PD/Health/PE - Assessment: Football

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Assessment: Football

Task Description:

Students will be required to:

  1. Control a high ball
  2. Pass with the right foot to a partner
  3. Control a return pass and slalom dribble through a series of cones
  4. Pass with the left foot against the wall and regain control of the ball
  5. Dribble through two gates and stop the ball inside a one metre square
  6. Take a successful penalty shot
  7. Task to be completed in the quickest possible time

Watch the video to see the soccer assessment in action.

Common Errors:

  • Poor ball control of high ball - ie control after two bounces
  • Inaccurate right foot pass to partner
  • Hitting a marker
  • Poor ball control of a good return pass from partner
  • Not dribbling through the cones using both feet
  • Missing a gate between markers
  • Left foot pass against gym wall not made before or received after the basketball baseline (3m)
  • Not using left foot to pass against gym wall
  • Poor ball control of rebound off gym wall
  • Not dribbling through the markers
  • Allowing the ball to roll without control touches
  • Not stopping the ball in the 'stop box'
  • Shot for goal too soft, misses large gym mat or touches tackle bag

Time Requirements:

Marks Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10
Time Time Time Time
10 < 29s < 28s < 27s < 26s
9 30s 29s 28s 27s
8 31s 30s 29s 28s
7 32s 31s 30s 29s
6 33s 32s 31s 30s
5 34s 33s 32s 31s
4 35s 34s 33s 32s
3 36s 35s 34s 33s
2 37s 36s 35s 34s
1 > 38s > 37s > 36s > 35s