, Louis Yang
Euphonium - Lachlan Deacon (Trombone)
Tuba - Joshua  Freiman
Percussion - Patrick Chen, Lewis Burger, Sampson Lou (Piano), Ivan Cerecina (Guitar)

There is a music tour camp on the weekend of April 2nd - 3rd all tour members need to attend.

Music Tour Itinerary
Sat 2 July - Depart Sydney Malaysia Airlines Flight via Kuala Lumpur
Sun 3 July - Arrive Rome Transfer to Assisi (2 nights)
Mon 4 July - Assisi (concert )
Tue 5 July - Florence (5 nights) (concert)
Wed 6 July - Florence
Thu 7 July - Florence (concert in Lucca)
Fri 8 July - Florence
Sat 9 July - Florence
Sun 10 July - Venice (2 nights)
Mon 11 July - Venice
Tue 12 July - Rome (4 nights) (concert)
Wed 13 July - Rome
Thu 14 July - Rome
Fri 15 July - Rome
Sat 16 July - Sorrento (3 nights) (concert)
Sun 17 July - Sorrento
Mon 18 July - Sorrento
Tue 19 July - Depart Rome Malaysia Airlines
Wed 20 July - Arrive Sydney

The concerts in bold are the formal evening concerts. As well as these, there will be informal Dixieland, jazz band, string ensemble and concert band performances during the days.
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