CBD and South-East Light Rail

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On 13 December 2012 the NSW Government announced its intention to proceed with the South-East Light Rail (CSELR) project linking Central Railway to Kingsford and Randwick via Moore Park. Construction commenced in 2015 and the project commences passenger operation on 14 December 2019. The line's route passes through Moore Park adjacent to Sydney Boys High School and along Anzac Parade.

Moore Park and its playing fields are used by Sydney Boys High School and Sydney Girls High School. Additionally some 2000 students from the schools - a large majority of the schools' population - travel from Central to the schools each day. The construction of the South-East Light Rail project has significantly impact on use of public space and alter students' travel arrangements. The light rail will permanently alter the way students travel to and from the school.

Interim Light Rail map showing the L2 line opening December 2019 from Circular Quay to Randwick and the L3 line opening March 2020 from Circular Quay to Kingsford

Project Impact: Opening of the L2 line, Circular Quay - Randwick

Start Date: 14 December 2019

The Sydney Light Rail L2 line from Circular Quay to Randwick opens 14 December 2019. From this time the Dr Agnes Bennett footbridge across Anzac Parade to the Moore Park light rail stop will also be open. Students can travel to and from school using the light rail (see Student and Concession Travel, below). However, until the L3 line opens in March 2020, services past the school will be at a reduced frequency and school bus services will still be running as normal.

Project Impact: Student and Concession Travel

Start Date: 14 December 2019

Transport for NSW have provided the following advice about ticketing and fares for students travelling on the the CBD and South-East Light Rail once it opens in December:

Existing students

When the Sydney Light Rail opens in December 2019, students travelling on a School Opal card under the School Student Transport Scheme (SSTS) will be able to tap on and tap off to travel on any mode of transport to get to or from school, or college. Students do not need to update their entitlement to include Light Rail as it will be automatically applied.

New student applications

Any school students making a new SSTS application for free travel to and from school, or updating an existing entitlement, will be eligible to travel on the new Sydney Light Rail, as well as other transport modes, as long as they meet the usual eligibility requirements. Applications for student travel in 2020 are now open. Students or parents should go to the SSTS online application form at apps.transport.nsw.gov.au/ssts.

Will school bus pass holders be impacted?

Transport for NSW is designing a new light rail and bus network for the south east, however these changes will not occur until after the services are bedded between Kingsford and Circular Quay in March 2020. More information will be provided after March 2020 once the detailed bus plan is finalised.

There is the potential for some school students to be affected if their bus service is replaced by Light Rail services in 2020. These children use the School Term Bus Pass to travel, and therefore won’t be able to use this ticket on Light Rail. If they wish to use the Light Rail to travel to school, they will need to use a Child/Youth Opal card.

For more information on the School Student Transport Scheme visit apps.transport.nsw.gov.au/ssts.

Project Impact: Closure of the Anzac Pde pedestrian crossing at MacArthur Ave

Start Date: 27 September 2019

Inadequately designed and cheaply constructed bridge under construction as part of the CSELR project

The Moore Park pedestrian crossing on Anzac Parade near Sydney Girls and Sydney Boys High Schools will be permanently closed from Friday 27 September. Transport for NSW have advised students returning to school in Term 4 to alight at the bus stop just adjacent to the Albert Tibby Cotter Bridge and use that bridge to cross Anzac Parade (see below). The existing bus stop will be closed.

Students should be aware this detour is approximately 900m and will add significantly to AM commute times to school.

Customer Service representatives (wearing bright pink shirts) will be located on Chalmers St on 14 October (Day 1, Term 4) and 17 October (HSC day 1) in the morning to let school students know about the bus stop change/alighting at Albert Cotter Bridge.

Project Impact: Daytime Tram Testing

Start Date: 10 April 2019

From Wednesday 10 April 2019, daytime tram testing will begin in Moore Park and Randwick from Lang Rd to Wansey Rd.

Testing will be initially performed from 9am to 4pm with a limited number of trams under test. Over time the project will introduce more trams in the area including during peak-periods from 7am to 7pm.

The ALTRAC project team remind staff and students to be cautious around the Light Rail, to only cross the tracks at designated pedestrian crossings and to always remember to look up and stay safe.

 Light Rail Vehicle Testing Factsheet

Relocated pedestrian crossing of South Dowling Street/Eastern Distributor

Start Date: 16 December 2018

A new bridge carrying the light rail and shared path from Devonshire Street Surry Hills into Moore Park, will be opened for pedestrians on the evening of Sunday 16 December. On the same night, the existing crossing of South Dowling Street and the M1 Eastern Distributor, adjacent to Parkham Street, will be closed. This crossing will be removed in January 2019.

New crossing of South Dowling Street at Devonshire Street replacing the Parkham Street crossing

ALTRAC have advised new signage will be in place to help direct pedestrians to the new crossing.

Project Impact: Closure of pedestrian crossing to Moore Park East/Driver Avenue

Start Date: 12 November 2018

ALTRAC have advised that the pedestrian crossing of the busway and tramway adjacent to Anzac Parade near the signalised pedestrian crossing of Anzac Parade adjacent to the school (this crossing is also known as MacArthur Avenue) will be closed from 12 November 2018.

From this time there is no access to Driver Avenue, Moore Park East, the Sydney Cricket Ground, Fox Studios or the Entertainment Quarter using this crossing.

Students and staff are advised to cross either at Lang Road, Gregory Avenue (adjacent to the Albert Tibby Cotter bridge) or using the Tibby Cotter bridge itself.

Closure of the pedestrian crossing of the Moore Park busway at MacAruthur Ave

At the completion of works, estimated in March 2019, the new Dr Agnes Bennett pedestrian bridge over Anzac Parade adjacent to the school is expected to be in operation, replacing the former pedestrian crossing.

Construction Impact: Route Electrification

Start Date: Ongoing

ALTRAC advises the light rail project is reaching the stage where overhead power wires are being installed and the testing and commissioning of electrical systems and vehicles in Randwick and Moore Park commencing.

Before testing commences, for your information, wires will be installed and may be energised at any time. ALTRAC ask that people take care in the area and treat all wires as live and for over height vehicles to plan their journey.

Remember to look up and stay safe. For more information about testing and commissioning see the below notice or www.sydneylightrail.transport.nsw.gov.au/safety.

 Light Rail Testing and Commissioning Factsheet

Project Impact: Closure of Chalmers Street at Central Railway Station

Commencing 31 July 2017

Affected Services: 610 (Central Railway) morning departures


  • The bus stop on Chalmers Street near Central Station (Stand H) will be closed.
  • A new school-special only stop will be installed on Chalmers Street opposite Rutland Street. This stop will be used by 610e school special for Sydney Boys and Sydney Girls High Schools (pick up)

Description: From Monday 31 July, the new 610 school bus AM stop is on Chalmers Street outside Prince Alfred Park. Students should exit Central Station from the Devonshire Street exit rather than Eddy Avenue. Traffic conditions in the area are changing, so students are asked to take care when waiting for buses, cross the road only at traffic signals and ensure the footpath is not blocked for other pedestrians. Transport for NSW customer service staff in pink shirts will be in place around Central Station if students require assistance.

Chalmers Street bus top relocation

Construction Impact: Diversion of Anzac Parade

Anzac Parade was relocated eastward for a period of approximately 9 months commencing in July 2016. During this time 165m of Anzac Parade frontage was be lost to the school. This impacted both vehicular access to the school from Anzac Parade and the location of afternoon school bus services which usually collect students from Anzac Parade.

Anzac Parade was restored to its original alignment on 8 April 2017.

Anzac Parade diversion plan

Relocation of School Bus Services

Commencing 1 July 2016

Affected Services: 610 (Central Railway), 612 (Bondi Junction), 613 (Edgecliff) services in the afternoon

Impact: The normal bus lines will not apply. These changes will be in place for at least 8 months.

610 (Central Railway) Services
At the conclusion of Period 5 students are to make their way out of the school gates on Anzac Parade (Gate 9) and proceed south along the footpath towards the Sydney Girls High School.

Bus marshalling will take place south of the pedestrian traffic lights.

Students are to form two lines: Years 7, 8 and 9 will line up along the fence side of the footpath; Years 10, 11 and 12 will line on the road side of the footpath. Senior boys line will be given first priority onto buses. Transit Officials will control the boarding of the buses from both the Girls school and the Boys school.

Students are to be courteous and orderly at all times.

612 (Bondi Junction) and 613 (Edgecliff) Services
A new bus stop will be established on Cleveland Street outside Sydney Girls High School and opposite the Moore Park golf club, adjacent to the existing public bus stop.

Students are to make their own way to the new stop location.

612 and 613 services will no longer pick-up on Anzac Parade.

Bus services were returned to their pre-existing arrangements on Anzac Parade from 8 May 2017.

Bus pickup arrangements during the construction of the CSELR

Vehicular Access from Anzac Parade

Commencing 22 July 2016 (Southbound) and 29 July 2016 (Northbound)

Impact: Vehicular access to the school from Anzac Parade will be changed. Parents should not use Anzac Parade.

Anzac Parade will be diverted east of the school. No access will be available to Gate 9. Alternate access arrangements will be made to Gate 10.

Parents should not use Anzac Parade. Parents dropping-off and picking-up students are requested to enter via Gate 1, Cleveland Street and exit via Gate 2.

Anzac Parade Gates 9 and 10 were re-opened from 8 April 2017 with the reversion of Anzac Parade to its original alignment. Parents should nonetheless use Cleveland Street Gates 1 and 2 to facilitate student drop-off and pick-up.

Local Access Plan for Sydney Boys High School during Anzac Parade diversion

Project Impact: Loss of playing field access

Construction of the Light Rail requires a partial closure of Moore Park West playing fields. MPW2, MPW3 and MPW4 are unavailable and enclosed by the construction compound.

The area outside the construction compound and surrounding the MPW1 field is still open to the public and available to students during breaks.

EIS Submission

Public submissions to the project's Environmental Impact Study closed on 31 December 2013. All members of the school community were invited to make submissions to the project during this period. The School Council, the Parents and Citizens Association and the Student Representative Council worked to provide feedback to the project. These submissions are reproduced below:

 Light Rail EIS Submission - SBHS School Council
 Light Rail EIS Submission - SBHS P&C Association
 Light Rail EIS Submission - SBHS SRC

Further information about the project is available on the CBD and South-East Light Rail Transport for NSW website.