High Notes, Vol 5 No 6, March 05 2004

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Debating 2004
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State of the Arts
Sydney Boys High Cricket
Soccer 2004
Schools Expo

From the Principal

Eltis Review
The second Eltis Review made 29 recommendations. Recommendation 7: "That the defining of mandatory outcomes in syllabuses should in no way be seen as putting restrictions on teachers seeking to achieve more with their classes through the pursuit of additional outcomes and enriched learning opportunities". [In our context teachers should feel free to interpret big M and little m outcomes and balance their lesson plans so that the most effective combination of their outcomes and the mandatory outcomes is achieved.] R9: "That steps be taken to bring together those directly responsible for preparing syllabuses (or revisions) and those with direct responsibility for assisting implementation, resulting in unambiguous, consistent and informative advice and support they give to schools".[Learning how to maximise student outcomes within the new syllabuses is an imperative for all teachers. At the very least, they ought to expect consistent advice on pedagogical issues.] R20: "That subject-related Assessment and Reporting Frameworks be developed for stages 4 and 5 Syllabuses, noting the need to ensure that those responsible for developing such Frameworks take into account assessment and reporting requirements as they impact on the school overall." R25: "That when Assessment and Reporting Frameworks are being written, particular attention be given to: the scope of the Reports to be provided to parents in each year within a Stage; the language used to describe areas of focus within a Report; the ways in which performance levels are defined; and, best practice procedures to be followed when portfolios are used as part of school reporting procedures. [I hope that in our context we will be left alone to develop further and refine our new assessment and reporting system that attempts to broaden the range of reported outcomes within a traditional framework of comparative testing and ranking.]

The Study Centre
A new policy exists in respect of student use of the Study Centre. As a cohort, Year 12 (as with the previous four cohorts) has not been able to self-regulate the unsupervised use of the Study Centre. After repeated complaints by the cleaning staff, it was decided that a new arrangement was necessary. Mr Dowdell now registers users of the Study. Senior students desirous of using the facility as a genuine Study Centre, pay $11 to the front office. They are then issued with a special card by Mr Dowdell. At the end of the year $10 will be refunded. The purpose of the deposit is to encourage compliance with conditions of usage of the Study Centre. Students found to be abusing the privilege of using the space will have their card confiscated and their $10 donated to charity. Students who are caught attempting to use the Study Centre without an identity card, will be required to attend supervised study sessions outside Mr Dowdell's office. Staff members have been requested to make random visits to the Study Centre to check on identity cards and to monitor student activities in the Centre. To date some 30 boys have indicated that they really want to use their unscheduled time seriously and have paid their deposits and been issued with cards. I urge more students in Year 12 to appreciate the value in studying during the day. The highest performers in our school have been historically the best managers of free time.

Sport v Newington
Rain during the week had made pitch preparation difficult and the wicket looked soft and slow at McKay on Saturday morning. After winning the toss, High sent Newington in. Tight bowling early on made runs hard to get. Newington toughed it out and one good partnership saw them post a very respectable 8 for 220+. They declared and gave our boys 19 overs. It was a testing time but High only lost 2 wickets. Given a drying outfield and a harder pitch, the Newington score looks a reasonable chance for our boys to match, with disciplined middle order batting next Saturday. There was quite a good crowd in attendance to watch the home basketball games against Newington. In first grade our boys started off again like they meant business, with more accurate shooting and solid defence. Newington was put under pressure the whole of the first half. It was a close 4-point game. Our third quarter let us down as the Newington boys showed us their passing skills and their ability to off-load the ball in the air to a player in a better position to take the shot. Their percentages improved and we went off the boil. It was really a very enjoyable contest to watch and the issue was in doubt for ¾ of the game. Despite the last quarter blow out, our boys showed they could post a reasonable score - 61 points. Our target should be 18 points a quarter as a benchmark to put ourselves in a position to win. After that it's up to everyone to put in a very strong defensive effort. At Kensington the first grade tennis team had to play on slippery courts and to contend with a swirling breeze. As competition leaders, we stuck to our conservative strategy of making sure of a win. The first two doubles were easy victories but Ivan and Peter went down 1 and 3. The top three singles victories were expected. Tim Neville had to fight hard against a very good young baseliner but prevailed in two sets. Peter Pereira did it again, winning the last match of the day. It was another performance in depth by our boys who won 10 and 2 to match Riverview's result and maintain our lead in the premiership.

Student Internal Website
In the interests of better communication and to make up for the removal of an assembly time each Wednesday, Mr Dowdell has produced an internal student website. This website appears as a default background whenever students log on to the network on any networked computer. This site will expand to meet the needs of students but we must know what information students feel they need to have ready access to via such a service. I urge student leaders to explore the site and to make suggestions to Mr Dowdell or me. We hope that the new website provides yet another avenue of information flow to improve communication within the school.
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From the School Counsellors

Most institutions that participate in the University Admissions Centre (UAC) have an Educational Access Scheme (EAS) for applicants who have experienced long term educational disadvantage. To qualify applicants must demonstrate that their educational performance during Years 11 and 12 or equivalent has been seriously affected by circumstances beyond their control.

The School Counsellor is available to advise students about their application and to assist with supporting documentation. Any boy considering applying for EAS needs to make an appointment with the Counsellor early in the year to discuss their individual situation.

If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to phone a School Counsellor during school hours Monday, Tuesdays, Thursday and Friday.
Estelle Harman and Susy Plummer
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Debating 2004

Coordinator's Report.

Contests entered in 2004:
Year 12: Hume Barbour debating contest. Last year we won the trophy.
Round 1 vs Randwick Boys High --
To be completed by 26th March.
Round 2 vs Sydney Tech. High by 8 April.
Round3 vs RandwickGirls High by 7 May

Year 11 Karl Cramp Contest.
Commonwealth Senior Contest. [Open].
Round one vs Christian Brothers Lewisham . Topic
That the Australian of the Year has lost its meaning.
To be completed by 26th March.
Round two vs Bethlehem College. Topic:
That parents should be held responsible for their children's actions.
To be completed by 30 April.
Round three vs Beverly Hills Girls High.
That modern technology is killing the English language.
To be completed by 14May.
Year 10 Teasdale Contest
Last year we were State runners up.
Years 7 and 8 contest
Last year we won this contest.

State team: Last year Hamish Nairn was in the winning NSW team. The Australian Debating trophy is in the foyer for a short time. We had three debaters in the winning CHS team 2004.

Public Speaking.
Coaching every Monday at lunchtime in room 204.
Rostrum Contest: Entries open now for juniors and seniors.
Legacy Public Speaking Contest: Years 8/9 Trials start this Monday.
Plain English Speaking Contest. Years 11/12. Trials start this Monday.
Lawrence Campbell Oral Contest. Year 11/12.
We hosted last year. The result was declared void. Major revisions were implemented.
Candidates for 2004 are to see Mr Selway

Dates for your Diary:.
Home school underlined.
Debating Supporters Group Meets first Tuesday each month

Term one:
UNSW Debating Schools Day:
Sunday March 21st.
Saturday 27th March. Three Year 11 students.
DSG-Tuesday April 2nd.

Term two:
Friday May 28th: Social debate vs Trinity at Trinity 7pm
DSG: Tuesday 11th May.
DSG: Tuesday June 8th.

Term three:
July 23rd Week One: Debating Assembly Great Hall 12.20 pm
GPS debate SBHS vs SIC.
July 30th Week two:
GPS debate SBHS vs NC.
August 6th Week three:
GPS debate SHORE vs SBHS.
August 13th:Week four.
GPS debate Grammar vs SBHS.
August 20th: Week five.
GPS debate Kings vs SBHS.
August 27th :Week six
GPS debate SBHS vs Scots
Sept 3rd Week seven :
GPS debate SBHS vs St Josephs.
Week eight
Debating Dinner-Details to be advised

Term four:
DSG:Tuesday 26th October 6.30pm Common Room.
DSG: Tues.9th November.6.30pm Common Room.

Coaching times 2004

Head Coach/Coordinator: Mr Selway. English Dept.

Year 7 coaching: Every Wednesday
Room 205 3.10pm - 4.10pm
Coach Evan Solomans.
Teacher: Ms Brewer Social Science Dept

Year 8 coaching: Every Wednesday
Room 207 3.10pm- 4.10pm
Coach Adam Epstein
Teacher: Mr Selway English Dept

Year 9 coaching: Every Monday morning Room 403 8.00am
Coach Ashley Townshend
Teacher Mr Selway

Year 10 coaching: Every Monday afternoon Room 401 3.20pm - 4.20pm
Coach Alex Gruszka
Teacher Mr Davies LOTE dept

Year11 coaching: Every Monday afternoon Room 403 3.20pm -4.20pm
Coach Hamish Nairn Senior coach Joe Suttie
Teacher Ms Berger History Dept

Year12 coaching: every Monday afternoon Room 402 3.20pm-4.20pm
Coach David Carter Senior coach Joe Suttie
Teacher Mr Selway English Dept
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From the Library

The ZOURS Committee - In 2004 the Library looks forward to establishing a student committee to "run" the Library. The normal award scheme 6 hours of community service will apply to the activities of this committee. The committee will meet fortnightly in the Library at lunchtime on Mondays week B.

The Library's aim in establishing this committee is to give the students real ownership of the Library's contents and policies.

The duties the Committee may decide to undertake include:

  • Reading book reviews and advising the Librarian on books to order
  • Organising a Literary Festival, Fiction Trivia Challenge, Meet the Authors Lunch or other "Events" for Book-week.
  • Constructing a Library Website
  • Running a "Design our new Library" competition
  • Collecting and publishing "Read this!" reviews for High Notes
  • Choosing and downloading Websites to add to OASIS
  • Improving the appearance of our 40 plus year old Library
  • Culling the 20 year old books.
  • Reviewing Library Policy and Library practises

Any student interested in "owning" the Library please see Mrs Crothers and have your name taken.
Mrs Crothers
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From the Canteen

Needed urgently

Canteen Helpers Needed

The Canteen is desperately short of parent helpers to assist the two staff to make fresh lunches and serve the boys at lunch time.

One day per month is all that is required (9 am - 2pm).

Please consider making a contribution in this way. It is also a good way to meet other members of the school community. Mums, Dads and Grandparents welcome. To offer your assistance or for more information phone Christine at the Canteen on 9360 4027

Canteen Price List

Open Hours 8:30am - 1:40pm

8:30 to 9:00 a.m. * a time to place lunch orders * breakfast is available
It is to your advantage to pre-order lunches: it saves waiting in queues and ensure you get what you want.

Sandwiches and Rolls

Filling Sandwiches Rolls
Orders only:
cheese & salad $ 2.20 $ 2.80
chicken & salad $ 3.00 $ 3.80
corned beef & salad $ 2.50 $3.20
curried egg & lettuce $ 2.00 $ 2.20
egg & lettuce $ 2.00 $ 2.20
egg & salad $ 2.20 $ 2.60
ham & tomato $ 2.00 $ 2.50
ham & salad $ 2.50 $ 3.20
peanut butter $ 1.20 $ 1.50
roast beef & salad $ 2.50 $ 3.20
salmon & salad $ 2.60 $ 320
vegemite $ 1.20 $ 1.50


Orders and over-counter sales:

buttered roll - $ 1.20
cheese & tomato $ 1.50 $ 2.00
chicken & Coleslaw $ 2.50 $ 3.20
chicken & lettuce $ 2.50 $ 3.20
chicken-tabouleh wrap $ 3.20
corned beef & tomato $ 2.10 $ 2.50
dagwood $ 2.00 $ 2.50
roast beef & tomato $ 2.10 $ 2.50
salad $ 2.00 $ 2.50

Available in brown/white bread; extras 20c.

Sushi - chilli beef
- spicy beef


- kimchi tuna
- mayo tuna


Cakes Muffins and Fruit

apple pie & cream/custard tart/mud cake $1.80
choc chip/anzac cookies $ 0.70
donut $ 1.40
lamington/finger bun/chelsea bun $ 1.50
muffin $ 2.20
vanilla slice/caramel slice $1.70
apple, orange, banana $0.80
fresh fruit salad $ 1.60


Hot Food
Orders and over-counter sales:

cheese & spinach triangle $1.80
chicken & corn roll $ 1.00
chicken puff $ 2.00
chilli pie $ 2.50
garlic bread $ l.30
lasagne/ravioli/spaghetti $ 2.50
meat pie (sauce +20c extra) $ 2.30
pizza pocket $ 1.40
pizza rounda $ 1.60
pizza slab $ 2.00
potato pie $ 2.50
sausage roll $ 1.50
steak sandwich w/sauce $ 2.20
sweet chilli chicken sub w/sauce $ 3.20
tomato franky $ 2.00
vegetable roll $ 1.80
hot chick/mayo roll $ 3.20


600ml Cadbury super shake $ 2.40
300ml plain milk $ 1.00
300ml flavoured milk $ 1.50
600ml plain milk $ 1.50
600ml flavoured milk $ 2.00
mineral water $ 1.20
Poweradee TM $ 2.20
SqueezeTM fruit drink $ 1.10
500ml 100% orange juice $ 2.00
375 ml Coke/Fanta/Lift/Sprite TM $ 1.50
600ml Coke/Fanta/Lift/SpriteTM $ 2.00
375ml flavoured mineral water $ 1.80


Large range of sweets and icecreams/blocks
over counter

Prices effective 01/03/04
Minor price changes will occur as a direct result
of increases by suppliers

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From Science

Results of Science Quiz No 2
Questions about Science Jokes were asked in this fortnight's quiz. It was very challenging, requiring research into the Doppler Effect, but the following four Year 8 students managed to submit suitable entries. Well done!
Kiril Mickovski (8T), Andrew Tang (8T), Peter Luu (8s), Bernard Fang (8t)

The joke - A bumper sticker, inspired by the Doppler effect, was written on a red background: "If this sticker looks blue, you are driving too fast."

The explanation - In the optical Doppler effect, thee is a shift in the spectra of galaxies when they are travelling near the speed of light. If they are travelling away from the observer there is a shift towards the red end of the spectrum (the red shift). If they are travelling towards the observer there is a shift towards the blue end of the spectrum. If the red bumper sticker appears blue then the approaching car must be travelling extremely quickly!
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1st Grade Tennis Match report 28/02/04 Vs Newington
After the memorable victory over Riverview last week, it was always going to be a tough ask to again scale the peaks we reached that day, against Newington. Certainly we did not produce a first-class performance, although the 10-2 score-line is far from shameful. The three doubles matches were fairly lopsided affairs, two of which fell in our favour. If one suspected the doubles to be one-sided, the singles would prove even more uneven.

The top three singles players for High, Michael Hayes, Dejan Bodrozic and Brian Ly, conceded one game between them in six sets of tennis. The culprit here was No 1, Michael whose efforts in a 6-1, 6-0 demolition was certainly not disgraceful. Brian in particular, was in supreme tough as he single-handedly bulldozed the Newington number three, who entered the match undefeated. Ivan Cerecina kept toiling away, while Tim Neville was a picture of concentration and class in his straight-sets win, an effort equalled by Peter Pereira.

With Riverview also scoring ten points on the weekend, our lead at the top of the ladder remains steady at five. The primary focus this week for the match against Kings' will be to widen the margin as much as possible. Kings' are currently running around the middle of the table, but on paper are quite strong. A twelve-zip victory is not out of the realms of possibility, though it is no fait accompli. But with continued commitment to training and matches, there is no reason it can't be a done deal by Saturday afternoon. Watch this space.
Peter Pereira
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Some facts and figures

I am still working through the writing tasks in the Language Power Test given to all Year 7 recently, but I have completed the grammar tests and the background surveys. When the writing tasks are complete I will have fairly accurate ESL Scales readings of all relevant Year 7 students, but what I have so far done has given a wealth of information.

Here are some of my findings so far.

The number of students in Year 7 with language backgrounds other than English has plateaued and is gradually falling. The peak was in 2002 (155). In 2003 there were 153 and this year 147. Please not that "LBOTE" extends as far back as grandparents, and indeed the majority of our LBOTE students are Australian born, but first generation. In other words, most come from fully LBOTE households where English is not the everyday language. 28 students in Year 7 2004 have been in an Australian school for five years or less (26 in 2003).

In terms of language/area backgrounds, Chinese is still the major group (93 in Year 7 2004, 96 in 2003 and 94 in 2002). By way of contrast, Year 12 2002 had 56 Chinese background speakers. The next biggest group is from the Indian subcontinent and nearby areas - 17 in 2004, 18 in 2003 (Year 12 2002 being 23). "Others" comes next at 15, then Vietnamese (14).

In the chart on the website http://neilwhitfield.tripod.com/week.html , the columns on the right show how many of ALL students in Year 7 achieved 90% or better in the quite comprehensive grammar test of 60 items.
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State of the Arts

Italy 2005 it's time to get excited
To the students who will be attending the 2005 Italy music tour, this is the Itinerary. (Subject to change)
2 days in Sorrento (Pompeii, Almalfi Coast), 4 days in Rome, (Colosseum, Forum, Capitol, Piazza Navona, Vatican, Sistine Chapel, Trevi Fountain), 5 Days in and around Florence (Todi, Pisa, Siena, Arezzo, Parma, Verona, Cremona), 4 Days around Loreto, (Ancona, Pesaro, Adriatic Sea), 2 Days in Assisi (Perrugia and St Francis), Venice (St Mark's Square, Rialto Bridge, Doges Factory)
We will be performing as a band in most of these places. It is an excellent opportunity for students to perform and visit these wonderful places. The tour will include guided tours, all meals excursions and fees.
The band: Here are the students who will be going on the 2005 Music Tour to Italy. There are still some places left. If any student would like to come, please see the music staff for an application form.
Alto Sax D'Arcy Blaxell Guitar/ Percussion Ivan Cerecina
Alto Sax Ping Du Percussion Lewis Burger
Alto Sax Jeremy Luscombe Percussion Patrick Chen
Alto Sax Dominic Bowes Percussion Cameron Halls
Tenor Sax Kevin Kim Percussion Bertrand Lopez
Tenor Sax Victor Wei Trombone Thomas Mittelheuser
Bari Sax James Mackay Trombone Francis Wong
Bass Muhamed Mehmedbasic Trombone Louis Yang
Bass Clarinet Jason Kok Trumpet Adam Farrow-Palmer
Bass Clarinet Daniel O'Keefe Trumpet Timothy Joo
Clarinet Max Keldoulis Trumpet Michael Levy
Euphonium Yiming Deng Trumpet Calum Martin
Euphonium/Trombone Lachlan Deacon Trumpet Alexander Vertoudakis
Flute Joon Song Tuba Joshua Freiman
Flute William Chan French Horn Lawrence Boikov

The first tour meeting for all parents and students will be held on Wednesday March 24th at 7.30pm in music room 201. This meeting is essential for all members of the touring party and their parents.
At this meeting, on Wednesday March 24th at 7.30pm we will be discussing fund-raising ideas and brainstorming to reduce the cost of the tour and any questions will be answered.
Any student who would like to come and has not yet applied should see the music staff before this meeting. Students who applied direct to PCI and are not listed need to see music ASAP.

Training Music Camp 2004
Training music camp is fast filling up. Forms need to be into the music staffroom this week.
This is the schedule for the two days.
Arrive for Orientation. Students will meet the tutors and work with them in sectionals until dinner time. After a gourmet meal served by volunteer parents, the boys will have their first full ensemble rehearsal. A little bit of R & R in the form of a video will be the plan before bed. Sunday morning, rise and shine to a scrumptious breakfast again by some parents. Guitars and string players will then be joined by last years training group. The first rehearsal and tutorial for the day is on! We will break for morning tea and a chance to run and play. After more tutoring, and a fabulous BBQ lunch, the training ensembles will be ready for their first formal concert which will begin at 2.30pm. At this concert, the boys will perform the pieces they have been working on for the weekend. The training music camp is a valuable experience for all the members. For most students, it will be their first time playing with another musician besides their private tutor. Parents and friends will be amazed at the level of skill they will have achieved in just two short days.
Parents please note. The boys need your help to purchase and prepare their food. (All costs incurred will be reimbursed) please indicate on the camp form how you can assist at or before the camp.

Music Tour 2004
Port Macquarie Music Tour
The music department has organised a tour to Port Macquarie for the Intermediate Concert Band, the Senior Concert Band and the Symphonic Wind Ensemble. This tour will replace the music camp for this year. The ensembles will be involved in workshops, concerts and tutorials with schools in the areas. Students will still have sectionals and tutorials as well as the chance to perform with their chamber groups. The group size is limited to 96 due to the coaches. Positions will be on a first to pay although lack of attendance at all rehearsals and performances may see a position be declared vacant. Tour forms and further details are available from the music department.

Music Committee and Year 7 Parents
The music committee is looking for year 7 parents to help out with fundraising and concerts. If you have any good ideas to raise money, or can spare a little time to help your son, please come to the music committee meeting on Wednesday March 24th at 7.00pm in music room 201. All parents of students in the music ensemble program including guitar, training ensembles and the choral groups are urged to attend this meeting. The committee raises money for music, instruments, percussion, helps to subsidise camps and workshops. If you are not available for the meeting but would like to help, please send your email details to the music office with your son.The next meeting of the music committee and year 7 music parents will be held on

Wednesday March 24th at 7.00pm in music room 201.
See you all there.
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Sydney Boys High Cricket

13C Cricket report
High 5-121 defeated Newington 6-120 in a close game decided on the second last ball of the match. Newington batted first and despite a few of their bats getting of to a good start were contained by some great bowling. T Choudhury 3-9, N Pednekar 2-5, H Richards 1-5. N Dimitropoulos completely confused Newington with his leg spinners. Due to the time restriction rule High were allowed only 27 overs to almost double their previous best score to win. Everyone dug in but in a man of the match performance N Pednekar belted 50 not out. Solid support at the other end for more than 40 minutes was given by T Burston. It was a good win by a side that continues to improve, though a more convincing win and a less nail biting finish would have been achieved had our fielding been tighter.
John Evans

As we approach the final rounds of the GPS Competitions there is a change of attitude & fortunes from our teams. In the Group 1 matches our teams are reasonably well placed to improve on our win record. Our Group 2 teams are showing the way with wins in the 15Bs and an extraordinary first innings win performance by the 14As. In addition we congratulate our First XI Captain Matthew Shiner for his selection in the Combined GPS team to bat at No. 4. Matthew has had a magnificent season with the bat, but on top of that he has snared 18 wickets in the last 4 opposition innings, leading by example. Matthew has now established a benchmark in the First XI and now all members of the team should strive to attain the same level.

CRICKET DINNER and PRESENTATION NIGHT will be held on Saturday 3rd. April from 6-30pm for 7-00pm in the Great Hall. The cost of the evening is $25-00 for Adults and $20-00 for all cricketers. Soft drinks will be provided on the night for all players and parents may BYO Drinks. All players are required to wear School Uniform. Payments can be made at the office during school hours.

CRICKET COMMITTEE & GENERAL MEETING will be held next Tuesday 9th.March at 6-00pm in Room 901 in the Gymnasium at the conclusion of the Trans Harbour competition. Coaches, Managers and parents are urged to support this meeting to finalise the Dinner / Parking Roster and proposed Tour.

Around the Grounds - Sat 28th February.
First XI - No report received.
Second XI - High batting first got off to a steady start with the openers weathering Newington's strike bowlers. At 0 for 26 (off 7 overs) a score approaching 200 looked achievable but one run later our first wicket fell & a procession of poor shot selections and lack of application saw us all out for 130 runs. Nurishan Raveenderian with 22 runs batted well with some great shots whilst Edward Hibbert, on debut (batting at No. 8) remained 6 no and showed a maturity in his stroke play that was a lesson to his more experienced team mates. At stumps Newington were 0 for 10 (off 6 overs).
Third XI - Newington: All out 193. Sayanathan Prabakaran 4 wickets and Moshin Khalil 2 for 33 .
High 0 for 1. The Newington openers made a solid start but High fought back to take a few wickets in the second hour. The good bowling efforts of Sayanathan and Moshin were backed up in the field by some good catching especially from Jiong Zhao. High were able to bat out the final 3 overs in tough circumstances without dismissal
"Competitive Gentlemen's Fourth XI" -WINNERS The "Gentlemen" continue on their merry winning ways with a comprehensive win over Newington. Pat McDonnell was voted "man of the match" scoring 40 n.o. and taking a blinder of a catch.
Newington- All out 88. Mitchell Bowey 3 for 17, Barry Dubosky 2 for 13 and Tom Hoare took 3 catches.
High 5 for 89 - Pat McDonnell 40n.o., Dominic Byrne 12n.o. and Warren Logge 11
16As - Not a good day at the office - no report filed.
15As - Newington - All out 216. Jeremy Luscombe 3 for 33 (8 overs) and Malik Razeen 1 for 52 (off 21 overs!!!- great effort)
Newington were in trouble early at 2 for 9 and our bowlers went off the boil and at first drinks they were 2 for 58.and looking ominous until Thariq Razeen got the wicket of their danger batsman and at the second drinks break they were 4 for 110. Spirits were high as we looked to bowl them out for 150 but poor fielding, missed chances and inaccurate bowling incurring 35 extra's let Newington off the hook. Next week we have the chance to score the 217 runs as we have 65 overs (390 balls) to make the total providing we bat sensibly.
15Bs - WINNERS - In another close encounter High held their nerve after batting first and rolled Newington 20 runs short of High's score. High all out 110 - Anthony Park 45, Danny Wong 14 main scorers, Newington all out 90 - Albert Wang 5 for 7 (4 overs), Danny Wong, Sahir Syed 2 wickets each and Robbie Alchin took 1 wicket.
14As - WINNERS - High batted first and in a dismal batting performance were all out for 64 runs with only Aditya Naik 21 and Blaise Prentice-Davidson 13no showing the High fighting spirit with 34 of the teams total. It was then High's turn to bowl and defending the small target set for Newington was going to be no easy job - but no one told the players. Wickets fell regularly and when Newington were 9 for 54 the sideline was tense as parents of both teams willed more runs and High's group looked for the final wicket. At 56 it was all over for Newington - High home by 8 runs for a first innings win. However as we commenced our second innings we lost two quick wickets with only 26 runs on the board, so we need to see some resolute batting next week to ensure Newington miss out on points. Our bowling saw Rommo Pandit take 2 for 5, Daniel Simpson 2 for 8, Michael Coutts 2 for 12, Matthew Coutts 2 for 3 and Blaise Prentice-Davidson 1 for 4.
13As & 13Bs - No report submitted.
13Cs - continue to improve on each outing following their team total of 15 runs(Match 1) 8 for 55 (Match 2) 9 for 62 (Match 3). A team of 'triers' with no stars, limited exposure to cricket and plenty of grit. Well done to all regular members.

Volunteers are required to assist with parking on Sunday Afternoon 14th. March. See the cricket Website for details and contacts.

Laurie Heil
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Soccer 2004

It is important all players register as soon as possible so we can organise teams and coaches for next season including the fixture this term against Trinity on April 3rd. Please complete form below and place in envelope outside Visual Arts Staffroom. Parents are especially requested for their assistance.

Please complete this application and place it in the appropriate envelope outside the Visual Arts Staffroom

Name ____________________________________________________________Age_____________________

School Team played for___________________ Other teams played for_________________________________

Please circle Position: Keeper Defence Midfield Striker Preferred foot: Right Left


We would really like Parents to be involved in the management of teams as well as assisting in other areas please circle roles you would be willing to help with:

Coaching Parking Committee Saturday organisation ie:Nets, Team management transport.

Email contacts - Parents _______________________ Player ______________________

Player signature______________________________________________________________________________

Parent / Guardian signature____________________________________________________Date______/______/______
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Schools Expo

Staff and Parents please note! Help needed!
On Saturday 15th May and Sunday 16th May Sydney Boys High will be participating in a Schools Expo at Rosehill Gardens - Rosehill Racecourse.

The purpose of participating in the Expo is to provide an opportunity to any parents and students to compare Sydney Boys High School with other private and state schools and especially selective schools. It is also a convenient venue for parents and students in the western and northern suburbs interested in seeing what Sydney Boys High has to offer.

There will be over 100 schools occupying booths in this Expo. All schools will be represented including Sydney Girls' High, Anglican, Adventist, Baptist, Boarding, Catholic, Christian, Grammar, High Schools, International Schools, Jewish, Montessori, Pre-schools, Public Schools, Primary Schools, Selective High Schools, Senior Colleges, Steiner, Uniting and more.

Mrs Crothers, who has taken on the position of "Marketing and Tours" for prospective parents and students, will need the assistance of two other interested members of staff to assist her to organise student displays and a "show-bag" of handouts and to man the booth. Please give Mrs Crothers a ring if you like the idea of supporting and making suggestions in this SBHS promotion exercise.

Six students who are not involved in GPS Sport may wish to do some school service - three on Saturday and three on Sunday - telling prospective students and parents about their school. This would count as one service towards a Student Award. Interested students please put your names in to Mrs Crothers in the Library.

Four parents who either were involved in Open Day or would like to contribute to this smaller school marketing exercise (two parents each day) are also really needed at the Expo. Could interested parents also please ring Mrs Crothers on 9361 6910?

Your help will be much appreciated
Mrs Crothers
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