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Assessment Policy
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PDHPE Assessment Policy

The assessment weighting in Years 7-9 is practical (67%) and theory (33%).
The assessment weighting and course in Year 10 is practical-based.
The assessment weighting for the Year 10 elective course is theory (50%) and practical (50%).

Theory Assessment

Theory assessment methods may include homework tasks, assignments/projects and presentations, student's notebook, unit tests, half yearly and yearly examinations.


  • If a student is absent from a theory lesson, it is his responsibility to complete the work required and show the teacher on the following period.
  • Subject and lesson information can be accessed through the school's Student Shared and Media network drives.

Practical Assessment

Practical assessment methods involve personal fitness assessment, an average assessment of four 1.6k runs and sports specific skill tests.


  • The practical assessments may be viewed by going to the school's website www.sydneyboyshigh.com → Curriculum → Teaching and Learning → PDHPE.
  • The school PDHPE uniform is a House coloured shirt, black shorts, sports sock, lace up sports shoes and school cap.
    • For Year 7, a school cap is a compulsory part of the practical uniform.
    • A change of socks is recommended as a personal hygiene measure.
    • Correct uniform is to be worn for all practical lessons, including mufti-days.
  • Incorrect uniform not supported by a parent/guardian letter of explanation, may result in an exclusion from the lesson and a deduction of one mark towards the student’s report assessment. A written observation of the lesson may also be assigned by your teacher.
  • To qualify for an Excellent Award for Effort in PDHPE or 1st in the Year a student must have a perfect uniform record.
  • Non-participation in 15% of practical lessons may result in a "U" Unsatisfactory Award for PDHPE in the School Certificate.
  • There is an opportunity for a student to gain an extra 10% credit towards their Yearly assessment by completing a minimum of three 1.6k run during the year, improving their personal times in successive 1.6k runs and achieving their personal 1.6km goal time on the 4th run.
  • The half yearly report is based on the work completed during Semester 1. The yearly report is based on the entire year’s work.

1.6km Run Extra Credit 10%
There will be an extra credit 10% on offer for students achieving and maintaining a higher level of aerobic fitness. The extra credit will be assessed on the 4th 1.6 k run performances and added to the Yearly PDHPE assessments.

To gain the extra credit a student must achieve his goal time on the 4th 1.6k run. Any student who runs a time of 6 minutes or better will receive the extra credit, as this is a very high level of aerobic fitness. Students who already have a time better than 6 minutes are encouraged to think and run in terms of "personal best" performances.
1.6km Run Goal Time Conversion Table

Year 10 Practical Assessment
Practical assessment includes physical fitness (20%), an average assessment of four 1.6k runs (20%), skill performance tests (40%) and group activities (20%) focussing on participation, leadership and co-operation in the lesson.

Assessment grading

80% and above High Distinction
70-79% Distinction
60-69% Credit
50-59% Merit Pass
49% and below Pass.

G. Stein (HT PDHPE), B. Hayman, S. Marcos, K. Rich, D. Smith
PDHPE faculty, SBHS