PD/Health/PE - Assessment: Basketball

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Assessment: Basketball

Task Description:

Students will be required to:

  1. Successfully perform a free throw from a designated distance. Year 7 from the charge circle, Year 8 from the mid-block, Year 9 from the “High” block and Year 10 from the free throw line. (The free throw skill is not part of the timed test.)
  2. Five flat, hard chest passes against the wall, changing feet position with each pass
  3. Crossover dribble through a series of cones
  4. Give a chest pass to a partner
  5. Receive a chest pass with a jump stop
  6. Pivot three times in a forward direction, in the triple threat position
  7. Dribble and bounce pass to a partner
  8. Receive a bounce pass then score a basket with a lay-up shot

Task to be completed in the quickest possible time.

Watch the video to see the basketball assessment in action.

Common errors:

  • Missed free throw
  • Chest passes not flat and hard against the wall
  • No/poor footwork while passing
  • Fumbled catching
  • No/poor ball control while dribbling
  • No cross over dribbling
  • Hitting a marker
  • Inaccurate chest pass to partner
  • Fumbled catch of a good return chest pass
  • No jump stop
  • No/poor pivot steps
  • Inaccurate bounce pass
  • Fumbled catch of good return bounce pass
  • Incorrect lay-up footwork
  • Missed lay-up shot

Time requirements:

Marks Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10
Time Time Time Time
10 < 28s < 27s < 26s < 25s
9 29s 28s 27s 26s
8 30s 29s 28s 27s
7 31s 30s 29s 28s
6 32s 31s 30s 29s
5 33s 32s 31s 30s
4 34s 33s 32s 31s
3 35s 34s 33s 32s
2 36s 35s 34s 33s
1 > 37s > 36s > 35s > 34s